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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. looking live at sfo at a very wet tarmac. it's tuesday, january 4th. we will start with a look outside. see what our tuesday looks like with mary. >> all right. good morning to you. tracking a few light lingering showers still on high definition doppler. you can see a little bit of the green still lighting up the radar screen. still zooming in for the east bay and showers near concord, martinez, berkeley, emoryville and alameda this morning. a few morning showers. partly sunny to mostly cloudy through the afternoon. dryer weather ahead as we look to the afternoon with highs a little milder compared to yesterday. mid to upper 50's to low 6o's. hour by hour and you can see quieter conditions as we go through the day today with even
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some sun breaks this afternoon. 4:00 p.m. we are looking at, again, partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. we will talk more about what you can expect through the rest of the week. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. slick surfaces. be careful if you hit the roads. i want to start off with san jose. south 101. we have a crash blocking lanes. still a little slow as you approach the scene. chp is on scene and they should have it cleared with in the next couple minutes. heads up there. also looking at traffic in to the pass. getting a little slow out of tracy. overall still moving at a pretty nice pace as you head near north flynn the rest of the way toward the dublin. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that wet weather this morning. be careful as you hit the roadways. this morning elizabeth
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holmes is a convicted felon. a jury found her guilty of four conspiracy and fraud charges for swindling her investors. maria explains why this case may be far from over. >> elizabeth holmes faces up to 80 years in prison but legal experts say she can still fight this and it's expected she will. >> do you have any reaction to your guilty verdict? >> it's fraud on main street. it's fraud in silicon valley. >> tonight elizabeth holmes walked out of the federal courthouse dodging reporters and their questions, minutes after learning her fate. >> what do you have to say about the charges? >> out of 11 charges the jury found her guilty of conspiracy to defraud investors and guilty of wire fraud. jurors came back deadlocked on three and acquitted her of four other charges. >> the jury acquitted her of all the charges having to do with defrauding patients.
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i think it suggests that they were being verycareful. >> it's not over yet. >> a legal analyst and former prosecutor was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. holmes showed no emotion. >> i'm sure she has been preparing herself for a while on this. you know the conviction is not final until the appeal is final. so we have some time. >> holmes promised her blood testing device could detect hundreds of diseases and health issues with just a finger >> i remember her being so young and people being infatuated with the idea that this young person could do such a thing. >> holmes drop out of stanford, raised billions and attracted powerful investors. >> when that happens, you continued to trust it. you think my gosh there has to
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be something to it if people of this caliber are lining up. >> in the end her technology never delivered. it took seven days to reach the verdict in a silicon valley courtroom against the former tech executive. >> the saying fake it until you make it? you can't fraud it until you make it. >> jurors found her guilty of defrauding investors 144 million out of the 155 million identified in the case. she accused her ex and former business partner of abuse. he is also expected to go to trial. in san jose. kpix5. developing in san jose police are looking for suspects in a double shooting. officers were called to north first street around six. investigators say a man and a woman were found with gun shot wounds. both victims are expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman. no word on what prompted the shooting. this morning a coronavirus
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surge in san francisco which now has the third highest covid transmission rate in the state. california a current testing positive rate is almost 16% right now. that's up from nearly 10% last week. and san francisco there are about 600 new cases a day, many restaurants have reported cases among staff members, forcing them to temporarily close. betty yu explains why doctors say we should expect more to become infected next week. >> new belgium brewery said it's seeing about a 25% drop in reservations. they also have fewer staff members on hand. >> i kind of do everything. i'm serving, bartending, working the front because there are so few of us left with covid. we had a few employees that tested positive. we have been short staffed. >> several popular restaurants across the city had to shut down entirely due to the surge. one on battery street announced
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it'll be temporarily closed until next tuesday for the safety and well being of its staff and guests. pearl 6101 announced yesterday that it it's not taking any chances and will close to get its stafftested. another in the final district did the same before reopening. >> i felt like we were over the hump and we turned the corner. it'll just be a situation of managing the case here and there. then when omicron came it came with a vengeance. >> test results weren't always consistent. >> there were a lot of false positives. that's what we were really confused as to what was real, what was not real, what test was reliable, which wasn't. we decide to close for ten days and just, you know, just be on the safe side and we incurred a lot of losses. >> the bright spot was that none of his staff members became seriously ill.
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right now the latest data shows 63 people in the hospital with covid in san francisco. that's up from 24 at the beginning of last month. still much lower than 220 a year ago. >> the li l ect against serious disease and this is hopefully going to exit very quickly. >> and dr. hong said after the surge which will have quite a bit of community immunity. we are seeing big lines for covid testing. chopper 5 spotted this long line at one site in heyward as people rushed to get post holiday tests. thousands of students across the bay area returned to the classroom. some schools are requiring everybody to get tested. san jose unified had three testing locations including the district office. they handed out thousands of covid tests provided by the state. the idea is to get as many people tested as possible during the surge. >> we are trying to make sure we are keeping people out of
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school that are positive to the greatest extent possible. if you don't know who has it and who doesn't it'll be hard. even with the vaccine like you can still spread it to people who have haven't been vaccinated. it's good to foe who does and who hasn't. the fda said children as young as 12 can now get a third dose or booster of the pfizer vaccine. the cdc needs to approve approximate which could happen this week. if are you looking for a covid test or booster shot we posted a county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the home page. the live news desk and let's take a live look at washington dc. digging out from a huge snowstorm, certainly huge for what they are used to dealing with. that's a live look at the white house. you can see still some snow on the ground. it has stopped falling but as much as 10 inches of snow fell throughout the city. it closed down federal
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government offices and schools as well on the hill the senate delayed it's first vote of the year and put it off until today. the faa also putting in a weather related ground stop at the city's two major airports. this storm stretched throughout the northeast. a half a million people without power as of last night. they have been trying to restore it but still a long way to go. back to you. back here in the bay area a live look from sfo where airline travel disruptions continue so far today. sfo seeing nine delays in 36 cancellations. oakland seeing two delay. yesterday more than 350 flights were delayed due to a combination of covid related staff shortages and severe winter storms. nationwide more than 3,000 flights were canceled. now some airlines are offering
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double, even triple pay for staff willing to pick up more flights. >> i think that we will continue to see airlines reduce their schedules, not just over the next twweeks but perhaps throughout january. >> and this is just adding to the misery. runways covered in snow thanks to the massive storm stretching from the northeast all the way down to the florida panhandle. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area more than a week after a major storm pg&e still trying to restore power to thousands in the tahoe area. the plan to help people with the danger growing by the day. and a happy ending after a french bulldog was stolen during a walk with her owner.
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a live local san francisco
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where a bulldog stolen on new year's is back home with her owner. she was out for a walk with her owner when a thief stole her. no word on how she was recovered or who she was with. in nevada county thousands of people are still without power. reporter steve large explains people are now left to find other ways to stay warm in the freezing conditions. >> it's a delivery to fight off the freezing cold. fire wood trucked in to help feet nevada county homes stuck in an outage. >> it's day eight without power. >> she loaded up her car with the free logs that will go straight into her fireplace. >> my goodness. my house is 48 degrees right now inside. i hope i can go warm it up. i hope this catches fire.
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>> nevada county created these fire wood stations sunday. >> this right there -- this is a new -- and necessary thing. >> with so many people here stuck in the cold the rule only take what you need for three days of home heating. >> trying to survive. >> its been a whole week and it's not expected back any time soon. >> pg&e finished assessing all the power line damage monday. a full week after the storm knocked out the power. the utility has not given customers specific restoration times leaving those in the cold and dark guessing. >> your guess is as good as mine. i'm hoping this is just a week. just like last week we thought it would be done. >> there's no -- it's one day at a time. >> a fight for survival in nevada county now includes free fire wood for the homes with no heat. >> steve large reporting there. one of several foothill towns still in the dark.
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to help the pain the vfw hall is now a warming shelter with three hot meals a day. time for the money watch report. a historic day on wall street for apple and why at&t and verizon are delaying their 5g roll out. we report from the cbs broadcast center. >> stocks started 2022 off with fireworks. the dow gained 246 points. the nasdaq added 187. the s&p500 was up 30. apple briefly hit a three trillon dollar market cap be calming the first company to reach the mark. it finished the day slightly below that historic level. apple's market value hit a trillon in august of 2018. at&t and verizon have agreed to a two week delay to a
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5g wireless service after airlines raised concerns. it was originally set to start tomorrow. the faa thanked the wireless carriers and promised those extra two weeks will be used by regulators, airlines and wireless companies to look at how to best minimize the potential impact on flights. the president announced new actions aimed to lower the price of. the white house plans to distribute a billion dollars of american rescue plan funding. it said it's aimed to help smaller farmers by increasing competition. officials blame rising prices on several factors, supply chain problems and labor shortages. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center. it's 4:47. let's get a check on weather
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and traffic. >> we will start with mary. >> good morning to you. happy tuesday and we are looking at a wet start to the day in spots. here we go. a high definition doppler. green still lighting up the radar screen. you can see light showers over napa, fairfield, vallejo, concord, lafayette, oakland, this morning and as we look to the coast you can see some showers over half moon bay, the peninsula, redwood city, wood side, getting that wet start to the day with the light showers. you can see a live look with the san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera with the rain drops on the live camera. temperatures are in the low to mid50's. a few morning light showers as we start off the day. the lingering showers for us. dryer weather ahead as we look to the afternoon with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid to upper 50's to low 60's this
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afternoon. you can see those daytime high temperatures and 61 in san jose for the south bay. looking at upper 50's in concord, inland east bay. mid50's for the north bay and napa. around the bay looking at daytime highs in the upper 50's from 58 san francisco, 59 oakland, 60 for the peninsula and redwood city and for mountain view and 57 along the coast. 9:00 a.m. still looking at a few isolated showers but as we head through noon you can see dry weather ahead. quieter conditions and picking up sunshine as well as we look to the afternoon. for tomorrow morning, the far north bay could see a few showers. this is at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. otherwise we are looking at partly sunny skies for tomorrow in the afternoon and he with are still talking snow up in the sierra with one winter weather advise ty with a few more inches of snow as we look ahead to the rest of the
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morning up in the sierra there. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. dry weather as dry pressure builds in midweek wednesday and thursday and then another weather system on friday and then looking at partly sunny skies for the weekend ahead. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast. dryer weather for midweek with that ridge of high pressure briefly building in for us and tracking the next weather system on friday. let's check in with gianna with a look at traffic. hey. good morning. be careful if you are going out the door. we have a lot of slick surfaces and still some rain drops to deal with. if you are commuting into the pass we are starting to see a few brake lights building out of tracy, 205 onto 580 itself. you can see a bit of a slow and go ride as you come away from the connector there. down about 25 miles an hour in some spots through that area. the good news is that the rest of the way once are you past that connector portion everything is pretty much clear all the way toward the dublin. taking a look at the main
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travel times, about a 26 minute ride, 205 toward 680. highway 4 to the maze 14 minutes if you are taking the east shore, highway 4 also from antioch to 80, 25 minutes and 101 out of the south bay looking good. there's a trouble spot. looks like that is snow just causing a bit of a back up as you work through there. bay bridge toll plaza not bad. photograph sick starting to get a little slow across that upper deck, likely due to the wet weather. there's reports of a car fire as you come off the upper deck of the bay bridge. keep that in mind. rest of the bay area bridges looking good. golden gate bridge lightly traveled, an easy ride out of marim and the san mateo bridge not seeing any brake lights. traffic pretty light both directions between heyward and 101. checking the travel times if you are getting ready to head to the golden gate out of marin. 20 minutes highway 37 south
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101. westbound 80 which is the bay bridge to the maze. that's about a seven minute commute. it's 4:51. here is vern with sports. morning. straight ahead in sports. man, clay thompson looked great in warm ums last night. he is getting close the rest of his teammates withstood the
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everything is rosie for the warriors. nobody with more wins than golden state with 29. in fact there are reports that this fellow here with the head band, clay thompson could make his season debut sunday. that is just five days away. clay -- it was six day away last night just saying. first quarter with the heat in white. they turned it over. jordon poole made him pay at the other end. warriors up ten. these are professionals. miami got back into it third
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quarter. a nice three from the corner. the heat lead by two. not for long. nice no look pass, seth curry. curry, and andrew wiggins making a solid case for the all- star game. he scored 22. green 11 assists and this block inside at the rim. then in the other end. warriors won it 115-108. most checked out the 49ers win sunday over the texans. did you see this? a kid got loose and ran on the field right at kyle shanahan. he was taken away by security.
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coach, your thoughts. >> i heard someone saying holy cow, kyle shanahan. it startled me. i said how did you get down here and then security got him. i wish i was able to give him something or something. >> how about a steelers home good-bye? the number 7, ben roethlisberger last night. likely his final game after 18 sea sops and a win for him against the browns. harris broke through. 37 of his 188 on the ground and a celebration score in the steelers 26-14 win. it kept their slim pay off hopes alive. as for me, i just can't wait for this weekend's 49ers, rams game with the playoffs on the line. i just noticed something. do i look like an extra for the next men in black movie? i will see you later. >> he looks like the star, not
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an extra. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn. travel chaos continues across the country. a look at the latest round of cancellations and delays this morning. and the call on the capitol steps for an end to
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? we are looking at the latest numbers. and covid making its way in to the classroom. the schools affected this morning and how they are responding. and a jury found elizabeth holmes builty of fraud. what's next after the marathon trial. and city supervisors may be having second thoughts on a controversial plan to help a
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san francisco neighborhood. what the board is weighing this morning. good morning to you. it's tuesday, january 4th. >> let's start with a look at weather and traffic. mary its been a wet night but we have sunny skies ahead of us. >> we are looking at dryer weather this afternoon. we have to get through a few more light lingering showers on high definition doppler. you can see a little bit of green as we kick off the tuesday. you request see the light showers over martinez and the east bay, concord, and near oakland and hercules. here is a live look with the wet bay bridge camera. you can see the rain drops on the cam a. temperatures in the low 50's as we start off the day. it's a milder start and as we head through the afternoon mostly cloudy skies for the coast and around the bay with supper 50's and as we look inland we are looking at low 60's, partly sunny skies this afternoon. you can see as we head through the day, r,


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