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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera looking west, you can see the sutro tower in the background. good morning. it is monday january 3. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will look at our traffic and weather as everyone is heading back to work after a long holiday weekend. good morning. we are looking the a a dry start but that will be changing. show a front pushes acssyoe se high def doppler but you see where the rain is up to our north by the california/oregon border. that's the tail end of the front that will be pushing into our region. timing it out as we take you hour by hour, here we are at 8:00 a.m. and you see light showers across the north bay and really north of the golden gate, that best chance to see that wet
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weather today. as we look to 3:00 p.m., looking at light scattered showers. south bay, you may not see that much. here we are as we look ahead to this evening. just some light showers, really scattered in nature. we are looking at highs in the low to mid 50s this afternoon. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic as people hit the roads again. we'll see more people out and about as they get back to work from a long holiday. right now things are good. we are seeing a lot of green on sure censors. no delays on 101 or 880. things are clear in both directions. altamont pass area, we typically see things busy here but you are still at the limit, no delays. a live look, 580, 680, things are moving nicely, no delays.
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no delays on the east shore. back to you. live at sfo, covid infections and weather hitting the travel industry pretty hard. airlines are seeing staff shortages causing thousands of flights to be canceled. betty yu talked to some passengers who say it was a mess trying to get home. >> reporter: more than 200 flights were delayed as omicron and bad weather drove another day of headaches for travelers and airlines. the new year began like it remembered. >> my dad's flight got canceled too. it was stressful having to figure that out. >> reporter: carter nelson is home from a family trip he had already rescheduled twice due to the pandemic. >> i ended up having to get a test two days before the
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flight. i was scrambling to get a pcr lab test before i went. it was super stressful. it was pretty on the table of whether we will go or not. >> reporter: he says finding a test in mexico to return home was also nerve racking. bay area airports saw another round of delays and cancellations. >> seems pretty smooth so far. >> reporter: this family from napa is headed to the east coast luckily without issues. across the country the highly contagious omicron has thinned staffing. tsa agents are out with covid. >> airlines did not see this coming. if pilots, flight attendants, gate agents can't work, how can airlines run the schedule they sold to the public months ago. >> reporter: united will offer
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triple pay to pilots in hopes of easing shortages. for those visiting, minimizing risk of covid was high priority. >> we were just here to see our family. we were staying home, got tested before, got tested after. we were laying low as much as possible. we'll see how it goes but according to flight aware, nearly 6,000 flights were delayed nationwide yesterday. on the coronavirus front, most bay area students are returning to school today with omicron continuing to spread at alarming rates. many school districts are ramping up efforts to keep students safe. schools are handing out home testing kits to students. da lin spoke with students and parents about returning to school amidst this latest surge. >> reporter: these are oakland students and families waiting at fremont high located in east
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oakland. the line is at least a couple hundred people deep. >> four hours now. it was a very cold morning but worth it. >> reporter: the test is recommended, not mandatory. >> it is important that covid doesn't spread more so it doesn't get worse at school. we would have to start zoom. that would be much worse. >> reporter: oakland unifies passed out students to tests before winter break. some may not have gotten them. others may have already used them. >> the risk is always there. the best thing we can do is test. >> reporter: in west contra costa, the number of cars picking up tests was also long. >> i don't know where other people went. >> it is concerning coming back to school. >> reporter: the senior says the high demand is a good sign. >> it's a team effort. once one is affected, everyone is susceptible. they will go home to their
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families. >> reporter: a teacher at washington elementary agrees. it will take the entire community to keep schools safe. >> it's peace of mind so that we all can feel safe in the classroom. i want to feel safe in the classroom. i have an older husband. >> uc and state universities are requiring weekly testing to try to keep students and teachers as safe as they can. as dozens of schools plan to bring students to campus, they're doing their best to ensure students can return safely. families have another alternative to get their child vaccinated while enjoying a free trip to the museum. >> we have a responsibility to young people, to the people that are vulnerable in our community to keep doing whatever we can to slow the spread of this virus. >> we want to be a resource to families.
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at this point in time, parents need all the help they can get. >> another clinic is scheduled for january 23 where pfizer and moderna booster shots will be available. this is for eligible ti. r information on sites and booster shots, head to i am anne makovec at the live news desk taking a live look at the e wee revig new laws that went the new year, governor newsom signing 770 bills into law for 2022 including becoming first state to require $15 an hour minimum wage for businesses with more than 25 employees. new farm animal employees, prop 12 on farm animal confinement was passed in 2018, increases size of pens for animals allowing them to do things like stand up and turn around.
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some crime laws, allowing people to get probation. another allowing units on property based on approval and one requiring the department to notify someone prior to disqualifying them from getting benefits. we have more on some of the many new laws on back to you. today, jury derations resume in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the jury ended six days of deliberations last wednesday without reaching a verdict. they took a break for the holidays. holmes is accused of defrauding investors and deceiving doctors and patients. she started the company after dropping out of stanford. if convicted she could face up to 20 years in prison. san jose police are investigating a deadly hit and run on south white road and east hills drive in the allen rock area last night. this is san jose's first deadly
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crash and pedestrian death for 2022. police are investigating the scene. police are redirecting traffic to west boro drive as they close white road. oakland police investigating the first homicide of the year. a man was shot and killed outside a market saturday. no arrests have been made in the case. a bizarre rescue in san francisco after a toaster being used on a bed caught fire. this happened at an apartment on ellis street saturday night. the person using the toaster was injured. citizen app video shows crews outside of the building. they rescued the victim who was taken to a burn center for treatment. no word on the person's condition. a bomb squad combed a gas station after a home made explosive device was found inside a car. police aredo people the device
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car. the gas pumps were shut down and police called in a bomb squad to make sure the device was disarmed. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, investigators trying to pin down a cause for raging wildfire in colorado. why arson is being considered a possibility. if you still need to get rid of your christmas tree, there is a group of north bay kids that would love to take it
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have you still not gotten rid of your real christmas tree? a group of north bay students can help. john ramos with how they're using old trees to fund 4-h club and treat the animals to a yummy snack. >> reporter: independence 4-h club enjoys community service projects but lately their funding has been squashed by pandemic. >> most fund raisers because of covid had to be canceled. so we are low on funds. we came up with this idea. >> reporter: the idea was to collect old christmas trees which clay mcdonald and his younger brother leo were doing this afternoon. it's what they're doing with the trees that's captured the community's attention. to their own surprise the kids have found another group of kids who are happy to take the trees off their hands. >> yesterday when i was carrying it out, they started
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biting it while i was carrying it. they really like it. >> reporter: it turns out goats don't just like christmas trees, they flat out love them. they're actually pretty good for the animals. >> who would have thought, who has gone to google, searched up do goats like christmas trees? who searches that up? >> reporter: of course it was handy that the leader happens to own a small goat farm. struc collecting almost 100 trees in the first weekend alone with a $15 to $20 donation on each, rapidly becoming their most successful fund raiser. one of the club's moms thinks the experience is teaching her kids to be creative and resilient. in colorado search teams are looking for two missing people in the snow cover but
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smouldering debris from a massive wildfire. people who barely escaped are taking stock of all the damage. more than 1,000 homes and buildings were destroyed. the fire came unusually late following an extremely dry fall. investigators are trying to pin down the cause, including possible arson. >> if there was any form of deliberate or accidental arson, i fully expect any of those responsible will be held fully responsible under the law for the devastation that was caused. a big loss for the bay area music scene, music producer tracks a million is reportedly dead at the age of 43. he was known as pioneer of the sound for bay area's iconic movement, he worked with top artists. there is no word yet on his cause of death. the wireless carriers rolling out 5g service this
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week plus the latest on flight cancellations. naomi ruchim reports from the cbs broadcast center. stocks ended 2021 on a down note. dow lost 59 points. nasdaq fell 96. s&p 500 slid 12. investors will have plenty to digest with construction and manufacturing data coming out in the next days. and the december employment report is at the end of the week. more than 2500 flights canceled sunday as airlines continue having issues with staffing and weather. covid-19 is causing flight attendants, pilots, and other staff to miss work and wintry weather has caused additional headaches. this weekend chicago was hit hard with nearly a quarter of flights out of o'hare canceled yesterday. att and verizon rolling out a new 5g wireless service that
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could force pilots to stop using equipment that helps them land at more than 40 airports because airlines insist the new towers may cause interference. the companies rejected request to delay roll out but did offer safety guards. a group representing about a dozen u.s. airlines has asked fcc to delay the 5g plan. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i am naomi ruchim. king tides returned to parts of the bay area this weekend and are expected to be back today. yesterday tides made a splash on the embarcadero and in the north bay drivers splashed through tides that covered parts of one road way. we know at least one case where someone's car dived in the deep water. 4:47. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. missed you guys. >> missed you too. >> we've got the gang back together.
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>> so nice to be back. happy monday to you. hopefully you had a wonderful holiday season. first i want to get to the king tides, coastal flood advisory. it is dry for now but we are tracking a weak cold front that will be pushing across the bay area in a few light to moderate scattered activity. coastal flood advisory until 10:00 a.m. today for areas highlighted in light green because of the king tides. it peaked yesterday morning but still looking at minor flooding and coastal overflow. please be careful with the king tides. here we go with temperatures. we are looking at temps in the 30s and 40s with mostly cloudy skies. a live look with our salesforce tower camera, we are milder compared to the last two mornings when it was so cold, several degrees warmer compared to the last couple days. so we are looking at a low pressure system up to our north
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and that's going to swing a cold front our way. we will be in the tail end of this front so it is a weak front and that will bring light scattered showers through the day. temperature wise, we will be in generally the low to mid 50s for bay area. taking you hour by hour, here we are in the morning stopping at 8:00 a.m. with light scattered showers for the north bay. the best chance to see wet weather today will be north of the golden gate. here is 3:00 p.m., some light scattered showers. we will continue with that scattered activity even by this evening. some of us are seeing that scattered activity and some locations, especially south bay, may not see much. here is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow with a few showers out there and then drier weather tomorrow in the afternoon. we are going to see breezy conditions as we head through our day today. looking at wind gusts up to about 20 to 30 miles per hour.
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the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, again, looking at that scattered activity for today. a few showers tomorrow morning and then high pressure builds in, drier weather wednesday and thursday and another weather system as we look to the end of the work week on friday. inland east bay, north bay, coast, again, looking at some wet weather today, a few showers tomorrow morning, drying out after that through thursday and then our next weather system will be on friday to end our work week and then drier for the weekend. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on is >> morning. noo t. we've got easy conditions as we head towards the bay bridge. you see traffic is at the limit for the most part with no major delays or issues. good news if you've got an early start heading into the maze into the city, travel time is just under ten minutes heading into san francisco. most bay area bridges are
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quiet. golden gate bridge, no delays. san mateo bridge, things are at the limit. just a reminder, bridge tolls increased starting on the first of the year. $7 to cross the bridges at least on seven bay area state owned bridges. if you are headed towards 80 west bound, maze to 101, seven minutes, richmond san rafael bridge, seven minutes from the east bay to marin county. you see a lot of green on censors. if you are ready to head out, 880, 101, 280, all clear. back to you. >> thank you. 4:51. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> 49ers come out with
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the good morning. do you know what's on my mind? jinga wooden block championships? no. how about the 49ers? a rookie quarterback, we might want to start getting used to. he came thundering out. a flat out under throw and king of the texans intercepted. was that on the route or lance? any event, 14 plays later
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mills, rookie from open the sco texans. final seconds of the half, lance nearly intercepted again but look at brandon, off the hands of the defender, caught it and dragged it with his toe, set up a field goal and san francisco trailed 7-3. opening drive of the 3rd, 49ers went for it on fourth down. could not connect. houston football. next texans possession, mills intercepted by harris. look here, he was stripped of the ball. it looked like texans recovered but refs ruled that the forward progress was stopped long enough before the ball came loose. interception stood. lance rolled left, threw deep into double coverage. incomplete. hold on, pass interference was called on mitchell. penalty moved the ball to the houston 20. lance's expression, i'll take
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it. four plays later. rookie to rookie. lance to mitchell for eight yard touchdown and a 10-7, 49ers lead. on third down, mills sacked for a nine yard loss so houston on the field goal unit. on the 46-yard attempt it was no good! how about it coach? shanahan, oh the reaction told it all, two minutes later lance with time rolled right and then threw cross field for samuel who broke a tackle and scored. that play made it 17-7. next possession, mitchell who broke the franchise rookie rushing record took off for a 37-yard gain to capa 119-yard day instead of a field goal and lance got his first nfl
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victory, 23-7 the final. san francisco's record is now 9- 7. better news for this morning, warriors greene has been cleared out of the league safety and health protocol and will be available to suit up tonight against miami heat. that will do it for this morning. i'll see you later. 4:57. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, jurors return for day seven of deliberations in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. hear from an expert on
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a rush to vaccinate and test students returning from winter break. with the omicron surge, is it safe to return to the classroom? booster shots could be on the table for children as soon as today. what federal regulators are set to authorize. the new year bringing the same old flight cancellations. what airlines are doing to fix frustrations. what is fueling a record breaking homicide surge in oakland? what we found after pouring over the numbers. good morning. it is monday, january 3. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. it's a chilly start to our day. we could be seeing rain tonight. let's go to meteorologist mary lee with today's forecast. good morning. good morning. happy monday to you. we are helping you get back into work and school in the new year and we're looking at a weak cold front that will bring light scattered showers as we head through


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