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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 15, 2022 2:06am-2:34am PST

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edg program is sponsored by "your move with andy stanley." it will be too late. a major push to expand covid-19 testing. bay area businesses that had been spared the worst of the pandemic are now getting hit hard. it is not just a lack of customers. i hid in the closet. i did not know what to do. a crime spree in san francisco all caught on camera. we hear from residents targeted by the thieves. this weekend a rivalry renewed. getting you ready for the showdown between the niners and the cowboys. >> we take over the stadium. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. now at 11:00 and streaming
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on cbsnbay area. the scramble to find home testing kits continues as the federal government releases new details how every american can receive tests for free. kpix talked to a prominent health expert on if the effort may be too late. >> reporter: so many pharmacies, this one here, is out of stock. starting next week you go online to order tree rapid tests through a new federal website. >> reporter: long lines to get tested throughout the bay area. empty shelves without any signs of promise of delivers. >> we are seeing this whole thing just kind of stall. >> reporter: starting next wednesday you can log on to >> it is hard to get the tests. >> compared to the united kingdom it is. >> he is visiting san francisco and noticed a market difference. >> makes them more freely available and the large is nothing we pay
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nothing for insurance so they are readily available from your local chemist and super stars like that. >> reporter: all required is a name and address. the doctor from ucsf is critical of the timing and if it is too late considering the current omicron surge. >> we could of used them before to be able to be in school and be in life. but we did not have them. and it will be too late by the time they come. >> health officials are trying to better inform the public. >> when should you get tested? and when should you use which kind of test? >> reporter: if you have covid-19 a rapid antigen test is recommended towards the end of quarantine instead of a pcr that can be too sensitive tracking trace amounts and result in a false positive. if you have been exposed the best test is a pcr. if you have symptoms use at home or a pcr test. >> after this surge it is likely we will not be recommending people who
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do not have symptoms to test. >> reporter: another option for people who buy these tests on their own starting on saturday private health insurance will have to reimburse up to 8 tests a month. in san francisco, kpix5. tonight, california hospitals are seeing a spike in coronavirus patients. that number now stands at more than 13,000. up 44% from a week ago. more than 2,000 patients are in the icu, that is up 37%. california nursing homes are also experiencing a huge surge right now. case rates are nearly 15 times higher than they were on christmas. the pandemic is impacting every business in the bay area in some way, napa county had thrived as a local get away until now. we show you how the omicron variant is hitting hospitality industry once again. >> this is not just about people feeling comfortable about dining out or traveling. >> reporter: businesses are short staffed and some restaurants are not even
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getting their deliveries to be able to serve their customers. >> burn out. >> covid-19 burn out. >> reporter: erin owns red rock cafe in napa. it opened in 1976 and it is a well known local spot for burgers and bbq. this week without notice one of her suppliers missed a shipment. >> another meat producer just did not have a delivery. we are just left, if it was not for the other smaller guy i would have been in big trouble. >> reporter: it is a predictment many experienced in the last couple of weeks. >> the supply chain stuff and inflation it is definitely a headache and tough for everybody. >> reporter: downtown napa, this restaurant serves up salads and sandwiches. >> i just ordered salad bowls that used to be between the cents each and now they are 70 cents. >> customers are understanding having to raise the prices. >> but we are still losing
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money at this point. so, you know, we are just, it is tough. it is really tough all around. >> reporter: and with declining sales since the new year, many fear it is going to take awhile longer to get back to business as usual. >> just patience is key, that is the important thing. a lot of folks that i know are kind of getting back to normal. for restaurateurs it has been two years of challenging times and it is not getting easier. >> reporter: in napa, back to you. new at 11:00. general electric has become the first major company to drop the vaccine or test requirements for employees. the company eliminated the requirement after the supreme court blocked the biden administration's mandate on large employers this week. the biden administration estimated that the mandate would of saved more than 6500 lives over the next six months had it been allowed to stand. for all of the latest on the pandemic including how to find tests and
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booster shots. less than 48 hours until the match up between the 49ers and the cowboys. the team is not alone in making the trip to the lone star state. >> many of the faithful are headed to dallas as well. 49er super fans already arrived in enemy territory. we caught up with jesse mendez and others, part of a group of 20 fans from the south bay who are all going to the game and they are already making their presence known. >> we are seeing it already. seeing a sea of red. it is only friday. so, we are hoping we get in there and take over the city like we have done before and done all season. >> coming up in sports vern will have a look ahead at sunday's big showdown in big d. tonight a crime spree in san francisco. home invasion robbers targeting homes in several different neighborhoods all within a few
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hours. betty yu spoke to the victims and shows us the new video. >> they really tried to get in through the opening area. >> reporter: he was at home with his mother last tuesday when would be intruders tried to break in the front door in the outer richmond. >> he was barking the whole time. >> reporter: he believes it is was detoured the crooks. around the same time a neighbor's ring camera a few houses down captured a gray infinity parked out front. a person gets out and walked up to the door and knocks. >> i can hear tools clanking in his jacket. went and knocked on the neighbor's door, it is all on the video. thankfully he did not get in. they are elderly shut ins and they must of come to the door because he went back to his car and they came up the block and hit our neighbor four or five doors up. >> i am in shock. around this neighborhood it is usually quiet. >> reporter: security video one street over on 30th and
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fulton shows a gray infinity backing into an apartment complex 10 minutes later using a tool, two suspects break the gate and a third one follows. a resident who was home at the time said they hit three units in about 10 minutes. you can see the suspects rush out of the complex with bags in hand. earlier that same morning about five miles away in the outer mission neighborhood, a gray infinity is seen backing into the driveway. two sisters were inside at the time. the suspects broke the metal gate and forced their way in. >> i hid in the closet because i was, i did not know what to do. i was scared. >> reporter: video shows three suspects wearing what appears to be the same clothes, running into the get away car with stolen items. >> they are doing it in brood daylight and they don't care if we are in the homes or not. don't care if there are seniors or children, they are going in and taking things. this is not acceptable at all at any level. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5.
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still ahead tonight. incredible video showing an 11 alarm fire raging out of control at a chemical plant. what is making the job even harder for first responders. i am upset. it is awful. why the deployment of new wireless services will force planes to take extra safety precautions during bad weather
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new at 11:00. flames shooting into the night
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sky in new jersey as a dangerous chemical plant fire rages out of control. portions fo already collapsed. people living nearby have been evacuated and others are warned to keep their windows closed. crews are facing challenges due to the lack of water pressure from the hydrants. one firefighter was rushed to the hospital after he was hit in the face with debris. no word yet on how that fire started. this video stolen discarded packages on train tracks in los angeles has people across the world asking how does this happen? we are back out at the tracks today at union pacific was asked that very question. >> reporter: workers were out collecting tires from union pacific tracks in east l.a. hoping to salvage the items after the thieves left them behind. thousands and thousands of discarded boxes piled up on these tracks. it is a lucrative crime. >> what kinds of things have you picked up on these tracks? >> everything raging from
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washer and dreyer's to tireds. -- driers to tires. >> law enforcement sources tell us it is a crime of opportunity. there are not enough patrols and the locks on the cargo containers are very easy to break. >> i have been with union pacific for 16 years. i have never, ever seen this situation to this degree ever. >> reporter: the senior director of public affairs for union pacific. she says on average 90 of their containers are compromised each day. they are upping enforcement and patrols and utilizing resources such as drones. union pacific is looking into diverting trains so they do not pass through l.a. county at all. their chief has a meeting with lapd next week and last month they sent this letter to l.a. county da calling it a spiraling crisis. people are basically being arrested. there is basically no bail,
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they come out the next day. they come back to, again, to rob our trains. >> reporter: she says train robberies have been a problem for years. it picked up in the past six months. by 356% from october 2020- october 2021. >> in early december we were talking about, you know, losses in the $5 million figure. >> reporter: she says they have a claims process but customers like ups and fedex are diverting their business to other areas. >> the da's office says some of the cases presented to them by union pacific resulted in charges while others have been in decline due to lack of evidence. in downtown oakland dog thieves claimed another victim after a french bull doing was stolen from its owner at gunpoint last night. dezzy and his owner were out on a walk in
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the adams point neighborhood when the dog was rip friday her hands at gunpoint. there is the city's second armed dog snatching in less than two months. the owner is just hoping for a safe return of the pup. >> i was just walking my dog in the neighborhood. [crying] i came home from work and i wanted to make sure he was out for a little bit. we want him back. [crying] >> due to their high price tag they have become a poplar target for thieves. rita is offering a $5,000 reward to bring dezzy back home safely. >> the faa will require pilots flying boeing 787 to take extra precautions when landing on wet and snowy roadways. it comes as at&t and verizon plans to deploy the new services near airports next week. the faa says 5g interference can impact the plane's engine and breaking systemming during landing preventing it from stopping on the runway. in the midwest, monster
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winter storm is causing dangerous conditions for drivers. snow fell at a rate of more than an inch an hour creating whiteout conditions. the truck flipped on the freeway. no one got hurt. in north dakota a car driver was hurt after losing control and then rolling off of the highway. that storm is not causing headaches for folks out east but it is not done yet. >> it is not done yet. they are just getting started with this major winter storm that will have kind of a trickled down effect on travel plans for the martin luther king holiday. take a look at all of the advisories, watches, warnings in effect for the eastern half of the country all because of the same storm system, winter storm warnings, watches, advisories, warnings, windchill advisories it will be a major system that will have that impact on travel across the country. they can have that. closer to home.
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in the high sierra. no new snow. the lifts are open. now, hey, mostly sunny skies and mild weather if you are going to head up towards the high sierra over the weekend. let's take a look at what is happening closer to home. fog, spilling in from the central valley in general, no major changes. passing clouds over the weekend but we will be staying dry and high temperatures are going to stay above average through next week including tomorrow the forecast looks dry beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast. the out look taking us passed next weekend. showing a chance of below average near 0 rainfall for the bay area. 8-14 day outlook takes us to the last full week of january. below precipitation, not as strong. heupblts towards the end of the last week of -- hints towards the end of the last week of january. that is two weeks down the line. speculative at this point. 54 degrees the temperature
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downtown, the warm spot, cool spot, santa rosa down to 44 degrees already. ending up in the upper 30s and 40s inland with middle to upper 40s along the bay and the coast. normal for the middle of january. high temperatures tomorrow, going to be 5-6 degrees above normal. most of us into the lower to middle 60s, middle 60s the warm spots, farther inland for the north pay and the valley. the temperatures will be quite this warm on sunday and monday, still above normal. all we will see is passing clouds over head. the flaw in the forecast is the air quality will deteriorate a little bit. we were in the good category across the board because the winds were strong enough to stir up the atmosphere. noticeable the first half of day tomorrow. air quality will not be bad tomorrow but the haze is likely to be back by sunday, monday, and tuesday as the stagnant air mas reasserts itself. that is the only flaw in the forecast and the air quality not that bad. temperatures not changing much as we head
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through the holiday weekend. minor cool down, barely notice more clouds over head. farther north they will be to squeeze it out. and moderate bay. we will keep a look out for the showers just in case they make a run towards us. the odds are very, very low. the sun breaks through the clouds on wednesday, thursday, friday, the temperatures warm back up above average by the end of next week. again, we will have to wait well beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast for a chance of rain. >> thanks, paul. an incredible weekend of football. especially for the 49ers. they got a big one coming up. news today regarding a couple newly appointed all pro players. warriors trying to shoot them straight tonight in the windy city. all eyes on the rookie. good night for him. hi lights and the rest comin
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a statement was made, i would say. definitely concern after trailing 77-38 at halftime yesterday. score 78-37 tonight, this time in favor of the warriors. that is a complete 180. this is not the bulls of recent years. it is the first time the warriors led a east leading team since jordan's '98 squat. thompson resting tonight. also, no payton providing help. the answer everyone plus a rookie. up 16 early. just how he drew it up. so sweet we have to see it twice. behind the back, beautiful. and, finishing it off. jonathan, he was a grownup today. 19-year-old all over the flow. the steal, the slam the other way. it was all golden state. never in doubt.
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30 seconds left. in the half, steph from the bull horn, sinks it. warriors score 78 points in the first half. the most of any half this season. the best part of a blow out against a good team you get to give the rookie prime time spotlight. the one-handed tomahawk. 10 of 12 shooting, game high, 25 points, warriors win this one, 138-96. how about it. >> that is the first step for him is to understand his gifts are so unique athletically. they jump out even in an nba game. you guys see it. it sort of is stunning when he explodes to the rim. >> taking advantage of those gifts, now, allows him to build a foundation and then, you know, as he goes his shooting will improve, his understanding of the game will improve. >> san francisco heads to dallas on sunday. facing the cowboys in the nfc wild card round.
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the first time the historic franchises squared off in the playoffs since the 1994 season. the last time the 9ers won the super bowl. well deserved hand for samuel and williams, they were selected to the nfl's all pro team. it is the first career selection for both guys. having the third most all- purpose yards in the nfl and williams opened up bigger holes than the ones at camp green lake. he is expected to play this weekend after missing the regular season finale. as for where you can see the game? it is right here. no need to change the channel. followed by the 5th quarter post game slow. to womans hoops, colorado is the last unbeaten remaining team in the country. stanford crush dreams, won 17 straight against pac-12 competition. that is textbook. quick little cut. tied game entering the 4th. that is when stanford did what
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stanford does. i will bury it. 10 points. jones led the way with 11. the first loss for colorado, 60- 52 the final. nfl playoffs begin tomorrow. bills/patriots can be seen right here on kpix5 at 5:15. that is sports. >> who wins sunday and how much do the 49ers win by? >> i like the niners with the three points, close, coming down to the final possessions, i will go 9ers by four. >> coming up, razz a glass to this fan after a skill in another sport
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this friday night a basketball fan has something special to sip on. >> it is because he made a full court 94 foot putt. watch this [cheers and applause] >> yes, it all happened during the putt for peppy contest at the north carolina state
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louisville game. >> the fans prize, a 23-year- old bottle of burbon. it retails for $300 but sold at auction between $3,000-$7,000. >> if you don't know about it, there is a good documentary called "heist" that talks about the burbon heist. i don't think he will drink that. he will save that bottle. >> put it on the shelf. >> yes. display it. >> like a trophy for the amazing putt. >> i want to know how he trained for that. did he practice somewhere to get that good? >> no, that is just luck. that is fate. he was tphaoepbt have that bottle of burbon. >> yes. >> we'll be right back.
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