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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  December 27, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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absolulyte. , okayth atis it for e th kpix 5 is a 3:00. the cbs ineveng news is next. will be back thwi more calol ne wsat 5:00 streaming 24/7 on os ♪ ♪ >> garrett: tonight, the d.c. announc mes aaj corhange ovto cid isolation and qrainnte pcorotols. th oemicron surge, the average dailybe numr nofew covid cases ps 200,000, innearg an altil-me record. uspl president b pidenledges to pport states faces an auonslgh otf new infecontis. >> wree'ob milizing additional 100,000 additionactl doorans d rsnues to helpos >>ep rorter: airlines canceled remo than 2,fl000 ights ovheer t endke. >> ist' very stres.sful i'm checking a thepp and email see iferthe are any chaesng. >>ep rorter: wicked weather. utal coligd, hh nwids and heavy snow from rtnohern cafoiarn tmio nnesota.
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most snow in12 years. >> rteeporr: struggles, covid and abusive paren ltseatod referee reermembindeg smond tutu, tributes pour inor f n theobel laureate and antiapahertid leader. righting a wrong, the push to provide gi benitefs to family members ofla bck wor wldar ii veterans. and the everyday hero giving strangers a ride to a new life. ♪ ♪ ths is ith"ce bs evening news" with norah oon'dnellre, porngti from the nats ion'catapil. ♪ ♪ >> garrett: egoodvengni, ever.yone thank you foinr joinusg . i'm r majogaetrrt in for norah. begin with a sigfinicant announce fmentrothm e c.d..c on covi pdrotocols. het romecmendation for isolation behas enut c inal hf omfr ten yso tfive. we'll ytellouha wt this will mean for businesses including airl hinesard hit by staff esenidt biden met aytod with his cov ridesponsae tem and briefed the nats ion'governors am aid surge ofew n infecontis. wehodul note eth numr beof new
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dacaily s hesasis ren above 2000ne0 aring an all-time hi. new york cs ity'vaincce manda icwhh requires neay rlall privatce ser toempyeloes to be fullacy vcinated toofk eftect oday. anilwhe, offlsicia conned preparnsatio f worhat they describe as aa sclecd banek w ye'sve e celebration in timess que.arcb s' nsancy chen is in new york thwi the latest. nan, cygood evening. >>ep rorter: majore, dphgec to you. in norew yk,ov cid hospital saysitizaons spaurssed 5,000 since y earlmarch. new rmeecomndioatns from the c.d.c. feoor pple who test siveti forov cid but have no tosympms. a dram satichift from the c.d.c. night with icomron raginang d wofoercs depletiheng t orneted isolation after gettcoing vidro fm n tedays to fi, lasong as team don't havesy mpmsto. the c.c.d. sysa it based thede cionsi on newea resrch. osthe who are eosxpedo t covid
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t bubooedst will no longer need to quarantine. ose who arenv uaccinated should qutiaranneor f five full days accordingo tthe c.d.c. as covid hospitalizations have en climbing, chin ldreare among t fhoseillingme ergcyen rooms. >> we're seeing a dratimac spe. >> reporter.r: d jesam snider on the front lines at new yk'ors cohen childs ren'mecadil center. i>>t's backwards 'sit diheartening to see this ma years ms onthan ydears lar tinhe pandemianc de' wve goacne bk wtohat feeikls le the beginnin tg ofhis. >>ep rorter: u.s.ed piatric hoitizalations are now at hieslet vels since sepmbteer naontiwide. ewin n yk orcity pedtriaic hospital admsiisons quaupdrled in the lastwt o weeks, among ages five to eleven, noadne h ebevan ccinated. acssro thcoe urynt, omicr ions settinaig dlyas ce loads soaring to levels higher than last nter's peak. new ayorkndou fr other states areep rorting mordae ily covid cases than at any other point in
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the pandemic. la week new covid cases rose more than 300% in floridaco mpedar to wa eek ago. in louisiana, omicron doubled hospitalizat iionsn wea ek. 80 porti oonf the pieatntsen vaccinated. long lines persi astrehent t country, prentside benid said ortee sting is becoming avaielabl but admitd testill not fast enough. uhergedhe t nation'vs goerrsno toea rch outor f >> look,re the ins o federal soti.on this gsoets lved at state level. >> out n ofowhere like a tordona thlast couplfe o weeks, uyo know,hi ts omicron comes in -- >> reporter: just fof broadwseay, anay hden prepared reopesn hi restaurant food eraft iesnvtigate shutow dn. >> rkwoerwes re getting sick. numr betested positive earlier on icn deember. ewe wreho srt staffed. new york, gsthin weer good up l untitheer weeks ago. >> reporr:te and the largest ciwi vdeaccine mandainte the private tosecr isin effect here in newk yorcity. stnartig today worrske are
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184,000 binusesses must show proof of at least oneac vcine dose, major.> > nancy chthen, anyok u. anything baput h hpyolaidys for aitrr avelers over w theee.kend many remain stranded after rlines canceled tushoandsf o flights due yes toov cid-related sickness i tnheir ranks.cb s's errbaol rnett rtrepos. >>rertpoer: on thimos nyda afr techrimasts, many fryser woulde likto returen thir hodaliy tlravexp eernciee inclinudg brigid sterling. >> i rlleay wanted toan hg out with myam fy ilbut i'm here. >> reporter: her flight from houston to oregon was canleced yesterday s adhe'sti s illn limbo. >> delta has one flight, $2,100, fm rohere to minnesota, minnesota to sealett,ea sttle to euge tneomorrow at midtnigh. >> porerter: after over 2500 calancelti tonhis is weekend, more tha12n 00 u.s. fli wghtsere canc meledony dawitovh er 005,0 ladeys. >>e'e rstuck here. we don't know what's goi tngo pphaen. weju're stop hing and praying that we can get on a flightto
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danoy laterha tn tomorrow. ep>> rorr:te several airsline said the chaos was due to so my ancrew members exposed to codal cling outic sk. jelu aend alaska offeredbo nuses tota shoff w picked up exshtra e airs linewere amar nagethose urginghe t c.d.c. toho srten the isatolion odperi f torhose vaccinated ahnd te wne guiedanc wi allow staff to get back into the skiess fater. . dranthony faucysi sa the whi ushoe is weighinotg anher chaeng for pngassee ars vaccine quirement to fly. >>yo if u ntwa to do that with mestic fligh tts ihink that seriously should be condesired. >> reporter:un hdreds of flights werse alo disrupted by weather. thisin wter storm in sealett left hundreds of flights nccaeled and delayed. ro tadravel is also a cllhaenge. a blizzard in north dakota left 50 vehicles stranded this morning. in the sierra nevada mountains, several feet of snow madtre avel impoibssle and in north dotaka a whithoe w the led tohi ts -c20ar lepiup. iits csuh a sluggish entod the
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year and t theravel pain will incontue. on tuesd may,ore t1,han 000 htfligs ear expected toe b cael aedcross theou cntry and 'itsnc ulear when rais linewille t back on schedule, buthe tser ededuc c.d.c. ice regulation d anquarantine guinedelis, major, should help. >> garttre: erbarol rnett,t hank youmu so ch. for more on the swsnotorms in eth west and the forecast for thre ostfs u we turn to cbs'slo ienn quinn odgo evening. >>o eodvening to you and evyoerne. thg e bistmsor are out west but still hsnave ow smlgaw in portions of michigan, wisconsin, minna esotnow. the pink colusor phing through nnsylvania, zifreengai rn in atupste w neyork moving into neglw enantod morrow. e big sto irys out west,ti sll owing from the srriea to the codolora rkioces. e futurcae st shows us it's lstilno sngwi tomorrow, even into wedaynesd. sol ae l thwhile, you'oire gng to pick up maybe abaitddionle foot on top ofen t feet of snow omin se ospts and that snow
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comets wih lcod air. it was the colstde aftneroon er recorded s ineattleay tod 2at5 grdeees. bigsllin, uyo only hit 1 degree, an tdhatht's ear wmest you could get. thope posite for the south, you wille havyour thotest temperaturvees er corerded in an aftern toonomorrow.ho us82ton ,tl aan 7ta3 and all atth heat bblubesp u and leads toa ntpoteial forev sere weather foacr plesik le ismsissippi, alaabam and tenssneee into your o dayn wedadnesy. youan c e'tven rule out the psiosbityli for a tornado. we've seen itap hrepen cy.entl there's the poslisibitagy ain moraj ceomne wedsd.ay all yours. >> lnione, thank youmu so chn o the too rnadwatch. aol corado judge todayed schuled a nja 1uary3 ahering to conrside a request from prosecuto trso reduce 1 the10 yeair prson sent oencef a trucdrk iver whose brakes fd ailebefore a 2019 crh atth killed four people in suburdeban nver. is sentence s hadrawn ouagtre acssro t ar 5ly million peosiple gnde annline petition skieeng
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em.ency a flood tide of tributes f aormp bishop and antiapartheiadd leer dsmoutnd tu. s'cbs ian lee hahes t sorty. ( bes llringing ) >> reporterhe: t bells of 'sn cape town toorll f the tiny ernlymen who loomso s large inh earts ofan my utsoh africans. with a song inis h hea, rtcans in his step and t ihenfecoutis ug ah,rchbishop desmond tutu heedea ld south afa ricoutf o apartidhe. >> wlle wi be free! >> rorep ater:rcishbhutop tu spinired ald wor that mourns hi president obhaama il tedutu as a mtoenr, friend and horrible coass. itbrain's queen abelizeth rememberised h garet warmth and humor,le whi pe opfrancis aiprsed fihis g fhtor equality and reconciailtion. witas that dedicaonti to human ghts that eartuned tu a nobel acpee prize assouth africa's fstir baclk chbiopsh, hepo ske ttro uth to
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urpo wheerth a white racist reme oror crupt ctdiator. cheouldur t hnis rhtigeous rage osun pporrtes. in 1985 tutu broke up an angry mob andve prented it from killing a man suspe octedf being an apartheid spy. e charbishop couldn'ont cinta is joy whenen lsonan mdelaas w released after nearly three cadede in prison. dan mandehla ce ostu ttuo lead south africa'rus t athnd recoilnciati conommiiossn to hep lheal the country'ras cial wounds. sonow utafh rica enters a weak of mourning to honor someo wneho simply wanted o tbe rememberedas h ablume man. e>> h ledov, he ledaugh, he ie hd,e was forvegin, hefo avrge. >>ep rorrtech: arbishop deonsmd tutu willie l in state. aranrgements are ngbei me adfor ptheublic to pay their respects.of course, covid restitricons
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permtiitngbe, fore hisun feral takes placeea nrs day. >> garrett: ian ele, we thank yo today aed feral peapals urcot set janu 7ary as te hday to hear or aalrguments in the battle over the enforcement of texas' tiaboronaw lba, nning almosalt l abortiinons the steta and enables privciate tizens to sue yone who performance or assists maa won in getting abortion after cardiacct aivitys detecinted n a embryo. >>ni> togh ct,asting a lhtig in labor shoe rtagpartly blamed on cidov but also unruly parents. ma youth srtpos leaguye sa they're having trouble infindg referees and umpires. isth frocbm s's elisere pston. >> theouse t 1gh2-year-old girls have a powerful command to the puck. mone has been n othe icein sce e was five. >> i feesol free. i take my mind off everything. >> reporter: blaut py is on use for many kids. gamees ar getngti candcele because there aren't enough
3:42 pm app alieds a younger player. >> reporter: bob who oversees ssmaachusehotts ck seyayings atn e t poininhe t season the ganizaton was down nearly 900 officials. >>e looked iinto t and one of threasons was abuse and rmisteatment by partsen and pls.ayer >> reporter:e likth, isa massachusetts rerefeeun pched on e thice by a youth hockeyoa cch and this inspnectig referee edplow dn owon a california soeer fild. why oudo y tnkhi we're seeing more of these inciden?ts >> t ihink there's a general olackf srepectn ithe last couple of years. yone can say anything now. reporter: benetwe asebu and cod,vi the'sre been ara dmacti drn op irefs across youth sports in all age gros upnatidionwe. based on early data, an tesatimed0, 3000 high school ferees have quit since 2018. d>> ion t'think there hastn' been a game where i'vnee ver beenel yled at. > porerter: a.j. has eben a ree ferefo13r years.ho w does iteo jpardize the safety oe n thice ifhe tre
3:43 pm
'taren eugnoh referees out there? >> m youayis ms a maj porenalty and that coul ld beife changing tohat player. >> reerport: ydoou think this issue impacts the future of yohut hocy keas you know it? >> absolutely. reporter: simone h topeshat doesn't happen. she dreams of going pro and just wanto t play. eleisst preoncb, s, boston. >> gar: rettfoowllings world ar ii the g.i. bill helped build ama'erics ddmile class but thadt ladeofr opportuniwaty s wryongl denied to manbly ack veterans, now sommee mbers of coresst wanto correhict ts historicrral eor. he'sre cbs's david marn.ti dieend, forgot untinol w. >> reporter: vaa nessbrooks' thfaer lawrence edserv ithn e cific during world war ii. e >> wbutil bdgries and air strips for pnelas toan ld. r>>eporr:te 1at12, he is believ tedo be the oldliest ving veteran ane d onofor me than a
3:44 pm
million africaern-aminsca who served in the war and suppoysedl quald ifiefothr e housing and educatn iobenefits of the g.i. bill. ousands and outhsands of black terans were denieed thir netsfi. >> rteeporrda: routmth historian hemattw delmont. >> k blacveratens had to g too office as staffedos almt clexusive by whi oteffiaicls around thsis i paa rticula obprlem in the s.outh >> reportehar: wtpe scifically were they denied >> acces ms tooragtges and colltuege itn ioto gp to cgeolle to helthp em earn degrees to help them get good jobs afterwdsar. >> reporter: denied a chance toarcitipate in the post-war onecom bicoom which sawhi wte thweal surge and black wealth rebaly keep up whit itinflaon. for white vaneters, the g.i. bill hel tpedhem become mbmeers of the midcldle asans d for the blactek verans theuly codn g'tet mehos goro to col alegenlod st the rtoppouny itto be a pt arof the mel dicascolho. >> mney geraonti might not be
3:45 pm
sponblsie for the injtiuscebu t we can take resisponbilityfo r xfiing it. r>>epteorr: cgronesmotouln whon todas y'dwenimt bill is one of the authtoors have the gileslioatn to mkea upor f it. t>>he descendents of toyda's blactek vera wnsould be eligible r v.a. housingoa lns and grandkidsld wou bele igible ford uciat bonenefits >> repr:orte vesansa brooks believes that bill is teahe rson faher th iers still >> it'o s tola fteor him, but he was ntme to go to school, and i twanto gtoo tulane. buitt 's just are dam. >> repor wter:has t'stoppingyo u now? fceinans. but if the.i g. lbil was revived,l i'lha tvehe oppoitrtuny gtoo back to scolho, monydy dad's shoulders. >> reportervi: dad rtmain, cbs news, the pnteagon. >> gar: rettstl ilahead on tonit'ghs "c ebsveni nngews" an armed intruarder restedner
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greartt: in this eassoofn nggivi, hweave a follow-up ory tonight t aboua chmeanic soin utcah rolina w who puts peleop, yes, in the dverir's atse. here's mark strassmann. >> porerterel: iot mdlideton works magic under hoods, smoking barbeacue t hises rtaanurt, and repairing donated cars. he>> rere a the keys to i.t thyoank u. >> reporte hr:e gifts them to oppele without a ridine ur ral utcah rolina, more than 60 vehicles so .far they now know there's sobomedy in the coitmmunyho w's inlookg out forhe tm and care r fothetom be ableo t carry on. >>epteorr: after our june sty oraboutid mdleton, rou vieweonrs dat dedozens ofs ued
3:54 pm
vehicles.>> he erare the keys. chec ok itut.>> rorepter: he gave aw2ay 1 ca for the twelve ds ayof chstrimas. >> yavou he no idea how much th miseans to me. i'mgl so atod be able to help. >>epteorr: aziare gr geenot this6 200hoa ndcivic. >> this is g toingo lhep a lot. r>>eporter: to thisgl sine mom, it's likean sta pulled upan d gave her his slaying. sl>> m always havting o iwat and bo'srrow ppleoe's cars.>> trehe y gouo. i'm rrsoy. no, you'rgoe od. > reporter: e madposesibl because of your negerosity. wh h tashat taught youut abo peop?le >> with somebody spuhing hard, thwiere lle bfolks behinud yopu shg inhard as welloo, t. r>>eporter: for there gensa, used car, a new start. mark rastssmann, cbs news, awendaw, south carolina. >> garrett: empshais, uryo honor generosi 'lwel be right back.
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ca ptioning sponresod by cbs ptneiod by a mediacssce group at wg ac cess aounnncere : onveclhie. >>av i ge r hea money orderr fo $400. >> judge judhey: s l yetou heav the car, t andhethn e defendant toheok t c barack. >>ou annnc: ertwo buyers. >> i was the one paying on it, ma'am. >> jududge jy: but theey mon meca from where? my account. j>>udge judy: whehen dn'idt pay you e threst, you toheok t car .back >>nn aounc: erwillt ibe t ehend ofhe t road for thelis sler? >> tarhe c'sti sll in my name. i n'dot know her. iss ihis ex-girlfd.rien >> j judgeud yy:ou are some ammer. nn>> aouernc: "judge judy." you abare outot enter the courtrm ooof you abare outot enter the courtrm ooof judgdie juthhe sindlin. ca ptnsio paid for by s cbtelevision dtrisibution iasylv wghrit is suing saa rethatts for carai-repr llbis, insurancets cos, d anthe turern of a paymfoent r caa r shwae s buying fror.m he >> byrd: order! all rise! th icas se number 41 t6 onhe cale, ndarjue,dg in the matter of wright vsre. that.ts >> jududge jy:ha tnk you.
4:00 pm
>>yr yd:ou're welcomude, jge. rts iehave been swinorn . you may eabe sted. ma'a hm,ave a seat. ud>> jgeud jy: ms. wrighhit, ts is kofind aom cplicated case, but let me see if i rsundetand it. s it iyo curlaim that yod u haa direct cont tracwi tthhe defeanndt to purchase a car. r>>ight. >> judge j yudy:ouav ge her nemoy, and you wgoere intog get tithe tltoe the car whe wn itas l finished bngei inspected. coacrding to youe , shlet you thavehear c in the interim. >> right. >>ud jgeudy: and yout wen ahead and dilod a t rofepairs onhe t carbr to initg up to a acple where it c pouldass inecsption. ig>> rht. >> j judgeud ay:nd tn hethe deanfendt okto the car back. >> yes. >> jududge jy:o syour lawsuit seeks money onnot lyha tt you ido ther because vishe oledat e ntcoract by takiheng t car babuck, t mothe nethy at you entot have the caxer fid. ig>> rht. >> j judgeud ty:hat's what the case is about. w,no ms. threattyss sa sevhe ner haa ntcoract with you. >> mm-hmm. >>ud jge judy: shed solhecar r somebody by n theamofe bbdoie. >> yes'a, mam. judge judy: s andheol sd the


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