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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 27, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>th> is latest weather stsyem brghlot ts of snow tobay areeea pks. >> if u yowa ntedto exenperice holidayoys, u really d hato rkwo for it. >> reerport: the journey gibens at t heparking lot r fothe ablo junipermp cagrndou. our ojphotoualrnist n briau.n. s wadetermin edto document the
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snow. g alonthe way he met up with otrshe who wanted to play in thrae re bay area s now. >> ware e excited about snowflakes fngalli onour hands. i don't know, the girls ha ve been wnganti to go to the owsn foa while but e tahoseems pretty cstongeedan d it isa lo t rtfuher. re>> poerrt: you haveto be readfoy r the elenemts, like this quick blast of hail. brialln tes us its waabout a two mile kehi, and not for the faofint hrtea. t then, came the ffpayo. a winter he seen at the top of . mtdiablo. the souvenir o photat 3849 feet. and of course, the mifaly snow >> w howould you describe th is to your frie nds? >> wi nterwonderland. [ laerught ] we wanted the kids to see
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owsn, cabeuse erevything el se is closed. >>it's be enokay. windy, t buit'sun f. thkie ds havewalks remo than i have ever seenthem walk. go odeveng into you. i am lealn man.rsde >> iam ixkp 5 morning anch or am andain for izelabeth. les take a live lookacross thbae y area. it may beraining right now but note matr erwhe you live you have definitely tinoced just how chilly it is out there. >> ldco as we ha vebeen owshing u erthe, snow fallg inon so me of the bay area's ghhiest akpes. is was the scene in mt. di ab tlohis afternoo n inthe souty,h ba . mthamilton al so goa good layer offresh snow d anit is certnlaiy not ov er yet. >> banri is in for paulthis evg,enin wh itthe the ch ance evfor en more snow. >> welcome to december in the bay areait can get . coldit is abt ou10 grdeees colder than it usuall ay ist isth time
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of year. ciespeal lytonight because e thu mbs erwill be10 eedegrs beloerw avag e,even in ytdaime highs. therise not a lot ofmoisture left out in the next 36 hours and as a ltresu, mostly atsctered showerous arnd the baeay ar. weil wl move in on this part of the penins ula,so, you n casee th oatver -- ouarnd davenport withfe a w showers right now, owsn in the santa cruz mountains , lymost drie.d up annteserting echo arodun mt. tam, it is pretty rare to get snow in . mttam, could be in the offing anmewhile, not a surpriseth at after 12 feet of snow they l stilha vewinter orstm wainrngs posted in the ersira rothugh tomorrowrn moin g. in terms of what is next for us, depending on what u yolike ere is go odnews d anbad wsne.
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weildel tail for you and give u yothe refoca stin ju sta w fe teminus. guys? brian, as you we re plexaining in the ersira, the winteror stm dumping asmuch as 12 feet of snow in the weekend, both highway 50 and i-80 closed this evening. it is a combination, though. the snow as well as downed trees has prompted the closure of eastbound 80. rertpoer rheacl wulff shows us the travel mess some drivers endured. >>ep rorte r:a team eorfft. >> he got stopped so i have to sto op si got stuck to. >>rtrepoer: to try to get this man out of the snow. cha p ofcefir aman dathe steering wheel to help get him out of harms way. only to inform him i-80as w ut wndo. >> oh man, that is why yoeverne
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sisitting around here not going, because it is closed. >> reporter: near whiteout nditions made it difficult to even take a deto. ur this trtoacr-aitrlegor t stuck the ofp framwhile ngtryi to aturnrod.un >> e aryou ysgu stuck? e >> we arjust waiting for them. >> reporte r:this cr ewfrom vaejllo inheadg to the slopes cidi ngto chil l. >> if they otcann get ugthroh it, we e arnot going thugroh. r>>eporter: afseter ei ng otrshe tryg into pullaround on the oushld eronly to get stnd. ed >> thisere a bit of an islip and i drpeopd off e thside of. ep>> rorr:te this tow truck drivaler cleond his day f ofto he alp stranded big anreag's not pphay about . it >>it 's nsexpeiv e. r>>epteorr: how chmu isthis going tocost? >> $450 per urho is a mimunim. >>porerter: to make maertts woe,a power outage had this nebyar gas statn ioteeil eitel. tamera burbridgs e waon her way ck he omaftevir siting her ugdahterr fochristmas in the bay. we lo okedup about every route wecod ulposs iblyfi, nd erything wasos cledat e on point orno ather. >> i n cafi gureout how to make this thing y?fl i would've do neit. >> repo: rteresthe lo calswere epprared with their pup in the ba of their off-road vehicle.
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>> thers e'trees all over the road, we have to use a chai nsaw to get through. >>ep rorter: they veha seen e thestys peof osclures berefo. >>it wi llbe a nglo haul for e ne xtthree or four days. we will havfue n. we wi llmake it. best case scenario, you t can'gerot thug h,what do you do? >> u yoplay in the snow for a bit and head meho. >> reporter:ch rael wulff th e cdc is shorte ningqu artianne timer pe oplewho test sipoti vefor covid-19. itis now recommending that you s oleat for five days afr te testing positive yoif u are asympticomat, llfoowed by five days of wearg ina mask around otrshe. wthisou ldminimize disrtiupons,lu incdi ngat work. kenny chspoi oktoe nebusiss adleers dealing withthe threat of risi cngases. >>re poerrt: easing guelidines wi allllow comps anieto bring baorck wke rssoon errath erth an r.late soanbuy sinesses fa cinglabor shortages,se the anchges will im pa ctevery dawoy rklife. >> reporter: the wh eelshave t nostopped turng inat this
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reti and aumototive spdeite the twt isand turns for texting andu artianning as cases ri se ssacro the country. >>e wbecame staccuom edto, we justav he to de alwith and handitle properly and hygienically >> repor ter:luckily, no one at thshop has tested positive. workflow hnoas t stald leon e tr ou. nd bun t, ithe air,thousands of igflhts had to be canceled of the weekencad beusofe ctinfeed staffihong srtesag. plans to bring rkwoers back to f fis ceare in limbo. fast sprofead omicron iske epg inmany s deskand aichrs and a for w noand people woinrkg from meho. >> i think we are verertg inback what we know w hoto . do >>re poerrt: ronnie fo ngis the ceo ofe thsan francisco amber of commerce. >> fong and business erleads are pihong to see the dertpament of heal thfollow
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it so that businesses n ca meet dem and. >> veryse cloly ,we are woinrkg through the demepartntof publicea hlth, encourinagg them to ease it wh enit afis se. we are in the middle of a spike ghrit now, so it ghmit not be thbe sttime to do that. >> reerport: lauren witchery hao t had toclose opsh but that does not mean eyth have not seen impact on businesses ndarou him. >> starbucks is closed. 10:00 in the morning, all the things sh ouldbe . open vei' sn eeit. knyou ow? >>po rert: erwe reacd heout to the seenntces go padertment of e al athbout his anquarti ne guidineles stla uptedad in nombveer, asking all infected people to quanartine for at t leas10da ys. san franciskeco, nnchy oi, kpix 5. in carnlifoiawe, justsaw a bump in test potisivity rate, itis w noat 5.4% over the last seven days, that uisp more
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than2. 5%from the week ioprr. for more inatformion on d-covi 19 testing d anvaccines acro ss the bay area, chk ecout , at the top of the homepage. still eaahd on kp ix5 and bcbsnay area, an update on el izetabh holmes l triain e th south bay. we take you to highway 50 in the ersira, the leprobm for avelers and businessesth wi snpiow li ngup. is th holiday sea t we wanto enjoy the giof beietng togher. r fopeace of mined, tak the stfirst ep in knowing. becaituse might justa be cold, but you wao nt tbe cdeonfint. bithe naxnovow cid-19 geantin seeslf tt has the sameol technog y used by do and des tectmultiple ri vaants. so in 1just5 minutes, n you cateknst, ow, and go. avaiinlable ss toreand online. ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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than ksfor stinayg with us. jursro at the izelabeth holmes fraud trial are back teafr a k breafor the holiday. we are at the courthouse. reporter: e thjury has been lidebetirang a total of four days. we are ctexpeing a icverdt this week. story tells us lo ng lideberations tyllpicay vofar the nsdefee. >> reporter: elizabeth lmhoes isst ayg inin a hotel arneby to the thcourou sein deorr to show up quklicy if edneed to answer jurors quensstio. e last ti methe jursro met wa s urthsday, when theyasked toreplay corerdgsin of the 2013 conferecance llwh ere hoespi tched the technology to investors. lel gaanalyst mich helleag an has befoen llinowg the case closeld y anbeevlies that now atth we are wrapngpi up day
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, fourmehos will be found guilty onsome of the charges. >> it is uslluay a tusiation whe the rojurs are yitrng to convince eotach hetor reach a certain vet,rdic sometis methey can reach a verdict and mesotis methey come back with a comimprose verdict whe erthey fi ndui glty on somecounts d an not ilguty >> rteeporr:th e jurors are inmullg erov 11 uncots of fraud and nscopiracy, with teimstony r om32 witns esseicwhh spd anne three months but hagan says for a fedel racase, sortinrog thugh this mucidh even ceis t no unl.usua >> a lot of aiemls and powerpoint prestientaonans d texts to show they were working getother. s it ia ramicle that 12 people can agree to hianytng. r>>epteorr: in san jose, ki et , dokpix 5. >> > w neat , 6:00san bruno cepoli noanuncing to rearst in a mall t theffrom ieearlr this ntmoh. ey s ay$16,000 in ngsulasses we re stolen from a store in side e th10 frndie mall on december 6 th.
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lice sayth iswas an orgad nizereilta theft. e >> ware now arlening the identities ofthe anhusbd and wife who died in last week's flooding in lbmuerry. th e san o matecoroner's ceoffi say e thvictims are 63-year-old larondo gloriosoan d 62-yr-ea d olsunnsaa glsoorio. the coupleow drneind side r thei submercaged r last sdthuray. to the sier, ranow. oblems on the highway thwi travelers geinttg stuck and busissnees sdohut wn. reerport llmoy real has the latest. >> i dot n't geto be by myself ve often, so i am enjoying the acpee. >>ep rorter: sam is stuck in hoe city. >> i meca up to get ayaw for a w fedays but this rntus into ma y bemo reanth tt.ha >> repoerrt: this sacramento veterinaanri had nochoice but to call out for the next lecoup ofay s. >> i had tocancel l alof my appoenintmtsto, day and tomorro that's t,bu we will figu reit ou t. >>porerter: also figuring it t,ou the cortezfa mily. th eyplan r foa i sktrip to ta hoe. >> she saiddon't gotoday, go
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tomorrow. and i decided you know what, we wi llgo y.toda r>>epr:orte atth plan anchged. so, they made reseatrvions at gold trail lodge in placerville. that plan also changed. deakep pat elownsth e gold lodge f ofof highway 50. cheame to work this morning d anthe power s waout. >> rooms were empty beuscae of no power, no water, no hot ter. >> rorepter: he s waforc edto hgiveisgu est to options. find sheomewreel se to spend the ghnit or stay withno heat, and no tewar. we are suppedos to be at the reisnasance marrioantt d d hato stay here. >> repteorr: a g bihit to busineesss, pecially ngduri e th busy holidseay as. on >> i cannot evenremember the latist me it snedow a little bi t, just not a lot. yoowu kn? nolit ke today. this is >>or repte r:el dorado co unty hag s duits way out rebefo and aftearr yes ofdrought, the es fos e arhappy to dig their way ofout snow. they just ask that you pay
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attention. >>everything isclosoved er the mountainyws anay. >> thank you somuch. >> yobeu t. arne arbe valy,le i-80nd a ghway 20 and 49 we reall clos edtoday cabeuse of downed trees and power lis,ne there. this mngorni, uzcr said they were working with le ssthan one lanes withto get through. meti to g brinin brian hackney, we will get a pause, so maybe twihey llge t a break d anclear the roads. >> i think they will havea chance to clear it up because realthly, e inma ac tionhas pa ss. ed we e argoing to get atscted re showerhes, ty will get t a bi more snow overnight tot nighbut thwiat ll be it. the ntwier storm rnwaings ex pi rein t abousix s.hour atth won't be all she wrote. next week, remo is coming in. t,bu y oucan see that at the moment, mostof the showers, wiinndg over e thbay eaar, we ar e a li ttleconcerned t abou the fact thatlittle monster is coming if n ofthe mendocino coastline. athe t moment, erthe is just a little bit on the santa cruz mouns tainarndou 280, d anthat
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isut abo l alu yocan expe. ct a sp lashor two on the windldshie nitoght, but it is tomorrow night abt ou24 urhos from nower whe we are looking for the next real imlspue to come in and giveus a quarter ch of ra. in th iats tomorrow ghnit as r fo tonigh at, few scattered owshers, a t bicold. w pressure in our unmotain ra ngsee ttling over the bay area. as a surelt, the numbs ercome tdowno arne free zingtonight. u tu recast ecchked a w fe mis nuteago at 6:. 00 mostly closkudy ieats the montme in s termof whenthe ne rn aicomes in, not much tomorrow buthe reis estuday at 6:.m00 a. d again around the western side of the peninsula may be a e w showers because this goes on, look at this low supresre begi n todevelop offsreho 5:00 tomorrigow nht. it is going towrroap aund the low offshore and then itpowers tothe bay area ridung the evineng mmcoute tomorrowd an blowous t by weesdnday morn ing. but, that will be a indistct period ofrain as opposed to tescatreshd owers tomo rrow night, 24 hours, we get a dist binctanofd shs oweragain
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ving througe h thy baarea. snowup top, odgo rain through e thevening utcomme, then it headous t of the bay eaar and thatll wi lead toa yidrng end. pthatarist not o toba d. not huge rain amounts, 17 hurendths of an chin in santa ro asand fairfield and in san jose, 18 rehunddt hsof an inch, out half an inch in frem ont. it depends on e wheryou are. tinerms of anchce s,during the y datomorrow, a few scattered showers anend th tomoowrr night, a pret tygood th atyou will noceth at the rain chances just opdr off a f cliffor dnweesday night all the way through yenew ar d'say and then webegin to build upby the timee wget to early ne xtweek. so , atleast thisperiod vegis us adrying trd,en the n suwill come out, life willbe odgo and rly next ekwe, more rain. we,ll we need it. right now the numbers e ar mo stlyin the 40 s. 46eg drees in coorncd, livermor e at43de grees and seven o ciscat . 46 it llwi be cold tonight, do wn toeefrzing in santa . rosa
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with e thforecast overghnit low of 32 grdeees if there is scteatred shower twor o, and if itha pps enat high elevn,atio then we would get a stduing of ow on the area pes.ak itis cold ouengh. highpe temraretus tomorrow, is map is all in blue because the numbers are all in the 40s. 43 deeegrs to a daytime highor tomorrow e thcoldest day of the ekwe wi llbe rrtomoow. 45 grdeees liand veorrme, 44 at antioch. in thete exnd edforecast a co upleof unsettled days on tudaesy and wednesthday e nuermbs do not wa-rmup amdratically. mi d-s 50by the timewe heusr in 2022, can you belie evthat? rivaable clouds, scattered sh ows,er if u yowant a break you're going to get it, enth on moaynd it looks like we e ar insicreangch ances for a few sh ows eragain which holds true fothr e east y,ba the north bay and the co ast.un selettd the next lecoup of ysda with rain coming in torr ownight then remo nshine as we he adinto e th next part ofthe week. that is the wer.athe
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as for the , newshere it is. >>thanks. cbs ineveng news is coming . >> hereis jomar garrett with a >> > odgo evening, n alleand anda. the s cbeveng in newsis numites away. the cdc is tiupdang isolation idguelines for vaccatined amicerans testing tiposivefo r o vi19d-. whouat y and uryo family need know, micong up on the s cb evening news. > three da ysoff and some major newsfr om the 49s eras th eyig fht for a spot in the postseason mmjiy garoppolo may not be unceder nt erdown the stretch ashe miss espractice thwi a thumb in. jury >>re> stamg intonight on sncb bay eaar, a doorct from saornfd hethca re sh areshis ceadvi masany return fr omtheir hoy lidagaerthings. that is at 8:. 30 you can findcbsn bay area on kpix .comor e th kpix
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> th49e ers are in decent she to make the playoffs wi th ly two games remain ing. they maynot have jimmy garopptholo issu nday against the nstexa. >> jiy'mms down. >> jmyim went down thwi a thumb inryju, not that one,on this pl ayn o urthsday's loss to the tinsta. the s 49erca llit a sprain, buts
6:24 pm
pns ireporting itis mesothing worse and drop low is dealing with a frreactud thumb. ifjimmy otcann go that s mean lance will get the call for his cosend he is 100% healthy from a couple of injuries earlier isth season and kyle shanahan said today that lance is ha vinghis best month of tipracce. li neckbaer al erchey is expected to missthe fil nafew gas thwi a spedrain knee. the team pehos he can return for the stposeason. al cheyer is sendco on tethe am intackles. de vo today cabeme a first-time dad this inmorng after s hi rlfriend gavrte bih toa baby boy. >> twahe rrrsio got so megood news. anewwi ggins has been reclead rtoejoin the team. he missed the stla three megas e to health and safety procs.ol le br onjames ison a team thwi a five-game lg osinstakre for the first meti in his ca. reer nick axclton have dunk erov james on lebr onwas k quicto inpot out that l.a. is mig ssinseveplral ayser. nobody wi llfeel rrsoy for
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guys li ekeverybody, debesis ldgoen state and phoenix, everybody guhas ysou t. >> get somefas ctand meco back and see me. >> here e arthe fact s,e th warriors have four players on the d-covi19 list. enth you have injuriesto iglluodaa,kl ay thompson and mawisen, yet e thwarr iorskeep n winning. the sharks e arreturning to thec e teafr having their last three games postponed. n sajose wi blle shorthanded once again. hurdle, doonnl, anded ain llhi re added to the covid-19 st. e good newsis brent bus rn wacleared to turern. sthisumd meup the t nighfor the wagtshinon foot tballeam. aln lepunched team matepa, in they should alactuly have opstped e thfight g goinon on th e field. deisll 166-14. washingtons waknkeocd out fr om playoff cotintenon. and update on misfits,th e
6:26 pm
d-thirgre adteacher who ntwe vi ralal st weekafter e shmade is shot at recess. steph curry is invi tingher to atwh the warriors when they sivit washingtonc., d. in march. misfits is just indog amg azin thingsd anthen d adsteph cuy rr into the mix d anit is a great story all ouarnd. >>th ose kids are living it up. they g ott hochocatole, it was great. >> they seemed pretty excited, o o. that was fantastic. >> former player, so she ilstl s it. a win-n.wi >> all ghrit. up next, finiinshg touches ahead of
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anr othecheck ofthe sierra foyor u, ski rtresos are wiintog open theiorr dos. the pasalides and gasur bowl are all stay osencled today. meso are anplning toopen ona mited s basitomorrow. > >>in sout herncalifornia, pr epatarions are l stilunderway for the annual parade. this year'ems the is drea m, beevlie, achieve. with in-perselon cebtiraons canceled leftand right addi tctedo nccoerns over omicron, depasana says it plans on doing erevything it can to ho st afun and safe enevt to kiffck o e thnew arye. allen, tishis one ofmy fatevori entves. >> hours o,tw grg owinup down
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there my dad alwa yssaid everything radecoti ngthose flts was a owfler grown mewhere. capti caioptning sponsory ed bcb s ♪ >>ar grett: tonighhet, t c.c.d. anunnoces a major gechan to covid isolation and quarneanti prots.ocol the omicron surge, theve arage daily numberf onew vicod casse tops 200,000, nearing llan a-ti meec rord. plus presintde biden pledgoes t suort statesac fing an onslauofght n iewnfections. >>e' mreobilizing adonditial 1,0 00additional drsocto and rsnues and medictos helpho spalits. >> tanhousdsem rain stranded trngyi to t gehomeft aer airlesin canleced mohare tn 2,000 fligovhts erhe t weekend. >> it is very stresulsf. i'm consnttaly >> ivet's ryst ressful. i'cotansntly checkineg th appan d aieml to see if e therare any changes. >>ar grett: wickedea wther. utbral cold, higndh wis dan heavy owsn from northern california to minnesota.


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