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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun.
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yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. tonight at 11:00 and string of the cbsn area, a new covid- 19 trouble then goes into effect, as countries are seeing confirmed cases of the new coronavirus variant. >> the drive home tonight, and your drive to work tomorrow will likely put a big dent in your pocketbook. when we could see record high gas prices is up. >> and dramatic new video shows what appears to be a tow truck driving the wrong way near the bay bridge patrol plaza. taking a live look at airports now, when in less than an hour, covid-19 travel restrictions will go into effect as the new variant of the virus quickly spreads across the globe. good evening, thanks for
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joining us. i'm juliette goodrich. travelers at the airport tonight, we spoke with their thoughts on the variant. >> things seem to be business as usual, here at sfo over growing concerns of the new covid variant, omicron. as travelers begin to fly out of sfo tonight, nations around the world race to contain the new covid variant. starting monday, u.s. will then trouble from south africa and seven other countries in the region. scientists are still trying to figure out how dangerous and contagious this strain is. former fda commissioner, dr. scott. >> it is here already, coming off of the numbers off of planes this weekend, it is almost certainly cases that have gotten into the united states. >> how do you feel about traveling, given where we are right now? >> and actually very nervous about it. i am going to mexico.
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i am going to be watching the news, because if there is anything that is going to be a problem i am just going to come right back. >> quite frankly, it really hasn't, even the covid virus doesn't stop us from traveling, we travel down to mexico last year and also to ecuador, we took all of the precautions and we found that they also took precautions there. so, we felt safe. we have gotten our vaccines. >> we have been there before, the country is following all of the regulations and mandates, mask mandates and they are vaccinated as much as we are. so, we feel good about it. >> reporter: dr., anthony fauci, said it will take time to have more definitive information on the transmissibility of omicron. >> people put talking about lockdowns, people talking about that, let's see what the information we are getting in real-time tells us, and we will make decisions based on the science and the evidence, the way we always do. >> reporter: meanwhile, the world health organization has warned against any overreaction until this variant is better understood. at sfo, betty u, kpix 5.
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president biden plans to provide an update on the new variant and his administration's response tomorrow. tonight, a lot of holiday travelers are heading back home by car. not a lot of traffic right now, maybe everyone is home, but our bay area bridges were certainly busy earlier, the high cost to fill up the tank put a big dent in wallets. kpix 5 takes a look at the record gas prices and when they might start to ease up. >> everything is more expensive now. housing, food, transportation, you name it. aaa reports the average price of unleaded gas in california set a new record yesterday, and that price is holding steady today. $4.71 a gallon. it is even higher in the bay area, we pay some of the highest prices in the country. aaa reports the average price in san jose, $4.79. a penny cheaper in oakland.
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across the bay, $4.88 in san francisco, son price, up in one country, and the cheapest prices and vallejo, with an average of $4.70. overall we are paying about a dollar 50 more per gallon, compared to last thanksgiving. oil experts say the tight supply and huge demand are driving up prices. the other problem is california charges the highest gas taxes in the country. according to the american petroleum institute, $.85 for every gallon. at uc berkeley, energy experts adjusted for inflation. gasoline was much more expensive, back in 2008 and 2012. he sent me this graph of prices in california for the past 15 years. $4.60 a gallon, in june 2008. $4.67, in october, 2012. he points out five dollars back then could buy you a lot more than what five dollars can get you today. i get it, that is not going to
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send you out the house to fill up the car right now. but it is about putting things in perspective. aaa says bay area prices will likely stay in the mid-four dollar rain range for the remainder of this year. they believe drivers could see big drops by early next year. in san francisco, kpix 5. california's average gas price, about $1.32 more than the enough the national average. keeping an eye on the road for drunk drivers. officers say that when people have died across the state, since wednesday, and they have made 948 dui arrests. chp's maximum enforcement pierced and that 11:59 tonight. new at 11:00, oakland police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed somebody during a car burglary. this happened just after 3:30 this afternoon on grant avenue, near lake merritt. stoppers and police offering a $10,000 reward that leads to an
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arrest. this all comes as opd says it is helping its officer patrols, in response to an increase in violent crime across the city. and that includes the fatal shooting of security guard and former bay area police officer, kevin nishida. he died yesterday morning, a few days after being shot by an armed robber, tried stealing camera gear from a news crew in oakland. nishida also worked closely with kpix crews, and a fun has been set up for a local bank to help initiate the family. if you would like to contribute, you can get the details on dramatic new video. it shows a tow truck driving the wrong way at the bay bridge toll plaza and ramming a patrol cruiser. chp says, for some reason, the driver parked the truck just after the tollbooths and refused to move. when officers arrived, they say the driver took off, then turned around and sped back, going the wrong reit o fromcitizen owe
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huge dent on the hood of the patrol cruiser. chp says the driver and an officer were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. i wild-card chase ended in a crash as well. police says the suspect is a 13- year-old boy. they spotted the car driving on l street, near sycamore drive in antioch, earlier this morning. the police chase, the stolen car through the city into oakley. the driver lost control of the car, crashed near a starbucks on main street. the 13-year-old boy tried to run away, but he was captured by police. happening tomorrow, three suspects in the mob style robbery of the walnut creek nordstrom will be arraigned on felony charges of conspiracy, burglary, robbery and organized retail theft. they were allegedly among about 90 people who stormed the store last weekend, stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. still ahead on kpix 5 news
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at 11:00, less than an hour away from cyber monday, but before you start shopping online, a warning tonight about the rise of online scams. we have got advice on what to watch out for. plus a look at the many hanukkah celebrations happening all over the bay area. >> and wait until you see what scientist discovered off the coast of california. what could be the oldest mammoth task ever recovered. and we will take a look at the forecast. no surprise. sunny in 70 has been the rule. that's not going away anytime soon, but we will take a look at rain, and when we might hopefully think about that returning, if at all in this forecast, coming up.
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happening tomorrow, jury selection begins for two high profile court cases. in chicago, after jussie smollet is charged with making a false police report about being the victim of a hate crime. in january, 2019 police say jussie smollet was attacked by two masked men who called him a racial and homophobic slurs. investigator say he staged the
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attack as a publicity stunt, he has pleaded not guilty. in new york city tomorrow, jury selection for british socialite, blaine maxwell, prosecutors saying she conspired with jeffrey epstein in a sex trafficking scheme, involving underage girls. epstein committed suicide in jail, two years ago. she was denied any role in his crimes. you will have to buy online during cyber monday tomorrow, be aware of the potential for scams. that is the warning tonight by expert to say that theft and fraud are on the rise. analysts estimate u.s. customers will spend more than 11 billion dollars tomorrow alone. also, if you stray from well- known brands like target, walmart or macy's, you should check to make sure those oversights have positive customer reviews and a reliable track record, and it is also important to remember this clichc >> if it is too good to be true, it probably is. right? if we are trying to shop for a really good deal, and you see something that is far outweighs what other retailers are doing,
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it is probably not good. >> since a credit card offers some protection against fraud, it is better to do that, than a debit card that draws directly from your bank account. a live look at san francisco city hall, it is all lit up this evening to celebrate the first night of hanukkah. it is just one of many celebrations happening all over the bay area. and check this out, for the fifth year in a row, the hub on of almeda with the first candle of the menorah, made of legos. it features more than 3700 pieces, and it is constructed by the almeda kids club. we are on the lookout for more bay area bright spots this holiday season, so email your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at or tag kpix bright spots on social media, and we might just see your lights on tv. new at 11:00, scientists
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have discovered a hundred thousand-year-old mammoth task off of the coast of california. the monterey bay aquarium research institute found the three foot long mammoth task last year, but they didn't remove it at the time, from the ocean floor. they did that recently. the group thinks that it could be the oldest well preserved mammoth task ever recovered from this region. scientists are now studying ocean where the mammoth might have originated. and that is cool. >> it sounds like a special assignment for derek. >> i would like to know little more about that. >> how did they find it, what did they do? >> for another day. at least i am glad now that they brought it up and they are sharing it with the rest of the world. so, we have got a beautiful night tonight. it is not too cold. bubbly won't have a lot of talk tomorrow morning, but it is possible we could have some passing patchy fog. still, the coldest number i have right now is 47 at livermore.
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so, the temperatures have been very nice. morning lows tomorrow pretty much stay in the 40s. daytime highs will hit some low 70s tomorrow. for southbay communities, east bay communities. and there will be plenty of sunshine. we play the forecast forward, we barely see anything on here, maybe a cloud. maybe off the coast, maybe a few high clouds, but nothing that would change or put a damper on the day at all. look at the numbers for the southbay. 74 in campbell, we will go to 72 in the pdot, san mateo will have to settle for a degree shy of 70 at 69. lot of 70s for the tri-valley. vinnie show will be there at 69. san leandro 71. will top at 71 in canfield. runner park at 70. so the story is the same up into mendocino county. it is fascinating to watch the what the storm track has been doing for the last two and half weeks and what it is still doing. there is our next storm. if we put this to the future
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cast, that is are going to the same spot. it will bring large amounts of rain to british columbia. it is like it is the only place that has been allowed to get rained on for the last four or five weeks. and for the next couple of days. that is how it goes. we just play this all the way through next monday, not tomorrow, but monday december 6. no rain. however, if we take this model and bring it ahead one more day, tuesday, december 7th, we see the possibility for some light rain. but we shouldn't get too hopeful on this. the pattern actually shows most of the rain going on here. likely that is going to be one of those pesky inside sliders. that is the latest starting to look and some of the models. so, once we get toward tuesday of next week, it is not only in the 70 it. there is that possibility of rain from a storm that already looks like it has bad aim, but we will keep an eye on it as we get closer to it. there is the seven-day forecast for now. low to mid 70s for san jose, and the city will stay in the mid to upper 60s. it gets cooler as we head to the weekend. we see that across the board
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here north bay valley, but even those go all the way down to 68 and by next weekend it will be in the mid-60s for the inland valleys of the east bay. all right, guys back over to you. >> amazing. now to what may be the big rig fleet of the future. a style of semitruck that is battery-operated. >> kpix 5's jenna franco has more on how they could make an impact on drivers on the environment. >> these battery-powered semi trucks or something you could see soon on the roadways as companies look to improve their carbon footprint. >> so, we got our idea, this is one of our fully battery electric trucks, we also have our freightliner here that is a full classified semi tractor truck and these are fully battery electric, which means there's no engine in them anymore, and a transmission, aftertreatment system, driveline, a lot of the moving parts are removed from the truck. >> there are numerous advantages to using an electric
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big rig. lower maintenance cost, driver enthusiasm, but the biggest? the positive impact on the environment. >> if you were to replace just one traditional diesel sized truck, that is the equivalent of 10 passenger cars off the road. >> so, how does an electric big rig compared to a traditional gas or diesel one? >> the most common question is do you have enough power? you will see electric motors have instant torque, instant acceleration, once you step on it it will just go. >> these electric trucks take two and half hours to fully charge, and they can go about 250 miles. but then what? >> so, when can we start seeing these on the highway? >> we are looking forward to showing these vehicles after customers are going into production in the next two years. when i come home to you. >> coming up, tony bennett takes his final bow. a look at his grand last performance. >> and how hundred the broadway performers pay tribute to the late stephen sondheim.
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right after this newscast it is a brand-new batch of game day. a deep dive into the magnitude of this third straight 49ers win. the warriors continue to dominate after it's win streak reached seven. from the latest giants picture. details ahead on game day. come join us. bottom of the hour.
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well, tonight, tony bennett left his heart on stage, after a final concert with lady gaga. >> that performance tonight can from new york city's radio city music hall. >> it takes talk and time and ryan to make a boy missing. ♪ >> that was special, one last time, with tony bennett and lady gaga on and bennett's musical lytic legacy and his friendship with lady gaga. bennett performed signs like fly me to the moon and stepping out with my baby. the sing duets with lady gaga like love for sale. the show was bennett's last concert appearance.
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♪ new at 11:00 hundred the people gathering comes by to honor broadway legend, stephen sondheim. dozens of broadway performers and stars were there, as the group sang one of his most known songs, sunday, from the musical, sunday in the park with george. sondheim passed away friday morning at the age of 91. it has been 50 years since soul train aired on television, and tonight's soul train awards were held at tonight's theater. performances and big winners, bruno mars and anderson pup, known as silk sonic kicked off the show. they won some of their year with their song, leave the door open. and rubber, young blue took the award for best new artist. and charlie wilson was honored with the certified soul award. coming up, an enchanted
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family took one i e x th end, ou tomorrow on kpix 5, it could be a game changer for national security, search and rescue, or redding california wildfires? >> you think that we will see a perpetually flying drone in the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of the year you will. the bay area startup hoping to achieve that lofty goal, using an energy-saving check which has actually been around for ever. that is tomorrow night at 7:00.
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this weekend saw the first animated this year to debut exclusively in theaters. >> you know things are getting back to normal, when we are doing weekend box office gross. how did all of these movies do at the box office, including that animated friend that juliet was talking about? david daniel has the weekend estimates for the top five films. "resident evil: welcome to raccoon city" was in fifth place. tran47 pushed the movie past one 50 million total.
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"house of gucci" and third, and 21.8 million in its first five days. "ghostbusters: afterlife" lost its title in its second weekend . but an estimated total of 88 million. and "canto" sang and danced its way to a first-place debut. the animated musical may $27 million from friday to sunday, and 40.3 million in its first five days in theaters. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> coming to a theater near you this week, wolf, silent night and castle falls. still ahead here at 11:00, helping those in need in a bay area is as easy as the push of a button.
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giving machines are back this holiday season, at oakland hill there are vending machines that allow you to donate to a charity of your choice. you can select items that range from meals to hygiene kits. families gathered for the unveiling of three machines for united player, corbin, who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. they were on hiatus last year and you know why. the machines will be at the church, until january 2nd. i wonder what the weather is going to be like on december 1st. >> december 1st?
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and darren, would that be your birthday? december 1st? >> well, i'm not saying anything. >> sunny skies? a de of son? financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. startionship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. this is game day on kpix 5. we are bringing it tonight. game day, the november 28
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edition. a game, a day with all victories. the 49ers and vikings. two 5-5 teams, both knowing it would be a giant step toward wild-card playoff positioning. let's take you to levi stadium. nick bosa saying, come and gets some of me. the 49ers opening drive and a mistake right from the jump. harrison smith with the interception. the vikings capitalize, kirk cousins, adam daylen, first of two touchdown catches. minnesota opened the scoring. the 49ers did what they do. they ran the football. samuel rounded the corner and it was over. to the second quarter. vikings up 14-7. 35


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