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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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today. andria borba is live in martinez with more on felony charges he faces, as well as reaction from his family. andria? >> reporter: allen, that's right. one of three suspects in that nordstrom mass smash and grab we saw earlier this month was arraigned and formally charged in court today. 19-year-old rodney robinson of oakland entered a plea of not guilty in the case. prosecutors say he was found to have more than $2,000 worth of nordstrom merchandise in his car on november 20th. he was allegedly one of 90 people involved in the ransacking of the department store. in cars with license plates removed or covered. prosecutors say at least 25 cars blocked entrances around the store to block emergency crews from getting in, and that this was all set up on-line. prosecutors say multiple
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nordstrom employees were physically assaulted during the spree. his godfather told kpix 5 off camera the charges are quote not in his god son's character and he didn't see robinson as quote the brain child behind it, and that it must have been an opportunity that presented it in the wake of the kyle rittenhouse acquittal. a preliminary hearing for robinson is now set for december 10th. to other defendants in this case, dana dawson and joshua underwood are set to be formally charged here in court tomorrow afternoon. andria borba, kpix 5. another brazen smash-and- grab. this time at a shoe store. happened at fix kicks in santa clara last night. this is the second time recently the store has been hit by robbers. the front doors left shattered. they're now boarded up. >> as a leader of this city, i'm going to do everything in my power to work wet the police department, my staff, as well as other cities, too, because we're all in this together, and
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we're all combatings the same crime. >> reports say a group of 25 to 35 people smashed in, smell valuable items including jordans that are worth up to $1,000. one person is dead and four others injured. police arrested the suspect for allegedly driving under the influence. this happened on interstate 880 near whipple road yesterday evening police say a tesla swerved on to the right shoulder and slammed into a parked volkswagen on the side of the freeway. the parked car was spurred into traffic where it was hit by oncoming cars. police arrested a 25-year- old driver from san jose for suspicion of dui. it's not known why the volkswagen was parked on that side of the freeway. and take a look at this dramatic video out of the east bay. a tow truck driving the wrong way rams a chp cruise person this happened at the bay bridge toll plaza yesterday evening.
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chp says for some reason the driver parked the truck just after the toll booth, and then refused to move. officers say when they arrived, the driver took off, and then turned around, and drove the wrong way. this is the aftermath of the collision. video from the citizen app shows damage to the tow truck left on the hood of the patrol cruiser. we just learned the man stole the toll truck from his nephew and is facing a slew of felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon and assaulting an officer. back to the coronavirus coverage. the u.s. bracing for cases of the omicron coronavirus variant. it was first detected in south africa and has become the dominant strain in that country, but there were still main unknowns. dr. peter joins us. we appreciate it. i have heard a lot about spike pro teens, mutations over the
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weekend. how does omicron compare to delta? >> well, what is scary about sonoma the sheer number of than any other variants. in fact, 50 of them, and 30 of them reside in the spike protein, like you mentioned. and what happens when just a lot of mutations on the spike protein set may look so different from the antibodies that we evolved with the vaccine it may not be able to recognize the enemy, and i think that is the question. think some of these mutation on the working end of the spike protein, the process allows the virus to attach to the body and enter it, so it may also make it more transmissible. >> so the cdc is recommending strongly that people get those booster shots. dr. fauci believes the vaccines will hold up, and the boosters will help. are you feeling the same way, or could we see a whole new vaccine for this variant? >> well, my gut sense is that
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vaccines will work pretty well against omicron, and that's because we're not put all of our eggs in the antibody baskets. there are a lot more parts of the immune system that get activated after we get the vaccine. if the virus can enter the body, it will be kicked out by the t cells and the b cells that the body already has made after the vaccines, and that's what keeps us from going to the hospital. whether or not we need a booster remains to be seen, but, again, this variant looks similar to beta, and also elements of gamma, and our vaccines worked decently against those two variant. >> so if any people who have actually tested positive and gotten covid, specifically i'm think just recently, my 11-year- old granddaughter was about to get her vaccine, and she tested right before that, she tested positive. she just went back to school today. should she get vaccinated, and
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should she go ahead and get the booster when it's time, or if someone has had covid do they not need to worry, or is this variant changing everything? >> well, i think some of the first information we're getting from south africa ask that reinfection is common with omicron, but most people in south africa who have gotten reinfected were unvaccinated, because their vaccination rate seasonal about 25%. we know from data in the united states that reinfection is definitely a thing if you've gotten natural infection and you've gotten vaccines. you're protected by more than two times presume reinfection. so, in other words, for your, you know, family member, if they got covid, probably wait three months, get a shot, at least one for sure, and that hybrid immunity is going to be very powerful. >> so here it is popping up this omicron, people getting ready to host holiday gatherings, and we still need
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to be concerned about delta. we can't forget about that. what are you telling families concerned about getting together with people outside their household? >> well, i think it all depends on asking three questions for holiday gatherings. first of all, what is the vaccine and booster status of the people you're gathering with. if they have been vaccinated and boosted, i feel very confident about that, i've with omicron. number two, has there been any additional mitigation measures like additional testing, like, you know over the counter testing. and number three, and there anything you can do in that gathering, if you're not really sure, you're a little bit worried to be make it safer. something like ventilation or hepa filters as an additional measure. >> or even outside as their weather seems to be so nice right now. there's to rain, but it's an option. >> yeah, outside for sure. i like outside, particularly if you can get a heat lamp.
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[ laughter ] >> i do, too. thank you as wall ways. >> thanks so much, allen. now to live pictures of capitol hill where the january 6th committee will hold a crucial vote on wednesday. they will decide whether to pursue contempt of congress charges against jeffrey clark. he is a former justice department lawyer who supported then president donald trump's claims the 2020 election was a fraud. the move comes after the committee held former white house aide steve ban machine contempt last month. now to a developing story out of southern california. detectives search add land full for evidence in the disappearance of a woman missing since mid-october. heidi planik vanished after attending one of her son's football games her ex-husband said he she left the game, she was in a mood he described as being a little edgy. >> our 11-year-old boy needs to know what has happened to his
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mom, and that's why i'm making an appeal to the press today to say we need some help. >> her ex-husband said he filed a missing persons report on october 20th after she failed to pick up her son from school. coming up, a family's desperate plea for answers, after a college student is killed in a tragic fraternity boxing fight. and a big rig crash causes a traffic nightmare, shutting down a busy highway. the huge effort to get this mess cleaned up. abases man said he failed his drivers test because he was driving a tesla. how he said a certain tesla feature held him back pop >> and what we have just learned from the dmv. we're learning more about the latest covid variant, as more people come to vaccine clinics like this one in the east bay. what experts are saying about how to respond to omicron.
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the family of a las vegas college student who died after a fraternity boxing match is demand something answers. 20-year-old nathan valencia collapsed after the fight ended. he passed away four days later. his family says he suffered a serious brain injury and was unable to recover. family and friends remembered him at a candlelight vigil last night. >> in my opinion, i feel like it was just very unorganized, and there needs to be more accountability. >> he did not have boxing experience, but told friends he wanted to participate in the charity event as a member of his fraternity. stunning new video of a big rig hanging over the side of a freeway overpass. this happened near interinterstate 5 in yolo county this morning. check out that green mess all over the world.
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a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck collided. traffic was backed up for hours as many people were returning home after the holiday weekend. some cars were able to back up and get off the onramp. however, big trailers had to just sit out and wait. >> you can't back up. it's exceedly difficult to do that. i backed one up about 200 feet, and it took him quite a while. >> traffic was blocked for hours. chp says in one was hurt. next, the biggest on-line shopping day of the year, but the supply chain crisis is impacting dealing this cyber monday. a look at the deals that are already hard to get. and coming up on the cbs evening news. >> tonight we're answering your questions. what you need to know about the new omicron variant. it more transmissible? is it more deadly? and will the vaccines work against it? plus a heartwarming story abut the world's
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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cyber monday is traditionally the biggest on- line shopping day of the year, but supply chain issues could make some holiday gifts just difficult to get. the search for cyber monday deals is underway following a busy weekend of on-line shopping. top selling products include toys, books, video games, and a i appliances. today retailers are offering
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big discounts on televisions. >> if you're looking to make that upgrade to a new tv, then cyber monday is going to be your day for that. >> reporter: tvs and thousands of other products are being handled at amazon nullfulment centers. this one in new jersey is 28 foot wall fields in length. >> for more than 750,000 employees working across our operations building. >> reporter: amazon says globeally customers ordered 1600 items per second on black friday, and today could be even busier. retail analysts predict on-line shoppers will spend a record $11.3 billion on cyber monday, but a shipping bottleneck and trucking delays are making it difficult for retailers to delivery. out of stock messages in november are up 124% from pre- pandemic levels. the most common out of stock items are appliances, electronics, housekeeping
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supplies, and home and garden items. >> we've seen that consumers are planning ahead. they started earlier in terms of their shopping. >> reporter: experts say shoppers looking for a specific item should buy it now, because it might not be around for long. fed ex is the u.s. postal service say you need to ship by december 15th if you want your package to arrive on-time for christmas. the better business bureau is reminding americans that scammers ramping up for the holiday season. they say criminals use e-mails and social media to facilitate most of the scams, but social media is where people are the most vulnerable. officials are also warning consumers to avoid misleading ads, gift exchanges, and holiday apps. a live look at the white house, where the bidens are certainly ready for the holiday season. the vice president's husband doug emhoff spoke to the holiday crowd. and check out this year's
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decorations. first lady jill biden unveiled a theme for this year's holiday decor. it's called gifts from the heart. there are photos of the president and first lady, that you saw there. we know many of you are putting up those holiday lights, too. we want to see them. e-mail your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at, or tag us on social media using the hash tag kpix bright spots. you could sail a bright spot is our beautiful weather. it's nice ask nice and clear and warm, but we need that rain, darren. >> we do need that rain. first let's put a little perspective on these daytime highs. 72 today in san jose. 71 in half moon bay. 71-degree beach day today, out at half moon bay.
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concord was 70. we all did 70s pretty much. if you look at the climate records pretty much across the board the bay area, an average daytime high for us right now, pretty much wherever you are is 60. so we're 10 degrees above average, and you start thinking this anything out of the normal when you do it every day, which is what we've done for the last week, and what we're going to do for about the next five days. wait until you see the seven- day forecast in a second. this isn't going anywhere in a hurry, and we had a new addition today, something which is always nice to see when you haven't seen it for a while. just a beautiful view. that's from the camera on top of the tower. it looks like june right now. that is a live picture. just gorgeous. so, you know, if you have anybody who has to take the commute over the bridge, there will be some fog on the bridge, maybe a little heads-up, but it's really just on the bridge.
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everywhere else it's clear. daytime ties tomorrow too exactly what we did today and the last several days, above average. when you look over the pacific ocean, there is a stream of intense rainfall, and another fairly impressive atmospheric river. you can see it in the clouds here. but i just want to show you what this looks like in terms of where all of this is coming from. here is that map we want to use when we want to highlight where an atmospheric risker is, carrying more water than the mississippi river. that one stretches all the way across to the philippines. and then works it's way back over to canada. you can see why we don't call this these pineapple express, because they i don't all come from hawaii, and especially significant ones like that, which are coming from the philippines. watch the rain going to the same part of the world that has
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been getting poured on for the last week and a half. they have two more days to go, and as long as the rain keeps staying up there, we completely miss out, and this now played us all the way ahead through december 10th. that's the accumulated rainfall from now well into the first week of december, and we're going to miss out from now until then at least. so we'll keep watching the forecast with our fingers crossed. in the meantime, make the most of sunny and mid-70s. why not? 75 on wednesday in san jose. below advertise how we cool down by the weekend? it is a step back, but it will be upper 60s for the south bay. and inland, some of our warmer spots will will cool town and we'll get you pack to the mid- 60s by early next week. all right, guys, back over to you. >> new at 6:00, how they are
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working to keep people safe from the omicron variant. and how the bay area is celebrating the second night of hanukkah. >> still ahead here at 5:00, as port cease huge backlog, the part of oakland said it's ready for more cargo. so what is keeping ships at bay? >> and coming up at 7:00, could be a game-changer for national security. search and rescue are fighting california wildfires. >> do you think we'll see a perpetually flying drone in the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of this year, you will. >> the bay area start-up hoping to achieve that lofty goal using an energy saving trick that's there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. the supply chain disruptions affecting every aspect of life and business in america. >> we've been telling you about southern california ports that are overwhelmed. >> that made us wonder why the port of oakland begging for business. john ramos explains why it's happening. >> reporter: with the huge backlog of ships in southern california ports, you would think oakland would be an attractive alternative. but that's now how it works. despite a ship backlog of up to
5:57 pm
two weeks, the southern california ports simply cannot be avoided. >> there's no replacing los angeles port of l.a. individually is the largest port in america. port of long beach is the third largest. >> andrew wong said ships are spending so much time in southern california, they don't have time to sail north to the bay area before heading home. >> because of that they can mass oakland and go directly back to asia. >> reporter: because oakland used to be the final stop in the supply loop, it served a convenient place to export perishable product to consumers in asian countries. >> their normal ships routes are completely disrupted. so what used to be a quick hop to japan, korea, china, is no longer that, and now it's a
5:58 pm
convoluted three weeks, five weeks. >> reporter: john lee owns a transport logistics company in oakland and said his customers investigator to ship their products products down to l.a. for shipping, two at to three time tess cost, or sell here in the oakland area, at a much reduced price. >> it's like driving on two- lane highway versus a 10-lane express highway down in l.a. it is just not as much infrastructure here. >> reporter: oakland port officials say business is lowly increasing, and they expect to see more improvement in the spring. but lee suspects that as long as a bottleneck exists in southern california, the port of oakland will be seen as a detour that shippers cannot afford to make. it seems in the complex, of the
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supply chain, size matter. >> now the ba preparing for new strain of covid-19. a planned vaccine event in the east bay, taking on a new surgecy. and the tesla feature that one bay area man said kept him from passing his dmv road test. how our story has already led to a big change. >> we're going to starting with how the bay area is reacting to the omicron threat. >> the new covid variant hasn't been detected if the u.s. or bay area yet, but shawn chitnis says health officials and the public are taking in this new strain very seriously. shanahan? >> reporter: that's right, liz, they were certainly talking about it at this clinic
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just wrapping up here where the vaccination rate is around 80% for those eligible. those who are studying this latest variant tell us they are hopeful that the vaccine will continue to prevent severe disease and people dying from covid-19. >> sounds like it can be pretty bad. i mean, minute around long enough for them to know a lot about it. >> reporter: parents already knew their kids needed the vaccine, too, but furanoses working a at hospital, omicron only confirmed this was the right call for their children. >> i was scared. i was shocked. >> reporter: healthcare leaders say vaccines remain an important tool to controlling the spread. >> it's clinics like this today that really are in the neighborhood, where people go,


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