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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 28, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now on kpixhe5, t omroicn variant here in the bay eaar and it its gaining st eam. the data from doctors to y sa th tathe surge will likely grow ading up to another hodaliy ekend. >>anned w quaran tine guideselin reaelsed by the c.cdi llhe t y baarea follow su? it what we know comi ngup next. >> > asthe variant respads so me thare inngki twice aboue t th holiday anpls t bu wellwi tell you what health experts say congmi up. an d what you need toknow if you e arone of the many r ai trels eraffected by the rash ofan ccellations. >>go> od morning. anthk you for starngti r ou estuday with us. it d'secemr,be 28. th od go morning. t'les start off with a live olookutdesi right now. justa w fetescatred shs ower ouarndhe t bay area. more rainis headed our way. weare alsodealing with some veryld co ndcoitions. so cold in fact that the bay ar peaeaks got dua stg inof
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snow d anwe coseuld e mo rein nethe xt few days. r sheea look at geyser peak. mount hall him ton and mount diab ilon the stea bay. it 's cold but whatexactly can wexpt ecto sedae toy? >> i think the main thing is the fact 'litl be ldco outside o urdo or. it's 37 degrees in ntsaa saro. it's 40 in livermore. esthe temperaturwies ll get a couple ofdes greecolder than isth. cothe ldt esmogsrnin are ilstl toom ce. ifta we kea look at the rest of thenumbs eron here, arheywd 42 it 3's9 -- there's redwood city. it's 41 degrees right now. grab the heavy jacket. ha vethe umbrella. thrae in oklos mo reimesprsive on high nidefiti donoppler than . is it's on itsmo sstensitive mo de .
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thmoe re widespreraad in is ming back tonight and rrtomoowor mning. a not significant storm or soaker. itl 'lbe more noticeabrale in the ovghernit and n agaifor tomorrow mog rninwe will be trki mngore rain. i will see what the re stof the foca stin a bit. for now back toyo u. we havea trafc fieralt. a couple of troublote sps ca usg insome akbre lights and ladeys. s laneblocked erthe, l allanes until theyclr eathis crash t ouof t heeaar. looks like a coleup ofcars inlvvoed with inesjuri as well. bithe ggt esproblem is this troublote sp, faa tal crash between wi llowand university whe erthe osclure is. itwas involving a rcmotoyc le and anotveher hie clso phraotogphic sk backing up in
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the area. e 82, el cami noto d avoithe ladeys there. southbound 101 completely shut wndo at owwill adro. this morng incovid numbers keep soaring asavtrelers tescatr roacss the coy untr after the holi. days thite uned states is averg agin near00ly 2,0 00new caseers evy da y. that i% s 47ghhier than a we ek ago. here in carnlifoia test sitive ras tehave risen to 45%. thisrn mointhg e cdc has dema a mar joch angeto s it quaran tinerus.le the chswit mecos idam a spike in roconavirus cases. re in cifalornia and na tiwionde. now yolyu on veha to atisole for five days stinead of temperature if you have no tosympms. will calniifora alheth cioffialfos llow this new recommendaonti? >> the state llwi n aligwi th
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the new guideline from the cdc. athisctn iowill help key the onomy moving s andchlsoo open nimimizing disrunsptio. >>going from ten tofive things of isolating. general ita 's go odthing because we can get r ou work forerce ady as fastas poib. le yoveu ha to be wear th atmask the remaininveg fi days and t no just aasny mk. a really go odmask. >> leret's cap the late st guidelinome fr e thcdc. itay itself you have been y fullvainccated d anboosted, yo u donot need to quaran tine after suexporeut b you should arwe a ma rkfoter n ysda. if you will not vaccinated or re than six ntmohsut o from yo surecond dose you need to qutiaranneor f fives dayand weara mask fnoor ath erfive.
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on mlyarin and san temao said they arefoowll this. wehan'vet heard back but we did a ttlile diggg inand oasf rit w noits quanartine guideselin sllti set for ten . days asit w stla upd date ninovember before this reoutbak. sondth e cdc is out thwi w ne data on the vicod vaccine roll t. ab66out llmiion lepeop veha gostt eabod una bor ostesh. ot that 'sa thd irof fully va ccatined lepeop. .861% of the united states population is llfuy vaccinated atth's people of all ages and more than 205 llmiion otin tal. more than a milln iodoses of the vaccine are being vegin
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evdaery y. and happg eniny,toda a new site for free cod vitest alsoe b up and running in palo alto. it opens at 9:30. stsare avaibllae to all residents apby potminent. ki ss esin the bay eaar are soin g. so arenc coerns about safety duringw neyear's. we are live with whathe alth expertyis sang when it s cometo those parties. it depends onif you are plni ang small gaerthing or you are kithinng of going to a rtpay where you don't cessarily know the ccinn atiostusat of e th lepeop trehe. whicowh kn that omicron is
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provin g tobe mo creontagious. mo dbyick park wirell ma in edclos thh rougthe end of t he month. e thnew parkway thteear has made a lasimir cidesion. e thoswho are vainccated can gatherh witina closfae mily insettg thwi other members who r e vaccinatnded a he av cereiv tedheir boosters. >> i have been traempetungri oppele if are vayou ccatined boosd teand you have a lyfami settin g inthe meho with mifaly d anretilaves. awhenreyo u talking t aboua new arye's eve party avwe he 30, , 4050 pe oplecelebrating. u yodon't know the status of th eivar ccination. i ulwod reencommd strongly stay fawayrothm at theais yr. there willbe other years to do bthatut not ythisea r. >> so undslike a smaller gathering isthe way to go. anthk you. >> > d anwe are helping you stay
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ahead of this empandic. we ha vea vaccanine d stteing recesour guide at the top of wethe bse itat > >>taking a livelook at sfo. airlines nnwatioide deg alin with staffshing orgetas because of the s virusurg e. we have seenthous sandof deysla and nccael congratulations since friday d antoday. sofasfr o has had 13 ladeys and 31 caelnclations. styeerday 81 canl ce cotungralaontis and 266 ladeys. nationwide aernoth 10 20fls ight cwereanleced and smtwo alr le airlines skywest and asalka aiinrles wereit h the rdhaest according to flight aware the twhao d canceled 6 47flights as of yesterday. >> nccaeltilaon at 12 at nit gh day actuallyd anenth waited t hephone for two and a half hours. di'tdn sleep and n'mow i erov who trare yi ng toget a flight. it's very ssstrel. >> airl inescat n'operate
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igflhts without the required number of lopits and igflht attend. ants >> be awareyo of urri ght it tselfheir aline doanes ccel your fl. ight >> if uryo fl ightis canc eled you think i wot n'take isth flight areyou entiedtl to every single penny you enspt on atth >> remo anth 6,000 fligs ht werece canled ov erthe christmas hoy lidaweenekd. > >>developing the faa now vestigating a planase crh in sa n egdio county. th iss iatwh it okloed like last night. you can e sesmoklle foowg inthe crh. crews wo rkedto put out the fl am. es no wyeord t on how manyoppele we on the plane but officials sathy at fighrefite rshave not enbe able to locate any su rvorivs at this po int. thisrn moinitg 's still not
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clear e wherthe flight was micong from and where it was ingog. > officials sain nta clara say theyare pressing ahead with aswitch to leunad edgas for small plan eesven if it pu feredal fundg inin danger. the coun tyexecivute sa idatth el at two rpaiorts wie ll b lead free bythis saturday. th isafter a local study found elevated leve lsof lead in childrenr neathe rpaiort but the faa oppose itself saying at it could vie olatreagemt en was thdee feragol vernment. and in just a few hours rors in e theletizabh lmhoes fraud trial willresume deliberati ons. this after theyre turn froma iebrf holiday break yester day. now today will ma rkday vefi of delitaberatis.on the esprocs isisraincog ncerns fothr e prosecn.utio there could mean. th mateans they are tag lkin
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they may be trying to mpmirose on certcoain un. ts thayey m be throngwi out ceaicon unts u yodon't want dea lay if you ar e e thprosecution. you want them to comeback soon. >> now holmes fesac up to 20 years in pris onifon cvicted on all counts. 11 minutes after 5:00 and ilstl ahead here on kpi x5and streinamg on cbsn bay eaar, after flooditung rn dedeadly herein the bay area, one counakty tina g step tomake sure all people are actecound infor this wet, co ldweather. > > d ana frantic eashr is underway for a str eessmiining the sierra. >>an> d temperatures a mixed ba g of upper 's30 and low 40's on the map. ma in lyit's the lainnd valls ey in the upper . 30's in the arhet ofthe bay it's w lo40's. y heavja ckand the umbrella but e thjacket you willus e. the umlabrel probably not until thcoe send half of toy daand togh t. we wilmel ti the next inra ma kecor ming up in the
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forecast . > >>get going ifu yoare going t the ordo. we haveiara tffic alt eralong 10 (s wos rdclashing) eugnoh? -no... artis.hritad here as. perercme arthritis. fu llscri preptn-iostreng?th recedus inflmaamtion? anthk the gods. dot n'thank them too soon. kick pin tain hesp aercreme. wobrw, no ac, eseverything's hreands fe. wa't ssno vis is not yourer pant's braces.
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inviass is ftethanr braces d thane clear alignedr bran most trustdoed by cts.or in visalign.
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>>sa> n mateo s hacobb fi rmed the neys of the victim's last
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we'sea ddly fl ood. they a 63-yead r-oland a 62- year- old. the married coleup owdrned in si detheir bmsuerd gecar du ri nga flood arne an unrps ason thursday. >>th> is cold d anwet atweher isro pmpting mari n toactivate a shelter ogprrawhm ich pr ovesid motel rooms for the homeless. a total of 30 temol rooms rewe reserved lasght nit d ancounty officisaals y they may add mo. peopanle c ayst in the osrooms unthtil uraysd morning when e th weather is expected to ime.prov marin has a contract with a nonprofillt caed home ward browitned run the program. > family meermbs are keepg in their hopes up as sh earcand rescue teams coinntue tok loo foa r mig ssinskr ie inthe si er. ra placernt couy fiofcers say that hentwe missing while iiskng at north strear so rt onchmarists. friends porerted him mig ssin afr tehe di dn'tshowto up christmas dinner. they say ishe an avid ieskr
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and nsow a ski sheaop nr the re. sort eyth now are batt lingheavy snow cononditis as they couentin to look for hi m. on the storm wacatch l antrs said highy wa50 isop en. thayey s atth bo thstwebound and eastunbod lanes avaie.labl chains wil l berequired r fol aa rs avtrelg inon the hiy ghwa and crweews re abusyll y da yesterday clearing up the adros from snow and other brdeis. sir milaprleobms on e thnevada si of the atste neli, lots of cars at th isgas atstion in go ranch withme so driver pu ttg inchai nson their retis. nohew otrsha ve been stuck there for ysda. drerivs aren't sure when eyth llwi be allowed to get on the road again. nd of tough out e ther traveling in that atwehe r. >> they just need a break between the storms. 's just enbe bam, bam. todaisy kindof a break. there will still be light snow and cal trans still a has t lo of wortok doto make up and ta ckeare heof t snow that's up
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e.ther at least in terms of owsn fa there a is little bit of a break y todaberefo thgsin start toicupk toni ght. same story withthine raw. rein a break inhe t action until tot nighwh enthe xtne of next sysbrtem in gsmore rain th. at means newe ed to talk about teerurates first. it 'sol cd out erthe. cut rrennumbers for the inland vas lleyrae ngin e thupper 30's. it 's30 in santa saro. 40 in liveorrme and low 40's into thell vaey. we can pickout a few more tilocaon s. redwootyd ci . 49 it's ri42 ght now for n sajose. if we oklo at ghhi definition doleppr that looks remo im prsiesve than it is. often timee s thnaontial weather icserve llwi switch the radator its most nsseitive ttseing to pick out any ssible shower d anthen it er reads st muff,ost of h whic isot n hittg ine thground. weill switfrch om that icwhh looks keli a mess t puit in to the refutu cast whh is a far more acracute lo awht at is
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maybe a w feshowers off the t coasofth e san mateo pe niulnsa and that's about it. hereis when the next chan ceof inra shs owup. byhe t time we get to e th second halfof today. lit ghshowers for the north bay. the more megfaninulra in will show up by ghtonit. this iswh ere it star tsto t ge more noticea ble. th 9at's:0 0,:0100 tonight and now we have anothendr ba of hey avrain atim tes but most ly its demorate. overt,nigh touhrgh the moinrng o mme uttomorrow. we sulhod plan on a few scted reshowers fower dnesday moin g. it'll webe dndaesy morning whe we ha vemore notiabcele rain to alde with thantoy.da toifday wequieytt anhi ng it'll be t,ligh and very hit or mi atbest. thinrafa tllotals on that for the tuesday ghnit,ed wnesday morning,n raimakearr e etprty low. oking at a quarter inch much aiof rn compared towhe at w have d haso r fathis mbdeceer. a quarter inch much of rain is nothing. you can see how it s playout on e thbigger pictthure er e. just a boutthe retenths of an
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in chof rain. he reis wh atulcod be the ggbier issue. ho w ldco it gets over the next femow rnings. noh bay valleys in the mid- s's over the next few ysda e thteermpatures -- in to the weekend dip down in to e th per 20's. co ld ernumbers are ngcomi. as the seven day forecastow shs usso is more brainut not unl tiearly next ekwe. a few scteatred owshers show up byon mday of xtne week. mo on that system as we get oscler to . it in the memeanti t'les focuons the fact that we are going to get pra olgeond k breafrom ursday throsuugh nd aywhere dowe n'hat ve to deal wi thrain d anwe wi sllee the temperatures warm up just a bi t. er to you. > >>lookinfog rward to th. at t stt aroff as we oklo ate th adwa. ys ve lk oohere. th isis 1.10 a fal tacrashah s l alnelas shut down on 1401 southbound as you rk bweeten willow and univsierty. eyth maybe ttleing a car or two rothugh there. u yocan see that in our live
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ot. the veinstigioatn will keta me a ndit'll ta ketime for las neto enop up and clear in thare ea. anheotr car was voinlved in the cide ants we. ll y to avd oi101 if you ca n. ve u yochois ceas we mpju er to the ma psrighnot w. the erare tealrnat esto avoid the bre aklitsgh on 1.10 if y ouare trying to get thh rougthe nspeniula this mog rnincayou n waalys use 280 2 or 8as an alternate. 82 is el cami. no 101 is backed up. 0 a good oponti if are you going sohbutound toward the south bay. otr hethings to look out for. 580, 680 blduin. live oklo. we are not sengei the l usua weekdaaky bre ghlits for those inheadg into the pass infact things a little lihodayi gh t. that'sd goone wsif u yoare out anabt ourleay. abt oua 27 minute travel time from 2ov05 er to 0.68 san mateo idbrge not
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lighy tltravedel right trafc fimovi ngat e thlimit both decirtion s. st of the bay area bridges quiet. that is good news. ifare tayou king the brid, ge12 mutine drive meti fm ro8840 to 14. 01 the h soutbay trelav times erevything in thgre een right no w. still clngeari a ascrh at28o an10d 1. still ahead, streaming on sn bay , areaodfo poisoning not a problem anyone wants to run into during thlie hoday seon. ayst with us for tips on w hoto stay odfo safe througe h thw ne ar. >>d > ancoming up at seven on cbs mornings, a look at avtrel trends for the upcoming year and whu y yomay wantto redeem eqfruent flyer miles sooner raer anth later. > >>the and manatees dying in rerdnu mbers swhencitiensts doing to try to sa vethem and etme two authors trngyi to trsfanorm social media into a source of tiposivi tyand love. wewi ll be right ckba.
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s let'get y readforked forecast. light rain off the ascot.
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that really picks up as weget ghrit there to the heart of the middle of e thday. by noon toda y,there may be a feliw ght owsher s. they dnwoul'tbe o towispderead or too avhey. the realin ra gets rehe later tonight. we wl ilactrk that in more detail. will have remo on tonight's ra in and torrmoow inmorng's rain as we get in to the mpcolete forecainst abi t. in theanmetime what we e ar log okinatno w. i owit 's hardto bee liev th bisut these are daytime highs for y todaand wedny.esda there won't be a lot of chgean. that brings usup into the mi dandupr pe's40. that's it atth would have looked like mog rninlo wsnot that long ago. ke sure we are bundled up en befounre lchmeti when you ge t outside. its going to be chilly. eely s what e threst of the forecast in bia t. nearly 50 million americans t sick y everyear because of sothmeing they ate. e of the qusticke ways to inru a holiday onseas. >> here are inpotes rnon how to keepthat from happening to you. peexrts say a common mistake is
5:26 am
touc yhingour ph one. many of us, me incledud, e us the cell phone asa cookokbo and scrollou thrgh it while cooking but it can lead to oscrs contaminat ion. don't wash the turkey thor oer it's a habit d anit can spshla cteria ndarou e thkitchen. if y couarry raw meat inbag itlfse can contame inatfo. od >> if th eye arh clotbags wash th inhot water in your washing machine, ibposslyve ery usdee pending on what are u yo inging home from e thgrocer orste. >> heotr , tipsuse a odfo uggae to make sure toos are cookedro pperly. geleovfters in to the fridge inwoho urs and nifish them wi in two tothree days. i -- i have to threink my e whol cooking prs.oces not odgo.
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i dot n'wash the bags. >> i know. >> i t don'wa she thbags either. i n' t. yeah. something to keep in mi. nd > ti meis 5:27. st ilahl ead, paper or fabr? ic which s maskare the right t?fi thinngki of inthgs i need to start cleangni. yeah. mesothintog think about as we ttbalehe t new vari ant.>> > d anwhere dozens of apple stesor are shtiutng eithr dos or cue to the spread of covid. we wern lea abo cutovid-19,
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e thmore questions wvee ha. the biggest ques tion no ww,hat's next? what will cobrvid ing in sixth mons, a year? if youe 'rfeelin g anxis ouabout e thfuture reyou' notlo ane.
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lhcaope offers freeco vid- e19motional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat atca lhopore.g toda >> > w neguideline fromthe cdc but will the states and bay ars mpcoly? >>me> so bunesisses are not
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tang chances and ha dveecided to temporarily close. we will have the details coming up. > >>and the shgeorta of at mehoo vid tests macoy bemi tngo an end. what experts is he a big flinux of sttes will be aiavlable tinaonwi. de > anned w body carame video shinowg us what happened before an lapd ceoffir shotand kiedll a -14year-onsld iida e partntme orste dressing room. e thnew questions this inmorng. thyoank u r foarstting your tuesdawiy th us. it :3450. >>t'> les get a checofk the conditions idoutse isth morn ing. it's a cold start to your y.da >> 'sthat the main thing about th rnmoing is the temperat. ures it's not tearmporilcoy ld. itno's t keli we have a frt os freeze rnwain g. it7 's 3in ntsaa ro. sa it'sn 4 ilirmveore. wayou nt to grab the jacket d an if you n catake a look at a couple ohef otr mbnuers on he re. it's 39 in na. pa as r faas rainwe are in a brk. maybe a shfew ows eroff e thco
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asrit ght now. mae yba few more light showers lbyike noon. itre's al tlyonight and torrmoow morning, th atis wn he the next wave of inra gets here. th he witrll ack that in the cotemple fecorast. ilwe wl keta a lo okat imdayte ghs in moredeta ilasel wl for today. will all that all ngcomi up just a few. let's take a look atthe roadways. vwitherbey en dealing a co uplf hot spots. at traffic eralt as you rkwo through redwood city, menlo pa. between wi llowand univsierty. we had a fatacrl as h. traffiilc stl backed up in the area. gi yveourself extra meti as you he tadhrough there. so as we keta a look at affic, 680 if y oue argog in g alon680, 101 nncoector all lanebls ockeald so. th iiss due to a crash involving a upcole of vehicles that. will tame tiki to clear. good news narcotic goenld gate bridgeid re loinokg go. od no dels.ay 101 from higayhw 37do, wn to
5:32 am
the golden gate bridge into n sa franci sco. that will i n catakeou y just about 19 mis nutethisni morng. right now it 'sa pretty easy ridefo r r supecommeruts ino t the sspa. 25 minus,te 205 to 680. 5:32. a new arquanneti idguele infrom the cdc. that as we are seeiring si ng case numbers state and natideonwi. kpix5's ju stinanewdr is live the newsroom. stin, we know the bay area always l ikesto do it's own g thinwh enit comes to the nationalgu relaonti. what are we hearing l loca authorities on these guinideles in. >> the bay area cotiunes follow stated ancdc guidelinesu t sofar only man rid anan o mateha sveaid they will fo llow this idguance. hereare e threencommdaontis asreleed by the c cdjust on sterday. if y outest tiposive for d covian d e arfully vaccin ated boosteyod u obvious have to ise olatfofar vorite days. ken ep imi ndit edus to be ten.f u yoare unvaatccined or remo anth six months out from your second doseyou need to
5:33 am
anquarti fneor five days and awear ma rkr foanother vefi. the ctc sa idatth anyone o whis exposed ldshou get te stedfive a ys afr teexporesu. the state of california said that itl 'lalign with the new guidinele fromthe cdc. health offlsicia y sait'll help keheep t economviy mong scs hool op mizinimingis druptions. we wteand to know if the san frcio scdepartment hofealth willcolymp. rweeached out but hat ven' goen r aesponse. we are live in the newsroom. >> thank you, injust. a laokb lo at the white house e wherthe espridt en orderiheng t e usof fema fundtoing lphe with covid test ndarou the cotruny. a mome eryestday dis rectthe depantrtme ohef alth and human icservesto use the nemoy to tecrea and run stteing sites. thatis suppedos to pphaen in ordination wstith ate d an cal health departments. hurendds of mill ionsof stte ale so bavailable eachmonth st arngti in january >> witheh will take 500
5:34 am
milliostn tes avblailae d an there after e therwi ll be avaie labl200 to00 5 million tests per month in the cceeding monasths well aspirating mae yb10,000 testing ntceers, having an alin ne si tuioatn where you n caorder online andhave tests delivered toou y. >> and tinaondewi on average hospitalioizatnsre a up 35% in just the past we. ek yonew rkta ste data shneows w yo cy ithospitalizat ions creased five ovfolder a three week period. indc the ctinfeio usdiseases chief at chenildr'sat nional ithospalsa id that close to ha lfof the tethsts eyar e doing are ppcuing back positive. in chicago, one ilchdren's hospits al irertpoing case nuermbs there are three times as high from its ioprevusea pk lastem decbe r. lookinveg li from san frano cisc thisni morng as omicron adspres. some busseiness veha decided to
5:35 am
cle ostheir doors for now. are live fromthe city thwi how omicron isti casng remo gloom as new year's lebrations stfa aroppach. >> atth's right. it 'srelyal disrupting plans r fofamilies and r fobusssinees like you said. so mebu sinesses in the bay area ha dideced to close their dos ortemporarily. t nowanting to take chs ance th the contagious variant. the n safransccio amchber or chtresa unannoceitd 'll can elit's performa ncesbeuscae of m a barer he inn safrancisco s ha decitoded ayst oscled thugroh e end of the ntmoh. one posiveti case was enough to ke that sidecion, especially wase appr oachw >> 'sit justa crazmey ti. nearw ye's d anchstrimas, it's justpo imssleib -- atth people won't be huggg inand kissing d new year's scrngeami d an having a blast d anforgetting ev erhiytng that they may need to do tobesa fe. >> when itco mes tosmaller
5:36 am
thgaering with lyourov edones thwhose o are vaccin atedcan gather with in a oscle falymi settwiing th other members o wh arcce vainedat and have reedceiv tirhe boosters. wh enit mecos to the bigger pa rts,ie 30, 40, 50 peop le erwhe you don't necessarily ow the vainccation status of e thpeople who are there, u yo are strongly recommended that yost ayaway from those. >> lot of pe oplechanging their plans. all right. thk anyou. as doinor ma skmand ates veha bn eereinstated for evyberody you would see sf infection use specialiaist sd that rrceseah indicas tethat medical grmaade rkhas ve an vantage and it s hato do with an elicectr crghae. thsaey id that surgalic, medical gre adskmas can be reed for up to three . days to stare lies eebetwn uses you n caput itin the micre.owav sunlight imes sotis meusedto staiesr li cloth ths at inot
5:37 am
cathe se thwi suicrgal masks. avoid the sun whicbrh eaks down the materl.ia the avwee is nevegati chars ge it repels ruvises. >> instterein g. regard lessof which ma skyou we, e thkey is get a mask thfiat ts your face. d an timeis 5:37. vestment bagonk ldn machsa's is ttpuing new testing re quemirents in place for emeeploys inthe a nuyear. neanyo eernting the bank's unitedte stas ceoffis llwi have to owsh proof ofvihang had a covironarubos oster shot. atth goes for employees and visirsto. pothe li tcyakes ef fecton bruary 1st. > >>we are heinlpg you stay d aheaofth is pandemic thwi very a vaccine and teinstg reso urcegue idat the very top piof lp police veha now releedas bonew dy ca vmeraid eoafter
5:38 am
ey shot and edkill a suspect an d ciacdentally a agteene girl. so othf e video u yoare about see is disrbtuing. it happed nela stthursday in rtnoh ywholloo d. body camera footage inshowg officers spreond llcas of assaul t. a -yr-eaold suspect was beinatg a woman with a bike lo. one ceoffir enoped fire an llkied the suspect and onofe the bullets went rothugh a wall and killed 14a -year-old in a dressioong rm. >> erthe are no rdwos that can debescri t dheepth of there so r we feel r fothis tragic oue.tcom ther e. are other many other options to deescalate >>a 911 llca ngduri the ciindent said the suspect had a n. officers l atercorevered atth mebital ke lock. eyth did not find a gun.
5:39 am
pphaening toy dajury debelirations in thxwe maell iatrl continued. styeerday jurors qureested in teonstimy antrscripts. sh e isthe long time soascie at of the late sex oferfend jeffrey epeistn and has plead not ilguty stoix count. she face s upto 70 aryes in prison. her ateytorn idsa e shis a scapegoat r foepst ein. a live lookat n sa anfrcisco where a residel ntiato wecor uld soon be the city's second talleuist bldg,in dever lopebad sein houston wants to -- 50 mitenu street. th e igheht ulwod be ju sturfo feet under the salercs foe tower a lecoup of ocblk away. thcity anplni ngcoismmsion will decide whether thitat fs into the isexti ngplan for the ea which waspr apov edin 2012. no let's t hithe moneway tch report. apwhy plhae s been clossoing me of s itstor aesnd the workers
5:40 am
toset see more money. >> > ocstks deend ghhier following the long chstrimas wed.eken thw e dorose 351in pots. e nasdaq added 217 and the ads&p ded 6a > >>applste ores in the new yo crkity area e arteormparily closed to in person shpeoprs due to rising apple said it'll stl ilt le customers plorace de orsnline and peak them up at st. ores oresav he been teormparily closed in dc, ohiote, xas, orgegia fland no wordonwh en they are set to opreen. wo rks erin new mexiilco wl soon ense me ormoney. thholyur minimum wa geis set to increase by$1 to $11.50 at the start of the new year. the president wants to raise thmie nimum wage from 7:25 to $1in 2022. ho liy dashoprspe spent more money this year compared to stla. it iatndices sales rose 8.5% with electronics, wejelrany d clothing being this year's
5:41 am
hottest gifts. it a's sign consumeerns have no issue spendiesng dpi tethe pandemic. that's your cbs money watch report. mofor re he tado cbs money wah.tccom. ilstl ahd earehe on ixkp5 d anstreaming on cbsn bay . area have you had uryo photograph snpeapd by one ofos the legoog street viersw ca in turns out th m ayhave been ta kingmore jthanust a pie.ctur atwh data they could veha cotellecd and what's been de on toopst it from happening. and e thever popular bridge rrtonetniurng to your t rescen. wheaen sso2 n is set to drop. >>anthd e current nuermbs on e thscreen rightno w show you 's a mixed bag of upper 30's r fomo istnland valleys. w 40's for e thheart of the bay. gr t heheavy etjack. have tumhe brlael but that is more of a cosend haf lf othe day inthg to day. showers are comi ngback but t no tiunl the afternanoon d ineveng. wweill track that tinhe
5:42 am
forecast cg ominup.
5:43 am
5:44 am
it's really ch illyout there. makere su u yopack your jacket it. will be cold new th ismorning a deferal aps pealcot uris clrieang the y wafor a semettlentin volving
5:45 am
pracivy breaches by the st reet vi vehicles. the cars take photraogphs of neighborhoodun arod e thworld but for a w feyears they also eccollted datali keas pswords atth people transmitted over th eiowr n wifi. a ttmelent blocks themfr om doinatg th aiagn and requires to pay $30 million to organizeths at back privacy rights. sterday ana s pellurcot in saann frcio scupheld the payment . plan decemberte mi good intentions e thseas onof nggivi teofn followed by e thrush to return. ma lnyarge aichns like macy's, ho podet, target abend d bath and ndbeyo veha a 90 y da rerntu policy. th yr eaa lot of retailers takingo intacuncot wideadspre shipping de. lays >> mo stst oreswill feofr mo re generousde guilis ner fohodaliy rcpuhases because of the chalesleng tt hathe consumer has had in terms of getting
5:46 am
r theipuharcses vedelire d onti me. >> incordg to coernsum reports electronreic tailer has the stmo strict rerntu poeslici. i n'dot know about you but santa did typret llwe for me this year. don't think i have any rerntus to make. >>at th's good. less tindme a more thin gsfor to you arwe right away. >> nnwiing christ mas. >> hopefully a big coat is inlv. ed >>good id eafor yeerstday. e thheavjay cketfo r su. re u also want toke ep the um brlael handy. the'mos re rain coming. 's just notit unl the sendco half of the day for datoy. boreth a inor der. look at e thrrcuent numbers rit you willsee a pattern. 'sit the inland valleys where the ldcoest numbs erare. livermort e noatth far behind at 40. can put a co ouplef other
5:47 am
nuermbs on here as well. to round out e thffdierceen for e colder temtuperares in e th north ba y. when willit ? rain we will maybe get a few light ershows isth afrnteoon. onit w'te bmuch. op aen quarter inch chmu of inra b utthe mitingmp iortant beusofe leftovhoer swe frsor tomorrow mngorni. s meanfor the second half of the . week you wille se thatin the seve day forecast. fothr e rainfall we get ouabt a quarinter ch mu chin general. th atcovers tonit ghand
5:48 am
tomorrow. as fs ar adaimyte ghhis shldou wod ulhave looked like inmorng lows. r the nextco uple of morning itlfse will get co. lder if we look at the north bay vall meys,id30-s's for today. d-30s's on wednesday. th uraysd with clear iesks and cold air justndki ofti sitng around. weil wl go do wnto the r uppe . 20's that covers rtnoh bay valleys. put up a upcole locas tionas the micrimo clat e. we will godo wn toe thmi s'30s over he. re concorlid, vee,rmor i trvalley, at's you and back in the bay, will go dotown maybe 39 by the ti wmee get to sdthuray. 'll be cold for erevybody. sen y daforecast shows you no ra tinhursday through sund. ay then yesthe xtne stsyem pagrh apcoming in early next week. weilhal ve more on th aats we geclt oser to it erthe's the seven day for your
5:49 am
micro clatime. same stor y. ba to you. >>t'> les look at the roadways. were a still followg ina affialc ert along the nipensula. you e arlookg inliveat 10 # soutndhbou twbeeen willow and university. redwood city and menlo rkpa. thiswa s a crash that haenpped ju astbout 3:50th is is a dead lyincident and investioigatn isunderway. a lot of actityvi still there on scene. brn iakiley getting his formioatn anlod oks like eyth ha ovepened up a llwi inor two, tryi tngo let traffic squeeze fothr e most rtpa veseral lanes will be shut down. stillol a t of viactity happening in and around that eaar. use an alternate. in fact eyth will divertg in trafc fioff. so th'sat lilyke happening to help thlae deys. le t'jus mp over to thmae ps d ansh owyou an orvveiew of the area. we a reseeing slow ndcoitions there. yon u cause 82 or 280 as an alternate . that will especially help you avoid
5:50 am
the delays. wa ntto up dateyou on a trouble spot in sothe utbah y. th iths at northbound 280 ecconntojur st north of 101 isth was a h cras withone clvehie voinlved. alactulywo t vehicles inlvvoed at least all lanes are still ocked until furtr henotice. use 87 asthe altern ate. that may hef lp iyou want to wstayit10h 1 all thtogeer that's ngmovi nodelays until theyet g that closureae clre d. that'sn beeoufot r some some ti mend a atth ctionnues on mount hamilton. 1:30 both redictio nsfrom ayton roadto aln lerock enavue. brbay id getoll plaza inlookg go od. ten teminus fobere six. ti fmeor a look at e th teenrtainment heneadlis. the new trailer bafor tm anhas rele iasedt's a look inisto h relationshiph witcat woman. berort patterson plays batman itlas ndin thearste on rcmah
5:51 am
4t >>anthd e stca of bridgerton is a nouning the debutet da for the season 2. ssoean 2 llowing the eldest s ib ling. catch asseon 2 march . 25th and pbs is exploring the impact of mankonind t he climate in its docu menth eart eremgency. th swsho how human tiacvi ty se itsn moti one thearth's own naratul warping meischanms feafctgfinorests, sea lsleve and ci. ties ait'sirg inwednesday onpb s. and w nor foa oklo at wh's coming up on cbs rnings, a story about d cure smedok salm. on >> what's the secret toinbeg a good slicer? l>> ov e. i k thinthat it's alrely the secret to being a go od
5:52 am
ythi. ng if you lohave wt you do. it wofunderl. >> i ag ree. all t righyou can t gethe full y storbehi nde thcounter on cbs mornings right here at vesen. nine numites berefo still ahead here on kpix5 and stamreing oncbsn y baar. ea if you ha veseen the movie the holiday e thstory of a life apsw is coming to life. how one american girl used ti ktokto make all happen. >> wow. cool. ersteo and today heheatr cklolear opsts by
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
it's ldco t outhere. couple of degrs eeercold anth sterday. awere not really geg ttin rained onno w. have the umbrella, take witith you. there's ana chcefo r atisoled shower s bythafe ternoon. th eyon w't be a big deal today. the bett errain tsge here tonight. are gointog trk acthat in the cotemple refocast. raintorrmoow nighd t an wednesday inmorng. it is 37 sinan tarosa. anoakld and 41 redwood tyci. ly bbae ck with the forecast in just a bit. this morning, ital l arted a si mplequtieson on tiok inspired by e thmovie. holiday asking if anyone in enanwad nted to swap esplac. thste po went viral getting
5:56 am
iomillnsf os viewand lots of interest e onof those respseons came froma agenent gld anresident. e thtwo ded cidetosw ap apenartmt s wathe ancompy meho exch hangeoping cifalitate the short terarm tde. >> witasho srt of -- a whim for both of . us i thought why we he avbe enstuck inside for so long. wh y tfnoul just grabfe li a nd ju do . it it>> 'sre ally azcry. e thtripas hn't even arstted and its been a wild re idthat i never expected. >> grace is putttoing geerth a li stof fun things to do in bo bstonefe orheading out tomorrow. th eyre a livi tnghe movie. i' m aljeous. i wa ntto do a li fe wswapith somee.on thatnd sous azaming. >> you kn owlet'ses e. let's see who llwi fall invelo with a hasondme stranger. you knowat th --atth is e th comple- te -completes thote pl. i signed upfor that bsweite a coleof years ago but i haven't ghbrout my selfto veha onsomee aysting in my house th doi n't know. >>
5:57 am
got u.yo >> 'sthat atth. diaper changes involved at oumy hse.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>ne> w quarantineid guelesin. we achre ecking to see if the ba y eaar will llfoow the new remmcoendations. >>we> are justdaysom fr the new year and some people are kithinng twice aboutht ose pls. we will tell what u yohealth expesarts y coming up. e tha staffing shortages stleill ading ttoravel heacadhes at the aiorrpt. >>an d later e thspike in cases for the nfl inleavg more playofers f e thgrid. iron it is 6:00 a.m. on tuesdayde cember 28th. let's t quiea live look ou tse idghrit now. st a few scattered showers ar
6:01 am
ou tndhe bay ar. ea moren raiis headed our


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