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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 7, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> the numbers tell the story. how much covid cases are spiking in its latest surge in our state.
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hundreds of teachers calling out sick. what the covid uptick means for any bay area schools and students. good afternoon to you. i'm alan martin. out of story at 3:00 on kpix five in streaming on cbs and bay area. covid cases are climbing. now, affecting our kids learning and causing troubles for transit. numbers from the state just released showing 103,000 new cases. up almost 2%. our test positivity rate hovering around 21%. here's what it looks like in some bay area counties. santa clara, the number of cases is shooting straight up. you can see on the chart the trajectory is much higher than any time in the past couple of years. things looking pretty much the same in san francisco. the latest numbers show the city is seeing more than 1100 new confirmed cases daily. there's also a big spike in alameda with most of the cake cases in oakland for the county is now reporting a total of more than 135,000 total cases
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and more than 1500 deaths. today, hundreds of teachers in the oakland unified school district district held a sick out and car caravan for forcing a dozen schools to close. covid cases surgeon bay area classrooms. the district says it knew it may have notified families not to bring their kids to campus. >> we had 503 teachers call in sick today. that's about twice what we normally have been seeing this week. because of the fact we just didn't have enough people to cover all the classrooms in the district. we determined the best way to do this was to shut down schools to instruction. and keep our kids at home. in those cases. >> kpix five joslin explains the covid related changes that teachers are demanding. >> i am boosted. i'm not worried about myself. i'm worried about my two-year- old son. >> with signs on the cars as they drove to the oakland unified headquarters, educators took part in a sick out. organizers say teachers with 10 schools are participating.
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the district sent home rapid test before winter break more than 900 students and staff tested positive. >> i am worried in a way. i believe that if my kids get sick their education is affected. i believe their health will be affected. i have two kids who have asthma. >> educators are asking the district to implement a series of safety measures. among them, providing and 95 masks for all staff and students. weekly pcr testing for all students and staff. and two weeks of remote learning to implement these measures. oakland unified director of communications says k i-95 max were delivered last night. and masks for kids were on their way. >> for students, when can we expect those? >> whenever we get them. >> he said 12 schools had to be shut down today due to the sick. >> what we are doing is trying to keep our schools as safe as possible. trying to keep our students as safe as possible.
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and you know, bottom line is this is not making things safer for our students. >> as far as the two weeks of virtual learning, educators are asking for, sasaki says they're not planning on that. >> were not planning on closing our schools. obvious the, today, we had to because of this labor in action. >> joslin. kpix five. >> transit telling writers to prepare for some bustling delays . the agency says that it is working through a spike in covid related sick calls and positive cases. grounds that come every 15 minutes, now about every 30 minutes. in some cases, the agency says it may be forced to temporarily cancel a bus line. transit says it continues to test its employees and requires those with symptoms to stay home. check out a long line for covid testing early. chopper five of the site near the hayward airport. meantime, san mateo county is expanding its testing options. a walk-through -- is open in the county events center parking lot. providing up to 2000 tests per
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day and appointments are required. starting monday, the county is working with apl as to offer up to 500 rapid tests at its san bruno location. also, appointment only. the county is buying 50,000 home test kits to distribute to ask at risk residents and first responders. you can check out online for more information on testing and vaccines around the bay area. live look outside peers guys starting to clear a bit. a little rain in parts of the bay area today. paul fagan here, not a timeframe, but it will help. >> we will take every drop of rain we can possibly get. this is about what we anticipated. now, starting to see skies clear out. still some lingering mist and drizzle underneath those clouds. especially in the higher elevations and north and east bay. let's take a look to rental events. almost half an inch of rain. over 4/10 of an inch. just over 10 of an inch of rain
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for half of the bay in santa rosa. just under a 10th of an inch of rain for san francisco. and for been opened in the santa cruz mountain >>, san jose, barely a trace. not even a measurable amount of rain for less than 1/100 of an inch. right now, we don't have anything showing up on the radar. after the actual shows with document just those patches of mist and drizzle here and there. this note continues to fly in the high sierra. the snow line is pretty high. up to around 6000 feet., more snowmaking for some tricky travel conditions. and we have some video of this latest round of snow. the uc berkeley snow lab said it started there before 8:00 this morning. has picked up since. you see an uptick kind of lazily falling. this is in the intense note they had a couple of weeks ago. but more snow is exactly what the high sierra needs. more rain is exactly what the bay area needs. we will take a look at any of that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. talk about the kind of snow you just stay inside by the fireplace. three passengers on an alaska airlines flight that touched down in san jose today. landed in the hospital. reportedly, due to a strong odor on the plane.
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hazmat teams responded. they did not find anything hazardous. firefighters later reported the situation was under control. today, the supreme court heard arguments related to president biden's pandemic response. opponents say the white house exceeded its authority with vaccine and test mandates. skyler has details from this report. >> friday, the supreme court heard challenges to the two biden administration vaccine rules. one requiring the vaccine or weekly testing for businesses with 100 or more employees. the other requiring healthcare workers at facilities that receive medicare or medicaid be fully vaccinated. >> americans shouldn't be forced to choose between getting medical care and exposing themselves to a virus. >> without the injunction, rule america will face imminent crisis. look at the heart of legal battle is what the administration has overstepped its authority to impose those requirements. white house says could affect nearly 100 million workers. >> tell me what is irrational about rules that nature when it
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is the workplace that puts you into contact with people that will put you at risk. >> it appears that the federal government is going agency by agency as a workaround to's inability to get congress to act. >> ahead of friday's court argument, has released a statement expressing confidence for the administration of legal authority for both policies and arguing that the need is greater than ever. >> covid, as we are dealing with it now, is not here to stay. the new normal doesn't have to be. we have so many more tools we are developing. >> as a nation continues its fight against the fast spreading omicron variant, the fda assessment vecsey can get a booster shot only five months after their initial series instead of six. it comes days after similar guidance for some pfizer recipients. skyler henry, cbs news, the supreme court. >> as covid cases skyrocket across the country, a lot of people are asking is this the final wave. i spoke with margaret about what the experts are saying.
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>> this was kind of a week where america called out sick. there were staff shortages and so many different businesses and schools where people were staying home because they thought it was more prudent given the surge. all of this is also going to impact the economy. we don't quite get know exactly how. dr. gottlieb has said he thinks it is reasonable to believe all of us will be able to return in person in february. the but, that is a few weeks out. >> you can watch face the nation sunday at 8:30 on kpix five. new at 3:00, the medical accused of killing armand was sentenced today. life in prison without parole for travis mcmichael and his father. william received the possibility of parole after he serves at least 30 years. the jury convicted the defendants in november. the three men will be back in court next month to stand trial on federal hate crime charges. today, president biden and first lady dr. joe biden are in the suburbs of boulder, colorado, to view wildfire
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damage. they arrived in denver earlier and are scheduled to meet with families and first responders. nearly 1000 homes destroyed in wildfires just before the new year causing an estimated $513 million in damage. the president approved the disaster declaration ordering federal aid to be made available. today, hollywood is mourning the loss of a trailblazer. sydnee has died at age 94. michael george looks back on his career. in a breakthrough through racial barriers on- screen. >> sydnee was an award-winning actor. also, played the role of a hollywood trailblazer. he was the first prominent black movie star. he didn't shy away from roles that took on the issue of race. he was raised in the bahamas on his father's tomato farm. he quit school as a teenager and eventually landed in new york where he found work as a
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dishwasher. his first acting audition was at the american theater. the producer laughed at his accent. undeterred, he worked on his speech for months. eventually, made it to the stage. >> in 1950, he got his big break in hollywood. soon, rose to stardom as a dramatic leading man. in 1964, he became the first african-american to win a best actor oscar. for lilies of the field. that was followed by a string of hits including his role as the fiancee of a white socialite in guess who's coming to dinner. his legendary role as detective virgil tibbs in in the heat of the night. in the 70s, he started working behind the camera, splitting
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his time between directing and acting for the next three decades. in 2002, he was given an honorary oscar for his life work. that same night, african- americans one for both becks best actress and best actor. >> i came here at a time when this hollywood that you know was not the hollywood here when i arrived. >> in 2009, the actor who helped bridge america's racial divide received the medal of freedom from america's first black president. michael george, cbs news. >> still ahead on kpix five streaming on cbsn bay area, paying tribute to john madden, what we are learning about a public memorial and the special remembrance by the raiders. fans are counting down to klay thompson's return to court. what we can expect after two
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>> pretty light traffic there on the bridge. we have a public memorial to tell you about. it's been planned to honor the life of john madden. nfl legend passed away last week at the age of 85. according to the nfl, the memorial is being scheduled for february 5th teens in oakland. also, the raiders have announced that his family will light the memorial torch this sunday before the team season finale. let's take a live look at chase
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center. fans cannot wait for sunday's game and the expected return of klay thompson from injury. charlie is here. charlie, two years he's been gone. >> just two years. the pandemic wasn't a thing, nor was the j center as the doves home when this thing started. he's coming off an acl and achilles injury. that is two serious setbacks. but, he wants you to know he's beyond ready. >> i don't want to be a shell of myself. i want to come back like i was last time i was playing. one of the best players in the world. >> he was with the warriors on their road trip. working out before the games. looking good. the team will practice tomorrow at chase center. that will be on the training staff. all eyes on the training staff to decide if thompson gets the all clear to make his highly anticipated return on sunday night >> he's extremely excited anxious to get back out there. i think you all, are feeling the same way. we are feeling the same way.
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the fan base is feeling the same way. the world of basketball is feeling the same exact way. everybody is looking forward to klay thompson being back out there on the floor. >> i don't know about everyone. fans, maybe not. they will be the first competition that clay back. fans are expecting him to make his return sunday as evident by their very expensive seats. court cited seats as high as 15,000. a single ticket in the rafters will cost him nearly 200 bucks. >> i would say he is one of the best players in the world. no doubt. thanks. some of the financial news for you. wall street ending the week on a sour note. the dow lost just a few points. the nasdaq, though, was down almost 145. s&p dropped 19. the december jobs report is out. 199,000 jobs were added. that is only about half of what was expected. still, the job market remains on positive grounds moving closer to the pre-pandemic levels.
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>> since the pandemic low, which we saw in april of 2020, the economy is added back over 18 million jobs. >> in 12 months the unemployment rate fell from 6.7% to now just 3.9%. but, the latest search of infections, expected to slow hiring for businesses hope that the economic impact is only temporary. weather is only temporary. doesn't last that long. let's get a forecast. this time of year, the weather, wait a little while. it will change. >> we will be seeing a drying change and the weekend for the light rain over the last 12 to 18 hours or so, moving away. high pressure in control of the pacific that we building closer to us. the sinking air overhead that suppresses the development of any additional showers. let's move in for a closer look. into the clearing line making
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its way across the bay area. it's not a transition for completely overcast completely loose skies. but a lot more sunshine north of this line. basically, from concord down to about rip with city. benjamin cloud cover further to the north. any lingering mist or drizzle will be confined to the higher elevations. let's even get this adjustment on the fly. there we go. any lingering mist or drizzle would be confined in this thicker cloud for peerless to rain chances into the next seven days. try this weekend. there's a chance of showers early next week on monday. it is a low chance. it is been the going to be confined to right along the coast or north of the golden gate. a slightly more widespread chance. but, still lower than 50-50. it is in the forecast by wednesday and thursday. it is an unsettled pattern next week. a tricky kind of pattern to pin down the details of. we will keep you updated as we headed through the next seven days. but, overall, the forecast is going to be more tranquil than what we have seen over the past several weeks. looking outside right now. with the golden gate, toward the bridge. temperatures are in the mid-to upper 50s. conceit icon there and sandra's indicating that additional sunday shunt sunshine for the north bay. his ability will drop as ahead through tonight. what can the moisture over the last 12 hours or so, falling just adds more humidity to the
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loss of the atmosphere. allows the fog to thicken up by early tomorrow morning. it is going to be especially stubborn in the east bay. his ability by 10:00, still on the low side. there and inside the bay itself, but, those disabilities should gradually improve as ahead toward midday and in the afternoon. temptress tonight, dropping down more than they have the past several nights because even with the fog at ground level, we are going to have as much cloud further up in the atmosphere to hold in your account. drop to the mid-to upper 30s for north bay. anybody else, in the low to mid- 40s. pretty normal territory for this time of year. pretty normal territory for highest bar as well. maybe a degree or two below average. but committed upper 50s across the board. once the sun breaks through, should feel pretty nice out there. temperatures reach the mid-50s on the coast. upper 50s in the santa clara valley. those will be the one sponsor santa clara and san jose at 58 degrees. mid-50s inland in the night he spake in with some stubborn fog slowing down to warm up there. some of the cooler spots.
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a couple degrees warmer for the settlement in the north bay wants fog dissipates. our neighbors to the north, and the lake county, also reaching up in the 50s. political for like porten. temperatures staying nearly steady on sunday. same pattern. fog in the morning. sunshine in the afternoon. more clouds monday. not much of a rain chance except right along the coast north of the golden gate. here's the better chance of showers in the forecast by thursday. next week, it is lower than a 50-50 chance of rain overall. keep an eye on it. we will keep you updated. alan. >> paul. thanks. still had, mentor ship in music and oakland. we will tell you about the nonprofit helping young people find their own purpose perfect sound. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a star on the young and restless talks about being on the soap for 30 years. that is at 4:40. you can find us,, or
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>> jazz music offers a rich legacy that transcends generations. it plays a key role in contemporary culture. kpix fives justin andrews introduces us to and oakland nonprofit that is using music to help shape young lives. >> jazz first of all, i use the word jazz as an identifier. >> the resume and the sound. will have you moving and grooving. >> the joy is still here. i don't get that joy anywhere else.? for some, it gives joy. others, -- >> two reduces power.
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see the power of it, i see the strength that it gives young power young people. it gives the world to young people. >> like the 17-year-old. >> music is my life. i'm grateful for the environment here. it is very encouraging. and they want you to do your best.? she's a pianist. and has been for 13 years. four of those years -- >> [ music ] >> spent right here at a place for mentor ship and music merge. oak towne jazz, a nonprofit founded in oakland in 94 celebrates jazz music and introduces its rich legacy to young people. >> is not a band class. it is a way of living. a way of life. >> once a week, she and other teenagers come here to learn, play, and explore jazz music. >> i think it just helps me express myself. >> i can't imagine my life without it. >> it's like home. i got home, when there wasn't one. >> our house was going under
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some renovations. covid broke out so we were out of our house, couch jumping. doing different things. we couldn't go back to home. so, for us, me and my siblings, music became our home.? it's how they communicate. swinging notes, tapping. finding their individual sound. although each young musician may not pursue this professionally, >> is the influencer. this music is the influence of all young once. all popular music. a colicky proton jazz is making sure each student finds their own feet, blending and composing a language we can all speak. >> magic. music is magic it does things you never expect for it to do. >> and oakland, -- [ music ] -- justin andrews. kpix. >> music is cool. the underside of a pillow. still had the action coming to oakland this weekend. that is
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>> coming up. furniture orders taking months on end to arrive. we look at supply-chain issues still leaving customers waiting and waiting for their deliveries. finally here at 3:00, don't have to wait much longer for this. the dirt is in print drivers are ready. monsters jem is back in oakland for an action-packed weekend. these massive monster trucks will be performing all kinds of
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stunts. with her arms out also. this is at the coliseum all weekend. it's coming after you. that's kind of a nightmare. let alone the noise. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, life in prison for the men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. the 25-year-old who was shot while out jogging. his family tonight calling the sentence justice. >> life without the possibility of parole. life without the possibility of parole. life with the possibility of parole. >> o'donnell: reaction from outside the courthouse, and the message from ahmaud arbery's family. >> i know today would finally come. >> o'donnell: winter weather chaos: a powerful snowstorm hit the northeast cancelling more than 2,000 flights, but bringing a welcome day off for school kids. fourth dose? the c.e.o. of moderna says you could need another shot this fall. but one state wants another booster now.
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