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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 10, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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interest for 36 months and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an east bay school district shutting its doors over covid. it's not the only one making a drastic change this morning. we break it all down. governor newsom set to tell us how he plans to spend $200 billion of taxpayer dollars. i am justin andrews. we'll break down that budget, coming up next. people are more reluctant to come out. >> local businesses scrambling with a dip in customers. measures some are taking to keep themselves afloat. the moment two and half
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years in the making. warm welcomes for the warriors star klay thompson. a big welcome back there. good morning. welcome. it is monday january 10. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. the first week of the new year has come and gone. we will begin with a check of weather with darren peck and at least our first weekend into the new year was nice. it was pretty nice. if you remember what that was like, replay it. we are on auto drive for several days without a lot of change. it means we will not see rain for a while but in light of that let's focus on what we do have. relatively warm temperatures to start, not looking at much fog. this is actually a good way to start the day because you are not going to have many challenges on the road and i don't have any temperatures in the 30s. the coldest numbers are low 40s. livermore 43. you still want a light jacket but it is not as cold as it could be or has been over the last several weeks. the pay off is the clouds out
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there now, they're gone about an hour or two after sunrise. we get blue sky, sunshine, daytime highs today that will climb well to the 60s for many warmer inland valleys. san jose that will be you. i will show you what everybody's daytime highs today are coming up and we'll look to the seven day and how long it might take before we can think about rain coming back. let's get updated on the drive. gianna is watching that for us. good morning. good morning. i am keeping a close eye on the ride along 80. west bound we have reports of a crash in the vacaville area. it's causing a few brake lights. maybe use surface streets to squeeze around this mess. this is involving a big rig and another vehicle. that second vehicle overturned, west bound 80 around merchant. it doesn't look like it is blocking lanes. all the activity is to the right hand side of the road way. down to eight miles per hour, that's a slow crawl as you head through. traffic elsewhere, if you are heading into altamont pass, it
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is busy out of tracy and getting onto 580. amanda. >> thanks. up tick in cases causing at least one school district to go back to remote learning. joycelyn moran joins us live with a break down on how schools in the east bay are handling this latest surge. >> reporter: this omicron surge is hitting schools like no other surge has. we saw two sick-outs from educators last week. now districts in the bay area are trying to figure out who keep students, staff, and family safe trying to limit disruptions to learning. starting today hayward unified will shut down in person instruction at least a week. classes will be held remotely. this is after more than 500 students tested positive for covid and dozens of teachers were sick. the west contra costa unified school district will require all staff members at school sites to wear kn95 mask starting today. the district will have another
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day for testing today after closing schools for a second day in a row. in a statement, the superintendent says, quote, the spike in cases because of the omicron variant requires us to take further action to protect staff members and school communities. in oakland unified, more than 150 students are threatening a walk out if the district doesn't provide more covid protections. in a petition students say district leaders must meet demands by january 17 or they'll walk out of the class. the district responded by saying they are either meeting or in the process of meeting most of the demands in the petition. so a lot going on as schools and families try to get through this challenging time. back to you. >> thank you. today, governor newsom will present his proposed state budget to legislature. that includes a $31 billion surplus. justin andrews is live in san francisco. justin, a big portion is set
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aside to battle covid. >> reporter: absolutely. part of the plan, at least the budget plan, seems to shift to health strategy which was on esto be casting a wide net, keeping money spread out in several areas when it comes to dealing with covid. $1.2billion will be expanding testing sites and at home tests. 625million for testing and vaccine programs in the prison system and investments in vaccines, outreach, additional medical staff at hospitals statewide. that is a clear indication of how dire covid-19 has become with cases spiking, testing in short supply, schools shutting down, hospitals filling up. this significantly increases amount of state spending to battle the virus. it's up about a billion dollars compared to last year. an infectious disease expert says the governor's budget which includes his covid battle
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plan is multi layered. >> the money that's being spent in the different spheres seems appropriate now because about 50% is earmarked for testing. that's kind of where i think a lot of the anxiety is and frankly testing is not only used for diagnosis but also for prevention. >> reporter: governor newsom laying out his proposed budget plan later today about 10:30 in sacramento. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. in the east bay, small businesses struggling to stay afloat are making big changes during the surge. some are closing temporarily due to staff shortages and others are enforcing capacity limits to keep shoppers safe. this oakland shop only allows 12 customers in at a time. >> people are a little bit more reluctant to come out. they do not want to be in a crowded store. this week we are functioning with temporary people in temporary slots just to keep
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the doors open. >> the owner is spreading out staff to keep them safe. businesses are seeing a drop in foot traffic and hope to make up for lost revenue by offering online sales. omicron variant spreading rapidly. u.s. is averaging about 700,000 new covid cases per day. that is double from the previous peak a year ago. >> over the past three, four weeks, numbers have jumped from a couple hundred appointments each day to over 4,000 appointments. >> according to cdc for children under five who are not eligible for vaccine, four in every 100,000 are in the hospital now. that is a pandemic record. it is important to know that number includes children in the hospital because of covid and those admitted for other reasons and found to be infected. across california, only 38% of vaccinated people have gotten a booster shot. in the bay area, numbers are higher with just over half of those vaccinated getting
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boosted. marin county seems to have the best numbers. 80% of the 65 and older population is boosted. starting today in the east bay, contra costa health services is requiring that first responders and workers in homeless shelters have a booster shot. the requirement applies within the county to law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency personnel. unboosted workers will be required to test weekly for covid-19. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following news out of san francisco. it's going to be more difficult to be tested for covid at least today. taking a live look at the city where the city has said that it is scaling back on the hours of its testing sites today and it is, quote, due to challenges beyond our control. so we don't know why they're having to do that but in the meantime they're urging people to check with their own health provider first for testing before going to some of the
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city run tests. it also said do not go to the emergency room for tests echoing of course recent calls to reserve emergency departments for people who are critically ill. so we are trying to find out a little bit more from them again the reasons for this and if it is going to be just today that they are cutting the hours. back to you. >> thanks. today san mateo is expanding testing capacity at a san bruno clinic. health officials say they will now be up to 500 extra rapid covid tests. appointments are required. for information on how to find a covid test or booster shot check our resource guide on a san francisco hospital needs your help identifying one of its patients. the 67-year-old woman is being treated at dignity health st. mary's medical center. she's been there since november 25. the nurses say she's about five feet tall, weighs 90 pounds and speaks korean and english. the hospital believes she was homeless in the richmond area and may have family in san
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mateo. still ahead, tributes pouring in this morning for the man known as america's dad. how the bay area is remembering bob saget. >> go, go, go! spared by a matter of seconds. incredible video of how a pilot survived a crash before almost getting hit by a train. in the forecast, we are starting to see the clouds that have been with us overnight, a nice blanket of clouds while we were sleeping. those are starting to clear. that does have a subtle impact on temperatures and maybe patchy areas of fog. we will look at the north bay coming up and then we'll get into details on today's daytime highs in the forecast, next. we are tracking brake lights as you make that ride to
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tributes are pouring in for actor and comedian bob saget. he died yesterday at the age of 65. >> he was best known for role as danny tanner on full house set in san francisco. with his role on the hill he earned the title america's dad. the comedian had started a stand up tour and was performing near jacksonville florida the night he died. he was found unresponsive in his hotel in orlando. detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. in san francisco fans are paying tribute to saget outside of one of america's most famous homes, this three story victorian served as model for his television family's san francisco home. yesterday dozens of fans were outside paying their respects. >> he was like the dad of the '90s. for everyone. >> i grew up watching the show.
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it's just you kind of grow up thinking of danny tanner and not bob saget. but i mean it kind of hits. like you grew up watching the show and this person's gone. >> full house cast members are remembering their friend and costar. john stamos who played uncle jesse tweeted i am broken. i am gutted, in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby. >> so sad. this morning, a personal space heater is blamed for causing a massive apartment fire in the bronx in new york. 19 are dead including nine children and dozens more people have been hurt, many with life threatening injuries. hundreds of firefighters responded to the 19 story building yesterday morning. they say the fire started on the third floor but quickly filled much of the building with thick smoke. crews say many victims probably died of smoke inhalation.
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incredible video out of los angeles. it shows moments police officers pull a man to safety just seconds before a train hits him. >> go, go, go! >> my heart stops every time i see that. officers say the man was piloting a small plane when it crashed onto some train tracks. police arrived in time to help pull the man out of the wreckage before the train slammed into the plane. he was taken to the hospital and it is unclear what his condition is now. no one else was hurt in either crashes. >> incredible video for sure. 6:16 is the time. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. >> darren is here with our weather forecast for the beginning of our week. good morning guys. it's going to be more sunshine than anything else with daytime highs that will climb to the low 60s. i will show you that but first i want to focus on this morning. we are starting to see a minor issue where the fog is starting
6:17 am
to redevelop. it's an interesting set up the way this has come together. it's been cloudy most of the night. within the last hour or so we have seen back edge of the clouds clear out. that's a clear sky from our vantage point looking at the city skyline from treasure island. if we look at the last few hours here is the satellite showing us the nice cloud blanket we had. that's why it feels relatively warm. i don't have any temperatures in the 30s now because we had a nice blanket of clouds to hold in any of the radiation that would have been lost otherwise. as back edge of the clouds leaves we will switch this from looking at high resolution satellite. you see the clouds are there. we are putting it into futurecast. that's better able to depict what's developed in its place up and down 101 in the north bay. it is mainly mid level clouds here but some of this is fog on the roads. if we look at the visibility, santa rosa, it says three miles. when i looked about 15 minutes ago you were down to just over a mile. these will change through the morning.
6:18 am
it's not a widespread issue with fog but you might encounter patchy fog in the north bay valleys. it is relatively warm. 42 is still chilly but not near freezing which is where you have been for the last weeks. we can thank those clouds that were with us overnight. it's 47 in san jose, 48 oakland. the daytime highs are going to benefit from sunny skies now that the deck of clouds is gone. it's more blue sky today than anything else. we warm to e low and mid 60s. if you are wondering what happened to the rain, one look into the pacific will show you the storm track is getting redirected and everything is going to the north from us. we are pretty much missing out on our chance for rain. thankfully we have put down a lot of snow in the sierra. snow report shows a hefty amount of snow in the mountains. that's good. we probably won't be adding a lot to that. seven-day forecast, sunny skies, maybe a few clouds here or there. we'll get to the mid 60s for
6:19 am
san jose pretty consistently. that was our warmest number, bottom line for san jose. everybody else in the heart of the bay is mid to upper 50s. those are north bay valleys there as well going to the mid 60s for daytime highs. gianna what are you seeing on the roads? good morning. i am seeing brake lights for the ride west bound 80 as you work into vacaville. this is involving a big rig and another car. the car overturned and ended up on the side of the road way. pretty slow and go as you work west bound. vacaville, the area is around merchant between alamo and cherry glenn to be exact. that's where that trouble spot is. i will zoom in and we can see very slow speeds down to about eight miles per hour. this is a serious crash, major injuries reported in the accident. you have a lot of activity there on scene as they work to see what happens and work on the people who have been injured. try to avoid that area if you can. expect the brake lights backed up to the leisure town area
6:20 am
towards vacaville. if you are working past that pointed, upper east shore looks better the rest of the way. still tracking brake lights west bound 580, busy out of tracy from 205 to north flynn, pretty much the usual stuff into the altamont pass and livermore valley. dublin interchange, extra volume west bound towards 680 but no crashes in the area. the usual stuff, slow and go, 43 minutes 205 towards 680. bay bridge toll plaza, they turned the metering lights on about two minutes ago. traffic is busier on the upper deck, not backed up at the toll plaza. you will slow down a bit as you head over into san francisco. things are definitely a little bit busy. the rest of our bay area bridges are pretty quiet. >> thank you, g. we have video of a spectacular light show dancing across the sky in finland. those lucky enough to be there
6:21 am
in person got a great view of the northern lights also known as aurora borialis. it painted the sky green. this light show lasted a few hours. >> that is just gorgeous. still ahead, klay day for the bay. how the returning warriors star got a very warm welcome at chase center.
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let's help you prepare for the lunchtime forecast. we will look to the noon to 2:00 time frame today. it's a pretty easy one. it's going to be plenty sunshine. we've already started clearing the clouds that we had overnight. you might want to plan on being outside for this window today between noon and 2:00. we will see more temperatures
6:25 am
get to the mid 60s for daytime highs today. that's a 59-degree number in between noon and 2:00. we'll see many locations closer to mid 60s. for now, low 40s as you are ready to step outside. i will have the whole forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks. the live look at san francisco's chase center, the house was packed for klay thompson's return. >> this was the first time the five time all star was introduced at chase center. the crowd welcomed him with a massive standing ovation. [ cheering and applause ] klay took the court after two and a half years away suffering acl and achilles injury. during his recovery thousands of fans got to know captain klay, often hosted instagram live from his boat. fans paid tribute. >> knowing the journey he's been on and the work he has put in to get back here, he
6:26 am
deserves all the praise he is getting from the crowd. >> in his first game since 2019 nba finals he scored 17 points in the victory over the cavs. next home game is january 18 against the pistons. welcome back. 6:26. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> governor newsom about to layout an ambitious state budget. we are live with what he is expected to unveil. >> reporter: omicron continues to impact schools. we'll tell you more on how schools are trying to juggle keeping students and families safe. the new petition
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. starting today hayward unified will shut down in person instruction for at least a week. classes will be held remotely. sf chronical reports more than 500 students tested positive for covid and teachers were present in fewer than half of the classrooms. starting today, contra costa health services is requiring first responders and workers in homeless shelters in the county have a booster shot.
6:30 am
this applies to law enforcement, firefighters, emergency personnel. unboosted workers will be required to test weekly for covid-19. a san francisco hospital needs your help identifying one of its patients. this 67-year-old woman is being treated at dignity health st. mary's medical center. she's been there since november 25. nurses say she's about five feet tall, weighs 90 pounds and speaks korean and english. good morning. it's monday, january 10. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. a lot to get to. let's begin with your monday forecast with darren peck. good morning. the sun is coming up at 7:25 which is pretty much the time it's been stuck on. we are about to see that earlier over the next week or so but not yet. we are already starting to get early light in the sky which shows us it is relatively clear. bottom line is we've had clouds overnight. they're starting to leave and you will have a sunny day. they did us a favor in the
6:31 am
overnight hours because temperatures stayed relatively warm. the coldest numbers i have now are low 40s. santa rosa 42. you can be a lot colder than that this time of day in january. livermore is 42 as well. everybody else in the upper 40s to low 50s. with plenty sunshine, daytime highs will manage to climb to the mid 60s some places, inland locations getting up to 63. low 60s in the bay. you can pick more specific locations. fremont that's you at 63. concord and livermore have to settle for the upper 50s and it will be 60 in the city. let's see how the drive is looking this morning. good morning. we still have that hot spot on 80 west near vacaville if you are in that area. you will see brake lights or delays. this is due to a major injury crash that happened several hours ago. it's been out there at least an hour and a half. busy there west bound 80 near alamo. i will zoom in and you see
6:32 am
speeds down to about seven miles per hour. this is involving a big rig and another vehicle that overturned. a lot of activity still on the scene. the ride into altamont pass, 40 minutes for your travel time. we've got the extra volume that we can see in our live shot approaching 680. once on 680, you are clear in both directions. >> thanks. looking live at the state capitol, governor's office is proposing a $2.7 billion plan to fight covid-19. it is part of governor newsom's proposed state budget plan he will be announcing. justin andrews is live in san francisco. justin, there are several layers to his plan. >> reporter: this spending plan will likely go through several changes because that's how long the budget building process is set to take, those negotiations between the governor and top legislative leaders will probably be immediate because newsom is asking legislature to
6:33 am
approve just over half of the 2.7 billion in the coming weeks. his proposed budget is set to use $1.2 billion to expand testing sites and at home tests. 625million for testing and vaccination programs in our prison system and also investments in vaccines, outreach, additional medical staff at hospitals. this plan is a clear indication of how dire covid-19 has become with cases spiking, testing in short supply, schools shutting down, hospitals filling up. part of in some's plan includes a shift in his health strategy which was primarily centered around vaccines and boosters. >> we made a terrible mistake. we put all our eggs in the vaccine basket. that is speaking from someone who believes in vaccines and power of vaccines. you can't really neglect other things. i think it is important to prepare and to prepare in multiple modalities, not just all vaccine and boosting. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like there is a prescription to
6:34 am
end the pandemic but the doctor says that this budget could possibly get us closer to that. live in san francisco, justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi says congress may appropriate more funds for covid relief on top of the billions already spent. she spoke to margaret brennan on face the nation. we have to protect the investment that's there. most importantly we have to protect the health of the american people. administration has not made a formal request for more funding but it is clear from the opportunity that is there. >> pelosi said covid money could be added to a larger bill that is necessary to fund government after a stop gap measure runs out in mid february. with covid cases spiking schools are trying to juggle keeping students safe while also keeping in person learning. joycelyn moran joins us now
6:35 am
live with challenges schools are facing right now. >> reporter: hundreds of cases are being reported within school districts and many educators were out last week. impact of omicron is carrying into this week. let's start in san francisco, district plans to continue with in person learning. over the weekend families in the city were able to get at home testing kits before heading back to school today. in the south bay milpitas unified school district is reversing plans to hold classes remotely this week. they wanted to have a week long quarantine to help families better prepare and to help staff, families, students recover from any cases of covid. the district was later notified it can't make that decision. only public health officials can require quarantine for the communities. today they'll continue with in person learning. the district looks to other mitigation efforts to help keep schools safe for students and staff. >> it remains critically important to use all the proven layers of protection.
6:36 am
masking such as double masking, vaccinations, booster shots for those eligible, testing, and remaining home when sick. >> milpitas unified will let families choose independent study if they don't feel comfortable sending their students back to school. back to you guys. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. new information on novak djokovic and the whole visa dust up in australia. he is now free and it looks like at least temporarily he has his visa back. new video of his supporters crowding around a car seen leaving his lawyer's office in melbourne this morning. a judge reinstated his visa which was canceled last week because he is unvaccinated for covid. he came to australia to compete in australian open but has been stuck in a quarantine hotel. the judge who made the ruling noted djokovic provided officials at the airport with a medical exemption. it was the government who said he didn't meet the requirements
6:37 am
for that exemption. next move on the government's part, we'll continue to follow it. >> thank you. a live look in san francisco, city just made a plea to stop 911 calls about covid and flu symptoms. apparently people are listening. the city says the 911 call centers had been overwhelmed with nonemergency calls for covid symptoms. the number dropped to just 318 calls for service on saturday. the day before, there were more than 400 medical calls. crews responded to about 200 of them. since the aids epidemic began in the late '70s gay men have been banned from giving blood. during the pandemic blood supplies nationwide have dipped critically low. now a new push is underway to get the fda to reconsider the rules about who is qualified to donate. the ban was recently changed to allow men who have had gay sex to donate after three months instead of 12 but researchers say since each donation is
6:38 am
individually tested for hiv, the danger of transmission is reduced in any case. >> i do think with the current deferral ctainly of a year's ft length and also one would argue even three months in length. >> i would definitely be pretty sad if i came in all of a sudden and they said oh actually you can't donate anymore because of your sexual identity or your sexual preferences. >> organizers of the study hope the fda will end general ban on gay donors and focus more on individual activities that may pose risk. a developing story, a shooting outside of a san francisco night club. you can see investigators combing that scene outside stratus night club early yesterday morning. the club is along ocean avenue. one victim was shot. they were taken to a hospital with life threatening injuries. it is unclear what led to the shooting or how many suspects
6:39 am
were involved. still to come, amazon cutting back covid quarantine policy. what it means for employees ahead in our live money watch report. flying out of extinction. how the stunning monarch butterflies are making a come back right here in california. ahead on cbs mornings, we'll talk with an infectious disease expert about why she and others are calling for a different national strategy to fight the pandemic as omicron cases surge. plus a rapper and activist talks about how he is using his
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6:42 am
new, take two interactive maker of grand hefty buying san francisco based mobile gaming company zinga. the deal is worth $12.7 billion with a mix of cash and stock. it marks the latest blockbuster acquisition in a string of major deals in the video became
6:43 am
industry. the deal is expected to close by the end of june. it is now 6:43. let's go to diane king hall with your other money watch headlines. diane, good morning. good morning to you len. another day, another drop on wall street. trading in are way for a little more than ten minutes and stocks are lower, dow down more than 200, nasdaq also down more than 200 points. s&p 500 is lower as well. investors continue to take chips off the table, wall street will be watching two key inflation reports later this week. consumer price index is due wednesday and producer price index thursday. both will give an indication on how hot the economy is running. amazon reducing covid-19 quarantine policy. e commerce giant says it is shortening the isolation period to seven days instead of ten. u.s. based employees who test positive for coronavirus or those who have to quarantine will be eligible for one week
6:44 am
of paid leave. diane king hall of cbs money, thank you. this morning a northern california community rallying to help an animal shelter overflowing with pets in need of a home. the front street animal shelter in sacramento put a call out for volunteer foster families and the community really stepped up. at max capacity the shelter put on plea for help asking people to temporarily house dogs and the goal, to prevent a spread of infection after one dog tested positive for strep zoo. , animal version of strep that can spread rapidly and become fatal. hundreds showed up to help foster dogs. >> this is incredible. at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 in april, we saw the same amount of of outpouring from the community. really willing to step up and help out. >> i asked my boss if i could leave six hours early today to come and foster a dog. >> i love that. so many people came and the shelter had to turn some away
6:45 am
because there were not enough dogs. let's hope some of those get adopted from those foster families. a big rebound after years of decline. monarch butterflies are back in big numbers too. >> estimated 125,000 migratory western monarchs are spending the winter in california. last year only 2,000 were spotted and were thought to be on the verge of extinction. researchers say some of the biggest factors that are impacting monarch populations are insecticide as well as habitat loss. their value goes beyond just beauty. >> what i love most about monarchs is they can help so many other insects and so many other animals and so many other plants if we help protect them. >> future generations of monarchs will fly to other western states for summer before making the long journey back to california next winter. they are beautiful to look at. 6:45 is the time. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. >> we will start with darren
6:46 am
peck and our forecast. those butterflies must like it. >> it's going to be a beautiful day for everybody else too. it's going to be sunny day and numbers that will climb well to the 60s. you see what's taking place from one of our cameras that sits on top of the mark hopkins hotel out past salesforce tower where we've got our other exclusive network of cameras keeping an eye on the bay. i want you to see the clear skies. that's how today is going to go. that's the view from the salesforce tower, front row view across the east bay. you see that same back edge of the clouds. those were with us and kept temperatures relatively warm. this is the reason why i don't have numbers in the 30s this morning. we are all sitting in the 40s for the coldest. as clouds have cleared out and you see that back edge we were looking at from top of the salesforce tower through the central valley, out here if we switch to the high resolution forecast models which are able to depict where we have developed low level clouds,
6:47 am
maybe even fog, you see a patch in the north bay valleys. look at the visibility censor for santa rosa. we are down to less than a mile. it's not a widespread fog issue. with clouds clearing, temperatures dropped enough that we've got some issues with fog for the north bay valleys. the number has gone down to 41. i have been bragging all morning about how nobody had to go down to the 30s but we are close. 41 in santa rosa, 42 livermore. daytime highs today will go to the mid 60s with plenty sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day out there to start this week. it's not going to change. you look at the long range forecast looking in the pacific you see storm after storm lining up. every one of them is going to get drawn away to the north and we are going to miss out on opportunity to get rain there. you will see in the seven-day forecast coming up, there is no rain to speak of. good news, still in the mountains because snow report shows at heavenly there is still plenty snow. we have built such a
6:48 am
significant base up there that we are doing fine in terms of maintaining snowpack in the sierra. the seven-day forecast, we have already discussed no rain. you see the daytime highs for san jose on the bottom line going into mid 60s for next several days. if we switch to our micro climates we'll see the same story for inland valleys in the north bay to the mid 60s for daytime highs. as we go through the week, everybody else should keep it in the upper 50s. it's not a widespread fog issue. let's check with gianna and see if she's spotting issues on the roads. no fog issues on the roads which is good news. we have brake lights we have been dealing with since at least about 5:00. there is a crash through vacaville west 80 near alamo. this is a pretty serious accident with major injuries involved. we have a pretty decent back up because of that. give yourself extra time if you are commuting through there, no word on if those lanes will clear up. speeds are slow though down to
6:49 am
about seven miles per hour. not a lot of relief if you are headed through there. use the surface street as alternate and that might be your best bet. maybe wait a little bit until lanes open up. along altamont pass west bound 580 from 205 to 680, we have a lot of brake lights out of tracy from 205 around mount house extending to north flynn and you will see brake lights again as you approach dublin interchange. tracking delays for the ride another super commuter route, drive out of south bay, san martin into morgan hill. once you are past that, things are looking better towards the rest of the way through the south bay. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights turned on about 6:17. we are not seeing a lot of delays but as you work across the upper deck things tend to be a little bit crowded into san francisco. the golden gate bridge, so far, so good. an easy ride out of marin south
6:50 am
101 into san francisco, no delays in the commute direction. checking travel time for san mateo bridge, things are at the limit in both directions. pretty easy now off the nimitz freeway 880 through hayward. getting on the bridge, it will take 13 minutes to get across the span onto 101. 101 through peninsula, checking in problem free this morning. >> thank you, g. scientists looking into space x-rays now have new tech to aid in the study. nasa launched a sounding rocket from a facility in virginia early yesterday. the rocket is carrying an experiment which will study the origin of soft x-rays which hurdle toward earth on a daily basis. soft x-rays haven't harmful but can disturb radio communications and gps systems. next, bay area students facing new changes on campus as they return from how districts are working to keep them safe. four words, see you in
6:51 am
dallas. how the 49ers clinched their spot in the playoffs. streaming today, covid-19 testing scams on the rise. the warning from the better business bureau coming up at 8:15. in our medical monday segment at 8:30, a local doctor explains differs between rapid and pcr covid tests. watch at or the kpix app. we are on the cbs news app. download it for free on favorite streaming platforms. let's give you a live look outside from our salesforce tower camera looking south. you see that beautiful sunrise starting to take shape over oakland. we've got our vision...
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good morning. i am justin andrews live in san francisco. in a matter of hours governor newsom will tell us how he plans to spend $200 billion of your taxpayer money. some of that could be used for about 1.2 billion for testing sites and at home tests. 625million for testing and vaccination programs in the state's prison system and investments in vaccines, outreach, additional medical personnel at hospitals statewide. the plan will likely undergo changes during a six months budget building process with negotiations between the governor and top legislative leaders. newsom will be asking legislature to approve just over half of a 2.7 billion in the coming weeks. we are learning there is an estimated $31 billion in surplus. governor newsom will be making this announcement on his proposed budget later this morning at 10:30 in sacramento. justin andrews, kpix5.
6:56 am
i am anne makovec at the live news desk taking a live look at san francisco where city run covid testing sites have limited hours today. san francisco's health department announcing on twitter they're scaling back operations due to, quote, challenges beyond our control. they're urging people to check with their own health provider first for testing and they reiterated do not go to the er for tests. city wants to preserve emergency departments for people who are critically ill. no reason given for the cut in hour today. if you want to find out more about testing options i am putting a link on my twitter page. we are live with how school districts are juggling impact omicron is having on students, staff, families. starting today hayward unified will shut down in person instruction for at least a week. classes will be held remotely. this is after more than 500 students tested positive for covid and dozens of teachers
6:57 am
were sick. meanwhile today the west contra costa unified school district will require staff members at school sites to wear a kn95 mask. in oakland unified, more than 150 students are threatening a walk out if the district doesn't provide more covid protections. in the south bay, milpitas unified school district is reversing plans to hold classes remotely this week after it was notified it couldn't make that decision. they'll let families choose independent study if they don't feel comfortable sending their students back to school. back to you guys. as we look at the roadways, we are getting new information on this crash we have had our eye on most of the mornd diine s taking a long time to clear around the area. the investigation is underway which explains why the brake lights are still out there. six miles per hour, a slow ride
6:58 am
vacaville. other trouble spots just in, north 101 at whip al, 101 near holly street. brake lights out of the altamont pass as you work west bound 580 to about north flynn. 40 minutes 205 to 680 and traffic slow north bound 101 into morgan hill. it is better around 40 miles per hour in some spots as you head through. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. most are across the upper deck heading into san francisco. watching back edge of the clouds clear. we'll get more sunshine today than anything else. maybe a few clouds here and there but it will be a pretty day with highs climbing well to the 60s today. that's a live view from the top of the salesforce tower. santa rosa is 40 and that is fog reported at the official censor at the sonoma airport. in the north bay valleys especially the more rural you get plan on patchy fog. it won't last long. by the afternoon, we warm up to
6:59 am
the mid 60s for warmer inland valleys. then we kind of put it into autopilot. we will not change this for the next seven days. sunny, mid 60s whether talking about san francisco, san jose, though it will be upper 50s in the heart of the bay. back to you. no matter what jams niners got into this season, niners got their ten wins clinching their spot in the playoffs. >> jimmy g led 49ers 88 yards. game tying touchdown in the final minute of regulation, jennings had two more explosive catches in over time and gold drilled a shot for the game winner. go team. >> a nail biter game too. i was watching with my family. >> good news on this monday. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is coming up
7:00 am
next. have a great day. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewer on the west coast on this monday, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. the unprotected are those ages 4 and snund we're seeing a lot of hospitalizations in those younger age groups where the children are largely unvaccinated. >> a record number of kids are in the hospital with covid across the country. why is this happening and what could reverse the trend? comparatively the risk of death is small, but, of course, you


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