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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, oakland school district giving the teachers wellness day and why it may not be enough to keep them satisfied . health officials in san francisco are getting stricter when it comes to covid rules including changes to attending the mega events. the spread of the omicron surge can be much wider than we want you to be aware of. stolen goods found in a stroller and how police caught a pair of thieves in the act.
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good morning and thank you for joining us on this friday morning. >> good morning, everyone. let's get right to a check on traffic and weather beginning with darren peck. happy friday. a new item to discuss which is different that all week. a dense fog advisory out there, the national weather service has been updating it to now include the majority of the bay. south bay, you're in this and the visibility reading and san jose has been consistently below one mile. just within the last 20 minutes, the national weather service included the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city and east bay community, fremont, you guys also now have a fog advisory. it is getting more widespread as we speak. if you don't have fog now then expecting might hit patchy fog on the road and the northbay valleys have this as well. petaluma your visibility has been down under one mile all
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morning long. we will have much more about it coming up on the traffic report. and as far as the rest of the day is concerned, temperatures in the low to mid 40s and we will see the fog burned off by late morning and a few high clouds, very hazy. and we will be in the low to mid 60s for daytime highs. gianna franco, your turn on the fog . on the bay bridge, look at how that changed. we can see the toll plaza better 20 minutes ago but that's not the case right now. definitely foggy, give yourself extra time. travel times, 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. limited visibility may be an issue. here is another perspective as you travel across the upper deck headed into the city. i also want to update you on this trouble spot on highway 12 . we had a delivery truck that tipped over on the right-hand
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side of the roadway and there may be some guardrail damage repair. some activity off to the side but speeds look like they are improving. a live look at san francisco where health officials are getting stricter with covid rules as omicron continues to spread including new changes to attending mega events. jocelyn moran is live in san francisco to break it down for us. >> a couple changes coming but let's start with the mega events. if you attend arenas like the chase center to go to warriors game, starting tomorrow per the state, the threshold for something to be consider a larger great event in high-risk setting is any gathering of 500 people indoors more than 5000 people outside it used to be 10 thousand outdoors and 1000 indoors. starting february 1 if you are 12 or older, you will
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be required to show proof that you are fully vaccinated at least two weeks enyo osatle rethfoek e before. those 12 to 15 will not have to show proof of booster until march 1. children between 5 and 11 must provide proof of that vaccine or a negative covid test. there are also other changes with the health order. san francisco has updated the mask guidance and health officials are recommending at all possible you wear a mask like a n95 or k n95 mask and if it's not possible try wearing a surgical mask with a cloth faced covering happening today the oakland unified school district has declared today a wellness day for teachers. amid frustration over covid safety and prevention in schools. justin andrews is live in the
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newsroom and this did not satisfy some teachers. >> teachers and students are still demanding better safety measures and in fact some teachers at several schools called in sick yesterday for the second day in a row. students are threatening to stay home from school tuesday unless the district increases testing and protection and nine oakland schools were forced shut down this week due to teachers should seek out and it was a joint effort between teachers and students. to navigate the tough times in oakland the restaurant owner is stepping up to help. he owns noodle belly and here are some photos, he just donated 10,000 k n95 masks to the school district and says it's enough mass for all high school students and after hearing about the petition the owner decided it was time to do it to help. he also donated and their 15,000 mask to city emergency workers.
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late last night an agreement on covid safety protocols between teachers and the school district in san francisco and the district will guarantee weekly tests and high quality mass for all staff and students and employees will get 10 covid related sick days. when east bay school district ramping up testing efforts in response to the latest surge. berkeley unified plans to provide 19,000 rapid tests weekly to all students. administrators say it will allow the district to remain open through the omicron wave. today, two bay area companies may be pushing back the homeless counts because of concerns about omicron. they plan to carry out point in time counts each on a single night in late january and the numbers are needed to determine how much government money can be allocated to address homelessness. they are now considering a one- month delay.
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a barrier area health expert believes a staggering one in four americans could be effective with covid and have no idea. one of the reasons is the vaccine. according to the doctor, 15 to 30% of the population could be infected and not know it. it's because the vaccines and boosters are resulting in mild to no symptoms. however, we should assume that everyone is infected even if they don't look sick. >> we are programmed to look at someone and hear somebody cough and move away from them but when they are not coughing or not symptomatic, we might let our guard down. >> there is a positive prediction. a dip in the virus rna found in santa clara county wastewater might mean we could see cases begin to decline at the end of the month. for more information on the
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coronavirus testing, booster shots and vaccines, check out the resource guide. two women are in custody accused of stealing more than $1000 worth of products from a store in concord. sophora employees called them yesterday reporting that two women had hidden over $1000 worth of items and baby strollers and left the store without pain. store employees were able to recover the items and officers arrested both women. >> unveiling the newest tool to help prevent, crime. they have installed 10 automatic license plate readers and the information is shared with the santa clara county sheriffs office and they catch the license plates and vehicle characteristics and not people or their faces. people who live in the area have the option to opt out. >> i'm kind of against it. >> could slowing down streets do more harm than good? why san franciscans are against
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it. >> an incredible california rescue, camera and why time was that the infant essence to bring an injured paraglider to safety. >> this is a live look at current conditions at the bay bridge. it is a foggy start to friday morning.
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six 12:00 a.m. and we have a live look of san francisco, the recs and parks department is hosting the dr. martin luther king celebration. another annual mlk day celebration is taking a hit and the covid search is to blame. caltrans said there will be no celebration trained this year. here is how it looked pre-
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pandemic. the train ride is meant to honor the march. those interested in celebrating should participate in virtual events instead. in december disco, speed limit signs are slowing down. it's an effort to reduce traffic fatalities and senate and seven areas across the area were speed limits are being reduced including 24th street, fillmore and polk street. >> every five miles per hour faster driver is going the less likely someone will survive in a crash. >> the cars to go faster sometimes. crews have started installing signs with the new speed limits and city officials say later this year they will propose additional streets for lowered limits. new video now of a dramatic rescue after paraglider crashed into a mountain. >> it happened wednesday and the second paraglider spotted the crash and flew down to the
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unconscious victim and called 911. a chp helicopter launched from napa county airport could not land at the crash site because of the terrain. the second paraglider had an important role. >> he had been knocked unconscious so was instrumental to have a second person there. >> this was not the normal rescue. >> the helicopter hovered 50 feet above the ground with the sun sitting in the victim tangled in the equipment. they had to cut loose all the cords and the partner pulled everyone up to safety. quite the rescue. it is. that's why i don't paraglider. 14 minutes after 6:00 and it's time to get a check on the weather and traffic. >> i have never tried it but always marveled at the people
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that have the guts to do and am very jealous because it looks very cool. it's foggy and in different places than this week. pay attention because it's going to be five-year in san jose. a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning and we start out looking at santa clara valley, mountain view, sunnyvale , within the last 15 minutes the national weather service has extended the advisory to travel up the peninsula and east bay so along 101, 280 as you get over into the east bay communities, san leandro, hayward, you're included in the dense fog advisory now. and the northbay you're included too. santa rosa might be a little better than the last few days but you're included too. you should all plan on giving yourself extra time on the road because you're likely going to encounter some of it and to drive the point home, this is the live view looking off
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toward the east bay. you can see all the pretty colored lights shining through the fog. that is why the national weather service extended it. temperatures out there right now in the mid 40s for most of us although it is cold in the northbay in the mid-30s once again. grab that jacket. the visibility sensor is still low. santa rosa, you're the one spot that doesn't have an issue. and there is a san jose report down to one mile. the other thing to keep in mind about today, it's not just the fog, that will disappear but when it does you'll be lift left with the haze. the sky has not looked that pretty. the haze is not terribly bad in terms of air quality, it will be moderate today certainly disability issues. and not just all the haze because on top of that we then continue to pull in this stream of high clouds.
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in case you have notice the gorgeous sunsets over the last few days, you can think this system down here with all the clouds getting pulled our way from the weak weather maker which does not threaten rain at all but it keeps throwing us high clouds each day. the afternoons do not look pretty but the sunsets have been nice as a result. low 60s for everybody and in the seven day we just keep doing this. the entire three- day holiday weekend through martin luther king jr. day will look and feel exactly like today and we might get more sunshine by the time we get into the early and middle part of next week. gianna franco, i bet you're talking about fog on the roads . i am talking about foggy freeways on the bay bridge, the nimitz freeway and i will show you live looks in a second. i do want to talk about traffic conditions along 24. this is mobile five traveling
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around the bay headed toward i- 580 connector in oakland headed toward the bridge. check out the foggy conditions. it's looking okay through here and not too bad that certainly will change quickly once he gets closer to the bay bridge area. let's jump over to the toll plaza and you see all the fog hovering over the toll plaza. let's get a live look and you can see that the media during metering lights her off. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is pretty foggy so you might encounter a few things here. there is that live look and things are definitely foggy. from here as you work your way toward the tower, some fog in that area as well so limited visibility might be an issue. it improves as you head into san francisco and this is a live look at 80 at the fremont exit. i do want to show you the
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nimitz freeway and a couple minutes ago i could make out some of those headlights and you could barely see them at the bottom of your screen. 880 is out there but it is covered with fog. heads up, keep that in mind is headed to the san mateo bridge. still to come, something that might make you hungry. the east bay city out with the annual comfort food week ahead. >> don't forget to check out the new kpix 5 news evening anchor. you can catch him in the 5:00, 7:00 and 11:00 pm newscasts.
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this morning it is all about food, films and a special celebration here in the bay area. >> we are joined by liam. what you have for us on this friday? >> so much going on. first, we remember martin luther king jr.. >> i am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history -- >> san francisco's tenderloin museum invite you to spend celebration tomorrow, i have a dream, celebrating the life and message of dr. martin luther king. the american baptist minister and his life and
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activism from 1955l his assassination in 1968. residents will be there and it will be a one-of-a-kind celebration. mlk day monday, the big celebration tomorrow in the tenderloin from 2:00 until 4:00. a little french there. delicious, the tale of what is said to be one of the first restaurants in france in the first in paris and this one in the country. a french chef serves the front of the duke disagreeable neil then chaos ensues but things to improve when a female apprentice and an awesome chef arrives and his food gets great reviews all credit to the stubborn old chef and is not so happy. this film is in french but the
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glorious gourmet food pictures do all the talking. catch delicious streaming now on netflix. more food, please, sir, may have some more? you can. comfort food week is this weekend and for the next two weeks you can discover new dining spots and support your all-time favorites as dozens of restaurants participate and new this year the 20+ restaurants are doing special discounts if you subscribe and download the app and present your 2022 comfort food passport so all your favorite comfort food and please support your local restaurants as they need you now. the full list at and i have to ask you your favorite comfort food and go. >> mac & cheese. hands down.
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>> broccoli and cheese soup and a big bread bowl. >> yes, please. i'm going to go with shepherd's pie. have a great weekend. cheers. and . >> thanks for that. i was concerned when you first set broccoli. >> it went up from there. one east bay school district continues distance-learning and the meeting tonight that could extend
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if you are just waking up with us, here are the morning headlines. the oakland school district declared today a wellness day for teachers amid frustration over covid safety and prevention. this comes after teachers at some schools held sick outs. health officials have revised the rules for attending mega events starting tomorrow. it now includes any gathering of 500 people indoors or more than 5000 people outside. there will be no celebration train operating
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this year in the bay area on martin luther king jr. day those interested should participate in virtual events instead and in previous years it's been a real tradition. good morning. it is friday, the 14th and the beginning of a three-day weekend for a lot of people. >> let's get right to your all- important friday forecast. a new addition compared to what we have been doing the rest of the week and that is fog. there is a dense fog advisory that is being issued and it's not only for the south bay which is where was when we started but within the last 35 minutes, the national weather service has included the peninsula and east bay. san leandro, fremont, hayward, give yourself extra time on the road. not terribly widespread but when you hit it it gets pretty thick. we certainly see it coming across the bay bridge.
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and that is what the north bay has as well with the dense fog advisory. san francisco, san jose and oakland are all three reporting fog and that is what it looks like trying to get onto the bay bridge. we get rid of the fog by late morning and the rest of the day just like yesterday, not the prettiest day, hazy and we will see some high clouds filtering overhead. we have been catching some great sunsets over the last few days and daytime highs in the low 60s. livermore, 60, san rafael 60 and now gianna franco, what are you seeing ? >> lots of fog. a live look and it is slow because people are taking it easy with visibilities. travel time, 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. give yourself extra time as a
6:32 am
couple little better in some spots want to get across the upper deck. it improves quite a bit headed into san francisco but not at the toll plaza. i want to show you a baby and you can now see the freeway again the fog is hovering over the oakland area so heads up if you're traveling in the area. on the san mateo bridge the travel time from 880 to 101 is about 13 minutes. we are now tracking brake lights for the super commuters. the covid workplace rules change adding more stringent requirements for employee testing and mask wearing. justin andrews joins us live to explain the rules. of the rules were implemented as the state and whole country are navigating the omicron variant and the wave of cases. one of the biggest changes is in the workplace and how you get tested. the at-home tests will no
6:33 am
longer be accepted and instead a test has to go to a lab. you can take a test in front of your supervisor or get tested in front of a healthcare worker. cal osha tightening the definition on what qualifies as a face covering and it includes a surgical mask or medical procedure mask. if the fabric mask is worn it must not let light pass through when it's held up against a light source. the fabric has to be tightly woven with two layers. >> i highly recommend if it is within your financial abilities if you're able to find the masks which can also be a challenge, i highly recommend a minimum surgical mask and even better would be to double the masks. you need to get a really good seal on a surgical mask for it to be affect the. >> the state has also extended the indoor mask order to february 14. the mask order began in mid- december.
6:34 am
today, special meeting to discuss whether or not to return to in person learning in hayward. earlier this week the school district announced it would revert back to remote construction for at least the rest of the week after more than 500 students tested positive. and an update in san francisco, the teachers union and school district have reached an agreement on covid safety protocols. jocelyn moran is live in san francisco with what is included. >> the agreement comes after we heard from educators that they did not feel safe in the classrooms and made a series of demands. the president of the united educators said they agreed upon guaranteeing the n95, kn95 or kf-94 masks for all students and workers with weekly testing at district locations for students and employees who want
6:35 am
one. the president of united educators of san francisco added 10 days of supplemental paid sick leave has been agreed to so employees who test positive for covid or have symptoms can stay home. in san francisco every student at the elementary school will go home with the rapid antigen test and parents are being urged to save the test for when kids show symptoms. >> if you're not showing symptoms and your vaccinated there is no need to test just a test. we want to hold onto them to make sure if you do have assist symptom and it is just a cold you can come back to school. >> the president of united educators says the testing will provide what's necessary to keep students and teachers safe in the classroom. taking a live look at capitol hill where president biden is disappointed by supreme court ruling. the court
6:36 am
halted abiding demonstration mandate requiring employees that live large companies be vaccinated or tested weekly. in indiana labor attorney said businesses can still have their own vaccine requirements but some like citigroup, nike and others have reportedly already done. >> if you don't want to get the vaccine and your employer is requiring me to do it come here violating company policy. >> the supreme court is allowing a vaccine mandate for certain healthcare facilities. australia has once again canceled the visa of novak djokovic, the saga continues. the world number 1 has been practicing ahead of the australian open which begins on monday and he is not vaccinated against covid-19 and earlier this week the federal court sided with him in his visa battle about a medical exemption to the policy.
6:37 am
now the immigration minister canceled the visa citing public health concerns. >> north korea's firing two ballistic missiles marking the third test this month. the country warning of stronger reactions if the u.s. helps impose more sanctions. on wednesday the biden administration imposed the first sections over the weapons program and resumed testing missiles after six month hiatus. sfo was not affected by the recent missile fire earlier this week and a ground stop is ordered around the same time that north korea launched another missile. santa clara county sheriff will be appearing in court virtually to answer an indictment from the civil grand jury that is accusing her of willful or correct misconduct in office. it includes seven accusations against the sheriff and all but when involve the ongoing investigation around to lead just alleged weapons permits
6:38 am
for campaign contributions. and it follows the investigation. a wrongful death lawsuit stemmed from the killing of her ex-boyfriend. she and her former fiancc accused of killing keith green in 2016. acquitted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder but still faced a civil trial. now the trial is off after she reached a financial settlement with the mother and the estate. the two children will also receive money. president biden's push to advance voting rights has run into a roadblock. hes trying to persuade those in the senate to limit the filibuster so the bill can be passed. on thursday kyrsten sinema said she posted the world changes
6:39 am
that the president wants and mr. biden meets every democratic road because of the unanimous republican opposition. hundreds of thousands of disability claims frozen over potential fraud. scammers are stealing dr. credentials to file fake claims. the disability claims have now been suspended and they are associated with 27,000 doctors. some of those claims are legitimate so some people are missing out on the money that they are owed. big tack in the bay area and the capital riot probe. with the investigating committee is now demanding. >> the big game this sunday but even if you're lucky enough to snag a ticket, is it safe to travel to dallas. doctors are weighing in on the risk. heads up, there's more fog out there this morning than we've had all week. you can see the extent of it
6:40 am
from the camera on top of the sales force truck building. even though the fog is not too widespread i will explain where the trouble spots are. the market just opened, let's get a quick check on the big board, the dow is down 260 points. ahead and only on cbs mornings, a special conversation between the doctor and bob saget. plus we preview the particularly kid friendly wildcard game on nickelodeon where there will be no shortage of slime. we will see you at 7:00.
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welcome back.
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this morning apple is moving knockoffs of the viral game permits app store. wendy gillette joins us live with that story and more. good morning. >> trading has been underway for a little more than 10 minutes and right now the dow is down, 350 points. checking the tech sector, the nasdaq is up five points. meanwhile apple has removed several knockoffs of the popular game, wordle. the game is only available on the web has players guess a five letter word once a day and has seen the popularity skyrocketed in the past week. several app creators tragic cash in on the craze and some even charging subscription. thank you so much. a live look a capitol hill, four social media companies are
6:45 am
being subpoenaed. lawmakers want to look into how extremist use their flat platforms to organize a january 6 attack on the capitol. twitter, reddit, alphabet and meta. the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack is now demanding the companies turnover internal records as it investigates misinformation online. the committee initially requested volunteer access but after what it calls an inadequate response, it sent to the subpoenas. the congresswoman will be discussing ways to improve traffic congestion at the highway 101-92 interchange. in a statement the congresswoman said congestion and accidents are regular occurrences in the recent bipartisan infrastructure law will offer funding opportunities to help solve the issue. we have just learned california set to receive nearly $850 million as part of $4.2 billion in federal funding
6:46 am
to improve more than 1500 bridges in poor condition throughout the state and its part of any program aimed at repairing and replacing bridges nationwide. more than 43,000 bridges in poor conditions across the u.s.. a boy in new jersey has made it his goal to serve every day during the pandemic he is already been doing it for wearable well over a year regardless of the cold weather. the 10-year-old sometimes has to trudge through the snow drifts while carrying his surfboard. when covid sent new jersey and the lockdown, he vowed to keep busy by surfing on a daily basis so has been added nearly 600 consecutive days so far. if you're annoyed with your kid doing too much screen time, tell them about carter. >> #team carter. let's check the weather and
6:47 am
traffic. it's fog year than it has been and there is a dense fog advisory and affect the national weather service has been updating it and right now basically covers everybody. we start out in the seth a and this is where it was originally and it has been foggy and i show you the detail on that but we also included the peninsula and the east bay. not foggy for the whole stretch but parts of it are and of the north bay valleys, pedal limits huge experience in the majority of the fog. that's what it looks like coming in on the bay bridge. gianna franco will have more on that but here's the big overview . looking out toward the east, you can see the extent of the fog. it's not terrible and you can see the lights through it. there is one better way to pinpoint where you're likely to hit the fog and the map looks weird using infrared imagery which can pick up the temperature of the tops of the
6:48 am
clouds. take a look at the peninsula and that is a little patch around san bruno. on the south bay it's foggy but you can see most is pushed out to the east side of the valley and that means fremont, you guys might be experiencing that. if we look at the visibility readings, petaluma in trouble all morning. santa rosa is fine. that is different than the rest of the week. san jose, we are watching that as well. a little extra time on the road for the fog. in the mid-30s and low to mid 40s just about everywhere else. the other item is once the fog goes away by late morning, another hazy day. the skies have not looked pretty and there is two reasons for this. a lot of haze because high pressure is keeping the storms away and it's also trapping in all the air that we have got.
6:49 am
the good news is it's not unhealthy yet but we are going to be looking at moderate air- quality and it won't look pretty and on top of that there is a layer cake of stuff because not only do we have our own haze but we keep pulling in the clouds from the weather system. there is no rain coming our way watch the clouds they keep peeling off and coming overhead. it creates a soupy looking sky and if you noticed the spectacular sunsets, you can think the clouds from that system because it gives you the canvas when the sun is just right and you light up the bottom of it. daytime highs in the low 60s with no change and as we look across the seven-day forecast, it is the same story day after day. if you're planning a three day weekend, the pattern does not change your martin luther king jr. day through monday and we will likely do all of this again and there is reason to believe we will get prettier days through the early and middle
6:50 am
part of next week. there is the forecast for the microclimates as well. gianna franco, how do you see the fog impacting things ? definitely see the fog impacting the bay bridge as well as parts of aab. i will show you that in just a second. a live look air conditions from mobile five and you can see traffic is moving along okay. it is friday and this is the east shore freeway and both directions east and west bound are moving nicely. not a lot of brake lights in this area that as he had toward the bay bridge he may see a few brake lights with slower speeds because things are looking just like this, very foggy. they turned the metering lights on and that will help traffic ease across the rest of the way that the fog advisory, part of 101 in san francisco as well as the fog advisory for the bay bridge and the metering lights are on. you can see the fog hovering
6:51 am
over the tower across the upper deck headed into the city. it looks better with to come off the skyway with patches of fog the rest of the way. taking a look at the nimitz freeway, some foggy spots here as well through oakland and 880, leaving gooden at the limit. the 49ers take the first step down the road to the super bowl this weekend here on kpix 5 and today we found plenty of fans gearing up. the wildcard matchup with the cowboys in dallas. >> i'm going to the game and i got me a row one seat on the niners side. we are going to take over that stadium. you cannot write it any better than this. we are going to ignite and take over. >> let's go. a lot of parties expected this weekend as well as the 49ers
6:52 am
renew their rivalry with the cowboys. people traveling could pylon more cases on top of the current omicron surge. according to one epidemiologist , this is coming at the same time as cases are starting to decline. >> tipping over and starting to go down and you hate to have a new search added on just as we are getting over this one. >> kickoff at 1:30 pm on sunday and stay tuned for the fifth quarter on kpix 5 news. a bay area city getting stricter with his covid rolls in 24 hours and how could impact the next game at the chase center. playing the super bowl halftime show but now snoop
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i'm justin andrews live in the newsroom. today's wellness day for teachers and that oakland unified school district amid frustration over covid safety and prevention but this has not satisfied teachers or students and their still demanding that her covid safety measures.rdayt rict increases testing and also protection for them. nine schools were forced to shut down due to teacher sick outs. to help navigate this, and oakland restaurant owner donated thousands of masks to the school district. he is the owner of noodle belly and donated 10,000 k n95 masks to the district and the district says it's enough for all high school students. he decided help after hearing
6:57 am
about student concerns and gave another 15,000 masks to oakland emergency workers. i'm jocelyn moran live in san francisco with some changes to covid-19 rules and guidance in san francisco. health officials are recommending whenever possible that you where in kn95 or n95 masks and if it's not possible they recommend you use a surgical mask with a cloth faced covering over it to protect yourself. there are also changes when it comes to mega events. the threshold for something to be considered a large event in a high risk setting includes any gathering of 500 people indoors or more than 500 people out doors. this means starting february 1 if you're attending what is considered a mega event like a warriors game and are 12 and older, you will be required to show proof that you are fully vaccinated at least two
6:58 am
weeks before entry. for 16 and older you will also have to show proof you've gotten your booster at least one week before the event. for those 12 and 15 you will not have to show proof of a booster until march. between ages of 5 and 11 you have to show proof of vaccination or negative covid test. let's take a look at the roadways. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were turned on about 15 minutes ago with some fog. limited visibility in some spots. give yourself some extra time. if you're headed toward the altamont, 25 minutes. fog advisories for the bay bridge as well as parts of 101 in the city. the national weather service has blanketed the bay a
6:59 am
everywhere in gray on here has got a dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning so give yourself extra time on the road. we just saw the bay bridge and by the way, great conditions in the mountains. the snow still remains and if you wanted to head up to the sierra this weekend for a long three-day weekend, the basis fantastic. the weather does not change for the next seven days. the super bowl featuring the 49ers is -- hopefully featuring the 49ers and snoop dogg went to the halftime performers is trying to launch a new line of hotdogs and he is calling them snoop dogs. he just filed for federal trademark to secure the name indicating he's serious about launching the brand but it's only a first step. he once did the same thing for a line of ice cream called sleep scoops but it never materialized that i think the hotdog thing will be a thing. >> ice cream, hot dogs, i think snoop dogg has the munchies.
7:00 am
>> i wonder why. >> the news continues all day on ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on the west coast on this friday. i'm gayle king into i'm trd. >> and i'm vlad duthiers. >> nate is on assignment, we will tell you about that later on in the show, he is okay. first here is today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. bracing g for impact. tens of millions prepare for a massive winter storm that could dump snow all the way from maine to mississippi. >> nashville comes in with 6 inches. asheville, 16 inches. the biggest number, buffalo, 20 inches. a tough day for president biden on multiple fronts. we


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