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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 30, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now, at 11:00 p.m., should you change your holiday plans because of the new covid-19 variant? we get answers from an epidemiologist. >> we have not seen the family.
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that is the heartbreaking part. for the first time we hear exclusively from the only daughter of the security guard killed while protecting a news crew in oakland. his final heroic act. >> i know that he would want us to take a vacation, but to be honest, it is too hard. chs p is adding security to bay area shopping malls, will it be enough to curb a string of retail fest? we are hearing about a new coronavirus variant. omicron. good afternoon, i am alan martin. we have how the potential nextwave may hit just in time for christmas.
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>> reporter: at this point omicron variant has not been spotted here in the bay area yet, but many medical experts feel that it is just a matter of time. most likely within the next two weeks. >> we have not seen our family. that is the heartbreaking part. >> reporter: visiting from rhode island to see family this thanksgiving, frank and marie are concerned about the new variant that was first detected in south africa. >> when will this end? it seems to keep getting legs, and continuing. >> reporter: researchers want to know how transmissible omicron is, how sick it can make you, and how well it holds up to vaccines. >> we have a lot of work to do to figure out where we are exactly, and how this tips the applecart, one way or another. >> reporter: george rubber third, an epidemiologist says this variant may be more infectious than delta. as for scaling back your christmas plans, he does not advise that yet.
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>> if you are traveling to go on southern africa, then you should change your plans. short of that, there is no need at this point in time to change or plants. >> reporter: some are concerned and are rethinking their family get-togethers. >> i was planning on going up north, seeing family, a bunch of family and heading up into oregon, but, yeah, i think it may be a stay-at-home christmas this year. >> reporter: in south africa, toddlers age 2 and under make 10 percent of the hospitalizations, according to the national institute of communicable diseases. kids that are in that age group that are unable to be vaccinated, and with just over 20 percent of the entire south african population vaccinated, dr. rutherford says it is critical to send millions of doses to contain the variant. now, the cdc is strengthening its recommendation on booster shots, all eligible adults should get one.
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we will have the latest on the response to the omicron variant beginning at 4:30 p.m.. some people in the east bay felt angel tonight, there was a 2.5 earthquake in contra costa county in kensington near the sunset view cemetery. it hit at 7:30 am followed by another 2.1 a few minutes later. let's have a look at our hazy air quality. >> that was enough to be felt, and these bay it was centered in el cerrito, back up towards the hills, hayward falls, one of the more important falls for us to be aware of. the colors on the map show you how hard it was felt. it was felt not only here, but through parts of contra costa county. if you felt something, that's what it was. have you noticed how bad the air looks lately?
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the air quality just looked terrible. that is san jose down there underneath that, and you can see the thick layer of hayes. we go back to the air while the map, and in it is moderate. t rsthan it is but the conditions and the atmosphere right now that are keeping us so warm and sunny, it is the same set up that puts a cap on the atmosphere and holds all of the sit and everything else that we put into the air. we keep recycling the same stuff. it will stay like this as long as the weather stays sunny and warm, but at least there are no air-quality advisories. i will have the forecast in a few minutes. tonight, for the first time we're hearing from the family of the security guard and former police sergeant who was killed while protecting a local news crew. kevin nishita's only daughter described him as brave and selfless on and off the job. she opened up exclusively to kpix news . >> all i know is that he is gone way too soon. >> speaking about her dad, she
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commonly called him uncle kevin. common in filipino culture. the nishida's welcomed her into their home without hesitation. she was only looking for a room to rent when her high school friend and kevin stepson, henrique, suggested that she live with them. >> i just out of college. i expect the very least from anyone, but they were letting me stay there which i was so grateful for. he always made sure that there is a spot for me in the driveway so i did not have to park park a month they included me and plans, when they wanted to move they guarantee that they had a space for me without me even asking. >> reporter: kevin was there for all of the milestones in her life, and getting her wedding. >> your relationship shows how big his heart is. you are his only daughter. >> yes sick, i look back at our
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texts, to just read. >> reporter: she shared the final text she sent her dad the day he was gone down. i love you uncle kevin, i don't know when you will read this but i cannot lose another dad. pull through and fight, okay? he died three days after he was shot in the stomach, protecting the reporter covering a recent smash and grab robbery in downtown oak. >> after he had been shot, he was protecting them. >> reporter: he worked as an armed guard after retirement and the police force, he loved to the work. he also loved being a grandpa to her three boys. going over the top with gifts, like this giant dinosaur.
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>> i am so proud to know him. i can't even say in past tense, because he is still here. >> seeing how many police departments are so supportive of him -- it's overwhelming. i lived with this guy, this hero. >> reporter: kevin was supposed to meet his newest grandson on a family trip to hawaii, scheduled for december 1. >> i can't stop crying. i know that he would want us to take a vacation, but to be honest -- it is too hard to do. i don't even know how many months will pass until we can go on an airplane without crying. i know that he will want us to keep telling funny stories
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about him, even if it is embarrassing. maureen's is that moments after her father was shot, the responding police officer was someone that kevin knew. he recognized the officers voice and was able to call out to him while he was rushed to the hospital in the back of a police car. >> so tragic. you can watch more of the interview on governor gavin newsom says enough, he is ordered cshp officers to be stationed at malls. shoppers have begun to say they do not feel safe anywhere. >> reporter: the highway patrol is not just conducting extra
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patrols at major malls like the stanford shopping center, they have also promised to investigate retail robberies and put thieves behind bars. this holiday, jocelyn says that she is more vigilant of her surroundings while shopping, and careful about where she goes. >> actually, we try not to go to san francisco anymore. it doesn't make sense to go there right now. >> they are not just stealing, they are stealing people's products. impacting their livelihoods. stealing a sense of place and confidence. >> reporter: organized retail robberies in walnut creek, san jose and palo alto are on an alarming rise. this caused seven district attorneys to prosecute thieves together, gavin newsom has ordered cshp to increase patrols near malls as well as make stops at the shopping
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centers. >> full stop, real accountability. we want people prosecuted. we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> it is ridiculous that people are doing this, now people are scared to come out of their homes to shop for the holidays. it is pretty absurd. >> reporter: jocelyn is thankful for the extra uniform protection, but she says that she will feel safer when she sees the throne and to those who are god. >> if people can rub without any consequences, then it is sad. they will keep doing it unfortunately. >> reporter: the chp task force has recovered $19 million in stolen goods , at the shopping center, catherine medina, kpix 5 news. a district attorney jeff rosen followed through on his word to hold retail theft suspects accountable. he announced the bail for two suspects cut last week is set at $2 million.
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still ahead, a major milestone at sfo, one flight of that a bay area man has been waiting 20 years for finally took off, nonstop to get on. how one bay area teenager says his tesla caused him to fail his driver's test, and the changes at the dmv as a result. a lo
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the golden gate, here's a live look at sfo where vietnam airlines is celebrating the first nonstop flight between the u.s. and [null] chi minh city. simpson city -- san francisco city hall was let up to celebrate. kenny choi looks at what this means for bay area families and the economy. >> reporter: sfo is lit up until engel to commemorate the night, the first nonstop service between vietnam and the united states. airport and airline officials say that growing demand in the bay area is making this possible. >> reporter: the check-in line for vietnam airlines inaugural flight from san francisco to [null] chi minh city was stretched to the entrance.
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>> we have had the service for over 20 years. >> reporter: the new route will open more opportunities. >> not just for vietnamese- american businessmen and women, or american entrepreneurs, but they can come over here and do business in vietnam. >> it will connect families, connect cultures and businesses. we know that people of the bay area are looking forward to traveling to vietnam from the research that we have done. >> reporter: the research is 24 years and the making. they are line will offer two flights and plans to increase that number and expand to other cities within the country. >> this is a beautiful night to see the plane, i could see the plane from the freeway as i drove up, and my heart skipped. it really skipped. >> reporter: the bay area has the second largest vietnamese population and the country. the new route will increase business opportunities, academic exchanges and promote tourism to and from [null]
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chi minh city. at sfo, kenny choi, kpix 5 news. vietnam airlines will open new routes connecting los angeles to hanoi. kpix 5 news has learned that the dmv is warning its offices to be aware of electric cars during driving tests. this is after a gilroy teenager failed his test while driving a tesla. >> it warned me that the car was on its own at a stop sign, and she said it happened twice before we left the parking lot. >> teslas have regenerative braking systems, meaning the car slows down when you take your foot off of the accelerator. the instructor failed the driver because he did not physically move his foot from the accelerator to the break. the dmv has changed the teenager score to passing and it has notified its employees that regenerative braking cannot be scored as an error. >> he was very happy when he got that call that he actually had passed his driving test.
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>> can you imagine a teenager? freedom! we have a new friend that has come back tonight. >> fog? >> around the golden gate bridge, it would happen all summer, but since we are about to december and we don't see this all out this time of year, we can see it, but we have not seen it in a while. it is dark, it is hard to pick it out, but you can see the fog streaming over the south tower, on the roadway. if you take a look at the view from the tollbooth, looking back at the bridge you can see it is a little bit foggy here. this is a good preview. there's going to be patchy fog tomorrow morning. it will mainly be the north bay valley and perhaps down and through the santa clara valley, but it will not be widespread. we will likely see it here on the bridge. it is not a major concern, it is just those few locations, for tomorrow morning where you should look out. the morning lows tomorrow will go down into the mid and upper
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40s. daytime highs will come up to the numbers that we just looked at. no real change, lots of low 70s have. this is 10 degrees below average. the interesting thing about this time of year is that we level the playing field for the daytime highs. everyone is average no matter where you are. it's almost pretty much 60 degrees everywhere. we will continue to do that for the next several days. even by the weekend we will have a cooldown of three or four degrees. if you are wondering where the storms are, they are all up. they are all going to the same place. this has been very fascinating to watch. it's been a nightmare in british columbia in terms of flooding but atmospheric river after atmospheric river has been interrupted. there's another one coming in 36 hours. as long as the storms are there there's nothing left to come down to california and we stay high and dry. that is why the seven day
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forecast looks like this. there san jose. we will be mid-70s for the next few days and then will down to the 60s for the weekend. if you take a look at the microclimates, the inland valleys of the east bay, the north bay valley, there's a subtle cooling trend. one cloud from monday. there could also be an inside slider system but it does not look like it will bring us to the bay area. straightahead and sports, nfl week 12 is over, but not without some casualties. we will talk
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nfl up top, the 49ers, can they catch them while they are down? they are favored to be the seahawks. that's a game that you can catch right here on kpix 5 news on sunday. a couple of the players will be missing. fred warner injured his hamstring in sunday's win over the vikings, he has been out for one-2 weeks. as is deebo samuel , who
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injured his groin on this third- quarter play. the next man up, we will see. it is only monday. speaking of monday, seattle's russell wilson and the nation's capital, ended the game with 15 seconds, down by eight. hits a touchdown. no timeouts left. they needed two points a, and quick, to tie it. wilson fires and cancer fuller was in the end zone with a pick. what about the onside kick? the seahawks, got it! seattle was flagged for illegal formation. washington hung on 17-15, the seahawks dropped their third straight game. washington won its third straight game. baseball, free-agent talk. max is a doctor no more. he agreed to a three $100 million deal, the giants purportedly were in the hunt for sure is there. san francisco has countered by finalizing a deal with starting pitcher alex cobb.
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he is a 10 year veteran. he had a record of 8-3 with the angels last season. there is your possible kevin cosman replacement. basketball, st. mary men's basketball, hosting uc riverside. they trailed on the second half, but look at the gayle storm. mattias, scoring 18. st. mary 167-50, raising the record to 7-1. we have a top- five tonight. that makes my whole mind, let's go. number five, this baby goodbye cross, bryan kelly left notre dame for the lsu coaching job, is that an irish spring? number four, how to lose a tooth, that way. the guy -- anthony edwards, started
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the turnover. he may as well finish it. the timberwolves star can get up there. number two, he can create contact and know what to do with it. what a shot. the bulls beat the hornets. number one, racine green, blocking this one. i love it when the big fellas run. go. green is the first player in history to block, recover, and scored two points on the runback. he is six foot four, 300 pounds, and according to stats, runs 19 miles an hour. don't make him mad. you will never outrun them. >> 19 miles an hour? >> he's a stallion. literally. still ahead, what san francisco leaders are
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taking a life look at union square in san francisco where the second candle is now lead on a 25 foot menorah. >> that is kind of nice, last year's event was much smaller. jewish leaders are happy to once again host a grand event. >> on the first candle there were 1000 people in the square. we had a concert here. it was totally miraculous, so
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to speak, to have that feeling of everyone coming together. a safe, outdoor environment to celebrate hanukkah. it was very special. >> if you have not shared your photos with us a, check this out, this is a giant menorah. the stamp of approval on bruce's menorah. bob shared this picture of a tiki torch menorah, i'll let up tonight on baker beach. >> we want to see your holiday lights as we celebrate the season, email your pictures to bay area bright spots at, or you can tag us on social media. just use the hashtag
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take a look at this giant christmas tree filled with decorations and a huge face. this is woody, and he is getting a lot of attention. this is a mall in canada. he has been quite the topic of some call it cute, others call it creepy. what he interacts with people who talk to him, he can move his big eyes, and long eyelashes and, and his mouth. now he is winking at someone, i think. is he winking? >> oh, they had to fix the eye. i don't know, he looks like chucky. >> yeah, it's a bit chucky like. i wonder what you say to him? to get him to talk - [male narrator] the following program is sponsored by mercy ships. five billion people lack access to safe surgery. it's a staggering number that's almost hard to believe. and yet every day children, teens, and adults


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