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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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for his legendary role on the full house. thank you for joining us. tonight covid infection rates soar in the bay area and some small businesses see fewer customers scrambling to fill shifts. >> right now the states seven- day covid positivity rate is up to 21.7% and da lin shows us how some business are taking matters into their own hands to protect employees. >> reporter: the kpix surges forcing businesses to make big changes and this store is closing for the next two days because of staffing issues and some stores are bringing back capacity limits. assign outside of nathan and company on college avenue and oakland no ha tw customers at a time. capacity restriction. >> reporter: their smaller store has a limit of six people. and only one worker behind the register each time and other employees have to spread out.
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the owner also bought a lot of rapid test kits for their stephanie believes the changes will ensure worker and customer safety. >> people are a little bit more reluctant to come out and they don't want to be in a crowded store. >> reporter: he said even though all the workers are vaccinated and boosted, three out of 19 people recently tested positive. >> this week we are functioning with temporary people in temporary slots to keep the doors open. >> reporter: aside from the challenges, he said businesses is cooling off big-time after a record-setting december and he is not alone. >> january is always a slower month and i think a lot of people are concerned about the variant. truck she and her husband own this studio at the popular fourth street shopping district in berkeley and she said no covid cases with the staff so far but some workers are isolating because of potential exposure. she has stayed on the last six days because her daughter was
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exposed to an infected person. >> we are closing for two days next week, monday and tuesday because of the lack of staffing and also because my husband has probably worked in the last 14 days straight and he needs a break. >> reporter: to counter the foot traffic they are offering next day delivery hoping to generate more online sales and after almost 2 years of nonstop pivoting a lot of small retailers say if they can survive this pandemic they can overcome anything. >> i absolutely have total confidence that everything will be okay. >> reporter: they say at times like this small businesses depend on community support and they say before you order something on amazon ask yourself can you buy it locally. thousands of heyward students tomorrow will not go to school but instead learn from home for at least a week and district leaders close down schools after more than 500, 500 students tested positive
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for covid and dozens of teachers were also sick. the school board plans to meet on friday to reassess the situation and one trustee said a week is not long enough. so all students need to remain on long distance learning for at least a month. oakland students are also worried about covid safety with more than 150 high schoolers signed a petition demanding the district provide more covid protection and is not the students say they will walk off campus. the students are giving the district until january 17 to make a demand. school districts across the area are reeling from a tumultuous week with hundreds of six dash mexican calls and shortages. we show you how several major districts are preparing for tomorrow. >> reporter: all weekend, they were able to get access to covid testing before headed back to school on monday. >> we are committed to keeping
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schools open as long as we can safely do so, and the department of public health has said that with our safety protocols in place that schools remain low risk settings. >> reporter: the west contra costa unified district will have another day for testing on monday after closing school for a second day in a row and the long weekend is made from other days off in the academic calendar. parents last week said they support the move but i want to keep their students in school. >> i would for my daughter go to school versus distance learning and she had a hard time doing that. >> reporter: the school district hope by having a week long quarantine they could help families better prepared to send their students into the classroom and have a safer spring, and now they're looking to other mitigation factors to help stop the spread of the virus. >> we need to find ways to coexist and to live with covid. we have two years under our belt and we have learned a lot.
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>> reporter: schools were supposed to close all week to help families and staff stay home and recover from covid-19, but the district was later notified it can't make that decision, so it will stick to in-person learning on monday. >> it remains critically important to use all of the proven layers of protection. masking such as double masking, vaccinations, booster shots for those who are eligible, testing, and remaining home when sick. >> reporter: the weather closing school for a few days or a whole week, the hope is to help families recover at home so districts can get covid under control in their own communities for the rest of the school year. >> in person education is what they need, and remote learning doesn't support their mental health and emotional health and academic well-being. >> reporter: this school district will let families pursue independent study if they are not ready to send their students back to school. covid infections are at record highs and hospitals are stretched thin but only 38% of
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vaccinated californians have gotten the booster shot. the bay area boasts the highest booster rate at 55% but only three counties have boosted more than half of their vaccinated population. san francisco, marin and san mateo. less than one third of eligible residents got their third jab across 19 california counties and most older adults around the state have listened to the advice with nearly 64% of them in marin county and as many as 80% of those 65 and older had their booster but for the younger aged group, getting other dose is a far less common with only 47% of those aged 50 through 64 have been boosted. a live look at san francisco. the city made a plea to reduce 911 calls about covid and flu symptoms and apparently residents are listening.
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the city said it's 911 call centers have been overwhelmed with nonemergency calls for covid specific symptoms but there were 318 calls for service on saturday, which is a drop from friday when there were over 400 medical calls and medics responded to about 200 cases. >> right now is san francisco hospital has a mystery on its hands. health officials say they need help identifying a patient. here is her picture. this is 67-year-old, an asian woman being treated at dignity health saint mary center. she has been there since november 25 of last year. a nurse is saying she is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 90 pounds and speaks korean and english. officials believed she was homeless in the richmond area and may have family and san mateo. a shooting outside of the san francisco nightclub and we have new video of investigators combing the scene outside of stratus nightclub early this morning and the club near the intersection of ocean in san
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francisco avenues. officers were called to the scene after two a clock in the morning were a victim was found shot and they were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and not clear what led up to the shooting or how many suspects were involved. authorities in virginia believe a northern california woman was the victim of a serial killer dubbed the shopping cart killer. she may have met him on a dating site. stephanie harrison last had contact with her family in august after going on a sightseeing trip to dc. on december 15, her body was found in a container near a shopping cart in alexandria, virginia. >> our victim services division just earlier tonight interact did with stephanie's daughter, destiny, who told us that her mom was a beloved mother and even a better grandmother and she was the kindest person and helped everybody and would give you her last time. her mom said she wanted everybody to know that cheyenne had a huge heart and she was
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trusting and thought of everyone as her friend. >> this man, 35-year-old anthony robinson is the prime suspect in investigators call him the shopping cart killer. they believe he has killed at least five women. police say he is a shopping cart to transport his victims bodies after meeting them on dating sites. other news, traffic along the eastbound i 80 in san pablo moving again after a deadly crash blocked lanes for three hours this morning. the crash happened after 6:00 in the morning west of san pablo dam road. one person killed and two other seriously hurt. authorities say a transit van lost control and hit the center diviausing a crash with three other cabay area. >> a bombshell for fans of a
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comedian and tv icon and what they are saying about the death of bob saget. a study is being conducted here in san francisco and may spell the end of the ban on men giving blood. will have that story coming up . more than half a century ago, the man in black played this san francisco ballroom and later in the hour the lost johnny cash concert and the psychedelic source of inspiration for the local sound engineer who recorded it. >> he was trying to put you into the brain of the musician. >> he was a special bit of magic. just as the sun went down tonight, the clouds started increasing and look what is sitting off the coast. a little bit of rain. we will track that and see where it is going and how this has an impact on the commute. it is not rain but
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and now to a developing story that we first told you about that 5:00. doctor bob saget has died and best known for his role as danny tanner the wholesome father raising his daughter in san francisco and on the show full house and its remake full her house. he later went on to host the long running america's funniest home videos and from 2005 to 2014, he lent his voice to the role of the narrator for the popular sitcom how i met your mother. the florida police say he was found unresponsive inside his hotel room at the ritz carlton orlando and detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. though it was filmed in los angeles, one san francisco home played a major role in production of full house, this three-story victorian on broderick street that served as
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the model for the home famously seen used as the tanner family home on the sitcom. it was remodeled in 2016 and is now privately owned. since the beginning of the aids epidemic, actively men have been banned from giving blood and now in the middle of the covid pandemic, blood banks are critically low. >> the scientific study is underway that just may change the rules. >>nade bl oviding an cente foe to reconsider its rules about who is qualified to donate. since the pandemic began, the donation site here has been scrambling to find enough donors and with blood drives that businesses and schools severely's cutback and that makes regular donors bike camden all the more valuable. >> we want to see as many healthy people donate as possible. >> reporter: the blood shortage is adding weight in an effort to change the long-standing ban
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on donations from sexually active men, born out of fear from the aids epidemic in the late 1970s. >> basically if you disclose you are a man who had sects with and you are asked never to donate again. >> reporter: and 2015 the ban was changed to involve men only who had sects within 12 months and recently that was dropped to three months but the vice president of research here said now that each donation is individually tested for hiv, there isn't much danger of transmission in any case. >> i do think with the current testing being done, there isn't really a strong scientific rationale for a deferral and one could argue even three months in length. >> so they are partnering in the so-called advanced study gathering data about the actual risk of men donating and they are soliciting volunteers to answer questions about their sexual lifestyles and submit a
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small blood sample. scientists believe it will reveal the kind of activity that actually poses a risk rather than branding all men as dangerous. >> i think we understand a lot more about hiv infection and we don't have to use those kind of blank and deferrals in the future. >> he is proud to donate blood every eight weeks and says it would hurt to be told you couldn't. >> i would definitely be sad and all the sudden i said actually you can't donate anymore because of your sexual identity or your sexual preferences. >> reporter: organizers of the study hope it will give the fda and push it needs to end its ban on donors and focus more on individual activities that may pose a real problem. in san francisco reporting. the study will be opening a new testing site on tuesday to widen its reach in the east bay and we will be posting a link on our website for anybody who
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wants to volunteer. we will look live outside on our exclusive cameras and we are coming out of a very clear and sunny day and a nice change for january. >> what is ahead? right on schedule, the clouds started showing up as we got to sunset which is good if you want to keep the temperatures relatively warm overnight because that will ask kind of like a blanket to keep the temperatures from dipping lower and there is a little bit of rain behind those clouds, and you can see it is starting to show their in high definition doppler and if we switch from looking at live radar inputted into the forecast model, we actually get a much clearer picture of what is out there because the forecast models can be picked more of the rain and the radar can't read that far off the coast with forecast models are able to depict what is actually out there and watch what happens over the next few hours and that rain is not coming here because it is going to the north. we get the clouds which we have seen into the middle of the night and here's 230 or three
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clock in the morning we have this nice cover of clouds overhead and that is what we don't get as cold because the clouds will act as a blanket keeping the warmth and instead of clear skies which would allow it to radiate away and then on cue about an hour or so after sunrise the clouds get out of here and we get sunshine for today and it will be sunny and near 60 for most locations and that is the view outside from our camera looking back the city and right now the number here is 46 which is the coolest number on here and every but he is low to mid 60s in this 46 doesn't have to go a whole lot lower but it is going down for 40 thanks to those clouds in santa rosa feels the improvement here in concord was the 39 and san jose will go to 43 and then tomorrow's highs come back up and in fact mid- 60s for san jose and fremont is there with you and 63 as a santa rosa so it is an interesting pattern in the pacific right now with the storms because they are just kind of lining up and there is one we looked off at the coast
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and if you look here there is a train of them. there are several others out there and once again we fill it in to see where the rain is and watch where it all goes. this is like for the next week and it kind of gets getting pulled off to the pacific northwest, a pattern keeping us out of the rain game for a while and even beyond that if we played the long-range forecast, you could see the dates and this gets us ahead to next sunday a week from tonight and still doing the same thing. so the seven-day forecast it is no surprise with no rain and daytime highs which will stay on the mark for average for this time of year with just a few clouds here there and upper 50s for most of us and mid-60s for some of the warmer inland spots and that is where things stand for now. we will look past the seven-day and that 8 to 14 day range for what the chances are for precipitation coming up in the next half hour and for now back over to you. straight ahead in sports, we are juggling a lot of balls in the air today and a busy sports sunday and the right balls fall into the hands of
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the second time in eight years the 49ers season extended into the playoffs and an epic come back under the direction of quarterback jimmy garoppolo where there were questions about the injured right thumb on his throwing hand and ligament damage and how long would he go? also, no help on the blindside. williams out with an elbow injury and they jumped up 10-0 looking for more in stafford and tyler higbee had a great catch and a 17-0 in the second quarter and the niners were in trouble but they got back into it down 17-10 and they were driving. look at this. look at samuel.
6:23 pm
he can run and he can catch and he can throw a touchdown to jennings and into the 4th quarter, the 49ers looked like they were going to go ahead for good in the tip pass into the hands of jalen ramsey to kill that threat. the rams turned that into points and went ahead 24-17 and on this great catch by cooper kupp and nobody could stop him. so in the last half minute jimmy garoppolo brought him back from the 12 yard line to a touchdown for jennings to tied up a 24 and went into overtime and in that extra period and explosion play and jennings again with a 34 yard pass and catch into rams territory and it was good enough for him to kick a field goal and put them up 27-24 and now the rams needed a touchdown to win in
6:24 pm
stafford deep and thomas made a play and how about that? he made the play and he got pick and the ball game was over and the niners came all the way back and got this one 27-24. >> it was fun. kind of a let up the entire game and trying to get into it and so many guys had to step it up and i am just so proud of everybody in that locker room and we never stopped fighting and it is a really good team and i was so proud of the guys. >> they used the locker room this entire week and i thought it was for both sides of the ball and whoever it is, the rams are the 49ers, somebody is leaving in a body bag and we went down 17-0 and i had five guys and i thought there was a lot of time up on the clock. and hopefully i can see that. >> here it is, the first round
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matchups. next week and the 49ers will head to dallas and play the cowboys and the time and date to be announced. the first postseason meeting with the cowboys since the nfc title game back in 1995. and then there is the raiders. at the chargers as we speak and vegas is in the league tournament and other games of significance, the season ended at the jacksonville jaguars and the colts needed to win this but instead they're going backwards with the carson wentz sack and the ball is out and hamilton recovered. they cashed in and it wasn't pretty and lawrence off of a high snap hit jones for a second touchdown pass and jacksonville got it big in the game 26-11 and they clinch the number one pick of the draft and the colts were eliminated from playoff contention. and how about ben
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roethlisberger. he hoped this day would not be his last for the steelers any trailed baltimore in the fourth quarter and then hit chase for a go-ahead score and he had to tie it and send it into overtime and ben roethlisberger navigated into the extra period and a fourth-down completion put them into field-goal range and a nice grab by macleod and boswell banged the lock off 36 yards 16-13 in the steelers won it in with a record of 9-7 minus one, they are somehow still alive and they will be watching tonight's game in vegas for sure. how about a segue to basketball? what will they put up in the pac home game with oregon? there were issues. like sydney perish there in the corner and she had seven three- pointers and 88-53 and the bears at the start of the conference play at 0-2 and
6:27 pm
covid issues with the beavers and the warriors and clay thompson a big season debut tonight part of the sunday night game day show. how about that? the 49ers have 10 wins in the regular season. >> game day is after the 11:00 news and we will see you then, vern. coming up in the next half hour, a faulty space heater sparks new york city's most devastating fire in three decades. what we know tonight. the state allowing healthcare professionals to work a positive for covid and the reaction tonight. why one ucsf expert said they
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you are watching tran eight at 6:30. >> it is hard to fathom what they are going through. we are learning a faulty space heater that started a fire that ripped through an apartment holding that killed 19 people including nine children and the inferno was the city's deadliest in decades. good evening. >> we report from the bronx where people are trying to make sense of the devastation. >> reporter: the fire that swept through a bronx apartment holding sunday is one of new york city's deadliest in more than three decades. >> i never expected 2022 to come in this way. >> reporter: the blaze took the lives of adults and children
6:31 pm
and injured dozens including several and hospitalized them in critical condition. >> my entire department mourns along with the families here today and our entire city and we are all about saving lives and the loss of one life is sad for us. >> reporter: officials say firefighter some victims on every floor of this 19 story building and were rescuing some who are in cardiac and respiratory arrest. >> that smoke. >> reporter: about 200 firefighters responded after it broke out around 11:00 sunday morning and this resident said people fled their apartments and took temporary shelter in hers. >> the fire department got there and they couldn't get us out and they said follow the stairs until you see light. >> reporter: they say it'll originated on the second and third floors caused by a malfunctioning electric space heater. >> the fire consumed that apartment that is on two floors in part of the hallway. >> reporter: the commissioners of the firefighters found the door open to that apartment which allowed smoke to spread through the 120 unit building. and out of the coronavirus and a controversial new
6:32 pm
guideline that allows california healthcare workers to go back to work even if they test positive for covid-19. as we report, healthcare workers are not please. >> it is a major disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: healthcare workers speaking up around the state raising concerns over new guidelines released today. >> i think it is a very callous, and it is putting our patients and ourselves in grave danger. >> this morning the state department of public health declaring all healthcare workers who test positive for covid and show no symptoms may go back to work immediately without isolation and without testing. healthcare workers who were exposed and show no symptoms of the virus may also return to work immediately without quarantine and testing, but they must wear a mask that is letter and 95 and the rules go in place today through february
6:33 pm
1. >> it is scary the idea that we could be transmitting covid to the people we care for every day. >> reporter: dennis anderson is in his 20th year as a phlebotomist and works now with dignity health. >> when you step into an er right now or you walk through an icu, geg undated. >> reportealwithon-cov is, theyo it is march 2020 all over again . i brought these concerns to the state and representative didn't respond to my question about whether the guidelines could expose patients to covid- 19 but wrote due to critical staffing the shortages currently being experienced across the healthcare system because of the kpix variant, the california department of public health is temporarily adjusting the return to work
6:34 pm
criteria. >> and order for us to be able to take care of our patients, we need to be in the best of health. and going to work, you know, sick, very well knowing we have the virus would not be a good fit for our patients. >> taking a live look at the state capital. governor newsom will unveil his plan for the state budget tomorrow but he has already announced $2.7 billion in funding for renewed efforts to battle covid including expanded testing, vaccines, and outreach in the governor's plan includes 1.2 billion dollars for expanded testing signaling the singular focus away from vaccines as a prescription to end the pandemic. >> we put all of our eggs in the vaccine basket and that is speaking from somebody who
6:35 pm
believes in vaccines and the power of vaccines but you can't neglect other things and it is important to prepare and do that in multiple modalities and not just vaccine boosting. >> the new covid battle plan is multilayered with 1.2 billion for expanding testing sites and at-home tests and 625 million is for testing and vaccination programs in the state prison system and also includes investments in vaccines and medical personnel. >> the money being spent seems appropriate right now because about 50% is earmarked for testing and that is kind of where i think a lot of the anxiety is, and frankly, testing is not only used for diagnosis but also for prevention. >> the governors budget significantly increases funding to battle the virus and it is up $1 billion or nearly 60% compared to last year. the state is taking aim at price gouging at at home covid
6:36 pm
test and a new executive order prohibits selling kits for a price more than 10% of what they cost last month. and new sellers of the kids can't price them at more than 50% of what they paid for them. and now and update on this accident, caught on camera in brazil. authorities say 10 people are dead and 32 injured after a slab of cliffs rock suddenly toppled onto boaters in a lake yesterday. authorities believe it likely broke off due to erosion and recent heavy rain. we also have video of an inferno ripping through a refugee camp in southeastern bangladesh and the flames burned at least 1200 homes leaving thousands homeless and most of the refugees that live there escape a 17 crackdown in miramar.
6:37 pm
the aftermath of protest visible here with damage shops and windows and 164 people were killed and protest this week, the worst unrest since the former soviet republic went independent 30 years ago and on discontent over government corruption, living standards, poverty and unemployment. we have an update on a harrowing video with the f evacuation of afghanistan. it is the baby was handed to american soldiers over barbed wire was reunited today with his relatives and that baby was just two months old when he went missing in august as of thousands rush to flee afghanistan and much later the baby trace back to kabul were a taxi driver found him at the airport and after more than seven weeks of negotiations the man finally gave the child back
6:38 pm
to his grandfather and other relatives and the emotional reunion caught on camera and now they hope to send them to the united states to be with parents and siblings. back here in the bay area the police department said it has a new tool to analyze body cam video and the police department says it is using technology that can transcribe audio from body cameras faster this week and way so you can review officer interactions with the community. still ahead, supply chain nightmares and the sum local furniture stores telling customers they may not see orders for six month
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the global supply chain crisis is causing headaches for
6:41 pm
anyone trying to furnish or redecorate a home. >> as reports, the demand for furniture is peaking just at a time when deliveries are backlogged. >> reporter: this global supply chain issues affecting all aspects of the furniture industry for manufacturing all the way to shipping and the best that salespeople can tell people is if they want something right now they can't get it and they will have to be patient. >> people have to wait. >> reporter: yes to caution his customers that they may have to wait six months or eight months or longer to get deliveries of the furniture the order today. >> there is another problem, getting hear from overseas and then finding somewhere to dock. took it began with the covid crisis a few years ago and furniture factories around the world in the u.s. had to shut down but the orders kept coming in and people sheltered at home and then came the global supply chain breakdown with ships loaded with furniture and raw
6:42 pm
materials to make furniture stuck in the ports. >> the truck is showing up and they said you ordered 50 but we only have five so then they have to pick and choose and everything gets pushed back and you don't know where you are. >> reporter: he has done business for more than five decades and has never seen anything like it. >> the issue is there are hurdles that are unprecedented. >> reporter: he said it is affecting the whole industry from budget furniture outlets to luxury stores like his and even this relies on nuts and bolts from overseas and he and his wife are in the market for a new sofa. >> we are not in a rush to get it but he is in a rush to sell it. >> reporter: in some cases customers are reupholstering just to get by and he said he has his own backup plan. >> if there is something i want and i can use the word amazon and they make it their problem.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: he said it is about planning ahead is if you want a new dining room set or a sectional for christmas you better order it now. how a group of people ended up stranded on a chunk of ice a mile from the shoreline. >> where this breathtaking light show in the sky was spotted by one photographer. in the forecast the storms are lining up in the pacific so why aren't we going to get any of them? not only over the last seven days but even longer than that and we will take a look at the long-range forecast and discuss our chance for rain co
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. at least 34 people were rescued in wisconsin this weekend after being stranded on a large chunk of floating ice. yesterday, the ice broke off the shoreline in green bay while dozens of peoples were on it and authorities sent an airboat to rescue everyone and unfortunately -- fortunately nobody was injured and by the end of the rescue the ice loaded about a mile away. and this powerful storm barreling through southeast texas overnight and a possible tornado touched down in the
6:47 pm
community of humble leaving damage behind and the impact flipping buildings apart and downing trees and some smashing right in their homes. >> sometimes mother nature is benign as in this case. a video of a spectacular light show from finland and those lucky enough to be there in person, have you ever seen the northern lights? i was in montana on the border of canada once and you had to use your imagination but barely. but nothing like that. >> the aurora borealis lasted just a few hours but that would be something to see. since we have already brought mr. pack in here perhaps he could explain himself. i will start kind of backwards with this forecast and i will begin where the seven-day leaves off and when you look at the long-range forecast for moment goes from day eight through day 14 and you will see why am doing this in the second in terms of our chances for rain and to find it
6:48 pm
i have to go past the seven-day and more on that in a second but if you just look at what happens next from day to day 14, probability map, which is what this is, shows you the degree of confidence and precipitation will be above average in shades of green or below average in the shades of tan throughout and we get into that moderate shade of tan so there is a reasonable amount of confidence when we finished the seven-day forecast the precipitation will remain below average at best and here is what is going on in the pacific right now. this is right off the coast and there is a series of storms lined up and you can see them beautifully. in the forecast models give you a picture of where their rain is and it goes to the north of us and none of it goes here and everything gets deflected into the pacific northwest. the totals of rainfall over the next week, that is where it will rain. it doesn't mean we still don't have things to look for out there. we do. if we look right now, there is
6:49 pm
just a slight change in the perspective of the high definition doppler and the radar beams are able to read that far out but the forecast models do a better job in depicting what is there. so we will play it forward and this now goes to the north and we do get the clouds and that has an impact in the morning in a good way if you did not want it to be too cold because the clouds come in and we get a nice blanket overnight and the morning lows stop at 40 at the coldest for just about all of our coldest inland valleys and we will look at the lowe's here in the second in the clouds get out of here just in time for another beautiful blue sky day tomorrow so monday will be nice and highs will climb up to near 60, and it will be sunny. right now we are in the low 50s and livermore is coldest here but you don't go down that far from here in san jose goes to 43 in concorde one of the coldest at 39, one of the few places where we can see the numbers going down. the daytime highs today come
6:50 pm
right where they were today. it will be a nice day and we keep doing that. no surprise now since we have already discussed there is no rain coming but there is your seven-day with very little change on here and you struggle to pick out a day that looks any different than the day next to it or on the other day of the seven-day from it for that matter. back to you, juliet. still ahead, and original report. johnny cash and his lost concert and the time capsule just unearthed in san fr
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
a big loss for rock 'n roll history, man who helped create the woodstock festival has died after a battle with lymphoma. in 1969 michael lang helped plan the legendary new york festival for four days and people were treated to performances by the grateful dead, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, and the who. >> since we're on the topic of music, a sonic time capsule has been on earth and it is bay area history that involves the legendary concert. >> it is a unique recording that captured a fleeting moment in time with the man in black and an infamous sound engineer and hundreds of hippies gathered under one roof. >> reporter: on the corner of market and then s in san
6:54 pm
francisco, a huge building currently houses the van gogh exhibit that more than a half- century ago it was home to a dance palace known as the carousel ballroom. during the 60s on the second floor, the bay area flocked to hear rock music. but on one evening in 1968, hundreds of hippies gathered, and they heard this. >> that is the great johnny cash and the date is april 24. >> reporter: while no photographs exist, the event was recorded on audio tape. >> it is a big chunk of american cultural history and we like to call it a time machine because it really transports at least your ears back to those shows. >> reporter: it is unclear why he took the gig. in 1967 a drug addiction was killing him and he had attempted suicide, but in 1968,
6:55 pm
everything changed. he kicked the habit and recorded a live album at folsom prison and married singer- songwriter jin carter. >> that was one of the most creative years of his life. >> reporter: john carter cash is the only child of johnny and june and when he first heard the lost recording he was struck by how it sounded. >> i knew there was something different about the show. >> reporter: the difference involved this man, legendary sound engineer also known as bear. >> it was two strong personalities and highly creative forces and they come together over this record. >> reporter: bear was the first soundman for the grateful dead and also a chemist renowned for making lsd and the grateful dead historian. >> he made the best lsd when it was legal and also when it wasn't. >> reporter: he played a role in capturing the perfect sound.
6:56 pm
>> he was trying to put you in the brain of the musician. >> reporter: his son stanley explains. >> he developed techniques that really captured the sound of a room. >> reporter: during one acid trip bear sought sound waves reverberating around a room and that inspired him to create a sound system that is revolutionary in its approach and clarity. >> that was a style of recording that set the standard for years to come. >> reporter: the ballroom became bears laboratory and he recorded the shows in order to study them and improve his method. >> he called those tapes his sonic journals. >> reporter: cash and the carousel did not disappoint. >> i think it sets my father's voice apart and i believe it is just as close to what it had been like if you were in the room that night. >> reporter: bear died and eight car crash and his children
6:57 pm
created a nonprofit organization in his honor and they are preserving all of his father's old tapes by digitizing them. it is a race against time. >> real the real tapes are plastic and falls apart and deteriorates and it is something we just can't evaporate. >> the foundation has 1300 old tapes of live concert recordings and digitizing them as a volunteer effort and so far they have completed over 800 sonic journals. >> do they have other concerts in that stash? >> yes.
6:58 pm
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and ford. we go further, so you can. >> at the nationwide level, the number of americans quitting their job is higher than ever. >> do the data tell you why? >> we can see what sectors people are quitting-- retail sectors and hospitality sectors. it may not just be worth it for some folks. and so, s-- in some cases, people are quitting, and they're not yet returning. they're taking a break. americans are burnt out. >> so, what is the u.s. workforce likely to look like in the near future? that's our story, tonight. ( ticking ) >> i'm here because i thought, "i want to be a part of a better world for our children and our grandchildren."


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