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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 14, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> a lot of questions about covid testing. which test should you get and when do you take them? how one county is trying to
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clear up the confusion. the 49ers are playoff bound. the team, getting ready to leave santa clara for dallas this afternoon. a preview of the wildcard game. good afternoon. i'm elizabeth. our top story at 3:00 on kpix five and streaming on cbsn bay area. with covid testing appointments tough to get and home kits out of stock, santa clara county is offering some new guidance on who should get tested when and how. here is kit dough. >> another day, another record. historic, skyhigh covid numbers . even though we are in the middle of the omicron surge, the doctor wanted to offer a glimmer of hope. >> that light is at the end of a long pipe of sewage. yes, sewage peer back in december, when omicron first began, the county started testing raw sewage for covid. at all for county wastewater sites to gilroy. it shows omicron levels peeking around january 7th. leveling off around january
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10th, and dropping since then. >> we are now seeing some signs that come increasingly, make me feel confident that the levels of infection are just starting to come down. >> with the county now testing more than 25,000 people per day, and daily lines wrapping around the block, the county is addressing some of the confusion. >> when should you get tested? and when should you use which kind of test? >> if you have covid, and wants to end your quarantine, and antigen or at-home test is okay. in this particular instance, a pcr test is actually too sensitive and will detect trace amounts of virus in your body and could give you a false positive. if you have been exposed, the best test is a pcr test. if you are asymptomatic, you can use either at home or pcr test. >> we are by far from out of the woods. >> the doctor also addressed the limits on large indoor gatherings. we have seen at some northbay
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counties. she says there will be no shutdown like that in the south bay for now. >> our general recommendation, not a band-aid, but a recommendation is to avoid large gatherings. >> in san jose, kpix five. >> starting tomorrow, insurance companies will be required to cover the expense of up to eight covid tests per person per month. california's new covid workplace rules went into effect today. affecting employee testing and mask wearing. according to cal osha, if employees are exposed in the workplace, at-home tests will no longer be allowed. instead, a test must go to a lab or an employee can test in front of a supervisor or healthcare worker. cal osha is also tightening up rules for face coverings. fabric masks worn in the workplace must pass the light test that means light must not pass through when they are held up to a light source. today, san francisco's supervisors held a hearing on how to support schools hit hard by the omicron spite. kpix five, jocelyn, looks at
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what they say still needs to be done. >> today's hearing has is really focused on supervisors trying to work with the department of public health along with schools to be better prepared. the hearing started with supervisors praising the unions in san francisco unified district officials for reaching an agreement. to meet the demands of educators like k 95 max and regular testing in schools. supervisors they recognize more needs to be done. experts in the department of public health, along with san francisco unified took part in this today more of the biggest issues talked about was difficulty for families to get their hands on things like rapid at-home testing kits and the long wait times to get pcr test results back. much of the conversation had to do with what is working and what is not, hoping to come up with solutions. supervisors say they want to be prepared in the event of another surge in the future. >> i want to have a better understanding on how best to plan ahead with contingencies knowing that the virus is here
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right now and even though we are expecting this spike to be short-lived, we don't know if it will mutate and when that is going to happen, after spring break, summer break, or even winter break. >> want the biggest mitigation efforts talked about today was vaccination. the san francisco department of public health said about 55% of 5-11-year-olds in the city are fully vaccinated. they are hoping to get that number up. in san francisco, jocelyn, kpix five.? as for the covid fight nationwide, more states are calling in the military to help. washington state just summoned the national guard to help overwhelmed hospitals white house says fema will cover the cost of the deployments. fema says hospital staffing is the most critical need right now. for more information on covid vaccines and testing, check out our resource guide on chopper five flew over a procession this afternoon of the alameda county group who was killed in a freeway
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shooting. in a solemn procession, the body of david was taken from an oakland coroner's office to a funeral home. he was set to graduate from the sheriffs training academy back, in february. the night of january 4th, he was driving home from training when he was shot along a highway 580 ramp in oakland. the sheriff's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the killer. today, santa clara county sheriff appeared for a virtual court hearing as she faces corruption and misconduct charges. lori smith was indicted by a grand jury in december. those filings accused her of seven corruption -related charges, including political favors, accepting unlawful gifts, perjury, and failing to cooperate with investigating authorities. the accusations were based on the testimony of 65 witnesses. a legal analyst tells us this is a unique situation because you are blending criminal with
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civil crimes. >> she had an option today to either make a plea, right? either deny or admit the accusation, not guilty or guilty or you know, not guilty. notice the difference? admit or deny the accusation. or she challenges the accusation. and they are choosing to challenge it. but, because of the procedure required, she has to waive her speedy trial rights because, which is a criminal right. >> at today's hearing, the judge gave more time to look over 30 volumes of the grand jury transcript. the next status hearing is set for march 15th. police are on the lookout for eight suspects who robbed a tobacco store and pistol whipped the clerk in palo alto. police were called to ross smokeshop on california avenue just before 10:00 last night. the clerk told police the suspect entered the business just before closing time. and at least two of them had handguns. police released these images of eight suspects caught on
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security camera. the clerk said one of them ordered him to stay on the ground while another pistol hip pistol whipped him in the head. the suspect grabbed merchandise and spiked the entire cash register. police responded to mealy but the suspect had already left. in dublin, a church preschool was burglarized twice this week while it was closed due to covid. a school director at resurrection lutheran church says someone stole electronics and tools on sunday morning. after reviewing security camera video, hours later, a suspect was arrested in the items were recovered. then, another burglary happened on monday night. this time, someone stole for electronics, including a security camera. as well as toys and diapers. they also swiped keys. now, the entire school needs to be rekeyed. using their baby strollers to steal merchandise from sephora. officers responded to a miranda shopping center after employees called to report the women taking $1000 worth of items.
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the suspects will likely be charged with theft. let's go live at the levi stadium. the 49ers are leaving for the airport to head on to dallas. they will put the the cowboys on sunday in round one of the playoffs. here is the view from the ground. a preview of the wildcard matchup in just a few minutes. taking you live outside right now, another day of hazy skies in the bay area. but, not as bad as yesterday. paul joins us now with will that improvement actually stick around for the weekend. go to some extent. i think it will be okay as we start the day on saturday. as the wind continues to calm down from the low-level pollutants will settle back down to ground level. we got a little break from that haze today. nice view from mt. hamilton. we just have been seeing that haze in the lowest levels of the atmosphere across the bay area for the past several days. but, stronger wind, helping to stir the atmosphere around and help to disperse that to a greater extent.
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pretty good across the board be a lot of green dots on the map. if you yellow sprinkled in here and there. not perfect. but, a lot better than the yellow and orange that we saw over the last couple of days. stronger wind, but, it is not that crazy outside. the wind is going to remain noticeable through tonight. in the first half of tomorrow. as the wind comes down, that is when air quality will deteriorate again. we take a look at the rest that we can forecast coming up in a few minutes.? thank you. that is a rap on the trading week on wall street. and extending to the day. the trail down dropped 201 points. nasdaq was up 87. snp gained about four. let's go back and live to levi stadium. playoff fever as the niners lead for texas this afternoon. a preview of sunday's big game next. plus, skiers and snowboarders, likely heading to tahoe this mlk weekend.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to >> let's go live to santa clara. the 49ers, getting ready for their first round of playoffs. they will take on the cowboys in the wildcard matchup on sunday and we are counting down to all the action. kpix five, charlie, joined now. the faithful are more than ready. >> why shouldn't you be? all you can do at this time of the year is give yourself the chance. the 49ers have done that as a have made the playoffs. last week was the appetizer. we are in for an absolute treat. exciting matchup on saturday.
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first time they will square off the playoffs since 1993. season 49ers fans feel like they're going back in time. a long history dating between these two tiered 49ers, back in the postseason for the first time since their 2020 super bowl run. they were one of the favorites entering last season. some injuries led to a six in 10 record. all it takes is some bad luck. so, george really wants to take advantage of this trip knowing they are never assured. >> there is no guarantees they will be back next year. so many things happening. and last year, you know, we had a great team coming into. all of a sudden, we had 45 guys on ir, it felt like. we are in a position now where we have guys healthy, guys coming back. i think our offense is hitting a little bit of the stride. guys are playing at a high level. our defense looks pretty good. so, we have to keep this thing rolling. dr. dallas opened his field
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goal favorites. the cowboys cruise through the lilly nfc east winning every single game. but, outside of those teams, they were just above average. one in four against playoff teams not named the eagles. that is some good news to the ears of 49ers fans. >> a lot of people are just so excited for sunday. it will be fun. thanks. the niners take on the cowboys in the wildcard this sunday at 1:30. he can watch it all right here on kpix five. followed by the fifth quarter at 5:00 in the kpix 5 news at 5:30. bay area foodies will have to wait a little while for alameda restaurant week. it is being pushed back to march due to the rising covid cases and staffing shortages. that puts it in line with oakland and berkeley restaurant weeks, which have also been postponed. but, you can satisfy your comfort food cravings in concord. starting today, it is the kickoff to the fifth annual concord comfort food week. you can sign up for the mobile passport and check out restaurant specials and enter daily drawings for prizes. >> it is just nice to keep
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people local peer we have, you know, so many good restaurants in the area. by using the passport it is sometimes you are exposed to restaurants that you haven't seen. haven't been to. and it just kind of a good way to, you know, keep our diners here in town. >> making me hungry. comfort comfort food week runs for two weeks until january 31st. let's go live to the sierra where the snow is good. and the roads are clear for the mlk holiday weekend. joining me live now is drew jackson. the communications manager at sugar bowl. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. beautiful day on the mountain.? tell me about the conditions. what is the snow like? >> the snow is almost a little springlike. it has been a bit warm the past couple afternoons. so, in the mornings, little firm. brewers are great. the sun comes out. and the snow softens of fear there is plenty of it. i think strong a couple weeks
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ago. they set us up well. great. weather is nice. should be a nice weekend.? that's great news. what is the process for people heading up, tickets and that sort of thing. i know people probably want to avoid being in crowded situations. you have some advice for people if they're going to head up there? >>? at sugar bowl, whether huge priorities is to try and not overwhelm the resort. if we limit our ticket sales, it's important for people to come out, by their ticket online in advance. there's a chance we could sell out this weekend. everyone has a ticket, though, we will guarantee you have a place to park. that is one of our strategies. you do have to go online, plan ahead a little bit. plan your ticket today in advance. come on out knowing that we won't be too overwhelmed with business.? that is a good news. i was going to ask about parking. it's a big concern for a lot of folks trying to navigate the different resorts and getting to their condos and hotels and all that. any tips for avoiding driving or tips for parking? >> you know, at sugar bowl, once again, we want to try and prevent overcrowding. so can the people who do want to drive, we will have room for
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you. obviously, the more people that can carpool, the better. that frees up some space. and the fewer cars that are in the lots, the closer everyone gets parked. >> sounds like a perfect weekend for skiing. nope it out. in's snowboarding, course. drew jackson. thanks so much. >> time for a look at our forecast with the chief meteorologist. gosh, it looks picture-perfect in tahoe. how lucky for them. >> a good deal up there with warm temperatures. air temperatures to enjoy the wintry stuff on the ground, like you mentioned, the last storm really set them up well. here, the specific numbers for sugar bowl. they are based is 6-9 .5 feet of snow. that is a substantial base for this time of the season. nine out of 12. conditions are variable because it has been warm. but, they send the machines out to get every thing groomed in the day. conditions looking good if you want to be heading out in the west this weekend. if you're just a grunt of bay area merit weather is looking fine as well. an area of low pressure straight our south that is sending some extra clouds towards us.
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you can see the passing overhead throughout the weekend. but all the moisture with this area of disturbed weather is staying pretty close to home. very low chance that any of that will break off in the pack and head up towards us. so can the shower chances are going to stay toward the northern limit of how far north the showers will go will be around ebay. that is about it. we will keep an eye on the latest data and see if there is a sprinkle that wants to head up toward us. the odds are low as we had to holiday weekend. let's check out futurecast there are the passing clouds overhead as we had to tonight and through the day on saturday. same thing for saturday night and sunday. it's not going to be perfectly blue skies overhead. there will be times for the second half the bay area for the sun gets locked a little bit. but, the sun will break back through. we will still see above average temperatures to the holiday weekend. you might notice a couple little blips on the radar simulation father of our south. but, blink and you will miss it. the north must extend to the shower proclivity. the wind has been pretty strong today to help disperse some of the ground-level pollutants. and that will be the case tonight and tomorrow.
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so, that hayes on the horizon will be not reforming immediately. but, the wind is going to calm down as we had through the afternoon tomorrow into tomorrow night. the strong gusts are going to be in the order of 5-10 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. that is when that stuff will settle back down. air quality, back into the moderate category by tomorrow afternoon through the let rest of the weekend and next week. nice look at the gate. we lost that hayes for the moment. amateurs are all in the 60s. supposed in the mid-to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. so, everybody is above normal this afternoon. anywhere from 61 and over to 66 degrees in concord. these temperatures are warmer than yesterday. to go from 3 to 6 degrees above thursday's pace. temperatures are going to drop down to roughly what is normal for this time of year. q up and 30s. most spots drop into the low to mid-40s. warmest posture san francisco are on the coast staying in the upper 40s. temperatures tomorrow, back to normal. five or six degrees above average below-mid-60s across the board. coolest spot along the coast, 60 degrees. have a little bit more fog
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throughout the day. warm spots in santa clara valley and in the north bay, and the mid-60s. temperatures, just don't change very much as we had through the seven-day forecast. the weekend is looking good. just a little more of that cloud cover for martin luther king day on monday. a breakthrough of more sunshine by wednesday, thursday, friday. we keep scouring the long-range for any hint of moisture. it looks like maybe at the end of the last full week of january, we might see a bit of an unsettled pattern shaping up. two full weeks away. at this point, we have a long dry stretch ahead of us. >> are. thank you. back out live to levi stadium. and they are off. you're looking at the buses leaving. the team, on those buses, heading to dallas for the big playoff game in dallas this sunday. good luck to them. still ahead, a house collapsed, a dog missing or nearly a week. but, here the incredible survival story next. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we talked to the american red cross after it declared its
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first ever national blood crisis. that is at 4:15. you can find us on or on the kpix. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download
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>> a former minnesota vikings player is credited for stopping a carjacking.
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you can see a woman on the ground locked in a struggle there outside of daycare. that take care is run by a former strong safety, robert,. and his wife. he ran out and confronted the suspects. they eventually drove off. the car was later found abandoned. no one was hurt. he says he is not a hero and is giving props to the women for fighting back. two to seattle where a landslide partially collapsed a home leaving a dog trapped inside for six days. it was missing and presumed dead until someone heard a whimper. there she is. fire finals pulled the black lab out of the home. she was brought down for an emotional reunion. sammy seemed alert and wagged her tail a little bit. they say she had just enough room so she was not crushed. she must have survived on rainwater over the last few
3:26 pm
days. so glad she's back. coming up, he is known for his work on the football field. now, see how tom brady is stepping into the world of fashion. >> i'm in miami with an inside look at this operation that is running 24-7 to produce at home rapid test kits trying to keep up with demand. we will have that in the latest developments in the fight against the omicron variant tonight on the cbs evening news.
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>> coming up, a woman says she was held up at gunpoint and someone stole her french bulldog. we look at why this particular breed has become such a target. join ryan and myself for that story and much more coming up on the kpix 5 news at 5:00. finally, here at 3:00, if you like the quarterback tom brady's swagger, you can check out his only line. it is called rady. the tampa bay bucs start launched it this week. items range from $20 socks to nearly $400 parker. brady has college athletes signed on as ambassadors. >> $20 socks. >> $20 socks. >> okay. $400 jacket. probably not. and i would like to think the not stink? why would they be $20?
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they probably don't bunch up. no blisters. >> that is worth the price. i will take captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the major winter storm moving across the u.s., bringing heavy snow, dangerous cold, and freezing rain to more than 80 million americans. near with-whiteout conditions across the emergency preparations along the east coast as airlines warn of flight cancellations throughout the m.l.k. holiday weekend. tonight, where the fast-moving storm is heading as states of emergency are declared ahead of the snow. breaking news: new mask guidance from the c.d.c. what face covering provides the most protection from covid? plus, as the government announces how to get a free rapid test, we're inside a factory producing them. russrussia's sabotage: the


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