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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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light, barely showing up on radar and what does not show up as the mist. the drizzle, all that either flies underneath the radar beam or the droplets are just too small. they hang in the air as opposed to falling like raindrops which is what the radar then picks up. we will see more showers spreading across the bay area. hit or miss activity which is not guaranteed to get measurable rain in your yard but after midnight tonight, rain chances peeking in the pre- sunrise hours of thursday morning. a few hundredths of an inch of rain on the high and. there is an atmospheric river heading our way over next week allen, we will be adding up the amount we expect through wednesday of next week. >> the atmospheric river, you put at a scale? >> 2. we will run through the skill and that you know how that compares to october coming up. the other big skid story, the sentencing of scott peterson, a judge handing down a life sentence for the modesto man convicted of killing his pregnant wife. max darrow is one of the few reporters inside the courtroom where the stage is now set for a new legal fight.
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max? >> reporter: allen, it is a fight that lacy peterson's family never wants to happen, but one scott peterson's team is pushing for. >> reporter: on wednesday, scott peterson was officially resentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2002 murder of his pregnant wife lacy peterson, and their unborn son, connor. peterson received a new sentence after the california supreme court overturned his death sentence in 2020 due to an issue with jurors being improperly dismissed. as he sat in chains, peterson stared intently, as lacy's mom and siblings addressed him for the first time in 20 years. lacey's mom told him, no matter what happens, no matter what transpires in the future, there are two things that will never change. lacy and connor will always be dead, and you will always be there murderer. peterson received a new sentence on wednesday, a hearing is set for early 2022
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which will determine whether or not peterson gets an entirely new trial based upon an allegation of juror misconduct. >> scott is focused on the hearing. that is important in hearing from us. >> reporter: cordell is a retired superior court judge who has followed the case closely. >> brace yourself, there may be no new trial at all, or we might have to start it again. >> reporter: peterson's sister- in-law, janie, maintains his innocence and hopes for a retrial. >> scott is in prison and has been in prison for over 18 years for a crime he did not commit. scott peterson is innocent. >> reporter: lacy's family hopes a retrial does not happen so they do not have to reopen old wounds. >> max, if there were a new trial would that mean square one again? >> reporter: allen, it would be an entirely new trial meaning evidence could be submitted, back to square one where the prosecutors would have to prove scott peterson is in fact
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guilty. cordell said if a judge does in fact deem a retrial is necessary, that might not happen for 1 to 2 years after this upcoming hearing. >> excruciating for both families. max, thank you. the defense in the thoroughness trial has wrapped up its case with a final day of testimony from founder elizabeth holmes. holmes once again insisted she never meant to mislead investors, doctors, and patients about the company's blood testing technology. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez was in the courtroom, today. >> reporter: another key thing that happened today is that the prosecution indicated to the judge that they will move to have the entire testimony from elizabeth holmes about the abuse from her business partner and former boyfriend stripped from the record. the reason they are doing that is because the defense, when they put that testimony on, failed to support that evidence with any kind of expert witness
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who would testify that yes, the abuse may have affected elizabeth holmes and the decisions she made us the ceo of thoroughness. next week or so, will be spent hashing out jury instructions and closing arguments are scheduled to begin next thursday. oakland is moving to hire more police officers in hopes of reversing a dramatic rise in homicide but with crime comes another problem. oakland business leaders say it is hurting their recovery. >> a rough go for businesses, now many business owners say the pandemic is simply giving way to a different challenge. >> someone slipped through our back door, with our laptops, all of our laptops for our business. >> reporter: lily ayers opened clean hippie gypsy years ago
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and has taken every bit of energy to keep going. the damage during the 2020 protest and the recent burglary. on top of all those challenges there is now a feeling that customers are nervous. >> i believe people are afraid of going out of the house. you know, even in their own communities. >> one thing we talk about all the time both in our organization and as our five chamber coalition, which is our one oakland coalition is the importance of our business ecosystem. >> reporter: while city council was voting to recruit more police, oakland business leaders held a meeting of their own that crime threatens to stall the rebound from the pandemic. >> all that is stopping us is this perception and reality of increased perception around public safety and our employers are concerned about putting employees in harms way. >> reporter: for business owners like ayers, that means staying positive and pushing
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ahead. >> we have been taking so many hits, here, in oakland. our goal is to continue to be here and persevere, but it is tough and challenging. >> reporter: as the city launches an effort to re-staff the depleted police department, chamber leaders say they would love to see those officers on the street walking beats, hopefully preventing more problems and reassuring the public here in oakland. wilson walker, kpix 5. >> a rough year for business owners in oakland . this evening a battle at the state capital. the public utility commission is trying to scale back rooftop subsidies. >> people in disadvantaged communities, renters and seniors are paying higher utility bills to cover the costs that should be borne by people with rooftop solar. >> the big utilities in the
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state also want to scale back payments to homeowners who install rooftop solar. the cupc will have the final plan later this year. price of homes in the bay area are at an all-time high. >> there are still deals out there. john ramos found one in mountain view which is a little hard to believe. >> reporter: the peninsula is home to the priciest real estate in america but you would be amazed at some of the bargains you can get if you are willing to keep an open mind. in the heart of silicon valley, the city of mountain view has a median home price of about $1.5 million. but, it also has what may be the mother of all bargains. this two bedroom two bath home is selling for $198,999.
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>> now that we have lowered the price to the point that it is a really good deal, i am getting calls like crazy on it. >> reporter: in may, the price was about 250. but realtor eric schubert has reduced it four times to get it to sell. what is wrong with it? nothing, except it is in a mobile home park. >> the stigma is a big thing. especially people from other parts of the country, it was only the poor people who lived in a mobile home. >> reporter: known locally as the king of mobile homes, schubert has sold thousands of units over the years and says the original mobile homes were nothing like today's high quality manufactured homes. >> inviting friends over with sheet rock walls and granite counters, people go my goodness, this is nicer than my $1.5 million condo i just bought for a fraction of the cost. >> there are 58 mobile home parks in san jose alone. if they look dated it is because the last one was built in 1980. it is not considered an efficient use of land, now. at its price point, the home in mountain view would only cost it's buyer about $907 per month. there is a modest monthly space fee and the park restricts buyers to 55 years and older.
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but, you want to beat the deal, anywhere. >> i think it is the best bargain in the bay area. >> reporter: steve wozniak, that is seriously his name, was delivering christmas cards to his neighbors. he says he does not mind a bit that other people might look down on living in a mobile home park. >> i believe there is a stigma which keeps our rent down so there is less pressure in raising rent. >> reporter: in mountain view, john ramos, kpix 5. the realtor adds the inventory of available mobile homes is low right now there are normally 400 on the market but now there are only 60 for sale in all of san jose. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area . >> just when you thought traffic on highway 92 going into half moon bay could not get worse, it does. thanks to pg&e. >> i really wish that they would have chosen a time that is not one of the more prolific times for half moon bay.
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>> tonight, a whole lot of confusion swirling around a hugely popular program in san francisco launched during the pandemic. the approaching storm
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new at 6:00, local businesses who are struggling to survive the pandemic say they are taking another hit from pg&e. the utility is upgrading infrastructure along highway
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92, the main artery into town. kiet do reports it is causing gridlock, turning away customers and hurting business. >> reporter: if you thought weekend traffic into half moon bay was bad, check thisou is weesday at 11:00 a.m. >> reponeer: of cars at a standstill stretching over a mile on highway 92. a dries that is normally 15 minutes took nearly an hour. >> ridiculous, unnecessary. >> reporter: it started monday when work began without warning. pg&e was upgrading high pressure regulators to bring down the pressure from transmission and its division lines. the backups caught everyone off guard. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: breanna charles and pete cottontail says they are scrambling to fill online orders because workers have
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been showing up two hours late and customers are often waiting outside the store. >> have you had people turn around and walk away? >> when i was pulling around the corner, i saw something peeking through lico, they are coming. >> reporter: at la petite bolin swim school, parents are canceling classes. >> we have about 50% of kids showing up, some of our classes are not showing up at all. it has been very quiet. >> reporter: at half moon bay feed and fuel they can only do half the number of deliveries. what is more, they are burning up expensive fuel as they pay workers to sit in traffic. foot traffic is down by 30. >> this is the worst time to cut off access to my business. >> reporter: lisa crescent, owner of fall town toys says sales are down 20% from last year which was already a terrible year. >> why does it have to happen now? since there has been no communication, we can't empathize with pg&e. we just feel frustrated. >> reporter: it begs the question, why can't this work be done at night? pg&e told us the remaining work requires us to be simultaneously in caltrans
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right-of-way and customers yards to complete the service work right up against their houses which cannot be done at night. the resources needed to activate the new equipment are only available during the day and we cannot flip-flop crews from days to nights without a proper rest period for safety reasons. for lisa, 2021 was supposed to be a comeback year. >> i had to do an unbelievable song and dance to keep my business open last year. and now this. >> reporter: in half moon bay, kiet do, kpix 5. >> pg&e have been working on three locations at once but the company says they scaled-back to just one location at a time to help ease some of the traffic. confusion, this evening, over restaurant in sentences go. some business owners say the city is threatening them with an ultimatum. renovate the structures or pay a fine. some park let's can be fire hazards or violate the ada but one business owner says they just need more time. >> some of these items have to
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be corrected in 14 days and it says here after 14 days you will be charged $100 the first day, 200 the second, 500 each additional day. this is outrageous. >> this is not the time to come down with a heavy hand. yesterday, the mayor said there would be no fines, no enforcement, they would be pulling back inspections only to have this happen today, it is outrageous. >> a spokesperson in the mayor's office says the city is doing outreach right now, not finding businesses and only a small number prevent present safety and ada issues. >> the city council extended a very popular alfresco outdoor dining and business program through june of next year. new 6:00, lyft will allow corporate employees to work remotely through the end of next year. the san francisco bay's right
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helling company had planned to retire require workers to return to the office in february. lyft is just one of many companies that adjusting their return to work policies with the uncertainty over the omicron variant. good news for the sierra. after waiting since october, finally more snow falling. we look at the slopes of mt. rose, drone shots showing the need for more snow to get those resorts open and running. >> tell us it is coming. >> it's coming. a little bit tonight and tomorrow and then a lot early next week. that is music to every snow enthusiast years. let's take a look at the details. tonight they are expecting enough for a winter weather advisory, the forecast model is anywhere from two inches to 10 inches. some of the highest peaks may pick up more than a foot of snow tonight into the first half of the day tomorrow. the big event is going to be when we get rain in the bay area. several inches of rain around the bay area could result in
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several feet of snow in the high sierra. as indicated between 3 to 6 feet of snow accumulation. this is definitely good news, not just for winter recreation, but also for the snowpack which feeds into our reservoir once everything melts. the bulk of the energy with this storm system is sending a shower through the bay area. the stronger storm system will be digging in out to our west as we had through the second half of the weekend sending rain into the bay area beginning saturday night. let's focus on what is happening now, just a few spotty showers out there, there are some patches of misty drizzle. future cast shows the showers more miss than hit through the evening but overnight a much better chance of rain. light rain but it is rain nonetheless taking shape after midnight into the pre-sunrise hours of thursday morning and then it is gone. by the time the sun comes up we will see a decrease in clouds on thursday with a nice mix of
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sunshine by mid-day into the afternoon. let's talk about the next storm system. it will be an atmospheric river but it will not be the scale we saw in october. that was the top of the scale, extreme to exceptional. this one looks like it is narrowing in between 1 and 3. we split the difference at this point it looks like an ar two which is weak as far as atmospheric rivers go but it will still be enough to send a few inches of rain across much of the bay area. future cast indicating between 2 to 3 inches of rainfall. again, forecast models this far in advance you have to take with a grain of salt but this is definitely a good sign. this would eliminate -- would not eliminate the drought but this would put a drought dent in the drought conditions. even if it is not misting in your neighborhood it still feels generally damp. temperatures tonight will drop to the mid and upper 40s to around 50 degrees. we are going to warm up once the sun breaks through tomorrow. the coolest dogs you will see for the rest of this year in the dog walking forecast, i don't think it will be chilly enough for the santa hat tomorrow but she might want the sunglasses once that sun breaks through. temperatures warming up in san francisco into the upper half of the 50s.
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not a whole lot of variation to temperatures across the board. everyone between 55 and 60 which is pretty much normal for the middle of december. temperatures will stay similar for friday and saturday and rain chances arrive sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. four straight days of a good chance of rain. that does not mean it is going to rain everywhere all the time, but each day is going to bring another wave of rainfall. we will take a look at those day by day rain chances in more detail coming up at 7:00. >> thank you. here is norah o'donnell with a preview of the cbs evening news. >> high, it is a busy news day. tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00, season of giving . the father and daughter duo on a mission to help people who lost their homes in california wildfires. the cbs evening news is minutes away. straightahead in sports, who is in? who is out? already, news coming up with the 49ers big week. and, moment of truth. for this splash brother. how many deep shot attempts
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curry is chasing ray allen's record, 15 shy of tying it and if he does not tonight, curry will break the record on the road. the dubs were in philadelphia on saturday. he stops in indianapolis, new york, and boston. >> it is the weirdest thing, to be thinking about breaking a record like that. i have thought about it. it would be nice to have the home crowd. i feel like that energy will be special matter what, it will be an amazing experience. >> curry is worth the price of admission before it the game even starts. he had that tunnel shot at oracle and now a new spot in chase center to end his pregame shooting routine. seems like fans can't get enough of number 30. >> coming into the game for may be out of town, the first question is how can i go and see him warm-up? i don't know if anybody else
6:25 pm
who has drawn that type of attention for pregame warm-ups. the pregame plan of cincinnati, rookie running back elisha mitchell remains absent. he is in covid-19 protocol and also dealing with a knee injury. diva samuels is out today but shanahan hopes to have him back tomorrow. fred warner pronounced himself 100% after sitting out last sunday with a hamstring injury. how was sitting out the first game of his career? >> it sucked. that's the best way to put it, it was terrible. i pride myself on being available for this team and for the defense. so it sucked being on the sideline, not being able to help them get the win. >> joe burrell has a pinky finger issue on his throwing
6:26 pm
hand but said he will play against the 49ers. he dislocated his finger against the chargers. tiger woods will play in next weekends pnc championship along with his 12-year-old son charlie. tiger will be allowed to use a cart for the two-day event performer major winners and a family member. it will be woods first tournament since breaking his leg in a car crash last february. what do i have to say about that one? if you have a ticket for this one, the event is in orlando, florida, the value of it is way up there now. >> no kidding. the matching redshirts were incredible. >> can'
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finally from us, people doing good this holiday season. >> delivery day for the glide grocery giveaway. >> after getting bags ready the past three days today glide started delivering over 5000 bags of groceries. >> that's a lot. they will go to community organizations across the city. each bag will help people have that traditional holiday meal. a big shout out to gap which sponsors the event. >> pretty amazing. thank you for watching at
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6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area and you can find ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the big news from pfizer. why the company says the standard two-dose regimen may not be enough to protect against the new omicron variant. covid cases spike in the u.s., but there's good news tonight: the number of americans getting vaccinated is on the rise. but does the new strain mean you'll need a fourth dose sooner than expected? plus, we're in south africa, where scientists say omicron may not be as dangerous as the delta variant. former officer on trial. opening statements today for the minnesota police woman who claimed she mistakenly drew her gun instead of her taser, killing 20-year-old duante wright. instagram in the hot seat. senators grill the app's c.e.o. as concern grows that the social


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