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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 31, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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or live chat at today. >> live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. right now , 18 hours until we say goodbye to 2021. warnings from health officials this morning if you are planning to celebrate tonight. trying to find a covetous of the bay area right now is leading to some frustration. we will tell you about some options you have today, coming up. is with the surge of the very, could they area schools be in for another shutdown? >> remembering homicide victims today after the deadliest year in more than a decade. thanks for joining us this new year's eve day.
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in the 6:00. let's start with the check of weather and traffic. there are, how are we going to be in the 2021? >> noticeably colder than the last few nights. that is the main take away. i will show you the specific hour by hour forecast around midnight tonight coming up in a bit. but i think what is happening right now is the perfect example. we are as much is 5 to 9 degrees colder right now than we were yesterday at this exact time. and it is really in the overnight hours way you will feel this. afternoon daytime highs you do not notice the difference. but in the nights we dip down. it is in the upper 30s in the heart of the bay. 38 in hayward right now 38 in oakland. in concord and livermore are both waking up in the mid 30s. and this is the map that shows you how much different that is right now than yesterday. so make sure you find that heavy jacket. thankfully this kind of scenario, we do not deal with much fog because the air has gotten so dry.
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and that means the afternoon daytime highs will be fine. we are going to warm back up into the low 50s. i will see you back in a few minutes. let's take a look at your drive on friday morning. a couple of hotspots to report. if you're headed towards six 80 trying to exit mayor andretti, this is to happen that has happened this morning. it is taking time for the investigation. 680 southbound affected. six 80 also the entry ramp 880 there is a crass blocking lanes and we are still starting to see traffic backing up. the world continues to ring in the year at the stroke of midnight it was 2022 when they
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let the fireworks go in australia. six times of explosives. meantime pope francis had to cancel the visit to the nativity scene. it was meant to discourage cross as easily register another record of daily coming cases. locally, take a live look across the bay. less than 18 hours left 2021 here this morning. health officials warning everybody to take extra precautions if you plan to celebrate new year's eve tonight. they are encouraging only small gatherings and mask wearing. several big bay area events have been canceled tonight. san francisco not holding its annual fireworks show. in sonoma county, the charles schultz museum counseling catholic it's bash. the states covid we are li
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francisco with more on where you can still get tested. there are still some testing options but they could come with long lines. take a look at the san mateo marriott testing site. it was taking walk-ins and we can see how long the line got yesterday. not just new year's gatherings, there are different reasons that are leading people to want to get tested. there are concerns about omicron and kids going back to school for winter break. >> it is quite unprecedented demand, the combination of all the factors you are seeing. recognizing a train. what is happening is people are coming to get vaccinated some testing of the virus?. , you will find that marriott san mateo taking walk-ins from
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9:00 to 2:00. on you will find the farmers market site open 8:30 to 1:00 today. they take walk-ins but they are limited by capacity restraints. solano you will find where to get a pcr test or a rapid test online. if you go to these websites you will see some options. like many people have been seeing, appointments being booked through the new year. but once you go to next week, past that new year, you will start to see a couple days or more testing appointments are being opened up. taking a live look at sfo were things are not easy. travel troubles are continuing. this is of air flights have been canceled in the past few
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days. hundreds have already been canceled for today and tomorrow. it is because of staffing shortages and the bad weather across the country. it is a trend that has been going on for about a week now. experts say it is not looking much better heading into the holiday weekend. the tsa expected 10 million people to pass through airports between now and monday. with the positivity rate topping 11% in california. we are seeing the mask mandates and tougher restrictions. parents and students are wondering if they will actually be going back to school next week. an infectious disease expert ucsf says he will not be surprised if schools had to close again. but if they do, he said he would not expect it to last very long. the state department of education working to distribute at home to just test the family. on the vaccine front we could soon see pfizer booster
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shots for teenagers. the fda is expected to expand eligibility to children ages 12 to 15 in the coming days. meanwhile the students get ready to head back to class. oakland students 12 and older, that means being fully vaccinated. students can also expect a lot more testing. they are holding a series of tasting clinics from january 2nd to january 9th. happening today the state school superintendent will be in the east bay to help distribute at home testing kits. this comes amid a statewide push to have about 6 million tests to students and staff. state superintendent tony thurman will be at canyon middle school in castro valley. that is where he will hold a press conference and help and apples tests. thurman wants everyone to get tested before they returned from their winter breaks. for more details on covid testing and vaccines, you can also take check out our resource guide at : live to girl oakland.
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this year has been the deadliest for homicides is 2006. when there were 145. today's ceremony of the crosses -- faith in action east bay is a columbia parish. be held at columbia church. looking live outside this morning, today the bay area air quality management district is asking residents not to burn wood fireplaces. air quality is not expected to be poor and no air alert has been issued. but the district is still discouraging wood-burning to prevent the bad air quality. and even though it is new year's eve, the district is also asking residents to not set off fireworks as the excess smoke and ash can contribute to air pollution.
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several bay area cities opening warming centers to help the homeless cope with nighttime freezing temperatures. that it be at or below the freezing mark all weekend. if that arose of the 10th warming centers set up a parking lot at catholic catholic charities officer wilson street. it will be open until daybreak sunday morning. oakland, the warming center available is a the paul on san pablo avenue. that will be ennday morning with 45 extra pets. a bay area travel blocker will get the ring in the new year at home after an accident put her in a coma and in hospital for five months. katelyn mccaffrey was living in bali when she got a motor scooter crash. to good samaritan's father on a remote road and got her to a hospital. due to her severe injuries she was in a coma for several week. in nearly a month later she was stable enough to be flow back to the bay area where she was treated at the stanford icu and santa clara valley medical center. finally she was given the okay to go home.
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still ahead, why search and rescue crews are suspended the their search for a skier who has been missing in the sierras is christmas. and get ready to pay up at the toll plaza. how much bridge tolls are set to go up going starting tomorrow. emmett is noticeably colder than the last several have been. we've got a bit of the time where we've seen temperatures drop down to near freezing for many locations. and then there's the new year's eve forecast. i will show you how that will be filled differently, depending on where you are. many places will be near freezing by midnight, i will show you those. we have a couple of hotspots to look out for. delays on 880 plus a rep cl
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new developments now. difficult decision in the search for a missing skier and
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placer county. the sheriff's office suspended emergency rescue operations at northstar ski resort. the victim once keying on christmas day and his friends reported him missing after he did not show up for dinner. deputies say there is no realistic possibility that he has survived nearly a week in the severe weather. starting tomorrow it will cost you more to cross the bay. a total increase of one dollar will go in effect on seven bay area bridges. >> is a three-step increase in tolls. the first one dollar increase went into effect january 1 2019. step two is this weekend. and then the third step is january 1 2025. he also says traffic across most bay area bridges is back. >> all the traffic has come back to the bridges. with the
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exception of the san mateo/haywood ridge and the dumbarton bridge. which are still running well below their pre-pandemic levels. >> he also said roads to and from the bay bridge continue to be the most congested in the bay area on both sides of the bay. we typically see that every morning covering traffic here. having a little bit of a break today because it is a holiday. 15 minutes after 6:00. darrin, his work a little lighter without the rain but it is freezing. >> that as a whole different kind of layer to get into the details. because some parts of the bay area, which are already african, you are going to be close to that again about midnight. it is going to be noticeably colder we used about when you step out. some places are 10 degrees colder than they were yesterday.
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that is a live look from the tower looking back out across the east bay where the official temperature coming in from the oakland airport is in the mid- 30s. that is how you know this is cold. that number for oakland is taken from the airport. but you go over the hill, concorde is 35, livermore is 36. san jose, it is 37. santa rosa at 30. every one of these numbers is in the 30s except one, san francisco. and that is in the mid 40s. that is really the story. if we put a few more numbers on here, redwood city, hayward you are all 30. 32 in napa. the one that tells the story is the drop from 24 hours ago. at this time yesterday we were about 7 to 10 degrees warmer. the daytime highs are fine. we will warm up to sunny and 50. we have pulled in drier air and
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got rid of the clouds. that is what allows the temperatures and i to drop. what does that mean for new year's eve? looking at this two different ways. here is the forecast for most of us. this includes the bay and in the valleys of the east bay. the numbers, by the time we get to midnight, are in the upper 30s. that is still cold. that is not the extreme. i'm going to change this and instead of looking at the bay, we are now going to look at the inland valleys in the north bay. and watch how the bars really come down. by the time we get to midnight it is near freezing. so, take that into consideration if you are going to be out and about for new year's and you are in some of the inland valleys. so when is the next time it is going to rain? look at the seven-day forecast. it is going to be a while. we have a chance for some lice hours to the early and mid-time of next week. but it doesn't look good. that will mainly be rain for oregon and washington state. if we get any, i have a small
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chance on there, it does not look like it will be big-time rain totals. that is where it stands for now. back over to you. we have a couple of hotspots this morning. what we would typically see on a regular work day. but we have our photojournalist who is out and about. he just traveled along highway 24 heading near the tunnel. all clear. we had a traffic alert they are but everything is now wide open. you can see traffic moving on 24. not a lot of volume this morning. that is good news if you have to get up early to head to work this morning. tipping over, the trouble spots we do have, we are tracking if you break life at 880. they just issued a traffic alert in fremont. northbound 880 from niles road, the traffic alert has been issued. entry ramp is what is blocked. also dakota road. we are seeing speeds down
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around 30 miles per hour. live look at that bay bridge, no metering lights. but the golden gate bridge all clear. 20 minutes from highway 37. south 101 down into san francisco. and the san mateo bridge looking good as well. 12 minutes between 880 and 101. time is 90 minutes after 6:00. coming up, a veteran gets the gift of a lifetime and it could not have come at a better time.
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let's look ahead to lunch today and get you ready for the
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forecast. taking the future can't into noon just to give us an idea on how beautiful the day is going to be. the abuse plenty of blue sky today. let me show you the daytime highs. low 50s. it is cold out there this morning and that is really the headline in the forecast are the cold morning lows. but in terms of looking ahead to the middle of the day, you're not going to notice a change in the last several days. we stay in the low 50s. if anything it will look prettier because we are going to have fewer clouds out there today through the heart of the day. with blue sky, that will be the story really until early next week. it is a chance for rain to come back for next week. we will look at that in the seven-day forecast and we will get specific on just how cold it is going to be tonight for new year's if you have plans to be outside. some parts of the bay area will be noticeably colder than others. more on that in a bit. a grateful veteran has a new way to get around his hometown of reno.
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reporter terry russell tells us the act of generosity from a team of mechanics is having an immediate impact. >> there was no look of surprise, rather veteran ron selby's first reaction while getting a free car was thanking the crew for making it happen. after talking to him, the news could not have come at a better time. was in and out of the hospital a lot because i have nerve damage and stuff. and we just, financially it is hard to rise above and do stuff like this. and so we took our kids to school. we barely got here today. >> the 2006 toyota had mechanics working for the past several weeks. the owners decided not to put any more money into it. so the other repair shop thought it would be great to fix it up and give it to veteran. this is the sixth year in a row they have rehabbed the use car
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and handed the keys over to veteran. the shop works with mason's finest, who celexa veterans and determines the family can handle the responsibility. >> he has a stable enough foundation to support bringing ensuring its. he also has me. >> reporter: he and his wife barely made it to the shop in the vehicle that has trouble getting into gear. it is stories like that, which let the crew know their efforts are well worth it. >> the whole experience was amazing. to be able to get back to a veteran in a different way. >> reporter: along with the car , they donated toys to the family. the car will be perfect for a family who needed a simple break as they head into the new
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year. >> that was terry russell reporting and it is so nice to see the community doing that for him. coming up here in the next half hour, the new year is almost here. covid is crashing the party. the big celebrations being scaled back tonight. plus the scene we know all too well in northern california. the latest on a raging wildfire in colorado. and taking a live look outside before we head to the break, this is a gorgeous view of the city of san francisco from our camera on the treasure isla
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>> live from the cvs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. if you are just waking up with us, here are your headlines. less than 18 hours until we ring in 2022. new year's eve celebrations are being scaled back across the bay area. san francisco is not going to be holding the annual fireworks show. and the fda is expected to expand booster shot eligibility to children ages 12 to 15 in the coming days. a huge wildfire continues to burn in colorado. at least 600 homes have earned near boulder, as well as 1600
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acres. several people have been injured. firefighters are afraid what they will find when they search the burn areas as far as people who may have died. tens of thousands are under evacuation orders. good morning thanks for starting your new year's eve day with us. let's get a check on weather this morning. it is cold out there and it will be cold new year's eve. i will show you specific members in a bit. don't let open iris on the camera for you. we are still about an hour away from sunrise. we are starting to see some of the earliest rays of light. but it is those clouds out there which are helping some of us stay relatively warm. the real focus is on how cold it has gotten for areas in the bay that are inland valleys and have clear skies. case in point, petaluma 34, then arose out of the airport,
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it's dirty right now. and if you look at the babe proper, even hayward and redwood city are in the upper 30s. conquer, livermore in the mid 30s. these numbers are as much a 7 to 9 degrees colder than they were yesterday at this time. so make sure you take that into consideration. find that heavy jacket before you step outside. the daytime highs will be fine. they are going to the same exact place we have been. it is the mornings where you feel the difference. tonight, as we get into new year's, it will noticeably be colder as we get into bed at night than it has been for the last several nights. i will show you the specific forecast coming up so nobody gets caught offguard. it is busy along 880. at the alvarado exit, the lanes are blocked due to a crash. an overturned vehicle at the on ramp from dakota road onto the
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offering. dublin interchange. let's look at that. a few flights as well as you work your way towards 680 interchange. a little slower westbound on the baby. if you are traveling 23 minutes not a bad ride. quiet highway four and 101 really our biggest hotspot is the trouble spot along 880 and free thought. try to give yourself some extra time if you are traveling to their peers 6:32 new data from the cdc revealing more than half of americans have rolled up their sleeves for the covid vaccine. more than 25 million people, which is 62% of americans are fully vaccinated. over 1 million doses of us are being given out daily right now. only 33 point 1% of the population is boosted. that is about 69 million people. the data also showing an average of 619,000 booster doses
6:33 am
are being administered each day. south africa says the surge of cases from omicron variant is now receiving with no major increase in deaths. the very first appeared last month and then spread around the world. now, case counts in south africa have all and sharply for two weeks. as has the number of hospitalizations. the government officials say the speed with which the omicron driven fourth wave rose , peaked and then declined, has been staggering. peeking in 4 weeks and declining in another two. cases day. ia now that is a 27% increase since yesterday's infection update. ahead of india's covid task force says the sharp increase could be part of the global rise pushed by omicron. for the very latest on the spread of the new variant you can check out our resource guide at
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taking a live look in new york city. one of the places nationwide were new year's eve some braces are being scaled back. health officials worry if they don't, the current search will intensify. san francisco already scrapped plans for its fireworks show. and in new york the ball drop celebration will look different from normal. laura podesta joins us live from times where. i'm sure this is not what people were hoping for. >> reporter: yeah, it is not going to look like 2019 or 2018. but there will be roughly 15,000 people who will be socially distancing here in the pins beside me. they must be fully vaccinated, show proof of that and wear a mask. all of this comes as the omicron variant is surging. not only here in new york city, but nationwide we are seeing increases in 15 states plus dc and puerto rico. all of them are averaging more daily cases than ever before.
6:35 am
and nearly half million new infections were reported just yesterday. >> we are at the very beginning, unfortunately, and likely have at least 4 to 8 weeks before we are going to see a rise in the begin to fall again. dr. fauci is urging people not to attend large new year's eve celebrations. atlanta speech drop was canceled for a second year in a row. as you mentioned the fireworks show along the waterfront is off. but there are some cities this see the show must go on including seattle. their show will still happen. in las vegas, 300,000 people are expected to attend the fireworks show about the strip. back here in new york city, the incoming mayor says he is going to keep the rather controversial vaccine mandate in place. requiring all workers who come to the office here in
6:36 am
new york to show proof of vaccination. that is whether they are in the public or private sector. >> we are also hearing there are some changes to the live performance schedule in times square. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yes, unfortunately we have learned that rapper ll cool j will not be on stage performing live. that is because he, like so many people, has tested positive for covid. >> stay safe and hopefully next year it will look better. thank you. on the fire watch, something we see all too often in california. this morning hundreds of homes are messes in parts of colorado. an unusually december wildfire rages on. several people have been injured and tens of thousands are under evacuation orders. is the very latest. >> reporter: driven by winds over 100 miles per hour, destructive flames forced thousands to leave their homes under mandatory evacuation
6:37 am
orders. >> i packed myself and my pet. we're keeping our fingers crossed. >> reporter: officials say at least hundreds of homes outside denver burned. >> coming down this road, the trees are all up in flames. there's embers everywhere. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency. freeing up disaster emergency funds and resources. >> gusts of 110 miles an hour can and have moved this fire down a football field in a matter of seconds. here in december, who with ink we will be facing this. >> reporter: the flames destroyed a hotel in the shopping center. hospital was forced to evacuate patients to other facilities. was it is really terrible. is a golf course that surrounds the hospital and there's multiple houses on fire that are just huge flames. >> reporter: during rush hour, roads were closed throughout the area. as thick smoke built for miles.
6:38 am
struck at least one first responder was reported injured and the boulder county sheriff is not ruling out the discovery of people who have lost their lives or are severely injured in the fires. here is a look at some video out of colorado this morning. this driver just narrowly avoided running straight into those lanes. check out the poor visibility with all that smoke in the area. the driver says he had just been evacuated from shopping at cosco. and while attempting to avoid traffic he ended up on this roadway. take a look at this, this is a birds eye view of the raging flames. a passenger on a flight leaving denver last night captured his video from his plane. and you can really see how widespread the flames are burning. nearly 600 homes have already been destroyed along with hotels and shopping centers and businesses. 1600 acres have burned and the planes are still growing. >> really scary scene.
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6:39. still ahead, a tiger attacks a man and a popular zoo. what happened and why the man was attacked. and a woman tests positive for covid midflight. how she isolated herself on the airplane. and one of our favorite views this morning from our camera on treasure island looking back at the west of the bay bridge. looks fantastic but it is cold. we are going to take a look at how low the morning temperatures have gotten today for your part of the bay area and what that means for new year's eve. coming up next. and the stock market open about 10 minutes ago. taking a quick check on the board, the dow is up almost 50 points. diane king hall breaking down the numbers for us right after the break. it is a special new year's
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time now for money watch. diane king hall joining us live from the new york stock exchange. actually the cbs broadcast center. hi diane. good morning. it's muscle memory at this point. changes underway. you have a possible action and tug-of-war between the bears and the bulls. looking at the doll, down just a point but again you can see is started lower. ticked higher now lower. it is anybody's guess where pete will end up.
6:44 am
the nasdaq is better by 20 points. and 'tis the season for wrecking up holiday debts. according to a recent report by lending tree, america's own more than $1200 on average. that is between buying presents, party tickets and supplies. most people would put it on the credit card before the first time the report finds american used so far by now, pay later financing to spread out those expenses. it sounds like people already have a holiday hangover. >> almost like an online version of layaway. interesting. thank you, happy new year. a popular zoo in florida is closed right now tiger attack. police in naples shot and killed an eight-year-old tiger this after the animal grabbed and mauled a man at the zoo on wednesday. deputies say the victim apparently put his arm the tigers enclosure to feed or pet
6:45 am
animal. in the tiger grabbed him. yesterday visitors were turned away. >> surprised. wondering what they were thinking trying to put the animals. but that's unfortunate. >> reporter: authorities say the 26-year-old was working a third party claiming service. and was actually supposed to be claiming the zoo's bath and gift shops. they also say he could face criminal charges. he is recovering in hospital. a quarter to seven this morning. the cdc is warning avoid cruise ships at all cost regardless of your vaccination status. the cdc says the risk of getting covid on a cruise is very high because of omicron. the agency is looking into outbreaks on at least 91 cruise ships. and woman from chicago had the plane ride of a lifetime. listen to this, when she chose to isolate inside of and i
6:46 am
airplane bathroom for three hours after testing positive for covid midflight. before her flight to iceland, she took 2 pcr tests by rapid tests all negative. but when she started feeling a sore throat on the flight she took another and it was positive. the flight was full, so she agreed to stay in the bathroom for the remainder of the flight . she says she did it to protect others. and after the plane touched down she was shuttled to the hotel to start her 10 days of isolation. she documented the bathroom isolation and a ticked video that has been viewed more than 4 million times. >> happening tomorrow and sunday, king tide could bring funny to some low-lying areas around the bay. this was the scene in san francisco during previous king tide in early december. it happens when the moon and sun are closer to the earth, increasing the gravitational pull of the oceans in california. this occurs around the time of the winter solstice. 6:46. it is certainly feeling like
6:47 am
winter out there. colder, noticeably colder this morning than the last few mornings have been. i want to focus on that. how cold is your part of the bay today compared to yesterday? for some of us a lot. a preview from treasure island looking towards the bay bridge. is is when the camera almost looks like it is an art installation with the early morning lights. sent is officially rising to 7:25. it is always coldest before dawn. that sure applies right now. 32 in petaluma. 32 in napa. ere further inland you are the be. if we come back into the bay, we are in the upper 30s for many locations. that is cold enough. at the airport in oakland is 38 degrees. it is in the mid-30s for concorde. livermore is 36. so those are the numbers that come anywhere from 7 to 9 degrees below where they were
6:48 am
yesterday at this exact time. the difference if you are about to step out the door so make sure you grab a jacket. but after mills, there is no change. plenty of sunshine, effect it will look prettier. let's look at new year's eve. and we are going to do this for 2 different kind of areas. here is the main one, the majority of us. i'm just calling us the forecast for the bay. it also includes the inland valleys of the east bay. not a whole lot of difference whether you are city, peninsula, east bay shoreline cetera. we will get out of the upper 30s by the way we get to midnight tonight. here are the areas that will be noticeably colder. switching this to the inland valleys of the north bay and look at the bars go way down. the further inland you go the colder it is going to be. these are the places we should be thinking about. our outdoor plans for new year's eve tonight if you have to be outdoors make sure you are layering. it will be noticeably colder tonight, even at midnight than
6:49 am
it has been over the last few. bigger picture shows us of the next chance for rain way up here. by the time we get to monday, now we have a system that is trying to bring rain to southern california. but looking ahead to the seven- day forecast, there is a chance for rain next week here, just not a very good one. but we are back at least closer to the storm track for the early and middle part of next week. just not significant rainmakers. they will not be significant snow makers either. it will be nice to get something. and right now it looks like we will get something going into tuesday and wednesday. just not totals. let's tarlkettina g lothe ok freeways, here is a live look at our westbound 24 heading towards 580. this is the great perspective of the freeways tonight.
6:50 am
we are not seeing a lot of neglects or issues. as of for tonight, if you do plan on getting out and about, there will be extended service for public transit. a good idea if you're heading for art tonight you can use it for 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. extended service on many of our public transit agencies which are also free tonight. celebrate safely and can around safely for new year's eve. now let's head over to 680 right now. we have been following this trouble spot for most of the morning. northbound 680 at andretti. an investigation is underway into a deadly crash that happened several hours ago. traffic is still moving at the limit on the freeway itself. but exiting there will be an issue. existence shut down until further notice of the offering.
6:51 am
toll plaza, the lights are off. no delays heading into san francisco. it is 6:50. happening today if you have not made plans for new year's, cbs has you covered and you do not have to leave your house. you can ring in the new year with some of the greatest country music songs. i spoke to nashville's - host, bobby bones, about tonight's lineup. >> you will see blake shelton performing from his bar. miranda lambert performing from her place. brian and i could go on down the line of all the stars. but, it is also going to be at a massive stage in the middle of the city where there are basically 100,000 people. but the whole show has this message a positivity. to inspire you as we go into 2022. hopefully we meet further and further out of the pandemic. get new year's eve live nashville's big bash tonight on cbs and paramount plus. potive covid cas leading to
6:52 am
a shorge testing. a look at where you can get tested in the bay area. and east bay city remembers homicide victims after the deadliest year in more than a decade. streming today, bay area bank continues to struggle with a major funding deficit. they will talk to us about the end of the year goals of a: 30. is a financial advisor sharing money-saving tips for the new year. that is it a: 45. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download that are free on your favorite streaming
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just a day before the new year and the demand for the covid test seems to be high. but not just that, therare also people who need it for work and kids who are going back to school for winter break and people who are just overall concerned about the omicron variant. this is what some of the lines look like in the bay area. it has created some frustration for people in desperate need to get a covid test. there are sites that are taking walk-ins today. one is the site of the san mateo marriott. that is open today from 9:00 to 2:00. san francisco is the farmers market open from 8:30 to 1:00 p.m. today. keep in mind they will turn people away pastor walking capacity. unlike many people have seen
6:57 am
when we go on the county websites, we see a lot of the appointments are booked. the sites that do need appointments. but once we get past new year's day that we see some of those appointments really start to open up going into next week. three minutes shot of 7:00. to look at top stories. pfizer booster shots are likely to be on the horizon for younger teenagers. the fda is expected to expand eligibility to children ages 12 12 to 15. that moved to expand the use of the shots comes just as schools began to reopen after the holiday break. and oakland students 12 years old and older must be vaccinated to return to class. they can also expect more testing. sam is the testing clinics will be open next week. travel troubles continuing at sfo. dons of flights have been canceled in the past day. not only here, but across the country due to staffing shortages and bad weather
6:58 am
across the nation. today to bay area nonprofits holding a ceremony at saint columbia church in oakland. they are commemorating the lives lost to homicide in 2021. this year has been the deadliest year for homicide since 2006. as we look at the roadways right now, if you getting ready to take golden gate bridge this morning, things are moving pretty nicely. it is holiday like for the most part. looking at a 20 minute ride from highway 37 down to the city. if you're taking south 101. oslo 880 and oakland, traffic moving both directions. at a quick look at your travel time this morning. right now we are nothing alike break lights or delays on any of our major freeways. , at one more, to the list. this is the one of the eastern span of the bay bridge. taking a look at treasure island. but i do need to talk about how cold it is out there. let's switch over to the morning lows and i want you to see the 30 that shows up the
6:59 am
santa rosa right now. actually 31. is 34 in petaluma treatment upper 30s for much of the bay. and mid-30s and inland valleys so be ready for most colder start to this day. after mills will warm over to the low 50s with plenty of sunshine. and for new year's eve, plant only feeling cold. it will probably be mid to upper 30s for most locations bay area wide and even colder in the north bay. next chance of rain's shows up early next week. not a big chance but a chance. happy new year everybody. don't forget the news continues.
7:00 am
♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." tonight is the big night, it's new year's eve. i'm gayle king. >> we are dressed already, i'm tony dokoupil. >> ready to go. i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. here is the last eye opener of the year, your world in 90 seconds. >> as we come together to celebrate community, we must also recognize the moment that we still very much are in. > everything is ready to go for december 31st. >> america gets ready to usher in a brand-new year and say bye-bye to 2021. it's been a complicated week
7:01 am
for holiday travel.


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