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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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this is kpix5 news. now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. hold onto that umbrella. another round of wet weather is sweeping across the bay area. good afternoon. >> let's get right over to mary lee who is tracking this current system. we are watched that rain to our north and some of that rain pushing in to the region. a live look at san francisco with the clouds in the sky. as we look to high definition doppler, you can see the activity lighting up the radar screen. some light showers pushing over the golden gate into san francisco, down through sfo. richmond as well and up across the north bay. as well as for mill town and the nevado, napa, light showers but the bulk of the action and the cold front well to the north up near eureka. you can see the heavy rain. here is what you can expect in the storm timeline.
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we are looking at that widespread rain and strong winds tonight. that's when the cold front pushes through and that will bring heavy rain. a line of intense rain moving across the bay area with that cold front. rainfall amounts about a half inch to an inch and a half with this storm system. as we go through the afternoon we can see the rain spreading in. that line of intense rain moving across the region. you can see how much rain we could see as well as a couple more weather systems. you can head to for the latest rainfall totals. wind conditions and hour by hour forecast for your area. we are streaming 24-7 on cbsn bay area. new booster doses from the moderna and p tinder vaccines are likely to protect against omicron. >> that's why its key to get that third shot. >> the booster vaccines work
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against omicron. at this point they there is no need for a variant specific booster. so the message remains clear. if you are unvaccinated, get vaccinated and particularly in the arena of omicron if you are fully vaccinated, get your booster shot. >> the white house is celebrating an increase in vaccinations. covid response coordinator said that 14 million people got boosters during the first two weeks of december. happening now the statewide indoor mask mandate is back in effect. health officials put it back in amid concerns about omicron and holiday surge. justin andrews is in benetia where gym goers had to mask up. >> it's a typical day inside the gym. people are doing some cardio, lifting weights but one thing they had to do was put on a mask to follow today's mask mandate. doing midweek lifting inside
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the health and fitness. you will find a 15 year member. >> we are doing it for safety. the feeling is good. you work out and feel good. >> she got a work out partner. her mask. >> because breathing through mask is sometimes difficult. >> difficult but worth it, she said. today the statewide mandate requires all people vaccinated or not to wear a mask inside. >> today everybody is coming in the building going do you need a mask, not need a mask. what is going on and i'm having to put them back on. >> most of the bay area's nine counties already require universal indoor masking under a regional mandate imposed in early august. no morin door mask requirement for vaccinated people in solano. this mandate applies for the next month. >> whether that holds true or not i don't know. its been such a moving goal post. michael boyle. he said its been difficult for
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almost two years keeping up with the changes with the latest rule his bottom lines could be hurt. >> the biggest time of the year basically. everybody makes a new year's resolution. they are coming in, wanting to loose weight. >> the statewide mandate is due to the rapid rise in covid rises. by almost 50%. health leaders want to be proactive in preventing more cases this holiday season. >> i do feel very positive about this. we can do it. we can to it safely. >> doctors are saying we should not let our guard dune down. they say during the season, those hospitals seem to fill up. justin andrews. kpix5. it's another blow to the tourist industry. a major in person health care conference scheduled for january has just been canceled because of covid. jocelin with the impact on
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local hotels. >> this is the 40th jp morgan health care conference. it brings thousands to the city. this is a blow to hotels and businesses in san francisco. we are seeing a spike in covid cases in the united states and there's concern over the threat omicron poses. in an e-mail, the bank said they made this decision given the ongoing pandemic, add that the safety of the clients and employees of the you most importance. biot firms have pulled out of the conference over covid concerns. here the president and ceo of sn travel said the conference usually means attendees stay in hotels, go to restaurants and shop local. this news today disappointing for businesses. >> all sectors of san francisco's economy from florists to bookstores to you name it. they benefit when it the conference comes in to town. when something changes from a live conference to a virtual conference it does have a
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negative impact on a lost the small businesses. >> while he said this is disappointing for them they also understand that things like this happen in the time of the pandemic add that for the economic recovery in san francisco it'll be a month to month situation. live in the newsroom. live look at sfo. if you are planning to travel through the holidays, health officials are recommending travelers coming in get a covid test three to five days after their arrival no matter how they got here. and a heads up to travelers heading out of sfo. airport said the parking garages are expected to be full, at capacity. they are reminding you to become early or take bart. and the east bay west contra costa must be fully vaccinated by today. the mandate applies to all students 12 and over. they will be required to submit to rapid testing every two weeks. employee has to get their shots
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by november 15th. you if are you looking for a booster shot. click the banner. a civil grand jury is accusing the sheriff of corruption. we got our hands on the report. the grand jury is accusing the sheriff of sevenoffenses. this will go to the court for trial where a jury will decide if the sheriff will be removed from office. smith has been sheriff for more than 20 years. this is a relatively uncommon but not unheard of process. again the question is how do you hold an elected official responsible if there is what's called willful or corrupt misconduct. >> it's cobsal rights to be tried before a jury to determine these allegations. >> since the sheriff is elected this is the only way bodies of guest can get someone removed. we reached out to the sheriff's
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office for comment. smith has denied the allegations. new developments the father and son charged with sparking the cal door fire in northern california are out of jail. this after a judge reduced bail for them. the bails were are he deuce from a million dollars to 450 and $25,000 respectively. the judge rejected prosecutors arguments that they posed a flight risk. the defense attorney said prosecutors have not laid out their theory as to how the men started the fire. the cal door fire crossed three counties. it forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate the resort town of south lake tahoe. also surrounding areas before it was contained in october. a historic move in san francisco as we take a look. board of supervisors passing sick leave for cleaners, nannie s and other domestic workers. it's set to benefit 10,000 people with in the work force. the majority being woman and
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immigrants. coming up the president tours tornado damage in kentucky. his pledge for recovery. and it could boost bay area water
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let's take a look at the big board. the dow is up in the green, almost 180 points at this hour. noon, form ermine police police officer, dear i can chauvin admitted built in the case against him in federal
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court as part of a new guilty plea, he confirmed to prosecutors that he held george floyd on the ground after he became unresponsive. he was convicted of murdering floyd early their year and is currently serving more than 20 years in prison. developing news right now the president is in kentucky could survey the damage after last weekend's deadly tornado. he took a tour of the damage in mayfield, one of the hardest hit areas. at least 75 people were killed but despite the tragedy, the president said that he is impressed how people are coming together. >> people just come out of nowhere to help. as a community. that's what we are supposed to be doing. that's what america is supposed to be. there's no red tornadoes or blue tornadoes, theres no red states or blue states when this stuff starts to happen. >> more than 30 tornadoes tore through kentucky and seven other states killing at least
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88 people. a key vote happening on a major new reservoir for santa clara county. the california water commission will weigh in on the project that will be near the pass. they are expected to decide if the project will be able to get $496 million in state funding. the valley water district said it's needed to boost water storage for future drafts. all this rain has prompted marin water to start thinking about water restrictions. the storm brought more than 11 inches of rain to the area drench ing the area. the capacity and seven of its reservoirs have jumped up to 64% with another storm expected this week. marin may soon be out of the water shortage emergency. higher elevations in mar in getting 11 ins of rain and that's brought to life many waterfalls. this is raging on the nevado side of big rock ridge.
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creeks and streams will run fast with more rain on the way. let's bring in mary lee. beautiful to see the waterfalls and we have more rain on the way. we are starting to see some showers push into the bay area on high definition doppler as we look at the second storm system coming our way. as we look to high definition doppler and tracking light scattered showers right now for napa, san rafael, along the coast. you can see right over the east bay from berkeley and oakland seeing a few showers with the bulk of the action. i want to show you this. the mount diablo cam a. check it out. snow men with snow out there. that is super cool to see. especially those higher elevations with bay area mountain peaks catching a bit of snow. a live look with the sales force tower. you can see the clouds in the sky. now we are looking at the clouds streaming in and rain on the way.
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temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. watching the winds pick up. 20-mile an hour winds, 20 at half moon bay and 16 miles an hour in san jose. the second storm system dropping a cold front and that will be -- rain and wind. as we go hour by hour, here we are at 4:00 p.m. the heaviest rain to the north. you can see the rain spreading. 7:00 p.m. with the cold front pushing through. that is when we will see a line of intense rainfall pushing over san francisco and as we look to tonight, still that heavy rain and heavy downpours associated with this storm system moving across the area as we look ahead to tonight. for tomorrow morning, some light scattered showers are definitely a possibility. just enough activity at least some lingering showers from the morning and then eventually dryer weather tomorrow afternoon. we are picking up rainfall amounts a half inch to one to one and a half inches of much needed rainfall. we are watching the winds continuing to increase.
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as we look up to the sierra winter storm warns in effect. the tahoe area, we are looking at about one to three feet of more snow up in the sierra. as we look to the snow report, north star picking up new snow. 29 inches of new snow and warnings in effect today and tomorrow. heavenly 25 inches of now snow. seven day forecast, rainy and windy conditions for today. lingering showers for tomorrow. dryer weather thursday afternoon, friday and saturday. then more rain for us sunday into next week. inland east bay and the north bay and the coast, rain and wind today. a few showers as we look ahead to tomorrow and clearing as we look to dryer weather friday and for saturday. sunday into monday, we are looking at more rain on the way. could see another storm as we look to next week and right now weather models. rain chances really every single day next week.
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back to you. coming up. how you can help y lies in need. >> seth curry sets another nba record. what warriors superstar had to say about his latest achievement. and streaming today on cbsn we will have live update from san jose police at 2:00 p.m. about six suspects accused of targeting the aapi community. you can find us on or on the kpix app. you can downlo
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many bay area families are having trouble putting food on the table. food bank across the bay area are working hard to provide healthy meals. mary lee went to santa rosa for our food for bay area families drive. >> i'm here at redwood empire food bank. this holiday season it is so amazing to see so many people stepping up, giving back and volunteering and helping the community and joining me now, sonoma country day school. how incredible is it just to really get back to the community? >> thank you.
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we are honored to be a long time partner of empire identified bank. they a great organization. great people doing great work. >> and have some cute little helpers here with a generous donation. >> the kids held ayala vest fair in the fall and did a lot of work to raise funds and we do this every year. they just raised a lit over $2,700, we are exited to present today. >> that is so great. great job girls. with the elm mire redwood empire food bank and this goes a long way. >> it goes such a long way. we have been serving more than double the amount of people we were prepandemic and are continuing to see those numbers. we need all the help we can get. these guys definitely delivered with almost 19 years of volunteer work in donations that ongoing support means a lot. >> thank you so much. thank you, how does it feel to give back? >> good. good. >> ? i love it. thank you so much.
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this amazing donation. if you would like to give go to thank you. >> thank you. >> so great to see. >> yeah. seth curry is now the three point king of the nba. >> and it didn't take long for that record to fall. in last night's game. >> wiggins for the record. it's good. there it is. curry. >> the warriors star guard knocked passed ray allen for the crown of allen was on hand to show curry love. >> never want to call myself the greatest shooter until i got this record. comfortable saying that now. a special moment for fewer. i appreciate and i will remember for the rest of my life. >> and the moment did not end with beating the record. by the end of the game he 2,977 career threes. >> that's it?
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>> just a little bit. >> just a few. >> like i can confidently call myself the champ right now. >> absolutely. coming up a final check of weather and when you can expect the heaviest rain. and you would you like to get paid to drink hot chocolate in the deal you will want to know about. and on the drew barrymore show, january than gr
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burn zones are soaked from the rain. we will the story of what people are doing to stay safe with more rain on the way. let's get a check of the weather. >> here is high definition doppler. you can see the light scattered showers pushing across the north bay and as we look up to our north you can see the heavier rain with the cold front well to the north up near crescent city and eureka. all that have will move in to the area. we are looking at a rainy and windy afternoon and especially by tonight, let's time it out for you on future cast. here we are at 4:00 p.m. the intense rainfall in the north bay at 4:00 p.m. and then watch as we head through the evening. here we are at 7:00 p.m. with that line of intense rainfall. that's that cold front moving through san francisco and as we continue this check out ten, 11:00 p.m. with that heavy rain for the south bay and east bay.
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back to you. a piping hot side hustle. >> is looking for a hot cocoa taste tester to tryout all the mixes on the market and give honest reviews but it's not the only perk here. the chosen taster will get $1,000 and you will also win a year long subscription to netflix. that will be pricey and a blanket. cocoa candidates have until midnight to apply. you can do it. >> good luck. thank you for joining us.
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♪♪♪ [steffy clearing throat] >> steffy: can we get in on this family reunion? >> thomas: hey, mom. >> taylor: thomas! oh my gosh! thomas! sweetheart. >> thomas: it's me. >> taylor: it's really you. >> thomas: i missed you. >> taylor: i've missed you too. sweet boy, oh my! >> brooke: i think ridge knows what it takes to hold the family together. it may not always be possible, but if you have enough grace and enough forgiveness, i think that you can get through anything. >> katie: but do you really think that ridge can forgive deacon a


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