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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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their ballpark to howard terminal at the port of oakland. as kpix 5's john ramos reports, appointments .2 new poll that say raises questions about the deal. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon, the oakland a's will present to the planning commission their final environmental impact report for the howard terminal stadium project. it's a significant step forward, but a lot of people in the community feel it is anything but a done deal. on the eve of the eir, the east oakland stadium alliance, a group opposed to the howard terminal site, released a survey of oakland residents. it asked 509 people how they felt about the deal requiring the city to pay $350 million in infrastructure improvements to the area around the site. >> when we do not give a specific number, we say do you support or oppose the use of taxpayer money to help build or help make possible the building of this stadium, more voters are opposed to then support. a
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total of 46% are opposed, and 37 percent support. >> reporter: the city says those funds would be coming from taxes generated from increased economic activity which won't happen without the project. any bacon is a fremont city councilman who was elected when the a's were trying to move there. he warns that studies showed ballparks and not the money generators that the oakland a's are claiming. >> at a minimum, one would have to acknowledge that this is a risk for the city of oakland budget. if that tax money isn't recovered, then the taxpayers are left holding the bag. >> reporter: the poll also addresses the $450 million community benefits package to pay for city programs and services, but the oakland a's won't actually be contributing anything out-of-pocket. they say their project will help generate that a new tax revenue. 81% of those polled say they think the a's should pay for that, not taxpayers.
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david peters lives in west oakland, and was on the community benefits steering committee. he says he has become cynical dealing with people on both sides of the argument. >> it depends on who you ask. there is so much disinformation and misinformation out there, that it is difficult to come to a rational, fact-based perspective. back in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> if the planning commission accepts the eir submitted, it goes to the city council for consideration. california has now tallied more than 7 million coronavirus cases, just 1 week after surpassing the 6 million mark. the latest number shows 76,000 new covid cases, about a 1% increase. our test positivity stands at 21.1%, but this chart shows our 7 day average for cases appears to be trending downward. though the state says these numbers are not yet final. hospitalizations and cases in
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new york city are dropping fast. the mayor credits the city's high vaccination rates for the success, with 16 million doses administered, including 2.5 million boosters. joining us live now, ucsf infectious disease dr. peter chin-hong. thank you for joining us. we are starting to see omicron peak in some places like new york, and globally like south africa and the uk. are we close to seeing a peak in california, specifically in the bay area do you think? >> i don't want to jinx us, but we may be on a plateau right now. many people want to see a few more data points, but test positivity rate is kind of coming down a little bit at the medical center. we've seen a plateau since january 11 but when i looked at our ucsf data. we have seen santa clara county's wastewater data, which is already declining. to me, all roads point to the
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fact that we are going to see more increases anymore, which is a good sign. >> cautiously optimistic is a good plan. even when the wave peaks, it doesn't mean we are out of the woods. what kind of future do you see after it does peak, and we are moving on. you see another variant popping up? >> it's hard to say. right now we are probably going to be a bit stressed at the health center level, or the hospital center level, for a few more weeks, but as a society , i think we are probably going to get a few months off, back to regular, sort of like times like june 15, around that time, that level of disease in the community, but then it is anyone's guess whether or not we will see a new variant come later in the year. i think it is very clear is that if you get a booster, even if another variant comes, you
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will be protected from going to the hospital with severe disease. >> the folks that get the booster, do you find getting that third shot really did protect them from getting infected in the first place, and certainly from getting sick? >> yes, definitely. i was not in the hospital last week, and more than 90% are still unvaccinated. the 10%, i didn't personally take care of anyone who was boosted and then got into the hospital with covid. of course, people are coming into the hospital with a broken leg or some other illness, and then happened to have covid, but not for covid in my experience so far. >> child hospitalizations are reaching record highs as well. schools are struggling to stay open, as we reported earlier. what is your advice to parents, especially the ones with kids who are too young to get vaccinated yet? >> the main advice is to immunize as many people in the child's life as possible, and build a wall of immunity around them. that means teachers, staff, grandparents, uncles, aunts,
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cousins, bigger mothers and sisters. that seems to keep kids the safest. of course, when they are in school, up the mask game, try to at least wear a surgical mask. a pediatric size to kn95, which has to be a bit more comfortable than a n95. i think that is going to be short-lived, the stress, because again, like your first question come up whatever is happening is going to happen very fast, and we are going to descend very quickly. >> dr. fauci said today it is unlikely that covid will be eradicated completely. we will always have it somewhere in the world. what do you think living with covid will look like? they are talked about this in the uk, where we are getting to a point that this will be part of our reality, and we need to learn to live with it. you believe that is the case? >> i believe that is the case, but we are to that point yet. the reason why is because there
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are still too many deaths in the u.s. almost 2000 deaths per day is not chump change. we need to either immunize more people, or more people have to get immune to drive down those deaths. also, we will have more therapeutics at hand soon, like the oral agents for covid that may prevent hospitalizations, more monoclonal antibodies. all of these things working together, if deaths get driven down, then we can open up more confidently as a society, but 2000 americans dying per day is a bit nerve-racking i think. >> thank you so much for joining us always. >> thank you so much, liz. looking live that at san francisco, in person early voting began today in the recall election for members of the san francisco school board.
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that we call election has led to a record number of noncitizens to register to vote in the february 15 election. they are allowed under a change to the city's charter. three school board members are up for recall. supporters say it is due to frustration around the school board priorities during the pandemic. a longtime east bay lawmaker will retire as the states congressional election map is now changing. district 9 representative jerry mcnerney announced today he is not seeking reelection this year. he has served in congress since 2007, and joyce 26 congressional democrats not seeking reelection. this is how district 9 is changing. it is still centered in stockton, but the new borders no longer include eastern contra costa county. representative josh harter also announced he plans to run to in the district and congressional race. he has represented the 10th district since 2019. his office is based in turlock. a record number of guns seized in airport carry-ons, and wait until you hear how many were loaded. a bay area company stepping up to give relief supplies to
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tonga. how you can also help. all new at 6:00, dozens of officers off of the streets. the covid surge causing a staffing shortage for a bay area police department. the controversial plan to get more cops patrolling neighborhoods. verizon and at&t are delaying the launch of 5g service here the country's major airports after the airlines claimed the technology was not safe. >> the airlines want to make sure it is
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new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. relief supplies are on the way to the island nation of tonga after the devastating volcano eruption and tsunami. kpix 5's jocelyn maranda's in oakland with more on how you can help. >> reporter: it is of enterprises and logistics in oakland, it is all hands on deck. >> within all of us get our hands together we can do a lot.
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cormac they specialize in shipping to tonga, and no efforts are ramping up to get supplies to the pacific nation. >> water. we know they are going to need it. any masks . we all need them still here, but any medical supplies, first-aid kits, dry and nonperishable foods. >> reporter: they say most of the calls that have been coming in our personal shipments to family members, and many in the bay areas community are waiting to hear from loved ones. >> this is our family. they have family there. we feel it. we understand. >> aunts and uncles and great- grandfathers, nephews and nieces. >> reporter: he works at the company and hasn't had any communication with family. >> everybody is trying to see if they see someone who is back home, trying to call or be on facebook or whatnot, watching news from other countries, but
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nothing so far. >> reporter: sf enterprises and logistics also has a team of about 20 people in tonga. they last spoke with them. the ship is set to leave on friday, and it takes around 4 to 5 weeks to get there. >> it's important for me to be here, to show up, and keep everything going here. as far as getting stuff loaded on time and getting it on time, on schedule to the islands. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix 5. >> you can still donate items next month. the last day is february 2nd by 4:00 p.m. donations can be dropped off at 2525 mandela parkway in oakland. a woman tries to drive on a frozen river, but that was not even her worst decision. the dangerous move as her car was about to go under. i met denver's airport, looking at concerns around new 5g cell phone service that could disrupt air travel.
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the nasdaq closed at the lowest level in 3 months, and the s&p fell nearly 2%. even with the pandemic causing fights to be at a record low, tsa say 6000 guns were found at checkpoints nationwide in 2021. we have this story. 86% of the firearms are loaded, and that presents a significant safety and security concern. her back there worried about the record increasing guns discovered at checkpoints last year, even as travel remained below pre-pandemic levels. >> i don't know exactly what is causing it, but our webpage carriage detections reflect people carrying weapons in the country. >> reporter: atlanta's heartfelt jackson was at the top of the list. 507 firearms were detected in 2021, up from 323 and 2019. and this was the scene after a gun was found by a tsa officer last november, when the suspect reached in and accidentally
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discharged his weapon causing chaos at the world's busiest airport. >> it illustrates why loaded weapons are so dangerous because it is very easy to discharge those weapons. >> reporter: dallas, houston, unix, and nashatve passen can travelwith a gun on an aircraft, but only safety and securely as checked luggage. carrying a gun through a checkpoint will cost you. >> is first going to take you a lot more time. secondly there may be local law enforcement action, and third we will follow-up with a civil penalty action. >> reporter: cbs news at reagan national airport. >> the tsa warns that if a gun is detected a it will lead to a $1300 fine with the local law enforcement involvement. >> reporter: a huge asteroid safely past earth today. it was closest to the orbit at 1:51 this afternoon. it was more than three times the size of the empire state building, but was never
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expected to hit earth. it was discovered in 1994. this is the closest it will come to our planet for the next two centuries. but nasa will actually crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to test technology aimed at deflecting an asteroid hit. this woman took the phrase do it for the grandma little too far when she captured herself on top of her sinking car. it all happened sunday afternoon in ontario. the woman was seen speeding across a frozen lake when her car cracked through the ice. she seemed unbothered and she was forced to stand on top of her sinking car, and she was posing for selfies. luckily neighbors who witnessed the event rushed to her rescue. >> then we pull her out and are like what the were you doing, and she was like just having fun. i was like, what, and she is like yeah, i would totally do that again.
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>> thankfully no one was injured, but the driver has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. i'm surprised that is the only charge she is facing. >> we are doomed as a human race. >> root for the asteroid. >> what are you doing? >> i am dying to see what she captured on that i'm a look at me my car is sinking? >> lol? >> i'm an idiot. >> photographic evidence for the insurance company to never give her a policy again. let's talk about weather. i will let ryan and liz try to figure that out in their heads. the area of high pressure in the pacific is building closer to the west coast. it will squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area and hall west coast.
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we will get gusty officer went developing over the next couple of days. not a problem this evening, mostly less than 10 miles per hour, and they won't be that strong tomorrow. 15 to 20 mile-per-hour range, most of us lower than that. not nearly strong enough to prompt and wind advisory or high wind warning, but noticeable, and it is a warmer and continued dry direction. they will die down a bit on thursday, with the strongest gust around 10 miles per hour. friday looks like the windiest day, with the 20 to 30 mile-per- hour range, especially for the higher elevations of the north bay, or around the bay area. that is strong enough at the lower elevations to move you around on the boat a little bit , whenever the wind is between 20 to 25 miles per hour. again, an offshore wind, so it won't do a whole lot to improve our air quality, which wasn't awful today. it was pretty good around san
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francisco and oakland. moderate readings around in the in parts of the east bay in north bay. the worst air quality was in the santa clara valley, where they did tip into the orange category. the effect of the stronger wind will be to disperse the low- level pollutants a bit deeper in the atmosphere, so that should allow us to be in the moderate category at worst over the next couple of days. it will also disperse pollen. in the middle of january we talk about the pollen count. today, medium category, but into the medium/high category friday and saturn they. if you are sensitive to those, you have likely already noticed. outside, beautiful post sunset skies. little flock on the horizon already. temperatures today cooler than yesterday, which is where we are supposed to be this time of year. 60 degrees was the warm location in fremont. temperatures are backing down mostly. 48 degrees in petaluma. we will start off with locally dense fog. it will spread out through the rest of tonight to widespread dense fog to begin the day on wednesday. it will be stubborn, a lot like
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today. still some of it lingering by late morning. by noon, visibility is will be fine. a mix of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures tomorrow morning, low to mid 40s. high temperatures tomorrow should be a little warmer than where we were today. low s soutofthe bay santa clara valley. low 60s in the and in the east bay. everyone between 61 and 63 degrees. low to mid 60s for the north bay , and temperatures farther north might be warmer. the offshore wind continues, which means the gradual warming trend continues. the warmest days will be friday and saturday. mid-60s at least in the santa clara valley. similar temperatures and lint in the north bay. well into the
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60s were inland parts of the east bay, and on the coast, temperatures top out around 60 degrees thursday, friday, and saturday. all new at 6:00, live coverage of an emotional vigil happening at san francisco for a fremont woman killed after being pushed in front of a new york city subway train. plus -- the omicron outbreak has decimated the san jose police department's control division. i'm devin fehely , and we will take a closer look at the plan to make sure there are enough officers on the street. bay area food banks in crisis mode at a time that they are seeing the greatest demand. the desperate call right now for volunteers. the news at 6:00 is coming up in about 5 minutes. still ahead, who wants to
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as the supply chain struggle drags on, more attention is on the nationwide shortage of truck drivers. >> it's a big part of why ports are backed up. kpix 5's wilson walker reports the demand is driving up paychecks for first-time drivers. >> reporter: by one estimate, the u.s. is short about 80,000 truck drivers. there is a lot of talk about how to get more people behind the wheel, but doing that is about to get a bit more complicated. >> you may need to come out and go this way because you are out of the box right now. >> reporter: parallel parking the challenge today in a one truck driving. at the wheel, eugene allen, 2
5:58 pm
days away from his class a commercial driving test. >> i was looking for a new journey in life, and a way to provide for my family. >> reporter: ask him why he is here. >> we need a lot of truckers. truckers provide everything to these stores. as far as grocery stores, or anything, all of the necessities. >> reporter: truck driving has been hit by the great resignat, just as demand for freight hits an all-time high. this has been driving up driver pay, now rising five times faster than its historical average. >>ace re, tting a t of ror coci cene will require exactly this type of entry-level training course. until now, you decide to go in and pass the test. >> these companies are looking for new drivers. drivers coming out of the school should be willing to give a higher pay rate. >> $35 per hour, $40 per hour.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: will rising pay attract enough drivers when hours can be brutal, with a lot of nights away from home? that is a question the supply chain now depends on. >> it depends on who is out there that wants to do it. who wants to be a truck driver. >> reporter: the federal government is looking at a number of things to get my drivers out there, including allowing truckers under the age of 21 to cross state lines. even with that and rising pay, a lot of experts take it may be a couple of years before this industry is fully staffed again. wilson walker, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , it is a showdown over 5g. the last minute deal reached, and why some worn the new service could cause chaos at u.s. airports. >> when it comes to safety, there is no calendar.
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to get it done, you get it done right, or you don't do it. dozens of officer sidelined as infection to the bay area police department already understaffed. a live look at a vigil just getting underway for a bay area woman killed in a new york subway attack. good evening. i'm allen martin. and i am elizabeth cook. we start with a heated fight over 5g. major airlines and pilots are sounding the alarm, warning the new technology could interfere with flight systems. kpix 5's kiet do explains the problem , and why some airlines have already suspended flights over the issue. >> reporter: we are here at this cell phone tower right near sfo, where tomorrow is supposed to be a big day. at&t and verizon are launching 5g service nationwide, but not at many of the country's major airports. this is a battle that in the past couple of days has gotten quite ugly. the showdown between wireless ie


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