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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 13, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from a very wet golden gate bridge. good morning. it is monday december 13. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a storm watch and what you need to know before you hit the roads. we just saw how wet it was on the bridge. we are looking at widespread rain. it is raining everywhere on high def doppler. as we kick off our monday, tracking this atmospheric river bringing the rain and wind. you see we are looking at even moderate to heavy rainfall pushing through. that is in yellow and orange. zooming in for the north bay, mill valley, down 101 into golden gate, san francisco, richmond district, sun set district, moderate rainfall and also as we push across the peninsula, you see that rain pushing through.
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also for the south bay, saratoga, santa cruz mountains, scots valley, moderate rain coming down. through the day, we are going to see waves of heavy rain. watch for that. you will want to keep those umbrellas handy, put on that rain jacket as you head out. we are tracking kind of a second burst of the heavy rain as we look ahead to the rest of today. let's check with gianna. we have the wet roadways. i was driving in and hit some ponding. so you will want to slow down. 280 extension specifically. i hit a lot of standing water. be careful as you hit the roadways. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you see all the rain drops. we will have the conditions for most of the day, wet weather on the roads. a lot of spin outs are reported as you exit and enter freeways. be extra careful. we'll focus on the big problems
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that block lanes or cause major delays. a live look at the golden gate, things are moving okay across the span. travel times are still okay for altamont pass. a closer look at that in my next report. >> thank you. some of the heaviest rainfall is in the south bay. it has people's attention in the santa cruz mountain. >> reporter: there has been steady rain but word that the storm can park over the santa cruz mountains and unleash a lot of rain is bringing particular concern to communities like fell ton which is close to where the czu fire left a burn scar and that much rain could lead to mudslides. fell ton is lit up for the holidays but there is a little uneasiness to go with the twinkling lights. the storm is bringing heavy rain and with it, the threat of mudslides especially on nearby slopes that recently burned. >> i am a little worried about
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the neighborhoods in boulder creek that have the burn scar close to their home. >> reporter: czu lightning complex fires burned in santa cruz in san mateo in august 2020. 86,000 acres were torched and almost 1500 buildings lost. heavy rains could trigger slides. it is a balancing act because the rest of the mountains desperately need the rain. >> the rain is great. if it keeps raining for another two weeks, i will be happy. >> reporter: with rain came gusty winds which made driving in the santa cruz mountains more treacherous. highway 17 stayed clear with light sunday evening traffic. in san jose rain caused families to bundle up for shopping and outdoor fun like christmas in the park. >> cold, rainy, windy. >> reporter: the rain closed the skating rink for the day and crowds were lighter than usual but families braved the weather and were glad to have
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the celebration back after missing it for covid last year. >> it is still beautiful. there is a lot to look at. there is a light drizzle but people are still enjoying themselves. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix5. in the north bay the rain is causing problems for residents from power lines closing a highway to a house crushed by a large tree. da lin has the latest from mill valley. >> reporter: most people in the north bay have gotten their power back and further in sonoma, one woman is lucky to be alive. a large red wood tree up rooted and crushed the house around 3:00 sunday afternoon in the town of forest bell. the homeowner was working outside of the house when it came down. she's not hurt but can't find her indoor cat. the second story is destroyed and the house red tagged. in mill valley pge says downed
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power lines landed on highway 101 after 6:00. chp shut down the freeway for roughly 45 minutes. >> all the freeway lanes were closed. it was really hectic. >> reporter: it knocked out power to about 2500 customers forcing gas stations, retail stores, restaurants to shut down. >> i had a bunch of orders that were for take out. i had a handful of tables in here in the middle of getting their food. the power went out. >> reporter: the outage came at the worst possible time, 6:00 because of the dinner rush. >> we pretty much lost the day. >> reporter: he apologized to customers and sent everybody home. >> 4 to a grand. considering these times, every penny counts. >> reporter: for others, it was an inconvenience. >> dad was watching tv. the power went out. i am supposed to be working on
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a final so it is making me procrastinate more. >> reporter: one san francisco family shared this surveillance video of the garage, say a clogged storm drain caused about six inches of water to enter and flood their garage. over all most people say the storm caused fewer problems than the big one back in october. >> going for a walk even though it is raining. you can put on rain boots and get fresh air. >> we needed the rain, needed the weather. >> reporter: da lin, kpix5. >> the storm is dumping snow on the sierra. drivers are warned not to travel to the tahoe area. taking a look at i-80 in truckee, big rigs stranded along the road way waiting out the storm. in donner lake, the roads are blanketed with snow. many drivers seen at a rest stop along i-80. snow has been cleared from some parts of the highway.
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however, the roads are still slick. >> i have the worries about chains but i have a 4 by 4 so i was able to come with no problem. >> i don't like the cold and we didn't know the weather would be this bad. >> the services are good here. i am not worried. i can complete my journey without any problems. >> this morning part of highway 1 along the coast is closed. the road closure will go to ragged point. they want residents to be safe from potential mudslides and downed trees. the road will be closed until tomorrow. head to our website for the latest rainfall totals, wind conditions, hour-by-hour forecast for your hear. we are streaming 24/7 on cbsn bay area. we are learning an off duty uc berkeley police officer
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fatally shot an armed robbery suspect miles from campus. yesterday morning contra costa deputies responded along san pablo avenue. deputies say an armed suspect robbed a cashier at gun point. an off duty sergeant with uc berkeley police department was dining and confronted the suspect and shot him. the suspect, a 29-year-old richmond man died at the hospital. the investigation is ongoing. a pedestrian in critical condition following a hit and run. traffic was shut down yesterday on north jackson and mckee road near 680. no word yet on a suspect. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> one peninsula city keeping outdoor park lets permanent but there is a catch. >> a glimmer of hope in destruction left behind from a monster kentucky tornado. details, next.
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time for the money watch report, apple can make history with how much the company is valued at. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks finished last week higher despite inflation hitting a 40 year high. dow rose 216 points friday.
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nasdaq rallied 113 and s&p 500 climbed 44 for a record close. the pandemic continues to sew uncertainty in financial markets but federal government isn't changing what it means to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. yesterday dr. fauci described getting a booster dose as the optimal protection against coronavirus but said fully vaccinated still currently means two moderna or pfizer shots or a single johnson & johnson dose. apple could soon be the first u.s. company valued at over $3 trillion. by close friday market capitalization stood at just over 2.94 trillion. in 2018 apple became the first trillion dollar company. two years later it became the first with a $2 trillion valuation. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to at the new york stock exchange, i am diane king hall.
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people in burling game want park lets to become permanent but businesses will have to cough up thousands to keep them. city council approved park let fees. businesses that want to continue would have to pay annual rent of $1,500. there would be a monthly $300 cleaning fee totaling for the year $5,100. some are concerned fees could force them to close their park lets. the program is expected to begin starting early next year. scores of people unaccounted for after tornadoes tore through at least six states. but there is hope the death toll might not be as high as authorities first thought. dozens were feared dead after a kentucky candle factory was hit by a powerful twister. yesterday the candle company said while eight were confirmed dead and eight missing more than 90 others have been found. laura podesta is at the center
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of the damage in mayfield, kentucky. >> ♪ joyful and triumphant. >> reporter: less than two weeks before christmas, two congregations prayed outside ruins of this church sunday. >> a part of us has been taken. >> reporter: the community is grieving after friday night's massive tornado leveled the small city. >> there are tears but there are also hugs. >> search and rescue working for survivors across the region are battling against time and hoping for miracles. >> emergency management people are out there going door to door but there aren't any doors. >> the twister wiped out a candle factory where more than 100 people worked ahead of the holidays. authorities found 40 survivors saturday. >> i pray that maybe original estimates of those we lost were wrong. if so, it's going to be pretty wonderful. >> 11 shelters and state parks will give refuge to people's whose homes were leveled or
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damaged. >> it is insane what mother nature did in a span of minutes. >> my back door blowed in my face, the glass. >> her home was hit but still standing. >> we got down over our dogs and we were praying. >> more than a dozen people died in five other states including at least six in illinois where an amazon warehouse in edwardsville was ripped apart. new video shows us the scope of the devastation left behind in downtown mayfield. this 360-degree view along the main street shows the businesses before the tornado ripped through. now, there is a landscape of ruin in every direction. >> so heart breaking. 4:45. let's get a check of our storm watch in the bay area. >> we begin with mary lee. tracking atmospheric river bringing rain across the bay area as we start our monday. here is high def doppler. you see it is raining pretty much everywhere for the bay
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area. let's zoom into locations dealing with moderate to heavier rainfall, especially across the north bay, you see the locations in yellow and orange and that does indicate moderate to heavy rain pushing through. right over places like novato, san rafael, richmond, hercules and also the east bay. for berkeley, a heavy shower pushing through for you, emory ville in the east bay, looking at the rain of course overall of our regions and also san francisco down through bay view and heavier rain pushing through along the coast in pacifica as well as around the peninsula from red wood city, san mateo with that heavier rain. all of us are catching that rain this morning. a live look with our san francisco cam, mark hopkins hotel cam, you see those rain drops. temperatures are in the low to
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mid 50s. we are tracking the wind as well, wind advisories for san francisco peninsula down through south bay as well as for the east bay as we are looking at southerly winds from 15 to 25 and gusts up to 55 miles per hour, downed trees and power lines are a possibility for us. as we look to our current wind speeds, 18 mile-per-hour winds in fairfield, 13 in napa, 17 oakland. we are looking at 24 mile-per- hour winds in san jose. definitely a blustery start to our day. your headlines, heavy rain at times as we head through the rest of our monday with windy conditions and again really watching the san francisco peninsula east bay as well as the south bay and chilly temperatures in the 50s. tracking that atmospheric river we are at a three and that is a moderate one and really just looking at that beneficial rainfall. we are going to see waves of heavy rain. here we are at 3:00 in the afternoon, getting a second
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reinforcement of the tropical subtropical moisture for us. as we look to your tuesday, looking at still scattered showers definitely a possibility and then another wave behind that as we look to your wednesday. really looking at that rain and also those strong winds as well. i want to get right to the seven-day forecast, so much to get to here. i am going to show you that as we are looking at at least that rain for today and even could see isolated thunderstorms as we look to your tuesday and then another weather system wednesday to thursday, drier by the end of the week. that will be the case as we look across the bay area. let's check with gianna. boy, it is a wet start to our day so people hopefully can be really safe and careful on those roadways. >> if you are hitting the roadways early, heads up, be extra careful. we have the wet roadways we are dealing with. a live look at the san mateo
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bridge. a traffic alert just wrapped up across the span near the high rise. but we've got a laundry list of minor accidents, vehicles taking off ramps too quickly, reports of spin outs. if you are headed west bound 80 near carlson, we have reports of a trouble spot. it's one of those days. give yourself extra time. if you can work from home, not a bad day to do that. if you are along west 580, two lanes blocked due to dean rein the road way. this is around eden canyon as you head into castro valley. we are seeing brake lights towards dublin interchange. things are getting a little bit busy and starting to bog down into the altamont pass. 31 minutes west bound 580, 205 to 680. with the couple hot spots, travel west bound highway 4 to the maze is about 16 minutes.
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nothing major on highway 4 and 101 is moving at the limit. you see things getting busy and traffic taking it slow which is a good idea. no metering lights at the bay bridge. we'll let you know if that changes. things are quiet into san francisco. there is standing water on 280 extension as you head over into the city. >> thanks. still ahead, faithful has a lot to be about this monday morning. highlights from yesterday's big win after the break. a reminder this holiday season, you can help our neighbors in need by donating your time or money to our food for
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do your coffee taste better?
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bacon, eggs, cereal go down smoother? funny how that happens when the 49ers win. enjoy the highlights. in cincinnati, back from groin injury, didn't take long for him to impact the game with his leg. this is a second quarter gallop. 27 yards, sixth rushing touchdown. minute to go in the half, went right through them and niners took over at the bengals 30. more weird stuff on third down, looked like a typical incomplete pass. look at bell. alex mack. that's a flag. niners scored right after. garoppolo to kettle and kettle just got in before the half.
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san francisco led 17-6 and then 26 in the fourth quarter, joe burrow, spun out of pressure, trying to extend the play and took a shot, unloaded and back to the end zone, straight inbound, niners went down to seven. same score less than two minutes ago. look at this catch, hauling it in. he almost got burrow on that. 249 yards after half time and found chase 31 yards and a touchdown with a minute 19 le ss than a minute. garoppolo. he is nearly picked off! next play, third and ten, garoppolo looking for george and he got to field goal range.
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set up a 47-yarder. he sliced it. he pushed it. no! we got to over time. bengals move down the field on the opening possession. third down, sacked former ohio state teammate. mcpherson came in. 23-20, plenty time for jim and the offense, right? who stepped up? well how about jennings? it is used to big games at tennessee. 296 yards passing for garoppolo, marched inside the 15, a leap for the pile on! touchdown? it was reviewed and confirmed. niners in a walk off.
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they won 26-23 and improved to 7-6. >> still don't know how we got in, didn't trust it until they made it official. >> i ran to the side lean and he was like i am not celebrating until they call it a touchdown. >> i knew it was in. the ref told me there was a 0% chance. i was like i don't know about that one. wouldn't say zero. >> we are not really supposed to reach unless it is for a down but nobody said anything to me when i scored. >> two straight weeks of roller coaster football. even though the offense mustered three points in third and fourth quarters, they came away feeling satisfied. >> i think we are hard to beat when we don't turn the ball over. we found a way not to turn it over. usually if we don't turn it over, i say we are pretty much guaranteed to win. almost. >> if you like that, uncle vern is coming back later in the day
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with more content. >> of course he is. >> bringing the content. 4:56. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a wet start to your monday morning with more rain on the way. mary lee will have a closer look at what you can expect. vaccine
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, atmospheric river rolls in with more rain on the way for your morning commute. the areas expected to see most of the downpour. rough conditions putting crews at work, storm impact scene across the area. vaccine mandate in effect for bart employees and contractors starting now. holiday plans for millions
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despite the omicron variant still on people's minds. good morning. it is monday december 13. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. the wind and rain causing homes and businesses to lose power across the bay area. this is a look at pge's outage map right now. we have live team coverage on this wet stormy start to the week. >> justin andrews has a look at damage across the bay area. gianna will have a closer look at the roads. we start with mary lee and the weather outside. we are looking at widespread rain. i am tracking this atmospheric river. you see on high def doppler this morning all of that rain pushing through. here we go, going to move over here and as we look to what you can expect, there we go with moderate to heavy rainfall for the north bay. watching that closely for you, some locations really dealing with that heavier rain this morning stretching from novato, san rafael, mill


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