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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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of what is behind the increasing violence in oakland right now that is continuing to claim lives. >> the unacceptable and tragic loss of life, especially of innocent children. good samaritans. and people who have dedicated their professional careers to keeping others safe, as well as supporting a free press. >> reporter: oakland's wave of high-profile and deadly violence continued over the weekend. the city's 127th homicide came sunday while a man was trying to interrupt a car burglary. today the mayor decried the ongoing violence, calling for chains on multiple fronts. >> i do want call into attention the change in bail policy. >> reporter: bail was one complaint, and on that she was joined by two city councilmember who say criminals are not being held accountable.
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>> when you talk about repeat offenses, these are things that we have to really make sense of in a way that helps to provide the care property and the stick, if you would, that allows us to move towards a safer community. >> those committing crime realize there is no accountability at our level on the streets, nor at the court system. we are seeing that dangerous rise of destruction before us. >> there is nothing progressive about unbridled gun violence. this is what oaklanders want, a comprehensive and effective approach to safety, and that includes adequate police staffing. >> that most recent homicide over by lake merritt that occurred right on the border of district's 2 and 3, i reached out to both of those offices today, but did not get a response. as for the plan of hiring and recruiting more officers, in that is an answer, it will not
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be a short-term one. we'll look at that coming up at 6:00. the mayor and city councilmembers pay tribute to the former police officer and security guard who died after a shooting last week. kevin nishita was protecting a kron tv news crew covering a story no oakland. >> kevin nishita and someone who dedicated his life to keeping others safe and supporting a free press, which a cornerstone to a healthy democracy. it is unbelievablely tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. >> he also protected kpix 5 news. a fund has been set up to assist the nishita family. you can find details on
5:03 pm we brought you a a news conference live, is and you can find us always on at >> a thick layer of gray and murkiness added to the commute today. how as long as this going to last? >> as long as we say sunny and 70. you know, the two go hand-in- hand. we've been doing it for a week now, maybe even a little longer, so with all of this nice weather, the air gets so stagnant. high pressure which is responsible for warming us up also heads everything in, and you could see it today from a salesforce tower. look at that flat line. that's your inversion. there's your lid on the atmosphere and that high pressure keeps us sunny and warm and we keep recycling the same air day after day. it looks a lot worse than it is. when you look at the actual
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readings, it's only moderate. no air quality advisory from this. we don't even have a "spare the air." but just know it's going to continue to look prettying friday the pretty ugly in the sky over the next severals. growing concerns over the new oh micron variant. officials warning the new variant will be in the u.s. sooner or later, if it's not here now. tonight president biden looking to -- assure the nation, telling american this variant should not start a pungling we'll find this variant with scientific and knowledgeable actions and speed. not chaos and confusion. >> the cdc is now urging all
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vaccinated adults to get their booster shots because of this new strain. natalie brand joins us live at the white house with more on the biden administration's response to this new variant. natalie? >> reporter: and allen, as you heard, president biden today trying to urge people to remain calm. meanwhile the white house says that federal health officials have been in close contact with state and local health officials nationwide and labs as they try to track and learn more about this new variant. president biden spent the money huddled with this covid response team discussing the newly discovered omicron variant. >> this new variant is a cause for concern. not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine the world, the best medicines, the best sign gibs we're learning more every single day. >> reporter: today is the
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first day of travel restrictions in the united states, keeping non-u.s. citizens from entering the country from south africa and seven other nations, but the variant has spread well beyond southerna,countries including our neighbor to the north, canada. >> we needed to give people time to get an opportunity to say get that vaccine now, as it going to move around the world. i think it's almost inevitable there will be, at some point, that that strain here here in the united states. >> reporter: the top health officials spent the holiday weekend coordinating with south african scientists. >> the things we don't know right now is whether the people who do get infect have had a severer form of the disease, or whether it's similar to delta. >> reporter: some are concerned it could be vaccine resistant. >> my team is working with
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officials at pfizer, moderna, and johnson & johnson to develop content attention plans for booster vaccines if needed. >> reporter: health officials say now is the time to get vaccinated or boosted. >> so natalie, a big question of course tonight whether the current vaccines protect against omicron. what are the health officials saying? >> reporter: and we know, allen, that that is still under review, but president biden said today that dr. fauci believes the current vaccines provide at least some protection against omicron, and that a booster shot significantly strengthens that protection, and the cdc just this afternoon actually stepped up its recommendation of booster shots for adults 18 and up, saying that in the time is ready, if it's been at least
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six months sense your two dose shot, or two months sense the johnson & johnson, adults should get the booster shot. before, allen, the language was just may get the booster shot. while we wait for more details on that variant, health officials agreeing what people can do now, get that vaccination, get your booster. we have all of the resources for you on our guide that's posted rite now at >> in san jose, a cyclist is dead after a traffic collision that happened near south baskin road near the 880 onramp this morning. you can see orange coning there. the driver stayed on the scene, and did not show signs of impairment. >> compelling and emotional testimony today from elizabeth holmes on the witness stand in her criminal fraud trial. len ramirez has more from the
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courthouse. >> reporter: for the first time in her four days on the witness stand, elizabeth holmes first broke down in tears describing how she was rained at stanford, and forced into sex by her business partner and live-in boyfriend. she cried and stuttered as she described being rained at stanford, and how she decided to build a life by building a company to get past that experience. she also described a relationship about a man she met when she was 18, and how they met and had a live in romantic partnership. she said he would sometimes force her into sex. she said she took detailed notes of abusive episodes on her phone which was shown to the jury. >> very compelling evidence and it certainly goes to whether or not she could form the intent to defraud. >> reporter: she said she
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became more isolated to her family and friends and it was around this time that theranos was having problems with its blood tests which were rolling out in wall greens. she said she moved out of their home while he was on a business strip later fired him. >> if she time for the, maybe that's insistn't with him having control over her. >> reporter: the prosecution will get a chance to cross- examination holmes tomorrow. the business leaders met at the white house to discuss ways to ease the supply chain backups and the rising crisis. last month the president laid out steps to address the backlog including extended work hours at several important warehouse lines, with billions of dollars for port upgrades. >> we've seen some progress in that itself with the number of
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containers sitting on docs for over eight days reduced by 40%. >> our supply chain is robust, and we have plenty of product in our stores. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a truck slams into a chp vehicle. what's behind this crazy scene on the bay bridge toll plaza. plus for the first time since his accident, tiger woods speaking out about his future as a pro golf person and a winter with no snow? the alarming new
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ disturbing investigation in san jose involving a daycare worker accused of sexually abusing one child and possibly more over several years. police arrested 62-year-old julio diaz on suspicion of lewd or lascivious acts on a child
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under 14 years old. investigators say it happened between 2011 and 2019. police believe there could be more victims because of the length of time that he worked there. the long-awaited sex trafficking travel of gill any maxwell got underway in new york city. she is accused of grooming and recruiting underage girls for jeffrey epstein to abuse. this woman said that he recruited her, though she is not a witness if this case. the investigation focuses on underage girls. the indictment charges that maxwell helped epstein recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse victims as junk as 14 years
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old. she is accused of befriending alleged victims, taking them to the movies, or shopping. her presence helped put the victims at ease in epstein's presence, because an adult woman was present, prosecutors say. maxwell has denied all charges and some has pleaded not guilty. it's unclear if she'll take the stand in her own defense. >> most defense lawyers would say that maxwell under no circumstances should testify in this case. >> reporter: the alleged sex assaults happened at epstein's new york mansion, his new mexico ranch, his palm beach house, and at his home in london. if convicted, maxwell could spend the rest of her life in prison. >> jeffrey epstein commit suicide in a federal prison in man hat machine august of 2019.
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jury selection began in the trial of justy smollett. an illinois grand jury indicted him on charges of filing a false police report. he claimed he was the victim of a homophobic and racist attack in 2018. two brothers said that they helped him stage the whole thing. big news in the tech world. jack dorsey is stepping down. twitter's chief technology officer parag will take over as ceo. dorsey co-founded twitter in 2006 and will main on the board of directors until next year. >> in a lot of ways, you see reaction across the internet saying probably the right move, because it is no linger just about building twitter and coming up with community and all of this really nice stuff. there are very tough questions
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facing this company, and in a lot of ways, this offers twitter an opportunity to kind of have a reset. >> well, twitter stock surged by more than 11% at the first reports of, toy's exit but ended the day down more than 2.5%. >> alarming new study of california's snowpack. the sierra snowpack could disappear in just 25 years. lawrence berkeley national lab researchers say that as the climate continues to warm, more of the snow falling on california's mountains will be replaced by rain. this would leave the state without the crucial spring and summer melt-off that fills rivers, streams and reservoirs and would be devastating for ski resorts and other businesses. so let's check out that forecast with darren. it's beautiful, but it is dry. >> it is dry. you saw the ski resorts in
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stories we did earlier this week that they are having trouble making snow for people to come up there, and there is none in the seven-day forecast. if we check out the toll booth, you're driving into fog right now on the golden gate bridge. meanwhile, that is not the story anywhere else. a beautiful view looking back towards the east. that's what the sky looks like bay areawide for everybody else. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s after a day where we climbed into the low 70s for many locations. tomorrow we'll see a guy clouds, patchy fog in the morning, and that's it. we can watch it on the futurecast. i'm going to play this forward until we get to tomorrow morning, and you'll see the tooley fog develop in the central valley. we did it this morning.
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isolated areas of patchy fog. especially in the north bay. so there is your early heads-up for tomorrow morning. we'll likely encounter that again. it won't be terribly cold, though. morning lows back to the mid- 40s, and for daytime highs, we warm back up to the low 70s. for most locations on here, we'll go up to about 73. for many south bay spots we'll be in the 70s here. low 60s through the bay proper. and temperatures climbing to the mid-70 once you get up into mendocino county and lake county. so where is the rain? there are very impressive storms out there in the ocean. they just keep going to the exact same spot. that long stream of clouds is another very impressive atmospheric river pointed right at the coast of southern most canada. i mean, it's history-making storms up there, which we're hearing nothing about, because it's a whole other part of the world as far as we're
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concerned. but what it means here is the rain is not coming back. i just played this through december 10th, and now through then if you look at where the rain is going to fall, plenty up there, nothing down here at home. so we're going to stay dry at home. sunny and 70s will rule. that's the forecast for san jose, in the mid-70s for the next few days. we'll fall down to the upper 60s here by the weekend. temperatures for our north bay valleys will be in the 70s. so tough no rain, guys. not showing up here in the rain, guys. it's wonderful when we're in it, sunny and 70, there's a give and take, hey, we can get outside and enjoy this wonderful weather, but there is payback coming if we don't start getting storms soon. so we'll keep an eye out.
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>> keep looking for them. >> thank you, darren. coming up, how long will the 49ers be without their star wide receiver deebo samuel? >> and streaming today on cbsn bay area, we ask a local doctor how often we'll need to get a covid-19 vaccination after getting a booster shot. that's at 8:15, and you can find us on the kpix 5 app. we are also on the cbs i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase
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tiger woods is speaking out about his golfing future for the first time since his accident. in an interview with golf digest, woods said his days of playing golf full team are over. he said she going pick and choose a few events to play
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each year. he calls it his reality. in february, he was involved in a car accident where he had multiple leg injuries. he has spent months in rehab. the sports world mourning the death of golf champion lee elder. he made history in 1975, becoming the first black golfer to compete in the masters. he was a four-time pga tour winner and also a trail blazer, paving the way for golfers, including tiger woods. he was named honorary starter at this year's masters. he was 87. the 49ers won their third straight game sunday at levi's stadium to move up in the playoff race. vern glenn joins us with a victory monday, plus injury updates. >> what a difference three weeks makes. the 49ers in rocky balboa fashion have gotten off the canvas and delivered gut punch after punch to climbing back
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into playoff relevance, but sunday's win over the vikings came at a price. receiver turned run threat deebo samuel went down here in the third quarter and came up with a groin strain. he is expected to miss one to two weeks. because of sunday's win, though, the force moved up to the sixth seed in the nfc playoff picture. >> we're all excited to be back in the mix, and have the season in our control. we always knew, like he said, that we're a really good team, and just had to execute better, and now we're starting to execute at the right times. >> we've definitely played our best football these last three games, and in all three phases. this one was a little different than the last two, because it came down to the wire. >> next for the niners, the seattle seahawks in the great northwest. they stand in the way of a four-
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game win streak. how many of you out there when they were 3-5 wrote them off. [ laughter ] some had doubts, but be careful of pete carroll, too. >> that's right. a suspect accused of ransacking a store now faces a judge. what he is facing. and what we're learning about this wild seen at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> in portland, the port is quiet, while the ports in southern california are being slammed what is going on, and who is being hurt by it? we'll have that story coming up. and our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate your time or monday to help our neighbors in need this holiday season, just go
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage
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with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st. more local news at 5:30, including a new and potentially more dangerous covid variant. we speak to a bay area health expert live on what you need to know. >> and what is behind this crazy wrong way crash at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> but first our top story, a first step towards holding suspected thieves accountable for a bay area smash-and-grab at a department store. >> one suspect nabbed in the walnut creek nordstrom's retail
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theft faced a judge in court today. andria borba is live in martinez with more on felony charges he faces, as well as reaction from his family. andria? >> reporter: allen, that's right. one of three suspects in that nordstrom mass smash and grab we saw earlier this month was arraigned and formally charged in court today. 19-year-old rodney robinson of oakland entered a plea of not guilty in the case. prosecutors say he was found to have more than $2,000 worth of nordstrom merchandise in his car on november 20th. he was allegedly one of 90 people involved in the ransacking of the department store. in cars with license plates removed or covered. prosecutors say at least 25 cars blocked entrances around the store to block emergency crews from getting in, and that this was all set up on-line. prosecutors say muip


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