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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 30, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the founder of theranos faces prosecutors in the fraud trial, what elizabeth holmes said about protecting trade secrets and what led to tears on the witness stand.
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new federal support for a covid pill and a bay area doctor weighs in on where we stand with the omicron variant . what sent the stock market plunging today. i am kenny choi and our top story , elizabeth holmes is back on the witness stand in the theranos fraud trial, this time answering to prosecutors . len ramirez stepped out of court to bring us this update. >> reporter: the prosecutor started cross examination of elizabeth holmes by asking about the 2015 wall street journal article which was highly critical of theranos . elizabeth holmes says she mishandled the process of the aftermath of the article and call the company response a disaster. she said she was trying to protect trade secrets by having company attorneys put pressure on some of the whistleblowers like tyler scholz. she cannot remember she says
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when pressed on key subjects and she cried on the witness stand after prosecutors asked her to read 2011 through 2016 text messages allowed expressing love and expression with business notes, she wiped away tears and at one point was barely speaking, they were romantically involved for 10 years. the cross-examination is expected to take several days. breaking news out of michigan, another deadly school shooting as police say a 15- year-old sophomore opened fire at his high school north of detroit. three students were killed, eight other people were wounded, including a teacher. authorities arrested the suspect and recovered a handgun. the motive is not clear. a panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals has upheld california's ban on high- capacity magazines. last year, two appellate judges
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schools the band violated the u.s. constitution's protection of the right to bear firearms. but, in the 7-4 decision, the ninth circuit court of appeals's reason the law does not outlaw any weapon and interviewers minimally with the right of self-defense. the decision may be headed to the u.s. supreme court. the oakland police chief is laying out his plans to respond to a recent spike in violent crime and retail theft. jocelyn moran looks at the next steps for the department . >> reporter: the police chief talked about the violence from the last couple of weeks that has claimed the lives including security guard kevin nishita . oakland police chief took a moment of silence for the lives that have been lost and acknowledged kevin nishita, saying he was loved by officers in college and reminded the public the reward is more than $32,000 for information leading to an arrest.
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armstrong addressed recent burglaries in the city and says there will be a presence of teams throughout the city for the robberies are occurring, including where marijuana dispensaries and businesses are located as the city has reached 127 homicides and he said he wants the community to know that they are following up on leads they get regarding the violence. >> although we see crime that concerns us, we want to make sure we are following up to pick up guns in our community by holding them accountable. that is critically important. >> reporter: the mayor is working to reverse plans to divert funding from the police department to social services to hire more officers to stem the violence this year. we brought you the police chief's update live on cbsn bay area , you can watch 24/7 on . breaking news, chopper 5 is live over san leandro where
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there is some sort of police activity going on. this is at west broadmoor boulevard and park street. it is not clear what is going on but police are asking everyone to avoid the area. we will bring you updates as we get them. in san francisco, mayor london breed thanking the first responders for their work and marked the one-year anniversary of the street crisis response team. they have responded to more than 5000 calls related to people suffering from mental health and substance abuse. >> this was what some considered a crazy idea, bringing all the city agencies together to respond to the crisis that sometimes people are having on our streets. the fact is that there is not a one-size-fits-all. >> the event also included a tour of san francisco's 911 dispatch center. breaking news on a covid front, health advisors narrowly endorsed an antiviral drug from merck to treat the
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virus . it sets the stage for an expected authorization which would be the first pill that americans could take at home to treat covid . merck says he believes the drug will have similar effects against any coronavirus variant. u.s. health officials say it will take a few more weeks before we know whether the current vaccines protect against the omicron variant . they continue to urge all adults to get the shots and boosters. the strain has been confirmed in at least 19 countries so far and territories since it was first reported in south africa just last week. moments ago, brazil and japan reported their first cases. meanwhile, president biden's warning that omicron will reach the united states . we spoke with a marin health dr. about omicron and where we stand early on . >> how much more transmissible is this than the delta? >> early reports make it look
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significantly more transmissible but we do not know if it is a super spreader event or if this is true any transmissible nature of the virus. it is evolving by the moment. i tried to update myself before this interview and i was impressed to see that the virus was detected in the netherlands one week ago. there is a lot we do not know yet. it is about sleuthing and looking at the clues and putting together as much data as quickly as we can. by the day, even by the hour, we are learning more and more about this variant. we all have to make be prepared with this covid , this coronavirus, that this will not be the only mutation, unfortunately. we will be facing this for some time to,. until we see the entire world with better vaccination rates, we are providing an opportunity for the virus to mutate. we will continue to face these scenarios again and again.
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right now, in the united states, delta is still our biggest enemy. there are areas of the country that are battling delta with impressive surges, another wave is hitting in places like colorado. we are lucky in the bay area because of our high vaccination rates and we are careful. we have not seen a big delta surge here. it is a reason to get vaccinated, especially in the holiday season. delta is what everybody should be the most concerned about at the moment. >> for help finding resources for covid , we have posted information on . what a day on wall street, the market was already down on worries about omicron and things got worse after the chair of the federal reserve told the senate that the bank will consider stopping monthly bond purchases meant to lower
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long-term rates sooner than expected. here is where we ended the day, the dow dropping 652, nasdaq dropping to 45, and the s&p down 88. the fed chairman told congress that inflation is likely to keep rising in the short term, skyler henry on what is driving it up and what the heads say could get us back on track. >> reporter: the federal reserve chair jerome powell and the treasure secretary warned a senate panel that uncertainty over the supply chain and the covid omicron variant may cause inflation to rise into the new year . >> people may not want to work in person which was slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruptions. >> the progress of our economic recovery cannot be separated from our progress against the pandemic. >> reporter: mr. powell says inflation concerns could prompt the fed to taper bond purchases over the next few months.
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>> the economy is strong and it is strong and inflationary pressures are high, so we are looking at a possibility of a faster conclusion. >> reporter: the treasury secretary, janet yelling, urged congress to raise the debt limit by december 15th and defended the president's massive social spending bill. >> you are going to add trillions more. >> build back better is fully paid for and will not add to the debt or deficits. >> reporter: president biden was in minnesota to sell the act and the bipartisan infrastructure law. meanwhile, the federal trade commission has asked several major retailers and grocers to submit documents as part of the probe into supply chain disruptions and rising prices. today, the president signed four bipartisan bills into law aimed at improving the lives of veterans after their service. senator tammy duckworth, a veteran and mother, cosponsored the protecting moms who served
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act. it aims to improve maternal care for veterans and stopping racial disparities in maternal healthcare. >> it will make it easier to coordinate their maternity care with the veterans of ministrations and the providers, will help them identify mental health and behavioral health risk factors throughout maternity care. it will offer childbirth preparation classes. >> another bill signed directs the va to recruit military medical personnel to fill open federal healthcare positions, including at the va. another piece of legislation orders a study on racial disparities and benefits to make sure every service member receives what they have earned. today is giving tuesday, intended to encourage people to volunteer and donate. coming up, how charities are trying to raise money amid the pandemic and rising inflation. i am live in oakland on this tuesday, we will talk
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about how you can help bay area families in need this holiday
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looking live on capitol hill for a facebook whistleblower is set to testify before the house tomorrow. it will be their second time,
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the appearance will come during a hearing on changing laws that regulate social media companies. you may remember that she leaked documents and outlines what she calls internal problems at facebook, couldn't hate speech and misinformation. with black friday and cyber monday in the rearview mirror, many americans are focusing now on charities and causes they care about. michael george explains why giving tuesday is needed now more than ever. >> reporter: rob hill wants his three-year-old son to have every opportunity to give and understand why it is so important. >> a lot more people worse off than we are and this time of year you don't want people going without and on the streets. >> reporter: they drop their donation into a salvation army kettle in the shadow of the world's largest red kettle, the salvation army hopes donations will be just as large this giving season. during the pandemic, they have doubled the number of meals to
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people in need. >> the need is still there because people are recovering from the pandemic and we are here for them and try to help them. >> reporter: experts are concerned this year may be more challenging for nonprofits as supply-chain problems and rising inflation have led to higher prices for basic necessities and making charitable giving more difficult. >> economic matters matter and the need and opportunity to give. >> reporter: indiana university philanthropy professor says not everyone is hurting. >> it has been an uneven economic crisis with some households disproportionately impacted, so there are a great number of americans who are still in a position to give. >> reporter: despite the slowdown last year, americans donated a record $470 billion in 2020, march for people open their wallets for nonprofits that helped with pandemic relief and social justice. what is it that keeps you donating? >> i feel, at times, people do
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need it more than i do. >> reporter: if you're wondering where to start, recommend a nonprofit that benefits your local community. speaking of giving tuesday, paul is live at the whole foods in oakland with some ways you can give in our food for bay area families drive. >> reporter: this is the place to be because alameda county, one in four alameda county resident is either experiencing or in danger of experiencing hunger. that is a staggering number. whole foods is partnering with are talking about the campaign you just started today. how can people be a part of this? >> support your local food bank two ways at whole foods market this holiday season, through our shop local, give local campaign, you can make a
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donation at the register or purchase any local product and 100% of the proceeds will go back to support the local food bank. >> reporter: local products, how can people tell if they are not the most detail oriented? are the local products clearly marked? >> yes, you see the sign behind me with the local, that is the logo for our local program and any product without logo is part of the local campaign. >> reporter: how long does this go? >> it runs for two weeks and stops on december 14th. >> reporter: 11 days before christmas. thank you very much. thank you for being a part of feeding bay area families. >> thank you. >> reporter: let's talk about the weather, what i usually do on a day-to-day basis. spectacular weather across the bay area. the weather pattern will not change a lot into early december which means the warm conditions will stick around and above normal temperatures
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in place for the first day of december, tomorrow. as we go forward, an area of high pressure will weaken overhead and not ask white as warm late this week but above average temperatures will stick around to the rest of the work week and into the first weekend of december. the air quality, the haze , that is not going anywhere with moderate air quality across the board today and that is what we will have for the higher bay area. that will stick around into the weekend. we needed to rein to watch the stuff out of the atmosphere but we will not get it. drive through the weekend and an outside chance of a passing shower into monday, monday night, maybe lingering into tuesday a 10% or 20% chance, not a substantial rain. hopefully, that can change. you see the haze on the horizon . temperatures in the mid to upper-60s and low-70s, 66 in
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oakland to 72 right now in san jose. san jose is the warm spot again tomorrow. comfortable and cool tonight, around 50 degrees in the bay and along the coast. farther inland, 42 in santa rosa and 43 in fairfield. mid-40s to start on wednesday. high temperatures warm up, 10 to 15 degrees above average for highs wednesday afternoon and upper-60s and close to 70 in pacifica. low to mid-70s inland. 74 in santa rosa. we are in a bit of a cool down as we head into the weekend. low to mid-60s around the bay. well above normal for this time of year. some clouds on monday, that is the case for inland parts of east bay and the north bay but rain chances are so slight we will not put any rain icons on the forecast and hope that changes as we get closer to
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next week. we are live in oakland at whole foods, feeding bay area families, for more details and how you can participate, go to an honor for a singer, what is behind the ceremony in her hometown. streaming on cbsn bay area, our full interview with a doctor from marin health and what we know about the omicron variant, that is at 3:15, find us at or the kpix app.
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breaking news, oakland police released this photo, they believe this black toyota was used in the fatal shooting of a man trying to stop a car burglary two days ago. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. celebrity heart surgeon dr. oz is reportedly planning to run for pennsylvania's open senate seat as a republican. she is a nine time grammy award winner and now singer rihanna has a new title . >> on behalf of a grateful nation, but in even prouder people, we, therefore present to you, the designee for national hero of barbados,
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ambassador robin rihanna fendi, value shine like a diamond and bring honor by your words, actions, and give credit wherever you go. >> quite the honor, the prime minister making reference to her chart topping single, "diamonds." this came during a celebration in her hometown of woodstown, barbados. queen elizabeth was just ditched as head of state and now has his first ever president. adele will have a concert residency at the coliseum in las vegas of caesar's palace hotel. she will perform two concerts each weekend from january 21st through april 16th. you have to register for presale tickets, the small venue has 4100 seats and has
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been a residency home for others like celine dion, elton john, share, and mariah carey. last week, adele debuted her fourth studio album, number one on the billboard chart and is the top-selling album in the u.s. in 2021. coming up, a way to get your daily dose of cute with puppies, and get to a worthy cause. scientists are studying the new omicron variant in your city, trying to protect against it and earliest indications are not encouraging. coming up on the cbs evening news, the latest from around the world, including yet another new
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coming up at 5:00, scientist with a gram outlook on a sierra snowpack, how long were not so long it could be all but wiped out amid climate change. finally, how about some cute puppies? sponsor this puppy camera by donating $100 or more to the nonprofit canine companions, these puppies are six weeks old and will start their journey to becoming service dogs. canine companions help to provide the dollars for adults, children's, and veterans with the abilities for free and the puppy camera will be live from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. check them out until december 13th, it will make you smile.
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we love it. cbs evening news is next. we will be back with more local news at captioning sponsored by cbs .>> o'donnell: tonight, the major news: another deadly shooting at a high school, killing three students and injuring at least eight people. ( sirens ). >> o'donnell: a shooting rampage at a michigan high school. a 15-year-old fires a semiautomatic handgun more than a dozen times. >> we recovered multiple shell casings in the school. >> o'donnell: the race against omicron. health officials scramble to find out if the new covid variant is here in the u.s. stocks tumble: the dow drops amid the new warning from the chair of the federal reserve. tonight, why former president pt trump's chief of staff says he'll cooperate with the democratic-led investigation into the january 6 assault. what it means for the 45th


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