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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 13, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00. bay area students planning a sick out to demand better safety protocols. what they want from administrators. tonight empty shelves at
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grocery stores across the bay area and beyond. and it's not just the pandemic causing problems. sonoma county, the impact of the new order. plus. it's hard work, but it's work that when people drive by and they're giving us love. >> the bay area pothole vigilantlys. fed up with rough conditions on their roads. student leaders planning a sick out for tomorrow. >> kpix 5's katie neilson is in oakland this evening where students are also preparing for ek. mothan1000 this petition. that's more than 30 pages of names. all of them saying they don't feel safe in the classroom and they're not going to come to school. starting as soon as tomorrow.
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>> i wanted to feel safe at school. >> blue lopez is one of the student leaders organizing tomorrow's sick out. encouraging students to stay home to protest what blue says is a lack of safety measures in the classrooms. when students don't go to school, the driblght district is losing money. at this point, this is the only thing that will make them listen. >> the idea for the sick out came after teachers organized a sick out last week. with both students and teachers now asking the district for more regular covid testing as well as n95 masks for both teachers and students. there's also a petition with more than 1200 signatures from students demanding to go back to virtual learning until testing and masks are more readily available. students say starting next tuesday, they're going on strike. >> we also have another option, which is keep us safe. so you either keep us safe or we go back to distance
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learning. >> ousd released a statement saying it's distributed k n95 masks, and n95 masks to all staff. and they've ordered enough k n95 masks to all students. board members addressed concerns during their meeting earlier tonight. >> roll outs of all of the covid related ppe has not been the way we always like. >> skyline high school's leadership team sent a message to parents saying we've been notified that 80% of students and staff will not report to work tomorrow as part of an unsanctioned sick out. therefore while our school will still be open tomorrow, it's highly likely no instruction will be provided. so we're asking you not to send your child to school. some teachers at skyline high school say they're calling in sick to work tomorrow. to stand in solidarity with students. no word on if it will extend into next week. in oakland, kpix 5.
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tonight, two of the bay areas biggest cities preparing to implement restrictions. requiring proof of vaccination for indoor settings for all people twelve years and older, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, gyms, and theaters, san jose adopting one of the state's toughest mandates, requiring proof of a booster shot for city employees and anyone attending large gatherings, including concerts and sharks games. it allows for proof of a negative covid test. >> new rules take effect on friday. masks must be surgical or medical grade or if it's a cloth mask, it must have at least two layers. the state is also trying to avoid people passing off someone else' negative test as their own. so it's requiring tests to be taken in person with their employer or through a testing service. >> new at 11:00, many grocery store shelves are sitting empty across the country. this time the pandemic may not
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be the only cause kpix 5 is in redwood city where she went searching for answers. it's a case of deja vu, empty shelves from the whole foods in campbell. to palo alto and redwood city. but it's not the only super market chain with low inventory. social media users have been posting empty shelves at trader joes, safeway and target stores among others across the country. a lot of produce was just out like the green onions gone. like the apples that i was looking for weren't there. >> this isn't yet another case of panic buying that we saw in 2020. instead global supply issues, winter weather impacting delivery trucks out east. and record high covid-19 infection haves finally collided. >> because of warehouse shortages, truck driver shortages, companies are either shipping partial orders, or not shipping orders at all. >> i'm wondering if workers that normally tend to those
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things are out sick. >> one employee who wants to remain anonymous told kpix 5 the entire seafood department has been out sick with covid-19 for weeks. shipments have been sparse and consumer demand is driving up prices. >> the shelves are empty. the workers look very sad and tired. today two groups, the raging gran anies, and vigil for democracy gathered outside of the palo alto whole foods as a show of support for workers. they claim inventory isn't just low, so are their spirits. >> the problem is when people get sick, when people get tired, when people are mistreated, they don't come to work. do you want them to come to work if they feel sick? >> i expect in the coming weeks we'll continue to face supply challenges, the challenges will be sporadic and impact different areas at different times. >> in redwood city, kpix 5. >> we reached out to whole food for comment but haven't heard back yet. today we learned inflation
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has hit a four decade high. prices soared a whopping 7% last month. some experts say relief could come if the omicron surge subsides the next month or so. that could mean lower gas and other energy prices within three to six months with food prices likely stabilizing not long after that. >> new at 11:00, the new limits on large gatherings are now in effect. and it's all ready having a major impact. kpix 5 andrea joins us from windsor with more. >> the owners here at russian river brewing company tell me they made the decision last night. in their words, it was the right thing to do to protect their staff and the community. it was a tough decision to make but the annual release was pushed back to march 25th. >> wre havingan unprecedented surge in cases in the county. and also in our company.
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you know, we've had 20 employees test positive since the week before christmas. we haven't even had 20 employees get covid this whole time. >> the omicron surge, sonoma county's health order to limit indoor gatherings and its plea for people to stay home prompted russian river to postpone the event that draws more than $5 million to the local economy. >> last year we had to cancel it because of covid. this year we've had to postpone it because of covid. and so i think every year is an improvement and next year, hopefully we'll be able to have it right on time. >> russian river is not the only one having to pause business as usual. >> it's been difficult. but you know, it's also was a bit predictable. >> the lost church, a theater in santa rosa would normally have performers in this intimate venue. but tonight, an empty stage as it's forced once again to close the curtains. >> we have more skills than
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abilities to -- to survive. and to, you know, to pivot. and pivot, and pivot again. >> the lost church has had to postpone 14 acts and cancel one due to the new health order. it could technically still open to a crowd of 49 people, live performance venues wouldn't be able to break even with such a small crowd. in windsor, andrea, kpix 5. a live look from san francisco where charges have been dropped against a man who suffered serious injuries during what his attorneys call an illegal arrest. the incident happened last february in the castro. these are the injuries suffered by sergio lugo. the public defender's office says he was walking down the street when two officers approached him and attempted to search him without probable cause. when he tried to walk away, he was allegedly tackled to the ground and pinned down and then a third officer allegedly started hitting him repeatedly.
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lugo was holding an exacto knife that cut one of the officers when he was taken down. he was accused of assault with a deadly weapon and a number of other crimes. prosecutor haves dropped the charges. police chief bill scott released a statement saying quote, i'm disappointed with the da's decision in this case. mr. lugo resisted arrest and violently assaulted our officers, injuring one of them with an exacto knife. san francisco's police commission met to discuss whether to adopt a new use of force policy. it would require officers to report any use of physical force except handcuffing someone who was not resisting. officers would also have to document the specific reasons for their actions. store still ahead, explosions are heard during a huge >> we >>enup with
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pat holes they're taking matters in their own hands. one bay area city turning to lasers to deal with the persistent bird problem. we'll explain.
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see you at denny's. incredible video of crews battling a massive fire in southern california. you can see the commercial building engulfed in flames. firefighters think it started in a nursery then spread several explosions were heard possibly from exploding propane tanks. no injuries have been reported. tonight crews removed the wreckage of a medical helicopter that crashed in pennsylvania. as they try to figure out what
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went wrong. workers used a crane to hoist and then load it on a flat bed truck. the chopper was heading to a children's hospital in philadelphia when it went down in a neighborhood near a church. even though the pilot was injured, he was able to help three people, including a two- month-old baby get out safely. he's now being called a hero since no one suffered any life- threatening injuries. i can't explain the physics. so i don't know how significant the impact was. but what i am is extremely grateful that we have three uninjured people from the accident. >> witnesses say the helicopter was hovering low to the ground before then crashing. the wreckage will be taken to delaware for further inspection. new at 11:00, potholes in one bay area city have gotten so bad a group of residents are trying to fix the problem all by themselves. reporter steve large reports from vallejo with why the city is now asking them to put down
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those shovels. >> they carry shovels, asphalt, wear safety vests, >> potholes after potholes, after potholes. >> now this group of regular guys is getting a whole lot of attention and recognition from passing drivers. >> repairing potholes all across the city of vallejo. >> we call ourselves the pothole vigilantly vigilanty,s of vallejo. >> seeking $350 in funds for
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the work. it's generated $3000 so far. >> it's hard work. but it's worth it when people drive by and they're giving us love. and that is the best compensation of all. the city of vallejo has an online order form allowing citizens to request pothole repairs by public works crews. not all requests will be handled right away. >> how many times you can make things so legalistic, nothing can get done. if you have so many rules, you rule it out. breaking the rules and battling tire busting streets, filling the holes may be illegal. >> i take pride in where i live at. >> when it's over, they may be hailed as heroes. >> that was steve large reporting there. in sunnyville tonight. it's not potholes, it's crows that have people complaining. the birds have made their presence known in the downtown area. they swoop in on outdoor diners and residents sidestep the mys of droppings everyday.
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now with the help of green lasers, the problem might -- might be going away. the light is supposed to the birds and make them fly away. >> i heard from residents who had all ready started implementing it. and it does seem to work. it does have them scatter from the tree. we'll try that for a few weeks and we'll see if that works. >> the plan to use lasers has been met with some pushback. sunny vail's mayor has done his research on the odd approach which will hopefully be a solution to the crow problem. it's a lot better than some other solutions. that would be way worse for the bird. >> yeah. i think any nonlethal solution to the droppings. >> yeah -- >> that shot of the sidewalk. whoa. goodness. >> and then they're dive bombing people trying to eat outside. >> one thing you can do is eat outside and then you have crows just coming in. >> bring on the lasers.
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>> lasers. >> i had to do it. nothing like a 23-year-old pop culture reference. the sunset from san matteo. just a spectacular view. the last of the sunlight ducked under the layer of clouds overhead. courtesy of a passing storm system sending rain to the north. not as mild for the bay area tomorrow. that's really the only change that you're going to notice along with slightly stronger winds. as we head toward the end of the workweek, the winds will be with us. but they'll change direction. offshore winds will pick up. but the stronger winds are hopefully going to help our air quality. more in a second. passing clouds tonight. a couple sprinkles trying to run into mendocino and lake counties those will evaporate on the way down. there's no green on the map in terms of anything on the radar simulation. we'll breakthrough to sunshine for the end of the workweek on friday. that will stick around into the first day of the martin luther king holiday weekend and the
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dry stretch of weather is going to continue. no rain to wash the haze off the horizon. air quality wasn't great today. tipping towards the unhealthy for sensitive groups reading for the central bay, inland parts of the east bay, and the south end of the bay, with stronger on shore winds, it will stir the atmosphere around. it doesn't remove the haze, but it helps disperse it deeper in the atmosphere. o so it's not as concentrated at ground level where we have to breathe it. we'll be stuck in the moderate air quality through most of the weekend. rain-free weather for the bay area. snow-free weather for the high sierra. they have plenty on the ground. this is the current condition for sugar bowl where they have 6 to 9 feet of snow as a base. no new snow. but 10 of the 12 lifts are open. and dry weather if you want to make your way up there. shouldn't have interference from mother nature in terms of travel plans. temperatures a mix of 40s. and 50s around the bay area. high clouds passing through. keeping temperatures from dropping in the mid 30s. low to mid 40s.
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high temperature tomorrow, maybe not as warm as today. but most of us should get up to or above 60 degrees. even if we don't, just barely below 60 degrees. temperatures 2 to 4 degrees above normal. not much change to our temperatures as we head to the end of the workweek, through the holiday weekend, into next week. the only minor changes we'll see is the amount of cloud cover, sunshine friday, saturday, sunday, more clouds floating through monday, tuesday, wednesday. no rain. the next hint of a rain chance doesn't move in until the last full week of january. vern? straight ahead in sports, have you ever been slimed? last question, you probably expected from me. wait until you see what happened to this extremely valuable 49ers. offensive
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nfl up top and the 49ers roughly 86 hours before the kickoff on sunday on kpix. under center number 10 is qb 1. will there be hugs like this close of business sunday? jimmy garoppolo can stir up emotions. ten wins in a the cries for tre lance when he did stuff like this. this is when they were in a three-win five loss tail spin. even then the head coach didn't break. >> we wanted to give him more time. not only for him but our team. and so it wasn't a tough decision. we stuck with it. that's what the right decision was based off of film and based off of what we are in our building and our practice. i'm glad the guys have come
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through and got us to this point and i'm glad we're still playing. >> what did debo samuel get for running and throwing a touchdown at the rams ? he got nickelodeons slime time player of the week award. jimmy g hit his target. and samuel got a trophy too. that's some stuff. what's up with the raiders ? vegas has a saturday 1:30 playoff game at cincinnati. silver and black 5.5 point under dogs. derek carr, old man? it is his eighth year. he got the raiders to the playoffs for the first time in five. he beat the chargers and 23- year-old justin herbert. now carr faces 25-year-old joe borough here. >> i'm going to go out there and do my best as a 30-year-old old man i guess. i guess i'm not one of the young guys now. even though we can play until
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we're 40ish. i'm the old guy. i'll give it my best shot and see what happens. >> college basketball, the cal men came in hot. finished off a run to end the half. look at the pass from robinson. cal led the huskies by seven. then washington said hold on. we got this. terrell brown. did that to somebody's son. they scored 15 straight points in a stretch. and won the game. 64-55. now the bears have lost three straight games. but you know what i tell them? well, the sun's going to shine tomorrow. and if the sun doesn't shine tomorrow, then i'm going to shine tomorrow got to have that. hey, am i lying? you have to have that mantra to keep going. >> i love that. deep thoughts by vern. i'm going to save that one to tell my boys if they had a rough day. words of wisdom. pearls of wisdom. they just roll off. they just roll out like nothing. effortless. vern, thank you.
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76 years after it was sent a long lost letter from an army soldier to his mother
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well a letter sents from an army soldier to his mother just after world war ii has been discovered 76 years later. >> pretty incredible. and it was just delivered to his widow. back in 1945, the 22-year-old sergeant penned a note to his mother, massachusetts, while he was over seas in germany. >> recently the letter showed up in a pennsylvania postal service facility with no explanation. the soldier had died six years before and his mom was long gone so it was delivered to his next of kin, the bride he left behind. >> it says dear mum, received
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another letter from you today and was happy to hear that everything is okay. i couldn't believe it. and then just his handwriting and everything you know, it was just so amazing. >> wow. >> great condition. >> yeah, just that precious time capsule just from a very dark time in world war ii. wow. amazing. >> no doubt she'll pass it on to other generations as well. we'll be right back.
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beautiful shot of the skyline there. the late show with steven colbert is next. thanks for watching. if you haven't noticed, vern is still shinning. >> you got it . >> he wakes up shinning. always. he's never dull. >> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. rnh couns, tcan't get the surgery they need. >> interpreter: i feel bad when they stare at her. they say, "look how ugly she is." i feel very happy.
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