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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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sierra where thousands of residents have been stuck for days without power and why restoration is still weeks away. no verdict until the new year. high stakes silicon valley trial up in the air. why the delay could be a good thing for the defense. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is thursday, december 30. i am anne makovec. >> i am gianna franco. let's get a check of weather and traffic. it is much drier today which is good. >> no rain today or through the weekend. there are mid level clouds out there which have done us a favor on the temperatures because we are still only low to mid 40s. there is not a lot of difference in the way it feels temperature wise today. with the way it did yesterday, we may be four or five degrees cooler which is to be expected after a storm passes like that. you see where the clouds are. they disappear by late morning but will be replaced by higher clouds into the afternoon. we'll top out at 52 in oakland,
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livermore 50, 51 in fremont. i will give you the grand tour with daytime highs for everybody coming up in a few minutes. we will look into the pacific which has been in a locked pattern for much of the last week and a half bringing us the storms. i will show you how that is about to change for at least four days but why we are going back into the storm track. i will see you with that in a few minutes. let's look at the roadways now. we are dealing with a trouble spot along 80 west bound near cutting avenue. at least one lane is blocked. this is due to an injury crash. we have emergency crews on scene. speeds are about 16 miles per hour, so it is backing up. if taking 80 early, give yourself a few extra minutes. west bound 4 is clear and no delays outs of the altamont pass.
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24 minutes 205 to 680 and 101 out of the south bay off to a good start as is the bay bridge. metering lights are off and things are running smooth out of the maze into the city. today stricter mask mandates go into effect in four bay area counties amid spread of the omicron variant of covid- 19. joycelyn moran is live in the newsroom to break it all down. before today, marin, san francisco, sonoma, alameda allowed exceptions but starting today they all have the same mask policy in line with the state. you will have to mask up in indoor settings like gyms regardless of vaccination status. there are no exceptions as the omicron variant continues to spread rapidly through the bay area. san francisco department of public health says cases are rising three times faster than during summer delta fueled surge. a ucsf infectious disease specialist says omicron is
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believed to be at least four times more transmissible than delta and compared omicron to measles. >> the virus stays in the air like dandelion and people think omicron is like that, kind of lingers in the air. that's why indoors is so risky. that's why it is so transmissible. >> when it comes to hospitalizations, san francisco department of public health says while rate of hospitalizations has started to increase, it so far remains low compared to last winter. joycelyn moran, kpix5. >> joycelyn, thank you. 5:03. new, omicron variant has reached san francisco fire department. as of yesterday, the department says it had as many as 60 cases of covid for december including at least 40 active cases. the cases are spread out over numerous stations across the city. according to a spokesperson the recent jump is reportedly not
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affecting department operations. a live look from the city now, officials have announced workers in high risk settings will have to get a booster or risk losing their jobs including adult care facilities, dental offices, homeless shelters, jails. now it applies to staff and those facilities as well as law enforcements, paramedics, and others who may have to visit them. san francisco's health department announced yesterday that it supports sending kids back to the classroom, this despite surge in cases in the city. san mateo made a similar announcement yesterday. american academy of pediatrics reported new cases in children are up nearly 50% since the beginning of december. a live look at sfo where bad weather and omicron variant is causing more cancellations and delays. nationwide more than 6,000 flights have been canceled
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since christmas eve. airline crews and staff have been calling out sick with covid which is also impacting flights with the cdc's decision to cut quarantine from ten days to five days, it could allow airline staff to return more quickly but president of the flight attendants' union says that can put people in danger. >> this guidance was put in place at the behest of corporate america. it was not put in place for public health initiatives and frankly, that makes our jobs even harder. >> the union now says it supports a vaccine requirement for domestic passengers after the surge in cases. for more information on covid testing and vaccines across the bay area, check our resource guide at there won't be a verdict in the elizabeth holmes theranos fraud trial in san jose this year. the jury will resume deliberations monday. we asked a legal expert what it all means. >> i do think that the defense
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was able to get the jurors to care about what happens to miss holmes and that is the first thing you want to do as a defense attorney. you want the jurors to care about this decision deeply. >> for more than 40 hours, the jury has been reviewing piles of documents and listening to weeks of testimony. holmes and her team have an answer in response for everything. the jury has not asked additional questions since last thursday when th ened to a recording of holmes' statements to investors. cal trans discouraging nonessential travel. this was the scene on i-80 at heather glenn in placer county yesterday. meanwhile tens of thousands are spending another night without electricity. reporter steve large explains it could be weeks before power is restored. >> reporter: snow piled high, cars covered, mailboxes too
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belonging to homes stuck deep behind long unplowed driveways, all during a power outage that could now stretch from days into weeks. pge is sending out this alert to 2400 customers. crews won't be on site until january 10th. >> pge's got their hands full for sure. >> reporter: in colfax, cameron copeland is volunteering his equipment and time to plow streets that over worked public works crews can't get to. >> this is disastrous for the area. this area is not ready for this much snow. >> reporter: pge says alerts give customers an initial assessment and dates are likely to change. the utility is giving colfax a january 2 estimate. >> i just go until like 50% usually and then i go back inside. >> reporter: green uses her car charger to power her phone. the days she's gone without power in her home are starting to blur together. >> i think this is the third or fourth day. >> reporter: a storm leaving tens of thousands in the dark for days. >> i feel a little trapped
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because i can't get my car out. >> reporter: new estimates show power may not be just days away, but even weeks. looking live to san jose this morning, hours of heavy rain caused a flood advisory. that expired last night. we are seeing temperatures drop. it's just going to get colder. the relentless rain in south bay left restaurant owners feeling a chill on sales as park lets sat empty. the owner of the patio in palo alto says sales were down 20% but she and the director of food and beverage of sushi confidential in campbell say to go orders and deliveries were up as people stayed inside. unfortunately not everyone has the luxury. >> imagine being outside and how cold that is. that is how people die. everyone has been out there trying to get out tarps and tents and things like that. >> homeless advocates say
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they're worried for the thousands as temperatures are set to drop to near freezing temps on new year's eve and new year's day. california's first snow survey of the winter. what we are expecting to find out. how you can get in on the million meal challenge and help bay area neighbors before the new year. we are tracking a hot spot near cutting boulevard.
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welcome back. today, california's first snow survey of the winter. state water officials are expecting snowpack to measure close to 160% of average following a series of big storms. the figure is high and they say we have a long way to go towards entering the drought that's entering a third year. a close call for a professional skier who sank deep into the snow at palasades tahoe. right now you see the skier landing but then sinks with his head completely buried. his friends noticed immediately that his feet were in the air. that is his head under all the snow. they made quick moves to dig
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him out. jeremy says snow emergent suffocation is common especially near tree beds but with the snow this deep, it can happen anywhere to anyone. >> what a scary situation. in south lake tahoe, there is so much snow, this kid completely disappeared when he jumped into it. his family was able to pull him out. there he goes. his dad says the boy is over five feet tall really putting it into perspective, the extent of the major snow fall. that does look like a lot of fun. >> really wild. 13 minutes after 5:00. we are waiting for that snow survey and the results later on this morning. darren, i know you have been keeping a check on the record breaking conditions. >> yes. there is a recording station that sits just outside of donner pass that uc berkeley has operated since 1970s. excuse me. the news for that was it's been snowiest winter since 1970. i am going to cry.
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not that. just the coughing went down the wrong pipe. a few mid level clouds but not an over like cast sky but it's just enough clouds that we keep temperatures relatively warm. let's take a look full screen. it's not really an issue in terms of rain because clouds are not going to be able to pri they're not coming from a storm. they're really just more leftovers from what had been here from yesterday's storm. they did add enough of a blanket to keep temperatures in the low to mid 40s. that's almost in line with where we were yesterday. but it is cooler. we are four to five degrees cooler now than they were yesterday at this time. that's a trend that could get more extreme over the next mornings depending on how the clouds behave. clouds are really the necessary blanket to keep the temperatures from dipping down to the freezing point. we lucked out last night and we might have a few more tonight into tomorrow morning. i will show you why. another batch will show up by
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the afternoon. if we look at high def doppler, there is no rain behind those, it's just going to be mid level clouds. that might help keep morning lows well behaved for friday morning. we may keep them where they are now but it is possible to get colder if the clouds break. daytime highs, back to the low 50s for just about everybody. we'll top out at 51 or 52, maybe a few 49s into the tri valley. in the heart of the bay, temperatures are around 50. mendocino and lake, temperatures up there are holding onto low 50s. the big pattern in the atmosphere which has been directing the storms our way is going to break down a bit over the next few days right there. the storm breaks down that dominating ridge of high pressure which means should this storm hold together and make it to northern california, it's going to take a while. it doesn't happen until we get to monday or tuesday. even at that this might come in
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too far north because the pattern almost like the traffic director in the atmosphere will be different next week. the storms will have a different character and different nature to them and won't be as constant one after the other should we get there. still there is a chance we get back to the storm track by late monday into tuesday of next week. you can see that across micro climates as well with a chance of rain showing up second half of monday into tuesday. how does the drive look? we've got one hot spot so far. west bound 80 near cutting, right lane is blocked until further notice for a crash involving a patrol car. traffic is backing up, down to about 20 miles per hour in some spots. sluggish as you head through there. past that, things are moving better the rest of the way. just backing up into the east richmond area on the east shore freeway. checking travel times, 15 minutes, so it is not really much of a delay. you will have about a five minute back up there on 80.
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580 super commuters, traffic is looking good 205 towards 680. dublin interchange, volume on the west side but not like on a regular workday. if you have to get out early, if you are traveling into altamont pass, now is a good time to be on the roadways. no delays here. you are clear to 880 if that's where your ride takes you. speaking of 880, nimitz freeway, traffic is clear and things are moving nicely through oakland. south towards hayward, no delays along 880. if taking 880 to the san mateo bridge, things are moving pretty smoothly. we are dealing with much drier roadways. if you are headed on the foster city side, that's about a 12 minute ride right now. anne. with less than 48 hours left in 2021, bay area food banks are still needing a lot
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of help to meet fund raising goals for the year. >> you can give them a big boost. san francisco marin food bank is trying to feed 50,000 families before the end of the year. organizers say food needs have increased dramatically while donations have dropped. in east bay, the eat, learn, play foundation teaming up with alameda county community food bank. the foundation is matching gives for a total of $250,000 to provide 1 million meals. second harvest food bank of silicon valley said it needs to raise $4 million by the end of the year. a generous donor will give twice the amount. for every $1 you will give, the food bank will get three. >> that will allow us to continue serving 450,000 people every month. one thing i know about our food bank community is when we ask
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for help, our community responds. this was evident at the start of the pandemic and it has been the case every single day since we have been responding to this crisis. >> you can also help neighbors in need by donating time or money to our food for bay area families drive. find out how at >> lots of ways to give back. after going dark for nearly two years, a bay area holiday tradition is back. we'll give an exclusive behind the scenes look as dancers get ready to take the stage for the nutcracker.
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you don't have to worry about the umbrella or galoshes or any of that stuff today. we won't be getting rained on until early next week and even that is a question. we'll have more as we get closer to it. we are in the low and mid 40s now but daytime highs by lunch will be about ten degrees warmer than we are at this point. we will notice a few mid level clouds. we get a break today by late morning and skies will clear. as we approach the second half of the day, another deck of mid
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level clouds will over take the bay area. it's a mix of clouds and sun today with daytime highs climbing to low and mid 50s pretty much wherever you go. that's in line with where we were over the last few days. it's just you won't be getting rained on. back to you. 5:23. a holiday tradition that began in san francisco returns to the live stage. on 5, sharon chin gives us a rare behind the scenes look at the san francisco ballet this season and talks to its artistic director retiring after nearly 40 years. the beloved nutcracker opens san francisco ballet season at the war memorial opera house. the stage went dark for 21 months in the pandemic. dancers jumped right into rehearsals. >> i think there is nothing quite like the feeling of live
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performance with an audience. you just can't replicate it. so i am so excited. i know the company is so excited to be back. >> make it bigger, little bit bigger. >> reporter: we got an exclusive peek at some of the practice sessions leading to the season of celebration. the principal dancer who plays sugar plumb fairy joined from vienna. >> it feels extra special because i get to perform for the company for the first time. >> it's the 37th and final year for the artistic director. >> i think i have accomplished everything i set out to do. now it is time to pass it onto someone else. >> reporter: the 79-year-old iceland born dancer has left his heart and trail blazing mark in san francisco. the city's ballet company was already first to bring a full length nutcracker to u.s.77 years ago and then in 2004,
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thomason took it further. >> we love our city. >> reporter: he set the holiday production in the city in 1915, the year of the panama pacific international ex position, a world's fair to celebrate san francisco's recovery from the 1906 earthquake. like today, the theme then was resilience. >> try to imagine what it was for children then to come into all the different pavilions from around the world. must have been magical. >> reporter: during his tenure, san francisco ballet also performed worldwide in cities like beijing, london, paris. >> he brought the san francisco ballet to international level. >> he really has shaped me as a dancer, as a human being. >> what i love about him is that he really values the individual dancer and their individual qualities. and i think that's something really special. >> reporter: dancers showcase
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their talents in small pod live streaming digital performances during the shut down. some will debut on stage next year including harmony. first, the nutcracker, a tradition that takes him back to one of his earliest performances as a dancer. >> i believe i was eight years old. i never get tiof sic. vejo ballet >>rertmed with the joy, leaping into a new season bringing back their magic on stage. >> so beautiful. when he retires, he and his wife plan to travel to europe to see their family, especially the grand kids. san francisco ballet is searching for his successor. next, we are digging into the new scaled back plan to fix san francisco's sinking millennium tower.
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why engineers say less may be enough.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, surge in covid cases now forcing more bay area counties to crackdown on masks. we're going to break down the rules for you taking effect right now. if you think the surge is bad now, just wait. why world health organization is warning of a tsunami of covid infections. latest jobless claims report out in a matter of minutes. will the downward trend continue? a bay area tech giant offering a pricey incentive to keep employees from leaving.
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the big bonuses on tap this morning. thanks for joining us. it's thursday december 30. i am gianna franco. >> i am anne makovec. let's begin with a check of weather, darren peck in for mary lee. finally, a dry one. first in a long time. we have four more coming, probably even five. the thing about this morning is the temperatures are cooler than yesterday but only by about four or five degrees which places us in the low 40s just about everywhere. you see that on the current temperatures with the exception. hayward you are six degrees cooler. it's two degrees cooler in the city. there are mid level clouds now acting like a blanket but by late morning, those are gone. they will be replaced by mid to high level that will fill in again into the afternoon. it's a mixed bag. you will see blue sky but it won't be all day blue. we'll see clouds start to
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redevelop by afternoon. daytime highs will climb to the low 50s. again, very much like where we have been for the last few days minus the rain. i will see you with the complete forecast in a few minutes. let's look at the roadways. we have some good news to report. they are clearing a crash west bound 80 near cutting boulevard. at one point they did have the right lane shut down to clear the trouble spot but everything is good to go. a bit of a back up as things recover but that will likely improve in the next 10 to 15 minutes. if you are taking 80 to the bay bridge, things are moving nicely at least from the maze into san francisco. travel times on 80, 16 minutes highway 4 to the maze, no delays on highway 4. 101 out of the south bay, off to a good start. san jose to sfo, 36 minutes. peninsula is looking good, no delays on 280 or 101. taking a live look at
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several counties where indoor masking requirements are being tightened. joycelyn moran is live in the newsroom. of course this is because of the spike we have been seeing in cases. that's right. omicron variant continues to fuel a surge in cases throughout the state including in the bay area. that's causing bay area counties to get stricter when it comes to masking. taking a live look inside a gym, before today in marin, san francisco, alameda, sonoma, there were exceptions in small settings where everyone was fully vaccinated. that is no longer the case. starting today all nine bay area counties have same mask policy in line with the state. you will have to mask up in indoor settings like gyms regardless of your vaccination status. in marin, the first case of the omicron variant was detected december 17. since, daily cases have tripled. in san francisco, department of public health says cases are rising three times faster than during the summer delta fueled
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surge. hospitalizations are rising but remain low compared to last winter. with cases rising, some bay area residents don't have a problem with masking up. >> it never hurts to be extra cautious. >> i think it's important to wear your mask inside especially now with the omicron variant. >> how bad will this surge be in the bay area? a ucsf infectious disease specialist says we will know more once holiday travelers return to the bay. >> thank you. this morning, world health organization has warned that the combination of the delta and omicron variants could create a tsunami of new infections. across u.s., the number of children in the hospital with covid is up 74% in the last month. scientists say data so far shows omicron is causing milder symptoms in children than delta variant. this comes as fda authorized two new over the counter at home covid-19 tests.
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it is part of the biden administration's commitment to increase access to covid-19 testing. the at home tests went through the administration's new accelerated review program and tests are the first to gain fda authorization through the program which is set to bring tens of millions of new tests per month to the u.s. as for the vaccines, if you had two doses of the pfizer shot, studies show you may not be as protected from omicron. but the good news is the two reports show the booster dose restores that protection. a team at israeli's ministry of health says the study showed even with three doses, omicron was more threatening compared to delta. new, jury selection set to begin for the manslaughter trial against a former sonoma county deputy, charles blunt. he is accused of killing a man during a traffic stop in 2019. you may i remember this.
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it was captured on body camera. police had been chasing a man thought to be in a stolen car. the driver, 52-year-old david ward, owned the car but failed to tell police he had gotten the car back after it was stolen. he refused to get out. the deputy tried to pull him out with force and tried to restrain him eventually killing him. jury selection for the trial will begin monday. a british socialist ghislaine maxwell has been found guilty of five of her six counts in her sex trafficking trial. jurors deliberated for five full days. >> reporter: maxwell sat silently as the judge read the verdict. the former girlfriend of accused sexual predator jeffery epstein was found guilty of five of the six charges she faced including the most serious of grooming and trafficking young girls for epstein's alleged sex abuse
5:36 am
ring. she faces up to 65 years in a federal prison. >> the road to justice has been far too long. about you today justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls, now grown women, who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. >> reporter: maxwell did not take the stand. the defense argued she was being made a scape goat for epstein who killed himself in jail in 2019 before facing trial for his own federal sex trafficking charges. >> obviously we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal and we are confident she will be vindicate. >> reporter: some accusers were as young as 14 at the time. two said maxwell groped them herself. >> this is a great day for
5:37 am
these women to feel vindicated and of course a terrible day for ghislaine maxwell. >> reporter: maxwell faces trial on two counts of perjury in a separate case. >> a date has not yet been set for sentencing. taking a live look at the white house, president biden and russian president vladimir putin are set to speak with ukraine at the top of the acknowledge didn't. call was requested by putin. there are upwards of 100,000 russian troops gathered on the ukrainian border. in the bay area, cupertino based apple is reportedly offering top employees $180,000 in bonuses to keep them from jumping ship to other tech rivals. that's according to a bloomberg report which says last week some engineers were offered stock bonuses that ranged from 50,000 to $180,000. shares vest over four years with a goal to stop defections
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to company like facebook owner meta. we have reached out to apple for comment but have not heard back. time for a money watch report and a look at new numbers on jobless claims that just came out. diane king hall is joining us live from new york. good morning. good morning. this is the last economic report of the year. it was out minutes ago. according to labor department, first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by 8,000 to 198,000 last week. that is close to the lowest level in 50 years. meantime, signs nevada siurne p profits, exceeding them actually. casinos set a record in november reporting a ninth straight month of $1 billion or more in house winnings. returning unwanted holiday gifts is costing retailers more, giving back a $50 item is
5:39 am
expected to cost retailers $33. this is up 59% from last year. this is partly due to supply chain issues including needing to pay more for transportation. retailers are expected to pass the cost of returns to consumers in the form of future higher prices. anne. >> i was feeling guilty about my returns until you said that last part. we'll end up paying for it anyway. we are hearing it may be tough to find champagne. everybody is planning on toasting the new year. what's going on? >> goodness. right? we may need to put a cork in it. champagne in short supply and prices are sky rocketing. it can last for a while. pandemic related supply chain issues of poor harvest and booming demand. it's not just the bubbly. there is a shortage of bottles, labels, and boxes to ship it. anne. thethe cheaufoukn i amnot above it.
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>> that is true. the box wine. >> exactly. we'll see you at 6:30. >> all that works for sure. next, a proposal to fix millennium tower. will it work? how building experts are weighing in. imagine spending all that money on a tesla just to blow it up. why one guy did just that to make a statement. you don't need the umbrella but might want the jacket. we are four or five degrees cooler now than we were yesterday at this time. upper 30s are starting to reappear for parts of the bay area in the north bay. i will show you when our next chance of rain
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a new proposal to fix millennium tower. it is less involved and can happen more quickly. >> the details and what some building experts think about it. >> reporter: the proposed revised plan for fix to millennium tower would scale back the amount of work that needs to be done. some experts tell kpix5 they don't buy it. the original plan to help resolve millennium tower's sinking and tilting problems called for installation of 52 piles along mission and fremont streets to pick up the tower. the new plan only calls for 18 piles that can support a
5:44 am
heavier load. >> it doesn't smell right. >> reporter: a veteran gio technical career has been a vocal critic and is skeptical. >> the 18 pile solution is driven by the need to get this thing wrapped up and to save money. it's nothing about optimizing from the point of view of longterm performance. >> reporter: in the letter to homeowners the tower general manager says the project engineer ron hamburger believes it is important, quote, to minimize amount of construction and complete project expeditiously to minimize additional bidding sediment. in this letter he writes, quote, we believe the best forward is to reduce the piles installed while simultaneously decreasing jacking load per pile. >> i don't buy it. i have been contacted by numerous respected experts in the field who do not buy it. >> reporter: a san francisco supervisor, he remains skeptical and has his eyes set
5:45 am
on upcoming second hearing about the tower's fix. >> we are going to ask questions on january 6 and if necessary subpoena parties going forward if they don't want to talk. >> reporter: the tower is tilting about two feet towards corner of mission and fremont streets. >> the number one question is is this really safe? what is the point of no return? what is the plan if and when we reach that point? >> reporter: in his letter to the city, hamburger says there is potential the building can tilt another three inches even with the 18 pile design. >> should be a complete review of the situation and consideration of whether at this stage it is possible to implement some other better longterm solution. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they've received hamburger's letter and are beginning their analysis. >> we have been looking into the issues with millennium tower fix for months.
5:46 am
you can see previous investigations on 5:45. freezing temps and heavy fog did nothing to stop skiers and snowboarders from hitting the slopes at the mountain high ski resort. while the drive was clear, the winter storm will change for the return home. >> coming up here, it was pretty mellow. no snow. >> no snow at all. >> getting home will probably be more tricky. >> come prepared. the road gets bad and they don't always get it plowed in time. make sure you pack the chains or have ur wheel drive. be prepared and smart. >> with a few days left for break, school aged kids said fr it sure does look like a lot of fun. >> it really does. it makes me want to take a trip but i will wait until the drama is over. we have been talking about thousands without power in the area. i think we'll just hang on.
5:47 am
over the next couple days, it might be a good time to take the drive. with the snow having fallen and cal trans has done a great job starting to improve the conditions. maybe you want to wait until friday, tomorrow, or this weekend, especially when you see the snow report. let's look at kirk wood. we will spotlight one of the numbers. i want you to look at the 88 inches. the number of chair lifts open will change but that 88 inches tells you what the base is. that's a great way to start off the season. this is what current snowpack looks like in terms of the water it is storing. it's a visualization that uses auto censors and satellite data. deep shades of red show you how much water is being stored in snowpack. deeper the red, the more the water content. in places, if you melted the snow which feet two feet standing water. that's close to 160, 170% average. on december 1, itwas only
5:48 am
about 10% average. big improvements. we will hear more from the snow survey report that comes out later today. current numbers are in the low to mid 40s. north bay valleys are down to the 30s. it is cold and we are four to five degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. we have a few mid level clouds. they'll clear for late morning. you will see blue sky today and by afternoon, another deck of higher clouds will over take us and clouds that fill back in by sun set. there is no rain on that. look at high def doppler shows you you have to get on the coast before you see the possibility. that will not hold it together to get here. the big picture view shows us the storm track still directing everything up and away from us. as we watch futurecast over the next days, here comes the next possibility for rain. we'll put that into lower resolution model to see what the recent thinking is. storm track does come back to northern most california but most likely the bulk stays too
5:49 am
far north to have a significant impact for the early part of the week. other systems can come in after that with better rain. here is your take away. no rain now through sunday, daytime highs in low 50s, plenty sunshine, cold morning lows, a little colder than today. we've got the clouds this morning. it's helped keep the temperatures relatively warm. we are about five degrees colder this morning than yesterday. tomorrow we might be another four or five degrees colder than this. the next chance of rain shows up by the time we get to late monday into tuesday. tuesday and wednesday next week we are back into the storm track. much more on that and how it plays out until we get closer to next week. >> thank you. let's look at the roadways. we are getting first reports of a new crash north 880 at the east bound 980 connector. when it was first reported it was blocking at least one lane. just got an update from chp and they have moved everything to the center divide. a little slow in the area seeing speeds down to about 24
5:50 am
miles per hour. over all traffic is moving at an okay pace the rest of the way along the nimitz freeway. just a minor delay and hopefully they'll get that cleared completely off the freeway. this is south of where the trouble spot is near the colosseum, not bad. we are seeing more cars on the road way but pretty holiday light for the most part from there into hayward down into fremont. bay bridge toll plaza is looking good. 880 into the maze into san francisco across the bay bridge, no delays. just a seven minute commute. that is it from the maze into the city. it is pretty quiet there, pretty quiet on san mateo bridge. things are at the limit both directions between 880 and 101. travel time on the san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. if you are just getting ready to head out and make the ride into altamont pass, 24 minutes 205 to 680. west bound 80, highway 4 to the
5:51 am
maze, 14 minutes. we are seeing a bit of an improvement. we had a crash in richmond and that's now completely cleared. no delays highway 4 west bound from antioch towards 80. things are looking good along the peninsula. we have had a quiet drive on 101 both directions between san jose and sfo, 37 minutes. new, did you ever get so mad at repair bills that you thought about blowing up your car? one guy did it. check it out. after than estimates of over $22,000 to replace his tesla battery, this guy thought blowing up the car would be better than paying for the fix. so he went to the bomb dudes, a youtube channel known for blowing things up, and they rigged the car with dynamite. you see what happens next. they blew that tesla up. to have enough money to think that's a decent idea. eight minutes before 6:00,
5:52 am
still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, are you feeling lucky? tonight is your chance to win big. massive new powerball jackpot is still up for grabs. >> and then you can
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only from nature's bounty. current numbers have us in the low to mid 40s pretty much wherever you go except north
5:55 am
bay valleys where it is down in the upper 30s. we have dipped to the upper 30s. we hadn't done that over the past mornings because the clouds from the rain have kept us warming. that is about five degrees colder than now north bay valleys than what we have gotten used to. hayward you are about six degrees cooler than we were. there are mid level clouds now but we will get a break of blue sky by late morning only to see clouds come back again as we get to the late afternoon and evening. we'll have a cloud blanket overhead tonight but no rain for now. five minutes before 6:00, time for a look at the entertainment headlines. faced with a common enemy, deciding to work together in the fourth season, season four dropping on net flix tomorrow. if you have been waiting to play lottery, this can be your sign. >> there were no winners in the drawing wednesday which means
5:56 am
the jackpot has grown. i wanted to win. now you have a chance again. simon our floor director said he didn't win as well. it's $483 million. wednesday was final powerball drawing of the year. 2, 6, 9, 33, 39, and powerball was 11. 2022 may be your year. the next drawing is saturday on new year's day. can you imagine that's how you start off 2022? that would be pretty cool. >> i mean, that's how you would start a new chapter of life. it would be wild. it makes me feel better to remember that a lot of people that end up win worse lives so we are doing better not winning the lottery. >> i might argue that. three minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bayer, a surge in cases has more counties rethinking mask rules. new changes taking place.
5:57 am
a bay area fire department slammed with a covid surge. will there be a shortage
5:58 am
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before you head out the door, make sure you bring your masks. stricter masking requirements are in effect today. we'll give you the details. a message from one bay area city, get boosted or prepare to be fired. what will be forced to follow the new rules. a growing emergency in the sierra where thousands of residents have now been stuck for days without power. why restoration is still weeks away. no verdict until the new year in a high stakes silicon valley trial. why delay could be a good thing for the defense. good morning. thanks for starting your thursday with us. we begin


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