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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 15, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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live from the cvs bay area studios. this is kpix news pics stock a synonymy advisory in effect. the threat it is losing. we will take you all through the bay area. we will look at floodwaters. i am john. the tonga community is seeking news . we will have that story picks thank you for joining us. look at the video. the undersea volcanic eruption that triggered the synonymy.
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it began last night. 4700 miles southwest of san francisco near tonga. it suddenly erupted sending ash 12,000 feet high. three miles wide. water, small rock came out of the capital 40 miles away. we have team coverage bringing you the latest on the advisory on the california coast. traffic is moving at the berkeley marina. police close the street as the advisory was beginning. they made sure people were kept a safe distance away. they wanted to study the waves. an unexpected start. >> i got a call from a friend
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and she said be careful. there is something coming.>> reporter: police had to evacuate because of the tsunami advisory. >> they made evacuations going boot to boot.>> reporter: 10% of the docked had people living. >> they drove by and walked up and down the docks with loudspeakers telling us to evacuate. four the red cross showed up. >> we encountered a few that had to wake up and leave quickly. they were making phone calls.>> reporter: staff were on site. >> there could be strong currents. it could damage boots or sweep people into the water.>> reporter: she noticed surges
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lasting a few minutes keeping bates away. >> in marinas you can get strong currents. also, you can move sediment. it can cause problems later. four and inconvenience. some have never seen anything like this in over 20 years. an understandable reason to evacuate. >> we have to do what they say.>> reporter: people asked that they stay away as a precaution until the tsunami advisory has been lifted . the declaration of the advisory ending has to come from the state. burglary police did not want people near the te here is the thing about the tsunami advisory. if you read the small print. usually it starts at a time and ends at a certain time.
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this goes until further notice. not only in the bay area but the entire coastline. mexico down to san diego. it's unprecedented in terms of experience with an underwater volcano able to do this. the best way to understand why we are not out of it. this is the tide coming into the bay. the blue wavy line shows you what high and low tide will be the red line shows where the wave heights vary. starting at 6 a.m. you can see variations. they are not quite as extreme. there is another high tide coming at 11:45 tonight. the high tide will not be as high as the one we had this morning at 9 as the wave energy got here. it was the perfect convergence. as the tsunami got here we
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experienced high tide. that's why we notice. tonight we could have another ram. that's why it is in effect until further notice. much more on this. i will be back with the forecast coming up in a bit. we have video from all along the coastline. you can see waves hitting the case line. you can associate a single video with a tsunami wave. high tide was off. from the bay you can see about getting rock. lots of people are watching it slam against the coast. here are shots. the waves are crashing over the seawall. part of this is due to the fact that we had high tide this morning. it's spilling on the roadway.
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>> you can see the high tide heading in. minor flooding. take a look. some first responders and according to witnesses, firefighters works best to gating reports of a fire that may have been caused by high tsunami waves. some minor flooding in the county. it's at the north end of sausalito. police were at the dock warning houseboat owners to be careful and stay clear of beaches and campgrounds. also low lining areas. >> it was high tide at 9:30. we are not concerned. if there were more water. we have plenty of way to go. this was the scene at ocean beach this morning.
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a lot were watching the waves. park rangers escorted a family off the beach. those who serve say it's not a time to ride waves or get close to the water. >> you never know what can happen. it is a good idea that we stay away from the beach and watch from a safe distance. it is mother nature. we are not in control of mother nature. emergency vehicles controlled the stretch of the beach announcing the advisory. asking people to stay away from the water. san mateo is home to many families from tonga. here is a look at the satellite from the south pacific island. it's 2000 miles east of australia. john spoke to community members who have not received any new information from their
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homeland.>> reporter: there are more living here in san mateo county than the island nation. it's a sure bet that tonight everyone is worried about what is happening. >> reporter: in the 70s and migration of people from tonga settled in the san mateo area. when yesterday's volcano erupted near the island nation turning the sky black , the reports from families and friends were terrified. according to the pastor of the first tonga assembly of god in san carlos. >> they said they never saw anything like that. black rain coming from the sky. little rock's. you can grab them from the car and hold them.>> reporter: early this morning the eruption called the sea to rise. sending tsunami waves near the island. the images showed people being driven from homes. after a few hours, everything
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went blank. >> we tried to get hold of family. there is no connection.>> reporter: he has said no one has heard anything. he has worked at the church. his mind and heart are with his country women and men. >> we are watching the tv, facebook. everyone is trying to find out.>> reporter: they say there's not high grounds on the island. he says he is thankful that the king was relocated. he says he heard some smaller islands may be completely submerged. he is worried about the rest of the 100,000 that lived there. >> we still believe something good will come out of this. i prayed all night last night that god will protect them. the little island that we love
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so much. the reason they haven't heard anything from tonga since a few hours after the tsunami, all internet was cut off work suddenly they had a two hour window to get information. after that, nothing. presumably they are working to restore services. it comes in on a single cable which was damage. it may take quite a while to get information. for more information tuning to our websites. we have a new zap. we will have the latest on the advisory. the city crackdown on guidelines for those attending mega events amid the search. the threshold for large events and high-risk settings which include gatherings of 500 indoor or thousand outside. there will be tougher entry
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requirements in san francisco like the chase center. going to the white house in response to long lines of americans hoping to get tested for covid. the biden administration is launching a website . it will take orders up for test quotes per home. the website will ship for no fee. it can take more than one week. the miami operation is 24-7. it produces rapid test to keep up with demand. coming up. a developing hostage situation in a synagogue in north texas. what we know so far. what the hostage taker is demanding.
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welcome back. there is new video out of texas for what appears to be a developing hostage situation at a synagogue. it happened near a service near ft. worth. negotiations could be heard between the hostage taker and police. authorities say the hostage taker is demanding the release of a pakistani neuroscientist suspected of having ties to al qaeda. it's not clear how many are in the synagogue. we will keep you posted with more information. also developing cost six people are in the hospital. one in critical after a shooting in oregon last night.
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the shooting happened during a hip-hop concert in downtown eugene. police say someone opened fire in a parking lot behind the building where the concert was happening. they are looking for a suspect who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. authorities initially got 30 calls about shots being fired. investigators are working to determine whether shootings are random or targeted. new videos of camera crews who carried the top-ranked tennis player. he departed his lawyer's office saturday. the australian open is a day away. he is forced to spend saturday night in an immigration detention center. a federal court hearing is underway. he is challenging the australian decision to cancel his visa. following his appeal for the travel vaccine mandate. the move led to backlash in support and in criticism. we have video to show you the effect of the tsunami in the south pacific. this is mill valley.
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you can see boats breaking three. let's turn it over for the forecasts. a background on how it started. the visuals of the undersea volcano going off yesterday just before sunset tonga time. it was a: 40 hour time. there are details you might miss. as the plume goes watch the shockwaves. it didn't go that way. it radiated in every direction. it's a great way to visualize. the shockwave is in the atmosphere. it was recorded here at 4 in the morning. you can see pressure drop and
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come up. the shockwave was able to travel through the air faster. a lot less dense of the medium. an item that has to go through. if you take them and put them in water it takes time. from 5000 miles away it took 13 hours for the wave to get here. i showed you this. it's a way of measuring when the wave energy got here. the blue line shows you the tide. what the tide was supposed to do. the red line shows you how wave height very. what made the event this morning unique, the wave energy got here at high tide. that's why we are talking about this. it was a convergence. if you take a look at wave energy it is there. another high tide coming at 11:45. which is why we have the advisory. you can see the big waves. sitting out in the open ocean.
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santa cruz and places not protected like the bay. we still have to stay on guard at least through midnight and early tomorrow morning. we will wait to hear more in terms of how much longer it might go. there is energy in the ocean. temperatures in the low 60s. we will stay cloudy. look what's down here at the gulf of california. there have been weak systems throwing clouds. it will continue to do that. we will not get a blue sky day. we will not get rain. we will never clear clouds out. expected to look like it does. we will see temperatures stay. it's just like this through the next seven days. whether we look at san
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francisco, oakland, san jose. a good thing there is not a lot of detail. we have our hands full watching water. we will have more throughout the evening. the forecast for this weekend is football. nfl wildcard weekend has begun. we take a trip down nostalgia avenue. one of the best match ups in history.
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mba news. step curry will miss tomorrow's game at minnesota with shortness in his shooting hand. he hurt his hand in last night's game in chicago.
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college basketball. second rank thank i'll got. look at the seven footer. he's one of the top draft prospects. andrew for 3. a 30 point game. 115-83. they will be the new number one team when rankings come out monday. coach fox getting rid of the jacket at washington state. second half andre kelly pokes it away. jordan sheppard the other way. lays it up. five minutes left, cougars are up.
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deep ball. he led with 16 off the bench. under three minutes to play. to point game. michael flowers misses the free throw. a rebound. flowers, one more time and got it. washington state wins the game. bears have lost four straight. samuel was named to the all- pro team. he has become much more for the 49ers offense. what would he label himself?>> reporter: if you met someone who didn't know you and they asked what position you play what would you say? >> a wide back. >> nick finished fifth. it did not sit well with the head coach. see mac i think he should be there. no doubt. i'm shocked.
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i don't think people appreciate how good he is. i can't believe he hasn't been mentioned in defense of player of the year. 27 years ago, 49ers hosted the cowboys in the title game. how is this for setting the tone. davis had a pick six on the opening. the beginning of a long day for troy aikman. right before the half, steve young, the lefty fires. he connects with jerry rice in the end zone. 49ers beat dallas 38-28. they would go on to win the super bowl. the last time that franchises met in postseason. dennis brown a defensive lineman. he is ready for the rivalry. see mac i highly dislike the
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cowboys. i mean that. we got over that. i remember george looking over at the defensive line at the end of the game. and giving us a thumbs up. he knew we worked to get that. i cannot wait for this football game. i think the 49ers go in. they play clean football. you have to come home with a win. i will be very upset if they don't come home with a win. i hate the cowboys. i hate the cowboys. >> he hates the cowboys. back to you. still to come. a fishing net rescue. better than
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in argentina, a group of marine life levers are doing what they can to conduct ocean pollution. >> marine biologists are making an unfortunate discovery. see mac following a rehab, the turtles expelled 10 different types of plastic. according to the staff at the marina foundation, they
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continue their efforts to protect marine wildlife the issues highlight the severe pollution issue happening in oceans worldwide. >> that's it for a se [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ hit me with your best shot fire away hey >> damien harris to the house!
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>> new england does itga


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