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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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day. we were able to identify the variant within hours, because that's very specific pattern of mutation. >> reporter: now none of this would have happened if that patient had not reached out to the san francisco department of health to tell them that they had been in south africa. this genomic sequences wouldn't have happened and we would have not know this variant is already on u.s. shores, though dr. chiu said it is highly likely this is not the only case of omicron here in the united states, just the only detected one. allen, elizabeth? >> shows you how advanced our sentences are in the bay area. chances are it's at other major ports. >> and how responsible of that traveler to report themselves. >> no kidding. >> the combination of personal
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responsibility and the fact that these labs are less than ten apart really made a difference. >> all right, andria, thank you. the first case comes at the cdc is working to step up covid testing requirements for people traveling to the u.s. right now travelers must be tested within 72 hours of arriving, but health officials are considering testing travelers one day before boarding u.s. bound flights regards of their vaccination status. president biden's chief million advisor dr. anthony fauci talk about the san francisco resident who contracted omicron variant after visiting south africa. he said that an immediate travel ban may not be necessary. >> no one feels, i certainly don't, that a travel ban is going to prevent people who are infected from coming to the united states, but we needed to buy some time to be able to prepare, understand what's going on, what is the nature of this infection, what is the nature of the transmissibility. joining us live now dr. ann
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lu with stanford healthcare. now that omicron variant is confirmed to be in the bay area, just want to get your reaction to the news, probably not surprising, given how delta certainly spread. >> not surprising at all. i think that there are probably a lot of cases of omicron in the u.s. already. it's just a matter of doing the testing and setting up the work flows to detect it. and just as it took a bit of time for labs to set up work flows to detect and report how much delta virus they were see, the same thing is happening with omicron, so i agree that it's not at all surprise. >> how is the variant a game changer when it comes to how fast the virus is spreading and the need for the testing and the vaccinations? >> i think a lot of that is to be determined. we don't know yet whether it is more or less or similarly transmissible as delta, or if
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it is more, less, or equally susceptible to neutralizations. we don't know whether it is going to be causing more severe infection, or less severe infection. all we know right now is that people who have been vaccinated can get a symptomatic infection with omicron, but that is also the case with delta. so i think that right now, i have heard some colleagues say that the only thing we know about it is that it is called omicron. >> so patient number one is what we will call them. very responsible to report themselves. we know they are fully vaccinated, but hadn't gotten the booster. what does that tell you? >> right now, we don't know if it tells us anything. we're going to need a lot more information, a lot more data points of people who are testing positive, a lot more information from around the world of people who have been vaccinated or not vaccinated,
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who are picking up this variant, to know whether it is something that an additional booster would have prevented, or reduced severity. so lots to be determined. stay tuned. i think that there are a lot of opinions being thrown around on social media and the news, and i would just caution people to take all of that with a grain of salt. we just don't have nearly enough information yet to make any conclusions about whether this variant will significantly change the course of the pandemic. >> so to your point, we know this patient is between 18 and 49. we don't know much, but no underlying issues. mild symptoms. do we probably need -- i hear you saying this, a bigger sampling, to be able to put all of this stuff into contest with how serious it's going to be? >> absolutely. we need way more information about this. we'll need more data from the population. we'll also need more data from
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the lab about how it behaves in the lab when exposed to antibodies from people who are vaccinated, and antibodies from people who have had the infection. so there is a lot more to come, and as it has probably spread to many corners of the globe by now, i think that that information will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. >> all right, doctor, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. nice to talk to you, allen. and no at 5:30, a home ininvestigation in beverly hills turns deadly. police are vetting the break- in, that has left a pioneering music executive's wife dead. jeff has more details on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: an 81-year-old woman is dead after a shooting during an apparently home invasion in beverly hills. police have identified the victim as jacqueline avond, the wife of pioneering music executive clarence avons. >> the motives in this case are
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still unknown. we will not speculate on anything that's out there, t not. g if this was a reporter: the police chief says a security guard was present when the crime happened, but was not hurt. >> i don't think it's a random attack, but i can't speculate on that right now. >> reporter: the violence of the crime is shocking to neighbors. >> i used to see her all the time walking on hillcrest, and we always used to say hello. such a nice lady, an old-timer, you know. >> reporter: avon, known as the grandfather of black music was a grammy honored artist. the company had been married for 54 years. she was a fill fill an throw pest. >> we haven't seen robberies like this in decades.
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and we intend to not allow it to continue. >> reporter: police are still searching for suspects in a similar home envision in encino, where robbers broke into the home of real housewives of beverly heels personal kinsley. they got away with about $1 million in valuables but left her and her children unharmed. >> home burglaries in upscale neighborhoods in los angeles have become more common in recent years. victims range from celebrities like rihanna, tooth heats like floyd may weather. >> coming up, an airbnb scam. and california declaration water crisis for the third year in a row. so what does that mean
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a southern california quite the hock when strangers showed up at their door saying they hat rented their home on airbnb. >> the problem was they had never listed it. >> reporter: the list calls the house a modern masterpiece. the entire villa is up for rent for just $450 a night on airbnb. it sounds too good to be true, and it is. >> i said i think you've been scammed. >> reporter: jeff owns the house nestled against the mountains. he and his wife and children moved in just four months ago. earlier this month they were out of town and left a pet is iter to watch the house. >> and she texted us and said did you rent the house out for the weekend? said no. she said because someone is here who rented the house through airbnb. >> reporter: he went on-line and found a listing for his
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home. >> it got me to really realize just how easy it is for people to do anything on-line without anybody's permission. >> reporter: branch immediately messaged and called airbnb and was told his case would be escalated to a specialized team. he said, okay, somebody will be in touch with you tonight. nothing. >> reporter: for weeks, the listing stayed up, and then last weekend, another stranger showed up, saying she had rented the house on air beane. >> airbnb. while airbnb has it listed that the host identity was verified, as far as we can tell, airbnb doesn't do anything to actually verify the address, making sure that the person listing the problem actually owns it. we looked at the host profile and found another home listed. it says it's in carolina county, but with a reverse image search on google, we found it's actually on sunset
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boulevard in brentwood. we reached out to airbnb, and within hours both listings were down. >> physical the media speaks up, and they could potentially get some bad press, you know, they don't care. >> airbnb released this statement saying trust sat the heart of everything go, and bad actors have no place in the airbnb community. this homeowner is correct, and we have take be action to ban both the listing and the host from our platform. >> today is world aids day, a day people to you unite the fight against hiv. an indescribed event on the streets locally today. people encouraged to right on the street in chalk the names of loved ones who have died of aids. >> i would like to eradicate aides tomorrow, so anything that expedites ends this disease is something important and close to my heart. it's something that people have been literally dying and fighting for for decades upon decades. coming up at 6:00, how the
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fight against hiv has helped doctors in the new fight against covid-19. up next, california is in the grips of another devastating drought. the communities that would be left with no water. >> and coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> it's a busy news day. tonight, the omicron variant is now in the united states. what we're learning about the first confirmed case. plus, america's housing crunch. our report tonight from the least affordable housing part in the country. and unifying america. the group providing warm coats to kids in a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good for you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams,
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a peninsula woman is making a difference in the bay area and across the world. sharon introduces us to this week's jefferson off ward winner. >> a woman was adopting the first of her three children overseas when a question from an orphan girl broke her heart. she gets ready for her volunteers to pack hundreds of food boxes for low-income families fulfilling a promise made in 2006 while in her nightive iran, adopting her
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oldest daughter, another 11- year-old girl begged to leave the orphanage with them. >> i make you a beautiful daughter we an good daughter, please take me with you, too, and i told her i cannot take care her, as much as i would love to. so i told her, i promise youly not let you or the children be forgotten. >> reporter: she kept that promise two years later. she and her moms founded moms against poverty. they provide education, health, and orphan care, plus basic needs like food, water, and hygiene products. they have served more than two million people, mostly poor children, in 16 countries and has built more than 60 schools and supported more than 30 orphan care centers. >> i feel like we are one big family, and this a human family. >> reporter: its food baskets have gone to children from cambodia to more than 27,000
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afghans at the iran boarder who fled the taliban. a doctor heads a nonprofit in iran that has worked with them to build schools and feed thousands. >> she is one of the greatest of helping children in need that i have seen. independent the bay area, moms against poverty partners with three dozen school districts, churches, and community groups, to serve hundreds of thousands of people. the castro county unified school district receives boxes of fresh organic food to feed families twice a month during the school year, and 500 families during the summer. >> they don't have to go to the supermarket and have to decide whether to buy meat versus shampoo. >> reporter: school superintendent parvin said that she even provides free refrigerators so the district can store the food. and this is a labor of love for
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her. she cares so deeply about people, awful people. >> we bring hope, and shown all we have left in the world right now. >> reporter: so for serving millions around the world through moms against poverty, this year's general award goes to nayib. >> amazing. her impact has been tremendous. she has fed over two million people, bit 60 new schools? incredible. >> yeah, she kept her promise. >> she certainly did. shank you, sharon. if you know of a quiet hero making a difference in our community, nominate that person for a jefferson award. just click on the nominations tab at >> nice to see some so many
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examples of that with everything else happening in our daily newscast. it's great that we can take a little time to focus on the positive. temperatures were very positive. way above normal today, and will remain above normal tomorrow. a big hill of air is sitting on top of us, and that will remain in place again tomorrow. still a good 10 to 12 degrees above average. this is going to shift around a little bit and reposition itself offshore, allows an onshore breeze to kick in by friday and saturday. so temperatures trend downward as we head into the weekend. while it's possible that onshore wind is going to help to improve our air quality fractionally, i don't think it's going to change a lot as we head through the weekend. we are in the moderate category across the board for air quality today. not bad enough to trigger a "spare the air," but still not great. looks like we'll be in the moderate category across the board as we head through the weekend. you can see that up some on the
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horizon still, even as the sun has gone down. high temperatures today, way above normal. in fact, record-setting for san jose, san francisco, oakland, concord, at or above 70 degrees. unusual to say the least for the first day of december, even pacifica made it up to almost 70 degrees. not much difference between these coastal temperatures in the warm spots farther inland. only a six-degree difference. think back to july when we could see a 40 to even 50- degree difference, but this relatively small difference is ting follow are the beginning of meteorological winter officially. this is the time of year when temperatures across the bay area exhibit the least difference. basically we hover in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees for most of december and january, regards of whether you're by the bay, along the coast, or farther inland.
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a little more difference as we head into february. but happy first day of winter. we are going to warm up tomorrow, just not quite as much. temperatures will be closer to that 10 to 12 degrees above average. close to 70 in both san francisco and oakland. you'll even hit the mid-to- upper 60s along the coast. around the south end of the bay, mostly low 70s for the santa clara valley, including that 73 in san jose. not quite as warm as the santa clara valley, because you'll have more of that dense fog spilling in from the central valley, mainly impacting fairfield, antioch, and brentwood. upper 60s and low 70s for most of the north bay. farther north, even warmer. 74 degrees in clover dale, the
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warm spot across the region. temperatures will drop another couple of degrees on saturday, but even once we level off, saturday, sunday, into the first half of next week, low-to- mid 60s around the bay. mid-to-upper 60s inland. that's still above normal for early december. we'll add more clouds to the forecast on monday, but just the slightest chance of a couple of passing shower monday and monday night. doesn't look like we'll see anything more than a few sprinkles. we definitely could use some rain, so we'll keep hunt fork that. we'll look at those specific rain chances coming up at 6:00. not a 6:00, one east bay city spending the big bucks to prevent major retail theft before that money is coming from. plus how one bay area airport is doing its part to detect the omicron variant before it spreads. and honoring kevin nishita. how bay area law enforcement showed their respects for the fallen security guard today. and a new dire [crowd cheering] how's sanchez looking? with your qb's increased spin rate,
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. customers will no lodger be able to water outdoors. this is in effect until may 31st of next year. if a four-person household exceeds more than 65 gallons of water a day, they have to pay more. comers will get a watching for the first violation, but the second will result in a $25 fine. the water strength's goal is to conserve 40% district-wide. and before those rains
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came, it was a no surprise to see the dry lawns in your neighborhood. for the third year in a row, the state facing a water crisis. >> we take a closer look at what the state is doing to combat the drought. >> reporter: no snow in the sierra. historically low levels of folsom lake and lake orlando. this meaning something is awry in the water supply. >> reservoirs are so low right now and the ground is so thirsty. >> reporter: the state department of water resources is announcing zero water allocation. it's the earliest day dwr has made this announcement. a milestone that reflect this dire conditions across the state, and more bad news for this rice farmer. >> it's not looking good for us at this moment. >> reporter: so how is the state prioritizing who can tap our dwindling water supply? water priority will first go to the state's health and safety needs, then the environment, controlling water salinity and endangered species, and finally to reserve water storage and
5:58 pm
businesses. >> we're taking the third row seat back in the bus. >> reporter: a complex system of reservoirs, canals, and dams, called the state water project, provides water to 29 districts cross the state. the s haa maximum amount they can ask for each year. dwr said mandatory water restrictions could be coming. >> we'll probably see much greater efforts by local water utilities for urban water conservation. >> reporter: jay lund said that will likely depend what on what wet weather we'll see the rest of the year. >> i think it will be very tight. and i guess we can hope that we get a lot of rain. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming cbsn bay area, stepping up patrols to prevent retail crime. where one city is getting the money to deter thieves.
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>> i have no empathy for these criminal outlets, just don't. the first case of the omicron variant in the u.s. turns up in the bay area. what we know about the patient, and what is being done to prevent it from spreading. the supreme court seems poised to end the constitutional right to abortion. coming up, we askion people how they see the future shaping up. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. >> we're going to start in walnut creek. that city stepping up patrols to deter retail thefts. >> wilson walk joins us live with the story. >> reporter: walnut creek had $4 million left in american rescue plan funds. the only real limitation on that were it are spent on things like public safety. now walnut creek has decided to spend half of that money to prevent a repeat of whatever you want to call it, whatever happened here in late november.
6:00 pm
any district that has a high end shopping district that has high-end retail stores are a potential target, and we recognize that walnut creek that mix. in the late november caravan attack at broadway plaza, mall workers were pepper spray interested threatened with knives as dozens of people stole tones thousands of dollars of merchandise. so today with a unanimous vote, walnut creek city council decided to add more security. >> we're going to hire additional police officers that will be the downtown shopping district. >> reporter: do you think more police officers will necessarily solve this? >> no. >> reporter: we spoke with shoppers. one of whom actually witnessed one of the robberies here. some are skeptical that more police alone will work. >> i agree. i think the answer is no. partly because some of the groups that have done these kinds of robberies are so huge. i mean, 70, 80 people. and it seems like police these days are very hesitant, you know, to really goan


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