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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 28, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>>no> w on ixkp5 and stinreamg on cbsn bay eaar w a nebooster ndmaate is comi ngto the bay . area good afternoon. ank you for injoing us. ntsaa clara county is w no requirinosg boteshr ots r foall healarth ce workers in ghhi riskti setng s. justinre andw islive in the
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nero womith details on the mae.ndat >> it's otanher order amid the pirad spread. it's seemingly casting a wide net. th'sat why new osboter maesndat in abouta arcla qureire pe ople who work in alheth care, jails anhod meless shrselte to get boteosd. >> estuday morning in santa a clarhealth fiofcer sarah cody edissu a new health order ndating boosshter otfos r woerins hethal care and hieris rk setts.ling they said cas seare spiking and a vastmajo rityis omn.icro in ls esthan two s weekcody id numbers ha venearly tr ipd.le >> r ourecommenondatis e arde siedgn to help ensureat th the health care syemst can soabrb thdee luge that is here now. >> cody remmcoending but not requirpeing op gleathering in dos orto keep eithr mask on. docthaors vesa id omicn rois so much morin effectous than other strains so cody said boosngti
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is necessafory r be ecprotti fonrom infection and trisansmsi. on likely whywe are seeing remo and more y baarea countraniys d ci ktiesicngki ndarou the idea ofakg inboosteotr shs a re quemirent. >> we are grat efulfor evyterhing that ybeverody has doneor f each heotr ov ere th last two aryes. i rsundeta ndthat we are all quite tire d ofthis pmiandec. however, thedegelu is here and we each need to take additl iona epsts to get usthrough to the otheder si. >> there is also a propos alfr om san sejo mayor for all city workers as a ndcoitn ioof ployment to be required to ve a boteosr shot. th e opprosal apiepls to re sidents or vitosirs th at enter any ci tyowned facility. if the proposal passes the city uncocis l'vote on jan 5uaryth josan seco uld be e thfirst city ilin cafoiarn with such a mandate. >> so icomron is e thdomintna stra oinf covid tinhe its.
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is mandate isa way to make sure peleop in ntsaa clara are otprected from the das ngerof isth virus. with are livein the newsroom. kpix5. and we first brought you that press conference on cbsn bay area. the eryou can watch it any time amstreing 24-7. >>as> we apoaprch the new ye ar ople ruare shg into get teedhe aad of the new year 's eve gathgserin. >> jocelyn is in palo alto wi more on what is stmo effee ctivwh enit s come to sting. t the sitehere isn'tet stg in peoplee herwho veha sptymoms buopt pele who want to esgut test edaheaofd t heholidays or people who e arbrgiinng eithr kids back to school. with the vat rianrapidly respading, some resintdes here aren't taking any anchce s. they atrre yi ngto ayst safe by taking a pcr test. >> justr fosafety sake we fhaveamy ilwith multiple ag es ranging from lelitt kids who n't get boos tersto olde oppele, momy m is 107 and we
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want tkeo ma sure we don't ing anything unwanted into a gather ing. >> we spoke to the infectious sediase iaspecli ston bothcr p and d rapitest as adhe of lihoday gatherings. may take a coleup of days he saheid ty e areffective if you are not planning to go to a hi rk issettg inwhe ilwaiting foresults. th rapid tests he said do them right befo reyour gathers diadng they are odgo atsay firegu they are transmissible budot n't use themas a dig because it mnoay t detectvi cod at the beginning of the period.> i think pirad tests are inamazg fobere hodaliy gathg.erin it helps reallynt ideitpey ople o whmatry ansmit wioutht kn owing it. rtpaicul arlyosthe without symptoms. usthe em widely. also use emth wisely. >> this teg stinsite at the center haapd pointmentsil unt 4:00 p.m. whe ilmany ha vefilled up they
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artangki walk ins. palo toal. isth comes as racont costa hasa iditl 'lrequire first respon dersanwod rkers in meless shelters to verify th heyave cereiv eda covid boos ter. the order taefkes fe ctjanuary 10th and workers ouwitht a booster will veha totest we ekly. >>ne> w data onthe nation's vaine orollutan d so far t abou66mi llion pe ople have go atten booster shot atth is about a third of fully vaccinateoed ppl e. 61.8% of the un itedstat es pupolation is fuvally ccatined. thisat people ofll a ages, mohare tn 205 llmiion in total ghrit now more thana million doses of the vaccine e arbeing vegin out evy erday. new the cdc is adjug stin itesmatites on how widespread omicron reallys. the agency libeeve itself was responsible fo.6r 58% ofw neca ses in the unittaed stes stla week. at is fdownrom the agen'scy
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evprious estimate of 73.2% because not every covid test es through genetic teg stinto dermteine wh atanvarit caused it. it's very diulffict. the dc is urging amicerans toavoid avtrelg into a ll cotrs iein e theu. all ermemb couns trieare now considered to have a very high riskf otransmission weare helpg inyou stayeaahd of the ndpaem. ic avwe he a vacce inand teinstg resource gue idat the ve tryop ofpi >>thote her big orsty this aften rnooanitd 's lia tt le more. fun snowst retching frheom t north y bato the south you can see some-- alone g th ro iadn santcra uz county. heto t nthor near pacific union college in pana. sp eangki of the nortbah y here is video of owsn tfromhe santa frosaire padertment fiedlm earlthier isor mning. you can see that fresh stduing of snowfalling. atwh can we expect the stre of
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the day? le t'chs eck in with darren. >> cold ghenou d an'sit owsn leves l hagoentt down to about 1500 feet. dono ubt e thospictures from the santa ro safireep dartment we t noomfr wnto. up inthe hills, if we take a oklo at hiefgh dinioitn doppler e showers e arwinding wndo for isth particular d.roun you cae n seerwhe the snow is beg adre by thdae rar. still down on the southern geed of the mouninta range. that h'sigher than the 1500 feet to havesome l sightno w. thernoe's t a lot oner the. if you look at the itcondio, ns concorsad ys hitas a ghlit shower. erybody is in the mid to upr pe40's. shwe ou ldtop out. weav he about three hos urto go hewhre ere the mpteerurates may still bele ab to rise. weho suld top out in e thmid to upper 40an's stw e thra inwill s wege t in to e theveng inthe nextte sysm arstts toco me thh.roug it's hard teto ll when one en ds and the ne xtbegins. ere's anothee r onthat comes onin tig htit. wie ll bwi thus for torrmoow morning. wweill look at that in the complete forestca in just a fewi
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nus tefor no w. back to you. >>e > thldco and wet weather is prompting man rito activate a shelter program whh icidproves mol omros r fothe hossmele. a total of 30 motel rooms were sererv ledast night and county offis cialsay theyy maadd mo. peleop n castay in the rooms until sdthurayor mning when the weatisher expected toimovpre. marin has a ntcora ctwith a npnorot ficalled homear wd bound to run the prog ram. > an peapals t courclearing the way r foa settlement about privacy eabrches by the oggole st creetar videos eyth take photraogphs of nehbigorhoods arouthnd e world fobut r a few years eyth aprelynt also colld ecteda ta li pkeasswords that people smtranitd te overtheir own fi. a ttselement blocthks emfr om dog inatth and requireel itsf to pay 3 $1min llioto ornigazati tonhat ckba pry ivac rights. styeerday a cot urheupld the paenplt an. >>an> d you veha prlyobab noticed gas is ttgeinchg eaper
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and leaving everodyby wonder figure the trend willcont. inue gas buddy doest n'emse to think . so the gas pricace trki ngcompany x pes ctprices to acgo bk wsnepaper to the next year. it's predicting the average price will increase ouarnd0- 3 cents a gaonll and peak around may at $3.79. it's all based on low oil production r ightno w. a liveoklo atsan frciansco where a residential tower d coulbemeco e th'scity secondle talstui blding. a vepelor based inhotousn wa nttos build itat m50ine ut st ireetn the height would be ju stfo ur feet undee r thlesas foe wetor. a couple of book away. the planning commission is didecinghe wther that pseropod tower fitsin to e thexisting anpl for e tharhaea tt s wa appr ovedba ckin 2012. > micongup here on kpix5 d an streaming on cbsn bay areawe are learning more about a deadly plancre ash insan diego cotyun. d anre asonto varelent
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elabe.orat how much daholiy enspding was ever nyoneeedsal hethur insance. recoved licafornia is mangki su mreore peleop can g iett. new federal fund ing of3 $billio is ailvaable tlpo he mor e californians govet cered ju lie and bob are paying $700 levess ery month. dee now gets compree hensivcogevera withnt no mohlemy prium and vathe narrreos a paying un00der $1 poner mth. check covecoredca.mto see your new lower price. d coverecarnlifoia, this wheay to alnsth iurance.
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enro ll bdecey mber 31st.
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> >>la police have now lereased dybo camera videteo afr they shot and killed a ecsuspt and an innt ocenteagene girl. thwewa nt to warnu yosome of e video u yoare about tosee may be disturbing. itap hpened last thursday in rtnoh hoywllood. bodyca meraoo ftage owshs offirsce respondi ngto llcas of an altssau inprogress at a rtdepame snttore. eisurvllcean footage shows a 24 year-old suspect beating a n womawith a bike lock.
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officers apchproaedon, e ops refi and llkied the su one thof e bullets wentthh roug a llan d killed a 14r--yeaold girl in a dressing . room >> he tre are no words that n ce scberi the depth of the sore our we feel for this agtredy. erthe. e arso manyot her opontis to cadeesla tecommunity vienolce anded adly weapondo es not have to be on e ofthem. >> a 911 call duri nge th ciindent said the sut spechad a angun d officers later recovethred e metal bikeoc lk but th eydidn't ndfi a gun. devenglopi now federal investigs atorhave crmonfied four pe opledied ain plane crash in san egdio county. cording to veinstigorats the ane had rece ntlytaken off om orange county whenit went wn. you can see oksme llfoowing the cr ash. pieces of aiafr crt atsctered tonhe create as ewcrs work to u t t outhe flames. stinveigorats still working to figure outat wh caused that cr ash. and les t'look at your money. eck in on tsthe ocks.
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live look at the big board and it's upab ou13t 2 points. nool hiday shoppesprs ent more money this year mpcoared to last. that'sac cording to a stmaercard spending pulse rtrepo tt hainditecas lesas rose 8.5% with electrs,onic jewey lrand hiclotng being this year'sot htest it 'sa sign that nscoumers have no issue spending dee spitthe pandemic. a couple ofalre pretty scenlaes pyeoud t this morning. this one meco from sathe nta cruz mounsntai. this is -- as you would guess it j'sust undethr e peak there. this is pretmuty ch at e thtop thof e sacrnta uzou mntains. if youwere going to veha snow sthattuck ndarou you ha d tobe prtyet high. this sits up above the 3,000- foot level. let me show you another one. this one much lower this one from the community -- complete opposite end of the bay area this is way up in the north bay. this is just east of say
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lvsierado trail. veha yotou go ouabt 1500 feet in fact. one of the community that was kind of at the heart of the glass fi recouple of seass on agfoo r the wildrefi season t'les leave behithnd e pictures snow and show you what it looks lin ke ohigh detifinion ppdolerh er e. isti sll a littlere mo down in the south edgeof the d ib lo ra nge. not a t lobua t little fag.llin let's look atthfue ll screen and i will showu yothe other areas with t lighrain. osa cle up view. wewi llopst it, last frame, areas urof ppo seexe amplbl ue slouchuping ghrit here. ghrit around mount hallll i ton. anywhere eitlse 'sju st a light ra at . best we arein ia brk eafor the most part. is is a -- even though the er tuis sff showing up on high de fitinion this is a quiet odperi because there is another systemin comg intonight. i d jokeabout itea hard to tell wh enone dsen and anheber gins. l it'lbea setepara emsyst when etit gs rehe. e thrain willpick up r late tonight.
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cuenrrt numbers out there. santa rosa 'sit still only 42. soou y may t noget much ghhier th anthat r foyo duraytime high how about 43 atth's about it isth is -- we oushldpr obably get used to this these temperaturndes a 'sit not so mu t hedaytime s highthghou thatil wl be ilchly for the middle of yoayur d. ithe's t rnmoing lows that you will start stto anoud t inthe next few ysda. first here comes this xtne stem. yonow u e sebetter orgad nize rain and u yoare g gointo see itht rig here litt lebit of rotation as thnte ceer of that ne- xt -ju stsmall lelitt eaar f low pres wsureor ksoff the coast. that k eepse thshs owergoing to tomorrow afternoon from thci, tydown the peulninsa inand the sobauth y. it'll be a ctfaor for the morng incommute it. wi llprobably be a r minofactor for the eneving commute home with light rain. it'll be more of an issue for we dndaesy morning anu d yocan see we get ouabt a half inch of rain out of this. then once we get done with that system after wednesday and the skies clear out on thursday, that is when it is going to get cold. 29 degrees for the morning low
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in the north bay on thursday morning. it'll be down in to the mid- 30s's on thursday for the valleys of the inland east bay. contra costa livermore, that's you and even in the bay, we could see a few 39's show up along the bayshore line, on thursday morning, thursday morning will be so cold. we may accumulate a little bit of snow down below a thousand feet. of course mount hamilton will keep mount hamiltoning and it'll keep getting snow. watch the snow in the sierra getting down to about 1500 feet. winter storm warning is in effect. its been extended until we get done with that thursday. there is the seven day forecast. chance of rain comes back on monday of next week. main point is we get a four daybreak with without rain. we will deal with monday as we get closer to it. let's get a little more time. there's likely more rain coming for next week but let's focus on a four daybreak.
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from thursday to sunday, and ginna it's not going to rain for four day around here. >> good news. >> he are fine not thinking about rain for a few days. we need break. the pandemic has been difficult for everybody and food banks no different. they had a 1-2 punch. and streaming today on cbsn bay area, former stanford basketball player has rejoined the program an a coaching intern. we will hear from them at 1:25. you can kind us on the website or appw. he willso unthe news app. you can download it for free on
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a power company that's been vital in especiallying a local food bang staya float during the pan democrat sick doing even more. >> paul joins us for the very special check presentation. >> i'm here in concord at the warehouse of the food bank of contra costa and solano. this is where the food is stored that's given to the residentsst county that are
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food insecure. donations are important. not just food but also money, individual and corporate it. just takes one dollar to provide two meals to those food insecure residents so speaking of corporate donations we will have a check presentation from calpine. want to bring in theresa wilson. it's not just money but you did a big food give away as well. >> i like to start by saying calpin seconds committed to volunteering and donating in the community that we serve. so we participated in a ham top where we donated 2500 hams with in contra costa. we also donated them and went out and helped donate them as part of this effort with the county. >> that's fantastic. i will let you make the presentation of a $15,000 check to john calendar of the food bank. >> all right. thank you. >> this is really wonderful you guys. calpine has been a partner for quite some time. when the pandemic hit they really stepped up to help those in need in the community who
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are facing really hard times. they have been a great partner and their continued support means so much to us. >> thank you so calpine for their donation that they made recently. if you want to get involved in feeding bay area families, you can make a donation by going to our website. it is still to come a very chilly week across the bay area. another quick check on the weather and how we will be bringing in the new year. and today on the drew barrymore show, heather locklear. watch today mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. one more review before you step out the door. there are a few light showers out there. you can see a pattern over the last threw years on high definition doppler. kind of like the morning wave coming to an end. we have a little bit of time before the next band of showers. we will just watch that on the future cast by the afternoon. much more noticeable. by the commute home in fact there will be more rain on the city, peninsula, south bay, it's tomorrow morning when we get the better rain out that
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have system. guys back to you. all right. thank you. and meet the newest addition to the new orleans zoo. she gave birth to a baby boy on christmas eve. specialists gave the infant a clean bill of health and the pair are bonding behind the scenes. the 12-year-old is a first time mom workers say she has closely watched others raise babies and appears to know what she is doing. so, so very cute. welcome to the world little guy. >> thank you for joining us for the kpix ews at
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>>brooke: you really are certifiable, aren't you? taylor may have opened the door to you just a crack, but i'm going to make sure that i slam that door, i lock it and i throw away the key. i'm going to make sure you come nowhere near my family, especially steffi, finn and hayes. >>sheila: taylor finally gives me a chance at a life with finn and hayes. and brooke, thinks she's gonna take that away from me. well, no. no, she's not. i will put a stop to brooke. ♪♪♪


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