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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 28, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. > right now,in takg a veli oklo atthe city omfr our carame ontrea surelaisnd. a r dryemoinrng thanstyeerday. thk anyou for joining usthis tuda dy,ecember 28th > >>good morning. t's start off thwi a live lo. just a few atsctered shs ower but remo rabe is headed our way. we are also dealing thwi bilytter cold ndcoitions. so cold that the bay area's peaks got a dusting ofsn ow. we couldse e morein the coming da. ys here is a look at geyser akpe, mount hamilt onand mounabt dilo in the east bay. snevow lels around 0015 fe. it'll get hi gherthrough the da y. aifnything we wi llsee the sn owremain onthe akpes ar ound the immediaty.e ba we could see it onsomeof th e llhis once you get wsnepaper toh e r fanorthern edge of lake
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county. the erbigg suise is how ldco it feels for the stre of usdo wn he. re that's theise suif you look at high defioinitn ppdoler you can see some of this is showg inup asig lht snow rothugh napa. no big accumuonlatis r fothat. h e chmu biggeral de is the ra inas we get into isth aften.rnoo right there. u can see e thsystem that's ngcomi o urway. melet show u yoone remo view. will come in for a closer look on fu ctureas t. just tayo pl w neto the stre of day. w light srainhorswe right be ofe f thcoast. ce we get hethre, atge ts ne wsto the teafrnoon and enth relyal tonight. will take a look at thatin ajust few numite s. r fonow. backtoyo u. let's look at the roadways. are sttsar off with a couple of traffalic er tsth misorning ifou y woare rkg inyour y waon 101 this morning. you plan tohead oue t th
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door. unrtfounately veryri seous ascrh here at willow road. th ieyssued a trc affialt erdue to tafal incident. th w asa motorcycle crash. other vehiclvoe inlv. ed happenjued st about 3:45. alutl sohbndou lanes are mpcoletely shut down right at willoaow rd. this is due toa fatal ascrh. a lotst actytivi on scene. the inveatstigion will ntcoinue. alsora a tff icalert. th iss idue to the snowy weather coionditns. road urclosesdu, e to snow on 130 mount hamilton. th directions clayton to al len ckro avenue. pl anfor that. headaches foivr drers continue in the ersira with the snow covered peaks that wehave en talking a boutth is morning. fact we wi llsh owyou that ghrit now. erthe it . is roadsand downtred ees ma king travel impoibssle sinome sps.ot 80 rnsemai oscled. ther e isa bigger concern. tens of thous sandof pg&e customers in the sierra are wioutht power and that means no
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heat. steve lae rgis in nevada tyci with how residents are coping. >>a snoworstm with a k knoc puout nc h. snappitrng ees and doinwng por welines roacssne vada and plerac county.. nedava city and s grasvaeyll streets are left in the dark. pg&e assesngsi thdae mage block by block. >> just hunkered down >> ffje ward decided to turn his power geouta toin an his meho is one of the thndousas thwi no power. hedecided tobe barcue a shmakeifmet al in the snow. >> it keels o twbis rdwith one e.ston hayou vehe at and you haoove fd cooking. >> brin gingout trexa blkeants. >> christian and his family came for a sivit omfr san fransccio. heec didedo tbrave e th freezing n ightinstofead ngdari tdro ive home. i'm a city boy and i'm not too proud to say thatu , yo
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know, it los okiffy usually on the side of being utcaio n. isth storm is typret nsintee. >> john rkwos for the forest llhi fire stdirict requestg in the county dearcle a local sadister emergency cabeuse of the power outage and wndoed trees. >>we ar'ten peexcting power backin this counmmity for upwards of a we. ek emergency serv icesare vihang difficultych reaing calls because of the mbnuer of trees and power line that are do. wn > powerlasess the snowlepis up and tempaterures are dr opngpi down. >>the c cdhas made a jomar change to s itrules. th atswitch micong amida spike in cavoronir uss casehe rein cafoiarn and natiwionde. thate stes test sipotive ra te has riseton 5%..4 thata is 2.8 pue rsmpju in the stpa week. y bettyu spea ksto medical experts about the suanrge d the
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cds noanuncement. >> e thsurge hasn't yet hit the y baeaar. the shcdc orneted the recommd endetime for olisatin omfr ten days tveo fi as long ing at peop len'dot have symp. toms >> odgo things d anbad inthgs ten tofive days of isonglati. we can get r ouwork force as fast as possible. e se condthg inis you have to be wearing atth maske thre maining five ysda and not just any mask. goa od mask. >> seno who are exposed t bu boteosd willno lo ngerne tedo qutiaranne. dr. hoaing sd atth based on ea rlday ta from peeuro autbo halfom of icn rocases without symptoms. >> adspreinreg ally fast. i inthk that what -- when you lo aokt san frscancio u yoget a sense of what it looks like to e a ryve, very wellcc vainedat city that's still being ca rel.fu a lo t ofmas skand t yethe mbnuer of cases in thcie ty has
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gonefrom t abou40 a day to ab35out 0 a day just in the last couple we eks. >> the depamertnt of medicine air idsa that the ria ensurrdengri part is atth hospitalizat hionsave increased only b. y 5% >> he t varit anis ldmier but when it hits a t loof vainedat people a lot of them will t geinfected by not atth nyma will get super sick. >> irchp are filling geemerncy oms. ithospalatizions at thr ei hieslet vels since septr.embe among pati bentsetenwe five to 11 none had enbe vaccinated. paseople make difficult oices about get togethers an w neyear's plans this week the doctor idsa even he chd angehisi nd ha ndindo dorining. la stweek if you asd ke mei prob wablyou hldave felt more comfortable. isth week i'm a li ttleremo uneasy and wi llobprab flyeel
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stmo com dining ouidtse. i'lam retilyve healthy. >> in san francisco, ttbey yu. kpix5. >>wi th the telast surge in cod vicases local busssinees e arclosing and cancinelg tseven on their n owthis week as a ecprauonti. in anoakld e thnew waparky theater cais ncelingsho wsbut will s tillfeofr fo odservices insan frscancio, the moby dick baclr osed through theenofd thmoe nth after an plemoyee te st pedositive. > >> we d haone empleeoy who t go positive. we felt after that weneeded to otect evoderyby. it is a crazy time. it'sos impsie blthat people won't be huggg inand new year's screaming and havi nga t blas and forgngetti eryvething they maney ed o to dto be safe. >> for informn atioon testing and vaccines cland osesur due
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to t heomicron vaanrit head to thbse weit e. a liveoklo at sfo. rlines natideonwi still sufferfring om stafngfi shors tagecabeuse of th at anvarit rgsue. thisat adleing to continued delays andcancellations at sfo. 81 cancel racongtutilaons and 266 delays yesterday tionwide. an other 1200 flights were cancelnded a two alsmler aiesrlin swekyst and alas ka inairles we rehit the haesrdt acrdcoing to flhtig aware th ey had caedncel 4 f76lights as of yesterday. cancella tionat 12 at night. to daacy tually and thenwaedit on the e phonfor two and a half hours, didsln't eeanp d now m i' over herein tryg toget a fl ig. ht >> it's ryve stressful. it 'svery stl ressand consta ntlychec tkinghe app d ay e >> rlaiines t can'ope erat wioutht e threirqued nbeumr of pitslo d anflhtig ndattean. ts safety mecos first. >> be aware of your rights if
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aithe rle incancels yo ur ight. travel experts say you are el igleib for a refund. >> ifyour scheledu is canceledu yodeci dei won't ta keth is flight. i n'wot take anotflher ig ht wi ts hiairline e aryou entitled to y everpenny you enspt on that ticket. >> airlin cesanced le morethan 6,0 00flights over the christmas hoy lidaweekend. ? ju st afew hours rsjuro in the elizetabh holmraes fud trial llwi meresu delitiberaon s. today willbe day five and deitspe a veicrdt peexcted by the end of th isekwe the prs ocesis likely raising meso concerns for the prosutecion. >> atth means eyth are talking. ey may be ngtryi to compromise on ceairtn counts. th eyay m be withrong out certain counts. yodot n'want to delay ifyou arthe e prosecution. u want them to come back soon. >> holm fesacesup to 20 aryes if nvcoicted on all coun. ts
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it is 414:. stilahl ead and restaming on cbsnay b eaar. ne w dybo m cavideo showing us wh hatappened before abhiji pdla ofcefir shot and killed a 14-yead r-olgi irlnside a dertpament store sidresng ro. om > and a frantic suinre is underway for a skier missing in e searchy. the clue reuesc teams haveo t foowll. we wbeill rhtig bac k.
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body came raotfoage is gi vi ngus new insiinght atwh enhappedhe wn a police ofcefir shotd anedkill a 14-year -old indesi a orste. how it all happened. rna waing, though, you y mafi nd the video rdha wtoatch. >> the video is aochs and stdiurbing. mony daa poceli ofr fice leased a coinmbation ofvideo from inside a e storending in an ceoffir rifing, killing not ly t hesuecspt but shooting an noincentir gl inside a dressing omro nebyar. it stall ard tewith a 24-year- old caught on racame iidnse the store with a bi keand a bike lockng swiing the bike lock at stcuomers and vienoltly taatcking women. at onpoe int he shovedme soone
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dohewn t eslacator. helater atbe a won mathwi a bike loctik unl she was covered inod blo and hurt. we an'ret showing the entire attack th hougmuch waugs caht on camera. licesa id they got wordof a possibhole sotg inin progress at the store but when eyth arverid emeeploys said it was a man with a bike . lock a group of lipoce office rsthwi guns drawn ru ishednside and upaistrs. onso aftther ey found a trail of blood d anthe won mawho was dly hurt. the suspect was several feet away from her when an officer fi red three shots. >>shots fired. >>police shot the spsuect who later diedbut the lapdsaid e of the bullets hit the floor and into a wall, ristki ng killing a 14ea-yr-old whwao s in a dressroing om with her >> that is sarah repoinrtg. the girl's parearnts e nddemaintrg ansparency. thr eiattorneys will spreond to e thbo dycameraeo vid later
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this morning > >>why apple is closing some ofit's stores thand e rkwoers set to see more nemoy intheir pockets. monica has remo from new york. >> st ocksended higher following the lo cnghristmas we ekd.en the dow sero 3 51po. ints the nasdaq d adde217 and the s&p added # 65. ape plstores in the new york city area are tempilorary closed to in person shop erns due to risinvig cod secas. plape idsa it'll stl illet cuerstoms place or odersnle in piand ck them up at stores. stores have been teormparily edclos in dc, ohio, s,texa ge ora giand orflida. no word whon en th eyare se t to re. open workers in menew xi cowill soon see a t biremo money in their poet s. the ho urlymimunim wage is set ncto iree asby a dollar to 1.50 at thare stt of the new . year the idpresent wants to raise the mim nimuwage omfr $725 to
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$1in5 2022. > >>holiday shop persspt enmore moy neisth arye cpaomred to la. st it indesicat atth sales rose 8.wi5% th eceltronics, jewelry and clotnghi beinthg e hottest it's a sign consumers have no suise enspding despite e th ndpaemic. at's your money wah tcreport. for more headcb to s nemoy wacotch.m. famimely mbs erare keeping r theihos peup ase tharsech and ueresc amtes continue to look for a ssmiing skier inthe area. frs iendrertpoed him missing afheter did not owsh utop chrimasts dinner. th ey say ishe an av idskr,ie hes owna ski shop nthear e re so. rt chsear a ndrescue are battngli hey avsnow condit aionsndth e placer co untysheriff is asking for helpm froanneyo who may have sehien m. >>on the stm orwatch cal
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antrs said that highway 50 is op enfrom point ewvi to mersye and both bowestunand d eastd bounlanes enop for avtrel but chaiwins ll be requ iredfor alcal rs. crweews rebu sy clearing uptheo adro fm snow anotd her deis. similar leprobmson the nevada side of the state line. lo otsf cars rewe atth is gas station ingold rancthh wi meso drivers putting chai nson eithr retis, others had enbe stuck dafor ys. drivers 'taren resu when eyth wi llbe allowed on rothe ad n.agai >> they said toturn ouarnd. riwe ted aiagn today. ju stcomi ngback to the gas station. >>13> minutes w nobefore 5:00. time to get a ecchk on the atweher and trfiafc. anliy reef fothr ose peop leup the inthe sierra? there's another winter orstm warning just issued up there. r the next storm micong. if we are going to talk about
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at snow, e thmbnuer one pact right w nofor you getting read gray to start your day is w ho coldthe r aiis omfr this system which means for many of us 'sit in thupe per 30's asu yoare t abouto step outside. let's stbyart kitang a lo okat thcue rrent, saa ntrosa8. 3 liveorrme 39. the two coldspest otmas ke e sensfothr e inland valleys. u yocan see where the 30's are. it 38 in pana. 38 in fifairel d. then ilot's w 's40 in e thheart of t hebay. 's cold ouengh that, ye s, even witath wh w feshows erwe have, we are real lynot ex peinctg the xtne rndou of inra here until we get to to betwnoeen w d anthen e therwill ilstl be a few light flesurri fallbeing cae us'sit cold enghou that in e thmotaunins of kela county we d coule sesnow velel down to ar ound1500 feet. some of the valleys at 1500 feet. you may see a igslht acmuculation of snowbut lyreal
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that woul d bemainly into motorrow morn fi gurewe e ar ingog to seite . thatus's jt wndo to -- if you li avet 1500feet you knowit. mo lstocations don't havetobe erconcne d. here ilwe wl t gemore snow. sn lowevel going downtoa th oundsa feet that. meansos me of the footllhi coitmmunies llwi have more ow. thg e bitotals coming in the motas inagain still thfor e rest of today and tomorrow. only d adouabt otanher inch or so. here is what high detifinion pplelor oks like. he reis where e thxtne band of remo meaningful srainho wsup. o
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nit ghwe get into the deep er shades of that's whenthe next system meros rothugh. widespread rain through bathe y area atth's 9:00 tot nighanthd en atth wl ilstay with us into dnweesy damorning. this willimctpa a morning commute. itl 'lbe tomorrow datoy is not a problem. enth we are done by e th rainby e meti we t getoed wnesday afrnn.oo therane's otr hesystem in the sen veday forecast now tathe ofend . it from thursdaroy thugthh is weekend, we e arout of thein ra sibuness and we willget a much edneed chance toy drout and even warm upa bit. that will be nice into the wed.eken all right. ckba to you. >> > t'les take a look at e th roadways. have a traffic aler t. this isa deadly crash inlvvoing a rcmotoyc leand a se co ndvehicle and trafisfic alrely ckbaing up in the area. happened at t abou3: 45this
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mornaning d ilstl a lot of activionty scene and the inigvestatn iois underway. 'litl take someme ti for this to c learout. yocau n use 82or 280as thal arne it to d avoithis back up in those brake lights ugthroh ere. laall neshs ut down hbsoutou nd 1 10right at willoaow rd or teenhe tre and university avueen. we wleill t you know when lanes open up in th aatrea. alsogeinttg word of a new trouble spotre he. this is on 0 68southbound. st as you wo nrkear that 1,10 280 ecconntor and looks like ogphotra phsick backing up at least a lane is blocked due to this crash lateast they will shutdown all s laneto clear this out. that's adylrea ttgeing busy as we o utof the south bay. ep your eyes on that. if you are working your way ward mount mihalton, both dictreions shut down due to then ow. 58 0,80 6, dublin looks like traffic still moving at the limit. it'll be holiday light r fomost
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of t wheeek. webostund ndcoitio nsinto e th pa. not doing too bad. 25 numites 205 to 0.68 san mao tebrid. ge only2 1minutes twbeeen 0 88and 101. at's alook at your morning dr ive. he is andrea withor spts. >>th> e warsrrio t getwo plerbas ck from health and sa fe ptyrotocols. th e er49s loose a key piece of their offe nse. journaly's b thuminjury d an what it means for their game agnst the
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the poasstseonis still a re alpossibility for there 49s. they may have to get there withoummt jiy. he inj uredhis umthb on this play in the sslo.
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th49e ers are call ita instra but espn isngsayi is t'a torn meligantnd a fracture. ife hcan't play sunday it'll be trey lance's start. hasn't played ain month t bu the headcoh acsaid that he may be more ready to play now anth he has bellen a season. >>i any this stla month has hbeenisbe st four weeks of prceacti ncsie we have had him. hehas had a number of good days and d baysda but as far as being consistent i feel this lastth mon has enbe his best. >> to monday night footllba la stni ght. e throokie gettg infihis rst career arstt. le ssthan five minus tein against the lpdohins he is picked of by nickd anturerns for a touchd own. heas w intercepted twice the dolphins wstho ard te1-7 have wo ulbed seven rastight and
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moved in to a four way ti e. for thlae st playoff otsp in the c afwith the ravens, argers and the raiders. e thloss dropthped em to 7-8. e mega behind the er49s and gleaesor f the last two ayploff spots inthe san francisco can get a playoff berth bunet ed to beat houston anthey neednew oranles to e loostoar colina. thwaiorrrs got good news on thcoe vid front. th wiggins and olpo veha cleared. health andfe saty otprocs.ol wiggs inis pblrobae r fotoday's game againstth e nuggets. olpo will mareinut o. o twstarters are off e th covid list, greneen ted re heal thand safety protocols on sunday. is he one of rethe pls ayer l stilinro ptocols. the a nbhas over 100 plerays on the covid list but steve kerr ho pes the agleue widetboure ak windll e sn.oo >> it fes ellike wewi ll be
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leab to, you , knowwith stand l this and we will see how it goes over the next few weeks. fr what i have read, you know, this has a anchce - to - e thsurghae s a chan ceto drop etty quickly and opwe he th'sat the case. th at game agnsait the warriors and the nuetgg also p tioff at 7:00 tonight. three minutes now before 5:00 and still eaahd konpi x5an d streg aminoncb sn bay area a surge in omicron promptg in local busiesness toutsh wndo. why somesay closing their door is tbehe st move. > >>the and a look at the aftermath a of nationally p lane ash in sout herncafolirnia. whatwe know sfao r this
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and vathe narrreos a paying un00der $1 poner mth. check covecoredca.mto see your new lower price. d coverecarnlifoia, this wheay to alnsth iurance. enro ll bdecey mber 31st.
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right now on kpixhe5, t omroicn variant here in the bay eaar and it its gaining st eam. the data from doctors to y sa th tathe surge will likely grow ading up to another hodaliy ekend. >>anned w quaran tine guideselin reaelsed by the c.cdi llhe t y baarea follow su? it what we know comi ngup next. >> > asthe variant respads so me thare inngki twice aboue t th holiday anpls t bu wellwi tell you what health experts say congmi up. an d what you need toknow if you e arone of the many r ai trels eraffected by the rash ofan ccellations. >>go> od morning. anthk you for starngti r ou estuday with us. it d'secemr,be 28. th od go morning. t'les start off with a live olookutdesi right now. justa w fetescatred shs ower ouarndhe t bay area. more rainis headed our way. weare alsodealing with some veryld co ndcoitions. so cold in fact that the bay ar peaeaks got dua stg inof snow d anwe coseuld e mo rein nethe xt few


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