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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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amid the surge. and the bay area community is remembering a 40-year-old who died in a horrible act of violence. a vigil being held today. and the new bail plea for los gatos women accused of holding drunk party for teenagers. good morning. it's tuesday, january 18th. >> good morning to you. let's get to your weather first along with traffic, start things off with darren peck. if feels slightly cooler than it did yesterday. we lost some of the higher clouds overnight. the temperatures have dropped a little more than where they were yesterday at this time. it's not too dramatic but it's colder. it's 41 in livermore. you are more closer to 43, 44 yesterday. it's 43 in oakland and fog. that's about five degrees colder than yesterday. san jose at 44. santa rosa almost always cold
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with fog it. is foggier in the north bay today than it was yesterday. that's probably the most important difference between monday morning and tuesday morning. the fog is back in the north bay. the visibility up there is down to three tenths of a mile in places and it's not only santa rosa. it's santa rosa, and napa. everybody else is doing okay. we don't see widespread issue was fog on the road for the rest of the bay. those north bay valleys and the rest of today looks good. daytime highs in the low to mid- 60s's. we will notice a few high clouds but you will get more blue sky for the first part of the day. more on the forecast in a bit. you know its looking just a little busy, super commuters already up and out the door heading in to the pass. we are starting to see a few cars make that ride westbound heading toward the dublin. if you plan to head over there, taking that 580 commute over to 680 you will see a few brake
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lights out of tracy. seeing speeds down to 21 miles an hour. at least check we are around grant line. now it's extending to north flynn. busy ride here, westbound 580 from 205 toward 680. 30 minute travel time. east shore still clear. highway 4 no delays and 101 has been a nice ride. 880. you can see things are moving nicely here. here is a live look near the coliseum north or southbound. we could be at a turning point in this latest surge of the pandemic. the state's positive rate has hit a two week low and that is not the only sign that's outbreak may be on the decline. health experts say the sewer water may hold answers to the questions we have about when this surge will end. three days after the virus's rna started to drop in santa clara county a wastewater the positive rate dropped and has continued a downward slope. >> it's not infrequent that
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roughly after about 10 days when you see the drop in wastewater you see the cases start to drop. i think there's a good chance we are either at its crest or very near the crest. >> california is not alone. new york city a 47% drop in cases last friday. the doctor warns it could be a while before hospitalizations and deaths follow. happening today a school wide boycott set to happen in a matter of hours in oakland. >> hundreds of students are skipping school because they say the district is disregarding covid safety. justin andrew is live with why their needs haven't been need. > students are asking the district to provide weekly testing. students in oakland are supposed to go back to class today after the holiday weekend but hundreds say they won't.
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they are demanding weekly testing. a spokesperson for the district said we have a robust testing system in place it. goes onto say we are conducting on site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week and some getting on site testing once a week. however, some students though ef testing yet and they want it available to all students at every school in the district. we talked to a 7th grader who is staying home today. >> weekly testing is important to me because that means we can slow the spread of omicron around -- not only the schools but the community. every day the parents make the decisiono send them to school because they want them to have an education. right now i want those parents to be able to send their kids to school knowing that they could return safe. >> students say if all of
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their demands are not met they want the district to move to online learning that. likely won't happen because there is support from the state and federal levels saying keeping kids in school is the best way to move forward. a lot to unpack with that. back to you. >> thank you. and heyward students head back to the classroom today after a week of online learning. they were forced to stay home after a covid surge caused staff and testing shortages. they have put more safety in place including more staff at testing sites and upgraded masks for everybody on campus. a live look out at san francisco this morning. today the board of education will be holding a special meeting with an update on safety and learning. that meeting happening at five tonight. it is available tonight to watch on the school district's website. cal state east bay said will go virtual to begin its spring semester. the plan will last for two
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weeks. classes and labs set to return to in person instruction on the last day of the month. school officials say the decision to go temporarily virtual is to reduce population density on campuses amid the surge of omicron. apple is now requiring employees to show proof of a covid booster shot. the mandate applies to both store and corporate employees. they have four weeks to get a booster shot starting on the date they become eligible. starting on january 24th, unvaccinated employees will need negative tests to enter apple workplaces. kaiser in walnutcr rming arly 4,000 low dose of the vaccine. the shots were given between october 25th and december 10th. according to kaiser this was an isolated incident results in staff misunderstanding instructions and potentially drawing less than the recommended vaccine dose.
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the hospital said that the mistake should not significantly reduce immunity but anyone who got less than a full dose can sign up for a repeat dose if they want. health care workers being claireed to work though they tested positive for covid. they haven't been asked to return immediately but they could under a new state order. california has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country but in marin about 5% of the population is infected with covid. officials say that's led to staffing shortages and ambulance crews, long term care facilities and hospitals. happening today santa cruz county worker also announce an unfair labor practice strike date. the employees represented by seiu521 say they rejectioned the final offer but it doesn't address overwhelmed health systems due to rising covid
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cases nor does it meet long term community needs. the and happening tonight a vigil will be held for michelle goh who was killed in new york city over the weekend after being shoved in front of a train. >> we are live in san francisco with how her family and friends are remembering her. >> hello. she had just celebrated her 40th birthday. she was from fremont and her family is asking for privacy during this extremely difficult time. they tribe her as a kind, beautiful woman who love her family and friends. the bay area community is in shock after this horrible act of violence. she was standing on a train platform when she was shoved by a stranger into a train inside the time square station on saturday morning. the suspect took off but later turned himself in. police identified him as 61- year-old simon marshall, now charged with murder. she had just traveled to with
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friends to celebrate her 40th birthday and the new year. she spent the last decade working for the homeless. >> it's a tragic loss of life of someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister, and friend. we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lived. they say she loved to travel the world and help others. a vigil is set to happen today at time square in new york and another one here in san francisco at six tonight. live in san francisco. right now a man wanted for murder in oregon could be on his way to the bay area. police are looking for him. so far no other details on the case have been released. investigators say that he has ties to pittsburgh and yuba city and may be headed to direction. his vehicle was found near interstate 5 at the california,
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oregon border. it's a white 2007 chevy with a license plate of 29680a2. new this morning a bail hearing is set for today for a woman accused of holding drunk parties for her teen son and his friends. the 47-year-old has been behind bars since her arrest in october. prosecutors say she hosted party was alcohol where girls were sometimes sexually assaulted. her attorney said she poses no threat to the alleged victims and is not a flight risk. should he is scheduled to enter a plea in march. taking a live look at capitol hill this morning. its going to be a big day for voting rights. it looks like the vote may fizzle. it's happening today, discussion at least in the senate. that's after the house passed two bills, panels, one setsing minimum federal requirements for early and mail in voting, the other would restore federal oversight of any sort of
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election law changes in states that have a history of discrimination and the president and vice president have been repeating how important they believe this vote to be. >> our freedom to vote is under assault. >> the attack on our democracy is real. >> but back to the fizzle i mentioned. the bill appears doomed to fail. two democrats have said they will not vote for a filibuster change that would let democrats pass the reform bill without republican support. they don't have any republican support. over the past year 19 states have passed more restrictive voting laws. it is now 5:11. still ahead on kp ib 5 and cbsn bay area. >> the car burglaries and what could make solving the crimes harder. and your chance to get a coveted spot at a yosemite camp
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site. and as we look at the roadways right now things getting busy for super commuters going into the pass. coming up we will take a look at your travel times
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wow! no braces, everything's hands-free. i wasn't so lucky... invis is not your parents' braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign now to a rash of car break- ins that happened just a stone
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throw's away from a police station. more than 30 people found their car windows shattered at the mission peak apartments in fremont yesterday. that parking lot is just across from fremont police headquarters. this morning neighbors shaken up. >> i didn't quite understand the intensity of the event unless i reached here. i saw like straight up like, 30 cars. >> i saw my car and was like that looks like my window is down. i was like no way did my car get broken in to. there. are no cameras but fremont police are investigating. the massive under water volcano eruption saturday may have been the biggest recorded in more than 30 years. experts say huge plumes of ash, gas and steam spewed more than 12-miles in to the atmosphere. the eruption triggered a deadly tsunami, huge waves in tonga swept away a british woman
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walking her dogs. the body of the 50-year-old was found yesterday. >> it also disrupted communications on the island here in the bay area. a ham radio operate america walnut creak tried picking up signals about you had no luck reach anyone. >> it's a part of the world that's difficult from this period to reach but australia and new zealand they should start hearing lots of stuff and emergency authority in that part of the world should be able to make some contact. >> clean up and repairs underway at the santa cruz harbor after saturday's eruption led to a pacific coast surrender sue alert. strong waves rip add part docks and this drone video shows the surge dragging a vessel around like a toy boat. huge waves floated cars in a parking lot and electrical transformers knocking out power to hundreds of boat slips. yosemite will launch a new lottery system to reserve a spot at one of the park's camp
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sites. potential camerns will have until february 6st the to submit their names for a spot in north pines. it's launching after people complained that the current system is unfair. we have seen a lot of snow in the sierras. a traffic specialist has a closer look on this travel tuesday. >> hey. thank you. got snow. there is plenty of it in south lake tahoe. last month's snowstorms brought record amounts to the sierra kicking off this year's ski season. >> it was a great surprise. we came close to saying give us a little break. we have a lot of snow in just a few days. the aftermath of that is a great base. everything is covered. you can ski everywhere.
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so we will take that. >> the gm of halfenly ski row sort said the storms couldn't have come at a better time. >> it followed in november. thm we nt omnothto pretty much full on during christmas holidays. >> the winter weather can bring hazardous road conditions so planning ahead is key. >> i think for driving, for highway, definitely check cal tran website and web cameras. that's the best bet for road conditions. for the resort check the website. we have social platform that is heavenly conditions. it is constantly updated. >> good information there. at 6:15 when the best time to hit the mountain if you want to avoid any crowds. right now things getting crowded on the freeways. let's look at the roadways. if are you going in to the
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pass, if you are a super commuter out of tracy, getting onto 580 a lot of brake lights. it's getting crowded near the dublin. live looking as you approach the 680 interchange. if are you going east out of westbound 205 we have some brake lights here as well. you can see speeds dipping down to about 14 miles an lawyer. that's right around that north flynn exit. busy near grant line. the good news is once are you past that things open up nicely and then gets crowded toward 680. look at the travel time. it's definitely getting worse there. 34 minutes 205 toward 680. other than that things fairly quiet on the roadways. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. only 14 minutes. westbound highway 4 looking good from antioch to 80. that's about a 25 minute commute. just a heads up. i just got word from chp of a possible crash eastbound highway 4 just west of loveridge. doesn't look like its blocking
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any lanes -- aboutly it's blocking the right lane. just a few brake lights as you work on highway 4. it's the noncommute direction. hopefully you won't be that bad. 880. live look here near the oakland coliseum. things moving at long nicely. no delays as you head south of here into heyward. down in to fremont. traffic is moving nicely. travel time just about 13 minutes to go from heyward to foster city. the rest of the bay area bridges are very quiet. live look at the bay bridge. no metering lights. starting to see a few more cars making the ride into the city. the travel time only about 10 minutes in to san francisco. that's a look at your morning ride. it is 5:20. good morning. we have slightly cooler temperatures this morning and as a result we are seeing some more fog in the north bay then we did yesterday. that's the heads up in terms of what is different about tuesday morning compared to monday. we will start out by looking at
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top of the mark hopkins hotel. you can see plenty of clouds. we put the temperatures up. most of us in the mid-40s's. cooler but not so much so that you will notice in most places. it's about three degrees cool america the heart of the bay than yesterday. concord and livermore at 41. that's where you were yesterday. there's no change over there. up in the north bay valleys there's 34 for santa rose a. it's 36 right now for napa and holding on to the low 40's. look at the visibility readings up here. down to less than a half mile for santa rosa. everywhere else we are doing okay. you don't have to battle too much fog on the road. we will have --
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. and it's most dominant. you see that in the north bay valleys as well. we will warm up in to the upper 60's there too. all right. back to you. all right. thank you. it's now 5:23. still ahead and cbsn. >> a diamond that is from out of this world. the rare find about to hit auction and what makes it just so valuable. stay with us.
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question will look ahead and get you ready for lunchtime. in between noon and two to give you an idea on what to expect. bigger range of temperatures than what we have been seeing. we will probably warm um faster for the inland valleys. still holding on to the up 40's and low 50's into much of the bay. you can see the clouds. you will start out the day and get more blue skyn. to late afternoon, probably just after lunch. high clouds start to show back up again. it'll make for a real pretty sunset it. will be cloudy by then.
5:27 am
ly be back with the whole forecast in a few minutes. back to you. a famous auction house thinks this rare black diamond is from out of this world. they are auctioning off this fancy rock next month. the gem's or ib in is a mystery but they believe it was created after a meteor impact or from a diamond bearing asteroid that hit earth. the diamond is 555.5 carets. the auction hot estimates it could go for $7 million. nice. >> that's a ro > >> couldn't even hold your hand up with that one. time now is 5:27. still ahead,. >> many countries starting to look at a 4th dose of the covid vaccine. the new data and it's impact. we are giving a warm welcome to our new evening anchor.
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hundreds of students boycotting today. and the water district today is set to reconsider we wl yowhy. ion ctth. and the new covid rule that could be in place soon if you plan to visit hawaii. and the early results in whether a 4th deese of the vaccine protects against the new variant. it is tuesday, january 18th. let's get a check on weather and traffic and let's start with darren. >> good morning. it's a little cooler this morning than it was yesterday. couple of degrees in
5:31 am
someplaces. there is a little more fog to watch. you can see the cloud from the camera on top of the sales force tower looking over the bay. look at oakland. still reporting patchy fog. now look at santa rosa. it's a much bigger deal because it's thicker more widespread for the north bay valleys and colder. it's 34 degrees. you can just see it on the map that depicts where the visibility problems are. the numbers go down to a half mile for santa rosa. everywhere else is fine. we don't have a fog advisory or any issues with fog, no widespread issue for the bay. as we look ahead to the rest of today, we will get blue sky for the first half of the day. the clouds will show up for the second half of the day and we will see more high clouds by the afternoon with daytime highs in to the low 60's. that's where the forecast stands for now. it's the usual slow spots this morning. especially into the pass. we have the brake lights
5:32 am
already out of tracy getting onto 580. we are see something pretty slow speeds. if are you a super commuter getting ready to head out you will encounter a few brake lights coming near that grant line exit and once you head toward north flynn you will see all the slow speeds down to 20 miles an hour. sluggish there. once you pass all that livermore valley, toward the dublin it's crowded but moving better than as you come away from 205 into the pass. travel times, 38 minutes now. 205 toward 680. that's pretty normal this time of the morning. noncommute direction blocking the right lane. looks like tow crews on scene to move the cars out of the roadway. happening today, skipping school for safety. hundreds of students in the oakland school district are boycotting class. >> and they say they are fed one the district not keeping them safe from covid. >> they are demanding the
5:33 am
district to shift from in person learning to online learning unless the leaders can make changes. there are two demans they say the district hasn't met yet. they are want twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everybody on school campuses and they are asking for more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. this district spokesperson saying to us, we have a robust testing system in place. we are doing on site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week and some getting on site testing once a week. however, some students say they haven't been offered testing at all. students admit there has been some progress by giving out some of the kn95 masks but they say that is not enough. we have learned some teachers plan to call out sick today as well in support with their students. also on friday students plan to strike outside district headquarters and they vow they
5:34 am
will video strike until their demands are met. happening today the water district board will consider repealing water restrictions that took effect last month. >> what this could mean for residents moving forward. >> these rules set allotments for resident dear sir and then charge them if they were using over that allotment. that could soon be repealed. this is the result of heavy downpours we saw from late october through december. as of late last week the district's reservoirs were at about 95% of capacity in california is now out of the worst drought. take a look at these maps side by side. one from september of last year, that was before we started to see the heavy downpours and then the one from january 11th. only about 1.3% of state is in the second worst extreme drought. the rest of the state continues to be in moderate to severe
5:35 am
drought. still a big improvement and we are see that translate to what is being considered today in marin. important to know according to the independent journal its ordinance won't include a roll back of other drought restrictions like the ban of outdoor sprinkler and drip irrigation through may. the other rules that is expected to be discussed today and the board is expected to meet for open session starting at around 7:00 p.m. tonight. for now live in san francisco. happening today in person early voting starts for the san francisco board of education recall. all city residents including noncitizens can visit the voting center to register to vote, update registration or return mail ballots. the voting center is open weekdays eight too 5. a live look now from capitol hill this morning where the senate is scheduled to begin debate on a major voting restorm bill. in washington yesterday the family of dr. king yunor marched in favor of voting
5:36 am
reform. the president and vice president also sounded the alarm vowing to honor the legacy of the civil rights icon by pushing for greater protection of voting rights. >> our freedom to vote is under assault. >> the attack on our democracy is real. >> the senate bill appears doomed to fail. two democrats have said they will not vote for rule change that would enable democrats to pass the reform bill without republican support. over the past year 19 states have passed more restrictive voting laws. some breaking news now, the secretary of state is planning what appears to be a fast planned trip to ukraine and germany that is as the threat looms over ukraine of a potential russian invasion. here is a look at the border. this is as that threat continues and ukraine trying to build up some of its troops there to get ready for a
5:37 am
possible invasion. he is going to meet with the president of ukraine to reinforce the united states's commitment to ukraine's independence and territorial integrityn. berlin is he expected to talk about the future plans to potentially r. >>announcer: in in russia. a top united states military official has tested positive for covid. the joint chiefs of staff is experiencing very minor symptoms and is isolating at home. the concern the general came this to contact with the president during a funeral five days ago. this morning new data ests4th dose of the ccine uld antibodies to protect you from covid. israeli scientists say 4th doses of either vaccine enhanced antibodies more than what's been seen with a third dose it. may not be enough to protect
5:38 am
against a possible breakthrough infection caused by the omicron. last month israel started trials for a 4th dose. for healthy participants. it's the first study of it's kind among healthy people receiving a 4th dose. new data proving that the rich just keep getting richer. between march of 2020 and november of 2021, millionaires saw their wealth jump from 8.6 trillon to 13.8 trillion. the world's ten rivet men saw their collective wealth grow $1.3 billion a day during the pandemic. time fore monday which watch report. half ha half weighs a booster shot requirement and the perfect side hustle for a sleep junkie. be are live from the cbs broad center. >> good morning. the state of hawaii may change its definition of fully vaccinated. the governor recently announced his office may require tourists
5:39 am
to have go vaccine shots against the coronavirus plus a booster. otherwise they would have to take a covid test before flying to hawaii orris late for five days. he said is there will be several weeks notice of a change. ge has suspended its vaccine and testing requirements. they made the move after the supreme court blocked the president's mandate for big companies. ge had temporarily suspended it's requirement in december after a court order to stay on the mandate for the private sector. united states airlines said the introduction of a new 5g wireless technology could lead to a disasterrous flight delays and cancellations. the ban is expected to be started wednesday. the faa said it can interfere with air craft instruments. they want the government to ban 5g with in two miles of runways. >> i'm interested to hear about this side hustle for those who can't seem to fall
5:40 am
asleep this is something that a lot of us deal with. >> i know. i mean. this is getting paid to sleep on the job. sleep junkies looking for someone to test their products and offer their opinions. the sleepless expert will review eight different products over the course of two months. the gig pays $2,000. i say sinus up. >> let's do it. i think little extra cash, maybe buy a new bed or something. >> cash. the cash and the swag. >> i want all ththings. thank you. >> right? >> indeed. you got it. time now is 5:40. sometime ahead. >> the cdc issuing a warning on counterfeit n95 masks. and the concerns leading to some baking chips being recalled this morning. got a beautiful view this morning. taking a look at the bay bridge.
5:41 am
we don't have any fog issues there. we have it back this morning. old familiar places. north bay valleys. we will talk about the fog up there and the rest of the seven day coming up.
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5:43 am
crews are trying to find several missing hikers. they got stranded yesterday in mal ib u state park.
5:44 am
the night fall approaching aceves cuers climbed up a steep slope to reach two hikers on a ridge. then a helicopter pulled them to safety. at least some are communicating with rescue crews. the parents of a man killed when a tornado tore through an amazon warehouse are suing the giant. six amazon employees died. now the parents of a 26-year- old are suing amazon for wrongful death. they claim the company placed profits over safety during the holiday rush. amazon said that it'll fight the lawsuit. right now a winter storm is sweeping through the northeast and new england, having already dumped more than a foot of snow. efforts are underway to move snow drifts in buffalo. while any kind of travel is dangerous in pittsburgh. areas close to the atlantic coast have avoided a big snow accumulation. hurricane force winds in
5:45 am
massachusetts, fueled a fire near the ocean. >> around 2:30 this morning an officer pounded on my door and screamed everybody has to evacuate this area. >> the fire destroyed a motel and apartment complex along with three homes. tens of thousands of people are without power including in the midatlantic and southeast where the storm hit earlier. it's 5:45. let's get a check of our weather and traffic here at home. >> we start with darren. it's smoother sailing. >> you know as dramatic as things on thest half of the country we have just the opposite over here. ly try to give you the big picture perspective. it's like balancing out the scales and we just happen to be on the nice side. look outside from treasure island back toward the bay bridge on a cloudy morning. we pulled in the clouds again. it's midlevel clouds but it's fog for the north bay. that is the headline i want to
5:46 am
spotlight in the forecast this morning. temperatures fine. though may be a degree or two cooler but you don't notice a lot of the difference here in the north bay valleys. when we look at with where the fog is we can see where the trouble spots are. santa rosa town to a half mile. it's three mile visibility. that number has varied a lot over the last heir. getting back down to a half mile and same thing for napa. give yourself extra time on the road. the fog burns off by late morning. it's only in the north bay. we start off with more blue sky. we will see high clouds by the second half of the day and to go along with it, day hymn highs in the low 60's. that's nothing new. we have been doing that pattern. if we look at it in the pacific you can see what's going on. storm track out here shows you all the rain getting pulled once again to the north of us. if you watch that pattern everything is going around the
5:47 am
long way. the big block in the atmosphere. when you look at things, just from a where is the center of high pressure for perspective. now you see a dramatic story taking place off the coast. a very dominant ridge of high pressure off the coast of california. deeper blue shows you the areas of low pressure. as long as we have this dominant block in the atmosphere right off the coast of california, we are not getting anything. this is going to get strongern as we get later in to the week. what's interesting is when you color in on the map, where it'll rain between now and january 28th, this is the total accumulated rainfall between now and then. certainly there's a lot out here. look at the pattern. there is that big doughnut hole that we live in. right over california. then all the storms keep coming down its other side of that. you keep seeing them sleep over on the midsection and the east section of the country. it really does fit that theme when one side of the country goes to one extreme. the other half is getting the
5:48 am
other and right now we have our big block in place. we are not getting any rain. seven day forecast shows you that. we will be near 70 by the time we get to saturday for san jose. the temperatures warm up to 68 by the time which get to friday. more on that in the next half hour. for now how is the drive? you know just got a little busier in the south bay. i want to start with south bay travel times. watching101 and 87. just north that have guadalupe parkway there. couple of cars tangled up there. the number go lane blocked. now they are saying three lanes are blocked. no word if any injuries involved but this will affect your ride if are you going northbound 101. right now your travel time, doing okay. eight minutes 85 toward that 280, 680 connector. looks like not brake lights as
5:49 am
of yetta long guadalupe parkway. we will watch that. eight minutes, 85 toward 101. we are tracking brake lights for that ride in to the pass this morning. it is business as usual for super commuters out of tracy. onto 580. stay slow for mount house. extending to just a bit beyond north flynn. once are you past that you -- traffic looks better the rest of the way toward the dublin. in the live shot its getting crowded, westboundheading toward that 680, dublin. 680, clear directions, southbound crowded through the grade. checking travel times, 40 minutes for that ride westbound 5840. highway 4 there is still a trouble spot clearing eastbound. that's the noncommute direction. westbound which is where we are seeing most of the volume this morning. still only about 29, 30 minutes antioch toward 80. if you are many hog on 80 from highway 4 to the maze that's a 14 minute ride to work through there. no delays right now.
5:50 am
live look in oakland. things moving nicely. the cdc has updated its recommendations for masking. recommending americans wear the most protective mask they can find. >> the update has caused a rush for n95 and kn96 masks leading to a surge in counterfeits. while it's hard to spot them experts have tips. n95 mask is have a label while kn95 to not. neither should have any sort of decal or decoration on them. they should have head bands that go around the head, not ear loops. finally, check for typos in the lifting on the mask. experts warn it's a difficult market to navigate. >> it's difficult market for consumers to navigate. there are hundreds of millions of these masks on the market in
5:51 am
america right now that have no oversight. it's very dangerous. >> the cdc has also updated it's website to include a list avenue proved nonapproved masks. a heads up to any bakers out there. sugar free chocolate maker lily sweet is recalling nearly 19,000 cases of baking chips. the bags have almost [inaudible] ingredients in them. this after customers reported finding white candy pieces in the bags. it was an error made by a coal manufacturer. with allergic to soy should not consume them. still ahead,. >> a legal battle over prince's estate ends. the setslment reached nearly six years after he died. and coming up today on the drew barrymore show, drew talks news with tiki barber.
5:52 am
that's all today at two. and ahead on cbs mornings, miracle jordon was not just an nba superstar but a globe alomar quieting power house. larry miller reveals the dark secret he kept hidden for decades, even from the superstar himself. >> i didn't have to do this. i could have just continued to keep doing what they was towing and hope that it never came out. >> find out what he is revealing how michael jordon reacted in an interview you will see first on cbs mo if you're hungry and you want a great deal, the super slam is your perfect meal! it's pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns. it's enough breakfast for dinner, and it's as good as it sounds. see you at denny's.
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the fog is back. that's probably going to be the main item to watch. for most of us it's like low to mid-40s's. you probably won't notice a lot of difference. you know i'm the bean counter on these kind of things. it's my job to tell you it's colder. it's 34 in santa rosa. if we switch to look at the visibility now we see the item of the morning. we are town to a half mile visibility for santa rosa. north bay commuters, give yourself a little extra time. everybody else doing okay. qi see what the rest of the forecast. time lore a look at the entertainment headlines. the legal battle over prince's
5:56 am
estate is over. nearly six years after his death. the irs and the estate's administrator value the assets at $156 million. new york music company and three heirs will share the proceeds. a country music broadcaster has died. people saw him hosting pop goes the country and nashville now for more than 50 years. his family said he died of natural causes. he was 88. it is now 5:56. still ahead and streaming on cbsn way area. >> alameda county's biggest school district bracing for a boycott. why efforts to keep them safe weren't enough. and lots of snow in the sierra. the fears of coronavirus keeping the skier away. and risking all for a selfie. how drivers rescued this woman
5:57 am
before her car sank into a frozen requirer river. >> and we will be right back. scoot over. squeeze in. pull up a chair. ♪ because life's just better when you believe “there's always room for one more.” ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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students skipping school today in oakland. what they are demanding to keep them safe. >> and the white house about to make it much easier to get your hands on those covid tests. where you can go to order yours for free as soon as tomorrow. it's a tragic loss of life of someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> the bay area coming together to remember a local woman killed. the vigil planned tonight for her. and the bay area woman launches her own investigation after her license plate was stone from her car. how she found much more than her


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