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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 27, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>>w > noat1: 100. morare in is is aaivrring -- arrinivg. we will let you know what to ctexpe ingog in toth e new year. ghhiways shutdowinn the sier. ra nitoght tens of thousands of residents facing abi gger problem > >>last week if you asd keme i ulwod of feltmore comfore.tabl this week i am a little remo queasy. >> the suendd sue rgin cases is giving th em second thoughts and now a dr amicat shift in the cdc's guarantee teen r. ules what yshou ou ldknow if you are one of the many air avtrels ereffected by cancellas.tion go odevening. >> w noat 11:00 and stinreamg on cbsny ba ara ea veli look idoutse right
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w. few atscted reshows erarou nd the bay area. more rain heading our way. we are dealing with alrelyco ld condit ions out there. >> so cold. thy e baarea heap got a dusting ofno sw. weco uld see mo. re hereis a look in nosoma co. unty and mount abdelo. a look now at what is in store erovnight d torrmoow. >> it will be bonell chiing for cafolirnia dastanrd s. we wil l bedo wnto2 3degrees righert the. santa saro at napa, 38 grdeees inun motain aviewnd san jose the nr umbe will be 35 degrees. in terms of nrainot chmu, not o buin about 24 hours we llwi etbe gti ng hit with otanher disturbance. scattered shows erin the there is still sn owlen ft ithe mounta ins. winter storm rnwaing downedgrad to a winter weheatr advi. sory they are expectedon e to three
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in chesof snow e abov007,0 etfe. they will be up to 8. the ndwi is stro. ng driving condnsitio e arstl il ba d. we tuacally haveic ptures to prove it. all ghrit. th. anks >> the erare hearadqute rsfor drivers. those headaches continue in the sierra th snow covered roads downed trees making travel just isimposble in some spots. i-80 remains closed between colfax and the state line. there is a bigger concn,er tens of thousaofnds pg &ecustoms erin the sierra are thwiout power. th atme ans no heat. th e reporter steve large is in the city wi thw horesintdes arpie cong. >> a snstoworm with a knk ocout pu nch. snapping trees and snpiapng power lines across arvada. snowplows busy keeping ros ad clear as the city streets are left in the dark. pg&e assessing it bloc k by block. >>hunkering wndo. ma ke doing with whatwe got. >> he decided to rntu his wepor
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taouge into an opportun ity. his home is one of thoanusds without electricity. he is heedad to bquarbee in the snow. >> you haveheat and you have food incookg. >> we haveexa trblankets and ghtonit we are not kicking the dogs off of the [ laughter ] >> reporter: he decided to avbre e thfreezing night ind steaof daring to go home. i aam city boy. i namot too prd outo say that, yoowu kn, it loo ksiffy i err on the side ofti cauon. >> this storm it ispretty tense. >> hnjo works for the fostre hill refi district declaring a local disaster emgeerncy beuscae of the power outage, a downed treelimiting e thfit rsresponders ssacce to mehos. >> we are not expecting wepor back in this community for uprdwas aof . week tharey e having diffiltcuy reac hingcas ll and the number of trees and power nelis that are wn.
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>> weporls esas e thsnow powers up and the mperatures are dropping down. tonight, e thc cdis maki nga r majo chano ge tits quartianne s.rule the itswch comes idam a ikspe in cases rehe in focalirn iaand nation. wide the stte positivity rate risen to 5.4%. that is2.8% jump in justth e lastee wk. ghtonit, can pix --kpix y bett yu e spokto . many >> tonight, the cdc shortened the mmrecoend detime r foisoln atio after geg ttin vicod-19fr om 10 ysda to 5 as nglo as peoe pldon't veha symptoms. >>it is odgo things and bad gsthin fr om going fr0-om 15 days of isatolion. gein nel rait is a odgo g.thin we can t geit ready as fast as ibpossle the secothnd ing is, u yohave to be arweing that ma. the remain5 ing days and not
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just any mask. a lyreal good mask. >> those that are exposed to cod- 19but boosted will no longer ne ed to quaran. tine ucsfdoorct added based on early tada from peeuro about half oofmioncr cas are asymatptomic. >> it is spreading fa. st i inthk that youget a sense of wh atit looks li keto be a llwe ccinated city that is l stilbeg inrecaful. a lot of masks t outh ere. and the ernumb of s casein the city has go from 40 a day to a bout0 35 a day ju st inthe last couple of weeks >> uc sfrtdepame ntof dimecine chair sa ys th atthe reassuring part is that hospitatilizaons havecrineased on lyby 5%. >> e thvariant itself is a little milder mo re imanporttlwhy en the anvarit hits a lot of ccvainated peop. le a lot ofthem wi llget infected but t no that manypesur cksi.
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>> children are fillg in emgeerncy rooms. peatdiric sphoitizalations are at the hiest velels e sincseemptber amg onpati ents5-11. nonead h been vaccatined. pe oplemake difficult oichces about t ge geths erand new years plans this week even he changed his mind ouabt indoor ning. la>> stwe ek i wod ulof ft el more co mfortable. isth week. i remo easy d ani am feeling most comfortable dining outd. oors itde pends on the situation but am latively hea. lthy bett, y yukp5.ix >> the latest surge of cases local businesses areclosing and nceling events on thr ei n owthis ekwe as a ecprauonti. in oakland theater is canceling shs owbut ofrifeng food services. in san francisco, e thmoby dick bar decide d tocle osuntil e thd en of the month after
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one of its employees tested po siveti. >> we care for plee ous.r cwe had one employee locally t ge tiposive. we felt after that we needed to otprect evceiden. it usis jt a y crazmeti. at new year 'sand chmarists it is impossibeole pple willno t be hu ggg inand inkissg and having a asblt d an rgetting eveinrythg atth theygh mit edne to do to be fe. >>r foinatformion on testing and invacces and closesur todue the icomron anvarit head to our webs ite. a live oklo now at sfo. rlines onnatiwi deare suffering from staffing shtaorges due to the omicvaron rit ansurge of covid-19. at isleading to thndousas ofde la ysand calanceltis.on o81 cancellas tionan26d 6 delays just datoy. ation , wild0012 flights were canceled. o twsmlealr airlines, skywest and alaska
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airlines whiere t the hard est. according to flight aware the tw o d ha nccaeled 476 flights as of this aftern oon. >> canceltilaon at 12:00 at night today, tuacally and then waited on the phfoone r 2-2 1/ hours. d dinot sleep and now i am over rehe tr yingto t gea flight. >> it is very strel,ssfu ve ry stssl.fu i am constalynt checking e th apanp d my e-mail to see if erthe are ances. aiesrlin can not operate flights without pilots and flight tendants. sa fe tycomes first. > >>soat, wh are your rights? ifthe airline cancels uryo flig htu yoare eligible for a refund. >> ifyour reenti itinarery is cancel ed yoare tientl ed etovery penny you spent on the ti. cket >> globally theynccaeled 6,000 igflhts erov the christmas holiday weekend. well, still ahead tonight. newly released body came ra
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video owshing us what enhapped before an lapd officer shot and kill ed a14-yeldar-o gl ir insi dea depantrtme store dressing room. > tonight, ana frtisec arch is underway fo r a skier missing in the sierra. the clue rescue teams hatove follow. >> > inall, the sn owin the sierra stranddring ivs erfor days. how much more fresh powder will fall when the ne sxttorm moves tghhrou.
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an lapd ceoffir sh ot and killed a -y14ear-old inside of a buinrlgton atco factory. a warning, you may find the videhao rd to tch. >> repoerrt: the vio deis kayiicot d andisturbing. on monday, pdla released combination footanage d officer rnwa mecara video ending with an of fir cefiring his apweon, killing the suspect and shooting a innontce unyog gi rl indesi of a dresngsi ro nomearby. >> she isbl eeding, she is bldi. ng >> it all gaben with 24-year- old daniel loz,pe caught onme carain side tofhe store with a bicycle d ana bike lock swinging the lock at customers d anporertlyed violy entlatcktaing muipltle women. at one inpot heovshed someone down an escalator and tookoff his s.pant later he drgeagd a mawon to the ooflr violently atbeing her with e th bikelock until she was covered inlo bod and badly hurt. we are not showing enthe tityre of the ckatta. chmu of asit w caught on
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ca. mera lapd ivreceeda possible ooshting in prreogss in the orste. employs eetold emth, ineastd, a n with a bike lock. group of ofcefirs with nsgu dr awned rushed inside and uprsstai. they found a trail of bld ooand the woman badly hurt. th e suspect was seravel feet away from her when an offificer red three otshs. [greunfi] [gunfire] [guirnfe] >>or repte r: the lapd says on e thof e officer's bullets ricoetched off of the ooflr into a wa, llstngriki a nd kig llin14-year-old rlgi who was in a dres singroom wi thher mom. >> now, the 'sgirl parents are manding trspenarcy from the poli. ce their atrntoeys will red sponto the release ofatth body racame video toowmorr mniorng. instju a few hours, juro rs will resume delitiberaons after they return from a brief hodaliy brk eay.toda tomorrow, it llwi rkma y da5 of
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deliberas tionand despite a vet,rdic e thocpress is likely israing some coerncns for those precorut. >> that means they e arintalkg, they may bein tryg tocompromise on cen rtaicounts, they may hrbe towg inout certain uncots. you t don'want to dela y. you want them to come back . soon >> facing up to 20 yes arif convicted on l counts. >> tonight mifaly ermembs are keinepg their hopes up as sechar and scue teams ntcoin ue to oklo for a missing skieinr e thsierra. the ershiff sa ysshe went missing while iing at north arst resort on christ mas. -- his ndfries repo rtedhim missing. heis an eravage ieskr,he nsow a i sksh op neare thresort. they have been ttbali ngheavy . snow e thershiff is asking for help for an yone whmao y ofee sn hi m. > and on e thstm orwatch toghnit, caraltns yssa ghhiway 50 is w no open omfr poi vntiew
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eyto mer s. theysay thbo stwebod unan steabound las neare op. en chains llwi be required for all cars eltravinong the highwa y. s crewwe rebusy all da eaclring the roads of sw noand other deisbr. lasimir problems onthe nedava i def othe ate line. lots of cars were at the gas ation and gold h rancwith ivdrers putting ains on eithr tires and rsothe scktu here for days. drers are not sure when eyth will be alwelod on the adros aiagn. >>ey th ju sttold us to tu rn around pretty chmu. tweried again datoy. coming back to the gas station, the same sp ot we was at yesterday. tting some chai nson. going to give ittra y. > >>time to bring in . mrbrian whilthe ey are getting snow we ar eaclring out. >> yes. we are clrieang it up. as a ltresu fezree our kiteesrs. geg ttindry as well. th e hi-def ardopl shows a few wi de ly scatteshred ows eroff of the peninsuld a anthe
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mountains. that is as sumeshe wrote. the shows erthat we had yesterday now stly dried . up inth e north y baerthe is nothing. a ltresu they say it wl il gecool tonight. ghrit now the numbs erare wndo in the 30 s in saa ntro sawith 36 grees in santa ro. sa orconcd has eaclr iesks and 43 deeeins livee rmorat 41. thskies e arclearing the temperatures e arcold enough toprucode some of the sn aowt the high s.peak there is nois motu reout ther e, not much in t heway of owsn. ilstl, anything that falls tonight might fall at snow at hi gh elevat. ions th is iswhy. highesprsure that is well to the west mbined wi ththe loatw th is ioverda. ho what a idcorror. all of the cold air up in the , gulfit is ju spilling intocalifornia and becaituse ds,oe it is one of the reasons why tot nighitis the co ldt esnight of the week. ving some of e thsn owaround thpes.ak we d coulget more of that tomorrow t.nigh in the anmeti, mehere is how it looks in the tufure cast.
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scatd teresherows. ase wget into tuesday we will frzeee it toht rig around 10:00 in the morning. se ei ngthe owshers ghlit up the radar ar soundan tarosa and up tinhe h nortbay aiagn. this is 0 10:0tomorrow inmorng, it oushld not interfwiere thhe t morning coutmme. co mingin a littatle le for that. as time go eson low esprsure gets caught iupn e thnorth to south owfl. it nsbegi to trigger more showers. e thday goes on, here are e th showers. w, the evening utcomme, tomorrowht nig, that llwi beor me of a prob lem. then by 11:15, most ofthe showers begin move south and out of the bay area isthat it? no t quite. the eris still a few more in thunstable aibehind it. right thh rougwednesday ening. th was not gog into be a coinusuo st eadydownpour. in a wa y,a ngspri-le ikstorm. clrsea . up you t mighsee sun. it will be co, ldt nospring keli. it will beunpredblictae. it will berf peect just keli wh at i like tohear in atweher. unpredblictae.
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a anblkestt atement. showers on n,agai off again, rough datuesy,pr seading souterh ov the rest othf e bay ar eafo r the rest ofe thday rit ghinto wedndaesy. nobit g rain totals by the y.wat codomes wn stand op s,gets a eak. s comedown more. by the ti meall is sa idand done this tween now and 7:15 on dnweesday. a 5th of an inch in ntsaa rosa, the amounts nodo t very much. most ofthe eaar, a arquter of iannch. halfan inch. no t a lot of rain. in s termof probilabities beeetwn now d an wednesgeday t scatreted show ers. look at this. the chances llfa off of a cliff by wednes day,thsduray, idfray, nearw ye's day on turday and sunday. we dry ou t. by the meti we get to wednesday night the first timein a nglo time no rain l untiwe amp up the anchces going into the first weofek 2022, can you believe it? 2022. overniloght ws32, degrees, santa . rosa ilchly nitogh t. thescoldt nit ghof theweek, rely eefrzing. rrtomoowno, t much erbett.
11:20 pm
hi mpteeratures near 50 grees in some placuses jt e thupper 40s. 47 at rgmoan hill. 49 at mpcabell. eastba y. that is the reason the map is so it willbe cold. atorconcd. we llwi have so mesuren he and thbut enth e inra begins in the north bay mi dmniorng. sllyow spadre soh utoverth e rest of the bay ar. ea ifyou are up at kela , port37 degrees for a ghhi. extendedre foca, sta upcole da ys ofclouds and sun and ra. in thursday, idfray, rdsatuay, su, ndaywe get a k.brea then, monday we begin to crinease the chances. ereat is true r foe th --that is true r fothe east bay. ta pe rsoff on thur. sday much happening in weather and in sports rehe isnd area. warriors get two player ckba. 49 ers lose a key piece of r thei offense. jiy mm g.'sthumb
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for moeliare rblvie deo calls. t at ge&tib fer, plans starti at $35 a month f aor year. limited availabi lity in st arelecea ca ll despite the loss to the ti ttanshe post seaisson a real inthg for the 49ers but
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they may have tot gethe er ouwitht jimmg.y injured his thumb on this ay in the loss to the 49ers. they are cainllg it a sprain pnes is reporting he has a torn gament anfrd acture in the ifhe can not go on sunday it will be trey lance geg ttinthe e throokie s hanot play edin re than a nth but the h coacsays e lanc t mighbe more adrey to pl aynow than he has been all seas. on >> i inthk this last month has enbe the best nscoecutive four weeks of practice ncsie we have had m.hi he had a number of go odysda and some bad days like most gu ysdo. consistency and stuff isth past ntmoh has en hibes st. >> time will tell, monday night football nitoght. ian okbo gettins g hifit rs start. ihes the ckba utop the back up to the back up. lessan th five minutes in, he picd ke off d anreturn s itfor a
11:25 pm
touchdown. ck 6 was intercd eptetwice ansad cked eit metis. ammii nswi 20- 3. e dohilpn who's arstted e th ason-7 1 haven wo7 stra ightand vemod into a four way e ti for e th lastayploff spot in the afc withthe verans, chargersd ane th raiders. the lossdroppee d thtssain 7- . a mega hibend the er49s d an eagles for the last oe f tho twplayoff spots in thenfc. san francisco n caclinch a plofbif rth thunis sda y. they need to do two things, be hstouon d they need new orles anto oscle to licarone a. the warriors got good news on the covid- f19ront. wi g ins and poole cleared health and satyfe protocol. wiinggs is avblailae d anpoole will inrema out. >>green entered alheth and sa fety protocs olon sunday. heis e onof three players still in protocols alg onwith lee d an mo ody. e thnba currently has erov 100
11:26 pm
pls ayeron that covid-19 list. steve kerr hopes the league wide-outk brea will endon so. >> it s feellike we willbe able to withstaland l ofisth and we ll see how it goes ov terhe next few weeks. omfr wh ati re, adyou know, isth has a ance to, the surge has a anchce to opdr pretty qu icy kland we hope that is the seca. >> pehofully no more povesiti tests. >> weall hope th atsurge just -- >> yes. >> for every one of us. >> finger'oss crse d. thank you very much. final prepatarions underway r the wo rlfad mous sero parade. we will showu yoatwh is in orste thfor e annuraal tdionti.
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th e annual rose parade just days a way. >> take a lo okat isth bird. colemptely decorad tewith fler s. some fltsoa made out of lent els. the parade was nccaeled last yeuear d to th e pandemic. vontrsee are pphay to be ck. >> thisis my 38th rapade. with covid-19y mhusband says do u yo ally want to go back? wh enthey llcaed me injune to make sure i wacos ming back i was keli can i meco downrighw?t no >> new video fr omsan jose chk ecout the co rolings beaming outside city ha. lit ghart insulaonti. sonic runway. itvisualizes the speed and sound by syhrizoning soanund d lights. >> very cool. this insulation was outside of city hall back in 2018.
11:31 pm
poplar demand brt oughthis new versofion soninwc ruay. >> i outhght i remembered it. i thought it was last year. was in 2018. atth is what covid-19 did. [ laught er ] >> it lookats ne. >> we'll igbe rhtac bk.
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weearn about cov id-19, the mostre queioe ns whave. thgge biest question w now,hanet's xt? at wh will covid br ing in six month ys, aear?
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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you'relo not ane. lh caopfee ofrs free co evid-19moaltion support. ca33ll 8-317-4673, ore livchat at caorlhope.g today. > >>streaming toowmorr on cbbaary ea. th e forecast has you covered throug hout the day thwi teexnded cogevera. you can ndfi cbsnbay eaar on kpomix.c or apthe p. we arsoe al on the app. download it r foeefr on uryo favorite stamg inplatform. >> e thla teshow thwi stephen
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colbert is . next >>th ank foyou r watching us tonight. have a good ni ght captngioni snspoored by cbs >>augol sar, the repcaublin from arizonas , habe cenensured. the arizona blrepuic ians fagin fiofcialon cdemnioatn afr tehe posted a photoshopped anime deo that shohiwed m llkiing crdemoat cicongresswoman ataniadr ocasio-cortndez a tainckg president biden. >> you're wangtchi cpa-snime. mesohow, we've emaven dehi ts boring. up next, the animeen csure votef pl augosar. >> ooooh-aaaaw! oooaaoh-aaw!


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