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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 14, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. i am ryan yamamoto. chopper 5 is over the pie stadium as they hit the road to kepler country earlier today. some 49ers fans are already in dallas to meet them. >> we caught up with super fans, part of a group of 20 from the south bay going to the game, and already making their presence known. >> they are already giving us dirty looks from the freeway over here. one of them even gave us the birdie. >> we are seeing a sea of red coming into the airport today, and it's only friday. we are hoping we take over that stadium like we have done all season. >> we are certainly fired up, and maybe they are giving him the number one sign. >> i am sure that is what they meant. they just got confused, but they meant number one. >> charlie, what is the mood with the team? >> reporter: it seems to be good. everyone is very healthy, as healthy as they have been since week one. at this time of year, it is who
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is healthy and who is hot. when you see the logos side by side, it makes you think about the old times. it makes your mind wander to the historic games, legendary players who have battled in the postseason for these two franchises. it is crazy to think that they have not met since the 1994 playoffs. that will change on sunday. the 49ers are hot right now. they have won seven of the final nine to sneak into the postseason. they snuck in last second. the first postseason game since the 2020 super bowl loss against kansas city. the window looks like it may have shut halfway through the year but the core from that team, they figured it out. this time, they had the highest of aspirations for their postseason run. >> when i am just speaking in context to somebody, i say back in 2019 when we went to the
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super bowl. i cannot wait to say and 22 or whatever when we won the super bowl. it has a lot better ring to it than when we went to the super bowl. so, trying to change up that w word from went to win. it definitely is a driver, a motivator. we do feel like we have some unfinished business. >> reporter: dallas opened as field-goal favorites, take the points through the nfc east. outside of those teams, they were just above average. only 1 and 4 against playoff teams not named the eagles. some good news. not a lot of mutual opponents. we will see you on the football field sunday, but i like their shot. we are counting to kick off at 1:30 on sunday right here on kpix 5 . then stay tuned for the fifth quarter, and a special edition of the kpix 5 news. is for the possibility of dell is hosting the super bowl next month, the plan to use at&t stadium as a backup venue , that is officially off of the table tonight. the nfl confirmed today the big
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game will go on as scheduled at sofi stadium in los angeles, in front of more than 70,000 fans. they will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, and they must stay masked up. tonight, one big san francisco that has been eclipsed by the concert. organizers have called off the annual lunar new year street fair for the second time in a row. >> before the pandemic, a lot of people attended the street fair, and that helped our business. >> i think it's really sad if they cancel, for a lot of, not just the chinese community, but everyone. the pandemic is throwing another tradition off-track. caltrain announced it is canceling monday's annual celebration train honoring dr. martin luther king jr. starting tomorrow, anyone 16 or over will have to show proof of a booster to get into a large event in san francisco. that is more than 500 people indoors, or 5000 outdoors.
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it should be a quiet weekend in sonoma county, which has banned large gatherings altogether for the next month. for many covid weary businesses, the announcement earlier this week was a major blow. >> it would be really nice if we got even a week of notice that restrictions were coming. >> the health order does not apply to workplaces, restaurants, malls, and schools , and it expires on february 11. california's positivity rate has dropped another 10th of a point from an all-time high we had on wednesday, but with demand for tests even higher than ever, officials in santa clara county came out today with a request of their own. here is kpix 5's kiet do. >> reporter: the big takeaway today, if you have covered and you tested positive with an at- home test, do not try to confirm that test by coming down to a county run site, and taking up one of the valuable pcr tests. with the county now testing more than 25,000 people per day
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, and daily lines wrapping around the block, the county is addressing some of the confusion. >> when should you get tested, and when should you use which kind of test? >> reporter: if you have covid, and you want to end your quarantine, an antigen or at- home test is okay. in this instance, a easier test is actually too sensitive, and will detect trace amounts of virus in your body, and could give you a false positive. if you have been exposed, the best test is a pcr test. if you are symptomatic, you can use either an at-home or pcr test. >> we would like kaiser and others to step up and do their part as well. >> reporter: county counsel james williams also present to find two of the largest healthcare providers in the region, kaiser and palo alto medical foundation, for not testing enough. williams says the report violations online, and they will investigate. >> if you have symptoms, or close contact, and you have tried to get access to testing from your healthcare provider,
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but were told it isn't available for a week, or were told to go somewhere else, or were directed to the county health system, those would be violations. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5 . the hayward school board is meeting right now to discuss with students will come back to class. the district reverted to remote learning this week after more than 500 students tested positive. they last night, san francisco unified reached a deal with its unions, guaranteeing high-grade masks for all students and staff. along with weekly testing on request, and 10 days of supplemental paid leave for employees who test positive. a live look at san francisco, where three school board members will soon face a recall vote. kpix 5's andria borba reports a group that has never cast ballots before it actually sway the outcome. >> reporter: a brand-new group of voters will have a say in
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the upcoming san francisco unified school district recall election, and the force of their voice and their votes could be enough to change the outcome. on the steps of the asian american art museum, parents and leaders gathered in support of the upcoming recall election against three san francisco unified school district board members. >> it will be my first time to vote in the united states, and i feel very lucky. >> reporter: tanks to a separate san francisco charter change in 2018, noncitizen parents the chance to vote in this election , at all future sf ust school board elections. cynthia was among those pushing for the charter change for years. >> it is such a democratic, fundamental democratic right and process, that in matters that affect your life, and in this case their children's life, that they have a right to vote on matters, and have input on matters that affect their
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child's education. >> reporter: the chinese api letter outreach task force is already signed up 228 noncitizens to vote in the upcoming recall. >> these new voters live in neighborhoods all across san francisco, and are primarily low income or non-english speaking residents. >> reporter: many factors are driving the new voters to register, including issues with school closures, and distance learning, renaming schools, mismanaged funds, and this. >> the most sensitive part is the low admissions, merit-based admissions criteria being removed so quickly without taking any community input, and really understanding why the community is against it. they just posted right through. >> reporter: more than a third of students in the district come from immigrant families of all nationalities, and 17,000 are english language learners leaving room for the election to be swung by these new voters. this chance to have a voice in
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school board elections is historic, and vitally important. >> many of the parents have been involved in the schools as volunteers, have been involved on various committees, but this is such an important one, because school board members make decisions on policy priorities, curriculum, investments in the schools. >> reporter: the last day for noncitizen parents of sf ust students to register to vote in the recall election is january 31. the recall election itself is february 15. in separate san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. if you would like to read more about the new election rules, we posted a link at san pablo police have just released in the body camera video of the moment officers shot and killed a man carrying a bb gun. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. >> the officers were responding to a store clerk's report last month about an armed man in his
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parking lot. police pulled him over in nearby north richmond. this he came out with a gun in his hand before then turning toward them. >> let me see your hands. put them up. put them up. put your hands up. >> it was later determined the man had been carrying a bb gun. investigators also later found out he had said goodbye to his family earlier that day and made statements he wanted police to kill him. all four officers involved are on paid leave tonight. santa clara county sheriff 24 will not go to trial in april in the case against her. the judge said that timeline during smith's first virtual hearing today after she waived her right to a speedy trial. she did not enter a plea. she is facing half a dozen counts accusing her of political favoritism regarding concealed carry permits and eluding gift reporting laws. she's also accused of missing a probe into negligence allegations and the case of an
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injured inmate who went on to win a $10 million settlement from the county. at this point, smith has not announced plans to seek reelection later this year. if she does, the june primary could be happening at the same time as her trial. still to come, a frightening robbery targeting a woman and her dog. >> the guy ran up behind me, started stomping with a gun in his hand. >> why this breed is a hot target for thieves. a big infusion of cash for california's bridges. my most of it isn't bound for the big ones. temperatures were above average for most of the bay area once again today, even close to 70 degrees in santa rosa. the air quality was better today. let us see if we can keep that going into the holiday weekend coming up in
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an oakland woman is desperate to find her french
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bulldog tonight after it was stolen from her at gunpoint. it happened last night in the adam point neighborhood near lake merritt. dezzie and his owner, rita, were on a walk around 8:00 when a suspect approached and demanded the dog. >> i was just walking my dog in the neighborhood. i came home from work, and i just wanted to make sure he was out for a little bit. i just want him back. we want him back. >> reporter: french bulldogs have become a popular target for thieves, selling for thousands of dollars. rita is now offering a $5000 reward to get dezzie back . did you get her? did you get her? >> we got her. >> an emotional reunion in seattle, where sammy the black lab was pulled from her home 6 days after it was hit by a landslide. the dog was presumed dead until someone heard a whimper days later.
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when firefighters cut through the debris, they found her. taking a look at top headlines, tonight more states are calling in the military to join the micron fight. >> emergency rooms are full. more people showing up all the time. >> the most critical need right now is medical staffing for hospitals. >> fema is now covering the cost of national guard deployments. insurance companies be required to cover home testing kits starting tomorrow, and the federal website where americans can order for the once will be up and running on wednesday. new fallout tonight for so- called "pharma bro" martin shkreli. the former drug executive has been banned from the industry for life, and ordered to return nearly $65 million in profits he and his company reaped from inflating the price of a drug used by aids patients. more than $850 million is on the way from washington tonight to upgrade california bridges. as congresswoman jackie spears pointed out today, not just the big ones. >> we are talking about the bridges in our communities that
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crossover creeks. here in san mateo county alone, there are 20 bridges that are deemed to be deficient. >> that means they were built back when there was a lot less traffic. in all, more than 1500 california bridges will benefit from those federal funds. california's a to receive a total of $4.2 billion over the next 5 years for infrastructure improvements. a big move on the horizon in san francisco. tonight, sephora confirmed it's moving its headquarters into salesforce east, where it will occupy several floors. it leaves room for growth. in the meantime, look at the beautiful nighttime sky. a beautiful day on tap. and know he's on the
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horizon. high pressure is still in the control of the weather. generally, it means a stagnant air mass. the way this is arranged, it helped to squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area today and produce somewhat gusty offshore wind. it was strong enough, even at low elevations, that it helped to stir the atmosphere around and disburse some of the low- lying haze, the pollutants at ground level. air quality was pretty good today. mostly green, which is good air quality. maybe not perfect, but not bad considering it has been a while since we have seen some rain. the problem is the wind is not going to remain as strong as we head into the weekend. they were gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour earlier this afternoon. they will still be noticeable along the coast tonight and early tomorrow, but then the wind backs off tomorrow afternoon. the strongest gusts, stronger than the sustained wind, 5 to 10 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon, and that means the more stagnant air mass will be back in place, and the pollutants will be settling
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back down into the very lowest levels of the atmosphere. their quality will deteriorate over the weekend to the moderate category. temperature wise, it is nice. 58 degrees in san jose. temperatures will drop down to the upper 30s and low 40s and by early saturday morning, with mid to upper 40s around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow are still going to be above average about 5 to 6 degrees above average. low 60s along the coast. it 60s for the warm spots in the santa clara valley. 56 degrees in san jose. low 60s and late in the east bay. upper 50s is the average this time a year. low 60s around the bay, 62 for san francisco and oakland, with low to mid 60s for the north bay. a few degrees warmer further inland and north. temperatures will back off slightly sunday and monday, but you won't notice too much of a difference until we see mark
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clouds overhead on monday. more clouds, but no showers out of those clouds. then more sunshine by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. it's a dry 7 day forecast, it is drive forecast for at least the next 10 days. i will have an updated look at the 2 weekend coming up at 11:00. move now, leave your stuff, go, the fire is at the back. >> stunning new video of the frantic race to evacuate as a wildfire closes in, coming up next.
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you have to evacuate. okay. >> sheriff's office. sheriff's office. >> boulder county, colorado releasing steny new buddy camera video showing sheriff's deputies rush to evacuate people and pets ahead of last month's fast-moving marshall fire. >> east, kyle, evacuate. everybody had east. go towards 36. move now, leave your stuff. go. the fire is at the back, go. >> fanned by 100 mile-per-hour wind, it burned hundreds of
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homes to the ground in a matter of hours. one person died, and another is still missing. thanks to the deputies who ran into the danger, everyone else made it out. a somber procession across the bay today as the body of alameda county sheriff's recruit david nguyen was taken from the
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with all of the covid cancellation slightly, it is great to hear when something is back. >> and might be just what you need right now. concord comfort food week. just download the mobile passport, sample local restaurants, and possibly win a
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prize. >> it is nice to keep people local. we have so many good restaurants in the area, and by using the passport, sometimes you are exposed to restaurants you haven't seen or been to. it's a good way to keep the diners here in town. >> here is a bonus. you have way more than a week. the event runs through the end of the month. elizabeth, what is your to
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