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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>>e whave plans already. businetoss run, ufstf like that. >> reporter: now,patel's rernfl ight to kentucky is t nogetting off the grndou. >> 94.:2 we went to 1:00 and all of a sudd,en it 'sout. >>th e omicron dreniv surge is forcinreg mo flight cancellations amg onpilo, ts fluke, and airline staff. flights cwereanleced monday, an d remo than 3000 were delayed. >> the airlines nncaot ope erat flights ouwitht the irrequed numb eredof pilots and flight attendants. safety comes veseral airl inesd haca lled on the cpc to durece quartianne isolation pe riodanlad te moayit, was shorneted from 10 days to five days toan yone o whtest posi tived anis asptymomatic. if it is good en oughfor hospital wrsorke, rsnues and do cts,or ithink itshould be go eodnough for e thairline industry, as well.
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>> while the srdiuponti is ceairtnly a hasslepe, exrts say should resoe lvitself enwh ruthe sh dies wndo. >>nc oe rlaiines are scheduled for e thnext fiayve ds, for the t firsqutearr of 2022, it oushld be relatively okay. in the timeanme, travel exs pertadsevi signing upfo r textaltser so u yowill be tinofied immedia telyofan y changes tour yo flight, and of courseck, pa your paticeen. ddanaemrietus, cbs news, los anleges. > >>hard to be tipaent in these times. avel experts say there is al limited inorventy for re nt alcars and those thatare avblailae atairports are itque exnspeive right now. los geanles police are ctexpeedto release body cam video of the teenager killed side a burlin sgtonto. re baiostns remain as to why an ceoffir would refi into a store ckpaed with hodaliy shoppers. jeffwilen spoke thwi a witness at the orste wh enit l al happened. >> reerport: hannah batista
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fohtug ba cktears with her m mo outside a orste in north hollywood onnd moay after she tnwiessed the violceen that led to an lapd shooting which mistak enlystckru and kill ariana peralta. >> i stju wanted to aypr for that girl. i saw hemor m, when she was pray ing. >> reporter:e thla pdsaid it would asrelee officer's body m vifodeo ur days teafr the nfcoroatntion, in whicthh ey y they got a 911 call of shots fired inside the store. tibasta says she was close enghou to see a man with a bi ke ain and lo ckgetting olvient during an arntgume with e stor plemoyees. >> hitting and yelling, and the ficer panickg inand running ck to the store. >> reporter: tibasta says she and other shoppe rsran in toan office be forelipoce ard.rive gunshots. ft
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shot d ankilled daniel lopez wi thn aextee nsivcrinimal record, a but stray buetll beev edto be from an ofces r'gun ntwe thh rouga wall akind ll edvalentinwha, o s wain a ttfiing room. >> rteeporr:a memorial has been growiwhng ilthe e store remains edclos. ntvaleina and smjaine work here, eyth were f ofthe clock bu t wanted to pay ret.spec >>s inot aokaynd what th psco dis d wanot ayok ei. ther >> so many other tiopons to de- esca latecounmmity violencean d a lydead weapon does not have to be e onof them. >> reporter: deteivctes rnretu ttohe store on monday to continthue eir investigation bur t foan nabatista, r hefocus is on e thinnocent life cut short. >> i'm a mom, to. m i'grateful thmyat daughter was not thwi me, because i don'knt ow if i will be able to ret acthe mesa way that i reacted.
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>> just g doinreinportg. the ofr ficewho otsh and llkied pez has been pledac on paid miadnistrative e.leav it is pa rtof otprocol du ringa use of force stinveigioatn. >> > insan , josea depestanri is in serious condioitn after beg t hiby a driver h whic happenated the teinrstiecon of dealman prexessway and rycher avenue insouth san jose. the erating th iatnvestigation. brian hackney is stdianng by and we veha a few showers liernging out there. >> ye s,we have a bit of rain on the way for nitoght. al le n,just a li ttlebit mpcoared to whatwe have had lately. is not a big deal, t buit is gotoing be co. ld toghwit ll be the ldcoest night ofe thweek. doppler is showing rastggly sh ows erworking their way erov mo st of the western half of the peninsula. in e thnorth y,ba th in gsare e drivfor w noand
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will probay blstayat th way for another 24 hours. th e occasialon p poup shower a not big deal. venertheless it is ldco out the,er snoonw p toof mt. haonmilt. snfaow lling you see ghrit there over the santa cruz untains. talkou abt dreamingof a white chrimasts in e thbay area, we hasnd ow llfaing christmas night in the ntsaa cr uz mountains, a ndtherlle wi be mo rein the days ahead. hi ghpressure that is offshore wetoll our we stis ecperftly positiono ed tusher in cold air from the gu lfof asalka rit gh wndo into the bay area. cold and unlesettd weatr he couentins with a lot of rain right through wednesda y. as for when we begin to dry it up, it looks keli that will bea ppening thsduray. ne w year's eve, new year'say d, l aldry. we will havemore tadeils a few minuteoms fr >> anthks. >>co> mi ngup, after all those holiday gifts, itis the season for return. e w nestrategy aimed at duci ngwaste from unwa nted gifts. >> coming , upcovid-19 rel ated staffing orshtages hit airlines over theid holays.
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what airliarnes e planning to doif there airlines get sick. , pluspaper or fabric? everyone needs healurth insan.ce coverelid cafoiarn is ngmaki sure more people can get it. new fefuderal nd ing ofbi $3 llion is alevailab tlpo he more calinsfornia govet cered. cocheck vea.redccom now to seer yo nowew ler p.rice roll by december 31st.
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thsecoe nd y havoue a d, it's likyoure hea is rtlivi ngoutse ofid youbodyr . that'shy i wt's so importafont r to have health icensuran. an d now, we can iaffordt.
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we'v e got a plan tvehat cors h e kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enll broy december 31s att >>wi thonline sales peexcted to hit a record $207billion in the u.s., there can al sobe a rerdco number of returns this arye. >> every year a chunk of the os rnretus d enup in lallndfis. jat s haan siinde look at how companies are ngtryi to kema returns more sustblainae. >>or repte r:online purcsehas ha venever enbe a ggbier partof t heholiday. kely to top 25% of sa les. iheres the more tlstaring number. e e-commeretce rurran te is 25%, one of every urfo items hapurcseond line is ntse back compared toabout 8% for a phicysal store. an d,hi ts is whatthat n calook like unmotas inof rdcabodar and plaspatic ckinagg with valu able
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merchandise siinde. >> all e threturns come back, they pile up, they sit, and often,rt quaer lyor twice per yearthey might lique idatemth foper nnies on the do llaror potentiallsty derothy em. >> repr:orte biton moore is the o of roartu, which lphes coiempans lvsoe the prleobm of a tsi unamof rnretus. thisss maive warehouse outse id shnaville is one of three dozen usthe e roacss the country. ocessing mendrchaise resellers alikemecarin eagle, target, bed bathd anbe, yond anotrshe. workers use soreftwa to check in the mendrchaise, juinri nga re tfundheren listing the product for in your lesa. >>we are he reto adgre it and ma kesure atth it has a upc and has the correct >> reporter: e thesitems will never go back to the reiltaers a reushoe. tharey e held here until sold agn. >> rteeporr:th e volume is inedcrible. jonust these two racks, e ther are more than 120,000 its emth atam ce in as rnretus and
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st will avlee this wareushoe as a w nesale with inone week. >>porerter: in houston, abby donald works for a serve ic thatol clects customers unwantedds goo r fohundreds of companieats th sd olthem. postage boand x free, a qr code is all you edne. >> ditrop off here, for free. ep>> rorter: drop off point li kethis, are proces singan av ere agof 20 retus rn from mult ipleseerlls in a sing le box to reduce waste the clothing s, toreev ernela, takeres mo than 70% of its unwanted i temsback through happy retu rns. >> the spd eeand fiefciency with which wecan get the oduct ckba on the elshf and availablfoe r another customer is intealgr to our overall business demol. it ousbviolyim pactr s ousales anoud r re venue. >> reporter: and the
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envienronmt. over 6 iobilln nsto of its em windll e upin landfills after hothe liy daseason. >> wene conctwi th evy erretu rn , itemno ttmaer the condioitn to its next besttime as effitlcieny aspossible. >> reporter: miminizing ipments and geinttg that oducckt ba instock icqukl y. a win for buyers, sells,er and plthe 89% of onneli customers say wtheyilnol t buy aiagn if the returorn pce ssis diicffult. >>ckba to r oucovid-19 coravege, and the ccvaine rate d omicron vaanrit, joining us isdr. bob walker. . drbob, are you wi thme? the u yoare. llheo. i ho peyou e arfeeling we. ll have a qutieson about the rgsue we a reseeing for the icomron vaan t. hog w biof a concern is this for you and your erpes, seeing sthisur, geat this time of ,year wi ththe hoyslida? i>>t's a gehu concern,be cae us the cas see aryrskocketing ev erheywre, inudcling now in the bay .area
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this thiisng far remo fectious thae n thprr io variance, and is able to si deepst the immu neemsyst to so emextent. iwhats comforting sofar is thweat are not seeing a maivsue rge in hoitspalizations, wathe y atth we might have with a.delt so, although cas seare way up in the bay eaar, we are all aring about far more cas se than we have enev two weeks ago, we ha veseen a sml aluptick in secas at ucsf, but ernowhe near erwhe we feared d anit esdo look lthike is is remo mild or icpartullyar for people o wh have been vaccinat. ed >> i had atth very issue come up over the hoyslida. someonide sa to me people are not getting a sick and not dying. , why do i have to take isth as seriously? ev>> ser alreasons. fi rsoft all, there are people o are geinttg sick and will die of this, ifit is a little bit lessse ris,ou per case, when we veha o twor rethe or fi
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veim tes as nyma cases eyth wibell many oppele who do get si acknd end up in e thhospital and some of them llwi die. the second is, if you t ge fected, you may end up having a typret pluneasant time of it, ifit is just for a w fedays a few percent may have nglo covid- 19and have sytompms for ntmohs anthe third is thatyou n ca thennf iect other peleop. yifou are young and healthy, you may y sai am okay but you may infect angrdma, and e shmay have a bad tcouome or you may in fe ctsomeone who has enbe vaatccinedbu t they are on immunosusspprean tsand theferore are not ryve well protected. >> during the holidays a lot of lks aren't g goinin towork, they have a break in so me tivacaonki, ds are out of hoscol, they t gethat break, to. shou kldids be te stedbefore they go ckba into schos?ol is that a odgo idea? >> i don't k thinthey edne to be stteed, un lessthey have symptoms, or r fothe vaccinated k ids,ifth ey have been exp, oseditwo uld be wohwrthile testing doi k thinth atthis variant is
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isonfectious that we haveto upour game, that the ershould be m asksin scs hooland the mask s,if u yostill wear a clh mask, h clotmasks, i have ped gmyame to waring and n95 okn9ay 5 pretty much all the ti wheni amindoors. small group ofe peopl who i aknowreva ccinated and boosted. anwed all haveo t t gea t bi remo cefarul. hoy pefullth issurge llwi only la ast couple of mo, nthsthat is what utsoh africa s halooked , likebut we do have to get moarre cef ulin order to get thh rougth iswithout ha ving evenre mo infections. >>i s wagog into ask you about soutrih afcase, eing th atsurge flatten out, do you expect that happen, he? re >> probably. i think stmo of our surges in e u.s. have laedst about o tw mohs. so, what is mfcoorngti about south caafri is going up re ally noverth ry quickly and then it camedo wn very quicy klas llwe. soi think that will be the
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likeliestct ouom e,that wehave a coup le ofpretty bad months ahead of us witha t loof people getting infeedct and somepl peoe ttgeing very sick althouewgh ferth an we d woul havexp eected previo, uslyand theninthgs coming ckba to ward normalob prab lyin tela uafebrryor march if you d hato guess. >> i want to up my ma skmeca on your rmeecomndioatn. inntveory, dr. bo b,thanks so mu, i appreciateit . >>my pleasure. >> > coming up, from the new ar's eve ball drop, how celeinbratg e thnew year is ingog to be looking erdiffen t. >>co> ming up ton ighton the cbs ineveng news, >>to> nit ghon the cbs evening ne,ws the eltrav niarghtme continthues is holiday season with more than 1000 flights caelnced today. whomat se rlaiines are dog in now totry to get healthy ewcrmembers on arbod flights. and upteda nitoght on the so uth carolina anmechic fixing upca
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>>whe ilthe pandemic ptke its grn ip othe fiianancl world the erwere typlen of other business heaesdlin isth year. small investors staged a relln ioover game stop. the ltdea variant amslmed thbre ak eson the return to ofcefi and millionofs amanerics itqu their jobs and te tanits took on the prest.iden reportdier ankie ng hall haa look at biggest sibuness stories.
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>>ep rorter: cisoal media fl ex iedts muscles and 2021. ittwter,fa cebook, and youtube band fo rmerpresident trump after e thnujaary 6 attack on cathe pil,ta saying s hiwords coinuld ci vteiolence. >> you cannot use our services to say things which we think debelirately can adle htoarm. >> a alsml investors mobizelid in a buying frenzy over game stop shares, the stock of the outrbledta reiler sword, costg inhedge fus ndwho bet agnsitt , billnsio of ardolls. the pandemic helping xptaayers, thdee adline postponed to vegi peop letime to nave igatunusual ci rcstumances. >> reporter: ivdrers felt inpa at the pump from a cyber taatck conolon ialpepili neto dama ger omur hricane ida.
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the sslo of supply dema soline nearl% y 50mo re exnse ivthan one year ago. > bernie dema off, who pu lled off e thbiggt esponzi sc hemein histdiory ed in pronis. hes wa82, serving a 150 ye ar ntseence for swinindlg thndousas ofinves.stor palatirene caedll about 125,00ea0 trdmlsil after they we rein lked to dozens of inju ariesndth e death of a chil d. a former employee blewthe h ise tlon facebookll, caing congrethss e social media git an w neit was causing ha. rm>> cefabook kns owatth th eyare leadyoing ung users to aniaorex content. >> reporter: weeklas ter, they changed r theiname to mehta asa rt of a larger brreanngdi. th e emunployment rate dropd pe backo t2%4. as employers rambled ftoind >> we are tr tyingo find more vistas and okcos. r>>eporter: amaneric rkwoers had ffdierent ideas. 4.4 miiolln quit their jobs in seemptber, and otanher 4.2 llion in ocr tobein a trend owknn as the great >> the pandemic y maveha influenced it. i thk ini anchged my mindse t.
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>> repteorr: pandemic shutdos wn d leto a global orshtage of computer c hipsanevd erything used from cars to smarnetphos. trc affijams ricontbud teto disrtiupons in the ppsuly chain as retailerars n low on a stk oc cluding chris >> we have a shortage isth year d anthat isa g biproblem. reporter: lower stock and highpr ices, and with inflation clim abingt e thfat stespace in 40 aryes, president biden noteminad mejero powell r foa sendco term as head of the deferal reserve. >> reerport: more veors jointhazwith inves buying as thc market oveesrcom woa rld of ieworrs tocontinue its bull run. die ngki hall, cbs news, new york. never a dull moment. now a stla look at separate cisco city hall where the city6t's 1h annual kwzaana lebration is underway. stery damarkthed e first day ofthe hodaliy.
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spdeite vicod-19, organirsze haveun fod a way, safely, to bring everyone tothgeer. a idhybr celebration was held fe atinurg cerenimoal calendlighting scdaent nces d an more. th isis one ofthe nyma events set to ta keplace ridung the sedaven-y lecebration across e bay. > >>the crowd at new yo rk'snew year's eveball opdr might look a little indifft erenor light, arcompedo t e thusual years, the city is scaling ckba attecendan cabeuse of the icomron variant. wiewth n nelis in place, the ci litiming those in atantendcero fm the l usua 58,0th00 ey are cuttg init do wn to15 thndousa more or less. > >>here on the stwe coast, down so uth,preparations for the sero bowl parade have stard teto n.begi they are ttgeing rwundeay, and mustow sh a negaveti pcr te st atottend. t>>his pa radeis myfavoteri. >>ck> ba onstorm wah tcwe ntwao show you conditions in the erra late th isaften.rnoo i-80 and donner su mmitcovered
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snow, highy wa267 at ockway summit had similar coitnsio. takelo a okat the blanket of ow over highway 50 at s.myer it is also closed isth mond ay ineveng. similandr coitnsio are taking ace in placervilld e anel do ra docounty. part of wahighy 50 is closed th roh ugmeyer. hiwa50y is tuinrng drivers away from the wahighy highy wa as a driver try to get back home. ivdrers who are ucstk have no chceoi but to change their pls anand stay. sopeme ople looking to get away have to make change s,to. i had to cancel all my apinentmts today d antomorrow. that was frustrating but we will figure oitut. > >>some busine ssesare nnruing into problems likeno power, no water, cansltra says there is noim estat edtime to when eyth planto reopen hiwaghy 50 or i- 80. a t loof snow, brian, up there. we could be getting more in the eaar. >> a little bit. still veha winter storm
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rnwaings posted throh ugtuesday atik le 1:00 in the rnmoing. not much erlong, becausnae filly the motuisre will dry up and in ctfa, you will see that beuscae toghant d toowmorr, even thghou we veha showers comi ng , inthere is stju not that much more tumoisre out erthe on tap. st ill,we have t goa t.lo bo y have e thesnumbers edturn ouarnd in a h.mont sa ntroa sa in s termof ntreal ave eragtoy dais at 190%. san frano,cisc we have double wh atwe llusuay get, mesa for liverm ore. san jose, al l ittakes in san jo ises a 376. inches to this point in the season for it to 1be65% of , soa t loaiof rn. > >>high-defionniti dploper shthows atit is drying out for the most part at moa ment, but, tomoowrr mor, ningdungri the co mme,ut we will get a w femore showers as you will see in a moment and on the ghhi- definitionpp doleyor u can al so seinra uninwindg over the santa cruzmountains. int, fac over e thsnow wndo here as . well ginenaler tonight, inthgs will se up a little so, a few showers nitogh t.
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it will be on the cold s ide. unttseled thh rougeemidwk. scatshter ow erthrough dnesday night and then ursday and friday bta sule dry t ouin meti for new ye'sar day. then, ,next we will talk abt ou ne wxteek in a mi. nute inhe t meantime, rain chances r fothe next six days look like this. typret odgo chances motorr ow anond wednesday and then thursday, fr, idayand sardtuay, we expa ect drying trend for thla stfew days of the week and for e thfirst y daof 20, 20 on sunday we giben to wrap up chances yet again. yo u will not be rpsurid seto arn that if you felt it s wa coldda toy you were right. san jose, 53 san jose in the low 50s. conqueredd an se ntto scdio ma tcnghi. fremmaont nad geonly the 40s today. ernight toniwight llbe the escoldt ghnit of the ekwe, fr eengzi in a santrosa. atwh little rain we do get if
5:56 pm
itis fag llinat a high evelation that could come out as snow. a pretty t sighmotorrow mog rnin with snow on the bay eaar peeks if we can see emth but it will soal be cloudy. degrees in san sejo for an overnight low. do youow kn that on these maps, by the way, it shows u yothe isheotrm's, where wiit ll be rm and co, olare flreected in th e locor. you winoll ti ceall of these ma psare . blue iits cooler than average. high temperesatur d ansend it disc o,tomoowrr, at 49 degrees. 80 deg reesbelow noalrm. f48or 9 degrees w belonormal d anit oushld be 12 degrees warmer at this timeof the year in concord, but it wi llonly be 45r foa high r fotuesday. intothe bay eaar, upper 40s anlod w s 50will do it. rgmoan hill, just 47 deeegrs, torr. ow over in the east bay r aftea ilchly night toghnit, numbers managing onlymid-40tos morrow. they get da rker blueup towards n.mari 43 dreeges for a daytime high in ntsaa rosa, 42 will be e th number. atwi ndsor.
5:57 pm
41 iian ukh and only 34 grdeees. it'sbe ena while since i' ve done this. inthe ndexteed forecast he will be looking for unsettled wehefor r tuesday and wednesday, thuy,rsda idfray, ansad turday, we y drit ou t. we t geseveral ysda in a row of dry weatheinr clinudg new year's day. then sunday and mo ndaywe n begi increase cl oudsand thatil wl leadto a chance of, maybe not mu inthe early part of the weekbu t in the meantime, if you are a little t bifatigued thwi the rain, no matter how much we need it you will be getta ing break wedndaesy night thh rougsuaynd. thatpa's rtof itis odgo news. the question , ishow do you stay ? warm you owkn, wearing masks keeps you warm but the esqution everyone wants to owkn is what ould they be made t ouof? ha>> tt is w neat 6:00. pepar versus brfaic, an expe rt hsweig inon what is stbe to wearas we fight roomicn. > >>a look along ghhiway 50 in the siraer, the problems for
5:58 pm
eltraverans d businessesth wi althat snow piling up. >> > still d aheaat 5:00
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th isla test weatr hestsyem brouloght ts of sn owto y ba area peeks. >> if u yowanted to experience holidays, you alrely had to wo f iort. >> reporter: the urjoney begins at theparking lot for eth di ab jlouniper campndgrou. our photojalournist brian u. n. wadetermined to


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