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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 10, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. you are watching kpix news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new at 5:30, california police officers relive the moment they pulled a pilot from his plane, just seconds before a train hit. we check in with a bay area emergency room doctor about the stress on the front lines. a new policy that lets healthcare workers return to work even after a positive covid-19 test. top story at 5:30, our look out over seven cisco where people seem to be following one covid-19 request but ignoring another. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. people dealing with omicron symptoms are stressing the system. wilson walker has more on
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how they are showing up at sf general. >> reporter: another busy here and a lot of those showing up, cannot find a test anywhere else. >> my wife needs to get a test because she is coughing everything she has covid-19. >> reporter: it was a nonstop flow of people in sentences go general today, many getting desperate as other sites got overwhelmed or shut down. >> here, the line was around the block. people are just waiting. i think some people have been there over an hour just waiting. if you don't have an appointment, you are not making it in. >> reporter: the testing crowds are just one challenge. >> do not call 911 to ask for a covid-19 test or because you have a cold, or minor flu symptoms. >> reporter: on saturday, the city warned of stress on its 911 system. since then, call volume has fallen back toward normal. then, there is hospital staff. >> just like the 911 system, not just sentences go general, but every emergency department and hospital in the city is
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impacted by the current omicron surge, not just because of the patients we are taking care of, but also because many of our staff are out, either sick with covid-19 themselves or because they are quarantining because we have had a high risk encounter. >> the weight for my wife today will probably be an hour or two. >> reporter: at one point the staff decided the line was long enough for today and those without appointments were sent home. >> that is just what happened to me today. i walked in and i thought maybe it won't be too bad. everyone there said i'm here for testing, they said no, we are probably not going to make it because there is a cut off time at 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: the hospital says they have had people walk into the emergency room to demand a test. as you can see, they really are just about maxed out here, starting to turn people away a little bit after lunch time. in sentences go, wilson walker,
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kpix 5. we are joined by dr. maria raven, chief of emergency medicine with ucsf. dr., thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you have been on the frontlines of covid-19 since the first day of the pandemic in 2020. how is the strain on healthcare workers now compared to previous surges? what are you seeing? >> it is a little different, i think, when we had previous surges with other variants, we were thinking more when our patients came in about, are we going to have this patient in respiratory distress that we will need to put on a ventilator? now it is different with omicron, we are actually seeing more patients come into the emergency department that are positive at 19, but the vast majority, we are able to send home because they are not as sick. >> that's good news. when you are having people come in, do you find they are actually able to be released quicker because they are recovering quicker? >> i cannot speak to that as much because i'm not on the inpatient side, but i can say
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that people are coming in, by and large are not admitted and they are able to go home especially if they are vaccinated. >> reporter: are you seeing more people come in that are vaccinated or folks admitted to the hospitals tends to be unvaccinated? >> the people that i have admitted, when i have been on duty have been those that have been unvaccinated. the other subset of folks that are vaccinated are folks who may not have as great of an antibody response. so, if they are seriously immunosuppressed, or how to transplant and are immunosuppressant medications they're getting transplant treatment but largely it is the unvaccinated. >> experts are predicting this omicron surge to peek relatively soon in the next week or two. do you think that the hospital can take anymore strain from this? >> i think people are pretty tapped out at this point, to be honest with you. we have been doing this for almost 2 years, now, and it has been, you know, guidance chain
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after guidance change, variant after variant. now with omicron, even though the disease itself is not as severe, we are facing staffing shortages because it is so contagious and people are having to call out. >> california allowing healthcare workers who test positive to return to work immediately, if they are asymptomatic. th have the rus. so, k about this? should people be able to come back to work if they test positive, but if they don't feel sick? >> that is a great question. my feeling on this, especially in areas where there are critical staffing shortages, i think this is good policy. in the age of previous strains, we know that before vaccinations, when we were just wearing ppe, the amount of provider to patient transmission was very low, it was minuscule. and, now, not only do we have
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our ppp, we also have good treatments for covid-19, and we are vaccinated and boosted. i think the risk of somebody transmitting when they are vaccinated and boosted with their ppe on if they are asymptomatic even if they are positive is less of a risk than the risk of severe staffing shortages. >> that is a great point. word that pfizer and moderna are working on omicron specific boosters, do you think that now in the midst of this search, that is a good idea? or do you think the boosters we have are doing their job? >> i think the boosters that we have, and frankly just the vaccines that we have, are doing their job at preventing severe illness and hospitalization and death. that may not be the ideal for people, people do not want to get infected, period . the fact of the matter is, it is extremely contagious, and
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people are getting infected in very high numbers. but yes, the good news is, they are preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death, in the vast majority of cases. i think when the time to develop a booster for omicron we are probably going to be on for the next variant. >> that seems to be the case. dr. maria raven, thank you so much, not only for meeting with us here today but also your service in the hospital. i know it has not been an easy two years and we are so grateful for you and your staff. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. facebook parent company mehta announcing it will require all employees returning to the office to get a booster shot. mehta always requires all workers going to the office be fully vaccinated. the company says it will delay its u.s. 3 office opening date. workers have until march 14th to decide if they want to return or work remotely full- time. for information on how to find a covid-19 test vaccine and booster shot check out our resource guide on live look at san jose, supervisors for santa clara county have declared a public crisis in mental health and substance abuse.
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they say too many people are suffering and going without the care that they need. >> despite continued investment and the addition of new programs by county government, the reality is that our mental health and substance abuse services are overwhelmed by increasing demand and higher acuity needs. >> county supervisors say they are determined to team up with partner organizations on mental health in the same way they have addressed the coronavirus. the el cerrito police department is mourning the loss of one of their officers. police say officer jared bernstein died in a car crash, yesterday. it happened on eastbound i-80 near san pablo road after 6:00 in the morning. police say officer bernstein was on his way home from work when his car struck a van that lost control on the freeway. chp says they are investigating the accident. officer bernstein had been with the el cerrito police department
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since february of 2020. santa rosa police are looking into who vandalized the holocaust memorial. police say this fountain at santa rosa memorial park cemetery was damaged on friday. an employee found the fountain knocked over, the holocaust fountain was previously vandalized back in 2020. police are now asking anyone to help identify the suspects. coming up, a lot of people with a new warning against online pet scams and how you ca who is headlining bottle rock this year and when you can get your hands on tickets. as bay area counties a struggle to keep up with covid- 19 tests, one local city is cutting back hours at several sites. there is a dangerous situation in this san jose neighborhood, with heavy tiles falling off the outside walls onto the ground below. what neighbors are saying about the hazards.
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the irs is urging people to file their 2021 tax returns online, and not to procrastinate this tax season. the agency anticipates that most taxpayers who file electronically and choose a direct deposit will receive their refund within 21 days. the irs announced it will begin accepting 2021 tax returns two weeks from today and, covid-19 or not, the agency says right now it has no plans to extend the deadline beyond april 18th. a bay area videogame developer is being acquired. take two interactive, the maker of the grand theft auto videogame series is buying zynga, a san francisco-based mobile gaming company behind farmville and words with friends. the cash and stock acquisition deal is reportedly valued at about $12.7 billion. bottle rock organizers have
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announced this year's music festival. at the top of the list is metallica. the bay area's biggest selling group ever. other headliners include pink, 21 pilots and country artist luke holmes. more than 75 act will play at the three-day festival which happens may 27th through the 29th at the napa valley expo in downtown napa. online ticket sales begin tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. check it out at for
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novak djokovic in australia, fans of the tennis superstar erupted into cheers after the australian officials released him from the tension and the judge ruled he can have a visa which would allow the world's number one tennis player to compete in next week's australian open. this all comes after djokovic, having been a detained at the border because he recently recovered from covid-19 and is not vaccinated. and australian judge has since ordered the government to restore his visa, which had been canceled when he landed. >> we are grateful for the justice system of australia and i am sure that the truth will be truthful all the way. >> reporter: djokovic may be deported and the government
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could still decide to cancel his visa again tomorrow. the australian open is set to begin one week from today. the better business bureau says online pet scans continue to be a problem during the pandemic. >> anthony pareto has more on how to protect yourself. >> reporter: two years after ashley rounds dogmatics passed away, she decided it was time to get another doberman. >> my family always send me links to different breeders. >> reporter: brown fell in love with a puppy she saw on a website called james doberman. she reached out to the sites contact page and exchanged several text messages. she says, eventually paid nearly $3000 to have the puppy shipped. but, the dog never arrived. >> we showed up at the airport and he was not there. we went out and bought new bedding, new crates. all kinds of new toys. >> reporter: brown showed screenshots of four different payments she said she made with credit cards and a payment tab for the dog in shipping. we reached out to the website
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and were told in a series of emails, that she never sent such amounts of money, and that james doberman is no scam. >> i followed up with him once per week for three or four weeks, asking again for my refund, but i obviously didn't get it. >> reporter: pet scams exploded during the pandemic. reports filed with the better business bureau show the amount of money americans lost tripled in 2020, compared with the previous year. >> reporter: what would be a major red flag? >> there are no obvious red flags. >> reporter: steve baker says there are ways to make sure the puppy is real. >> ask the seller to do so sort of videoconference, zoom or something like that, holding the puppy. >> reporter: check which offers a list of potentially fake sites and do an image search. we found the same picture of the puppy brown wanted on another breeders facebook page posted one year ago. >> i don't think i would purchase one online, i think i
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would always go there in person. >> reporter: brown plans to continue her search, hoping to get another dog like maddox. anthony pereira, cbs news, los angeles. switching gears, a surprise for elementary school students in st. louis. >> a great day at school. they told they were getting a substitute pe teacher, who they got was a local hero. st. louis cardinals outfielder harrison bader. the major leader major leaguer joined students for gym class and try to be students of their own game. >> in the game they played they had a lot more success that i did. i found a lot more success on the field in front of st. louis fans. >> harrison bader won a gold glove for his defensive play. he says he will stick to baseball and leave teaching to the real pros. >> best day ever, right? >> that would have blown my mind, growing up as a professional baseball player showed up as a pe teacher. >> just playing dodgeball with you, can you imagine? >> dustup all the way into it,
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man. >> just loved it, please. ouch. >> he has plenty of time with lockup going on let's see what is happening in the weather. the storm track has pushed north. this will remain the pattern for what looks like the next couple of weeks. the rain is again aiming toward the pacific northwest. flood watch is in effect around seattle. a dry forecast in store for the bay area for the next several days. rain chances are not technically zero but we are talking about, at best, a 10% chance of a passing shower or sprinkle thursday and thursday night. more clouds overhead but it does not look like that system is going to have any moisture to work with around the bay area. other than that, the forecast is really dry for the next seven days. and beyond that time frame. the six to ten-day outlook from the climate prediction center shows a below average chance of precipitation for the bay area. mostly in california nevada and utah, the two week outlook shows an even better chance of below average rainfall which doesn't mean zero but it is a generally dry forecast and store us heading into late january.
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right now, just a beautiful post sunset sky. temperatures were above normal today. everybody made it into the 60s. 61 degrees for concord pacifica all the way up to 66 degrees for san jose. tomorrow temperatures will be similar. right now, down into the 50s. 50 degrees in petaluma 259 degrees for concord, fairfield, and santa rosa. is temperatures will continue dropping. we will be a bit on the chilly side by tomorrow point morning. upper 40s along the coast. otherwise it is a mix of upper 30s and low 40s by early tuesday morning. tomorrow temperatures will warm up. not a lot of fog out but passing clouds with temperatures in sentences go reaching up to just above 60 degrees for highs by mid afternoon. santa rosa will warm up more degrees than that into the low 60s and calm when for most of us through the day.
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what breeze there is will be offshore which helps those temperatures rise up a bit more. it does not help to improve the air quality either. you can see that smudge of hayes on the horizon. high temperatures from concord, a couple degrees cooler, 60 degrees in the afternoon. not bad for the middle of january and tomorrow san jose will be the warm spot with high temperatures into the mid-60s, maybe a degree cooler than y wi everybody's temperatures reach into the mid and low 60's. upper 50s along the coast. upper 50s to the east of mt. diablo where you will see fog from the central valley but it should not take too long for that to dissipate. temperatures will back off a little bit wednesday and thursday. we will have additional cloud cover floating through again on thursday but the odds of anything more than a stray sprinkle falling out of those clouds will be very low. abundant sunshine as we head into the martin luther king holiday weekend, if you are lucky enough to have martin luther king day off on monday. looks like a nice three day stretch for saturday, sunday, and monday. near average high temperatures. plenty of sunshine and a few additional clouds on monday for the holiday itself. we will keep you updated as we get closer to the holiday weekend. i will have tomorrow's dog
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walking forecast of of that 6:00. i'm allen martin. new at 6:00, holmes literally falling apart. the dangerous problem unfolding in one southbay neighborhood. how the developers respond. it's hard enough to find a covid-19 test, why is one bay area city cutting hours at several testing sites? a bay area community nearly runs out of water. will a series of winter storms make a difference? what we found out. the news at 6:00 coming up in minutes. still had a 5:00,
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we are getting new information on what was a dramatic rescue this evening. we are hearing from police officers who saved a pilot who had crash landed on some train tracks. >> cbs reporter joy benedict on how the officers and pilate are being praised for some quick action. >> go, go. >> reporter: it was a tense moment as officers with the lapd rescued a pilot from a downed plane seconds before it was destroyed by an oncoming train. >> definitely the most intense extrication of the pilot from the aircraft that i have seen. >> reporter: the morning after, pilots at whiteman airport, nearby, are praising the efforts of officers and that of the pilot himself for making the last minute decision to
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land the cessna on the tracks. >> especially in this area, with how dense the population is around this area, and with the amount of time it seems like the pilot had to make these decisions. >> reporter: the faa says the plane took off from lightman just after 2:00 in the afternoon on sunday. within seconds, there was a reported failure. >> engine failure is what it seems like he experienced, or significant loss of power. >> reporter: on board was the owner of the plane, a former air force pilot with more than 50 years in the air, mark jenkins, from valencia. his family did not want to speak on camera but say he made the decision to land on the tracks for fear of hitting nearby homes or cars in a very populated area, that is something pilots say is always a concern at this airport. >> you are very limited in where you can go. >> reporter: though the lapd says it called to stop trains, the message did not make it in time, so officers standing by took action. >> at some point, we realized the train wasn't going to stop. once we realized the train was
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coming at full speed down the tracks, we knew we had no choice. we had to find a way to get him out of there or else he was going to die. >> reporter: thankfully, they did. jenkinson survived, as did the officers who risked their life to save him. >> everything worked out well. >> that was joy benedict reporting. family members told her jenkins was scheduled for surgery today after suffering fractures to his face, but he is doing okay. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, covid-19 testing nightmare. staffing shortages and now a systemwide crash forcing one bay area city to reduce hours at its testing sites. heavy tiles literally falling off of million-dollar homes. the dangerous situation unfolding at a southbay neighborhood. >> so heavy, it could definitely kill somebody. >> i walked closer and looked right up and he was looking right down at me. later, coming face to face
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with a mountain lion. the close call for a bay area woman. good evening, i'm allen martin. i'm elizabeth cook. new at 6:00, a dangerous situation in one san jose neighborhood. titles used on million-dollar homes have been falling to the ground. so far, luckily, no one has been hurt, but it ha and coern. len this has happened. >> reporter: heavy tiles falling off the sides of homes has been an ongoing safety issues for neighbors appear on communications hill as we first reported back in 2018. after a lot of work, it looks like the problem had been solved, but then, tiles started falling once again. >> reporter: maintenance crews are once again working to test and secure tiles on the sides of these homes after several pieces broke loose and fell to the ground during recent rainy weather. >> the tiles are so heavy, they could definitely kill somebody. >> reporter: the homeowner did
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not want to be identified but he shared this photo showing how a falling tile slid through a copper water pipe on the back of his roof, causing a leak. neighbors have had similar problems. >> we should not be having this situation ever in her neighborhood. >> reporter: but, it has happened before, certainly at after these million-dollar homes were built in late 2017. the ceramic tiles used for decorative siding began falling off. kb home, which billed the neighborhood, hired contractors to tear down and reinstall the tiles on 70 homes. here is what one neighbor said then. quot they are committed to the safety and satisfaction of customers and we appreciate their patience as we take the appropriate steps to repair the small number of homes that have been affected. the neighbor with the following tiles is patching up the damage and says that is just part of the solution. >> the tiles are really heavy. this needs to be really checked. >> reporter: in san jo


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