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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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extra baggage tonight. >> reporter: travelers say this new variant was on their mind as they came out of sfo today but it is still too early for them to make any changes for their plans based on the information available. >> reporter: worried about a pact airport on the sunday after thanksgiving, passengers made sure to arrive early, but when they got there they quickly realized they didn't need that extra time. >> we were here probably six hours before. trying to avoid the traffic although we really didn't encounter any. >> reporter: more than a year after the pandemic some waited until this evening to travel with covid. >> is the first time we have been on an airplane since 2019. and we definitely had some concerns. >> reporter: those arriving from abroad into san francisco so they didn't find airports to be too crowded and remained confident and how current restrictions try to keep everyone safe.
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>> i see all matters were taken so i think it is okay. >> reporter: is a new variant will bring travel restrictions of this week, the old approach remains for people who have traveled before during the pandemic. >> i try to stay away from people in the airport if it is lined up the gate i just choose not to get in other people's business. >> reporter: so far oma cron reminds travelers of what they have gone through this year. >> i think it is the same as the delta variant and it will be like that for a while. took living with covid well taken the necessary precautions is worth it for these travelers especially during the holidays. >> we had an amazing time in the u.s. and we had to see family which we haven't seen in two years so that is important. >> reporter: staff here say they have yet to make any changes to their covid-19 policies because of the new variant and they don't have any direct flights coming into san francisco from the region that is going to be affected by the
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latest travel ban. reporting at sfo, kpix 5. >> the taliban applies to south africa and its seven closest neighbors. the state public health director said california is working with the cdc to monitor the new variant which hasn't been detected here yet and doubling down on its vaccination and booster shot efforts in the meantime. plenty of holiday travelers are returning by car tonight and as we look live at the bay area bridges, one thing they were not thankful for is the cost of filling up the tank. we have the new state record set this holiday weekend and when relief may be on the way. >> reporter: everything is more expensive now, housing, food, transportation, you name it. aaa reports the average price of regular unleaded gas in california set a new record yesterday and that price is holding steady today at $4.71 a
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gallon and it is even higher in the bay area and we pay some of the highest prices in the country and aaa reports the average price in san jose was 400 -- $4.79 and a penny cheaper in oakland and across the bay $4.88 and up and wine country the same price and the cheapest price is here with an average of $4.70 and overall we are paying about $1.50 more per gallon compared to last year. oil experts say the tight supply and huge demand are driving up prices and the other problems california charge the highest gas taxes in the country and according to the american petroleum institute, $.85 for every gallon. and energy expert said adjusted for inflation gas was expensive back in 2008 and 2012 and he sent me this graph of prices in california for the last 15 years and $4.60 a gallon in june 2008 and $4.67 in october
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2012 and five dollars back then would get you a lot more than what it could get you today. >> that won't send you out of the house to fill up the car but it is about putting things in perspective. aaa said bay area prices will like the state in the mid for dollar range for the remainder of this year and drivers should see some big drop spite early next year. in san francisco, i am da lin. president biden recently announced he would release 50 million barrels from u.s. oil reserves to help ease the pressure but in california we also pay the highest gas tax of the u.s. and that is not change. tonight a reward is at $32,500 and growing and for information leading to the gunmen in the fatal shooting of security guard and former mayor police say are -- police
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officer kevin nishita. he was shot by an armed robber who had attempted to steal the camera equipment of the kron4 news crew he was starting in oakland and kevin nishita worked frequently with kpix 5 crews remembered him as an alert tactical planner and all- around nice person. he previously had a long career in law enforcement working as an officer in colma, heyward and san jose. the mayor tweeted today that we mourn him who probably served san jose for a dozen years and continue to serve in retirement. tonight, oakland police are still searching for the shooters suspected getaway cars which is an early 2000 model with white acura tl with the sunroof and doesn't have a front license plate. in the meantime a fund has been set up at a local bank to benefit his family and we are posted all of the information on our website if you would like to contribute. to arby's that cost fire
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set up a plume of black smoke that could be seen for miles and invest to get a say it started in a homeless encampment under 880 after 9:00 this morning near 20th and wood street and since there were no hydrants nearby crews had a shuttle water to the site but nobody was hurt. one thing that suffered was air- quality with more smoke in the air making if he air-quality worse as we look at the time lapse of today's traffic along the bridge. we are tracking at the week ahead. that is not necessarily wildfire smoke. this is just classic winter conversion and it looks a lot worse than it is, but it has brought us to moderate on the air-quality and you can see it today from our camera on top of the sales force tower and you can see the well-defined line which is the winter inversion and we get into a set up like this where it is sunny and 70 for days on end with high
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pressure holding all of the air in place in order to create weather like that and you can see the cap it creates an anything you put in the air just sits here and recycle so as we switch over to the weather computer, here are the readings with yellow, moderate bay area wide so that is not bad in terms of air-quality advisories but it is something you will continue to see over the next few days and maybe go easy on yourself and while this is not wildfire smoke it is probably a good idea not to add anything more to it and we probably won't feel too compelled right now to have a fireplace going but this wouldn't be a good time anyway. i will be back with the rest of the forecast coming up in terms of how long we state sunny and 70. don't be surprised if your mail arrives before the sun and carriers across the bay area will be starting their rounds extra early through the holidays to keep up with a heavy volume of packages and other mail and will start as early as six clock a.m. in some neighborhoods. a live look at city hall lit up this evening to celebrate the first night of hanukkah and this colorful creation will be on display in alameda this week and the
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jewish kids club built a 7 foot structure out of more than 3000 lego bricks. and there it is. we are also on the lookout for more bright spots this holiday season and an email your pictures and videos to us here at or tag us on social media and you may just see your holiday light on tv. still ahead california police officers taking a page from the ufc's book. >> the natural presumption it will be a violent encounter if our officers are trained in brazilian judy chu -- jui jitsu. is not so wiley coyote is all warmed up and back in the wild after a chilly swim in the san francisco bay. we are racing against the climate clock right now. >> anybody who is dipped a toe
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in our part of the pacific would hardly call it warm but tonight darren peck will show us how an undersea heat wave is threatening to wipe out an entire ecosystem. the food drive is on and to donate time or money to help neighbors in need this season you can go to . we will be right back.
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welcome back. police and antique are turning to an unusual new training method tonight. >> we show you that they are doing brazilian jui jitsu with the goal of avoiding violence. >> our main goal is to keep our energy up while depleting the others energy. >> can i have your id?
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>> sure. >> reporter: the moves look sophisticated. but the strategy behind them is simple. >> if there is distance strikes can hurt you in the close you are the strikes don't hurt as much and they don't have as much force. >> a system of holds and locks are taken a new path and policing cultivating more confident and self-controlled cops. >> the fbi came out with recent statistics that show a confrontational end up on the ground in the smaller weaker opponent on the ground with the right tactics and control can take a suspect into custody who may be stronger or bigger than those are factors we take into account with her officers. took nearly all officers in the police department are trained in brazilian jui jitsu a common technique used in mixed martial arts. >> most people when they hear that we are going to be taking a page from mma fighting and lamenting this brazilian jui
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jitsu into their training, people immediately equate that with violence. and what her officers learning here. >> the natural presumption here is it's going to be a violent encounter for officers are trained in brazilian jui jitsu but that is the least thing that would happen with the. truck one of the loudest proponents of this type of training for law enforcement is henner gracie third generation teacher of jui jitsu. >> that is where the collaboration begins. truck he helped launch grace university and the cocreator of gracie survival tactics and the only curriculum in california to be certified by the commission on peace officer standards and training. >> all the techniques have been adapted specifically for the law enforcement considerations that need to be brought into the equation. retention, handcuffing, multiple attackers potentially, confined spaces. >> at your hands up.
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>> with the officers with the training we have seen incidents where they had he is forced to be able to get control in a relatively short timeframe as opposed to resorting to other tactics like strikes to get compliance. >> reporter: in california police are only required to take four hours of hands-on defensive tackle training every two years and it is a standard that he argues highlights the need for change. >> naturally, officers will revert to the tools better on their toolbelt and the physical tools whether it be pepper spray or a taser, baton, firearm and they will resort to those quickly because there are no empty handed skills being taught. >> reporter: a shift in methods and mindset joining law enforcement's newest weapon and showing it doesn't have to be any weapon at all. >> the sheriff's department is also looking into this type of training and dozens of its
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deputies will take a week long course in march. an update and not so wiley coyote that had to be rescued after he apparently jumped into the bay area waters last week. they used to jet skis and a lasso to pull him from the water off the marina green on friday and how do they know he was named phoenix? they named him that and he was ushered to a deluxe suite at animal care and control workers bundled him and blankets and warm them up the heater and all of those nonnatural things and the officer gave him a ride back to his homeland for release. he said thanks. some new video just into the newsroom from marin county where this stream is still flowing tonight despite the fact we have not seen any rain in a while so darren is here to tell us if we have any on horizon. >> not for the next week and a half and looking at the long- range forecast we are starting to get to the point where it is now, it's time for the storms to come back and we had a good
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october and it has been dry for too long and now the long-range forecast is starting to look concerning in terms of the lack of rainfall and a live look outside right now and here it is beautifully lit up reflecting off the bay and the current temperatures out there are actually nice and a lot of mid 60s out there still 63 and heyward in san francisco and 61 in santa rosa and livermore 54 in here the morning lows which aren't too bad and we will go back into the mid-40s for most places so not terribly cold and we should not have an issue with widespread fog tomorrow, although there could be some patchy areas in the north bay and be aware of that if you will be out driving around anywhere off of 101 where the side road is important throughout there and we watch the future cast for tomorrow and maybe a few high clouds. we are playing through the whole day here and you see anything happening? not really. maybe some high clouds and that is it. so under blue skies the daytime highs go back into the 70s again and for many south bay locations we will be back in the low to mid 70s for some of the spots and we will have to
6:17 pm
settle for low 70s for the inland valleys of the east valley and tri-valley doing 70 or 71 pretty much all across the board and back into the bay proper we have some 70s over here and san leandro to 71 as we get up to berkeley mid-60s into the heart of the bay and low 70s which get back up north and wine country and low 70s as well so where is the rain? we do know it is not here and there is a lot in the pacific and we can see the next storm out there it is a really good storm developing and that one will go to the same exact spot the last four storms have gone and all of the rain in the pacific is apparently just going to one spot and it has been doing that for the last month and a half and it will do it again tomorrow and monday and if you have not heard or seen and why would you have but british columbia has been getting atmospheric river after atmospheric river and it's been huge the amounts of rainfall in seattle also getting in that act but here at home as long as
6:18 pm
the storms keep going up there we don't get a thing and as we let this play through the accumulated rainfall and take it all the way ahead to tomorrow but also next monday, december 6, you can see that we are still not in the act there and there have been another 2 inches of rain falling in portland, and that map looks a lot like a la niña and we are in a la niña winter so this tells us see surface temperatures along the equator are cooler than average and it redirects the storm track in such a way that california typically comes away with a little bit less rainfall than average and then where the rain falls heavily it is depicted by what we just saw so the next seven days will look like that. the daytime highs will stay in the low to mid 70s and really right around 70 for oakland and the microclimates tell us the same story and it will be mid- 70s as well going through the north bay valleys for the next
6:19 pm
few days inland and east bay valleys warm up to right around 70 and we will keep that hazy look to the sky as long as we have high pressure dominating like this keeping us sunny and warm in traps the air here and anything and everything you put into the air sits here and gets recycled and it is a mix of dust and there is some smoke and there from wildfires and all the rest of the exhaust coming out of our cars and that is what we have for the next several days. more on this coming up in the next half hour. back to you. baseball news just hit the wire and the giants fans, you are going to want to hear this. it is been a while but the 49ers have a winning record and something has occurred in levi stadium we have only seen once
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ the 49ers copy and scott when they were 3-5, did you think it was over? a wild one today with the vikings with six scores in the 3rd quarter alone and playoff well caught in would strengthen
6:22 pm
and fill your own caption here and while i lead you into action from the third quarter and tied at 14 samuel from the backfield again and six carries scored twice and didn't finish the game due to a groin injury and in the meantime kirk cousins 49ers defense and that was his third interception this season and they are in business inside the 5 and elijah mitchell crashed in for a touchdown here and put san francisco ahead 28 minus fort teen with a broken middle finger and ran for 133 yards and 27 carries and here they are down the 8 and the defense needed to stop 4th and goal in cousins under pressure and overthrew his receiver and the niners took over on downs and took seven minutes off the clock but robbie gold couldn't give them three more points and this for 42. in minnesota got it into 49ers
6:23 pm
territory but that was about it on 4th down and the defense held here in the niners survived and got it 34-26 with the first winning record since week three and 6-5 now after the third straight win. >> we have breaking news from baseball. kevin gossman is leading in -- leaving the giants but agreed to a five-year $110 million deal with the blue jays and he is a career here in 2021 going 14-6 and made his first all- star game. and marcus semien born in san francisco the former a's infielder got paid today and free agency and he agreed to a seven-year deal with the rangers reportedly worth $175 million and he hit 45 home runs with toronto last season and the nba in the warriors with clay thompson update. now he is practicing and
6:24 pm
although with the team in santa cruz while he is getting closer to a return. his teammates took a flight down to la for sunday afternoon run with the clippers and inside staples center and a little matinee game and we will join in the third quarter and defending and causing turnovers here is steph curry one of the six steals put the warriors up 11 and look at that and later of four point game and he couldn't miss and hit four three-pointers in the last few minutes and final . up nine and don't superstars get these calls? not steph curry and wasn't happy about this and he said the magic words and got teed up and you never see him lose it like that. and so he took it on the clippers and making it a 15 point game and he scored 13 of his 33 in the final period and he was just surrounded by defenders and it didn't matter where he let it go and from the shot he even teed himself up and they got it 105-90 and now
6:25 pm
18-2 they are and next up back to back games against the sons who have won 16 straight games. >> a little selfie. that is the buffalo mascot with the fan and they hosted stanford in the dark uniform and they were up by 3 and spencer jones hit it three to tie the game and he is that 15 and under 2 to play and to tristan and brother of former stanford score oscar da silva and colorado got it 80-76 and the cardinals record is 4-3 for the season. and nhl the sharks are in business at chicago with the start of a five game road trip and moving pictures on the late show. the news before the game the sharks placed forward evander kane on waivers and if he is not claimed which is likely considering the high value of his contract, he will join a
6:26 pm
minor-league barracuda club this week and he has been serving a 21 game suspension for submitting a fake vexing card. >> last night lincoln riley said he would not be leaving oklahoma to take the lsu head coaching job and he was not lying. he is leaving to be the next coach at usc and a huge hire for the trojans and he led the sinners to the college football playoff three times in 5 seasons and a nice little hypodermic in the arm of the usc trojan athletic department. >> absolutely. coming up, the race against the climate clock off the sonoma coast. >> this is a climate driven catastrophe that if this were happening in our forests it would be front page news every day. >> plus an incredible discovery on aus airport tarmac and the
6:27 pm
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you are watching kpix 5 news. canada, the netherlands and australia are the latest countries to report confirmed cases of the new omicron very it. >> a new travel ban takes effect tomorrow from visitors from south africa where it was first detected and seven nearby nations but with the variant spreading fast the president
6:30 pm
was asked today if more bands would follow. >> i am having a meeting with my medical team when i get back to the white house. >> matter what the president and his advisors decide, it may be already too late to keep the new variant out of the country. >> reporter: is millions of americans prepare for the end of year holidays, research is been done on omicron which was found in at least a dozen countries abroad. >> hearing about this new variant and we will cup on friday and there is all of these new restrictions and it looked more serious so we were concerned if we're gonna be able to come back home. truck though the centers for disease control and prevention said the cases have not been confirmed in the u.s. yet -- >> it is almost definitely here already just looking at the number of cases coming off planes this week and it is almost a certainty there will be cases that of gotten into the united states. >> reporter: health officials say it could spread more rapidly than other strains.
6:31 pm
>> it has a lot of mutations but disturbingly a large number of mutations in the spike protein which is the business end of the virus which really finds. >> reporter: in the meantime americans are advised to protect themselves from the potential threat. >> vaccines work and we have a new variant that will continue to be the way in the future and medicines are better now than they have been, but i think the president was wrong with his mandate. >> we always have to have more information and let's take this window to get better prepared by increasing our vaccination rates. >> if you want to hear more from dr. fauci reposted his entire interview with margaret brennan and our website. a south african doctor who spotted the variant say there are plenty of reasons not to panic. >> looking at the mildness of the symptoms we do see currently, there is no reason for panicking as we don't see
6:32 pm
severely new ones but the most predominant clinical complaint is severe fatigue for one or two days and the body has a little pain and not severe infections. but the whole hype out there doesn't make any sense, medical sense, at this stage. >> the doctor says unlike the delta variant, omicron patients have not reported loss of taste or smell or a major drop in their oxygen levels. the new variant concerns come as millions of holiday travelers pack themselves onto airplanes to return from their thanksgiving destinations in the crowds at major u.s. airports are approaching pre- pandemic levels tonight. >> i think for the first time and at the beginning of covid and we walked straight through
6:33 pm
security and i've never seen it like this before. >> as you can see the lines a really long and i'm just trying to make it to my flight on time. >> i didn't expect this at all. >> i would've left on tuesday if i know it would be like this. >> the estimated it would screen nearly 2 1/2 million passengers today alone. new video tonight of the stowaway who amazingly survived a 1000 mile flight from guatemala to miami hiding in the planes landing gear and agents took the 26-year-old man into custody at miami international yesterday and in this instagram video he appears dazed and a bit dizzy before sitting on the tarmac and the rescue crews gave him water before taking him to the hospital to be checked out. the flow is not flowing from the volcano and it has been arresting for more than two months now spewing lava and ash and hot gases over the canary island of la paloma and scientist say the volcanic activity could last up to three
6:34 pm
months. a 7.5 earthquake in northern peru damage some buildings and block a few roads with rubble and stuck about 100 miles from the border with ecuador and while it was strong, it was also quite deep, which limited the damage and so far no word of any injuries. and a hidden ecological disaster is unfolding off the california coast tonight. >> the undersea kelp forest that so many species depend on our disappearing and we are back to explain why. >> reporter: like so many of the environment that we might otherwise take for granted, climate change is now also robbing our coastlines of one of its most important habitats. >> reporter: it is no wonder the kelp forest exhibit at the monterey bay aquarium is so popular but in addition to getting mesmerized here, we also get schooled on how vital these forests are to almost everything that lives along our coast.
6:35 pm
that message may be more important now than ever. >> i does have this for the people are going to say how did we never know about this. >> reporter: she is the executive director here and that place a at ground zero of an ecological crisis right now. >> i have had grown men crying in my office saying i have been diving here for 30 years and i've never seen anything like this. what can i do. >> we have seen 96% of our forest decline in less than a decade. truck she is with the nature conservancy. >> this is a climate driven catastrophe that if this was happening in our trust real forest, it would be front page news every day. these systems are abundant and vibrant and they are absolutely worth saving. truck losing 96% of an ecosystem mostly hidden beneath the waves can be difficult to visualize. let's look at an 8 mile stretch of coast from here south and we
6:36 pm
start in 2008 a particularly good year for kelp and everything here in teal is canopy and the forest naturally grows larger or smaller from year to year, but in 2015, most of it vanishes. and then it never recovered. but the kelp didn't just disappear. it is been devoured by purple urchin who have recently been given two big advantages. their natural predator the sunflower see star was wiped out in 2013 by a pathogen in right after that the kelp's defenses began weakening due to a warming ocean. it's hardly the way that anybody would describe our coast but it is used to chilly 55 degrees and lately the water has been reaching the mid-60s and for this ecosystem, that is a heat wave. that brings us to the root of this problem. the pacific is getting warmer. we time-lapse the last 10 years and we see an obvious trend and
6:37 pm
the areas in red show temperatures above average. by the time we get to 2015 the kelp forest collapsed and we see a blob of water so large that it is technically classified as a marine heat wave but the blob, as it has been called, was quickly followed by other marine heat wave and here is one in 2017 and here is another one in 2019. and here is another in 2020. some of that water along the coast was near 70 degrees. >> there are certain locations like this spot here where the kelp is hanging on. truck this assistant professor at sonoma state university took me to a small beach where he has found a glimmer of hope. >> if you're going to restore by receding then maybe you should select from the best populations and you will have the best chance of surviving if there is another warming event. >> reporter: once you find a strain that can tolerate the heat better, you get into the blades like that and you will find perhaps millions of tiny
6:38 pm
spores. >> if you can collect those and transplant them appear maybe that will work. >> eventually we will figure things out and right now we don't have the answers but we are working toward. >> reporter: you are racing against the clock. yes. against the climate clock, yes. >> reporter: it was another glimmer of good news in the story and it happened this year. and to see how here is an example from 2019, stretch of coastline in mendocino and you should see a kelp forest flourishing out here but number 2019, most of it vanished and we will go to 2021 which was the summer and you see a lot more now and a very good sign. a reason for that. the map shows you what the ocean temperatures are like off the coast and you will see a strong area of blue off the coastline right there and remember here is the marine heat wave and we had another one this summer but just along the coast the california current which is responsible for delivering that cold water the kelp and so much of the rest of the ecosystem here has evolved with and thrives on
6:39 pm
really went into overdrive and that is as strong as you see it in any summer like this we should've seen it arriving big time and instead we only got about 10% of what we should've had and that is the important part of this and the conditions this summer couldn't have been any better and even with that they still only came back to 10% and a lot of people got their hopes up but if you only get 10% on a year that is good is you ever will get and we know we will see more marine heat waves there are big concerns going forward. >> are you saying there is only 10% off the entire coastline are just that stretch? >> it is basically from san francisco north where they are and from san francisco south like monterey that is giant kelp and doing fine but his hours here that have utterly collapsed in the first think everybody agrees need to be done is we need to clear out the purple urchin which have completely taken over the environment and their are private organizations and nonprofits working to do just that, but there is a lot that
6:40 pm
has to come together to help reverse this. >> i know there is so much more to this as well as we will actually have a longer version in more interviews. >> a good point so the weather extra we do i have a seven minute explainer and everything i could not fit into the story. and there are a lot of other experts going into details and you can find it on the website. the most important thing to know heading into cyber monday. >> if it is too good to be true, it probably is.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
happening tomorrow in contra costa county in a courtroom, three suspects in the robbery of the walnut creek nordstrom will be arraigned on felony charges of conspiracy, burglary, robbery and organized
6:43 pm
retail theft. they were allegedly among about 90 people who stormed the store last weekend stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. and meanwhile theft is also happening more frequently online. >> tonight security experts are warning cyber monday shoppers to be aware of scammers who could also steal your identity. analysts estimate that you customers will spend more than $11 billion on cyber monday alone, and they say that if you stray from well-known brands and websites like walmart, target, or macy's, you should check to see if they have positive customer reviews and a reliable track record. >> if it is too good to be true, it probably is. if we are trying to shop for a really good deal, and you see something that is far outweighing what other retailers are doing, it is probably not good. saxons a credit card offers protections against fraud they say it is better to use that instead of a debit card that
6:44 pm
draws directly from the bank. still to come a shortage forces canada tapas strategic supply of maple syrup. the mile high menorah lit up over when you a city tonight. sunny and 70 has been around this whole holiday weekend. and now as we look ahead to getting back to normal, it is a stain and we are caught in a pattern and we will look at any hope for rain in the long-range forecast coming up. tonight, tony bennett presents his final televised performance. coming up we will tell i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red.
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canada is tapping into its strategic reserves to ease their maple syrup shortage. >> they say it is releasing 50 million pounds, nearly half of its stock pile and put back produces nearly 3/4 of the world supply in the strategic reserve was created to keep it in stock during a bad harvest season or when demand spikes, but both are happening now at the moment. >> the mile high menorah is
6:48 pm
glowing over miami tonight. almost. the massive display stretches 700 feet, which is actually 15% of a mile up the side of the world centered and to mark the start of hanukkah and the classic candelabra is made up of 16,000 leds embedded in 10,000 panes of glass. >> that is beautiful and i think the point was it is very long and tall. >> you are taking it literally. clear skies there and obviously here as well for all of our lights in the city and all over the bay area. >> yes and for the next seven days and maybe even beyond that so that is what i want to delve into is how long will this go on and it was nice for the holiday weekend and nobody is really ever going to complain about sunny and 70, which is what we have had for a while and for the next seven days and probably even beyond that and then you start to get a little concerned and you can keep doing this all winter and the
6:49 pm
current numbers right now are in the mid-50s for most locations and low 60s still in the bay and that will go back down into the low 40s so this is fine and you don't up to get too terribly cold in the morning and we won't be developing widespread fog and it is not cold enough for that. we have dried things out enough that that won't be a factor so no issues in the mornings and no issues tomorrow because the future cast is playing forward and there is nothing happening except maybe a few high clouds we will look at the daytime highs in the low 70s and 74 in here tomorrow and we will top out at 71 in fremont and san mateo he 69 and the numbers in the east bay valleys come into the low 70s and the whole tri- valley will go and low 70s tomorrow and mid-to upper 60s for some of those locations in and around the bay and it will be 71 in san leandro and 70 in san rafael and all 70s north of there all the way through sonoma and napa counties and the wind comes up to 74 and low
6:50 pm
70s here. where is the rain? there is a lot of it developing in the pacific and there has been a whole series of very significant the intense rainy systems right there and that is what is been happening for the last week and a half and it is been a historic november. this is for british columbia and the pacific northwest in terms of an atmospheric river after an atmospheric river and it is almost like there's nothing left to come here and watching the next week from here where rains were you can measure this takes us all the way ahead to not monday tomorrow but monday, december 6 which is next monday and you can see where it will rain between now and then. and when we look at the long- range models to take us out even beyond this there is not a high degree of confidence maybe once we get past here like by tuesday, december 7 there may be a system that comes by the looks like it will probably be an inside sliders and maybe we'll get some light fun or snow in this year and if we don't get rain we get offshore
6:51 pm
wind and thank goodness we got that rain in october because we would very much be in fire season going into december and it could happen and you to be in fire season in january and if we didn't get the rain we have gotten in october and we would be under a scenario like this and thankfully we got that brief burst of that is a lot of rain and there is a seven-day forecast and mid-70s for san jose all the way through it and as we take a look at the microclimate it stays mid-70s for the north bay valleys and right around 70 for the inland east bay valleys and the beaches will be in the
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
tony bennett saying about
6:54 pm
leaving is hard in san francisco tonight the city's heart will be breaking as cbs presents his final televised performance. >> john ramos reports on the struggle with alzheimer's disease that is slowly silencing the iconic singer. took it will be bitter sweet tonight when he performs his farewell concert. alzheimer's is taking him from us but coming at a time when medical researchers have never been more mystic. when tony bennett takes the stage with lady gaga in their one last time to what concert, he will be singing a lot of the old standards from his past, and it will be alzheimer's that will be dictating his playlist. >> the early phase, probably the phase that he is and now is that he can't really remember anything so we probably couldn't learn a new song that he can remember all the old songs. took this professor doctor
6:55 pm
michael weiner says alzheimer's occurs when the brain develops plaques and tangles in the nerve cells leading to a degeneration of the memory and eventually the basic function of the mind. nola woods knows all about it. >> that is why they call it the long goodbye because you do lose them well before they are physically gone. >> reporter: she is a former reporter for kpix 5 and became an activist for alzheimer's after her father died from it at age 65 back in the year 2000. 20 years ago, there wasn't nearly as many understandings as the disease or support for families struggling with it. >> 20 years ago my mom did it all on her own. >> reporter: a lot is changed over the years including medical advances in early detection and new drugs that hold promise in delaying the effects of alzheimer's. >> if you can detect it to see if it produces symptoms, then you can treat those and prevent
6:56 pm
the development for those symptoms and a preventative approach and there are some trials that have been started that are doing that and some of them are going on at ucsf. truck there's also excitement here and the research ability is studying the causes of aging in general it may have discovered a cellular trigger that unleashes a whole host of maladies including alzheimer's and people as they reach the age of 65. >> in a sense that gives a lot of hope because there may be therapeutics that will work for a lot of different age-related diseases like dealing with those underlying issues. tonight amanda gave his heart to san francisco will take his final bow but medical science has only begun to work its magic extending to alzheimer's patients in the future the sweet sound of hope. in the east bay, john ramos, kpix 5. >> you can catch his final
6:57 pm
concert performance with lady gaga tonight at eight a clock right on kpix direale abg fodecades . >> i think it is great that she is and she liked his music even though she is very contemporary but is reaching back for some of the classics and to me somebody more classic no more than 20 bennett. >> will have a right here in channel 5 and thank you so much for watching, 60 minutes is coming up next. >> we will see you back here at 11 until then the news
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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and ford. we go further, so you can. >> who's responsible when a student dies after being hazed at college? >> yo, get out of the room, you guys. >> that's what "60 minutes" tried to find out, after a freshman died from alcohol poisoning at a fraternity house at washington state university. >> had he said, "no, i don't want to drink," i'm confident that he would not have had to have to drink. >> he'd already had date night. actually it's called "black-out date night," i believe. ( ticking ) >> these are the virunga volcanoes, home to most of the world's mountain gorillas. dian fossey aptly called them


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