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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 6, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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you need to act like you care about the teachers. now at 11:00, a school district is facing a potential psych out amid the heated
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debate over safety protocols. the police are on the scene of another deadly hit-and-run. tonight, what we have learned so far? there were individuals his him with his gun. >> one year after the mob attacked the u.s. capitol, those that survived are reporting on the horror, and where we need to go from here. someone in northern california is holding a winning ticket one of the biggest powerball jackpots in history. where was e lucky winner sold? now at 11:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area live, we have a live look out where 700 teachers and aides called out sick today, and tomorrow could be worse. kpix 5 spoke with teachers that say they have no other choice. >> reporter: of petitions are getting online is calling for a teachers account tomorrow for san francisco unified school's, with organizers saying the district needs to do more to
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protect them. to make you need to talk about the teachers and act like you care about the teachers. >> reporter: rory abernathy is a math teacher, and one of the organizers of this a competition. as is the goal is to send a message that if the district doesn't take their concerns seriously, we can shut the whole system down, and we will. the petition has around 500 signatures so far. abernathy says she is not sure how many people that signed our teachers, or how many will participate. >> this is very grassroots, site to site, friend to friend, and word-of-mouth. >> reporter: the teachers union was not involved in any way. the union representatives held a press conference this afternoon, asking for additional safety measures in the classrooms, including more ppe. also making more rapid covid-19 tests available to staff and students. >> i'm sad to say this is not the case here. >> reporter: the superintendent responded with a statement
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saying, we continue to follow public health guidance and schools have remained low risk settings by following proper safety protocols. the district leaders say they are aware of tomorrow's sick out. this they are planning for multiple scenarios. in san francisco, kpix 5. the district will hold a meeting with the teachers union to discuss safety protocols moving forward. this was plan to coincide with that meeting. school districts, not just in san francisco, but across the bay area are struggling to keep classrooms open. the west contra costa school district will close all school this friday and monday to ease the strain. the superintendent says the district is seeing far more staff absences than usual, and students testing positive. all schools will undergo a deep cleaning on friday. students are being urged to get tested before returning to school on tuesday. however, the three new testing
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sites will also be closed on monday. unified school district is apologizing for the fiasco surrounding today's distribution of 33,000 home covid-19 test kits. dozens of parents and students got frustrated, waiting in long lines to get the kit at one location. many left empty-handed when the giveaway and it promptly at 2:00. >> this is very contagious. you can contract omicron waiting in this line. i have a double mask. i am concerned, waiting in the long line.>> reporter: we regret that any families, students or staff have had to wait an extended period of time. we are committed to making sure they get these tests delivered to them. >> more bay area businesses are closing their doors due to the latest outbreak. positive tests and health protocols led to a severe worker shortage. we have a report from santa rosa on the growing impact to the hospitality industry.
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>> reporter: this pub did not open at all today. the sun on the door says it is closed today and tomorrow. this is another hurdle in what has been a rough couple of years. >> the gift shop is open, if you want to grab a beer to go. i am sorry about that.>> reporter: the russian river brewing company" locations as it becomes a victim of the omicron search. >> i made the executive decision to close down today and tomorrow because we are so shortstaffed. >> reporter: the hospitality industry has been struggling to hire workers. they are hoping by closing down for a couple days it will bide time to regroup and reopen by friday. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. the past couple of years, and it has made us a lot more resilient. >> reporter: this comes as businesses are having to keep up with new rules coming down
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from the cdc to the california department of public health. dph extended the mask mandate for another month. >> we are looking at masking as such an important feature at keeping california safe, and doing what we can to improve our increase of cases. >> reporter: this company has been complying with the ever- changing regulations. every wired boosters for all employees. the mask mandates will be enforced. there are concerns about how well it actually works. >> i don't know how effective it is in a restaurant environment. for the most part, arab ways are dealing with unmasked customers. we are waiting on people that are not wear a mask, because you can't wear a mask when you're eating and drinking.>> reporter: the fans may be wondering if the company will hold its annual event. the company says they did consider canceling, but decided against it, saying everybody needs nothing to look forward to. in santa rosa, kpix 5.
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developing news out of san jose, police are investigating a hit-and-run that killed a bicyclist. the crash took is a couple blocks from the freeway entrance in the corners of queens lane and highway 101. investigations continue as the officers reportedly are still on scene. this isse tal car accide this alameda coty eriff's office is mourning the senseless death of a regroup. 28-year-old, alvin kamara, was about to graduate the academy and enter his career in law enforcement. he was shot yesterday afternoon on the westbound approach to the bay bridge. he was heading home, to san francisco from the academy in dublin. his body was given a full police escort to the coroner's office. investigators have not released any information about a suspect or motive and that shooting. it is january 6 and washington, d.c. in a few hours, president joe biden and vice president kamala harris are expected to speak at the
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u.s. capitol on the one year anniversary of the deadly insurrection. we have the investigation into the attack, and the rallies planned across the country. >> that was a horrific moment. it was very dramatic. >> reporter: commerce woman barbara lee was at the capitol that day it would formalize the win of president joe biden. she says she prepared herself for the possibility of pro- trump protests. >> or my tennis shoes that day. >> reporter: she never expected the massive, violent mob behind the january 6 insurrection. to make those that planned and executed this attempted coup need to be brought to justice. no one is above the law. >> i suffered a heart attack.>> reporter: five people died in dozens were wounded, including a former officer that suffered a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. tonight, we have the town hall,
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and the sergeant was also hurt.>> reporter: there were individuals chanting, take his gun and kill him with his gun. >> i realize how precious democracy is. if you want to, you to fight for it. >> reporter: vigils and rallies will be held across the country tomorrow, to mark the one-year anniversary of the insurrection. many of them will be here in california. >> this is a do or die moment as far as passing the voting rights bills that are before the senate. >> reporter: they are calling on the 250 suspects. the fbi is continuing to hunt them down, to be accountable. so far, there been 725 arrests and there is no sign the investigation is slowing down one year later. >> is there any question in your mind that they were trump supporters? >> no ma'am.>> reporter: no doubt.>> reporter: reporting for kpix 5. the fbi is searching for a mill valley man indicted in the siege at the capitol.
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evan newman is one of 14 counts, including civil disorder and assaulting officers. the fbi says that he fled the u.s. on february 16, and is believed to be in belarus. he gave an extended interview on tv, and appeared on russian state television.>> reporter: the fact that this country is as divided as it is today does provide openings for the russians and the chinese, and others that would attempt to exploit our internal divisions for their own political purposes. to make belarus does not have an extradition treaty with the u.s.. it is unknown if newman will be allowed to day. southbay business owners will be forced off of their properties. why they have not been given a choice? do we think about it every night. >> the nation's first case of
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"flurona" has been found. what will a twindemic mean for
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a series of earthquakes rattled northern california this evening. with the moderate earthquakes that struck off the northern california coast and the oregon border. most powerful jolt was a 4.6 earthquake that hit at 6:30. it struck in the ocean out side of humboldt county. this is the same area where a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck on december 20. two hours earlier, a 4.8 earthquake struck southeast of yosemite national park you get
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hit near deep springs. this is a community near the nevada border, and west of death valley national arc. the rattling was felt as far as fresno. southern california is dealing with a new viral threat tonight. it is called "flurona". a patient is testing positive for both the flu and coronavirus. one of the first cases in the country was detected in los angeles. >> take a look so similar. they are traveling the same way. it is assumed atifyou are testing for one, you should test for the other. >> the rapid surge of the omicron variant led to a shortage in ambulance crews. now the county is changing how and when they are dispensed. they will only send an ambulance for life-threatening situations. in some cases, patients will be transported to hospitals on fire trucks. we have a live look from san jose. is this owners could be forced to sell, whether they like it or not. they are currently purchasing
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up 93 pieces of land along the santa clara street corridor. the san jose b.a.r.t. extension will eventually run underneath it. the businesses there now will have to move. one owner has less than one year to relocate his truck center from its current five acre site.>> reporter: there is a big, pending doom. we think about every night. we have a hard time sleeping. >> they say this is a long process. the agency cannot reach an agreement on a price, the court will decide what is fair compensation for the land. it looks like we have a winner. somebody in sacramento hit the powerball jackpot tonight. the top prize climbed to $630 million after growing for three months. the past hour, we got a video of the sacramento 7-eleven were the lucky ticket was sold. a second winning ticket was sold in wisconsin. each winner will get $315
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million. that is not too shabby. according to the california lottery, the store will get a $1 million bonus. the winning numbers, why not, 6, 14, 25, 43, 26. the powerball was 17. >> we don't know who the winners are until they come forward. maybe they will want to do an interview with us. maybe not.>> reporter: we will all be back at work tomorrow. >> in california, they don't have the option of staying anonymous, do they? they make i think it has to come out. many people try to hold off on that process. >> a lot of people have a lot of cousins and best friends. [ laughter ] 's>> reporter: they love new best friends, including the three of us. [ laughter ]>> the ski resorts have hit the snow jackpot over the last few weeks.
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the snow has started to taper off a bit. people have a chance to get up there to base, it this is an 11 foot base of snow. 135 inches. they have 7 of 8 lifts open. they will get more snow on friday. that will send rain toward the bay area. let's look at the big picture pattern. we have high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere, pushing the rain to the north toward the pacific northwest. the next system will get its act together, sending the next round of rain to the bay area tomorrow night. in the short term, we have dense fog spreading out again. we have plenty of it out there. that will be stubborn for the first half of the day on thursday. allow extra time for your morning commute. we will see partial clearing during the afternoon, especially farther inland. we have partial clearing, and
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that is the best we can hope for. there's a chance of some sprinkles here and there before the main event. the showers will be moving toward the north day as we go into tomorrow night. this would be the pre-sunrise hours with rain chances going through the rest of the bay area when the sun comes up on friday. this is hit or miss activity. everybody has a good chance of getting at least some measurable rainfall. it will move through quickly. by noon, we will see some straggling showers left over. those will largely be gone in the morning and afternoon. we have a break in the cloud cover to go with patches of drizzle left behind as well. we have a mixed bag of weather by friday afternoon. will calm down over the weekend. this is the last substantial range has rain chances. on saturday, it is looking good. sunday looks good as well. we have plenty of sunshine in the afternoons and over the weekend. how much rain? not much.
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future cast is indicating less than a quarter of an inch for everybody. many areas will be less than 1/10 of an inch of rain. every little bit definitely helps. the only moisture is in the form of the fog hanging out in the distance as we look over downtown san francisco. everybody's temperatures are in the mid 50s. we will go to the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. it will be cooler than we are now, due to the insulating factor that fog will hold the warmth near the ground level. high temperatures are normal for this time of the year. we have mid 50s along the coast. we have 60s in the santa clara valley. we have mid and upper 50s for the inland parts of east bay. we have mid and upper 50s in the central bay and the north bay. amateurs up north are also in the mid 50s. we don't much variation in the seven-day forecast. here's a rain chances on friday. we dry out on the weekend. clouds in the forecast on monday, and a chance of showers
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north of the golden gate and along the coast. this is something that we will keep you updated on through the weekend and into early next week. straight ahead in sports, who has the most talked about right thumb in the nfl? the warriors play-by-play, bob fitzgerald described it best, it was in offensive flanker
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want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. the warriors said that the numbers don't lie. the warriors average 111 points per game. they scored 82 tonight. this was the night for her, the mavericks grace blair had his
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number retired. how about the current dallas great, luka doncic. off-balance, goes. he scored 26, there up 9 in the third. this can burn you off. steph curry and gary, they did just that. they outscored dallas, 19-3, leading by 5. it was an 11 point double double. tomorrow it looks like his dad here. that jumper gave dallas the 76 lead. mavericks are by 10, the less myth open, dallas scored 12 straight, putting the warriors in a big hole. the shooters had an off night. steph curry, two games, 8 for 41. he will figured out, he scored 14. that is not enough. he suffered a bruise the skin, ending in a 99-82 loss. you may have to play in new orleans tomorrow without him. >> last game, i felt i know chance from the job. tonight was different. every one of those felt good.
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>> he will break out of this quickly. he had a bunch of plays that i thought were good looks, they were good decisions. the ball just did not go in. >> first time since may, kyrie irving in the nets game, unvaccinated, on the road at indianapolis, scoring 22. he did show a little rust. he had not been with the team because he is unvaccinated. look at that. it was not allowed to play in home games. for now, he will be playing on the road games. it turned out well. they beat indiana, 129-121. the 49ers, talk to this guy, jimmy garoppolo. they were underdogs against the rams. is here starting cornerback? is it jimmy garoppolo? he showed up at the press conference with a wrap on his badly injured right thumb.
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he was limited in practice today. he has not been ruled out of sunday's game. gripping and throwing a ball with a ligament tear and shipped bone, suffered on this play nearly 2 weeks ago at tennessee. >> what does it feel like? >> it [ bleep ] hurts. i don't know how else to describe it. it feels like the web in your hand is tearing a little bit. that is the best way i can describe it. i know it will not be hundred percent. i am realistic about that. we are doing everything we can to get as close as we can do that. >> win the game, and they are in the tournament. john madden was here, and i asked him, where will the gate be won, he was a boom, the offensive line, boom, the guard tackle play, that is the difference maker in that one. >> not the big guy defense?>> john madden was the line coach and a head coach.
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he knows. >> all right, thank you. a real-life lassie story. we introduce you to the dog credited with saving her owner's life. tonight, one year after the attack on the u.s. capitol, we take a look at what happened in the investigation that followed. will hear from
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i know we have a lot of dog lovers watching us. this is a story that would make lassie round. to make this is thanks to her heroic efforts. she may have saved the life of her owner. tinsley, the shiloh shepherd was frantically running around a local highway, when she was spotted by police as they attempted to corral her, she continued to flee.
2:07 am
when the officers finally caught up to her, they discovered an overturned truck, and two men ejected from the vehicle. one of them was her owner. >> at that time, there was hypothermia that set in. it's unclear how long they were out of the vehicle. the dog was wet. you can tell she had been outside of it. >> i was shaken up, didn't know what was happening. it was all because of her. >> wow! that is an amazing dog. thanks to the efforts of tinsley, the mentor been released from the hospital. >> we don't deserve dogs, they are credible. to make she gets steak for dinner for the rest of her life. unlimited treats, whatever she loves. we will be right back.
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