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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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morning. good morning to you. it's tuesday, january 4th. >> let's start with a look at weather and traffic. mary its been a wet night but we have sunny skies ahead of us. >> we are looking at dryer weather this afternoon. we have to get through a few more light lingering showers on high definition doppler. you can see a little bit of green as we kick off the tuesday. you request see the light showers over martinez and the east bay, concord, and near oakland and hercules. here is a live look with the wet bay bridge camera. you can see the rain drops on the cam a. temperatures in the low 50's as we start off the day. it's a milder start and as we head through the afternoon mostly cloudy skies for the coast and around the bay with supper 50's and as we look inland we are looking at low 60's, partly sunny skies this afternoon. you can see as we head through the day, dryer, quieter weather
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ahead. let's check in with gianna with a look at traffic. >> be careful as you hitted roadways. we are starting to see some brake lights and delays especially for the ride into the pass. things getting a little busy westbound out of tracy, getting onto 580. seeing speeds dipping down into about 16 miles an hour. slow and go through there. stay sluggish at least through just about north flynn. the rest of the way it's clear. the travel times busier. we are seeing a 28 minute travel time from 205 toward 680. we will watch that. also watching san jose northbound 101 from san jose to sfo. only 36 minutes. there is a crash reported us g ake lights or onmo troubl this on 280 northbound in san francisco. traffic slow due to a car fire
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on the right shoulder. a post holiday covid surge is hitting the country hard. the cdc said the number of new cases has tripled in the past two weeks. public health experts say that figure will likely grow even more as the omicron variant spreads to new places and populations. most of the country's school districts plan to continue with in person classes. at least while they have enough teachers to stay open. here in the bay area officials in napa say their hospitals are out of icu beds. the county's emergency services coordinator says infections among health care workers are adding to the crisis. she said the current surge is driving more patients to the health care system and it is also impacting staff. when staff become infected with covid they can't come into work and care for patients which can cause significant strain on the health care system. a live look at san francisco where covid case
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counts are climbing. health data shows about 600 new cases a day. san francisco has the third highest transmission rate in the state right behind los angeles. justin restaurants are temporarily closing because of all of this. >> that's because so many of them are reporting workers are having covid so they have no choice but to shut down for safety. doctors say that come next week things could get even worse. we look at the numbers this morning. it shows the latest hospitalizations numbers, data shows 63 people are in the hospital with covid in san francisco. that's up from 24 at the beginning of last month. for clarity this morning though that number is still much lower than 220 last year. that's what we -- is much lower than the 220 we saw this time last year. new belgium brewery said it saw about 25% drop in reservations. several popular spots closed
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throughout san francisco because of the surge. restaurants say they are doing this as a precaution to the safety and well being of their workers and guests. restaurant workers have been stretched thin. >> i'm serving, bartending, working the front because there's so few of us left. we have had a few that tested positive so short staffed. >> all right. there are some restaurants staying open but get this. they are requiring booster shots in order to dine in. we are live in san francisco. i'm justin andrews. >> thank you. this morning we are learning more on how covid is affecting bay area schools as students return from winter break. last check stanford said they have 146 new infections. those students are now isolating in campus housing and all 70 weeks of surveillance and 514,000 student tests have resulted in 593 positive
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results. in marin health officials say schools will shorten the recommended quarantine period for students and staff infected with or exposed to covid from ten days to five. the test after quarantine will also be recommended. some encouraging news millions of children will be eligible for a covid booster shot. that's after the fda authorized boosters for children ages 12 to 15. also eligible, 5 to 11-year- old's who are immune compromised. they are expected to give the final sign off tomorrow. thousands showed up at the state capitol yesterday to oppose the goof's proposed vaccine mandate for children. the demonstration drew people from across california. >> we will reverse the mandate itself. that is just the beginning. >> the group called our children are choice organized this rally. some demandd that state lawmakers listen to their concerns. >> i won't be going along with
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anyone's mandate. they can't force me to do anything. even if it means my job. >> we are against any kind of vaccine mandate for children. we don't think it's necessary. we think that parents can make their own decisions for their children's health. >> some school districts have already started their own mandates but officials in sacramento won't put in a statewide mandate until the fda approves the vaccines for children. happening today san mateo county is reopening a clinic at the event center. the site is for age groups 12 and up. services include first and second doses plus boosters. the clinic will be open tuesday through saturday. doors open at noon. if are you looking for a covid test or booster we have posted a county by county resource guide at click the red banner right at the top of the home page. a live look from sfo this morning. airline travel disruptions are continuing bay area wide. as of today so far sfo seeing
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nine delays and 36 cancellations. oakland seeing two delays and 12 cancellations. sjc seeing eight delays and six cancellations. yesterday more than 350 flights were delayed due to a combination of covid related staff shortages. more than 3,000 flights were canceled yesterday. that's on top of more than 5,000 over the weekend. now some airlines offering double, even triple pay for staff willing to pick up more flights. happening today san francisco supervisors could reconsider their support for the mayor's announcement of emergency in the tenderloin. we are in the newsroom with the detailso unthis. >> the mayor declared the emergency last month promising to quickly open a service center to help people who are homeless and using drugs. she said she would request more police overtime to crack down on crime. about two weeks ago a majority
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of the supervisors supported her emergency announcement after a hearing on it but there's been backlash and claims that the mayor is planning a police crack down. today supervisors will consider whether to hold another hearing whether to withdraw their support. activists are planning on holding a news conference against the plan. that plan is expected to be doesed at the supervisors meeting around 2:00 p.m. today. of course we will stay on top of it. in the newsroom. >> thank you. following the search for suspects in a double shooting in the south bay. it happened during rush hour just north of downtown in san jose. about 6:00 last night. 1300 block of north first street. this was the scene there when a man and a woman were shot. they are expected to survive but so far police have not given any description of the shooter in this case nor exactly what led up to this.
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elizabeth holmes is a convicted felon after she was found guilt which for swindling investors. >> do you have any relax to your guilty verdict? >> holmes faces up to 20 years for each count. out of 11 charges the jury found the former ceo guilty of conspiracy to defraud investors. she was acquitted of four other felony charges while jurors came back deadlocked on three. one legal expert said the case is far from over. >> i'm sure she has been preparing herself for a while on this. you know the conviction is not final until the appeal is final. we have some time. you know appeals can take a year or two. >> holmes didn't say a word as she left the courthouse. before her company started to unravel she promised her blood testing device could detect hundreds of diseases and health issues with just a finger the
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technology never delivered and it was never accurate. a live look at san francisco this morning where a french bulldog stolen on new year's day is back home with her owner. police released this photograph of the happy homecoming for the dog. she was out for a walk in the marina saturday morning a thief stole her and took off in a car. no word on how she was recovered or who she was with. the time is now 5:10. still ahead, while the omicron variant has derailed some travel plans others are still anxious to get away. the advice from an expert on how you can stay safe. and pg&e still trying to restore power to thousands in the tahoe area. the plan to help resident was the danger growing by the day. still tracking snow up in weather advisories in effect. here at home in the bay area high definition doppler showing light scattered showers.
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still on the radar screen. lingering showers out there. high pressure builds in as we head through the rest of the day. i will let you know what you can expect. i will take you hour by hour as we head through the day today and when we will see the next storm system coming up in a few minutes. we can see the showers on the live shot of the bay bridge toll plazast traffic moving at the limit. we have a hot spot along 608 and it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
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traveling may be not on the top of everybody's to do list. what does it mean for the travel industry? the trends for 2022. >> hey. good morning. omicron has derailed many travel plans. it doesn't mean travelers aren't focused on getting away. vacation bookings still on the rise with unforgettable experiences being at the top of the list. >> those who haven't traveled significant i will have really looking to not just get out but to get out and really have a once in a lifetime experience that maybe they wouldn't have had in the past. also by booking some of the unique experiences, especially if it involves outdoors or a
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more private experiencearother potentially give you more peace of mind. >> that's nick ewing who said that gas up, road trips continue to be a popular travel option. >> i do think that road trips provide with you a little more control over your environment and its setting that you are putting yourself into. >> coming up at 6:15 on travel tuesday i will share with you the most popular work vacation destination. on the storm watch thousands are still without power this morning in nevada county. its been that way for more than a week since a major storm in the sierra toppled trees and knocked downpour lines. the county has created fire wood stations with so many people stuck in the cold. the rule is to only take enough for three days of home heating. people are loading up their car was free logs they say will go straight in to the fireplace. >> my house is 48 degrees
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right now inside. i hope i can go warm it up. i hope this catches fire. >> it's every day thing. >> its been a whole week and it's not expected back any time soon. >> pg&e said it finished assessing all nevada county power line damage yesterday. so far the utility has not given customers specific times for when power will be restored. on the storm watch in southern california a traffic nightmare in the mountains. illegally parked cars causing a traffic jam. this video from a fire engine shows cars double parked as people play in the snow. you can see only a single lane was open for cars to pass by. mountain roads usually have no parking zones with fines of $150. >> what a mess. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting with mary lee. still wet out there. >> that's right. track a few light lingering showers on high definition doppler. you can see just a little
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bittive green lighting up high definition doppler this morning. watch out for the wet roadway itself you are about to head out the door for work or school. let zoom in the locations get that wet start to the day from vallejo looking at martinez, near concord, hercules as we start off the day as well as down across the peninsula from san mateo, getting the light showers. in san francisco, mark hopkins hotel camera and all of those rain drops on the live camera temperatures in the low 50's as we start off the day. if a few morning showers as we kick off the tuesday. as we head through the afternoon, dryer, quieter weather ahead. looking at mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 50's to low 6o's. we are track that low pressure system that dropped a weak cold front our way. that's the reason why that we
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did see the showers last night and at least early this morning as that low pushes off to the east and that cold front pushes off to the east. that ridge of high pressure will build in. the ridge briefly building in as we head through the rest of today, wednesday and for thursday. tracking another weather system behind that. i will show you that in the seven day forecast. daytime highs 57 in pacifica, 58 around the bay, in san francisco, 59 in oakland. for the peninsula looking at 60 degrees, redwood city, mountain view, the south bay, san jose at 61, upper 50's in concord, the inland east bay there as well as for antioch and midother mid50's for the north bay. a few showers out there. few lingering showers. by noon we are already dry. we are looking at partly sunny to mostly cloudy and by 4:00 p.m. that dry weather ahead. as we look to tomorrow morning. the far north bay you could see
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a few showers there. this is tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. then looking at the least dry weather as we look to the afternoon tomorrow with partly sunny skies. we are talking about snow in the sierra. winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00 p.m. for the west slopes of the sierra with another few more inches of snow up in the sierra. seven day forecast, back at home. dry weather wednesday and thursday and there we go with the next weather system wring bricking the return of the wet weather to friday. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast. partly sunny skies tomorrow and thursday and there we go with the rain chances picking up again on friday to end the workweek. partly sunny to end the weekend ahead. the slick roadways out there as we start off the day. be careful as you head out the door this morning. you are going to see some wet weather early. your afternoon commute will look better. here is a like look at conditions along the dublin interchange heading westbound
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580 toward that 680 area. brian kiley going around in mobile5 going to the latest conditions in the bay area. you know overall it's fairly quiet as far as everything goes. few brake lights or slower speeds as people slow down. still some ponding and puddling on the roadways. be careful as you head through there. let's look at traffic east of there heading out of the pass. westbound if you are a super commuter out of tracy onto 580 we have those slow speeds around the connector road down to 17 miles an hour. it gets better once you are at north flynn and then you saw that live shot from brian kiley where things looked better toward the dublin. the travel times feeling it. 33 minutes toward 680. definitely things getting slower for that ride out of the pass. other than that east shore freeway, highway 4 and 101 looking good this morning. we have reports of an accident along 680. this was reported just a few minutes ago by chp.
5:21 am
if you are taking 680 northbound, there is reports of a vehicle that hit the guardrail. looks like all the activity is over on the right shoulder and possibly on the on-ramp as soon as chp arrives on scene we will get you more information. doesn't look like its affect the mainlines of 680 and things seem to be moving okay. they are still clearing a crash north 280. car fire over to the right shoulder. new this morning free w ifi on the bus fleet. it's expected to happen next month and according to the board chair passengers will be able to text, e-mail, browse social media and the internet and play online games. by connecting to the wifi on board any bus. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> bay area youth activists
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teaming up on a new project.
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it's time for your
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lunchtime forecast for this morning checking a few light lingering showers and you can see at sfo our live camera and the wet runways out there. temperatures are in the low 50's but as we look to your lunchtime hour we are looking at mid50's with mostly cloudy skies. dryer weather ahead, especially by this afternoon. in san francisco, at noon 55 degrees. mostly cloudy as we look to oakland. by your lunchtime noon 55 and for san jose, partly sunny at 58 at noon. dryer weatherra heat. we will talk more about what you can expect with the next weather system coming in this week. details on that in just a few minutes. the american girl has it's 2022 girl of the year. there is a big bay area influence. >> this year's new doll is making history. she live was her family in colorado and loves to ski. she is american girl's first chinese american girl of the
5:26 am
year. her story looks at her heritage and tackling anti asian racism. american girl is partnering up with the bay area group aapi youth rising. the group's mission is to bring awareness to the rise of xenoph obia against asians. if means a lot to us to see a girl of the year who is a strong positive role model and who can represent the community. >> they get to see a doll that rooks like them and has a story like the other official dolls and dolls of the year. >> aapi youth rising is asking schools across the country to include one lesson of aapi history during the cal year. american girl is donating $25,000 toward that cause. still ahead on kpix5 did. >> why several risk factors could pose a threat to the
5:27 am
momentum of the economy. and a piece of technology soon to be gone forever. the phone being
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the omicron variant continues its sweep across the united states. how the president is responding today. and the new rules in place at the nation's second largest school district in an effort to stop the spread of covid in the classroom. and former tech ceo elizabeth holmes is charged -- is found guilty on several charges but legal experts say this is not over yet. we will tell you more coming up. and big tech breaking records. the major milestone just passed
5:30 am
by apple. good morning. it's tuesday, january 4th. >> we will start with our weather and traffic this morning. we have some rain and then don't have some rain and then have rain. where are we at? >> we have a few showers out there. as we head through the afternoon, dryer weather ahead with quieter conditions. here we go on high definition doppler. you can see a few light lingering showers. little bit of green lighting up the radar screen from vallejo, martinez and berkeley at this hour. you can see the wet bay bridge camera with the rain drops on the live camera. temperatures are running in the low 50's so a mild start to the day as we head through the afternoon. looking at mostly cloudy to partly sunny. upper 50's for the coast and around the bay and looking at low 60's inland this afternoon. you can see we are going to see the showers move out of here as we head through the afternoon. we are looking at a little bit of sun. let's check in with gianna and
5:31 am
we have the slick conditions out there. yes we do. i'm excited there will be a little bit of sun. have you to get through the morning commute and it's a little busy especially use head in to the pass. we have the brake lights westbound coming out of tracy from 205 gettingon to 580. expect a few bike lights. seeing speeds down about 14 miles an hour. that is just crawling at long for the most part. at least until you get to about north flynn. that's where it be loose like on the maps. rest of the way looks good ar also an1 sier. looking good as well. will a trouble spot on 680 and walnut creek. a live look at san francisco which has the third highest covid transmission rate. covid case counts climbing health data shows the 600 new
5:32 am
cases a day in san francisco. justin andrew is live and you have been looking at all this data about the indicates. what have you found? >> that data last updated on december 28th it. shoes a thousand new cases in san francisco that day alone. doctors say that more could becoming. we look at the hospitalizations though the numbers last updated on december 29th. that data shows that 63 people are in the hospital with covid in san francisco. that is up 24 at the beginning of last month. that number is still much lower than 220 we saw this time last have no choice but to shut down for now. so many popular this as a precaution protecting the safety and well being of workers and guests.
5:33 am
restaurant workerns have been stretched very thin lately doing the jobs of three people and there are some who are staying open but requiring booster shots in order to dine in. >> i really felt like that we were over the hump and we tubbed the corner. it'll just be a situation of managing the case here and there. then when omicron came it came with a vengeance. >> vaccines still protect us against serious disease and this is hopefully going to exit very quickly. >> doctors say after this surge we could see in community immunity. they say that will bring us some relief. they say that until the next variant pops up. we are live in san francisco. i'm justin andrews. >> it's just a constant circle with this. thank you. the nation's second largest school district, los angeles unified has new health and safety protocols. all students and staff must show proof of a negative test result before they can return
5:34 am
to class next week. the order applies to everybody regardless of vaccination status. families appeared to welcome the move. many are showing up at testing sites which have expanded hours for the rest of the week. >> we know if we have it or not. and stay home if we have it and if not get to work or school. >> i feel good and happy because i get to see my friends again. >> makes me feel better about going to school and everybody is tested. >> and local medical experts agree kids should be going back to class in person. they are also tracking a sharp rise in pediatric hospitalizations in la county. the post holiday covid surge is hitting the united states hardn. texas more than a third of tests positive as residents wait in line for hours just to get swabbed. >> we are not in a good place this is the winter surge we predicted.
5:35 am
>> and new york hospitalizations are above 9500 passing the all time high from last march. in the nation's capitol as we take a live look lawmakers and their staffs are being urged to work remotely. congress attending doctor said most cases breakthrough and of those testing positive 35% are without symptoms. today the president meets with the white house covid response team after which he is scheduled to update the american people. the live news desk. let's look at washington dc right now. this is a look at the white house. you can see snow on the ground and they are still digging out from this big snowstorm yesterday dumping as much as ten inches of snow bringing the city to a stand still. we have this new video. this is early this morning. i-95 south of the capitol. major ice now and it's closed down. they don't know when this
5:36 am
highway could reopen. yesterday federal government offices, schools were closed on the hill the senate delayed it's first vote of the year. elizabeth holmes faces up to 80 years. a jury found her guilty of federal fraud and conspiracy charges. we are live now with why legal experts say this is not over yet. >> legal experts say the former ceo can still fight this and it's expected she will after a four month trial a jury of eight men and four women found holmes guilty of conspiracy to defraud her investors. >> i'm insure she has been preparing herself for a while on this.
5:37 am
we have time. appeals can take a year or two. >> the appeal is over so we may be looking at a year or two before anything is carried out in terms of a sentence. for now back to you. new this morning republican congresswoman taylor green block from another social media platform. this time it's facebook. the posting ban is for 24 hours defending its move facebook released a statement saying a post violated our policies and we have removed it but removing her account for this violation is beyond the scope of our poll sessions. facebook's decision comes a day after twister suspended one of green's accounts for violating the platform's rules against covid19 misinformation. she still has access to and can tweet from her official congressional account. the united states economy is entering the new year with
5:38 am
significant momentum. after rage weekly jobless claims near historic lows and the unemploy helicopter rate was just 4.2% in november. economists say there are at least four risk factors to watch. covid could cause more damage, limiting people's willingness to spend. inflation could stay hot keeping prices high. supply chains could stay scrambled. then there is the potential for a federal policy mistake, especially when it comes to interest rates. apple just became the first public company to hit the three trillon dollars mark. shares hit all time highs of $182.88 before pulling back slightly. the silicon valley tech giant ended the trading day with a 2.99 trillon dollars market cap. it just passed two trillon in 202 and a trillion in 2018. and happening today the phone that apple put out of business is about to stop
5:39 am
working for good. the classic blackberry won't even be able to dial 911 after today unless it's running on android software. most users have already moved on from their blackberry but in 201,280,000,000 people had one. time for your money watch. a warning from the state department if you plan to travel overseas. and a proposal from the white house promising to lower the price of meat. joining us live from new york. good morning. >> hey. good morning. the president announced new actions aimed to lower the price of meat. the white house plans to distribute a billion dollars of american rescue plan funding. it said is aimed to help smaller farmers by increasing come mission. traveler across the country remain stranded because of covid disruptions and the biggest snowstorm to hit the midatlantic in years. more than 3,000 domestic flights were canceled by late
5:40 am
afternoon monday. that's according to tracking service flight aware. more than 6,000 flights were delayed across the united states. the state department is warning american travelers to make plans and get travelers insurance if they are heading overseas. with covid cases rising the department wants united states citizens to be financially prepared to stay in a foreign country longer than planned. travelers insurance should include both cancellation and medical benefits. and i see that parts of the language are better left in the past and we shouldn't be saying certain things anymore. what is this about? >> yeah. a lot of my ja rgon is gone apparently. no worries. that's a big problem. i use that one all the time. lake superior state university released it's 2022 banished words list. topping the list, no longer in vogue is wait, what?
5:41 am
they call it inaccurate. no worries came in at number two on the list. others that are now a no go, deep dive, circle back, and asking for a friend. all of which i have used plenty over the last year. i guess i'm starting over. >> i think i will have to ignore this story orly be screwed up with my speech. all right. thank you. >> thank you. the time is now 5:41. still ahead, the worst dc snowstorm in years. how weather on the east coast made travel headaches nationwide even worse. and how much would you pay for the complete catalog of david bowie? probably not this much. stay with us for the staggering price tag. all right. here is a live look with the bay bridge camera. check out the slick conditions. the wet roadways, the rain
5:42 am
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staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. a major bart problem. service is shut down on the richmond line. that's because of a fire in a
5:45 am
commercial building in the area. richmond line. they have a bus bring set up but nip planning on taking bart this morning in that area will have problems. we are going to watch that and try to find out more about the fire. back to you. winter weather is contributing to ongoing travel disruptions around the country. on monday a snowstorm in the midatlantic region combined covid related staffing shortages forcing the cancellation of more than approximate thousand flights. in washington dc the faa ordered a weather related ground stop at two major airports. some passengers have been stranded since last weekend. >> just sitting here doing nothing. >> found out we are going to stay another night here. >> the president was forced to take a car from delaware all the way back to the white house yesterday due to all that snow. the stretch popular with joggers canned be soggy over the next couple of days courtesy of the king tides.
5:46 am
they cause minor flooding on monday. and in marin drivers and bicyclists found part that have parking lot submerged. what the streets would be soaked no matter what thanks to this fresh round of rain. 5:46 is the time. let's catch you up on that wet forecast. >> we have a lot of rain in this area. >> we do. we had the showers pushing in last night. a few lingering showers this morning. i want to get you updated on the coastal flood advisory due to the king tides. >> that's in effect once again for today. high definition don letter and you can see a few showers still out there. those lingering light showers just a little bit of green lighting up the radar screen from vallejo as well as crockett, martinez, a few light showers as well as over alama and danville along 680 there. here is a live look at our mark hopkins hotel camera. san francisco cam a. the rain drops on the live camera.
5:47 am
the wet conditions out there. low 50's at this hour. here is what you can expect for today's forecast. a few morning showers. things will wrap up pretty quickly. we are looking at partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. dryer weather ahead and highs a little warmer compared to yesterday. mid to upper 50's to low 60's this afternoon. sunrise at 7:25 and the sunset at 5:03. the low pressure system that dropd that weak little weather system. that weak cold front will continue to push out into the east and this ridge of high pressure will build in for us. that means that catching a bit of a break from the rain over the next couple of days. highs today looking at 58. around the bay in san francisco, 59234 oakland. 60 for the peninsula and redwood city. the south bay 61 for new san jose. for the inland east bacon cord upper 50's. antioch and looking at mid50's for the napa valley in the north bay. taking you hour by hour on future cast, what you can expect. here we are at 9:00 a.m. and a few isolated showers but
5:48 am
as we head through even by your lunchtime at noon, partly sunny to cloudy skies. dryer weather ahead and here we are at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon as we look to tomorrow morning, maybe a few showers far north bay. otherwise we are looking at partly sunny skies for tomorrow and in the afternoon. snow in the sierra. winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00 p.m. for the west slopes of the sierra with a few more inches of snow expected for the rest of the morning in to the early afternoon up in the sierra. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. there we go with partly sunny skies wednesday and thursday. then the next system on friday. partly sunny for the weekend. the north bay and for the coast with high pressure briefly building in midweek. let's check in with gianna.
5:49 am
people may want to give themselves extra time. >> want t■o ead ut the door. folks are getting back to work. we are seeing more delays and brake lights. here is a live look from mobile5. brian kiley with a perspective from northbound 880. just passing 880 a couple of -- heading toward the maze, toward 80 and checking the east shore freeway in just a couple of minutes. if are you going on the freeway we are dealing with slick surfaces. be careful as you work through there. i do want to alert you to a trouble spot with public transit and report it just a couple of minutes ago. there are bart delays on the richmond line this morn. this is due to a structure fire. there is aid on ac transit bus number 7 # p.m. that will provide service
5:50 am
between richmond, and el sorita transit station. that's ac transit bus 72m. if you want to skip bart take the freeways near there. you can use the east shore as the alternate. i'm not seeing any brake lights. we are seeing good speeds along 80, west and eastbound. the alternate as well to avoid the delays. travel time westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze. only 16 minutes. with retracking brake lights through the pass. westbound 580205 to 680. that's a 35 minute commute. the slewest spot is that ride out of tracy onto 580. super commuters heads up you will have brake lights mount house on 205 to just about north flynn. once past that things look like this. much better toward the dublin. that's a look at your morning ride. back to you. and time for a look at the entertainment headlines. pint sized super heroes in the new series action pack where a group of kids use their powers
5:51 am
to take on villains. and you know him as james bond. now you can call daniel craig sir. he was among those knighted by the queen over the holiday. his character james bond previously received the honor. and the broadway production of mrs doubt fire will go on pause due to rising covid cases. the life and career of the late great david bowie is being celebrated. just before what would have been his 75th birthday on saturday his complete catalog of music is being sold for a quarter billion dollars. warner is reportedly pating his estate for his hits like space odyssey, and life on mars. the singer and actor died from cancer in january of 2016. he is missed by many. it's now 5:51. still ahead, raising a class
5:52 am
for betty white. where you can buy a beer in honor of her and more ways than one. and today on the drew barrymore show drew talks news with lisa ling. that's today at two. and you can stick around for cbs mornings. gayle, tony and nate wring you everyone remembers the moment they heard, “you have cancer.” how their world stopped... and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins.
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tracking a few light lingering showers on high definition doppler. a wet start to the day. we have the slick conditions out there. here is a live look with the wet richmond san rafael bridge and the temperatures in the low 50's at this hour. now that weak cold front that did bring the showers last night and if a few lingering showers this morning will push out of here and move off to the east and high pressure will build in for us. that means we are looking at dryer weather ahead. catching a bit of a break from the rain as we look ahead to the rest of today and over the next couple i days. tracking our next storm system, details in just a few minutes back to you. and some brewery customers in wisconsin are raising a glass to honor betty white. >> customers have been buying beers for her over the
5:56 am
years so if she ever paid a visit one day there would be free drinks waiting. they kept track on a chalk board. at last check it was up to 41. the brewery said it's letting people buy her beer through january and will then donate it to a cause. time is 45:56. still ahead,. >> 600 new cases a day. the bay area city seeing a big spike in covid and how it's affecting restaurants still getting back on their feet. the rising cases a couldn'ty on the peninsula is bringing back its vaccine clinic. where kids as young as 12 can get their shot. and san francisco supervisors may be having a change of heart. the meeting about to get underway in recould considering a controversial plan. and here is a live look outside before we head to break. we will be right back.
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remember when doctors said we would see a surge after the holidays? we are see that right now. and dozens of students sick at stanford. the concerning new numbers at the bay area university. reaction to your guilty verdict here? >> a split decision in a silicon valley scandal. elizabeth holmes found guilty on several counts. and san francisco supervisors may be reversing course on a controvel


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