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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> word spread quickly, americans had online to order their free covid test kits before the government's official website launch. plus, california stands the
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pandemic fight. a sick aunt at three oakland schools. what the district says it is doing now to make campuses safe. and, relief to tonga. what you can do here to help the island nation devastated by the volcanic eruption and tsunami. good afternoon. i'm alan. our top story at 3:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new snapshot of covid in california. numbers just in from the state show 76,000 new covid cases. that's about a 1% increase. our test positivity stands at 21.1%. this chart shows our seven day average. cases appear to be trending downward. the state does say these numbers are not yet final. but, meantime, getting a lot of clicks online today. some americans have been able to order those free at home covid tests. before the government's official website rollout. michael george reports it comes as a search continues in some
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places while others may be turning the corner corner. >> getting your hands on is at home covid tests may soon get a little easier. tuesday, the biden administration quietly tested its website for americans to order free test, delivered to their doorstep. >> on these orders being registered? >> that is beta testing. yeah. we will launch it formally tomorrow morning. >> california has now tallied more than 7 million coronavirus cases. just one week after suppressing the 6 million mark. new state guidelines would allow healthcare facilities to immediately bring back workers who test positive for covid but are asymptomatic. >> we don't have traces in some areas. >> rising case counts forced houston schools and offices to close for another day. but, hospitalizations and cases in new york city are dropping fast. prompting the mayor to keep schools open. and predict victory.? let's be clear on this. we are winning.
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>> the mayor credits the city's high vaccination rates for the success. with 16 million doses administered, including 2.5 million boosters. >> vaccination rates in public health policies are inconsistent across the country. during a virtual panel at the world economic forum monday, dr. anthony fauci lamented the pushback against safety measures. >> reluctance to wear masks, reluctance to promote vaccination. we know if we all pull together as a society, we would be much, much better off. >> he said the chance of eradicating covid altogether is not likely. michael george, cbs news, new york. >> just as those test kits are set to go out, the bay area appears to be seeing a decrease in testing demand. chapter 5 flew over covid test sites in san mateo and hayward earlier. little to no line. a far cry from the ones we saw
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the last couple of weeks. if you're looking for a vaccine, you can check out the resource guide available at click the red banner at the back top of the page. this afternoon, hearing from oakland unified after another covid related to teacher sick out in the district. three schools closed today. the district spokesperson outlined some of the measures it is taking to protect people on campus. >> we have ordered and received and delivered to all schools 200,000 masks for students. those went to schools last thursday and this morning. they are being delivered to students as we speak. with regard to outdoor covered eating spaces, those have been going on our schools since last fall. we started ordering all of the materials, the tables, umbrellas, et cetera. last summer. and quite a few of those items have been on back order since then. as we receive this material, they have been installed at numerous schools and we
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continue to install them as we get them in. >> kpix five justin andrews talked to students, teachers, and parents about the concern keeping them home. >> chapter 5, covering over oakland. this caravan, showing concern for the teachers, students, and parents inside the cars. >> i feel frustrated because a lot of kids are still coming to school, even after they know that they have covid. >> she goes to oakland tech. she is going to skip school along with hundreds of others. but, she decided not to. a very hard decision. her dad agrees. >> i hear her go back and forth of wanting to be in school, wanting to learn, wanting to get good grades, but also you know, the next hour, next day, worried about her own safety. and you know, are we exchanging grades for, you know, a life- threatening illness? >> today, students in the school district ditched their desks to demand action. bridges academy, acorn woodland, and united success
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academy are all joining forces. fifth grade teachers, says it is all financial. >> i think that this is very financially motivated. i think the way that the system is set up where having student bodies in physical costumes is the way that schools are funded. is very problematic. and particularly, life- threatening during covid. >> at our school, she says nearly half of the students were out last week because of covid. students and teachers say they have three simple commands. provide weekly tests, add more outdoor spaces for students to safely eat, and fairly distribute masks to all schools. >> those that have aren't getting the same number of masks per student. some sites are getting five for student, some are getting one per student. >> justin andrews, kpix five. >> students were back in the classrooms today after a week of online learning.
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they were forced to stay home and j-curve it covid surge caused staff and testing shortages. the district has put additional safety measures in place, including more staff at testing sites and upgraded masks for everyone on campus. tonight, a vigil will be held in san francisco square for michelle go. she was killed in new york city over the weekend after being shoved in front of a subway train. the 40-year-old grew up in fremont. her family is asking for privacy at this time. but, they describe her as a beautiful, kind young woman who loved her family and friends. in a statement, family says we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister, and friend. we hope she will be remembered for how she lived, not just how she died. the vigil starts at 6:00 tonight. >> we are alive to new york city. a vigil is getting underway there for michelle. the mayor is set to make some remarks. overseas, surveillance planes shot photos of destroyed villages and landscape covered in ash after that volcanic eruption and deadly tsunami.
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now, supplies are on their way to the island nation. jocelyn is in oakland with more on how you can help. >> enterprises and logistics, it is all hands on deck. >> will all of us get our hands together? we can do a lot. dr. the company specializes in shipping to tonga. and no efforts are ramping up to get supplies to the pacific nation. >> i will take water. that's what i know right now. we know they will need. any masks. people have a surplus of masks. we all need them still here. any medical supply that you think they may need. first aid kits. nonperishable food. >> sicily come over the company, says most of the calls that have been coming in our personal shipments to family members. and many in the bay area are waiting to hear from loved ones. >> this is our family. they have family here. so, the field, we feel it. we understand.
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>> aunts, uncles, great- grandfathers. nephews, nieces. >> perceval junior works at the company and has not had any communication with family. >> everybody is trying to feel see if they lose someone back home, trying to call, be on facebook. watching other news from other countries. >> sf enterprises and logistics also has a team of about 20 people in tonga. they say the last spoke with them, she works at the company and says they have an identification with family. the ship is set to leave on friday. it takes around 4-5 weeks to get there. >> it's important for me to be here and show up and keep everything going here. guess the floating on time and getting it on time. and as they get on time on schedule to the homeless. >> in oakland, i'm jocelyn. >> there are taking donations until 4:00 today. so, you still have a little time. they are located on mandela parkway in oakland.
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listen to capitol hill now where senate democrats have started the debate on voting rights bills. as natalie reports, the legislation faces a major roadblock. >> a group of voting rights advocates demonstrated outside of the u.s. capitol while inside senate democrats. moving forward with debate on legislation they say well make the ballot more accessible. >> the public is entitled to know where each senator stands on an issue that is sacrosanct as defending our democracy. >> democrats will huddle this evening to discuss next steps with a procedural vote planned as soon as wednesday. but, republican respected to block it from getting the required 60 votes in the evenly divided senate. >> this is about one party. wanting the power to unilaterally rewrite the rulebook of american elections. >> moderate democrats have said they oppose changing senate
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rules to pass voting rights legislation with a simple majority. despite mounting pressure from the white house. >> we have for the president say that until his last breath he will be fighting for the protection of voting rights. >> we have got to be the generation that defends and extends our most fundamental freedom. the right to pass a vote that counts. >> activists are also keeping voting rights in the spotlight, including the granddaughter of martin luther king jr. who issued a call to action tuesday morning at the national cathedral. cbs news, washington. >> still ahead on kpix five, streaming and cbsn bay area. >> the standoff between major airlines and cell phone companies, pushing for 5g near airports simmers. for now, i'm skyler henry. the latest on the back and forth. >> plus, find out why fedex
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wants permission to add lasers to its fleet. >> started off with dense fog. now, hayes is left over. you can see all the way to the tower from that high
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>> braking. the house committee investigating the capital rights has just subpoenaed some of former president's closest advisors, including rudy giuliani.
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the committee chairman says he is interested in their conversations with trump and his unfounded claims of voter fraud. rough day on wall street, traders return from holiday weekend, the dow fell 543 points. nasdaq down 300 86 and the s&p fell more than 85. textiles and banks led that decline. looking live at sfo tomorrow. at&t, verizon, set to turn on their new 5g technology. but not everywhere across the u.s. skyler henry reports. it's because airlines say the new technology could a safety concern. >> at&t and verizon say they are delivering the rollout of their 5g service near some airports amid concerns the signals could interfere with airplanes. in a statement, at&t said we are frustrated by the faa's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done. which is to safely deploy 5g technology without disrupting aviation services.
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we urge it to do so in a timely manner. >> when it comes to safety, there is no calendar. you get it done to me to get it done right, or you don't do it. >> many airlines have warned the service could interfere with the ultimate are on many aircraft. >> the faa lists 17 systems that could be affected. and it's has the pilot may not catch those errors in time to maintain safe flight and landing. >> the ceos of major airlines also signed a letter warning that the new 5g services near airports could force them to ground half of the flies, resulting in major traffic delays. >> we have got every stakeholder that keeps the airplane safe, airlines manufacturers, pilot unions, even on the mechanics side the engineers saying hey, slow down. >> the white house says it is working with at&t, verizon, and the airlines to solve the issues. >> we are committed to a solution that maintains the highest level of safety while ma and minimizing disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations, and our economic
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recovery. >> phone companies have spent tens of billions of dollars on 5g. which brings much faster internet services and greater connectivity. >> president biden issued a statement saying expanding 5g and promoting competition in internet services is a priority of his ministration. the tsa is seeing a record increase in guns found at checkpoints nationwide. 6000 last year, even as travel remained below the pre-pandemic levels. many of those weapons were loaded. atlanta's hartsfield jackson at the top of the airport list followed by dallas, houston, phoenix, and nashville. you can take a gun onto a plane, but only safely and securely as checked luggage. taking one through a checkpoint could cost you. >> if you do have a weapon at the checkpoint, its first going to take you a lot more time, secondly, there might be local law enforcement. third, we will follow-up with penalty action. >> that fine is nearly $14,000.
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in addition to whatever charges local law enforcement might bring against you. and you do lose your tsa pre- check. fedex asking the government for a green light to add lasers to its jets to defend against incoming missiles. the shipping giant filed paperwork proposing to add hardware that would throw off heatseeking missiles. steering laser energy toward those projectiles per the company cited several incidents overseas were civilian aircraft were attacked. time for a lot of the forecast. paul heggen couple with us on this tuesday. >> things are still calm in the weather department. very little change day today. we are in for a warming trend over the next few days. had some dense fog out there this morning. we will see areas of dense fog developing again tonight and tomorrow morning. but once at the space, offshore wind will start to kick in. a gradual warming trend tomorrow, thursday, friday, even to the weekend. it will be breezy at times. especially at higher elevations further inland. and the dry weather continues
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at least through the middle of next week. we let's take a look at this forecast. wind gusts aren't very strong this evening. not going to be to be strong to start the day tomorrow. lack of any strong mechanisms to stir the atmosphere around is going to allow the fog to be dense to begin the day. but, 15-20 mile-per-hour gusts on the high end of things by midafternoon. most wind gusts will be in the 10-15 mile-per-hour range. a noticeable breeze. but i'm not strong enough to trigger a wind advisory. there will be some 30+ mile-per- hour gusts of the highest elevations tomorrow afternoon. thursday looks like the offshore wind will relax a little bit. a noticeable wind, but not that strong. even stronger winds kick in by the end of the week on friday. that is where we most likely to see the 20-30 mile-per-hour gusts. even if some of the lower elevations. the more densely populated parts of the bay area. one positive consequent, the stronger wind is that it will hopefully stir the atmosphere of around and dispersing the ground-level pollutants. air quality wasn't bad around san francisco and oakland. in the latter category for much of the northbay and the east bay. and even in unhealthy to
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sensitive groups category, hopefully tomorrow just a yellow across the board. maybe even some more green dots on that. the wind is also going to disperse some pollen. mid-january. talk about theology forecast, here we go. medium-high category for thursday and friday and saturday. alder and juniper of the top two defenders. if you are sensitive to those camille likely already know. let's take a look outside. you can see the haze on the horizon. that is the air quality were talking about. not great today. temperatures, seven degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. we will warm up tomorrow. 60 degrees is the warmest already in livermore. the cool spots, 53 degrees. locally dense fog to start the day. somewhat stubborn as we go through the first several hours of daylight tomorrow. by noon, the fog should lift. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperature starting up tomorrow morning, mostly in the low to mid-40s. normally cool for this time of year. high temp just markham a couple of years degrees above average. upper along the coast. mid-60s in the santa clara valley. low 60s also for inland parts of the east bay. not much variation there.
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everyone between 61 and 63. mostly low 60s around the bay. a few spots stuck in the upper 50s. low 60s for the northbay. warmer further inland. the warm spot, up to 67 degrees. not too much changed our temperatures that day by day. just a slow warming trend that pushes us up into the low to mid-60s around the bay by friday and saturday. mid-, even upper 60s around midland. also in the parts of the northbay peer temperatures will peak friday and saturday and then slowly cost back down closer to normal. early next week. even the coolest day on tuesday still brings us above average high temperatures. >> thanks. still had, a drug meant to slow down alzheimer's could be covered by medicare. but, not for everyone. we will help sorted out next. streaming today, cbsn bay area, the return of the amazing race. we will catch up the host for a preview
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>> on the healthwatch. medical pans to slow down the mission of all times. it may restrict coverage only to patients with approved clinical trials. in an interview on cbsn bay area, and max rich talked to a professor about the decision. >> from what i understand, it is rare for the center for medicare and medicaid services that limit coverage in such a dramatic way. can you talk a little bit more about the details of the proposal here? >> yes. it needs to be clear that the cms had has a tough decision to
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make. they are not really limiting coverage. they are choosing a middle ground. because the cms could have said we will cover everybody in medicare that is eligible. but, a lot of experts felt that that was not the way to go. given that we don't have enough evidence of this particular drug's benefits. the other alternative would be for medicare not to cover any of the patients who want the drug. that would have been the other extreme. what cms did was say we will cover it. but, we need to develop more evidence. therefore, we will cover it within these clinical trials that will enable patients to get access to the drug. but, so, we can develop more evidence so we can actually learn whether it works. >> dr. phillips says patients can talk to the doctors about
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potentially getting into one of those clinical trials for the drug. but, also says it is going to take several years to see if the evidence is there on this drug overall. now, if you have trouble sleeping, this may be for you. sleep junkie is looking for somebody to review eight different products over two months. from pillows to eye masks to betting. the gig pays $2000. but, you need to apply by february 14th. valentine's day. coming up, many of us feel like there is just never enough time. a new poll looks at what is really eating up all our present precious minutes. >> tonight, we are here inside the headquarters of the american red cross. after they declared their first blood crisis, many of you answered the nationwide call to arms to give blood to donate. you have inspired me to be here
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>> coming up at 5:00 for you with a shortage of truck drivers nationwide. we will look at the push to make more people trained at a behind the wheel. finally, at 3:00, a new one poll surveys looked at the top time wasters. more than half of people sat waiting on hold is the biggest time thief followed by waiting in line and then sitting in traffic. another big time suck is social media. overall, people reported about two hours of wasted time every day that they could be sleeping. or doing anything.
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>> don't go down the rabbit hole. >> every day when i'm on the bay bridge. test tak your time captioning sponsored by cbs .>> o'donnell: tonight, the big news-- free covid tests that you can get shipped to your home. why the biden administration launched the web site early, and how you can place your order. the signs of hope and despair in the battle against covid. some areas see a decline in cases and hospitalizations, but in places like oklahoma city, there are no i.c.u. beds left. the concern tonight that up to 300,000 more americans could die in the next two months. 5g fears: the rollout of an ultrafast wireless network delayed near some of the nation's airports. why airlines warn the mobile technology could bring catastrophic disruptions. tonight, news about the airlines already cance


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