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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 31, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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y4oj7y yi0y >> now at 3:00. streaming cbsn bay area. saying goodbye to a golden girl , betty white has died. we look back at her decades in
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entertainment. across the bay area, temperatures are dropping. the cold start to our new year. and saying goodbye to 2021. we asked people about their wishes for the new year. good afternoon. i'm juliet. our top story at 3:00. a huge loss in the entertainment world after betty white has died. just weeks shy of her 100th birthday. nikki batista looks back at her career spanning decades. >> before she became a household name, betty white was a familiar face on tv. hosting parade of hearing and tv commercials. and as a regular on game shows, from to tell the truth to the match game. >> you are finished a long time ago. >> to her favorite.
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but, the role of men crazy happy homemakers who in the bins the top-rated tyler moore show made her a star. it became her trademark. a sweet little lady who says not so sweet things. in 1985, she took on a new role- playing level nacve rose on the golden girls. >> even a trip to the bank can be exciting if you are a ski mask. >> considered one of the most progressive tv shows of all time. the for older single women living as housemaids in miami rakes and awards and maintained a cult status for decades. >> as she got older, her popularity increased.
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on the 2010 super bowl ad for snickers was such a hit it started a facebook campaign for her to host saturday night live. a few months later she got the gig. the appearance and her a seventh emmy award for the same year, she also started yet another sitcom at age 88. and at age 96, white received a rousing standing ovation at the 70th emmy awards. she thanked her fans and said it was incredible that she could stay in a career so long and still have people put up with her. nikki. cbs news. >> betty white was set to be featured on the cover of the january 10th issue of people magazine. she will be missed. switching gears to our bay area weather. it will be a cold start to 2022 as we look live over the bay. brian hackney has our look at a chili forecast. >> look at you.
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good to see you again. >> you too.? we are looking at a cold night. that is not the headline but it is new year's eve. that is the headline. with clear skies, the numbers will be mostly in the 40s right around the turn of the year. 44 degrees. a few clouds and maybe a little bit of wind around the bay. that is it. if we go all the way to the coldest we small hour of the night, we will get out 29 degrees. san jose is down to 33. and livermore, 32. that is distinctly cooler than we had last night. right now, it is nice. we have got a few fairweather cumulus moving upon the mountains. and mt. diablo there. and the numbers are in the low 50s. >> thank you. san francisco's new year's eve fireworks may be canceled. but, today, the lawyers help people celebrate 2022 a little early. at chase centers winter wonderland. >> this is it. saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming in 2022. all of people in san francisco
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today decided to do so with a noon new year's eve celebration with the golden state warriors in the chase center. that's a lot of fun. there was good food. dancing. good music. new year's eve hats galore. and a lot of positive energy. we talked to a couple of people today to learn more about what they hope 2022 has in store. >> i hope everybody gets their, to live their life and be great fun and become a little closer to becoming who they are. >> wealth, success. most importantly, health, as we know. >> happiness and love and yeah. try and make some new friends and rekindle old friendships. >> we will share some thoughts about 2021 and some more hopes for 2022 tonight at 6:00. in san francisco cormack. kpix five. >> starting tomorrow, it will cost you more to cross the bay. tolls are going up on seven bridges in the region. joslin looks at where the money will go. >> for many january 1st is the
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start of new goals. new resolutions. come tomorrow, it will also be the start of a new bridge toll. a more expensive one. >> i was driving on the bridge coming back to san francisco and i saw that it was going to increase by a dollar. >> instead of the six dollars you may be used pain, it will now be seven dollars for most cars in the region. seven state untold riches. including the bay bridge and san mateo and tuckerton bridges. >> the tolls are going up. at midnight on friday. >> just as we bring in the new year. >> is going to be significant. especially here going on the bridge. multiple times week or every day. commuting. after this the second of three one dollar increases approved by voters in 2018. the third one happens in january of 2025. and the money is expected to go to a long list of investments. >> more cars, more unique cars. expansion of the ferry system. freeway interchange improvements. including a direct freeway connector from northbound 101
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to the richmond bridge. >> i go across the bay bridge, at least three or four, maybe five times a week. i don't feel terrible that appear but, and a lot of people probably you know, are hurting from. and it costs going up everywhere. in san francisco, joslin, kpix five. >> plenty of people drove in for their covid test at the santa clara county fairgrounds this morning before ringing in the new year. the site will be closed tomorrow. back open on sunday. by appointment only. in castro valley, state school superintendent, tony, visited canyon middle school to help hand out free at home covid milln additional tests to students and staff as they get ready to go back to campus next week. nearly 150,000 of those kids are slated for alameda county. a spike in covid cases is putting a strain on some hospital systems across the country. they were nearly half 1 million new cases on thursday alone.
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skyler henry reports the fast- moving omicron variant is also tying up travel. >> the u.s. is bringing in the new year while facing a record surge in the number of covid-19 cases. brought on by the more contagious omicron variant. >> if we can increase vaccination rates, we will certainly make a big step toward next christmas and new year being a happier period than this one. >> new york's governors extending the states mask mandate to february. she announced a booster shot requirement for eligible public university students beginning january 15th. >> this is how we will ensure that these campuses stay open. we will protect the health of new yorkers. also, help the economy.? happy holidays. >> stakeholders are also trying to tackle the covid testing shortage. connecticut's brought in hundreds of thousands of rapid tests and he wants those in need to get first priority. >> we are sending out to municipalities with our guidance. that focus on the vulnerable. focus on the forward facing folks. focus on people that are
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showing symptoms.? overstretched hospitals are pleading that people avoid going to the emergency room for testing. >> if all you need is a test, the hospital is not the right place for you. is also putting a strain on the airline industry. prompting thousands of canceled flights d ys air traffic controller shortages could cause even more cancellations. all of it adding up to headaches for people trying to get home from their holiday travels. cbs news. washington. >> daylight has revealed the scope of devastation in colorado after wildfires wiped out entire neighborhoods in just hours. tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes. the fires were fueled by 105 mile-per-hour wind. flames destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and sparing others. as they leapfrogged over highways and buildings. about 20 miles northwest of denver. how the fires started, still under investigation. but, the sheriff's deputies suggested downed power lines as a possible cause.
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wall street just wrapped up 2021 on a weak note. but, still managed to end the year with some big gains for the s&p was down 12 points today., wound up with a yearly gain of almost 27%. the dow dropped about 60 day for the nasdaq was down 96. you have a few hours left to make a 2021 donation to help area food banks and some generous donors are actually matching contributions up until midnight. one donor is tripling donations made to second harvest of silicon valley that food bank is currently facing a $4llion budg another donoismatching contribu san francisco marin food bank. and step and aisha curry's eat learn play foundation. is matching contributions to the alameda county community food bank up to $250,000. that food bank is facing a $2
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million short. every dollar counts. you can find links to make a donation at still had. and streaming on cbsn. >> spirits are high here. spike covid cases spiking again. i'm courtney killian times square. how people are bringing in 2022. >> later, getting healthier long term.
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>> let's take a live look at times square in new york city where preparations are underway for the new year's celebration. covid is again casting a shadow over the party. cbs reporter courtney kelly looks at this year's protocols for the people celebrating. >> revelers are gathering at the crossroads of the world ready to bid 2021 goodbye. >> we are trying to begin our year as good as we can.? looking back saying look i was already going into 2022. >> the nypd spent the wee hours putting barriers in place to accommodate the limited crowd of 15,000. >> spectators go through multilayered security screening process in order to see the six ton crystal encrusted ball drop.
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>> this year, officials are also checking vaccination status . everyone must wear a mask. >> most important, we want people to be safe and healthy. >> the u.s. is breaking records for new covid cases almost half- million reported on thursday. revelers here say they feel safe with the extra precautions in place. >> i think new york is doing a good job with scaling it down. but, still keeping life as usual as much as we can. >> covid worries are adding to the ever present security concerns here. a lot of the police officers here are working overtime. because at least 20% of the police force is out sick due to the coronavirus. >> ruth talks on the vegas trip are prepping for the firework show there. chicago is going forward with what it calls the largest fireworks display in windy city history. >> spread out over 1.5 miles of stretching downtown. they're urging residents to make their own best choices. >> in many instances, that will be i'm good, i will stay home and watch all. back in time square, the mass countdown to midnight is on.
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>> everyone hoping for a good year. i'm a little bit of a change for these last couple years. >> looking for brighter better new year. courtney keeley, cbs news, time square. >> if you have not made your plans for new year's, cbs has you covered. you don't even have to leave your house. tonight, you can ring in 2022 with high-energy performances of some of the greatest country music songs in new year's eve live nashville's big bash. gianna franco spoke to bobby bones about the lineup. >> you will see blake shelton performing from his bar and miranda lambert performing from her place. so, you know, luke bryan. i can go on down the line of all the stars. it is also going to be in massive stage in the middle of the city where they are just basically 100,000 people. but, you know the whole show has this message of positivity and, you know, to inspire you as a go to 2022 and hopefully, we move farther and farther out of the pandemic.
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>> you can catch new year's eve live, nashville's big ash tonight at 8:00 on cbs and paramount plus. time for a look at our forecast. brian hackney. cold temperatures coming our way. >> how did you know? >> i just had this feeling. that is what you're going to say.? that's good. that's exactly what the forecast is. it will get cold. temperatures will be down below freezing parts of the bay area. on this last night of 2021. it is nice and clear out there right now. temperatures are in the low 50s. for the most part. and the few clouds building up behind the mounds. but come other than that, just a beautiful friday. and overnight tonight, santa rosa gets a little bit cooler than it was last night. and 29 degrees in fairfield, 33. and it will be freezing in livermore. and in pleasanton. freezing as well. san jose standing at 33 degrees. overnight lows. cold tonight. and sunny and chilly and to 2121 and beginning to 2022. it looks like it will be put in much the same on saturday. on the future cast, though, we will notice toward the end of
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the week, there will be some changes coming in. this is tonight. clear. and cold. a few low clouds form overnight. not too bad. then, as we go on into sunday, here is where things get to change. this is beginning to set the street stage for the next chance of a little bit of rain coming in europe but summer gets monday. this next system that is coming in is going to hugely favor the north bay. leslie looks now. so, a lot of us will get some clouds. not as much son as we have. it doesn't look like many of us are going to get much rain. again, this is monday. between now and then, we have 20 of son. you can see offshore by the time we get to early monday, this is at 4:00 monday. a few light showers in north bay people, according to place, while santa rosa has a good chance monday and tuesday, about 72, 69% chance monday and tuesday, you go south, the numbers get kind of cut in half. san francisco is just a 36% chance which means some might fall but not much. in san jose, very low probabilities for any rain. so, most of us will be
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essentially dry. but, not a lot in the way of sunshine. by the time we get to next week. so, let's set it out. tonight, clear and cold. as julia pointed out. tomorrow, dry and chilly. but, sunny. temperatures, again, like what we had today. no big deal. december, january. and then rain chances return monday. but, again, favoring the north bay. and i know that you're tired of but, we don't have a choice. it will come whether we like it or not. 52 degrees in santa rosa. 48 degrees in fairfield. 47 i livermore and san jose. 52 degrees. san francisco. 51. plenty of sunshine. in the extended forecast, here's what it looks like. we have got temperatures mostly in the 50s. they will stay that way. maybe a warm up a little bit midweek. then monday and tuesday, here comes that rain chance peer
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that's for san francisco, oakland, san jose. san jose, not so much of a chance. pretty much the same as we look a wide. what do you like sun, rain, or you know what, my new year's resolution is i, whatever we get, i will take whatever comes. in fact, we should all make new year's resolutions. >> still to come, streaming and cbsn bay area. >> the time is here to make new year's resolutions. i am bradley with what doctors want at the top of your list improve your overall health now and in the future. >> and streaming today and cbsn bay area, we spoke to the financial expert about money tips to help you cut back on costs to start the new year. that is coming up at 4:20. you can find us on or on the kpix aft. we are also on the cbs news
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>> people are sounding off the top financial resolutions for 2022. in a survey by fidelity, nearly half said they wanted to save more money. next was paying down debt. followed by spending less money. on healthwatch, people often say they want to eat better or lose weight in the new year. but come the american medical association wants you to think long-term. and make better health choices overall. bradley blackburn explains.
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>> like many of us got alfred has some resolutions for the new year. that's also on helen list. >> eat better. and continue to work out. on a regular basis. >> i say it every year. yes. this is going to be the year. >> the american medical association is offering recommendations to improve health this year and in the future. high blood pressure and diabetes can easily increase your risk of heart attack or stroke so, they urge people to monitor blood pressure and take steps to reduce hypertension. they advise checking your risk of diabetes by digging a simple two minute screening test. at the website do i have >> one out of 3.5 prediabetes and not even know that a peer which left untreated, will inevitably advance to full- blown diabetes. >> the president, dr. gerald, says managing stress should
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also be at the top of your list. that includes eating right, getting at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep. and daily exercise and wellness activities like yoga and meditation. >> if you really need help, don't be embarrassed to talk to a doctor. don't be embarrassed to talk to family members. the committee americans have become more sedentary. it's time to get more physically active. help experts say at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity every week. >> reduce your stress, reduce your risk for cardiovascular retention, diabetes. >> if you are processed foods, especially those with added sodium and sugar. dr. hartman says making these lifestyle changes could lead to a happier and healthier you in 2022. and beyond. bradley blackburn. cbs news. new york. >> another recommendation, drink in moderation. guidelines say up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. coming up, it is already 2022. and other parts of the world look at some of the global new
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year's celebrations. >> coming up a cbs evening news. this new year's eve remembering loved actress betty white. after her passing at age 99. a look back at her life and storied career as america's golden girl. plus, we are tracking a big winter storm that is expected to slam parts of the country. with 6-12 inches of snow. that is tonight on the cbs evening news.
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>> coming up at 5:00, bay area new year's eve events canceled. what about business is counting on the crowds? we look at the economic impact as we close out 2021. finally, here at 3:00, a look at some the new year's celebrations around the world. people in the popular party destination in india rang in 2022 with a big beach party and fireworks display. in new zealand, instead of fireworks, they put on a light show actuated by car horns and sirens. and on to australia. they put on a fireworks show with thousands of people there watching. two ringing in the new year all over. that is it for us on kpix 5 news at 3:00. cbs evening news is next we will be back with more local news coming up at 5:00. also streaming 24-7 on cbsn bay
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: tonight, the death of an american tv icon. legendary actress betty white has died at the age of 99. her career spanned the golden days of television to sitcom stardom in the 70s and 80s. >> i got him a golf club. don't feal him. it's a surprise. >> garrett: colorado wildfires, hundreds of homes destroyed as hurricane-force wind gusts fueled fast-moving flames. >> there was just nothing left in the area. i'm just really glad everyone got out. >> garrett: severe weather. new year storms will bring snow, sleet, and freezing rain and threats of another round of tornadoes across parts of the south. new covid records. omicron surges as america prepares for a new year's celebrn.


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