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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 29, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news, world health officials are sounding alarm about the latest covid-19 variant, the omicron strain. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. we start with breaking news in the last 30 minutes, world health organization issuing a warning about the omicron variant saying the global risk is very high based on early evidence. they say the virus could lead to surges with, quote, severe consequences. while issuing this notice the w.h.o. does try to point out there is a lot of uncertainty about the strain. president biden is trying to reassure americans about the new strain calling it a cause for concern but not to panic. cbs reporter natalie brand has
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more details from the white house. president biden spent the morning with his covid response team discussing the omicron variant. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists, and we are learning more every single day. >> today is the first day of travel restrictions in the united states keeping nonu.s. citizens from entering the country from south africa and seven other nations. the variant has spread well beyond southern africa reaching at least 14 countries including neighbor to the north canada. >> we need a time to give people an opportunity to say get the vaccination now. it's going to move around the world. i think it is almost inevitable there will be at some point that the strain will be here in the united states. >> administration's top health officials spent the weekend coordinating with south african
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scientists to learn how dangerous this variant may be. >> the things that we don't know now is whether the people who do get infected have a severe form of the disease or whether it is light disease or somewhat the same as delta. >> omicron contains more than 30 mutations to spike protein prompting concerns from some it could be vaccine resistant. >> my team is working with officials at pfizer, moderna, johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. >> manufacturers say it will take about two weeks to learn if their drugs work against omicron. despite that now is the time to get vaccinated or boosted. in the north bay, a covid vaccine and booster clinic available for agricultural workers. napa county farm bureau is hosting at the napa boys and girls club on pueblo avenue. county agricultural workers
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including vineyard and wine employees are eligible. the site opens at 10:00 this morning and runs until 1:30. helping students with mental health, a wellness program is set next monday in marin for students, families, staff at public schools geared toward limiting impact of stress from the pandemic. it runs from december 6-10. the free program includes several video segments a day, each 15 minutes locations than with a focus on mental, physical, and emotional health. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with breaking tech news. let's go live to sioux falls, home of twitter, where the ceo jack dorsey announced he is stepping down. arguwal is now the ceo effective immediately, dorsey making the announcement in an e- mail statement shared on social media. dorsey cofounded twitter in
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2006. he will remain on the board of directors until next year. this is a second tenure as ceo. he served in '06 and '08 and then began a second stent. his statement reads i have decided to leave twitter because i believe the company is ready to move on from founders. there is talk about the importance of the company being founder-led. he goes onto say i believe that it is critical the company can stand on its own free of founders' influence or direction. dorsey still serves as top executive at the company square, a financial payments company that he founded. another business has been hit by this recent up tick in smash and grab burglaries. joycelyn moran is live from the fix kicks in santa clara. this isn't the first time they've been hit, right?
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>> reporter: no. that's right. this is the second time and this just recently as well. take a look, you see the front doors have been boarded. there is a sign that says they're closed temporarily. if you go to the right, you can see some of the damage still there. really before the doors were boarded, take a look at the video, that is the smash that happened to the door. you see the front doors. we are waiting on details from santa clara police department. they did acknowledge they previously were hit like we mentioned. we are hearing reports that 25 to 35 people broke in and stole valuable items but that's not confirmed with santa clara pd. you see the kinds of shoes they sell, jordans, some worth upwards of $1,000. the smash and grabs have been happening throughout the bay area including several in the south bay. a councilmember said this is bringing up concern when it comes to the community. take a listen. >> shock, disgust, major
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concern about safety of the community. as a leader of the city, i will do everything to work with the police department and my staff as well as other cities too because we are all in this together. we are all combating the same crime. >> reporter: we are waiting on a press release from santa clara police department regarding further details when it comes to this incident. when we get that, we'll bring that to you on >> thank you. police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed someone during a car burglary. it happened after 3:30 yesterday afternoon on grand avenue near lake merit. crime stoppers and police are offering $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. this is as opd says it is upping officer patrols in response to increase in violent crime across the city. increase includes fatal shooting of security guard and former bay area police officer kevin nishita. he died saturday, a few days after being shot by an armed
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robber who tried stealing camera gear from a kron4 news crew. he worked frequently with our own crews. a fund has been set up to help the family. if you would like to contribute get details on in a little anhour in contra costa, three suspects in the flash style mob reunion of the robbery of the nordstrom will be arraigned. investigators say they were about 90 people who stormed the store stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. if you thought black friday brought good deals, cyber monday could bring you more. many people will be searching the internet for holiday gifts and more. justin andrews is live in the newsroom looking at what people are spending money on. >> reporter: experts tell us $11 billion could be spent for cyber monday and it is set to be the biggest online shopping
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day of the year, many of us scrog, you included, for the best deals online. >> this is amazon super bowl. >> reporter: amazon has been planning for cyber monday since the start of the year. the amazon spokesperson for northern california says this year tech and kitchenware items seems to be trending with toys and tons of electronics. >> we sold 1600 products per second globally on black friday. people want to shop online and save their trip to the store. >> reporter: over 50% of products on amazon are from small businesses she says. other retailers like best buy and target have sales too. analysts predict online shoppers will spend record $11.3 billion on this cyber monday. with that 11 billion projected, how do you think that will
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boost the economy and if so, how much. >> what we are doing differently verses other years is we are not looking at one days, black friday, cyber monday, to gauge how the holiday season will fair. we know if we look at it as a whole, if we are looking at the course from october until december online sales are expected to pick up 10% year over year but that is lower than the last year. again we talk about inflation and prices rising but american shoppers are ready to shop. >> cyber monday shoppers, shipping bottleneck and trucking delays could prevent packages from showing up online. so plan extra time this year. justin andrews, kpix5. >> i do have scrolling to do later for christmas. the news is noon is just getting started. when we come back, thanksgiving weekend was a good test to see how far covid-19 recovery has come. we have the latest numbers from tsa. the white house is getting into the holiday spirit.
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we are learning what this year's theme is. that looks beautiful. all right. we are looking at sunshine, warm temperatures and watching our daytime highs on the rise. you can see a little bit of haze out there.
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thanks for staying with us. we will take a look at the big
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board, dow is up in the green about 304 points this afternoon. as the world taps into strategic reserves of oil, canada is tapping into another one of its reserves. right now the country says it is dealing with a maple syrup shortage. the government supported group the quebec maple syrup producer says it is releasing about 50 million pounds of syrup. this year about 133 million- pound were harvested which is about average but sales have risen 21% compared to last year leading to the shortage. a sign that times are changing, holiday air travel has almost hit prepandemic levels. tsa says 2.4 million people passed through security just yesterday. it is the siy siemictarted. over the whole d ency screened just shy of 21 million people. that's only 89% less than
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prepandemic levels. today, annual holiday tree lighting ceremony on hill, the event's 50th year. festivities kick off this evening. the tray will be lit around 6:00. giving machines are back at oakland temple hill. they let you donate to a charity of yourself. select items that range from meals to hygiene kits. families gathered for the unveiling of three machines. a 49ers player attended the ribbon cutting. they were on hiatus last year due to the pandemic. the machines will be at the church until january 2. the white house is ready for the holiday season announcing this year's holiday decor theme a few hours ago. this year's theme, gifts from the heart. her office says it was inspired in part by challenges of the pandemic. it includes 41 christmas trees, 6,000 feet of ribbon, 300
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candles, more than 10,000 ornaments, and nearly 79,000 holiday lights. can you believe that, that many ornaments on your tree? it looks beautiful. looks so pretty. gets us in the holiday festive spirit there, really gorgeous. we are looking at sunshine and warm temperatures, kind of not feeling like the holiday season with our temps so well above average for this time of year. there is a little bit of haze as well. you might have noticed that. here is a look at our air quality forecast, moderate for the bay area. that's in yellow and specific locations right now, looking at moderate air quality to unhealthy to sensitive groups and that's for places like oakland, red wood city. we are looking at again that haze for the most part though in the moderate category. our temperatures are in the low to mid 60s at this hour. you see a little bit haze with our sales force tower camera as we look east at mount diablo
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across the bay. here is what you can expect, mid 60s at the coast, upper 60s to about 70 around the bay and low 70s inland with the sunshine. it is because of a strong ridge of high pressure blocking weather systems from coming our way and the storm track to our north, pacific northwest getting storm after storm. for us we are looking at sunshine and dry, quiet conditions not just today but over the next several days. you see we are looking at the sun as we head through today, clear skies by this evening. checking daytime highs, five to ten degrees above average, mid 60s at the coast, around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s for the peninsula. 72 in san jose this afternoon. sun set at 4:51 and sunrise tomorrow at 7:05 a.m. there is not a lot of change with 60s and 70s over the next several days through the work week so through friday with all that sunshine and then we are
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going to cool it down for our weekend with a few more clouds as well. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see temperatures holding steady, pretty similar as we look to the rest of our work week with plenty sunshine. there we go for our weekend, temperatures will be cooler with a few more clouds but still looking dry over the next several days. amanda. we are following breaking news in san jose. police are reporting a fatal traffic collision, this one involving a bicyclist. it happened this morning near the on ramp to 880. we are working to get more details on what happened but we are told the driver remained on the scene. tony bennet is preparing for his swan song as singer gets closer to stepping away from performing. oakland mayor libby schaaf will address the recent gun violence in her city. we'll bring that to you live at 12:45. find us on the kpix app. we are on the cbs news
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coming up tonight on kpix5 it could be a game changer for national security, search and rescue or even fighting california wildfires. >> do you think we will see a perpetually flying drone in the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of this year, you will. >> bay area start up hoping to achieve that lofty goal using an energy saving trick that's actually been around forever tonight at 7:00. tony bennett left his heart on stage after a final concert with lady gaga from radio city's radio city music hall. >> ♪ takes heart and time and rhyme to make a poem sing. >> you take it tony. >> ♪ she gets too hungry for dinner ... >> special one last time, evening with tony bennett and lady gaga honored his music and
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friendship with lady gaga. the show was bennett's last concert appearance. coming up, we are checking with mary for one last look at your forecast. a girl in china going viral for shredding the slopes so young. we've got how old the snowy prodigy is. today
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today's tip of the day is cucumbers. a lot of produce items and vegetable items say the heavier the better. not with cucumbers. it's lighter. do you know why? less seeds. sometimes you hear about the cucumber burping? that's from the seeds. they're wonderful, refreshing, delicious, and good for you. selection and storage is good for you or otherwise they will get all mealy. make sure they're green like this. it is very important. the bumps, not too big. make sure tips are free from shriveling. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right
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away. that's important. once they get room temperature they'll start to break down or get mushy. that you don't want. you want a crispy cool cucumber. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i like them just like this in a salad cut up. beautiful. port of oakland says total cargo volume declined 20% last month. the reasons behind the drop coming up at 3:00. let's get a last check of our weather with mary. all that sunshine across the bay area, you see blue skies in san francisco with our mark hopkins hotel camera. a bit of haze, temperatures are in the low to mid 60s at this lunchtime hour with moderate air quality, ridge of high pressure with sinking air acting like a lid trapping pollutants at the surface. daytime highs are well above average about five to ten degrees. coast mid 60s, low 70s inland this afternoon. amanda back to you.
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time for your daily dose of cuteness. this baby in northern china hasn't mastered walking but she's already shredding the slopes. videos of the girl doing what she loves have started going viral. look at her little face peeking out of her jacket. how can she not go viral. >> so cute. >> she's better than me. i am on my butt the whole time. good for her. remember we are on 24/7
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♪♪♪ >> brooke: okay, here you go. >> ridge: thank you. >> brooke: mm-hm. >> ridge: how do you do that? >> brooke: what? >> ridge: how do you just get better looking every day? i can't get enough of you. i really can't. >> brooke: well, it goes both ways. >> ridge: yeah? >> brooke: sexy, handsome husband. mm-hm. you know what? liam is at forrester with steffy. >> ridge: ah! >> brooke: he dropped the kids with donna on the way, and hope is getting ready to go to work so, thought maybe...


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