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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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how a falling tile slid through a copper water pipe on the back of his roof, causing a leak. neighbors have had similar problems. >> we should not be having this situation ever in her neighborhood. >> reporter: but, it has happened before, certainly at after these million-dollar homes were built in late 2017. the ceramic tiles used for decorative siding began falling off. kb home, which billed the neighborhood, hired contractors to tear down and reinstall the tiles on 70 homes. here is what one neighbor said then. quot they are committed to the safety and satisfaction of customers and we appreciate their patience as we take the appropriate steps to repair the small number of homes that have been affected. the neighbor with the following tiles is patching up the damage and says that is just part of the solution. >> the tiles are really heavy. this needs to be really checked. >> reporter: in san jose, len
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ramirez, kpix 5. bay area schools are struggling to keep school open after the 19 cases surge . ryan yamamoto joins us now with more details. >> reporter: milpitas schools will offer in-person learning despite an earlier plan to go all virtual even though those campuses are open, students say they were mostly empty classrooms today. a handful of students showed up who prefer in-person learning. the district kept its campuses open to comply with state law, but most students stayed at home anyway. >> the most i have had in any of my classes was to people. >> if the numbers keep increasing, they should do what is best for the people and have distance-learning if it is best for some, have that as an option. >> reporter: in fremont, students went back to class today after winter k. school distrihandou than 30,000 rapid covid-19 test last week. officials said attendance was lower today as they expected, since many students were still waiting for negative test results before returning to class.
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meanwhile, west contra costa county unified school district was closed again today. that district offering testing at its central office for students returning to the classroom tomorrow. the hayward unified school district now reverting back to virtual instruction for at least another week. this comes after more than 500 students tested positive for covid-19, and more than half of the classes for missing teachers. >> thanks. this evening, pharmaceutical companies pfizer and moderna say they are working to develop an omicron specific covid-19 booster shot. pfizer's ceo says it's version could be ready in march. moderna says it's booster is already in trials. starting this week, a fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine will be given to people with immuno compromising diseases. the cdc recommends getting another dose five months after the last vaccine. for information on how to find a covid-19 test, vaccine, or
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booster shot, you can check out our resource guide, let's take a look at the state capitol from fighting climate to climate change. governor newsom announcing his plans on spending more than $200 billion. the proposed budget is broken down into five categories. the state calls california's existential threats. it calls for $2.7 billion to fight covid-19, which includes more testing, vaccines and boosters and support for hospitals. the proposal also includes 22 billion to combat climate change, including a $6 billion drought package and $1.2 billion to fight wildfires. an additional report, perhaps no important than helping our weary wildfire fighters. they are overwhelmed and stressed. >> there also is to make california the first state to provide healthcare for everyone under the health plan
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regardless of immigration status. you can watch 24 seven, streaming, on cbsn bay area, or on the kpix 5 news app. now to a developing story out of san jose. authorities are investigating a fire at an apartment building that may have been intentionally set. flames broke out late last night at this two-story victorian home on north sixth street. cruz knocks down the fire about 2:00 this morning. all seven people and three cats were displaced. we are told that no one was hurt. arson investigators are looking into the cause of that fire. the winter rains have looked good so far but will they continue or shut off completely, like they did back in 2021? gauging the optimism in healdsburg, a city that ran out of water last year. >> reporter: people in healdsburg suffered a scary drought season in 2021. while the new year has started in a promising way, most are not taking the availability of
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water for granted anymore. >> reporter: you cannot blame the people of hillsboro for having a wait and see attitude about the condition of the russian river after the summer they just went through. >> a sense of panic when you realize that your major water source is dwindling every day. >> it was scary. the summer was scary. we didn't have any water in the river. >> reporter: then in october came the first atmospheric river, turning the russian river itself back into a river again. >> like, is it going to be more? it will be more, right? >> reporter: with it's only water supply, lake mendocino, rapidly drying up, the town was forced to drop water consumption by 40%, and managed to do even better than that. now the rains are turning brown lawns green again but became a bit too late for brent mortensen, who lost about half the landscaping in his front yard. >> we kept losing bushes and trees. when the rains came, we were overjoyed.
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>> reporter: overjoyed? sure. but, most here do not have a lot of faith that what weather will continue. lake mendocino has begun to refill and is up to about 55% of capacity. the city utilities director, terry crowley, is happy about that. >> we have recovered quite a bit, from a low of around 30, or slightly less. big improvement. we still have a long ways to go before we hit our winter storm target there. >> reporter: the city has learned its lesson and is preparing for a new backup water supply, a series of wells drilled down to an aquifer which can be recharged by injecting water underground during times of plenty. but, that will take years to construct and after what they just went through, the residents seem resigned to the idea that the problem is not over for them. spotted on think anybody who has lived here any amount of time ever takes their eye off the ball. you know? you're always aware that it could stop tomorrow, and this could be it for us. we could get no more rain the
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rest of the year. so, we had better take care of what we've got. >> reporter: john ramus, kpix 5. the utilities director says we are in a la niña weather pattern which means there will be probably a line in california separating above and below average rainfall. the big question now is on what side of the line will the bay area end up? still ahead, cbsn bay area, a wild scene in a bay area community. >> i noticed this big tail hanging down and i thought oh my god, what is that? >> the close encounter one neighbor had with a mountain lion. back to the rain situation, things are looking good. everyone is at least at 130% of normal. rainfall through january 10th. problem is, we will not add much to this over the next couple of weeks. we take a look at a dry seven- day forecast, coming up. later, a dog who went missing during a raging wildfire is back home safe. the incredible rescue out of tahoe.
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our other top story this evening, a covid-19 testing mess in san francisco.
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the city had to cut its hours and then an outage of forced sites to completely shut down as thousands rust rush to get swabbed. the states positivity rate continues to skyrocket. here is a look at the numbers. the seven day positivity rate now stands at more than 22%. andria borba is live in san francisco with more on what went wrong today. andria? >> reporter: elizabeth, today was supposed to be the beginning of temporary reduced testing capacity and hours at a city run sites here in the san francisco. a software glitch moved the testing from slow in san francisco to completely nonexistent by the end of the afternoon. >> reporter: the warning signs of trouble brewing began early at testing sites. >> when i got here their system was down so the line was long. when the system came up it started moving very quickly. >> reporter: the department of public health, operated by color labs were already facing
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reduced hours and staffing shortages. employees who were supposed to be running sites and processing nasal swabs in a lab were sick themselves. but, at 2:10 p.m., gates closed across the city. the problem, intermittent outages with patient sample collection and registration software. in a statement, colors that we will restore service at these locations as soon as possible. for anyone his appointments were postponed, today, color will be in touch with alternative testing options. district 6 supervisor matt haney says there needs to be more testing hours, and better guidance from sentences go department of public health. >> if the department of public health is telling you, if you feel sick or you have been exposed, get tested, but you cannot get a test, it is a huge problem, because it is creating a tremendous amount of anxiety and uncertainty. panic, even. people are showing up at emergency rooms, they are
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calling 911. >> reporter: residents reliant on those testing sites say with another winters urge upon us, this is the moment city and color officials should have been prepared for. >> it is sad. i know that omicron is spreading really badly and it is affecting a lot of industries. i definitely feel like that is disappointing. i definitely feel the city should have kept up with that. >> ondrea, how long is the city's testing capacity going to be impacted by all of this? will they be back up and running tomorrow, do you think? >> reporter: in a statement, color said their engineers are actively working on the software problem and they hope to get service returned to those testing sites as soon as possible. as for the capacity and staffing issues from dph they said it was only temporary, but of course, there was no end date given as to when that temporary status might end. >> sure. they don't know who will test positive next and what their staffing will look like. >> reporter: exactly. >> thank you. it was not just san francisco. the computer glitch also impacted a testing facility in hayward. it all started this morning
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when he nurse noticed a slowdown. la familia, the non-for profit service provider who runs this site shut it down and told hundreds of people in line to go home. >> nothing we can do. we are not going to be available to go to work. >> i understand that we are having a surge, the system is on overload. at the same time, if you are going to take this work on, you've got to be ready and you got to be ready to take on this type of load. >> reporter: to help ramp up testing efforts across the state, california just activated 200 national guard members to help tackle the backlog. they were at this testing site in los angeles county. this evening we are learning of a tragic crash that took the life of an el cerrito police officer. police say officer jared bernstein was on his way home from work yesterday when his car struck a van which lost control on the freeway. it happened on eastbound i-80 west of san pablo dam road just after 6:00 a.m.
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chp is investigating. santa rosa police are looking into who vandalized a holocaust memorial. police say this fountain at santa rosa memorial park cemetery was damaged on friday. and employee found the fountain knocked over. the holocaust fountain was previously vandalized in 2020. police are asking anyone to help identify the suspects. right now, daly city police are searching for a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood's. chopper five was overhead earlier today. this area of westmore avenue and baldwin avenue, police say the mountain lion was spotted there. one residents told us about her encounter with the big cat. >> on the upper level of the yard, i noticed this big tail hanging down and i was like, oh my god, what is that? i walked closer and looked right and it was looking right down at me. >> unmistakable. as of this evening, there is no sign of the mountain lion. police do warn people to be careful. a life look now at san
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jose, where city leaders spoke about expanding immiscible voting rights for all residents, including undocumented citizens. >> making sure that we expand the right to vote for non-us citizens. this is a novel idea, but not a new idea. it is starting to sweep the country. >> reporter: according to county data it is estimated that over 200,000 undocumented residents live in santa clara county. time to bring paul back in, we are in a repeat pattern, but there is no moisture in that repeat. >> no. at this point in the rainy season it is not unusual to have a couple weeks of dry weather. we will hope it is only that and we can get back into the wet weather pattern that we have enjoyed for the most part so far during the rainy season. this dry stretch of weather means clear skies tonight and cool to chilly temperatures but normally chilly for mid-january.
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dry weather continues all week with occasional passing clouds. very low odds of those clouds squeezing out speckles or showers. cool nights and mild afternoons will be the trend through the rest of this week and into the martin luther king holiday weekend. future cast does show passing clouds tonight, possible into tomorrow. the bulk of the fog is going to be in the central valley as opposed to spilling into inland parts of the east bay or bay area. that is the trend for the next couple of nights. i think later on we will see fog developing around the bay area but plain old clouds overhead wednesday night into thursday. thursday looks like the cloudiest day that we have the radar simulation turned on, it is just not showing any hint of green, anywhere close to us to indicate the chance of a passing shower. without any rain there is nothing to wash the haze out of the atmosphere. moderate category for air quality, just barely into the moderate category for bay area today. similar conditions tomorrow and moderate across the board on wednesday. some improvement with a wind
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shift on thursday but then the threat into the moderate category on friday. it doesn't look like the air quality will get worse than that but we will keep you updated through this week. just get to seeing that little brown smudge on the horizon with hayes hanging out. right now, a bit of light on the horizon as we look to the west. sunset times are getting a little bit later as we make our way into january. it is nice to see even a hint of light out there after 6:00 in the evening. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 50s. those numbers will end up in the upper 30s tomorrow morning. a cool start and then temperatures will bounce back. it looks like a nice day for apollo and antioch. doesn't look like passing clouds will bother him or like anything brothers this dog. temperatures warming up to around 60 degrees for the bay area which will be one of the cooler ratings on the map. a lot of us will reach into mid- 60s. after the chilly start tomorrow morning, mid-40s around the bay with upper 40s along the coast. temperatures by noon should warm up rapidly, well into the 50s for most of us by lunchtime. temperatures in most locations are getting up to above 60 degrees during the afternoon. into the low 60 for santa rosa,
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just above low 60s for santa rosa. and mid-60s for the santa clara valley. probably the warmest day of the forecast. temperatures will back off a bit wednesday into thursday but the coolest days in the seven- day outlook bring us to near- normal temperatures. we can handle that intimate january. martin luther king day weekend is looking good, including the holiday itself on monday. passing clouds overhead but again, no rain chances at all in the seven-day forecast. likely for the next couple of weeks. we will keep looking, there. >> thanks. we are right with you. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. a lot of news to cover tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. a cbs news exclusive. the urgent plea from the red cross as the innate nationwide blood shortage has reached a critical level. the steps we here at cbs news will take to try to help. that's coming up on a cbs evening news. 49er empire?
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check your calendar. it is dallas playoff week. what happens now? well, underdogs again. they are used to it. anything can happen in this nfl tournament. streaming today on a cbsn bay area, pcr versus rapid testing. we ask a local doctor in the age of omicron, which one is better? that is at 8:15. we are always on and on the
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nfl up top. 49ers are done talking about quarterback jimmy garoppolo's injured right thumb. the treatment, today, film study. me plin y's dallas the niners don't qualify for this playoff run without an epic 17 point come back at the rams in overtime. after robbie gold put up three. pretty but needed a stop. look at embry thomas coming down with an interception. the 49ers ticket to postseason. the 49ers three point underdogs at the cowboys next sunday at
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1:30. you can watch it right here on kpix followed by the fifth quarter post game show with mark laverne and lorenzo neal. bay area raider nation, derrick larr has not forgotten you. he needed a tie against the charges for a playoff spot and daniel carson's walkoff field- goal as time expired sealed it, eliminating the charges, 35-32, vegas travels to play cincinnati next saturday. before all that, what were derrick larr's immediate thoughts? >> my hat came off, someone is going to make a meme of my hair with some home alone guy hair or something. wolverine. >> nba, the warriors flew to memphis for tuesday game at the grizzlies. it allows us to catch our breath after the other big sunday sports story. klay thompson earned a special game ball, presented by curry's
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son. >> he was back big. dumped over to cleveland defenders, and give me a play face. yeah. he had not played since the 2019 nba finals. 941 days, because of injuries. thompson scored 17 points in 21 minutes, put up 18 shots. >> it was a very special moment. i will never forget. i'm not to say it was equivalent to winning a championship but it was pretty freaking close. >> reporter: why were these fans celebrating in the streets in melbourne, australia? news of tennis start novak djokovic had spread. a judge overturned the decision to cancel his visa. he is now allowed to compete in the australian open. djokovic was unvaccinated but given a special exemption to defend his title.
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shout out to andrew luck, the former stanford quarterback selected to the college football hall of fame. luck is right up there with john elway and jim puckett on stanford's mt. rushmore of quarterbacks. he retired from the nfl in 2019. shout out, alyssa lou, the two- time u.s. figure skating champion out of richmond selected to the 2022 winter olympic team. way to go alyssa. >> that is great news. >> cannot wait for the games
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finally this evening, and incredible story of survival. >> a dog separated from his owners during a raging wildfire was found deep in the snow. take a look. the tahoe pause organization posted the photos showing how the dog was found after a skier spotted him. russ is a pitbull terrier mix. ran away in august as the caldor fire roared toward south lake tahoe. last month a man skiing saw arras and posted photos online. rescuers tracked the animal in heavy snow and brought them down on a sled. russ in good health, within days he was reunited with his family. i am told the skier thought he was dead, did not even realize he was alive until russ opened his eyes.
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>> unbelievable. amazing. unfortunately, dogs can't talk or tell us about the harrowing experience that he no doubt had. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the new information that we're learning about new york city's deadliest fire in decades, and the warning about space heaters just as a cold arctic blast takes aim at the northeast. at least 17 people killed, including eight children, but the concern tonight that the death toll could rise with more than a dozen still hospitalized. the horrifying account of a woman who narrowly escaped. >> i was hearing people, you know, yell, "help me, help me." >> o'donnell: new vaccines? omicron shots could be ready by march. what you need to know. plus, we go inside the largest children's hospital where there's a record number of kids hospitalized. tax delay, could covid impact your refund check?


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