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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 11, 2022 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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colbert is next. >> thank you for watching and have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the new covid-19 variant that combines omicron and delta, this according to bloomberg news. a professor at the university of cypress calls the new strain deltacron. >> doctors are reporting a disturbing new trend. >> patients with covid who also have the flu. they're calling it flurona. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> three celebrity couples pack on the p.d.a. after weeks of speculation, the delta variant and omicron finally gave us proof they're an item, locking spikes in the restaurant. the pair, dubbed deltacron, didn't shy away from publicly swapping antigens before infecting everyone in the restaurant. and they're not the only celebrity contagion couple going viral. people are buzzing about longtime bachelor, the flu, and
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the hottest starlet, coronavirus, spotted turning up the heat inside an unvaccinated israeli woman. the duo, dubbed blurona, showed love is in the air, and on door handles. and, finally, say hello to bennifer 2.0. it was assumed bennifer had been eradicated in the early odds, but they're back with a vengeance. and people in the know are concerned this latest celebrity recoupling could lead to a second wave of "gigli." >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." toni: plus, stephen welcomes: bradley cooper and musical guest robert finley with dan auerbach featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hello! hello! good to see you. >> jon: great to see you. >> stephen: please, have a seat. please, everybody, thank you so much. welcome, welcome, one and all to "the last show." i am your , hen cot.applse )li . wind chills today are near zero today in new york. and i want to thank my audience right here who braved the cold came out, did it,ings dug down, found that extra gear to be here
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tonight, and came into the ed sullivan theater, where somehow it's even colder. and here's what i like about it's sincerely comforting in a way. it's january 11th. it's supposed to be really cold. that makes sense to me. and it's the only thing that does. look at covid. remember, we just needed to take it seriously for three to six weeks, something like that. and then it'll be over? that's goin' on two years ago. then we thought we were over it after the giant peak last winter, plus we had the vaccine. is it then delta came around, the end of summer and the fall. that was terrible. but then we'd be good by the holidays, and then omicron came a-knockin.' d now, don kwhat'sing on. that's terrible, but kind of sweet that we all gave each other the same thing for christmas. ( laughter ) admittedly, 1.5 million isber.
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but everybody is saying if you're vaccinated, omicron is very mild. well, okay, but if that's the case, then why do we have a record-breaking 145,000 covid hospitalizations, with experts predicting a peak in the 300,000 range? soon, there's going to be almost as many people in hospitals as there are tv shows about hospitals. ( laughter ) but c.d.c. director rochelle walensky explained that the numbers aren't as bad they may seem, because at some hospitals, up to 40% of the patients who are coming in with covid-19 are coming in not because they're sick with covid, but they're coming in with something else and have had the omicron variant detected. okay, sure, but even if people aren't coming in for covid initially, the hospitals are still overflowing. that's like saying, "uh, technically, up to 40% of people who drowned on the "titanic" were already wet because they were in the bathtub when the ship went down. ( laughter ) so, not so bad.
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not so bad. ( laughter ) you want to know how sick of this pandemi a ought we all ive onu shouldot deratelcatch omicron to 'get it over with.'" well, obviously, you shouldn't deliberately catch omicron. and should i? ( laughter ) i mean, all the other late night hosts are doing it. i'm starting to think they had a secret sleepover, and i wasn't invited. ( laughter ). i know, aah! now, it seems ridiculous to purposely catch covid, but according to one doctor, the idea of intentionally trying to catch omicron is all the rage. yes, getting omicron is super popular. i hear it's dating pete davidson. ( laughter ) ( applause ) but-- he's got-- he's got that b.d.e.-- the big delta energy.
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that's what i hear! that's what i hear! it's got to be something! it's got to be something. i have to get a neck tattoo. but as appealing as the notion of intentionally making yourself sick may be, cnn has some pretty good reasons to avoid getting the covid, including: you could get long covid, you'll stress the health care system, and don't mess with mother nature, adding, "she's been trying to kill us ever since we crawled out of the ocean onto the land." damn you, mama nature! damn you to hell! ( applause ) you know what? you know what? i was, for years now, i have been against global warming, but now it's just payback time. i'm going back to plastic straws. come-- come here, you damn turtle! come here! there is no actual turtle here, by the way. now, there is some help on the horizon. the white house just announced
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that insurers will have to cover eight at-home virus tests per month. eight per month-- so, one for every new variant. ( laughter ) you've got to go out and buy the tests yourself, which may not be easy, because with skyrocketing demand, rapid antigen tests are hard to find. and even when you do find them, you must first battle the self-checkout machine at cvs: "no, no, you're an unexpected item in the bagging area! you are! what? what? ( cheers and applause ) do i want a bag? of course i want a bag! what am i supposed to do, carry this tube of crest to my car clutched in my buttcheeks?" ( laughter ) of course, the big danger is that covid has mutated into a political issue. and today, things got ugly on capitol hill, where dr. anthony fauci was testifying in front of his old nemesis:
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kentucky senator rand paul, seen here-- ( audience booing ) seen here sporting his signature hairstyle: fettuccini al-head-o. during-- mmm-mmm. during a hearing about the federal response to omicron, senator paul accused dr. fauci of attacking other scientists who opposed covid lockdowns, and the good doctor had had about enough. >> do you really think it's appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you? >> senator, the e-mail you're referring to was an email of dr. collins to me. if you look at the e-mail-- >> that you responded to and hurried up and said, "i can do it. i can do it. we got something in 'wired' magazine"-- >> no, no, no. i think in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: get him, fauch. come on! take off the gloves and the mask off. ( as dr. fauci ) i have your results, senator, and i regret to inform you, you've contracted my boot in your ass. ( applause ) dr. fauci was just scrubbin' in. he went on to tell the committee the dangerous consequences of a sitting senator spreading lies about him. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden, that kindles the crazies out there, and i have life-- threats upon my life, harassments of my family with obscene phone calls because people are lying about me. >> stephen: that's just terrible. dr. fauci should not be getting obscene phone calls from violent crazies. he should be getting them from lonely singles who saw his "instyle" magazine cover. "hello, doctor.
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do those novelty socks go all the way up?" but dr. fauci used the scientific method to figure out just what paul was up to. >> so i ask myself, why would the senator want to do this? so go to rand paul website, and you see "fire dr. fauci" with a little box that says "contribute here," and you can do $5, $10, $20, $100. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. ( applause ) >> stephen: a pretty damning accusation. in response, rand paul sent out an email: "dr. fauci tried to smear me by saying i'm profiting from the pandemic. prove him wrong by donating $10- if there's one thing more contagious than covid, it's
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stupid, because rand paul was joined in his dumb-dumb attacks on fauci by kansas senator and man who bought his veneers by the foot, roger marshall. senator marshall asked fauci about fauchi's financial disclosure, which is public, because that's how financial disclosures work. and fauci let it be known in no uncertain terms it's not his fault if the senator doesn't know how to google. and then at the end, the good doctor let his real feelings be known on a hot mic. >> my financial disclosures are public knowledge and have been so. you are getting amazingly wrong information. >> so i cannot find them. our office cannot find them. where would they be if they're public knowledge? where? >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you. it is public information, and he's happy to give it to you if you would ask. senator moran? ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: and now that clip lives forever on the internet, the one place where senator marshall and his staff will never be able to find it. ( laughter ) there is some uplifting news from the world of medicine, because on friday, in a medical first, a man with terminal heart disease got a transplant of genetically modified pig heart. great news for that patient. now not only does he get a new heart, but eating bacon is now actually good for it. the patient is recovering nicely, and his new heart is functioning and already doing mot of the work. ( as doctor ) "well, i'm pleased to say the patient is doing well. the only downside... i'm afraid your father is no longer kosher." ( laughter ) the procedure was a massive scientific undertaking. for starters, to suppress the immune system and prevent rejection, doctors made 10
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genetic modifications on the pig heart. amazing. but you gotta be careful when you mess with pig d.n.a. we all learned that from the movie, "jurassic pork." ( laughter ) big news for our friends across the pond in the u.k. they'll soon be celebrating queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee, and britain is pulling out all the stops to mark the queen's 70 years on the british throne, with pomp, pudding and parties. there's even a very-popular plan to launch prince andrew into the sun. ( laughter ) ( applause ) now-- he doesn't sweat. now, this is a big deal, because no british monarch has ever spent 70 years on the throne before. the closest any british royal has come is queen victoria, who ruled for 63 years, which explains the new royal commemorative china: "suck it, vicki." ( laughter ) it's been announced the queen's festivities will culminate with
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a four-day-long public holiday starting on june 2. in fact, "people" magazine has already released their commemorative, "the queen will definitely live until june" issue. we've got a great show for you tonight. my guest is bradley cooper. but when we come back, "meanwhile." join us, won't you? ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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( applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back! please, please say hello to mr. jon batiste and stay human, everybody. there you go. >> jon: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! hey! there it is! there it is? >> stephen: jon, you know i am grateful to everybody who comes on this show. i love all my guests equally. but our guest tonight, bradley cooper, is an extraordinary artist. i think i've said this before-- it almost makes me angry how multitalented he is.
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>> jon: oh, yeah. >> stephen: last time he was on here for " star is born" which he also directed. extraordinary. he's on tonight for a film by guillermo del toro, a director i absolutely love. it's "nightmare alley." and i watched it last night ( whistles ) absolutely brilliant. the first 15 minutes, i'm like, "i wonder what this is going to be?" >> jon: what genre is it. >> stephen: noir. a much-abused style in my opinion. and it's noir, and carnival. i thought i wonder what this is going to be? a half hour in, i was like my god. this is fantastic. you have cate blanchett, bradley cooper, willem dafoe in there. it's extraordinary. >> jon: what's the plot? can you give it away? >> stephen: i cannot. ( laughter ). >> jon: okay. >> stephen: i can't. i-- he could. >> jon: that's right. >> stephen: but legally i'm not allowed to. but i-- i watched the whole
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film, and i-- of course i watch every film of everyone who ever comes on the show. and i read every book, and i watch every television show. >> jon: right. yeah, of course. >> stephen: it's not like this is special that i watched the film. i do that always. >> jon: right, of course. >> stephen: to every-- i just watched this one more. ( laughter ). >> jon: twice. >> stephen: twice, yeah. folks, y'know, i spend a lot of time on the show-- if you watch the show you figured this out, right over there, spelunking through the day's stories to select and source the newsiest marble, chiseling it into a pedestal of humor as wide as two greek isles. then i cast the most topical current-events-bronze into a finely crafted mould to erect for you the towering grecian colossus that is my nightly monologue. but sometimes, just sometimes, folks, i jolt awake inside what's left of a rusted mazda miata in a white claw and oven-cleaner-induced fugue state, shamble through the junkyard, ransacking the debris for old fishing rods, melted batteries and the shovel of a derelict backhoe, then boost an
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acetylene torch to hastily weld together the bootleg truck-asaurus of news that is my segment: >> meanwhile! ( applause ) >> stephen: it's an antiseptic. it's an antiseptic. meanwhile, a new study says you can fight midlife crisis and find spiritual meaning with skateboarding-- because nothing puts a pep in a middle-aged step like a shattered clavicle. ( laughter ) meanwhile, folks, sometimes we come across such important ocean-based news that it requires its own underwater sub-segment, which we call marine-while! marine-while, researchers say that female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans'. this is such a groundbreaking report, that it can only be covered in my genitals-of-oceanlife sub-subsegment marine-while vagine-while.
11:58 pm
( applause ) marine-while vagine-while, after dissecting several dolphin specimens, researchers identified an unmistakable clitoris the size of an aa battery and the color of spam. that answers a lot of questions about dolphin anatomy, but raises quite a few more questions about spam. ( laughter ) i always wondered what was in there. meanwhile, scientists have found that some people love gazing at themselves in video meetings. oh, please. people, focus! it's work. you're not supposed to be thinking about yourself all day. i mean, how... narcissistic... can... people... be? is ( laughter ) ( applause ) is. >> stephen: we'll be right back with bradley cooper.
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ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight is an award-winning writer, director, and actor you know from, "silver linings playbook," "american sniper," and "a star is born." you can currently see him in "licorice pizza" and "nightmare alley." please welcome back to "the late show," bradley cooper. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: helin mirren did the same thing! >> out of the house! >> stephen: bradley cooper, thank you so much for being
12:05 am
here. sir, sir, have you been in front of a live audience? >> no, can you tell how excited i am? >> stephen: it's different, isn't it? it's really nice. >> hello! ( cheers and applause ) hello! it's amazing. >> stephen: it's lovely. >> come on! >> stephen: nice to-- nice to see you again. had a really nice time talking about you about "a star is born." i'm a massive fan as you know. but i want to get to "nightmare alley" and "licorice pizza." you're a busy man-- >> how out of breath are we? >> stephen: alarmingly. how were your holidays? i know-- i know you have a young child. you have a daughter. >> who is here. >> stephen: she's here now? >> stephen: back stage. >> stephen: old enough for christmas? >> oh, yeah. >> stephen: old enough for christmas but young enough it's like everything. >> we do this thing baby to baby, where you can be santa's ds or three kidd eerfind four them. i'm going to be out of breath the whole interview.
12:06 am
people will come in halfway through like, "what's wrong with this guy?" >> stephen: very few guests need supplemental oxygen to get through. it's like we're mounting k2 right now. that's really lovely. so you guys put together toys to give to other children. >> other children, yes. >> stephen: that's lovely. >> and, also, for those of you who have kids, they really-- they really push that ghost busters laser on every commercial in between cartoons, so she wanted that. >> stephen: the backpack, the thing where you capture the goftz. she got that? >> she got that. >> stephen: nice, nice. >> she's like where's the laser. it's a plastic thing. i have some note. she wanted the real thing. >> stephen: i thought you were a big star, dad. >> couldn't deliver. >> stephen: couldn't even get me paul rudd. as i was saying to jon in the last act, i watched "nightmare alley" last night. >> thank you for watching that. >> stephen: and it is-- i watch every movie. >> of course you do. >> stephen: i watch every movie. it's an absolutely brilliant
12:07 am
film. and it's this perfely executed noirwhich, as i was saying to jon, is kind of an abused form these days. i think it's the greatest modern noir film. and i'm just curious, this is the-- i understand you signed up for this right out of "a star is born." >> uh, kind of. actually, i was going to do another movie that i've been writing for, like, four years. but then-- but then-- and i knew guillermo was going to make the movie and i was a huge fan of his from "shape of water," and others. and i knew leonardo dicaprio who is a friend of mine and i admire tremendously, and he dropped out. my friend and agent dave said, "guillermo wants to meet with you." and i was like, "really?" honestly, maybe this sounds crazy, but just the fact that i was the secretary in line, like,
12:08 am
after leo he was going to go to me. i was like, "i'll do anything you want." the cast was already assembled. he already had cate blanchett and willem dafoe. and i was like of course i'm going to do it. >> stephen: let's talk a little more about your character who is stanton carlisle. he's something of a drifter. >> yes. >> stephen: but clearly a fiercely intelligent person. >> yes. >> stephen: you know, a very quick study, shall we say. facile. >> a survivor. >> stephen: yes. now, i'm curious, everybody in the movie, to a certain extent is a carny. a lot of the characters are. and a lot of them are grifters of some kind or another. >> right, yeah. >> stephen: and i'm curious, as an actor, in what ways do you relate to that? or what ways do you-- maybe another way to put it is how do you avoid being that as an actor? because i understand the nomen-- >> how about as a person.
12:09 am
>> stephen: well, okay, okay, sure, as a person. how do you avoid doing that? >> being utterly manipulative all the time. >> stephen: to get what you want-- >> right. >> stephen: by presenting one face-- >> that's right. >> stephen: that you think people want to see. >> yes. and therein lies why this role actually was very hard in the end. because, you know, the older you get, the older i get, i just want to do-- really don't act. do as much preparation as i can, and we had six months to prepare, which was wonderful. and guillermo and i we worked on the script with cate and rooney and came up with what's the story. and we got there and it felt like we invoked stanton carlisle. the voice alone. we worked on the voice. tim monaco who i have worked with, derin brown, i got to work with him and really honed everything. so this guy kind of existed. and guillermo and i kind of watched what stantont was going
12:10 am
to do every day. >> stephen: stanton carlisle starts out as a midway mentalist. >> he starts out as a grifter and learns about mentalism from david strahhan's character, and you use them and strive off of those skills. all he does is manipulate. and it definitely did kind of mess me up a little bit. it was dark. it was a dark film. >> stephen: do you think you could do that with your own study of human behavior? because so much of it is trying to perceive in someone else the need that they won't name publicly, and then giving them the thing that they wish they could ask for. >> yes. i mean, cate's character says, "what do i want?" and he says, "what everybody wants-- to be found out." and you hit them where it counts-- health, wealth, love. find out what they're afraid of and sell it back to them as long as you don't oversell it. >> stephen: we have a clip here.
12:11 am
do you want to set it up? is there anything you want to say before we see this next clip? >>, thicliats a i ins--wereterrd of thi us, guillermo and myself, really. it's an important scene, and it's a scene that a lot of the movie is leading towards. so we actually had a roaming set that we could take with us every day in case we didn't get it. because we were both kind of terrified that it wouldn't happen. isn't that nuts? >> stephen: so, like, we didn't get it, let's try it again tomorrow and it would always be ready to go? >> yes. it would always be ready. it takes place in the trailer, we shoot tim blake nelson and we would have the foot annual just in case. we also came up with another scene that could have come after, that up on the of fear of is this going to happen? on the day, the take you're going to see is one take, first take, it all just happened. and it was kind of a magical moment. >> stephen: jim? >> it ain't much, but it's a
12:12 am
job, right? >> of course, it's only temporary.just until we get a r. .you know what a geek is? >> so what do you say? you think you can handle it? >> i was born for it.
12:13 am
( applause ) >> stephen: nothing to be said. there's nothing to be said, unfortunately, right now.sasfyit or a strangely-- it's a strange consummation of a lot of other events that moment right there. >> 100%. >> stephen: especially when you drink the when i have beeny. >> yeah. >> ssh >> oh, mai will bradley eerts we pizza," and the odd connection he has to the character he plays. stick around. plays. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) want to feel your heart beat faster? drive an electric car. made by a company whose evs have gone five billion miles... for every highway... every driveway... ...and every speedway.
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we're back here with bradley cooper. you have been duco d you t ths ring covid? >> we shot it and stopped. we shot the second half of the movie first, which is kind of insane. when we shut down for covid for six months, march, april, may, june, july, august, came back the end of september, and in that time, we got to edit that part. the movie actually has two sections. there's a carnival, and fast forward two years later. so it really informed us of what we could then mine in the first half of the movie that would pay off in the second and it was invaluable. i was tiebl lose weight so that he's very-- you know, he's living off the land. he's got nothing in the first, and all of a sudden he's in buffalo and living in a wonderful hotel and eating room
12:19 am
service every day. so he's a little more plump. and so we were able to do that, which i have never been able to do. >> stephen: what a luxury to be able to do that, to make that plan. >> and paul thomas anderson called me, and he's a hero, i was going to give up acting. "punch drunk love" was released, i think in 2007. i went to the landmark in l.a. and watched hep.and thought i can never give up. i don't want to be somewhere else when this movie is out and think i didn't try. he asked me to do a small role in the film. and i shot that during "nightmare alley." >> stephen: and that's "licorice pizza." >> that's "licorice pizza," yes. >> stephen: you play a part based on the real life of legendary producer john peters. here he is threatening to burn someone with gasoline. >> it's the gas crisis in the 70s in the valley, and his ferrari has run out of gas on his way to pick up barbra
12:20 am
streisand to go to the movies. he was going out with barbra streisand. he was a hair dresser and became an infamous producer in hollywood and produced "a star is born," ironically enough. >> stephen: was he a fun guy to play? >> yeah ( laughs ). >> stephen: you must know him. >> yeah, i got to-- well, i had to-- i mean, the truth is, if it wasn't for john peters, i never would have been able to make "a star is born," because he deferd his grandfathered fee he could get. we made it on a relative shoe string, that movie. if he didn't defer, i wouldn't have been able to make the movie. >> stephen: not the-- have you seen him since you played that. >> i have no idea, no. >> stephen: we have to take another break. when we come back, i will ask bradley about how he got his new directing gig, maestro, about leonard bernstein. think it's a 5...
12:21 am
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we're back here with bradley cooper. you know what a big fan i am of "a star is born," as i said before. and i understand that you're starting-- ( applause ). >> thank you. >> stephen: you're going to start directing your second film. >> yeah. >> stephen: okay, and this is based on leonard bernstein, called "maestro." >> yes. >> stephen: how did this come about? >> you know, it's a weird thing. i've been so lucky. i always thought maybe i could play a rock star musician, and i got to do "a star is born." when i was eight years old, i asked santa claus for a baton, because i was obsessed with
12:26 am
conducting classical music. >> stephen: why does an eight-- did you play a classical instrument? >> i played the bass which, wow, yeah. by the way. ( applause ) i mean, wow. wow. >> stephen: did you want to conduct? >> yes. oh, yes. i was obsessed with it. i spent hundreds of hours-- i'm not kidding. like, i really-- you put your 10,000 hours in for something you never do. i did it for conducting. >> stephen: just pretend conducting. >> i don't know, i just-- there was something. remember bugs bunny and tom & jerry. >> stephen: exactly. >> and that was also the-- remember my baby, the cat does that in the cartoon? anyway. i was a big tom & jerry fan. and so stephen spielberg knew that. he happened to know that i had this obsession with conducting, like in grad school i created-- you know you do a thing-- i did like an m.f.a., and you create a character and i created a conductor and wrote a monologue
12:27 am
so it was something always inside of me. i said there's a project called "maestro" that he might direct. >> stephen: he might direct. >> at that time. and you would read it to maybe play the guy. i didn't know anything about leonard bernstein. i said i just wrote and directed this movie and that's really all i want to do. are you really going to direct this? and he said i'm probably not going to. and i said, "can i show you 'a star is born'? i'm just in the middle of coloring it. if you like it, can i research leonard bernstein and figure out what the story can be? he came to-- like, i'll never forget this, stephen. he came, and we're sitting there, and i'm showing him "a star is born." and he's all the way on the other side, the front row, a pretty huge screen. and it's the scene where jackson calls alley up on the stage. the whole thing. the biggest scene in the movie. and i'm sitting there, and right as she, like, just is going on to the stage, he gets up. and i thought oh, he's going to the bathroom now? that's it. it's over. if he's going to the bathroom at
12:28 am
this point in the movie where it's all literally like-- there's, like, a drum beat that starts when she quits her job, all the way-- and he gets up, he walks over, and i'm putting my head down. and i put my head down, and the next thing i feel his face and he said-- because it's loud because of the guitar. and he said, "you're ( bleep ) directing 'maestro'," and he sat back down. and it was amazing. it was amazing. >> stephen: an amazing moment. >> it was amazing. ( applause ). >> stephen: bradley, it was wonderful to have you here. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> stephen: "nightmare alley" and "licorice pizza" are in theaters now. bradley cooper, everybody. we'll be right back with a performance by robert finley with dan auerbach. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:29 am
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( applause ) >> stephen: there's maya angelo with her arms spread inside the bird silhouette. i believe it's in honor of her poem "fly like an eagle to the sea." "fly like an eagle, let me spirit carry me. fly like an eagle, till i'm free. oh, there's a solution ♪ time keeps on ticking, ticking, tick, into-- i'm being told that's the steve miller band. where's their quarter? captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh the late late show woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-ho


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