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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we are not a city where anything goes. >> the mayor's remarks came from genuine anger and frustration. she said her pivot in policy was driven by a recent meeting with a group of city residents. >> last week, i met with a group of families from the tenderloin. imagine if you had to walk your kids down the streets of the tenderloin every single day with people shooting up, selling drugs. >> reporter: that is where most of the proposals are targeted. a sweeping deployment of police and social workers in what she likened to a mobile intervention. >> a mobile command will be specifically targeted at the tenderloin community. >> let's hope this is the start of the end.
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>> reporter: neighborhood witnesses welcome the news, granted, they have heard some of it before. >> the vast majority of the tenderloin says, great with the words, now we have to see the actions. >> reporter: car blueger -- burglaries she says are an embarrassment. >> it comes to an end where we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of everything that has destroyed our city. >> the mayor will take her plan to the board of supervisors. we first brought you her announcement. you can stream on and the kpix 5 news app. a few puffs of cloud after
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an atmospheric river drenched the bay area. snow was left on the highest local peaks. this video, mount diablo this morning. more rain on the way, on top of already saturated ground. it is not going to be as heavy as what we just picked up. we will look at a little shower in the distance as we look out over the top of the hotel. just a foot over rain, almost an inch of rain for san jose. in the rain shadow you picked up a nice amount of measurable rain. 2 1/2 for concord and almost 3 1/2 for downtown san francisco. there are a few more showers out there this evening. they are rolling down into the santa cruz county. they are light, passing showers. they will calm down quickly,
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but we will see another round of rain moving into tomorrow. the rain spreads across the rest of the bay area going into the afternoon and evening. the wednesday evening commute is likely to be challenging. we will track it with futurecast and out up how much we expect coming up in just a few minutes. take a look at these snowy conditions. some parts have low visibility. the snow is making travel very difficult. take a look at the weather on highway 50. a blanket of snow is creating dangerous driving conditions. the highway opened up after it was closed. chain controls are in effect for highway 50. as highways are back open, trucks are getting on the road after being stuck for hours. the trouble dangerous arsine hear from the sierra. >> reporter: the drive up i-80 quickly turns from light rain to slushy snow. crews cleared out the powerlines and now the road is back open to commercial traffic. trucks line up to get their chains checked at applegate and
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are ready to get back on the road. >> i am stuck here for i don't know how long. >> reporter: he is pulling cemented equipment from sacramento to idaho. >> this year has not been as bad as years before. >> reporter: he is one of hundreds who had to pull over when 80 was shut down in both directions. >> some of us are lucky, some of us are stranded. >> traffic moves quickly, but chain controls are still in effect. downtown colfax, mother nature left her mark overnight. this is the winter wonderland some say they have been waiting for. >> this area is a beautiful area, it really is. in the wintertime -- >> i am used to it, it does not bother me at all. [ music ]
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a by president -- a bipartisan group listened to that music. they honored the lives of americans lost to covid-19. the number of deaths has now topped 800,000. it has been exactly one year since the first vaccines were administered here in the bay area. since then, nearly 70% of the state has become fully vaccinated. just under 40% of eligible have received their booster shot. we are joined from the studio to reflect on the progress made over the past year, as well as the work still to come. >> a year ago today i see yous were filling up with post- thanksgiving covid-19 infections with a backdrop of pain and sorrow. the most effective tool emerged from theory to needle.
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>> this is probably the most exciting day of 2020, maybe the most exciting day in the last 20 years. >> one year ago, december 14, 2020 was met with applause and tears. first doses of the pfizer covid- 19 vaccine went into the arms of healthcare workers. >> it was a truly special moment when we all celebrated. we celebrated the science. >> as shots trickled out of factories and out of cold storage freezers, first pfizer, then moderna, then johnson & johnson. there was up first, scarcity. is the rollout ramped up, who could forget the lines of cars wrapped around the coliseum and the hunt for shots on the internet.
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>> getting everybody on the same page, especially on something so new and kind of scary and unknown, it makes sense that it takes a little bit of time. >> then came the rise of the delta variant. it broke the hearts of doctors and nurses on the front line and continues to do so. >> more heartbreaking than one year ago. we did not have a solution out of it. we do now, just not everybody is using it. >> with another holiday season emerging, people say they feel safer than last winter. >> for sure. being vaccinated, it definitely helps. >> this dr. says the time to get a booster is now, especially if you are over 65. >> in our population we are seeing breakthrough infections turn into hospitalizations.
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>> 14% of all americans have received a booster shot which data shows returns the vaccine back to full strength. >> as the virus adapts, we need to adapt to get past this thing. good news from pfizer on its experimental covid-19 treatment. the company said the drug cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. pfizer hopes to offer the pills for people to take at home before they get sick enough to actually have to go to the hospital. a live look of the nation's capital with the house could this evening on whether to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. he failed to appear before the house select january 6 committee despite a subpoena. he previously turned over thousands of pages of documents, including email, text messages, then stopped
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cooperating. he refused to testify before the committee wants to know his and the then-president trump's involvement. >> he has a legal obligation to show up and answer the questions of this committee. >> meadows says he does not have to testify and he is covered by the former president's claim of executive privilege. steve bannon's trial begins in july. still ahead, o.j. simpson, officially now a free man. why officials granted an early release from parole following his armed robbery conviction. a twist in the deadly shooting outside the tesla factory. how a workplace confrontation led to murder. an entire town nearly destroyed after deadly tornadoes ripped through the midwest. >> this is the first time i
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came out here to look at the damage. it is hard to believe this is my town. >> the frantic search to find dozens of people still missing and how the community is coming together to help those in need.
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new details on a shooting death outside the tesla factory in fremont. police say it began with a workplace argument between two coworkers. fremont police have arrested a 29-year-old man. it follows yesterday's shooting outside in the parking lot. the suspect, the victim had just finished a shift. police say the man left early
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and then returned with a weapon. he was arrested late last night. california's top cop is doubling down on criminals responsible for a series of organized smash and grab robberies. the attorney general hosted a roundtable meeting that included law enforcement agencies, representatives from big-box retailers, and online marketplaces. he says holding crooks accountable will take an organized strategy to end the robberies. >> we need our retailers to report theft and reported early so that we are communicating and sharing intelligence. we need online to lead as well so we can freeze out the illicit supply chain and stop the pipeline of stolen merchandise ending up online and on the doorsteps of californians and americans, everywhere. >> one thing he wants to see happen is the shutting down of online and social media marketplaces that can be used to sell the stolen merchandise.
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former new york governor andrew cuomo will have to give up more than $5 million from a book deal. he landed a multimillion dollar to write a book about his handling of the covid-19 pandemic. state investigators found government workers helped him with the project. lawyers plan to fight the demand for repayment. the former governor resigned back in august. the state attorney general's office concluded he harassed more than a dozen women. the 74-year-old former football player and actor, o.j. simpson, served nine out of 33 years in prison. simpson led an armed confrontation with sports collectibles dealers at a las vegas hotel. he said he only tried to take back what he claimed was his own memorabilia. four days after deadly tornadoes tore through the midwest, more than 100 people
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remain missing. at least 88 people in five states confirmed dead. that number is expected to increase. laura podesta is on the ground in kentucky with the latest. >> i am trying to coordinate the recovery system, right now. we have quite a few people missing. >> reporter: in the small town of dawson springs, kentucky, dozens are still missing and officials estimate more than 60% of the town is beyond repair. >> this is the first time i have, you're looking at the damage. it is hard to believe this is my town. >> reporter: it is one of several communities ravaged by a cluster of tornadoes ready night. more than 450 national guard members are on the ground in kentucky. many, still working rescue and recovery. >> i expect we will find more bodies. there is so much destruction. >> reporter: state and local officials say it could take
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years to repair the damage. >> residents can grab everything from diapers to clothing to food, and volunteers are keeping shelves stocked. >> reporter: she came here to get supplies for her three children. >> i don't even know how to feel at this point. it is like a numb feeling. the first day we got out on were able to go try to find a store that was open, i cried the entire time. i could not believe what it looks like here. >> reporter: a nine-year-old was among those killed. she was huddled with her family in a bathroom when a twister tore through her home. laura podesta, cbs news, mayfield, kentucky. >> new video captures the moment crews pulled an american flag from the rubble of a courthouse.
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resident biden plans to visit kentucky to survey the damage for himself. in the bay area, crews are continuing to clean up yesterday's storm. the south bay continued to see rain this morning. crews have been working overnight. caltrans crews are anticipating more rain and are on storm patrol. >> anything like rockslides and drain flow damages. >> large trees fell down in oakland and also in pescadero. >> in berkeley, flooding closed down streets. take a look at the huge puddle of water under the overpass, there. both directions of the road flooded. napa also saw a light dusting
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of snow. snow sprinkled on the grass, patches of snow covering picnic tables, some snow did not last very long. it got to is job of melting and soaking into the ground. >> that disappears pretty quickly. it is not too much rain, not too little, just right. in the meantime, it will be chilly. the future as i showed you are going to quiet down over the next hour or 90 minutes at most. it is going to become breezy, especially during the afternoon. hopefully you will avoid wind damage or power outages. a dry break for the rest of thursday continuing into friday and saturday. let's check the rain as it drops in from the north. this first batch of rain is likely to evaporate on the way down but will help add moisture
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to the atmosphere so the next wave of rain actually does hit ground-level. before noon, dropping down over the golden gate then spreading through the rest of the bay area through the evening hours. what roads, plenty of puzzles, maybe standing water. the spread of heavy rain, that is more likely to fall after russia. this is going to be right along the cold front that is driving all of this. once that moves through, we are down to the off and on shower pattern even into early thursday morning. we will see breaks in the clouds on thursday, a very similar pattern as what we had today. keep the umbrella handy, just in case. we will start in the northern half of the bay area. half an inch to catch, to an inch expected.
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for the southern half of the bay area, it will not be as much. less than a quarter of an inch in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. at least a little bit on top of the close to inch picked up over the past couple days. it is not going to fall heavily enough that we will see flooding issues. another round of snow for the sierra. another foot to two feet adding up on top of the several feet they accumulated so far this week. we have another chance of rain further down the line. we have a dry break late in the forecast. during the day on sunday, i think rain chances will remain minted, but sunday night, continuing monday and tuesday, another good chance of showers. increasing challenges that this may be another atmospheric river headed our way. this is the eight to 14 day rainfall prediction. a
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significant chance of above average rainfall right around the bay area. this takes us through christmas weekend. if you have family coming into town, make sure they bring their rain jackets. looking from the top of mount diablo, clouds in the distance. temperatures have been dropping off. it has been cool all day, down to the mid-to upper 40s. low to mid 40s around the bay. temperatures are going to be cool again tomorrow because of the cloud cover overhead with increasing rain chances. most of this reaching into the low 50s. the warmest spots getting up to about 50 degrees, but that is about it. some of the coolest spots topping out short of 50 degrees. it will be low 50s around the bay, temperatures for the north bank only reaching up into the low 50s. temperatures don't change much, even with the dry break headed our way. that will be most of the day on
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saturday. then we bring rain showers back into the forecast for monday and tuesday. that is the chance that could be associated with another atmospheric river. we have to get tomorrow and tomorrow night's rain chance in the rearview before we can focus on the next significant rain chance. there will be wind tomorrow. coming up, tonight was the night for steph curry as he broke the record for most career three-pointers. >> high winds were creating the sound on the golden gate bridge. the plan in the works to silence the humming and how much that would cost. streaming tonight, a local neuroscientist and mindfulness expert gives tips on how to manage holiday stress. at 8:45, a preview of the musical, 12 night. you can find cbsn bay area on
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a very dramatic picture there. breaking news because the chase is over for steph curry. he is a officially the greatest three-point shooter in nba history. >> we could have told you that. vern glenn with highlights of the record-setting moment. >> this is one of the reasons i do my job.
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7:33 into the first quarter, steph curry, king of the threes. reggie miller, curry, ray allen, he drilled his first attempt to tie allen's mark. 29-73. a few minutes later, here we go! the warriors took a foul to stop the game. steve kerr gave steph curry the game ball. 2974. a big hug from his dad. then ray allen, another money shot, come on! you have to hug and thank mama. where is she? where is she? she was lurking in there. $24,000 was spent for this one. that was the magnitude of this one. the bay area claims a home run king, the nfl touchdowns leader,
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the single-season and career bases stolen leader, and all time three-point shooter record. >> it would have been better at home, but he was going to do it. >> still amazing to see. >> at madison square garden, that is the mecca! still ahead, the city of oakland is asking governor newsom for help. details on the plan to keep people safe. plus, it is a sound people find annoying. the eerie humming of the golden gate bridge may some
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. more local news at 5:30. it is a sound that drives some people crazy. now, there is a new plan in the works to silence the humming on the golden gate bridge. planning to get away for the holidays? why travelers can expect to pay more this year. in the sierra, dangerous driving conditions as winter storm warnings continue. people in the sierra digging out after several feet
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of snow fall.


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