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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 11, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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several tests sites in anci to software issues. this is leading to some frustration. we will have the details coming up. a confusing time for bay area health care workers. the changing covid guidelines leaving many not sure of what to do. and the updated mark guidance that could becoming very soon from the cdc. and the local students heading back to the classrooms in just hours after several days of some deep cleaning. good morning. it's tuesday, january 11th. >> good morning to you. let's get a check of weather and traffic first starting with darren. we are in store for nice afternoons this week. >> it feels like we have turned a significant corner in
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the weather world with these daytime highs coming in to the mid-60s's with plenty of sun. you noticed that yesterday. if you missed it it's coming back today. we will do it again. sunny skies and mid-60s's. before we get to that it's kind of cold. we have santa rosa down to 39. everybody else but livermore. everybody else in the low to mid-40s's. current numbers out there tell that same story. as we take a look ahead to the forecast for the rest of the day in general there are your mid-60s's with plenty of sun. sun still not coming up at 7:25. its been stuck on that time now for quite some sometime. it'll start to switch to an earlier sunrise with in the coming days. there's your forecast for daytime highs specifically. san jose you will hit 65. 63 downtown concord. concord 60.
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we have a couple hot spots starting off on 580 eastbound. wetangle up with another car and two lanes blocked until further notice. bit of a brake. this is behind redwood road. heads up there. noncommute direction. hopefully won't cause too many problems. other than that if you are going westbound 580 we are getting first reports of a new crash. unknown if -- it's westbound 580 right around north flyn that one is blocked the number 3 lane. already starting to see a slow ride now out of tracy getting onto 580 as you head in to the pass. your travel time 30 minutes. 205 toward 680. thank you. bad news on the covid front. several public testing sites in san francisco will be closed
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due to software outages. >> this as people are rushing to get tested. this is frustrating. >> yeah. you can imagine just that frustration with this. its been hard to try to find an appointment for a test throughout the bay area. the software issue started yesterday morning. a company called color runs several testing sites in san francisco and in other cities like heyward. at around 9:00 a.m. at the testing facility on mission boulevard in heyward nursing noticed a slow down with the computer system. the check in process which normally takes seconds was taking mop than ten minutes per person. staff decided to shut the site at around 1:00 p.m. in san francisco, gates closed across the citat aro00 p.m. color last night tweeted that service would be suspended through tuesday due to outages and people with postponedda appointments would be contacted alternative testing options.
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this is especially frustrates for people waiting in line for hours. >> nothing we can do. we don't have -- we are not going to be available to go to work. >> this also comes on top of several testing sites already having to reduce hours due to staffing issues. of course we will keep you updated with any updates we get. for now back to you. >> thank you. the omicron has forced the cdc to change some of its guidelines. the governor announced health care worker that test positive that are rack natured out symptoms can show up for work. the department of health said it's not a requirement but gives hospitals flexibility in case of staffing shortages. >> there my opinion if you do not have symptoms and you feel fine and are vaccinated -- in most situations you will be okay to go out and do your thing. >> state and federal
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guidelines differ on whether to have to test out after five days after a positive test. this morning california is poised to hit a record number of hospitalizations during the pandemic. right now just over 11,000 patients are in california hospitals. health officials say by early next month they expect that number to exceed 23,000 patients. that would pass the statewide record of just under 22,000 hospitalizations which happened last january. the number of hospitalizations hit a high of 132,000. schools in the west contra costa district will reopen after they were closed the past four days to deep clean classrooms. the district was offering testing yesterday at its central office to help families prepare for the return to class. they will provide testing throughout the week. the district is reminding families they need to make
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appointments. schools are moving forward with in person learning despite the earlier plan to go all virtual. a handful of students showed up but classrooms mostly empty. the district capped its campuses to comply with state law but most stayed home. happening today san ramone school district co hosting a drive through covid vaccination colin i go for those 16 and older. the site is located at the business home branch parking garage. the first appointment is at ten this morning. san francisco, today the sf board is holding a meeting where officials expected to update covid safety and learning. this as the district is continuing in person learning after more test kits went out over the weekend. pharmacy companies pfizer and moderna said they are working to sleep an omicron booster shot. pfizer said that its version
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could be ready in march. mode are, na said it's already in trials. and starting week a 4th dose of the covid vaccine will be given to people with immune com priced diseases. the cdc recommends another dose five moss after the last vaccine. the cdc may start recommending people wear n95 or kn95 masks instead of other types. the washington post sites an unnamed official who said the agency ask considering the change. he said omicron spreads so easy that's cdc is looking at mask was better filters. some people who find the masks uncomfortable, the need to wear facial coverings consistently and correctly is also a consideration. facebook parent company meta saying will require all employees returning to the office to get a booster. meta requires all workers going to the office to be fully
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vaccinated. the company said that it'll delay it's united states office reopening date to march 28thst workers have until march 14th to decide if they want to return or work remotely full time. health experts weighing in on a viral tiktok trend. people are using home test kits to swab their throats instead of their nosess. a new study that is still being reviewed suggests throat swabs may detect the virus better than nasa l. for now doctors and the fda are saying don't do that. >> i don't know. there's just so many conflicting things. >> i think this new strain is setling down in your throat. >> if if your home rapid test came back negative a pcr test will remove all doubt. for more information on how to find a test check out the resource guide on the live news desk take age
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live look at the white house this morning where the president is gearing up for a couple of big speeches when it comes to voting rights. is he heading to atlanta today. taking a live look at capitol hill where they are set to take up the measures this week. among them national election standards including one on voter id's, same day voting registration and reducing big money in politics. then the john lewis voting rights act which forces state was a history of discrimination to clear any potential changes to election laws with the justice department. republicans dismissing as a democratic power grab and democrats in congress would need all of their members in order for this to pass. we will watch it all week long. people from the peninsula to daley city are on high alert after scores of mountain lion sightings including one big cat that stared down a woman and
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her dogs. lori came face barking at a tree in the backyard of her home. police warn people to watch out for it after it ran into another yard. >> i looked up and it was looking right down at me. the mountain lion it. was scary. i screamed a couple things i won't repeat and i ran back inside. >> a handful of people have shared their surveillance camera footage of mountain lion sightings near their homes. the big cats visit at all hours of the day. santa oosa police looking in to who vandalized a holocaust memorial. this fountain at santa rosa memorial park cemetery was damaged on friday. an employee found the fountain knocked over. the holocaust fountain was vandalized last in 2020. police asking anyone to help identity the suspects. the time is now 5:10.
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still ahead on kpix5. >> the safety concerns in one san jose neighborhood as tiles continue to fall from homes. plus the remembrance of a police officer taken way too soon. and as you head in to the pass we have a crash right around north flynn causing a back up.
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we are learning more about the deadly apartment fire that killed 17 people in new york. >> there is a possibility that a self closing door was not working probably. the fire started in the bedroom of a third floor apartment after a space heater malfunctioned. investigators say they are looking at the possibility that a door designed to close in an event of a fire didn't actually shut. that would have let smoke spread quickly in to the building and stair wells. >> the number of lives we lost were due not to actually fire but smoke. something simple as closing a door can allow firefighters to
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respond and save lives. >> this morning several people remain in the hospital. the mayor said many of the victims are immigrants. the el sorito police department is mourning one of its own arch a freak accident on i-80. the officer was off duty and was on his way home sunday when the driver of the van in front of him lost control and hit the center median. the officer had no time to stop. the 26-year-old was just week away from marking two years on the force. in a statement his department said that the officer was passionate about giving back to his community. he was everything a person could hope for in a police officer, citizen, teammate, son, brother, and friend. and a dangerous situation in one san jose neighborhood. tiles used on million dollar homes have been falling off. so far nobody has been hurt but this also isn't the first time it's happened. for people on communications hill, heavy tiles falling off
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the sides of homes has been a problem since 2018. the builder of the homes has sent crews out to fix the problem several times since but the rainy weather has caused the tiles to start falling again. >> the guy that -- tile is so heavy it would kill someone. >> people aren't happy. >> we should not be having this situation ever in our neighborhood. >> at least three homes in the neighborhood have reported loose or falling tiles in the past week. the builder said it's aware of the problem and taking steps to fix it. is travel tuesday and we are back to talk about why people are booking vacations that focus lessonspots and more on health and wellness. >> i agree. we should book one very soon. with the stress of the pandemic it's still around. travelers looking for vacation that give them a chance to rest, relax and focus more on their health.
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>> the trend is driven by two types of travelers. one, you already live a wellness lifestyle and want to incorporate those practices and protocols in to your trip or two, you want to take your vacation time and actually learn how to live a healthier life. >> that was wellness travel expert -- who said wellness travel doesn't have to break the bank. >> wellness travel can be inclusive. you don't need to stay in a luxury resort in order to enjoy nature or eat healthy or go for a walk and stay fit or have a good night sleep. >> and coming up at 6:15 one of the biggest myths on wellness travel, all right. looking at the roadways we have a lot going on. if are you getting ready to jump on 580 eastbound we have reports avenue i about i go rig accident. i just got word of chp they issued a traffic alert. this is courtesy of brian kiley
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travel around the mobile5. you can see two right lanes are blocked until further notice this crash involving another vehicle. it'll take time to clear out. looking at that you can see a lot of cars and activities still in and around the area. the two right lanes are shut down until further notice. once are you past that you can see traffic moving at the limit and it is the noncommute direction. we aren't seeing a lot of brake lights or issues because of that which is good news. we will watch that. jumping over to the maps right now we have another trouble spot. westbound 580 right around north flynn this is causing a back up here already. busy into the pass. area where we see a lot of cars baking that trek. slow from 205. stay slow to where the trouble spot is. they are working to push the cars to the right hand side. are you seeing speeds as slow as nine miles an hour. sluggish conditions continue.
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look at that travel time. 44 minutes 205 toward 680. if you are taking the east shore things quiet. no delays on highway 4. that's good news. in that ride. quiet this morning. are you looking a good through 101. in delays. live look at the bay bridge. things quiet as you head into san francisco. traffic is moving at the limit there. if are you taking the golden gate bridge that south 10 # commute. off to a great start. a 19 minute ride from highway 37 down into san francisco. no delays right now for public transit. that is a look at traffic. let's get a look at your forecast and if it was anything -- i noticed you weren't talking a lot about fog in that traffic report. so, that is a good sign. we don't have to deal with a lot of that this morning but for one small area in the north bay which is fairly typical, not to widespread. let me pinpoint that and talk about the rest of this morning. live look from the camera that sits on top of the sales force tower looking off toward the east. you can see plenty of clear
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skies that vantage point. let's put some numbers on this first. the temperature right now in santa rosa is 38 and that's where we may encounter some of that fog. 37 in livermore right now. just as cold but everybody else is in the low to mid-40s's. did you see that across the rest of the maps and the high resolution pulling owl of the different colors and the contours. it's the 0.5 that may be the most important number. that's the area where we have visibility down to a half mile right now on the out skirts of santa rosa, maybe in parts of town. that's from the airport. you are kee gointo encounter fog on the roads. we will get everybody's numbers in just one second. high clouds try to work by the time we get into the afternoon. we will notice it may not be perfectly clear blue sky. as a few high clouds start to
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filter in. it should be a nice day. all those storms in its pacific are getting rerouted up and over california. just as they approach they get driven up in to the pacific northwest where some -- pretty rainy conditions will take place. then we will see the storms go far north than that. they will continue to have it in for british columbia. nothing gets down in a pattern like that. that is a head until we got into like january 21th, 22ndnd. well toward the end of this month. even looking that far out there's not much reason to believe we will get rain back here again. this could be a dry january. seven day forecast, house you temperatures into the mid- 60s's. upper 50's for the rest of the bay and the same story playing out in the micro climate. mid-60s's for the north bay. upper 50's for the inland
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valleys. east bay. back to you. >> thank you. a live look from capitol hill this morning and just a few hours congress will pay tribute to john madden. he died two weeks ago at the age of 85. the life and legacy of. the tribute starts around 11:45 our time and you can watch it live on it's now 5:22. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> an incredible story of survive pool for a dog lost during a raging wildfire.
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we are look ahead to lunchtime forecast to help you plan this day. we will spotlight that noon to 2:00 time frame. the temperatures by then pretty much bay area wide will be the same for just about everybody. it'll be in the upper 50's. so the temperatures are just fine. got a few clouds on there. only because as we go through the late morning and into the
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afternoon we will see a few more clouds fill the sky. still a nice day. daytime highs will climb into the mid-60s's. just to get specific. there's fremont 63. santa rosa 63 for new oakland. watching high clouds show up. we will look to the rest of the. now to an incredible story of survival. i love this story. >> dogs separated from his owners during a fire was found deep in the snow. these pictures show how the dog was found after skiers spotted him. he ran away in august as the
5:27 am
caldor fire roared toward south lake tahoe. a man skiing west of tahoe saw him and posted the photographs. rescuers tracked him and brought him down on a sled. he was in good health and reunited with his family. >> what a journey. >> if he could only talk and tell that full story. >> yeah. the warning the irs this morning with tax season almost voting rights measures. and be sure to tune in for the news at five this evening. a new face as officially joined our anchoring team. ryan will be on the desk at 5:00 p.m. and then join elizabeth cook at 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. stay with us. we will be rig
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software issues causing several bay area testing sites to close today. we will tell you the details coming up. and sonoma county keeping a close eye on the rapid rising covid cases. the new restrictions starting week. and the warning from the irs and what could be a messy and frustrating tax filing season. and the voting rights message from the commander in chief and vice president as they head south today. good morning. it's tuesday, january 11th. >> good morning to you. let's get a check of weather and traffic first as we start this tuesday together. darren starts us off. >> good morning. it's a little cold out there for the inland valleys.
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no surprise there. it's pretty much what we can expect. we have gotten down to the upper 30's. most everybody else is doing mid-40s's. how did yesterday feel when you stepped outside? you can plan on that to be the case today including for the north bay where we have patchy fog just outside of santa rosa. if we look ahead to the daytime highs for today we go up a couple of degrees in yesterday. not enough to notice but it'll be a few degrees warmer. there will be plenty of sun. as we get toward the afternoon if you pay attention to this sort of thing few more high clouds you will start to fill the sky. 62 in pleasanton. fremont will hit 63. san rafael 61. livermore that was 61 for you and just to show you we are starting out the day with identify high clouds. a few more by the time we get to the afternoon. that's your specific cloud watch forecast. let's get over to gianna and see how the drive is working. it's getting busy. we start off with a traffic
5:32 am
alert on the eastbound 580 freeway. that's where chp is crews working on a big rig crash. the two right lanes blocked until further notice. a wit of a back up. four and five lanes are closed as well as the eastbound on- ramp. that's shut down as they work to clear the crash. it's now noncommute direction. things moving better the rest of the bay. westbound not seeing any brake lights. if you are going in to the pass things busy. down to eight miles an hour on the mapping system. sluggish conditions. that's due to super commuters. it gets busy. we have this crash right around north flynn. a slow ride in to the pass with your travel time now officially an hour. 60 minutes to go from 205 toward 680. stay home for the next month is what residents of
5:33 am
sonoma are hearing morning health leaders. >> the health officer said transmission of covid is taking over the county so they are urging people to stay home. justin andrews has more on this new order. >> sonoma county health are hoping the next 30 days will prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and cu rb the spread. if you live here health leaders asking that you only leave your homes for necessary trips so we are talking places like work, school, or maybe the grocery store. this takes effect today and goes through february 11th. based on data it appears half of the county's cases coming from large gathering. sonoma county health health leaders saying the case rates at a higher level than they have seen since the beginning of the pandemic. >> numbers of covid positive cases in the emergency department is much higher than it has been during previous surges. i think this is the time.
5:34 am
i think that -- people need to understand this is not going away. >> the county is canceling gatherings of 50 people inside and 100 people outside. they say hopefully that will he will stop the spread. testing trouble across the bay is causing frustration this morning. some sites having to shut down yesterday due to software issues. >> we are here to show you the struggle to get tested is far from over. >> that's right. for some people they were waiting in lines for hours before being turned away. the problem was with the registration and sample software for color. in heyward it started at around 9:00 a.m. at the testing facility on mission boulevard. the nurses noticed a slow down with the computer system. the check in process usually takes seconds instead it took more than ten minutes per person. staff closed the site at around
5:35 am
one in the afternoon. in san francisco, gates closed across the city at around 2:00 p.m. and this also comes as several sites had to reduce hours already due to staffing shortages and as people rushed to find a test. >> i would be visiting family. when i went to try to book one i was only able to do it like two weeks out. then the one that were like rapid, like available now you had to pay for. it was ettydifficult to figure out. >> this is continuing into today. this is what color tweeted out late last night. they are say they are suspending service at their department of public health testing site. if your appointment was postponed they will be in touch with alternative options this is the locations. the color operated operations by the san francisco department of public health and we have a list of those locations on for now back to you. the live news desk. we are watching potential changes when it comes to
5:36 am
masking recommendations. we are hearing the cdc k people to wear n95 or kn95 mask itself they are available rather than the cloth masks which just aren't as protective. at the beginningst pandemic the cdc didn't specify it because of a shortage and they needed to be reserved for health care workers. now there are a lot more on the market. now may be the time. nothing official from the cdc yet. we will watch it. back to you. a new study finds kids miss behave more over when they are learning from home. at least according to their parents. hundreds of parents said that there are morin stances of aggression, withdrawal and inattention when children are learning remotely. the situation improves when kids switch to hybridlearning and it gets bet her they go to school full time. a live look at san jose
5:37 am
where city leaders spoke about expanding voting rights for all residents including undocumented citizens. >> also making sure that we expand the right to vote for nonunited states citizens. this is a novel idea but not a new idea. it's starting to seep the country. >> according to county data it's thought that over 200,000 undocumented residents live in santa clara county. happening today the president will be heading to georgia. this is in an effort to renew his push for new voting rights measures. he will be joined by the vice president. they are set to make the case for democratic votes bill that expand votings and put in sweeping federal changes to voting laws. democrats are preparing to vote on both as soon as this week. a federal judge in washington is considering
5:38 am
whether three civil lawsuits against former president trump can proceed. two of those suits bay area congressmen and other house democrats accuse trump of inciting the january 6th riot. police filed the third seeking damages for physical and emotional harm. lawyers for the former president argue that he can't be sued under immunity rules. the irs is urging people to file their 2021 tax returns online and to not put it off this tax season. the agency anticipates most taxpayer that file online and choose direct deposit will get their refund with in 21 days. they will start taking them in two weeks. covid or not they said it has no plans to extend the deadline beyond april 18th. in your money watch who take banking groups are doing so their employees get vaccinated. plus a second starbucks store
5:39 am
unionizes. joining us live in new york is money watch reporter diane king hall. good morning to you. >> good morning. it's job verses the ja b at jp morgan chase for some soon. the ceo said the company won't pay people not to work in their office and it wants work terse get vaccinated with the warning chase seems to be following in city group which said it'll start firing workers soon who don't get vaccinated. a second starbucks store is now unionizes. they voted in december but the results were on hold while bein challenged. the national labor relations board threw some out from employee that didn't work at the store giving the union a 15- 9 victory. united states green house gases rose 6.2% in 2021. it's a reversal after emissions fell more than 10% in 2020 when the world shut town at the
5:40 am
start of the pandemic. the group said coal plants and road transportation, mainly trucking saw the biggest jumps in emissions. and arby's has what it calls the spiceyest sandwhich on the market. sounds like this sandwhich has a lot going on. >> yes. would you dare try the diablo dare. the sandwhich has five sources of spice including ghost, pepper jack cheese and hot seasoning. the restaurant is even throwing in a free 12-ounce milk shake if you can't handle the heat. >> eat that sandwhich and then combine that with the milk shake. you must have a stomach of steel for sure. >> you have to. if you are going to mix that together. i mean look. you know, i -- i would need something to wash that down. i can't do it by itself. >> probably some pepto. i will stick with the curly fries. thank you. we will see you coming up in the next hour to talk the stock
5:41 am
market. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. if may sound like an imaginary character straight out of a book. why scientists are teacherring fish to drive. and the baseball player pinch hitting as a substitute teacher giving students quite the surprise at school. and we are going to take a look in the pacific and watch the storms continue to try to get here. just how likely is it any of them will over the next six days? what about over the next ten days if forecast on this is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ you twist it like this.
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ahh... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ earth is reaching a critical flesh hopped. new data shows our planet's temperature continues to rise. the group said that 2021 was the 5th warmest year on record. scientists say every decade has been warmer than the previous what that is likely to continue. extreme weather is costing the united states billions of dollars. weather disasters are cost the united states $750 billion over its past five years. 20 disasters in 2021 cost the country at least a billion dollars each. they include a historic deep freeze in texas, a heat wave drought in the west and a
5:45 am
deadly hurricane that left devastation from the gulf coast to the northeast. 2021 was quite the year. it is 5:45. let's get a check of the weather here at home. also traffic. >> and we are getting spoiled with these temperatures compared to last week. >> we are. this is going to be a quiet period for the next week and a half. it had been a very active winter so far with the big river in october. a very busy december. getting some time off now for the next week. take a look outside. the view from treasure island looking back toward the city. its clear. a few high clouds. we will see more throughout the day. it's the patchy fog that i want to focus on. the north bay starting to see that develop. first thing we will look at are the current numbers. we are doing the same drill in the inland valleys. the upper 30's. livermore are you also in the upper 30's in the tri valley is also there. everybody else is in the 40's and we are sleeping patchy fog in the north bay in and around
5:46 am
sonoma. just outside santa rosa. visibility is going down a bit. its not widespread. not like we have significant fog issues this morning. it's just like yesterday. the daytime high today will be similar to yesterday. maybe a degree or two warmer. i doubt you will notice much change there. so, how long does it stay like this? if we look out in to the pacific there are a lot of storms. you would think we would be able to get in on the act. watch what happens. all the storms get pulled up to the north. there is the first one. there is the next one out there. i could do that for the next week and a half on the future cast and we will see it remaining the same. when we look at the long range forecast. there's two ways to do this. six to ten days. this is the map for what the likelihood is for precipitation. how is the degree of confidence of being above or below average? there's a bulls eye on california showing us we will stay likely below average for the next six to ten days. you will see that in the seven
5:47 am
day forecast. we will go far out. instead of six to ten we go eight to 14 and now you see a higher degree of confidence on here. centered on california. the deeper shades of brown where we are more likely to stay below average for precipitation. you start to get in to the deep shades of brown and that starts to tell a story here. we should probably get used to the idea. we are out of the storm track for a while. in the meantime daytime highs in the low to mid-60s's and just a few clouds here or there. that's all we have here going across the rest of the next seven days and probably a little more beyond that. how is the drive looking out there this morning? good morning. we have a couple hot spots. let's start off with the live look on the freeways. you know we are moving okay overall this is as you take that drive through cast valley. westbound conditions look good. it's eastbound where we have our hot spots this morning if you are headed in to area.
5:48 am
we will jump over to the maps. traffic alert eastbound 580 right around -- around redwood. it's two right lanes block blocked until further notice. this is day to a big rig crash. it is been out there for some time. it's affecting the off ramp as well as the redwood off ramp. noncommute directions. not seeing a lot of brake lights. in fact as i zoom out here you can see some okay speeds in and w briakiley area. traveling westbound and things moving at the limit. just a heads up and as things get busier we will let you know if things change. that ride westbound 5 # 0. at least the portion out of tracy getting onto 580 itself. there is a crash near north flynn. it's on the right shoulder. down about eight miles an hour. that's an extra busy ride this morning. an hour for your commute 205 toward 680. all clear on highway 4 and 101. east shore freeway starting to back up. seeing showed speeds down about
5:49 am
nine miles an hour this is due to a crash westbound 80. not to far from that highway 4 connector. the number two lane blocked. traffic is busy westbound through that area. through hecluses. looks betser the rest of the way toward the bay bridge. traffic moving okay as you work into san francisco. new study out of israel found a fish are capable of navigating on land. >> and not only that but they have trained them to drive. this research team developed what they call a fish operated vehicle. the car is fitted with a technology that uses laser light to see the vehicle's location and the fish's where abouts inside a water tank. a computer camera, electric motors and wheels given the fish master control. >> surprisingly it doesn't take the fish a long time to learn how to drive the vehicle. they are very confused at first. they tonight know what is in
5:50 am
th verquick e coatiotween veand thme ofthe ine they are in. >> researchers say that some fish were better drivers than others just like humans. >> just like people. surprise for some elementary school students in st. louis. >> they were told they were getting a substitute pe teacher. who they got was a local hero. st. louis cardinals out fielder harrison bater. he joined them for gym class and tried to beat them at their own game. >> the game that they played, they had a lot more success than i did. i have had more success on the field playing in front of the st. louis fans. >> he won a gold glove for his play. he said he will stick to baseball and leave teaching to the real pros. >> how fun is that? i feel when i was a kid i was out of the loop with sports. i wouldn't have known who he was. >> just kind of clap. >> sure the parent was all about it. >> right this is someone cool
5:51 am
i think. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> clay aiken wowed audience was his singing voice and you no he wants to use his voice in congress. the former american idol newest bid in politics. and coming up on the drew barrymore show, scream stars stop by for a chat. that's today add 2:00. and after our show stick around for a cbs mornings. gayle, tony and nate with the
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if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene.
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together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials.
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view thimog. istop ount diablo. seeing outheg toward concord and the diablo valley. that's a good sign we can see them. for many mornings it was clouded over. we are waking township relatively clear skies. patchy fog in the north bay. ly spotlight that in the complete forecast and the view from the top of the mark hopkins shows us we are still waiting for the early morning light of the sun rides. bundle up if you are getsing ready to step outside in the north bay. all long 101 we are in the upper 30's.
5:55 am
time now for a look at this morning's enter tapement. clay aiken sang his way into american homes in 2003 and said now he again wants to use his voice to represent north carolina in congress. he is running as a democrat in north carolina's 6th district. in 2014 he ran but was defeated in the state's second district. he said he wants to focus on progressive policies like voting rights and income inequality. two more seasons of emily in paris. the netflix series follows emily who is hired by a french marketing firm to offer an american perspective. the show premiered july of 2020 and found a devoted following among people stuck at home during the pandemic. it's a very cute show. a new super man is coming to the small screen and.
5:56 am
the cw's latestbecomes a hero. we spoke to the star about what makes her character different than your typical superhero. >> she is regular but not that regular. you will find out in the show. she starts to uncone over her powers. she is still special. and he is confident. she owns the third biggest super man fan site in the world and is, you know it's a coming of age story. she a teen, she is there high school and loves everybody around here and the people around here are special. >> you can watch it at nine tonight. it is now 5:56. still ahead and streaming for you on cbsn bay area. it's a move we haven't seen since 2020. the bay area county urging you to stay home. starting at midnight. and software outages forcing several covid testing sites to close down. the rush this morning to find
5:57 am
an appointment in san francisco. and here is he live look outside before we head to break. we will be right back.
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one north ban county saying stay home. >> and san francisco testing sites shut down. the software outage creating all the trouble and what it mean itself you have an appointment. >> an east bay school district about to reopen its doors after a days long deep cleaning. what the district plans to reassure families they are staying sava midthe surge. what is going on in san
6:01 am
jose in the dangerous situio


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