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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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one of the valuable pcr tests. save those for other people who really need them. with the county now testing more than 25,000 people per day , and daily lines wrapping around the block, the county is addressing some of the confusion. >> when should you get tested, and when should you use which kind of test cracks or mac if you have covered and want to end your quarantine, an antigen or at-home test is okay. in this instance, a pcr test is actually too sensitive, and will detect trace amounts of virus in the body and could give you a false positive. if you have been exposed among the best test is a pcr test. if you have symptoms, you can use either. >> like kaiser and others to step up and do their part as well.
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>> reporter: james williams also threatened to find two of the region's largest healthcare providers, kaiser and palo alto medical foundation, for not testing enough. the data shows that imbalance. the county provides healthcare to 15% of the population, but tests 20% of the population. kaiser serves 30% of the population, but only tests 12%. palo alto medical foundation serves 16% of the population, but only tests 2.4%. williams says report violations online, and they will investigate. >> if you have symptoms or close contact, and you have tried to get access to testing from your healthcare provider, but were told it is not available for a week, or were told to go somewhere else, or were directed to the county health system, those would be violations. those are the kinds of things we would like to hear about. >> we are far from out of the woods. mac dr. cody also addressed the limits on large indoor gatherings that were seen in northbay counties. she said there will be no shutdown like that in the south bay for now.
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>> our general recommendations, not a mandate, but recommendation to avoid large gatherings. california's positivity rate is now at 22.9%, slightly less than yesterday's 23%. the state added another 119,000 new cases. sonoma county falls under a new ban on mass gatherings. health officials are now urging people to stay home to deal with the omicron surge. as kpix 5's wilson walker reports , it is another discouraging setback for an area that depends on visitors. >> reporter: talk to business owners here it a lot will tell you it is not necessarily the roles, but the messaging in the timing. >> my first thought was i wasn't going to worry too much because i read through that it wasn't affecting restaurants. the big blow was when the recommendation was to just stay home. >> reporter: the red grape was celebrating his 20th birthday today. the owner says he would not have survived the last 2 years without a lot of curbside take out, and he's already doing
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more of that after the health order issued on monday. >> it is always a bad time when they tell people to stay home. it's definitely a here we go again feeling. >> reporter: at the sonoma valley chamber of commerce, boxes of wine have now been replaced by boxes of masks. >> we have masks. we just got a second shipment with canned 95, hand sanitizer, >> reporter: the real frustration is that the announcement was so sudden, especially for groups hosting large events. >> it would be nice if we got even a weeks' notice that were >> reporter: january is already a slow month here. hopefully when the order expires, some normalcy won't be behind. >> we hope that by spring we are ready to get back to business.
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>> omicron seems like it's going to be gone quickly. we just hope there is nothing behind it. we look forward to a good spring and a busy summer. and we hope nothing take that away from us at this point. her back the health order does not apply to workplaces malls, or schools. it expires on february 11 here in sonoma. wilson walker, kpix 5. san francisco supervisors are trying to work closer with public health leaders to better support schools of recovered concerns. during an online hearing, supervisors praise the district for reaching an agreement with the teachers union over demands to make schools safer. it includes providing more kn95 masks for staff and students, and regular covid testing. >> i want to have a better understanding on how best to plan ahead, with contingencies, knowing that the virus is here right now, and even though we are expecting this spike to be short-lived, we don't know if it will mutate, and what is
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going to happen after spring break, summer break, or even winter break. >> another issue, families having trouble getting at-home test kits for their students, and for long wait to receive pcr test results. california's new covid workplace rules went into effect today, and they changed policies for employee testing and mask wearing. according to cal osha, if employees are exposed in the workplace, at-home tests will no longer be allowed. instead, a test must go to a lab, or an employee contest in front of a supervisor or healthcare worker. cal osha is also tightening up rules for face coverings. fabric masks worn in the workplace must pass the light test. it means that light must not be able to pass through when they are held up to a light source. san pablo police released the body camera video of the
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moment officers shot and killed a man carrying a bb gun. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. >> the officers were responding to a report last month. they said a man was in the parking lot loading and unloading what looked like a gun. police pulled the man over in nearby north richmond. they say the man came out of the truck with blood on his hands, and was holding the bb gun to his chest and turning towards officers. that is when four officers opened fire. >> put them up. put them up. put your hands up. >> it was later determined the man had been carrying a bb gun. all four officers are on paid administrative leave. it's being investigated along with the contra costa das office in the sheriff's apartment. there was a procession today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit killed in a freeway shooting. chopper 5 flew overhead while the body was taken from an
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oakland coroner's office to a funeral home in colma. he was set to graduate from the sheriffs training academy in february. the night of janu was driving home from training when he was shot along the highway 580 ramp in oakland. the sheriff's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the killer. santa clara county sheriff 24 made her first court appearance today after a civil grand jury level corruption allegations against her. she did not enter a plea, but did waive her right to a speedy trial. a san mateo county judge gave her legal team and prosecutors at least through april to dispute the accusation. the sheriff is facing several corruption -related charges. six accuser of political favoritism. she's accused of leveraging her control of her concealed carry weapon permits. the seventh charge accuses her of resisting a probe into negligence. allegations all stem from the
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injury of a jail inmate that led to a $10 million settlement with the county. one legal analyst told kpix what could come next. >> the next hearing, she has to admit or deny the accusation, and they will probably be challenging the sufficiency of the indictment or accusation. >> the timeline from the judge means any trial would take place before or during the june primary election. if guilty how much she would be expelled from office. sheriff smith has not announced she will run for another term or file the paperwork. we are counting down. less than 2 days until the 49ers take on the cowboys on a wildcard weekend. that came sunday at 1:30 right here on kpix 5. our cameras were outside levi's stadium as the team boarded buses to begin the trip to dallas. we saw jimmy garoppolo and kyle juszczyk climbing on board. at least one diehard fan was
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outside the facilities to send the team off right. the team boarded their charter flight to dallas. the niners and cowboys dominated the playoffs during the 90s. >> this would be the latest chapter in this classic rivalry. charlie walters is here with more. >> reporter: seeing the logos side-by-side in january, it brings you back in time. it lets your mind wander to the historic games and legendary players that are battled in the postseason for these franchises, but they have not met since the 1994 playoffs, in the postseason. that will change sunday. the 49ers are hot right now. they have won seven of the final nine which allowed them to sneak into the postseason literally last second. a first postseason game since the 2020 loss against kansas city. it looks like the window may have halfway shot, you know, halfway through the year, but the core from that team has figured it out. this time they have the highest of aspirations for this
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postseason run. >> i'm just speaking in context to somebody, i say back in 2019 when we went to the super bowl. i can't wait to say in 22 when we won the super bowl. that has a better ring to it than when we went to the super bowl. trying to change up that w word from went to win. it is a driver and motivator. we do feel like we have unfinished business. >> reporter: that's a heck of a matchup on paper. dallas wraps up more yards per game than any other team in the nfl rushing. the 49ers, third least yards allowed defensively. to me it comes down to the 49ers can stop the running game, keep them behind the chains. if they do that, dallas can't use the one big advantage against the 49ers secondary. it should be a fun watch. the niners are 3 point underdogs. >> hopefully this will be an instant classic. you can watch the niners take
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on the cowboys this sunday at 1:30 right here on kpix 5, followed by the fifth quarter at 5:00 , and the kpix 5 news at 5:30. still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , a frantic race to evacuate as a wildfire closes in. the body camera video showing the brave actions of deputies in colorado. keeping california's bridges earthquake safe. a major investment from the feds. it looks like something out of a disaster movie in southern california. how thieves are targeting parked trains to steal people's packages. a pretty sky and sunset as we look at at the top of mount diablo. the camera is being shaken with a noticeable breeze. we will show you what it means for air quality today and the weekend coming up in
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dramatic new body camera video capturing tense evacuations during a raging wildfire in boulder county, colorado. the marshall fire broke out last month with 100 mile-per- hour wind, burning more than 1000 homes in matter of hours. the video gives us a look at what deputy saw when they tried to get people and pets out of the paths of the flames. >> reporter: and choking smoke, they went to doors to tell people -- >> sheriff's office. sheriff's office. >> reporter: in some places the fire was only feet away, the heat on them. all this deputy could do is ring and retreat. >> you have to evacuate. >> we are leaving right now. >> reporter: they herded horses from staples. they herded dogs on the roads. >> follow me. >> reporter: after the fire
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among many people talked about how it had worked. >> they nailed it and got on it early. >> they knocked on the door and said you have to leave now. her mac mini quick decisions were made. >> bring whatever is essential. >> reporter: and communication gaps bridged. >> you have a car? >> no. >> it in. back door. back door. her back inside of a costco in superior, a deputy had no time to mince words. >> evacuate. everybody had east, towards 36th. leave now, leave your stuff the fire is at the back, go. >> reporter: shoppers began to flow out. >> evacuate costco now eastbound. >> reporter: as the store emptied, somewhere slower than others. but this was a fire they could not tempt. >> amazing video. several survivors say the first responders saved their lives,
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since they did not get alerts from the county notification system. it only reaches cell phones if you sign up. a live look now out at the bay area bridges. california is set to receive nearly $850 million this year from the feds to repair and improve some 1500 bridges across the state. over the next 5 years, the state will get a total of $4.2 billion for upgrades. this is all part of a nationwide effort to repair and replace bridges. the governments bridge program is one of the largest sources of spending in the recently enacted infrastructure package. more than $27 billion will be allocated based on how much it would cost to fix crossings in the worst conditions. >> with this investment, we are sending a message to those communities, and the people who call them home. you matter. we are building back, and building back better with you. >> congresswoman jackie speier was talking of the infrastructure act. she said it will help ease
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traffic congested highways, and pay for other projects on the peninsula. the san bruno mayor says the funding will go towards a bike and pedestrian connector near fashion island boulevard. >> of this product is built, for the first time, the city of san mateo in the city of foster city will be connected with a dedicated separate bikeway to the hayward park caltrain station. >> congresswoman spear also praised sand transfer embracing green technology for its buses. the federal money will help it achieve its goal to have a zero omission fleet by 2038. palo alto police are hoping to identify eight suspects who robbed a tobacco store and pistol whipped a clerk. police responded to the raw smoke shop on california avenue around 10:00 last night. the clerk told police the suspects entered the business just before closing time, and two of them had handguns. please released these images of eight suspects caught on security cameras. the clerk said one of them ordered him to stay on the ground while another pistol
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whipped him in the head. the suspects got away after swiping merchandise and the entire cash register. concord police have two suspects in custody who police say tried to hide more than $1000 worth of makeup and a baby stroller. it took place at the fora across from sun valley mall. the merchandise was recovered, and as of right now, no other details on the arrests have been released. paul heggen is standing by with a look at the weekend weather, and hopefully it looks a bit like today. pretty similar as we head into the weekend, and not just a weekend, but the holiday weekend. high pressure is in control of the weather. that means there is more atmosphere on top of us which keep the weather patterns locally calm.
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it will trap some ground-level pollutants, the not so good part of the forecast. it is also directing the shower chances away from us to the north or south. there is a chance of light shower activity in southern california through the holiday weekend. we are focused on the statewide perspective. all you will see in the bay area is passing clouds. a lot of the showers remain offshore. at least a little bit of moisture. like us, they will take what they can get. we will be on the northern edge of the influence of the system. it is possible that a couple of sprinkles will make a run up towards monterey bay. that looks like the northern extent of the moisture. it will continue in the same pattern with passing clouds, and mild temperatures for the next several days. today's air quality was good across the board because the wind picked up to disturb the atmosphere and dispersed ground- level pollutants, but they will gradually die down as we headed the weekend. air quality will still be okay tomorrow, and then moderate air quality across the board by
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sunday, monday, and tuesday. at least we are not returning to the orange category. we will keep you updated through the weekend. speaking of orange, the only orange we have is at sunset. the temperatures are a mix of 50s and 60s. 55 in livermore. 62 in san jose. another day of above average temperatures with more of the same as we head into the weekend. temperatures tonight will be close to what is normal for this time of year. around the bay and along the coast, mid to upper 40s. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be at that 4 to 7 degrees above average. that puts us into the low to mid 60s. even on the coast, you will top 60 degrees. some of the warmer spots around san jose, 66 degrees. inland in the east bay, lower half of the 60s, but above normal for the middle of january. around the bay, low 60s. just a little warmer in the north bank, mid-60s as you climb farther and farther north. even mendocino county and lake
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county, into the 60s for saturday. not too much change for the temperatures is we head through the holiday weekend and next week. subtle changes day-to-day. there will be more cloud cover on monday, but no rain, unless the system off the coast of southern california really changes its mines, and grabs more moisture to send up to us. there isn't much of a chance. otherwise, the dry weather continues for the next 7 days at least. the line range data is looking pretty dry as well. revenue outlook from the climate prediction center that takes us almost to the end of january coming up at 5:30. he became infamous for hiking the cost of a life- saving drug. how the man known as "farmer bro" is now paying the price. recall of san francisco
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school board members making history. the group of first-time voters who could sway the outcome. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area , for the first time, the american red cross has announced our nation is facing a blood shortage. we will hear more about that at 8:25. you can find
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new fallout from the former drug executive who came known as farmer bro for jacking up the price of a life-saving medicine. martin shkreli has been banned from the pharmaceutical industry for life. the judge also ordered him to return nearly $65 billion in profits that he and his company reaped from raising the price of the drug terra prim, an anti- parasite drug used for aids patients. the judge called the scheme
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heartless and coercive, and blasted shkreli for not expressing remorse. the australian open begins on monday, but it's not settled if no factual footage will be cleared to play. it is already saturday there, and his case has just been sent to a higher court. this is all because the tennis champ is unvaccinated. the hearing will be held on sunday which is when we will expect the final say of his eligibility to play. news at 5:30, a recall election for some members of the san francisco school board a month and a day away. we will take a look at a group of voters who will get to vote in the selection for the first time ever, their first-ever u.s. election. thousands of boxes littering these california train tracks. how thieves are targeting practice trains to steal packages. a woman relives the horrifying moment thieves stole
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, an east bay woman's desperate plea after someone stole her french bulldog. could your missing package be among the thousands piling up on these tracks? the growing problem of thieves targeting parts trains.
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recall ballots now on the way to san francisco voters. they are being asked to decide the fate of three school board members. that evening. kpix 5's andria borba joins us live with more on the recall election that will also allow noncitizens to vote. a brand-new group of voters will have a chance to weigh in and make their voices heard in the san francisco school board election for the first time ever here in this city, and their voices and votes could be enough to change the outcome of this election. on the steps of the asian american art museum, parents and leaders gathered in support of the upcoming recall election against three san francisco unified school district board members. >> it will be my first time to vote in the united states, and
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if you're very lucky. >> reporter: thanks to a san francisco charter change in 2018, noncitizen parents will have a chance to vote in this election and all future sf school board elections. cynthia from chinese for affirmative action was among those pushing for this charter change for years. >> it is such a fundamental democratic right and process that in matters that affect your life, and in this case, their children's life, that they have a right to vote on matters, and have input on matters that affect their child's education. >> reporter: the chinese api task force authority signed up to hundred 28 noncitizens to vote in the upcoming recall. >> these new voters live in neighborhoods all across san francisco, and are primarily low income or non-english- speaking residence. >> reporter: many factors are driving these new voters to register, including issueswi


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