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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 8, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn looking live from the treasure island camera this morning looking at the city of san francisco. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, december 8th. >> good morning to you. let's get a check of weather first on this website. halfway through the week. how is it looking? >> all right. cloudy and foggy this morning. as we head through the day there's a chance to see maybe a sprinkle as we head through our afternoon and tracking a weak little weather system. you can see the location dealing with dense fog this morning. current visibility in fairfield, a quarter mile. dense fog for you. looking at those low clouds and areas of fog as he with start off the day. now i want to show you as we walk you through the day today, and you can see activity here, this is at 3:00 p.m. spotty isolated showers if you are lucky enough to catch it be prepared. you may want to keep the rain jacket on. there is that possibility, here
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we are at 7:00 p.m. with some light scattered showers as we head through this evening. checking our daytime highs it'll be a cool one. because of that cloud cover all day long. looking at highs in the 50's for many of us. 57 in pacific a.59 oakland, 61 in san jose. looking at upper 50's in concord, mid50's in napa later on today. we will talk more about what you can expect and a bigger storm system coming our way. details in the seven day forecast. let's check in with traffic and how things are shaping up out there. it's a little bit foggy inland. travel times in the green all major freeways moving smoothly for the super commuters on westbound 580, 25 minutes from tracy into dublin. traffic is light and there is that fog advisory posted by the
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c hp on the bridge. a rush for covid vaccines and boosters before the holidays caused one clinic in san mateo to turn away nearly 200 patients. >> maria has more from the event center where she found long lines last night. >> mexico so we are going to visit family. >> the one gift on many wish lists this year. >> i just want to be extra safe. >> is the covid19 vaccine or booster so people can gather with family after the virus nearly canceled everybody's christmas, hanukkah and new year's a year ago. >> i just think i don't want my family to get exposed. >> the holiday rush to get doses in arm is so high that a clinic at the san mateo medical center had to be canceled. a spokesperson concerned that 180 patients were told they would need to reschedule their appointments. the cause was a staffing shortage with the third party
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vendor hr support. the staffing level just couldn't meet the demand. >> we are seeing a lot of people that we know with double vaccinations that are getting covid. >> with mild symptoms but we still don't want to get it. >> nobody was turned away at the event center. for many that's a holiday wish come true. >> it's important so we can be with our family this holiday. >> and remember it takes two weeks for the vaccine to be effective. when it comes to boosters the cdc said mixing and matching vaccines is safe and in some cases produces a stronger immune response. in san mateo. kpix5. now to video that makes you ask what is happening in san francisco? car break-ins are so common that look at that. nobody even notices. betty has been digging into the newest numbers and found one neighborhood where there are almost 3break-ins a day. >> the palace of fine arts is
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one of the most rocked landmarks. it's also a prime target for thieves. it's not hard to find glass from multiple smash andgrabs. tourist hot spots are popular places for burglars. take this smash and grab on grand avenue i china town. a driver gets in to a car as a thief peers in. a woman tries to go inside a building. the burglar look around before stealing two bags. the thief then goes back for more, all while people nearby carry on. >> it's out of control. we have people that are doing this are breaking in to cars up in knob hill and then go down to fisherman's wharf and then come out here and then go to another part of the city. the police can't chase the
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cars. it's considered a misdemeanor. >> allen is a san francisco patrol special officer. part of a neighborhood police force authorized in the city charter. he patrols the marina where he has 172 clients. he added 20 just in the last month. he said that the number one problem, is car burglaries. >> i come out here every night and see new piles of glass. >> in november there are more than 3,000 reports of larceny theft ins. the majority of those were carbreak-ins. sfpd's central district sees the highest number of smash and grabs. in fact last montha lone there were 876 reports. that's almost 30 a day. compare that to 442 last november and it's still up from the year before. there were 734 cases prepandemic. >> i have always seen a lot of glass here. its been going on for years and i have lived here since the
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9o's. >> the officer said that what has increased is perhaps fear and indifference when it comes to getting involved. in san francisco, betty yu. kpix5. a lot of confusion in san francisco about the future of the popular parklets installed during the pandemic. business owners have been expressing concerns. the mayor said they are here to stay. she said nobody is being fined or forced to change their parklet except in extreme cases. she said that the city is working with businesses to notify them of any changes that need to be made and that the city is providing grants. a high stakes vote in oakland as homicides and gun violence spikes. 2021 is on track to be the worst year in more than a decade. andrea reports that money is going back into police resources. it comes months after the city
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council voted to freeze police officer positions and divert resources to violence prevention programs. >> this is all about -- [inaudible] have to deal with the have notes. >> a rally to support more funding for opd was held as a seven hour council meeting started. the council voted to fund two more academies to add 60 more officers to help bring them back to the 737 authorized positions. >> motion passes. >> this came about to address the oakland police department falling below the minimum number of officers of 678 required measure z. the department now sits at 676. as crime has seen a spike oakland police have been losing eight officers a month. >> they have said both city leadership, department leadership, as well as the lack of appreciation and support
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that they are receiving across the board and it really has been something that has had a great impact on morale. this after hours of discussion. there was also a terse exchange between a councilmember and police chief. >> are you defining bashing by city councilmembers saying that there is -- the clearance rate is one out of six homicides and that our people are saying that they are not getting calls answered or responses? >> we can have difference in opinion but i just hope that people will understand that this is a difficult job. >> kpix5. if you got e-mailed saying your amazon order is running late you aren't alone. kenny reports that the cloud service network sufficienterned a major outage for hours by brought down services around the world. >> it's not clear how it affected the federal government.
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what is serb is when a major servicli this fails there's a domino effect that's felt worldwide. >> reason that we seem to feel it more often is because of the central nature of the internet. >> deliveries canceled, customers trying to book flights couldn't connect. students also feeling the pressure. >> some people were in the middle of a final when it shut down. >> platforms like canvas shut down too leaving students rushing searching for answers on social media. >> i wasn't able to access my homework or study guides for finals. >> ian the cnet editor at large. >> the whole idea was to have it not central, have information accessible anywhere in case of an attack. >> they believe the central nature of the internet is part of the problem as incidents
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like this with major economic consequences are waiting to happen. >> a lot of companies rely on amazon. a lot of companies rely on google and microsoft. as a result things can go bad and it cascades around the internet in a really bad way. >> amazon released a statement saying it mitigated the problem about five hours after the initial reports but added it still is working for full recovery. in san francisco, kpix5. it is 4:41. coming up and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the warning about 5g posing a potential threat to air travel. we will be right back.
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welcome back. a new drama account college sports opens this weekend and guitars for two music legends go on the auction block. fans of keith richards can soon bid on his guitars. assigned gibson that belonged to him is up for sale at the music heir's charity auction. another highlight from the auction, a violin based guitar. multiplatform artist zach johnson will hit the road on an american tour. it kicks off in june in new
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hampshire and ends in la. >> i just didn't run. he was taken. >> in the season finale of csi vegas david hodges goes missing and the team rushes to find him. the finale airs tonight on cbs. and opening this weekend the new film national champions takes on the issue of player compensation in sports. that's your eye on entertainment, cbs news, los angeles. time for the money watch report. >> wall street had one of its best days in month. the dow gained 492 points. the nasdaq added 461, the s&p gained 95.
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investors piled in to tech stocks, givenning the nasdaq and s&p500 their biggest jumps since march. while health experts still quieting in to the data about the omicron variant the news has been positive as early signs are symptoms are relatively mild. and amazon web services outage took down a portion of the internet tuesday and may have caused a delay in package deliveries. amazon products and disney plus, slack and robin hood were among the services affected by the server issue. the delivery service also saw problems. this christmas instead of leaving santa milk for his cook iys try a bottle of wine. oreo teaming one bare foot wine for a limited release. the red wine has notes of chocolate, cookie and cream flavors. it'll be available for about $25 a bottle and comes with a package of cookies.
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and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. the faa is warning that 5g wireless could cause an air safety risk and that could result in flight diversions. the concern involves a potential interference with 5g and sensitive air craft technology like radio altanators. the faa is now prohibiting some air craft from using the data near 5g signals. both at&t and verizon plan to launch 5g next year. now to the coronavirus that omicron variant has been found in sacramento county. a team of scientists said they found it not in patients but in wastewater. they say the detection sevens as an early warning system to help public health officials
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respond before an outbreak. they are also looking for trends specifically where it's increasing overtime. experts call the findings significant but warn it's still too early to know how widely omicron is circulating. >> you feel very confident at that point saying we have seen it in wastewater and that is the kind of information that will really help public health officials know how to target their clinical testing to confirm what we are seeing and then also to understand the impact of that in terms of the disease in the community. >> researchers have been monitoring wastewater for covid and it's variants in ten city across northern and central california for more than a year. and something else in the water. >> paddle boarders in southern california encountered a rare nine foot sun fish. it's the largest fish in the world with a skeleton structure
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usually found far off the coast. >> i wasn't scared because i knew what it was. i remember the first time i saw one i did -- i had no idea what it was. it looks like an alien shark. >> the record for largest sun fish was set back in 1996. these two believe that fish that they saw could challenge that world record. >> big yikes. >> no, no, no. >> you will want to see that again in the water. we are looking at a cloudy start to the day with foggy conditions. here is a live look. that gray start as we look to san francisco with the mark hopkins hotel camera looking at the transamerica pyramid across the bay to the bay bring this morning. checking our temperatures, we are in the upper 40's, mid to upper 40's to low 50's. a cool start to the day. tracking the dense fog. we are looking at a quarter mile for the visibility in
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fairfield. two and a half this admonishing. tracking on the satellite and radar view, the next storm system taking shape. the next weather system not a big rain maker. i will show you and what you can expect as we do hour by hour. looking at some light, scaterned, isolated showers as we head through the afternoon, is a possibility if you are lucky enough to catch that. i think that for the most part bring the rain jacket as we head through the day today. here we are at 6:00 p.m. and here we are as we look ahead to 9:00 p.m. some light showers pushing through as we head through tonight. not expecting a lot. so, really this weather system trying to squeeze something out of it. we are looking at just a few hundred diagnostics of an inch with this system. looking at the daytime highs with the clouds, looking at temperatures mainly in the 50's. it'll be a cool day across the bay area. 457 in pacifica. 458 for san francisco, 59 in oakland. also for mountain view.
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61 san jose and mid50's for at least the napa valley this afternoon. seven day forecast, what you can expect. the chance to see a little wet weather for us as we head through the day today. especially into tonight and then for thursday, we are looking at some clearing. little bit of sun as we head through the day. the temperatures will be cooler and especially friday morning it. will be a cold start for sure and then as we look to the end of the weekend into next week, the storm door wide open. in fact tracking a weak river as we look to monday. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose, there we go. the chance to see a few showers for today. looking at cooler conditions thursday, friday, and for saturday. ben really watching sunday, monday, with that weak river. really a series of storm systems as we look to next week. we need that rainfall. here is a look at ann. >> filling in for ghianna. checking out the main travel
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times. traffic starting to pick up for the super commuteerns westbound on 580. it'll now take you almost a half hour to drive from highway 205 into tracy and dublin and on westbound i-80 about 15 minutes highway 4 to the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights off. a fog advisory in effect over the bridge. seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. taking a check at i-kland near traffic moving well in both directions. let's look at the san mateo bridge. a few more vehicles westbound. an 11 minute drive from i-880 to 101 in foster city. check out a huge holiday display in southern california. it's bringing joy to the neighborhood. >> city leaders say a specific display almost got the homeowner fined. check out the bright lights at this home in la county. look familiar? this is a replica from the
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national lampoon national vacation. the addition of a second story on the top of the house caught the attention of city officials and they told people to take down the roof display. city officials had a change of heart and let the display change. >> the first thing you think about is the people, the community on the side on this and i'm sure that has a big, big part of their decision. this is an amazing city to live in. that decision is great. >> we want to see your holiday lights, e-mail your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots or tag us on social media using the hash tag kpix bright spots. >> morning. once, twice, how about three times for this san jose sharks, player last last night? i got to hang out with the
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goodrning. nh mind. these are the sharks. when the division leader took the ice last night the men of teal took the game. at home for seven straight games. got a road trip until santa visits. sharks spotted the -- a 3-1 league. puck loose in front. adam put it away. his first career nhl goal. moved in close for the first of three straight goals. hurdle scored off the rebound. his second goal of the week and the manuel minute there was an empty neck. hurdle's 4th career hat trick and here came the hats. san jose won the game.
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5-3 and have won four of six. nba the warriors had last night off. scheduling pretty much the only thing kept seth curry from scoring and closing in on top of the all time list for three- pointers. 15 to tie. >> you think that it's possible to do this thing. >> anything is possible. >> 16 three-pointers. the most in league history. got a punch ear chance later on tonight against portland. he would have to break clay thompson's single game report of 14. >> he has the greatest sort of combination of humilitl and arrogance. knowing he is the best on the floor and that makes everybody want to be around him and be on his team. it's a wonderful combination. >> oracle park last night.
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a sound check before the 26 holiday -- to benefit 300 under served kids. the event was held virtually because of covid. national league manager of the year was in attendance and of course the baseball lock out came up. >> as a manager i mean -- how does this affect you? i'm going to barcelona and spend a lieutenantl time in spain and italy, travel a little bit, drink wine and eat really good food and make sure that i'm staying connected with our coaching staff. we are doing the best we can. >> time out for me? no time off for me. i will see you later in the day. have a good one. >> no time off for vern. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the new action from city leaders and law enforcem
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like from the cbs bay area studios. and just a matter of hours scott peterson back before a judge for resentencing. i'm justin andrews. how we ended up here next. >> and as holiday shopping is ramping up so are the security measures in san francisco. we will tell you what is being done coming up. stereo and the additional help on the way to the police department after a spike in crime. >> and the san francisco school board debate. a big deadline coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's get a check of weather with mary lee. good morning to you. how is it looking for us? >> cloudy and foggy. 40's and other's, tracking a weak weather system that will bring a few showers. not a lot but a little something for us when we head through the day. check out the fog. visibility in fairfield down to a quarter mile. dense fog for you two miles


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