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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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intended cisco or across the bay in berkeley. >> this winter storm showing a good amount of snow along the road on copper mountain south of clearlake. it is enough for these kids to go sledding, even build a snowman. let's check in and out with brian hackney checking the conditions. >> pretty good snow for copper mountain. it has been cold. the cold plus moisture equals snow. at the moment, finally, the south bay is finally picking up some pretty good rain. san jose, officially has picked up only one hundredth of an inch, but they will get some more. you can see right around redwood city on 84, in south san francisco and san mateo, some of those cells are coming down but good. the one we are keeping an eye on is in santa cruz you can see this heavy cell just took a flood advisory status, as that
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cell moves through they are worried about the burn scar but they should move through fairly quickly. so, it shouldn't be a big deal. for that little portion of the santa cruz mountains. posted until 6:30 tonight. we will keep an eye on it and we will have rain totals for you and some good news with respect to the weather coming up. first, let's get back to allen. >> looking forward to that. in the sierra it is still a snowy mess. governor of nevada just declared a state of emergency, which he said will allow officials to turn drivers away until the roads are safe. this was the scene in heather glen in plaster county a little earlier. never ending traffic, there. caltrans urging people to stay off the freeway, except for the essential travel. chain controls in effect there and on highway 52. >> if you do not have the appropriate attraction devices, or and all-wheel drive or four- wheel drive vehicle with snow rated vehicles you will be
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turned around at the chain control checkpoint. >> the snow isn't only reaching the sierra, it is also reaching lower elevations. reporter rachel wulff shows the conditions truckers are facing in the foothills. >> reporter: even though chain controls are at applegate, we see trucks chaining up in auburn. part of the reason is there have been so many backed up and it is just safer, say many of them. >> down the line on the cb radio. >> reporter: david huerta pulled over to install snow chains. his company advised him and he is happy to put them on. he is shocked at the number of truck drivers who are not prepared and not willing to pay for professional installation. >> you got to get these things on. you could blow up attire. >> reporter: by noon, chain controls moved to colfax, an area where tens of thousands are without power. one of the reasons caltrans is recommending only essential travels on the roadways to be safe. >> if people don't have a full
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tank of gas, >> they are just doing their job and protecting us because they know what is up there that we don't. >> reporter: chain installers say it is tough to find chuck truck chains, if you have them bring them with you. if you don't it could cost you $600-$700. an hour ago we learned there won't be a verdict in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial in san jose this year. the jury has left for the day and will resume deliberations on monday. kpix 5 stevan fehely asked a legal expert what it all means. >> reporter: day number six in the jury deliberations. these deliberations have stretched beyond the christmas holiday, and are now bumping up against new year's in the high profile high-stakes elizabeth holmes trial. >> reporter: for more than 40 hours and counting the jury has
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pored over reams of documents in the government's case against elizabeth holmes but has yet to reach a verdict. >> the government had a very strong and compelling case, but ms. holmes and her team had an answer and a response for everything, and i think there is to competing narratives going on in the deliberation room. >> reporter: federal prosecutors charged holmes with 11 counts of fraud and conspiracy, alleging that she was a charlatan who charmed investors and deceived doctors and patients even though she knew her blood test technology was unreliable and inaccurate. over two days of tearful testimony, her defense team tried to upend the government's case, arguing that neither ambition nor failure, however costly is a crime in silicon valley. >> i do think the defense was able to get the jurors to care about what happened to ms. holmes, which is the first thing you want to do as a defense attorney. you want the jurors to care about this decision deeply. >> reporter: the jury has not asked any additional questions
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since last thursday's request. thus, the deliberations drag on with little indication of which way the scales of justice may be tipping. >> they will not give a quick verdict here because of the holidays are covid-19 or media coverage. i think this jury is marching on in difficult circumstances. >> reporter: the day ended once again without a verdict, there is genuine thought in the legal field the longer deliberations stretch out, the better it is for the defense but the jury thus far has not given any indication of which way it may be leaning for a possible verdict. in san jose, devon fehely, kpix 5. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes down right here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. to a coronavirus report now, the winter wave of infections is getting worse. california spiking for some of the highest levels we have seen all year. here is a look at the newest numbers. the states seven-day positivity
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rate just over 11%. that is a 7% increase from last week. nationwide, federal health officials expect covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and death to increase in the coming weeks as infections in the u.s. hit the highest one day total of more than 400,000, yesterday. this evening, the cdc has defended its decision to slash the recommended isolation period for those who test positive, from 10 days to five days. >> we are standing on the shoulders of two years of science. we know that after five weeks, people are much less likely to transmit the virus, and that masking further reduces that risk. >> reporter: the biden administrator and is sending medical personnel and equipment to hard-hit areas and urging everyone to get the vaccine or a booster shot if eligible. several more bay area counties are reinstating their mask mandates because of omicron. san francisco and sonoma have joined marin, alameda, and contra costa counties in expending exemptions for the indoor mask mandates. that means all nine bay area
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counties have the same policy. people can no longer take off their masking offices, gyms, or other settings where everyone is vaccinated. the new order takes effect at midnight. >> i leave it to the experts if they feel this is what is safe for our environment that we are currently in, then i will agree . obviously, the last thing we would want is to have everything shut down. if this is a way that we can keep everything open, i am in complete agreement. >> especially with omicron, which is super contagious, i feel like it is the best way to keep people safe, while still trying to go back to daily life. >> hours after sentences go canceled its big new year's eve fireworks show, more parties are being canceled all over town. kpix 5 justin andrews shows us . >> reporter: fireworks that soared into san francisco's night sky in 2019 won't happen again this year. the new year's eve waterfront display usually draws hundreds of thousands.'s budget is
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rough, but, it is a responsible decision. i feel bad about the decision. i feel bad about what is not going to happen. >> reporter: john, artistic director of theater rhino, a and lesbian theater based in sentences go. it's a holiday extravaganza is typically a sold-out crowd sold- out to. >> they see the fireworks then hang out in the city. it is kind of like this whole thing. and, it affects the whole economy because some of them stay in hotels, a lot of them go to restaurants before the show or after. >> reporter: oasis nightclub shutting its doors due to rising covid-19 cases. it will not open until january 7th. leaders there say they are devastated to not be able to celebrate new year's eve. people who have traveled near and far for the fireworks and all of these other events while they are now scrambling to figure out what to do on new
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year's eve. city leaders and event organizers for canceling these events will help reduce everyone's exposure and protect all of our essential front-line workers. >> this is supposed to be the biggest celebration, and it feels just like, blah. >> reporter: in sentences go, kpix 5. we will get some answers as to what is safe to do this new year's at 5:30 when peter chen hong joins us live. a verdict reached in the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell. what the jury handed down. a new plan to fix san francisco's leaning millennium tower, but will it work? later, we get an update on jimmy g's injured thumb. just according niner
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this just in, there is a verdict in a closely watched trial nationwide. michael george reports after five days of deliberating, the jury found ghislaine maxwell guilty of sex trafficking in the jeffrey epstein case. >> the jury in the sex trafficking case against elaine maxwell has convicted her on five of the six charges she faced in the month-long trial. prosecutors told jurors, maxwell did not just witness jeffrey epstein's abuse, she was a predator herself, who manipulated and groomed underage victims for his alleged sex ring. for accusers testified during the three-week trial, claiming maxwell witness to them being abused by epstein, arrange travel, and even instructed them how to give him massages. some accusers were as young as 14 years old at the time. two claimed maxwell herself groped them. maxwell denies all wrongdoing. the defense argued she is just the government scapegoat for
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epstein's crime after suicide behind bars in 2019. the defense highlighted inconsistencies in the accusers stories and claimed they were motivated by money. maxwell told the judge there was no reason for her to testify, because the prosecution had not proven its case beyond her reasonable doubt. michael george, cbs news, new york. maxwell will be sentenced at a later date and faces up to 65 years in prison. a new proposed plan to fix san francisco's millennium tower. in documents obtained by kpix 5, it would reduce the scope of the work needed to solve the problems. instead of installing 52 pilings along mission street and fremont street to fix the settlement at tilt, the new plan calls for installing 18 pilings that can support a heavier load. the project lead engineer says the revision will optimize the design and the towers general manager told homeowners it will stay on track and within budget. here is what a veteran
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geotechnical engineer not involved with the project told us. >> this has nothing to do with optimizing the engineering, it has everything to do with being out of time and money and being under pressure to wrap it up. >> max darrow has been digging into this and coming up at 6:00, the big question the sanford ziska supervisor helps to answer about the fix. search efforts for a missing skier in the sierra is entering a fourth day. rory and gelato went missing at four-star ski resort in truck he. the searchers were out until after nine a clock last night after getting a tip about fresh tracks near the mountain. unfortunately, the tracks turned out to be from a bear. as what is friends reported him missing after he did not appear for christmas dinner. back on storm watch, it is the snowiest december ever in tahoe and this is what it looks like when you get more than 17
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feet of snow. this is time- lapse video you can check out, the snow just does not stop. it keeps on getting higher and higher and higher. so much snow in southlake disappearing this kid when he jumped into it. they did get him out after he did this. the boys dad says his son is over five feet tall. so we know, that is a whole lot of snow. he goes in way over his head, brian. >> he does. i think they had a pretty good idea. >> another doggies love the snow, to. they all go missing. >> to make this pathways for them. >> yeah, they do love it, though. more for the mountains tonight. for us, it is just about over, but we have another few hours of rain to contend with. you can see that right there especially in the santa cruz mountains. moore is coming in tonight, to
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the tune of a flood advisory which has been posted for a little segment of the santa cruz mountains. you can see that finally, san jose is looking to pick up a bit of rain after they picked up just one hundredth of an inch in the preceding 24 hours. not much has fallen in the south bay, the rest of the bay area and peninsula, parts of the east bay and into the northbay has some good rain as you'll see in a minute. right now, you can see moving through half moon bay, north of 45 off of skyline boulevard, good cells are ripping through, rainfall on the last 24 hours shows as much as an inch in canfield which always gets a lot of rain. half moon bay, that's not bad but half moon bay, getting a little bit in the next hour or two. dublin had almost half an inch of rain, that low pressure is now spinning rate over the bay area. kicking in linden as it does the rain will take the threat of showers with it by midnight tonight.
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we have a couple more hours of rainy weather for the bay area then cleared out from north to south. only in for a few days. the future kathy can see it all happening, this is by 10:00 tonight. still pretty good cloud cover, but as we get toward sunrise tomorrow morning, we will roll this ahead to 6:00 a.m. on thursday morning. it does not give clear yet, we still have fog around parts of the bay area. thursday starts out foggy, but watch what happens next. as time goes on, there will be a few clouds around tomorrow. this is up by friday after midnight. and, it looks clear by the time we get to friday, this will probably be that clear. no threat of rain for thursday, for new year's eve, or for new year's day. the next time we get rain, chance of rain coming in on monday, monday night and tuesday. peaked chance is coming monday night. into the latter half of next week at this point, that is the next time we get a shot of
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rain. here is what we need to know, shower through the evening, areas of fog overnight. we will start out with fog around the bay area, the sun comes out and by the time we get into 2022, it will be dry, it will be cool. right now, numbers are in the 40s, feels like and rain showers in san francisco and san jose. overnight lows tonight are down to 32 in santa rosa, down to 30 more in livermore and ees in san jo. daytime highs tomorrow do not do much better. low 50s, but plenty of sunshine and extended forecast. high and dry through 2022, after the threat of a few more showers, tonight. that is pretty much holding true for the greater bay area. low 50s, for the most part and then another shot of rain coming into the bay area late in the week. so, tired of the rain that's good news for you, amanda and allen? >> thanks, brian. the pandemic has put a strain on many families this holiday season. >> this year more than ever,
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food banks are relying on the community to step up and fill the growing need. >> kit go was there for one company's big show of support. we are here in one of my favorite places in the entire world. this is the sorting room, this is where dozens of people come, year-round to pack food and ship it out to needy companies. the level of compassion and love in this room is through the roof. it could not happen without generous donors, like bob lafleur here. your involvement with second harvest has gone back more than three decades. what keeps it going year after year? >> we are very proud to be associated with second harvest food bank. we really appreciate what they do. we want to be a good citizen in the community is. there's no better way than by this partnering. >> donating $100,000 initially but then heard about the need, kicked in another $100,000. this is going to help you guys hit your historically high goal
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of $81 million. >> that is exactly right. most people don't realize, even though it sounds like things are getting back to normal we are still in crisis mode here at the food bank. serving twice as many people and needing to raise twice as many funds. so, we are so grateful to them for stepping up and really doubling their gift. >> since 1989, 32 1/2 million meals provided, thank you on behalf of second harvest and the bay area. to find out how you can help, you can go to,/give . it's a great effort. the second harvest of silicon valley still needs to raise $4 million by the end of the year. now, if 500,000 can be raised before midnight on friday, a couple of generous donors will triple that amount. coming up, we get an update on jimmy garoppolo's injured thumb, the good news and bad news, next.
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looking live at the chase center, where the golden state warriors and chase officials just announced a new stricter covid-19 policy. beginning february 1st, all fans entering the facility must show proof of vaccination, and a booster shot at least one week prior to the event. now, those under 12 must also show that they have been fully vaccinated or had a negative covid-19 test before arriving. today, we have more clarity on jimmy garoppolo's injured thumb. charlie is here with an update from the 49ers. hey, charlie. >> not the time of the year to go into a must win matchup, because that is what this is with a question mark in the quarterback position, at the same time, there is a large
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contingency of the faithful that would like to see what trey lance has to offer, saddling up for the future, let's ride, that is the logic for some, i don't hate it, no word on whether jimmy can go on saturday. let's call it questionable for now. the good news is that garrotte below will not need surgery on his injured thumb, the bad is that he did not practice today. it was reported on monday that garrotte below also suffered a fracture, head coach kyle shanahan says, just a small piece of bone that was chipped and it was that sprain that hindered his throwing. jimmy is pretty confident he will be able to play. >> christmas will feel a bit better i will say. i miss the torn ligament. pain not going anywhere. i know what that feels like. going to play the entire game basically. so, it is really just about being able to rip the ball and do things you don't normally do. >> he did play the entire game but some would point to the fact that he did not necessarily play great. he missed four throes that could have decided the outcome. many will say lance is ready,
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it's one of those situations where we will see how well can jimmy get the football come this weekend, that should help kyle shanahan make that decision, that is all from me. we will have the update coming up at 6:00. >> we will see you then. still had a 5:30, bring in the new year, change of plans, we get answers live from ucsf's dr. peter chen hung. the popular bay area restaurant which is now requiring diners to follow some of the most strict covid-19 particles around. holiday favorite is back, we get a rare behind the scenes look as
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, including the massive financial boost one bay area airport is expected to receive, and what it could mean for travelers. one of the most strict covid-19 rules goes into effect at a popular bay area restaurant. as covid-19 cases a surge in the bay area, should you be rethinking your new year's eve plans? good evening, i'm kpix 5 morning anchor , amanda, in for elizabeth tonight. >> i'm allen marsden. many planning to celebrate the new year with friends and family, health officials are putting out a warning.
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joining us live, dr. peter chin- hong, infectious disease specialist at ucsf. a number of events we are no are canceled. should people change their plans? what is still okay to do? >> exactly. it all depends on who you are, who you live with and what you are willing to take in terms of risk. let's be specific. i think if you want to be modest you can have a 10 person event, if everyone is vaccinated, boosted, you are indoors, it is okay to have that, when you know everyone's status. if you use and have available rapid testing you could even make that event safer. the rapid testing must be done right before the event. rapid test is a good way to be a proxy for transmissibility. if everyone is negative you feel better. you don't necessarily know everyone's status, but they're generally safe. large events indoors i am nervous about. i think you want to upgrade
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your mask anytime you go to an indoor setting, that is, normal cloth masks alone use at least a surgical mask as well or a double mask if you want to have , coordinate your fashion with some pattern. n95 also good for the best protection. >> up your mask game, do the rapid test, stay away from large crowds, get vaccinated. anything else people should do besides just hunkering down at home? >> yeah, the big theme is that you don't have to disengage with life. you don't have to wall yourself off in a cocoon. we are in a different place from 2020, we have vaccines. if you have been vaccinated, even with two doses, you have a very low probability of getting sick. the big deal is that omicron is so transmissible, four times more than delta, you have a high chaof


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