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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 16, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, roadways impassable after rain. how crews are cleaning up and getting ready for the next storm. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. justin andrews was in the thick of it this morning and joins us live from the newsroom. we know more rain is coming. how are the crews preparing? i talked to the deputy director of the public works in sonoma and says crews will be monitoring weather and deploying if and when needed. look at what we ran into. it's a road way that looks like a reservoir. 121 and 12 in sonoma. it forced cal trans to shut
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this intersection down for hours. once day broke we spotted cars driving through this water. we see tires kicking water back up as they drove through. it took most of the morning for the water to recede. crews say they were doing small landslide fixes but told me some were very minor. though the wet weather is a welcome sight because of the drought, we know it can cause damage and headaches. public works crews have already started preparing. >> as we can, justin, we are cleaning culverts. as you say, we are making sure our storm drain systems are clean and ready to handle what's coming. so, yeah, we are doing that preparation work as well. >> that deputy director says there are several sand bag sites on the north and west edges of sonoma. if you live there you might want to grab some because more rain is coming. >> justin, thank you.
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meteorologist mary lee joins us with a look at how much rain we got. we did pick up a few inches of rain with the second storm system, showing that 24 hour or 36 hour rainfall amounts. over santa cruz mountain, more than three inches of rain, an inch and a half in berkeley and east bay. san francisco, about an inch. south bay, with rain shadowing about a quarter of an inch of rain. earlier this week we had that atmospheric river and some spots picking up a foot of rain. that did not affect our drought monitor that was just released, drought conditions this morning. not much has changed. we really need more storms to help us out of this drought. high def doppler, you see quiet conditions but a little bit snow still over sierra and tahoe area. let's show you a live look in tahoe in the sierra. you see the snow. we picked up several feet of snow earlier this week with the
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atmospheric river and several inches of snow with the second storm system. it's great to have that snow in the sierra. we will talk about when we will see our next storm system coming up in a few minutes. a section of 280 is open after a deadly crash overnight. this was in daly city. chp says a car veered off the freeway and crashed into a pole. the driver died at the scene. heavy rain was coming down at the time but it is not clear if it was a factor in the crash. today, closing arguments are underway in the theranos fraud trial in san jose. elizabeth holmes is facing 11 counts of conspiracy and fraud. she's accused of lying to investors and patients about blood testing company's technology. it was said to test for 200 health conditions using just a few drops. we have a crew in court today and we'll bring updates at 5:00 and 6:00. in a couple hours, the california attorney general is expected to make a big
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announcement about last year's gas bill in walnut creek. more than 40,000 gallons of gasoline spilled under a waterway. we'll have complete updates on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. latest on covid, early data shows omicron cases in u.s. are doubling every two days. so far scientists found the new strain in 36 states. dr. fauci says at this point there is no need for a variant specific booster. happening now, cdc advisers are meeting to discuss johnson & johnson covid vaccine. they're looking into a rare but serious type of blood clot that's been linked to it and looking at potentially expanding authorization to include children ages 5 to 11. in the east bay a vaccine clinic in san ramon offering first, second, booster shots for kids and adults. joycelyn moran is there with a look at the demand. >> reporter: as cases rise in the u.s. and with concern over
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omicron, residents rush to get boosters as they head into the holidays. after coming home from oregon, rob is getting the third shot of pfizer. for the two dose, a study from south africa suggests it is 33% effective at preventing omicron. dr. fauci says a booster offers up to 75% protection against symptomatic infection. >> just having that 75% effectiveness is much more compelling for me. >> i know when i have been speaking to people and even when i got my booster, i had to schedule it three weeks out. using my turn, using the county site, it took a rot of time to find. >> reporter: the clinic is hosted by supervisor candace anderson as well as the sam ramon fire protection district, the shot giving people more confidence that they're doing what they can to stay safe. >> having the holidays means more travel. just having the extra booster
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makes me feel more comfortable personally. >> this clinic is open until 6:00 p.m. appointments can be made via my turn and they're taking walk ins as long as there is vaccine available. >> joycelyn, thank you. in downtown oakland, covid clinic reopened today. it operates monday through friday 9:00 to 5 including holidays offering adult covid vaccinations, boosters, rapid testing. no appointment is needed. president biden signed a bill to increase the debt limit. congress approved the 2.5 from dollars legislation early yesterday. the increase will allow the nation to continue to meet financial obligations through at least early 2023. taking you live to wall street, dow is down about 75 points. today the labor department said weekly jobless claims rose by 18,000 to 206,000 last week. that was more than expected and up from a pandemic era low. looking live at sfo, tsa is
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warning of busy days across u.s. airports, transportation security administration says next thursday, december 23 through monday, january 3, will be among the busiest this year. over the thanksgiving holiday the agency screened nearly 21 million passengers. about 89% of prepandemic levels. tragic story out of australia. five children died and four others in critical condition after falling from a bounce house during wind. it was a sunny day and wind wasn't that strong, witnesses say, but a sudden gust ripped it from the pegs and lifted it more than 30 feet into the sky. the children who died were 6th graders. police called it a distressing scene that brought some officers to tears. >> on a day when these children were meant to be celebrating their last day of primary school instead were all mourning their loss. >> at this time of year, it
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just breaks your heart. >> a police investigation is underway. counseling is being offered to family, friends, teachers, witnesses, and first responders. new video out of new york now, a dramatic rescue, a man pulled from a trench at a construction site in the bronx. dozens of firefighters worked for nearly two hours to get him out. he got trapped when the trench partially collapsed. he was taken to the hospital to get checked out. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, down to the wire for holiday shopping. some tips on getting those tough to find toys and gifts. bay area city getting a shout out for holiday spirit. check out the kpix5 news app. it gives 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix
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stories christmas is just nine days away. parents are still searching for certain things. resellers are trying to take advantage by marking up prices on auction sites but the toy insider has hints to getting
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your hands on them. the first one is old school. ask store managers when they expect shipments and also on many line retailers offer monthly subscriptions that can put shoppers at the front of the line. >> perks like vpi perks with special offers or get the first look at drops. they can get access to products earlier. >> a reminder, if you come across a hot toy online make sure it is from a ledge irrelevant mat retailer so you don't end up with a counterfeit. tis the season of giving. some east bay cyclists are in the spirit. the alameda community food bank is part of our food for bay families drive. donations are very crucial this year. $1 can provide two meals for a family in meal. i want to bring in some of the folks from the cycling club. we have chad, eric, and phil. chad this is the eighth year
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and you always find a fun way. >> that's right. this is our eighth year. we have been doing an annual cycling race event in the oakland hills primarily. this year we raised $45,000. i think we have raised over 200,000 now since we started doing this. we are a cycling club of about 30 members, ride a couple times a week regularly as part of the group ride. this year we had over 110 who participated. it was a wonderful event and nice to be back in person. >> when you talk about that number, how does it feel to provide such a big donation? >> it feels amazing. it's such a worthy organization. we are so happy to be able to support it. >> tell us what this means for the food bank in alameda? >> it means a ton. we are serving one in four county residents. this amount will provide 90,000
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meals. even more so what's really incredible is a bunch of regular guys fund raising, doing something they love to help the community. i am amazed at this and the 200,000 over the years is incredible. can't thank you enough. >> you can help as well. go to >> a huge difference made there. so happy to see that. time for a check of weather with meteorologist mary lee. i love hearing so many people giving back and organizations to help our community. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. it's nice to see sunshine after that much needed rainfall we had last night and into this morning. you see we are catching a break from the rain, quiet, dry conditions looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s for your lunchtime hour. that storm system, that second storm system of the week moving out of here and as we go through the rest of our day, we will see plenty sunshine. here we are in the afternoon on
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futurecast as we take you hour by hour. we are looking at a chilly night with clear skies. it will be a cold one first thing tomorrow morning. with our hour by hour temperatures and again looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s this afternoon with that sunshine, as we go through tonight into tomorrow morning we are talking about cold temperatures down to the 30s and 40s to start off tomorrow. then low to mid 50s in the afternoon. we are tracking really storm system after storm system next week. the storm door is wide open as we look to next week and we can pick up anywhere from one to three inches of rain and possibly even higher totals through next week. it's been great to get that snow in the sierra. we saw several feet of snow this week in the sierra and our snow report at heavenly picking up about five inches with the second system and for kirk wood we are looking at about 18 inches of new snow. the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, we are catching a break from
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the rain not just today but friday and for most of the weekend. then rain returns as we look to next week. longer range weather models keep the chance for rain really every day next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, dry for the most part through the weekend though for the north bay and coast sunday night, likely you will see the rain first and all of us seeing widespread rain as we look to monday. that continues tuesday and for wednesday. really getting that beneficial rainfall that we need and hopefully that will help our drought situation. back to you. >> thank you, mary. >> sure. granting holiday wishes. meet the bay area woman who planted an ever growing giving tree. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we spoke to a realtor about housing market in the east bay. catch that at 1:15. find us on or the kpix app. we are on the cbs news app. download it for
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this week a south bay nonprofit expects to grant llnth hoday wish.
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>> this week's jefferson award winner started this program more than 30 years ago. it looks and feels like santa's workshop, countless toys lined up in warehouses ready to be wrapped and delivered to people in need. jennifer, the queen elf, leads massive operation with pup daisy at her side. >> i am here to inspire people to help others. >> she cofounded the family giving tree in 1990. >> thank you! >> this year the nonprofit is granting holiday wishes to 40,000 low income folks all over the bay area. ora has volunteered for years. >> she's an angel, takes care of everybody. >> family giving tree works with 300 agencies to get
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clients' wish lists. it partners with 550 individuals and businesses to purchase requested gifts. about 85% of the gifts are for kids but wishes are also granted for adults, those unhoused and senior citizens, this rice cooker for example is for a senior. the idea for the giving tree came out of a class assignment jennifer had in her san jose state mba program. >> i suggested a giving tree and that we try to help a bunch of children. the class shot the idea down. >> she did it anyway. the first year 28 companies helped for more than 200 children. >> i got a little boy who was four years old. he asked for pillows. i said like in bed to sleep with? yes, pillows. >> his grandmother explained. >> his mother and sister sleeps on the floor so he wants pillows for them. that was when i knew i would do this for the rest of my life.
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>> beverly helps her son raise triplets. they've felt so blessed by the generosity they're inspired to give time volunteering at church. >> when grandma is long gone, they'll have this experience. and they'll never forget it. >> the nonprofit takes annual wish lists to distribute tens of thousands of backpacks with supplies. so jennifer and her 8,000 volunteers show the spirit of giving year round. >> basically the lesson was people will help if you ask them. >> for making 2 million wishes come true over three decades of the family giving tree, this week's jefferson award in the bay goes to jennifer colinbine. >> congratulations. fulfill some of the wishes through the family giving tree's website. if you know someone doing extraordinary community service, nominate them. go it and fill
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out the online form. still ahead, the best u.s. cities for christmas. bay area spot getting props for its holiday spirit. today on
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we are expecting an update from santa clara count''s health officer about omicron notice region. we will bring you the response on cbsn bay area and have the latest at 3:00. let's get a last check of the weather. you see beautiful blue skies across san francisco and across the bay with our mark hopkins hotel camera. we are looking at low to mid 50s with the clearing. we will catch a break from the rain san francisco, san jose. rain returns next week. we are looking at dry quiet conditions through most of the weekend though north bay and coast will see the rain sunday night. all of us will see that rain as we look ahead to next week. >> thank you. looking live at san francisco, name one of the top five best cities for christmas. it came in at number five according to wallet hub, atlanta was number one followed
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by orlando, las vegas, and pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the site looked at tradition and fun, number of gift and toy stores, christmas party costs, generosity. >> very generous in san francisco, we should be number one. >> i think so. >> we're representing. number one in our hearts. >> i like it. >> you've got the spirit. >> that's it for kpix5 news at noon. we are
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