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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 9, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive sales force tower camera at the bay bridge on this thursday morning. good morning. it is december 9. >> i am anne makovec for len. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check with mary lee. we got gloomy weather yesterday, wet all day. >> we did. we had drizzle, clouds, this weather system. we are still tracking some showers. things are wrapping up in some parts of the bay area. on high def doppler, things are moving out pretty quickly. we had that light rain and now we are looking at the wet start for parts of the east bay, peninsula, south bay. you see the wet start from union city, milpitas, tri valley, san jose, allen rock, willow glenn in san jose and through evergreen. looking at santa clara, you see
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the coast as well as the peninsula catching some light showers. as we go through our afternoon, we are going to see clearing. we are going to see sunshine and breezy conditions but cool temperatures, all of us in the 50s. through our afternoon, you see that quiet weather ahead. if you are heading out the door, you will want to at least wear that coat because we are looking at chilly temperatures. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? it is wet and it is windy. taking a look at main travel times, all freeways in the green for super commuters on west bound 580. it will take almost a half hour from 205 in tracy into dublin. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving smoothly, a wind advisory posted over the bridge, 12 minutes from interstate 880 to 101 in foster
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city. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic light with no wait at the pay gates, seven minutes from the macarthur maze into san francisco. omicron outbreak in alameda, they did not get sick but tested positive after they attended a wedding in wisconsin at the end of november. six had the new omicron variant. interestingly all had been vaccinated and had a booster. symptoms are mild and none were hospitalized. no patients were infected. this news comes as pfizer released data about how affective its vaccine is against omicron. >> reporter: as people are getting ready to gather for the holidays, the question is how to do it safely and how effective with vaccines against the new omicron variant. >> omicron could have picked another time in the year to come and it would have been better psychologically.
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>> reporter: an infectious disease expert at uc berkeley says he is encouraged by information released by pfizer showing initial two shots appear to be much less effective against omicron than other variants but a booster dose offers significantly more protection. >> protection means it will protect you against getting hospitalized or dying. >> reporter: nationwide only about 25% of people eligible for a booster shot have gotten one and covid hospitalizations jumped up 30% in the past month due to the delta variant. >> omicron is getting the press. delta is our biggest worry. >> reporter: the best way to be safe while gathering for holidays is to keep it small, immediate friends and family. skip the larger holiday parties especially if indoors and get a booster shot if you are eligible. >> what we do to prevent delta will do the same to prevent omicron. >> reporter: experts stress all the information about omicron is very preliminary and could change in the weeks and months
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to come. it's also too early to know whether an omicron specific booster could be necessary sometime next year. north bay parents can be facing charges for sending their kids to school knowing one tested positive for covid. it happened just before thanksgiving. the school district says eight kids contracted the virus. at least three likely got it at school. the health department says this is unfortunate example of how nonadherence to public health orders and recommendations can increase risk for others. a decision whether to charge the parents can come in january. foster city's mayor just made history. maria cid medina spoke to the mayor in a story you will see only on kpix5. the newest mayor is indian american making her the first woman of color and sixth female mayor to lead the city. >> i am the mayor of foster
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city. >> in less than 24 hours she did her first tv interview and community event as mayor. >> our new mayor. >> how does it feel to be mayor? >> so exciting. there is a lot of work ahead. i want to do so much. >> faithfully discharge duties of the office of the mayor of the city of foster city. >> reporter: on monday night colleagues on the city council voted unanimously to appoint her mayor making her first woman of color to take the ceremonial seat in foster city's 50 year history. it's a long time coming considering the city's population is nearly 48% asian according to the 2019u.s. census. why do you think it took this long for a minority female to be mayor in foster city? >> that's a really big question. we definitely need more
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minority women to stand up and i feel very honored to be able to represent the minority community. and i feel that i am able to inspire others. >> reporter: the road to get here hasn't always been smooth. nearly a year ago someone threw a large rock. a suspect has never been found. >> it was scary. it was nerve racking, sounded like a gun shot. but i put that behind me, especially because of the support that i got from the community, the messages i got. >> reporter: she's not only making history. she says the future looks bright. >> i am very passionate about the community. >> the ceremonial term will end next december but she can choose to run again for the
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seat. 4:37. two men, a father and son under arrest accused of starting the massive caldor fire that threatened south lake tahoe. hundreds of thousands of acres burned, homes destroyed, people hurt. eldorado county district attorney says david and travis smith are responsible for all of it. >> i just hope that ultimately justice is served. >> the father and son accused were arrested for reckless arson. >> my clients and i assert they're 100% innocent. >> claiming the d.a. got it wrong and clients' involvement begins and ends with calling 911. >> they saw the fire and called it in. >> first flames sparking south of grizzly flats. >> they called 911. the call dropped.
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they continued to call 911. >> finally getting a dispatcher. >> they gave the coordinates best they could, warned other campers in the area. >> the reckless arson charge could mean the fire may not have been set on purpose but risky actions allegedly taken by the smiths resulted in significant damage anyway. >> people are going to be looking for someone to blame for this or something to blame. how are your clients feeling that right now it is then? >> they're both obviously affected by all the pressure. they're affected by it. however, you know, they're both of sound mind and they're both firm in their belief, in their innocence. >> news of the arrest made its way through communities affected by caldor fire. >> i am glad it hear that the people who are responsible can be held accountable. >> the d.a. would not provide specifics when asked what smiths were
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doing that may have unintentionally started that fire. 4:39. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the age old debate. real verses fake christmas trees. how your decision can impact your mental health. a new push for california to become a sanctuary state for abortion access and who will pay for it. construction work plus big week traffic jams some say can ruin their christmas. pointing the finger
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welcome back. the thin line between love and hate explodes in movie theaters this weekend. kristin bell stars in a new net flix series. eye on entertainment. trapped here day after endless day. >> the popular romance novel is hitting the big screen. >> put that doughnut hole away! >> two co-workers' disdain for each other hides true love. lucy hail and austin stole are familiar costars also appearing in fantasy island. >> i think that was the joy of doing this movie with someone i knew. because the only thing that is going to fully sell this movie, especially in a book loved by
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so many because of the chemistry, the chemistry has to be there. >> net flix released a trailer for a new dark comedic psychological thriller. it stars kristin bell who plays a woman questioning reality after believing she witnessed a murder in her neighborhood. >> i just feel like i am falling apart like a house of cards. >> bell also executive produces the series dropping on net flix january 28. tonight on ghost, heady possesses jay's body at the worst possible time, right before a well known wedding planner is going to stop by. the show streams live and on demand on paramount plus. time for this morning's money watch report. u.s. is a step closer becoming carbon neutral. how investors are reacting
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on pfizer's latest report on effectiveness against omicron. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. wall street moved higher wednesday. dow added 35 points. nasdaq jumped 100 and s&p 500 gained 14. investors cheered news that pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is effective against omicron variant. the company says two doses may not be enough. booster increases protection 25 fold. cutting carbon emissions by 65% by the end of the decade. president biden's executive order signed yesterday sets goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. the white house plans to spend billions on electric vehicles and upgrade federal buildings with clean energy. a winner crowned, named the best bar in the world for the second year in a row according
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to the world's 50 pest bars, annual ranking by william reed business media. it was celebrated for staying, quote, true to principles of artful modern drinks with graceful services. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. a push to make california a sanctuary state for abortion if supreme court ends up over turning roe v wade. a council prepared to prepare california for a possible influx has released recommendations. among them scholarships and loan assistance for doctors who plan to offer abortions in rural california as well as making sure providers get a higher reimbursement rate from medicaid. >> we want to be sure women are protected for this procedure which is their right to have in
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california no matter what happens in june. >> the council recommended making public funds available to deal with financial burden for women traveling here for an abortion. local businesses in half moon bay struggling to survive the pandemic. now they say they're taking another hit from pge. the utility is upgrading infrastructure along the primary route into town. it is causing gridlock turning away customers and hurting business. this stand still traffic was yesterday at 11:00 a.m., a drive that normally takes about 15 minutes yesterday took nearly an area. pge says the work can't be done at night because it is too close to nearby homes and it's scaled up the work to speed up traffic. it's the time of year when people are choosing between a real or fake christmas tree. >> your choice can have an impact on your mental health. >> reporter: each cut releases the smell of pine.
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>> it's what we have done our entire life. >> artificial tree with pine scented candles? >> no chance. >> reporter: taking a walk in a natural environment reduces psychological stress. >> that's why we go hiking in the woods. >> reporter: in the same way picking the real tree with loved ones, bonding, and bringing it home can have mental health benefits too. >> from an aesthetics perspective we do that by what we intentionally bring into our spaces in terms of visual, sight, sound, smell as well as how it feels to us. >> it's definitely therapeutic in the same way i know my dog is therapeutic. >> reporter: experts say even cut trees will go through photosynthesis as long as needles are green and there is more light. in the end there is more oxygen in the room that you put it in. >> i am happy as soon as we have a tree.
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going to bed at ninth and coming home, it smells like that tree smell. >> reporter: 700 fewer trees will be sold and some larger ones are harder to find. that's not stopping these folks. >> the smell makes you happier, more in the christmas spirit. >> reporter: the kids are smiling and may be getting mental health benefits too. >> merry christmas! tahoe is finally starting to see snow after a dry winter. take a look at the view of snow covering slopes at mount rose ski tahoe in reno. it announced plans to open tomorrow thanks to better snow making conditions and more natural snow on the way. mary has a look at some of that. that's right, anne. it's so great to see the snow in tahoe, a beautiful sight for sure. we have winter weather advisories in effect for the sierra. west slopes of sierra as well as for the tahoe area.
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that's in effect until 4:00 p.m. we are looking at anywhere from four to eight inches snow localized up to 14 inches in higher elevations of snow, reduced visibility and difficult travel over mountain passes. you see on high deaf doppler in the sierra they are getting a lot of snow especially in tahoe. in the bay area we did have light rain push through. it is a fast moving weather system. you see how quickly things are wrapping up. north bay, you are looking at the drier weather, catching clearing. now let's show you locations getting still that wet weather across the peninsula down through sfo, san bruno, half moon bay, peninsula by red wood terrace. for the south bay from san jose, campbell, los gatos, saratoga, light rain over mill pea pass, east bay, tri valley,
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sunol as well as near livermore. you are getting wet weather as we start our day, just pushed across fremont and hayward. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s at this hour. again, the tri valley, peninsula, south bay catching wet weather. also we are looking at breezy conditions this morning with those westerly winds, 16 mile- per-hour winds at sfo, 23 half moon bay, 21 mile-per-hour winds in oakland. we have this round of very light rain and it is already moving pretty quickly for us. as we go through the day even by noon we are looking at clearing and sunshine. as we look to 4:00 p.m. you see how rapidly things change with the fast moving weather system. by tonight, a cold night ahead. hour by hour temperatures, all of us in the 50s. it's going to be a chilly one with breezy conditions making it feel colder. definitely grab that coat. we are looking at a cold start in the 30s and 40s for tomorrow morning and 50s in the
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afternoon for tomorrow in the afternoon. tracking our next storm system, this is an atmospheric river as we look to sunday into next week. this is a weak atmospheric river, number two there, category two for the atmospheric river on the scale. in october of course that was a category five atmospheric river. that's the strongest. we are looking at beneficial rain sunday into next week. for today, again, looking at clearing, cooler temperatures, breezy friday and saturday and as we look to sunday into next week we have the stronger storm system, inland east bay, north bay, and coast as well. let's check with anne. i am filling for gee an flash flooding on traffic today. traffic is starting to pick up for super commuters west on 580, will take over 30 minutes from tracy on 680 in dublin and west bound 4, about 25 minutes
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from 160 to i-80. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off, 7 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. interstate 880 in oakland near the colosseum, traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. a live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is light. a wind advisory has been issued by chp. it is a 12 minute drive from interstate 880 to
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from one moment to the next,
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our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at good morning everybody. last night the spotlight could not have been brighter on this man, steph curry.
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all he had to do was go and nail 16 three pointers for an nba record. yeah, that's all. last home game for 12 days, portland in town without lillard. warriors shot just 34% in the first half. buckets, there is curry. he had to work for it. curry attempted 17 threes, missed 11. his teammates though, they made sure he made six. this is being a teammate right there. warriors up by six in the third quarter. warriors bench contributed. warriors won 104-94. curry scored 22. he needs ten more threes to set the all time record for made deep shots. >> made six which is nothing
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for him. i don't think i did that in my entire career at one time. so it was just kind of a hum game but a win and we are happy with that. in full screen graphic form, curry ten away from ray allen who hit 2973 in his career. he did that in 19 seasons. this is steph's 13th season. i know what you are thinking where was jonathan last night? in white stealing and slamming here, 19-year-old teamed up with the fellow draft pick for a woman wined 62 points to beat the clippers g league team. warriors, lead story, yeah. but usf men, a close second. perfect through nine games and then last night something happened they hadn't seen in 45
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years. open for business on the hill top against fresno state. bulldogs 7-1 and they played like it. led by ten for most of the game. not on my watch. hit from deep, enough stops and turnovers for a come back. where would they be without him? a step back. he scored 27. 71-63 for the first time in 45 years, dons men are 10-0. by the way, cal men beat idaho state at home, bears record 5- 5. tiger woods will play in next weekend's pnc championship alongside son charlie. tiger will be allowed to use a cart. it will be a woods' first tournament since breaking his leg in a car crash last
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february. if you had a buddy offer you a ticket and went no, i'm good, call that person back. that ticket's got value now. i'll see if i can come up with more valuable content later on in the day. we'll see you. >> you always do. 4:58. coming up, a remembrance today for an heroic guard tragically killed
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family and friends are remembering kevin nishita, the security guard shot and killed. he will be laid to rest today. possible charges for local parents for sending their child to school with covid. >> legal battle


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