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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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domestic flights. >> and a rainy night leaves us with a wet start to the day. mary is tracking the showers. good morning. it is wednesday, december 22nd. good morning. a live look outside in morning at those wet roads after a rainy night and this is just a start of a wet week heading in to christmas. let's turn it over to mary lee for a check on the rain. >> tracking all that rain this morning in high definition doppler. the radar lit up. we are continuing to watch that rainfall across the bay area. that light rain from neva, do in the north bay. san rafael, across the bridge this morning. across the east bay from martinez, concord, walnut creek, get that wet start. as well as for oakland into san francisco, down 101, sfo and -- san leandro, fremont you are getting that wet start to the day as well as down across the south bay from sunnyvale around
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san jose, you can see that light rain there. a wet start as we head through the afternoon, showers start to taper off. we will start to see a little bit of dryer weather though a few spotty showers are definitely a possibility as we head through the afternoon. we will continue with the on and off rain as we head through the week. several more days of this. as we take you hour by hour in future cast, 9:00 a.m. and you can see a few spotty showers, that will continue as we head through noon and by 4:00 p.m. the best thing to do if you are going out the door, put on the rain jacket and bring the umbrella. let's check in with ann for a look at traffic the slick conditions out there this morning. we are hearing some isolated reports of roadway flooding going to take a live look right now in the east bay. this is our photographer who is driving on highway 4 to 242. actually we are looking at the pass map. fog advisory in effect. traffic starting to build um. a 35 minute drive from 205 to
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680 from tracy in to the city. and getting a check now on the south bay drive times. everything looking good. everything in the green. 85 from -- to highway 1. a 21 minute drive. all right. thank you. the fda is set to authorize two covid treatmentpills as early as today. this reseen as promising new oral treatment that can be taken at home when a person shows signs of infection. in clinical trials researchers say the pills have between 30 to 90% effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and death. the pills will not replace vaccines as the best weapon against the virus. taking a live look in oakland where the governor will be stopping by late their morning. he is expected to officially announce california will require health care workers to get the booster shot. justin andrew is live and the governor tweeted about this. >> he posted it on his
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personal twitter act with omicron on the rise he said immediate actions are needed to protect the people of california. he also wrote it's to ensure hospitals are prepared. two hours later he posted this video. >> we are stepping up our efforts to get people vaccinated but also get people boosted. that is why today we are moving forward to require all health care workers to be boosted to get that third shot or the second shot if they got the johnson and johnson and we will talk about that more tomorrow at a press conference. >> that press conference will be today in the east bay later this morning. california already required health care workers to be vaccinated by september, newsom issued that back in august while the delta variant is spreading. california will be the second state to require its health care workerns to get the boosters. new mexico was the first. right now it's unclear if weekly testing will be allowed as an alternative.
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the california -- the rate of positive tests picked up last week and the state's health department seeing more people in hospitals though we are doing better than many states dealing covid surges. the fear from some politicians and even some health care leaders or health leaders is that california could see a surge in new infections amid holiday parties and family gathers forced inside by a wave of winter storms. we will stream the governor's announcement live on the website. and on cbsn bay area. we are live in the newsroom. we will get more questions answered. > and a restaurant in san francisco's heys valley has become the first in the city to require booster shots. if you want to eat inside. they just posted saying that starting next week all guests dining inside will be required to show proof that they got a booster shot if eligible for one. those not yet eligible need to show proof of full vaccination. you don't have proof of vaccination the cafe said are you welcome to sit outside.
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that new rule goes into effect on the 29th. this morning the mayor of san jose is proposing a booster mandate. it would make san jose the first in the nation to require all city workers to prove they have been vaccinated and boosted. the mandate would apply to nina tending events at large public e p nter. the proposal would have to be approved by the rules committee and then the city council. taking a live look at oakland city leaders have passed the order to require proof of vaccination for many indoor businesses. the mandate is set to take effect february 1st. the emergency ordinance will now require vaccine proof at restaurants, gyms and concert venues beginning next wednesday all guests dining indoors will need to provide proof of a covid19 booster if they are eligible. solano has confirmed it's first pediatric death. the child not even a year old.
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solano county health released this statement, the loss is a reminder that children can get seriously ill and die from covid. while pediatric deaths rare they are also very tragic. and san francisco based wells fargo saying will push back its return to office plans amid a surge in omicron cases. the bank said it'll provide more guidance on a return date next year. a live look at sfo where thousands are expected to come through over the holidays. two congressional leaders california are now calling on the biden administration to require vaccine proof or a negative test result for all domestic travelers. democrats, diane feinstein say that travel at our nation's airports has returned to prepandemic levels. that is now being threatened with the rise in omicron cases. some travelers disagree with their proposal. for more information on vaccine requirements and how you can find a booster check out the
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resource guide at business is booming at oakridge mall. hours after a shooting sent holiday shoppers stampeding for the exit. we saw officers patrolling the mall in pairs yesterday after that lockdown on sunday, about 5,000 shopper was inside when an argument escalated in to gun fire outside the forever 21 for. police have yet to find the shooter or the person targeted. several said they are not worried. >> i feel perfectly safe that i can come and shower, shop, do my christmas shopping, you do have the police department stationed here. i feel perfectly safe. >> it's a possibility. it could happen again. that's life though. have you to keep living. this is our city. i love it. >> meantime an armed suspect is in custody after an all day standoff it. started a man allegedly brandished a gun at several
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people. the suspect then barricaded himself inside an rv and people in the area were asked to shelter in place for hours. the suspect was taken in to custody without incident. south 7th street has now reopened in both directions. a napa woman has been missing for more than a week. police and her friends have focused their search on the napa river area where they fear she may have been swept away during the recent storms. the 37-year-old was last seen in napa near lincoln avenue and silverado. her boyfriend said she last saw her when they ate dinner. >> i walked the area to search around. i didn't find anything. came back, freaking out. wept back down there beneath the bridge. >> her friends searched for her on sunday. they are planning to do it again today. they have set up a facebook page to find her.
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it is now 5:09. >> still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the california exodus may have been bigger than we thought. the number of people who left the golden state this past year. and even veteran real estate agents doing a trouble take at the sale price of one santa clara county home. it is a wet wednesday as we start off the day. chec the door be prepared about the slick conditions out there on the roadway. through the afternoon, showers start to taper off. that hit or miss shower activity. mid50's around the coast. 50's to 60 degrees inland. on and off rain
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. well kim back. it's now 5:12. let's get a live look outside. you can see the bay bridge on the wet start to the day. day two of deliberations in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial ended without a verdict. based on a note the jury sent to the judge yesterday it could be a while. the judge denied their request to take home all 39 pages of jury instructions to review at length. the panel has three months
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worth of evidence to go through as they weigh if the founder defrauded patients and investor into backing or faulty blood testing technology. jurors off today. they are set to continue tomorrow if there is no verdict by then the panel won't reconvene until the new year. muni's long anticipated subway extension is nearing completion. the sfmta said that service could begin next year in september or october, once complete the line, central subway extension will take muni riders to four new stations, three of them underground cutting through the south of market neighborhood. new this morning, california had the highest number of people leaving than any other state in the past year. census data gathered through more than 367,000 residents move away. that's almost 1% of people exiting the golden state in the
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past year. the top three states seeing gains, florida, texas, arizona. the high cost of living in california, tends to be a big factor pushing people to move out of the state. here in the bay area, we are used to the real estate market leaving us sticker shocked but check this out. a home in sunnyvale sold for nearly a million dollars over it's original asking price. the 1300 square foot home on flynn way has threebedrooms, two baths and it just sold for $2.68 million. the listing agent said that he held two open houses and on the day he allowed bids he received 35. it sold to a buyer who everred $823,000 over asking. >> we are at a point where inventory is at an all time low i have seen and this is my 37th in santa clara county. estate
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>> gary added cause for skyrocketing prices is the high demand and low inventory. he believe itself will continue into 2022. a live look up in the sierra this holiday season may just be the perfect time to hit the slopes this is a look at highway 89 right outside of palisades tahoe. check out the fresh powder on the side of the roadway. here is what the roads look like. you could see some ice if you your holiday plans include a trip to the sierra. the storm arriving in the bay area is expected to create hazardous travel conditions driving through the sierra is discouraged this morning. it's 5:15. let's turn it over to mary lee with what we can expect outside today. >> we are looking at that rain this morning and snow up in the sierra. your snow report at north star, not any new snow but we will soon with winter weatheup the searchy. the west slopes of the sierra
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and the tahoe area and that's through thursday and then as we look to the end of the week for the rest of your thursday into the weekend, winter storm warnings will be in effect. we are looking at several feet of snow up in the sierra and again right now as i look to high definition doppler, ready for the west slopes of the sierra and the tahoe area starting to see that snow. here in the bay area you can see that rain coming down. it's a wet start to the day. i'm tracking that light rain this morning. so you can see for the north bay -- nevado, san rafael, mill valley, get that wet start. across the richmond, san rafael bridge in to the east bay from concord, walnut creek, berkeley and oakland, san leandroo. cross the bay bridge, into san francisco, daley city, south san francisco, for the east bay down to san leandroo. you can see that light rain pushing through as we look to palo alto, across the peninsula
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and into the south bay from right over san jose, sunnyvale, campbell, get that wet start. you can see the rain drops on the live golden gate bridge cam a. the temperatures are running in the 40's to about 50 degrees as we start off the wednesday with foggy conditions as well. as we look to what you can expect today, a wet morning. we are looking at the admonishings tapering off. there's still a chance to see a few showers through the afternoon and we are looking at on and off rain over the next several days. that low pressure system send that cold front our wayw. relooking at the rain chances every day as we head through the rest of the week. 9:00 a.m. on future cast. hour by hour. you can see spotty showers as we look to noon. you can see a few showers just really hit or miss and there we go at 4:00 p.m. could see some breaks in the clouds as well and as we look to tomorrow you can see it'll be a wet start to the day and
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then eventually just a few showers, things quieting down for tomorrow in the afternoon. rainfall estimated totals as we look through the week, next seven days, three to five inches around the bay. santa cruz mountains, three to five inches of rain. beneficial rainfall and we have got a lot of it. seven day forecast, oakland, san jose and you can see the waves of rain thursday, could see at least maybe some sunshine, some breaks in the clouds, with at least that chance for showers though still on friday and there we go with the wet weather in to the weekend for christmas holiday weekend. seven day forecast, inland, east bay and the coast as well as we are looking at the rain chances really every single day even on christmas day on saturday. let's check in with ann for a look at traffic. how are the roadways shaping up out there? >> it is wet as you mentioned. no major problems. i'm filling in for gianna. let's look outside if you haven't started your commute. this is what it could look like
5:19 am
once you do this morning. this is our photographer driving right now 24 westbound in the area of lafayette. you can see you he has the windshield wipers going out there. let's look at the san mateo bridge camera. things looking clear there besides the rain of course. either minute drive from 880 to highway 101. let's get a check on the south bay drive times right now. everything is in the green, 85 -- to 101. a 22 minute drive and taking a live look at the bay bridge. of course raining there as well. a quick 15 minute drive from the maze into san francisco, metering lights still off this morning. let's look at the rain travel times, get a broader view if you are heading out there. everything running pretty smoothly at that hour. there is a some minor roadway flooding popping up. if acwe following. this is in oakland, northbound
5:20 am
880, just before the -- you can see there on the map. the left lane is still blocked because of that. new video out of san leandro. city councilmember and the toy shop came together last night to host a toy give away. kids had the chance to take home any toy of their choice. they even got a chance to meet santa. >> lucky them. 5:20 is the time now. the famous rose parade will go on as scheduled. big changes. what's going to be different on this new year's day. and coming up at seven, on cbs this morning, mare from the head of the cdc on how your family can stay safe over the holidays as coronavirus cases spike. how pop up ports being used as a possible solution to help the supply chain backlog. and pandemic related mental
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health. that's all at seven right here on kpix5. and a reminder that the food for bay area families drive is onto donate your time or neighbors in need. go to
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time for your lunchtime forecast as we are looking at a wet start to the day on high definition doppler. about to head out the door. put on the rain jacket. we head through the day for your lunchtime. we are looking at things quieting down just a bit. there is still a chance to see a few showers so for the coast mid50's. also around the bay at noon and for inland locations, looking at the chance to see a few showers with those clouds. in san francisco, at noon, 54 degrees. south-southeasterly winds at seven miles an hour and again there is that chance to see a few showers as we head through the afternoon. for oakland, good morning to you. for your lunchtime forecast, 55 degrees, south-southeasterly winds at five miles an hour with a chance to see a few showers in the afternoon and for the south bay. san jose, 57 degrees, with those clouds, southeasterly winds at eight miles an hour.
5:25 am
we will have that serve day forecast. despite the nationwide rise in covid cases big holiday events moving forward. >> in southern california the world famous tournament of roses is still on this year's events will look different with different rules. masks required for everybody at the practice roid, game, and float fest. everybody buying tickets must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test with in 72 hours of the event. business owners hopeful that the new regulation will allow the events to continue. >> it's great for business, especially being on colorado boulevard. it is great. foot traffic, a lot of exposure. >> our hotels are all sold owl. the restaurants have reservations on new year's. >> business owners say they are already preparing for all of the out of town visitors. it's now 5:25. >> our next half hour on kpix5. a north bay man wanted for his
5:26 am
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a booster require helicopter for all health care workers in the state. the governor will be in the east bay making the official announcement. and as cases continue to spike the rush to get tested for covid is on but it may be hard to get a test. and cdc director sounds of on whether you are at risk this holiday season. >> and businesses statewide seeing a major foot traffic leading up to christmas. the one problem they say they are still having. good morning. it's wednesday, december 22nd.
5:29 am
it's a wet start out there. mary is tracking the showers. just how much longer they will last. >> they are definitely going to last through the morning and beginning to tap, r off in the afternoon. you can see a wet bay bridge camera. the rain drops and the slick continues out there so please be safe if you are about to hit the roadways. and we will have more on the morning commute. high definition cameras lit up track that light rain. wet start to the day for the north bay, from nevado, mill valley. across the richmond -- in to the east bay. martinez, berkeley, get that wet start into san francisco, across the bay bridge, sfo. oakland, san lea, in dr,o o in -- union city. fremont and into the south bay. it's a wet start to the bay. looking at the showers. and as we head through the day,
5:30 am
the showers begin to tap, r off but a few afternoon showers are a possibility. then on and off rain as we head through the week. i will show you what to expect through the day today. 9:00 a.m. and you can see a few showers still by afternoon. you can see a few more hit or miss showers into 4:00 p.m. i think for the most part it's the wettest time frame for us. let's check in with ann for a look at photograph speck that morning commute. definitely the slick and slippery conditions out there. >> less volume on the roadways because it's a holiday week. this is what the commute looks like driving live 24 westbound right now just past lafayette. you can see the windshield wipeerns going and we do have some minor roadway flooding here and there all round the
5:31 am
bay area, you could come up on that. let's look at the pass. still in effect. 40 minute drive from 205 to 680 from tracy in to the city. main travel times, a 15 minute drive take the maze into san francisco, metering lights still off on the bay bridge. the booster shot will be required for all california health care workers. this will make the state only the second in the country to take this kind of action. our justin andrew is live in the newsroom and the governor is expected to officially announce all of in this morning. >> the governor said this is one of the immediate actions his office is taking as we fight with the rise of omicron. its part of a broader plan. he will detail during a press conference late their morning in oakland. he said it's to protect the people of california and to ensure our hospitals prepared. back in august when delta was
5:32 am
spreading, he required health care workers to be vaccinated by september. though the state is doing better than many other states dealing with this surge, the health department noticed positive test rates picking up in the state. it's seeing more people in hospitals. right flow it's up clear if weekly testing would be allowed as a substitute to booster requirements that he will are you lawsuit tote that will be a question we will ask at that press conference. new data has revealed covid was the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. the cdc said it was the underlying cause of death for more than 350,000 people in 2020. that's more than 10% of all deaths that year. meanwhile the death rate jumped nearly 17% in 2019's rate to
5:33 am
835 deaths per 100,000 people. cdc director is offering up in holiday health advice amid the growing surge of the omicron variant. >> everybody is really going to have to assess their own personal risk. what i can say now, though is that if you have been vaccinated, if you have been boosted, if you have been practicing those mitigation strategies for the time leading up to your travel your risk is lower and you can get that extra reassurance by test ahead of time. >> be sure to plan he'd if you do want to get tested at home. right now demand is high. kpix is in the east bay with options still available for you. >> these at home testing kits are in hot demand right now. just a few weeks ago you could go to your local cvs, walgreens and get these. unfortunately just as we head in to the holidays, a lot of these stores out of stock.
5:34 am
the president yesterday announced plans to deliver 500 million free at home covid tests sometime in january. for now when people are in desperate search for them as they try to take precautions, ahead of their holiday gatherings pharmacy chains acknowledging the temporary shortage. cvs is limiting customers to six test kits per purchase. walgreens to four kits for now. >> a bit challenging. been going around different pharmacies, here at cvs, can't find any. >> people are aware of it. people want to get tested, supply isn't there. >> appointments at testing sites in the bay area are also getting full in the east bay this morning we went online and found limited appointments at the testing sites in brentwood and antioch for today. they can be found on the online site. many others are book until after christmas. as far as the testing kits you can go online to cvs to see which stores still have them in stock. you can call ahead of timero you can come in person.
5:35 am
reporting from walnut creek. kpix5. this morning the fbi is searching for a mill valley man ind icted from the january siege. they say he used a metal barricade as a battering ram. the fbi said that he took off from the united states on february 16th and was believed to be out of the country. a federal arrest warrant was issued early their month. the fbi said that he should be considered armed and dangerous. in you have any information you can submit a tip online or by phone. former national quart adviser is taking legal action against the committee investigating the former president's attempt to overturn the 2020 election. he is suing to block the united states house subpoena that is calling for his phone records. and a special prosecutor
5:36 am
investigating the case against jussie smollett sa 's oend in abuses alleging abuses of discretion and operational failures by the office in prosecuting and resolving the case. he was initially charged with making false reports of a hate crime in march of 2019. the state attorney kim fox rescued herself recused herself from case and didded for a special prosecutor to handle the case amid cyst civil. the report also sites false or misleading statements about the reason for the initial dismissal of charges. you this, small businesses in southern california are seeing a steady stream of shoppers despite worey that omicron would hit them hard. on the seven blocks of mom and pop central -- retail stores and restaurants have been busy these past few day was people supporting their local businesses. >> we are still pretty busy
5:37 am
and i think people are just -- they want to get out still and do shopping in person. >> we have been doing really well this season. more than ever before. >> so far the only struggle the business owners say they have been having are the occasional customers who are upset about having to wear a mask inside the store while they shop. with christmas just three day away shipping deadlines fast approaching if you want your gifts to arrive before the holiday. tomorrow is the last day you have to ship priority mail express through the post office. the same goes for next day delivery through ups and fedex. if you missd that deadline you can use fedex until friday for same day delivery. the secret service cracks down on agency stealing pandemic relief funds and tsa taking new actions against unruly passengers. bradley blackburn joins us in
5:38 am
new york city with more. good morning. >> hey. good morning. we know that there has been a surge in bad behavior on airplanes and now the tsa is warning that unruly passengers could loose precheck privileges. the faa is sharing a list of them who are facing several fines. the tsa will cross check that and may strip them of their status. so far this year there have been more than 5600 reports of miss behavior on planes. that is a record. the secret service said that nearly $100 billion was stolen out of pandemic related government relief funds, that acts for about 3% of the 3.4 trillon dollars. the agency said that most him promise payments stem from unemployment fraud. cross the country rent prices jumped 10% in the third quarter. that's according to an analysis from the highest spike happened in idaho where it was up almost 60%. in california they jumped
5:39 am
nearly 10% though rents dropped in san francisco by about 6.6%. >> and we know spotify putso you that list of your most played songs at the end of the year. turns out that not many of us actually want to share it. they call it the wrath list but they say seven in ten users admit they are too embarrassed to share it on social media. the people who listen to the most hours of music are the least likely to want to share it. >> all right. i did not get my list this year. my link didn't work. secondly if i did get it i probably wouldn't share it either. there are some questionable songs on the list. >> i will tell you mine was disney songs and lullabys, new dad here. that's my excuse. >> okay. at least you have the excuse. i don't have kids and that's on my list too. we will see you. >> yes.
5:40 am
yes. loud and proud. see you later. >> just jamming out to disney. >> yeah. my jam. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, dozens of after shocks after that major quake off the northern california coast. we will take a look at the clean up. the and space x's space craft has docked on the iss. the tests astronauts have planned for their time there. all right. if you are heading out the door this morning, don't forget your umbrella. high definition doppler and you can see that rain push across the region. ly let you know when things start to taper officer. ly show you future cast and that seven day forecast coming up.
5:41 am
ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho!
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on the quake watch scientists tracking dozens of after shocks that 6.2 quake that hit off the coast monday morning. shattered window was scene across main street. business owner was scene boarding up their store fronts. the space x dragon has docked at the iss. they will soon look into
5:44 am
improving delivery of cancer drugs, lunar la, in, dromats and growing roots shoots and leaves in space. a live look outside this morning from. you can see all those wet roadways out there. those wipers just going on this wednesday. the rain still coming down. what is the rests of the day going to look like? we are looking at the west of time of the day coming our way right now. this morning we are looking at that rain pushing through on high definition doppler, lit up as we start off the day. things start to wind down. with the showers tapering off. on high definition doppler, getting that wet start to the
5:45 am
day. walnut creek. san leandroo. ville and for the peninsula. into the south bea. sunnyvale. campbell, are you get that wet start as well with that light rain. our rainfall so far, of course here is that live look at the bay bridge this morning. we have seen more rain to come. in the north bay and mount tam looking at 8,800ths. mount tap 78sts. san francisco, 6500ss and for the south bay, san jose, about four tenths of an inch of rain
5:46 am
so farw. relooking at rain chances through the rest of the week. a wet start to the day. showers start to wind down. there is still a chance to see a few showers. spotty showers. this low pressure system bringing round one of the rain. we are looking at waves of rain for us. just really off and on. future cast let's walk you through this and take you through the day. at 9:00 a.m. you can see some spotty showers, by noon you can see a few showers as well. could see breaks in the clouds by 4:00 p.m. we are still looking at some isolated showers. as we look to late tonight into tomorrow morning there we go with the second round of rain for us and then looking at tomorrow in the afternoon, those showers pushing across did the south bay. now rainfall, estimated seven
5:47 am
day totals looking at anywhere from three to five inches of rain for the north bay a round the bay about one to threen muchs and for the santa cruz mountains three to five inches of rain. beneficial rainfall as we head through the next several days. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. there we go with waves of rain for us as we head through the week and for the christmas inla east bay, the north bad th e can sethe ekend. have those rain chances. let's check in with ann for a look at traffic this morning and those slick conditions. >> the rain continues to fall and there is a lot of puddles out there from last night. some flooding throughout the entire bay area commute. let's go out live. this is our photographer driving southbound 880 in oakland. he is close to the 980 merge, you know trekking at long
5:48 am
there. the windshield wipers going at it. a look at the bay bridge, metering lights still off right now. it should be an easy drive time from the maze this to the 16 minute drive. let's take a at the east bay travel times. nothing to sneeze at. walnut creek to oakland looking to be a 12 minute drive and a look at the pass. things are starting to get slower there. there is a fog advisory. 41 minute drive from 205 to 6840 going from tracy into the city. let's go live to the san mateo bridge right now near the peninsula. a nine minute drive from 880 to 101. still dealing that rain but moving smoothly and finally our south bay drive times this morning, everything moving in the green. 85 from -- to 1401 is a 21 minute drive. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. elton john hosting a pandemic style album party. the star just caught up with
5:49 am
his a list collaborators on zoom. they are featured on his hit album the lockdown sessions recorded remotely over 18 months. this year's top grammy nominee, musician, john batiste said is he honored his song freedom made it on the list of the obama's favorite of 2021. he is up for 11 grammies. you can watch it on cbs january 31th. and there is a new trailer for the mystery thriller, death on the nile. the film is based on agatha christie's latest novel. death on the nile opens in theaters on february 11th. supply chain issues could impact what's on your holiday menus this holiday season. >> restaurants and grocery stores across the nation are now dealing a shortage of cream
5:50 am
cheese. demand has increased since the start of the pandemic and the company even an ad suggesting shoppers find alternatives. >> just hit -- just all of the sudden out of the blue. >> people will have to be patient with the shortages they may see for different products. >> the shortages will likely last well into next year. and coming up on cbs mornings drought and rising temperatures transforming rural communities. the central california town of stratford about 40 miles south of fresno was essentially built on the backs of farmers. as the water has dried up so has the town turning into a ghost of what it was. >> the tree looks pretty bad from all the yellow leaves. >> what would happen if you lost these trees and you didn't have the well? >> it would be a very tight financial pinch. >> the bank may try to take our land. >> that means no jobs. >> no jobs.
5:51 am
>> what the community is up against and how residents are trying to save it. that's coming up on cbs mornings at seven. it is now 5:50. >> next on kpix5. >> an unusual holiday display turning heads in one arizona neighborhood. e porttt quicit's quickly becoming a christmas favorite. and reese witherspoon stops by
5:52 am
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if are you about to head out the door more work or school, i don't know if your pfur baby will like it. don't forget the rain jacket and umbrella. you can see the rain coming down. light rain and as we head through the day, showers start to taper off. there is still a chance to see a few showers in the afternoon. the wettest time frame for today this morning. as we look to the afternoon along the coast mid50's around the bay, mid to upper 450's. the 50's to 60 degrees and again we are lookinga the just a few showers as we head through our afternoon. i'm tracking wave after wave of rain for us. on and off rain over the next several days. unsettled weather as we go through the rest of the week and for christmas holiday weekend. will show you that seven day
5:55 am
forecast and what you can expect. millions of families in need will get a nice surprise this holiday season thanks to toys fox tots. the program has been collecting and handing out gifts for 74 years. >> it says a lot about the character eve the marines this he are some of the to youest people who also have huge, huge hearts. >> it distributes about 18 million toys to seven million children in need each holiday year. and a unique show of holiday spirit in arizona. >> it's one of the best parts of christmas. it's the holiday themed porta potty it. was first set up for a local construction job. neighbors came together to turn it into a show of holiday cheer featuring lights, and some unique ornamentments. they were just flushing with
5:56 am
pride. >> not only will santa spot our house better but it'll give them a little bit of a break, i think, in his long journey. >> we annuity of things to decorate i think. 2020 and 2021 was a christmas deck race that's it. >> that's it right there. the next half hour,. >> california watching the omicron variant the the official announcement from the governor today to make sure hospitals prepared. and the frustration for many americans looking to get tested for covid before the holidays. and the new timetable for when oakland will require proof of vaccination for many indoor businesses.
5:57 am
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a statewide booster shot mandate for health care workers. why the governor is taking immediate action. many americans are looking to get tested for covid before the holidays. the lodge lines overwhelming some facilities across the country. and the lawmakers now calling for stricter vaccine and testing measures for travelers at the airport. >> and the new vaccine rules coming soon for many indoor businesses in oakland. good morning. it's wednesday, december 22nd. >> the rain is here and this is -- just the start of what's going to be a wet week. mary has more on what you can expect. >> it's coming down. we are looking at that rain on


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