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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00, a jury finds elizabeth holmes guilty of fraud. what's next for the theranos founder? police in santa clara county are on the scene of a double shooting. what we have learned about the investigation. the rain has returned. how long the latest round of wet weather will stick around. plus -- >> when omicron came, it came with a vengeance. >> a surge in coronavirus forcing more bay area restaurants to shut down. we'll look at the numbers and how business owners are responding. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. streaming on cbsn bay area,
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elizabeth holmes is now a convicted felon. a jury found the former bio tech ceo guilty of four conspiracy and fraud charges. maria medina is live in san jose with why this case is far from over. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes faces up to 80 years in prison, but legal experts say she can still fight this and it is expected she will. >> it is fraud on main street. ssilicon valley. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes walked out of the courthouse dodging a throng of journalists and her questions minutes after learning her fate. out of 11 charges, the jury found her guilty of conspiring to defraud her investors and guilty of wire fraud. jurors found her guilty of three and acquitted her on four. >> the jury acquitted her of
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all the charges having to doing with defrauding patients. i think it suggests they were being very careful and methodical. >> reporter: legal analysts and former prosecutor michelle who watched the four-month trial was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. holmes showed no emotion. >> i'm sure she has been preparing herself emotionally for a while on this. the conviction is not final until the appeal is final. so, we have some time. >> reporter: holmes promised her blood testing device could detect dozens of issues with just a finger >> i remember her being so young and people being infatwaited with the notion such a young person could do something. >> reporter: she attracted powerful investor. >> when that happens, you tend
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to trust it. you think my gosh, there has to be something to it. that people of this statue are lining up. >> reporter: in the end, holmes technology never delivered. it took jurors seven days to reach tonight's verdict. in a silicon valley courtroom. >> the saying fake it until you make it, you can't fraud it until you make it right? >> reporter: and jurors found holmes guilty of defrauding investors 144 million out of the 155 million accused. her business partner she accuses of abuse is also going to trial. maria medina, kpix5. officers were called to north street around 6:00 tonight. a man and a woman were found with gunshot wounds. both victims are expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman. so far, no word on what
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prompted the shooting. we'll have a look outside right now. another cold and rainy night. around the bay area. >> meteorologist darren peck joins us with a look at whether we can expect more of the same. >> for the morning we could. it will stay this way through about 10:00 in the morning but high-def doppler looks exactly the way it did when we were on for the 7:00 newscast. it hasn't changed at all. there is still just a light band of rain misting. over most of the bay area. that is what the futurecast shows it will continue to do. from now through about 10:00. so, the rainfall totals have been pretty respectable considering how light this rain is. but we are going on almost close to 24 hour that's we have been getting light rain. mount tam is just ridiculous at three-and-a-half inches. that shows you how much the mountains have been able to wring out of the clouds but the totals have gone up since 7:00
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down where we all live. san mateo, a quarter inch of rain. and for lafayette, almost half an inch. it is also breezy out there now. that will calm down by tomorrow morning. there is another chance of rain coming our way on friday. so, we'll look at that in the complete forecast in just a bit. for now, guys, back to you. tonight, a surge in coronavirus in san francisco which now has the third highest covid transmission rate in the state. california's current testing positivity rate is almost 16% right now. up from nearly 10% last week. kpix5's betty yu has the latest on the omicron variant. how it is hitting the restaurant industry very hard. >> reporter: allen, in san francisco, there are 600 new cases a day. many restaurants have reported cases of staff members forcing them to close. doctors say we should expect more people to become infected with covid next week. tonight, new belgian brewery in
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mission bay says it is seeing about a 25% drop in reservations. they also have fewer staff members on hand. >> there are so few of us that are actually left wifew employe tested positive. >> reporter: several popular restaurants across the city had to shut down entirely due to the surge. this restaurant will be closed on battery street. pearl 6101 announced on instagram yesterday that it is not taking any chances and will close to get the staff tested. the financial district did the same. before reopening last week. >> i really felt like we were over the hump. and we turned the corner. it will be a situation of managing a case here and there. but then, when omicron came, it came with a vengeance.
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>> reporter: to complicate matters, test results were not always consistent. >> there were a lot of false positives. that is when we were confused as to what was legit. what was not legit. and we decided to close for ten days. and just be on the safe side. and we incurred a lot of losses. >> reporter: the bright spot was one of his staff members became seriously ill. right now, the latest data shows 63 people hospitalized with covid in san francisco. that is up from 24 at the beginning of last month. but, still, much lower than 220, one year ago. >> silver lining is the vaccine still protects us against serious disease. and, this will exit very quickly. >> reporter: and the doctor says after the surge, we will have quite a bit of community immunity. and hopefully, that will give us a month long reprieve until the next variant appears.
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liz? >> let's hope so. all right betty. thank you. we saw some big lines for covid testing across the bay area today. chopper 5 spotted this long line at one site in hayward as people rushed to get those boast holiday tests. thousands of students across the bay area return to the classrooms today. some schools are requiring everyone get tested. san jose unified school district had three testing locations. they handed out thousands of covid tests. the idea is to get as many people tested as possible. the fda says children as young as 12 can now get a third dose or booster of the pfizer vaccine. the cdc still need to give its approval which could happen this week f. you are looking for a covid test or a booster shot, we posted a county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the home page. a live look from sfo where
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more than 50 flights were canceled. more than 350 flights also delayed due to a combination of covid-related staff shortages and severe winter storms. nationwide, more than 3,000 flights were canceled today. that is on top of more than 5,000 over the weekend. now, some airlines are offering double, triple pay for staff willing to pick up additional flight ifs. >> i think that we will continue to see airlines reduce their schedules not just over the next two weeks, but perhaps, throughout january. >> and this is just adding to the misery. runways covered in snow thank to a massive storm. stretching from the northeast all the way down to the florida panhandle. still ahead, a happy ending to night after a french bulldog was stolen during a walk with her owner. and more than a week after a major storm, pg&e is still trying to restore power to
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thousands in the tahoe area. and bay area youth activists are teaming up with a popular toy maker on their latest project. how they hope to inspire other young there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season.
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in san francisco, a french bullg yearba wi her owner. police released this photo for nine month old rosie. a thief snatched her in the marina and took off in a car. no word on how she was recovered. thousands of people are without a home in colorado follow ago major wild fire in boulder county. the inferno was fueled by winds
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above 100 miles an hour as it torched entire neighborhoods. thousands of people have been displaced. two people are still missing. teams are working around the clock to find them and it is still not clear how the fire got started. a traffic nightmare in the snowy san bernardino mountains. cars illegally parked on the roads causing a traffic jam. take a look at this congested road in wrightwood. cars are double park aid long the road as people play in the snow. you can see only a single lane was open for cars to pass by. there are usually no parking zones. a resident works at two nearby parks and collected about 25 pounds of trash left
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behind. thousands of people are starting another week without power and reporter steve large explains residents are finding other ways to stay warm in the freezing conditions. >> reporter: it is a delivery to fight off the freezing cold. firewood to help nevada county homes stuck in an outage too long for anyone's comfort. >> it is day eight without power. >> reporter: sophia loaded up her home with logs that will go straight into her fireplace. >> my home is 48 degrees. i hope this catches fire. >> reporter: nevada county created these firewood stations sunday. >> this is a new, a necessary thing. >> reporter: with so many people here stuck in the cold, the rule only take what you need for three days of home heating. >> trying to survive.
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>> it is not expected to cam back any time soon. >> reporter: pg&e finished assessing all the nevada county power line damage monday a full week after the storm knocked out the power. the utility has not given customers specific restoration time. leaving those in the cold and dark guessing. >> your guess is as good as mine. i'm hoping this is just a week. like last week, we thought it would be done. >> it is one day at a time. >> reporter: a fight for survival in nevada county includes free firewood for the homes with no heat. >> steve large reporting. to help ease the pane, the vfw hall is now a warming shelter offering three hot meals a day. absolutely brutal for the folks dealing with that cold. we are lucky tonight for some mist. drizzle. but nothing too bad yet. >> and on the temperatures,
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liz, i want to show the current temperatures here at home. and this is i think one of the benefits of this system. right now, we are in the low to mid 50s . we were down into the mid 20s for morning lows over the weekend. sunday morning. we are not going to be anywhere near that for the rest of the week. and, this pattern is a big help in that. we leave behind the current numbers. not a whole lot. we will keep it in the 40s just about everywhere. the matter at hand is the rain. it looks the way it did four hours ago. on the 7:00 newscast. it will look similar. you should plan on the light rain sneaking around until we have gotten into late morning tomorrow. it is not until after 10:00
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tomorrow morning that we finally start to turn off the last of these light little misting showers. and we don't put a whole lot more in the rain gauge. i think we will get a couple more than few hundredths of an inch of rain. it is steadily misting. and, adds up over time. so, far, you know, i showed you the numbers at the top of the newscast. most of the communities we live in, barely gotten anything. not getting over the hill. it has been breezy. watch how fast that turns off. that is tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. morning lows. a lot of 50s on here. there is a 48 for santa rosa. that is where it was 26 for the day before. daytime highs to the low 60s . we will get some breaks of blue sky.
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rain come to an end. clouds don't go away completely. you will get some breaks of blue and it will be prettier and feel nicer because this will be a nice little warmup to go along with this pattern. there is another chance of rain. most of the storms are going too far north. but the next one, in order to follow that, we have to lose a little resolution on it to go to the long range forecast. and that one holds together to get here by friday. we will not get too tied into this notion just yet. right now, should it come together, we could see rainfall totals similar to what we got from today's. so maybe a quarter inch of rain top. you can see how that plays out here. tuesday's rain is only until 10:00 a.m. then, friday, there is that next system. for the weekend, no rain. then monday next week, we do it again. we see the exact same story
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nba up top. and everything the rosy for the warriors. reports are klay thompson could make his season debut in sunday in six days. klay hes. sundayis sidays away. just saying. late first quarter, miami in white turned it over. jordan poole made them pay for that. warriors up by 10. miami got into it. the heat took a two-point lead.
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no look past, gary peyton. less than five minute to play. andrew wiggins missed. he scored 22. draymond green. 11 assists. then the other end. poole put the biscuit in the basket. warriors won it 115-108. nfl, most of us checked out the 49ers win over the texans to close out the home schedule. but did you see this? a kid got loose and ran on field right to kyle shanahan. the youngster was taken away by levi security. coach, your thoughts? >> that scared the hell out of me. it threw me off so bad. i hear a soft voice in front of me saying holy cow, kyle shanahan. i didn't know if it was my son at first or what.
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i said wow, man, how did you get down here? then security got him. i wish i was able to give him something or something. and a steelers home good- bye. ben roethlisberger. likely his final game in 18 seasons. here is 37 who is 188 on the ground. the steelers, 26-14 win. it kept their slim playoff hopes alive. you know what? i just cannot wait for this weekend's 49ers ram game. the stakes are so high, gang. playoffs are on the line. >> love it. >> wow. >> amazing. to think where they were a couple of months ago. this is awesome. >> what a difference winning makes. >> the drama is way up here. perfect for this time of the season. all right vern. thank you. well tonight, bay area youth activists are teaming up
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with a popular toy maker in an inspiring new project. we'll show you up next. i'm tony dokoupil. james gordon will talk about his
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american girl has unveiled its 2022 girl of the year. and there is a big bay area influence. >> her name is corrine and she is making history. she live ins colorado. loves to ski. she is the first chinese american girl of the year. >> american girl is partnering up with bay area group aapi youth rising. the group's mission is to bring awareness to the rise of
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xenophobia against asian asian americans. >> it mane moos a lot to have a girl of the year. >> they can see a doll that looks like them and has a story like all the other official dolls of the year. >> aapi youth rising is asking schools across the country to include one lesson of aapi history during a school year. american girl is donating $25,000 toward that cause. beautiful doll for a beautiful cause. >> girls love them. >> i was a huge fan. >> ask my daughter. yes. how much money did i spend on american girl? >> many, but worth every penny. absolutely. we'll be right back.
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tonight, the power ball jackpot continues to grow. you have another chance. because no one picked all six winning numbers in tonight's $540 million drawing. >> that means wednesday night's prize will be one of the ten largest in power ball history. lottery officials say there was a $2 million winner many montana tonight. not too shabby. along with $1 million winners in connecticut and texas. the jackpot for the next drawing on wednesday will start at $575 million. although, of course, that could rise evenfurther. ight worth a shot. >> might be. go and get your ticket. the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming. cbsn bay area. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> as we get closer to the january 6th anniversary later this week, the select committee investigating the attack on the capitol is laying out some of its new evidence about what happened that day. >> according to the house d.m.s on the committee, the video the trump white house released was the sixth version of that, you know, please leave video, and the previous five outtakes were so problematic that the trump white house wouldn't even put it out. you better believe the house democrats on that committee want to see those tapes. >> the "late show" acquired the audio of the tapes. >> if you're ready, mr. president, action! >> they're heroes. i'm so proud of the


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