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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the oakland police chief laid out his plans to respond to the spike in violent crime and retail thefts. we are live in the newsroom with what the chief is promising.
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>> couple of weeks that has claimed lives including a security guard. the oakland police chief took a moment of silence for the lives that have been lost and acknowledged the guard saying he was loved. he reminded the public that's reward is more than $32,000 for information leading to an arrest. armstrong also addressed burglars in the city and said there will be a presence of teams throughout the city where these robberies happening including where marijuana dispensaries and businesses are located. armstrong said he wants the community to know they are following up on leads that they get regarding the violence in the city. take a listen. >> though we continue to see crime happening that concerns us we want to make sure we are following up on those who pick up guns in our community by holding them responsible. that's important as well. > >> the mayor announced yesterday she is working to
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reverse plans to divert funding from the police department to social services and hire more officers to stem this year's spike in deadly street violence. we are live in the newsroom. kpix5. and retail thefts are hitting several cities. today san francisco supervisors could vote to allow deputies to provide extra security for businesses. justin andrew is in san francisco with the proposal. >> talks about this started right after that wild weekend we saw where dozens of businesses in san francisco and beyond were robbed and looted thanks to dozens of looters and robbers. we have the video and have been showing you this for a few days now which shows how bold these criminals are. still some are roaming the streets. today the board of supervisors will be discussing and likely voting on whether to allow sheriffs to contract with private individuals or groups like businesses to provide security. this is in hopes of deterring a
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repeat of those mob style crimes. at union square many businesses have been boarded up out of fear. that meeting gets started at two. we will let you know what they decide in that meeting. in san francisco. the live news desk with the latest on the om f.i.g. ron variant of the coronavirus. from the who now recommend that people over 60 and those at risk of severe disease avoid traveling international and taking i live at sfo where the cdc just announced it's expanding surveillance to watch out for the variant in travelers. sfo is one of four airport was the enhanced testing plan including two in the new york area. the other in atlanta. while officials don't flow if the strain has reached the united states it has been confirmed now in 20 countries and territories since it was first reported in south africa last week. the cdc just issued new
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guidance on boosters saying that everybody over the age of 18 should get one, six months after their initial series or two months after j and j. we still don't know how helpful they will be. the ceo of moderna saying the existing vaccines will be much less effective against omnicron saying all the scientists i talked to are like this is not going to be good. the direct ear of the national institute of health is urging patience while we wait for answers. >> the wig question is do the vaccines that have been put into a lot of people's arms, including mine, do they provide protection against this variant the way they have with the others? we won't know that for another couple of weeks. >> a panel is meeting to discuss emergency use authorization for merck's anti viral pill. they believe the drug will have similar effects against any
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coronavirus variants. that could be good. the cdc said seven in ten have received at least one dose of a vaccine and one in five has gotten that booster. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a live look at the big board now where stocks are full falling again on worries of the new variant. you can see the dow is down about 600 points. the big drop after federal reserve chairman appeared before senate committee today. he gave testimony on the impact the pandemic is having on the economy. he noted the economy took a blow in the summer has the delta variant spread and gave a warning about the new variant. >> the rise in coronavirus cases and the new variant pose downside risks to the employment and economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation. >> the fed chairman also warned inflation will stick around longer as the economy continues to recover. happening now as you heard ann say a panel of advisers
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meeting to discuss the anti viral pill. the committee will vote on whether to recommend authorizing the drug for high risk patients. if authorized it'll be the first pill for those infected with the virus. the fda may also green light a similar pill from pfizer. new video of elizabeth holmes arriving today. today prosecuteerns are getting the chance to cross examine her. holmes is accused of misleading investors, doctors and patients about an advanced blood testing technology that turned out now to work. a heads up for drivers in the east bay. cal trans will shut down part of the tunnel to domain innocence work. this is happening from ten tonight until 4:30 tomorrow morning. late night or early morning commuters can expect delays. you will find more places to park if you hop on a bart
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train in antioch. 850 more spaces opened up today as part of the expansion planned by the agency. rider dear sir now take advantage of a contactless payment option through the official bart app. >> it is giving tuesday and local nonprofits say the need is huge this year. amanda joins us now from whole foods with how people are pitching in to make sure families get the help they need this holiday season. >> you know we talk about this all the time together of just how high prices are at the grocery store. for some people one in five actually. this is before the pandemic. we are having a hard time. you can only imagine how difficult it is. patrick is here with whole foods and we are being able to go shopping and not being -- we can help not just our families when we go shopping. we can help our neighbors too. tell us about the effort that whole foods market is doing. >> with resuper excited to
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kick off our shop local, give local program today. that will run for two weeks where two ways you can help a family in need in the bay area. one is when you purchase a local product look for this sign or a local profile through our the store. we have 3,000 items on the day. we will have match that one or one up to $100,000. there is a second way as well. >> and we will show you that because there are so many families that need that extra help this year. coming to the grocery store you can buy from a local product or while you check out at the stand you can also help here as well. >> right at the registers our cashiers will be happy to help you make a donation. we will go directly to feeding families. >> when you go shopping in the san francisco area at whole foods are you helping people right here at home. one dollar. that's all you have, just one dollar feeds two meals so it's a little bit goes a long way.
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if you can do please do and you can learn more at >> thank you. i love it. it's so easy for people to give back. thank you. we will see you in a little bit. a facebook whistle blower will testify before the house. why the testimony could set a major precedent. and later the holiday shopping season is competitive. why this year is even more cutthroat. we are looking at mostly sunny skies. a beautiful view with the golden gate bridge camera this afternoon. we will talk about more sun on way. the above average daytime highs and the air quality forecast
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a facebook whistle blower is set to testify before the house. will be her second time testifying on capitol hill. her appearance comes during a hearing that regulates social media companies. she will testify before a panel that is looking to hold big tech companies responsible. this after she leaked documents showing the facebook's internal problems including hate speech and misinformation. today is the unofficial holiday. we are getting in the spirit of the day. amanda joining us from a whole foods in san francisco once again where she has a big announcement. >> i do have a big announcement. while i just told you how you can give and help our
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community, there are other ways that people and businesses in our community are also giving. it takes a team effort to feed our bay area families. wells fargo is doing that with a big check that they are giving to the food bank. >> thank you. i'm pleased to say that wells fargo has committed $25,000 to the san francisco m aram food bank to help ensure that everybody has food this holiday season. >> and $25,000 can go a long way. tell us about that? >> that's right. $25,000 means 50,000 meals. we seven upwards of 50,000 households every week. it takes a whole community to end hunger. this is a great start open giving tuesday and every day all of us working together to end hunger. >> that's incredible. wells fargo is giving this check but also you are going above and beyond to give on this giving tuesday. >> that's right. i want to encourage everybody to give today especially on giving tuesday to really help maximize these dollars as wells
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fargo will donate this $25,000 and matching all of your donations one for one today to the san francisco marin food bank. if are you feeling like you can give a little bit please do because one dollar. that's all it takes, goes a long way. that's two meals. if you -- if ott your time or money please check out how to do so. we get all that information at and let's get into the spirit on the giving tuesday. >> i love it. yeah. great way to give and help out our community. all right. here is a beautiful view with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera. you can see mostly sunny skies as we look across the bay. a lovely afternoon for us. we are watching the temperatures climb. we are in the 60's for your lunchtime hour. 65 in concord, oakland, 69 livermore, san francisco and san jose at 65 and 64 for
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sanity rose a. checking the air quality in the good to moderate air quality. you may see haze. we are looking okay for air quality for today and over the next several days. today's forecast, warm and above average daytime highs. the small ridge of high pressure. we have dry, quiet, calm weather. you you can see sunshine. the daytime highs, 60's and 70's. five to ten degrees above average. upper 60's to low 70's. also inland for this afternoon. the sunset at 45 #. the sunrise tomorrow at 7:06. for san jose and temperatures for tomorrow slightly warmer for wednesday. plenty of sun. much cooler as we look ahead to
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the weekend into early next week. the coast, now for inland east bay locations we will see a location. the north bay and for the coast slightly warmer for tomorrow. you can see the temperatures still above of rage as we look ahead to the workweek. we will stay dry over the next several days. through the rest of the week there's a chance of seeing a few showers next week. >> thank you. thank you grinch bots trying to steal christmas. the warning a cyber security company. and i spoke to the ceo of the food bank about the challenges people are dealing with. you ask find us on or on the app or on the cbs news
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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millions of americans shopping for holiday gifts are competing for the best deal was tireless shoppers who work 24-7 and it's not a fair fight. retail experts say a large sale of online buying is done by bots. the problem has grown worse since the pandemic started. >> take the ps5 gaming console. a hot item in this second covid christmas. about $500 retail. good luck. no store seems to have them. ask dave kennedy, a father of go teenage boys. >> i have been on market places and -- e-bay and that,. >> how much? >> the lowest i have seen is $950. it's frustrating. absolutely frustrating. kids that want it and there's adults buying them and reselling them. >> think of shoppers shoving
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each other aside in stores, online that stampede sin visible. grinch bots searching, finding, snapping up hot consumer items in seconds, before you can. >> it's not illegal but it's certainly unethical. >> not black market but gray market. >> gray market for sure. >> we met pam murphy, the ceo of a cyber security company at their headquarters outside of san francisco. >> here we have an example of a bad bot trying to get through. >> their customers include major retailers. they face a perfect grinch bot storm. the pandemic, a surge in online shopping and america's supply chain crisis. >> they go onto retail sites and scan the inventory at a rate of more than once a second and buy it up before the average consumerk. >> and during the pandemic bot activity on retail sites doubled. that's why online you are seeing more of this command.
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it's a bot blocker. >> nobody gets all of them. >> you are right it. can never be 100%. >> last christmas the ps5 was new. bot traffic surged 800%. you feel pressure to deliver. >> absolutely. and it's a let down for them when you can't. >> he knows the underground economy he is up against. no if; ands or bots. san francisco. the sales force transit center with an event that includes live music and activities. the mayor and others will be at the ceremony. it starts at five. more big news for adele fans. she is a nouning a las vegas residency. it'll run january through april of next year. she will preform two shows each weekend. coming up we will take one last look at weather and we are looking at the new the edition
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at a french zoo. and today on the drew barrymore show,
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hear from a bay area doctor on where we stand with the new variant and why she said don't forget about delta just yet. can't forget about mary.
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she has a final look at weather. >> all right. a beautiful afternoon. here is a live look with the roof camera look across the baye hazy. temperatures are in the 60's for your lunchtime hour. even though a bit of haze, our air quality in the moderate category for today. that will be the case through the rest of the week. this afternoon looking at highs in the 60's and 70's. daytime highs about five to ten degrees above average with plenty of sun. specific location 68 for a high of san francisco. looking at 72 san jose and 70 for a high in concord. 71 for livermore. back to you. >> thank you. a french zoo welcomed this baby hippo a couple of weeks ago but this is the public's first look at the newborn. they are endangered, originally they can be found western africa. right now her mother isn't letting her out of her sight. she is like back up. back that camera up.
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>> don't get too close. this repretty shiny. >> glossy babies. so cute. >> they are cute. they are cute in their own way. that's it for the news at noon. remember on 24-7. streaming online our next newscast is at three. until then have a great afternoon.
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